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zookoFolks: can I buy a laptop or netbook or smartbook or whateveryacallem with ARM CPU and comes with Ubuntu on?02:13
mousezooko i would try the cheap Plug computers @ https://globalscaletechnologies.com/default.aspx02:16
zookoAh, I like those. Got some already! I meant an actual portable thing with a battery, keyboard, wifi, and display.02:16
zookoThanks, though.02:17
mouseno but i imagine one can be built problem is, $$$$$$02:17
mousei have the DreamPlug and i like it but so far can only use the gtkterm on my laptop to access it02:20
* zooko nods02:22
zookoEfika Smartbook exists02:23
zookoAnd Always Innovating Touchbook02:23
zookoOr maybe Always Innovating Smartbook. I think they have two models.02:23
mousethe minicom tutorial is a bit too much when the system is already setup and tried to access it through minicom and may have messed up some settings:   i check that out02:24
mousethe efika looks really nice02:31
mousethat's sick i love it02:33
mousenow i want one :P02:36
Nekoand just like that it seems we got an order... :)02:48
sijipersia, you there07:39
kapinterHi! I had to leave yesterday, but I still have a problem to boot ubuntu-arm on pandaboard, after showing ubuntu logo the monitor switches to powersave mode. Do you have any ideas what can be the problem and how to solve it?07:47
sijikapinter, ya i was searching for you yesterday07:48
sijiinbetween i also got busy with something07:48
kapintersiji: thanks alot! :-)07:48
sijiI had a look into ur bootarg , seems like it's ok07:49
sijifrom where you got the RootFS ?07:49
sijihave you build it your own by using rootstock?07:49
sijipersia,completed XBMC build successfully07:50
sijiit's working fine now on beagleboard with ubntu natty07:50
kapintersiji: I just downloaded it and used the sudo sh -c 'zcat ./ubuntu-netbook-10.10-preinstalled-netbook-armel+<omap image>.img.gz >/dev/<device name>' script07:53
kapintersiji: from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/releases/07:53
sijikapinter, may be cose the resolution is not supported by ur monitor07:54
kapintersiji: maybe, but when I switch to tty with CTRL+ALT+F2 it also disappears. What resolution should my monitor support?07:55
sijikapinter, I suggest you to add kernel debug trace in your bootarg07:58
sijiwhich wil tell u wht exaclty the error is07:58
kapinterok, and how can I do it?07:58
sijiIn your rootfs there will be a file named as boot.script07:58
sijiadd  console=ttyO2,115200n8 there07:59
sijithen create new boot.scr from this script07:59
sijikapinter, it may help you08:04
nicofsWhen trying to install libc6 i get "dpkg: error processing libc6 (--install): subprocess installed post-installation script killed by signal (Illegal instruction)" - What can I do?08:18
suihkulokkiwhat CPU08:19
suihkulokkichances are your cpu is not ARMv7 compatible, which is what ubuntu requires08:20
nicofs"ARM Cortex A8"08:21
nicofsHow can I build a chroot environment image of 2GB size with ubuntu-minimal in it?08:31
nicofsI assume i somehow create a 2GB image, mount it somewhere and then chroot into it... has someone got some sort of guide for that?08:33
sijinicofs, so your image is ready ?08:35
sijiif not create a image as per this doc08:36
sijithen mount this image into a folder08:36
sijiafter that chroot to this folder08:36
nicofssiji, so rootstock is some sort of debootstrap for arm...?08:37
sijifor generating image dnt forget to give the argument  --notarball08:38
nicofssiji, if i use this --notarball option, what filesystem will be inside the image?08:45
nicofsor does that just mean, rootstock won't compress it and that i need to create the image first and then rootstock into that image?08:47
sijinicofs, no it will generate file system too08:48
sijiAnd I think it's ext4 (not sure)08:48
nicofssiji, i think i need ext2...08:48
sijinicofs, the method which you mentioned hasnt worked for me08:49
sijiI failed to chroot to it08:49
nicofsi'll just give it a go as it is and then use the long way round if it doesn't work...08:49
nicofs_siji, rootstock aborted with errors... permission denied to change ownership of files... i'll run again and see when this occurs...09:04
sijinicofs, ok09:04
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nicofssiji, rootstock segfaults... but before i deal with any of that, i'll have lunch...09:42
sijinicofs, i suggest to start the rootstock process, then move for lunch :)09:43
nicofssiji, that just segfaulted... if i run it again, it will do that again iguess... but anyway, why not...09:48
sijinicofs, srry09:48
sijii hasnt noticed ,"rootstock segfaults.."09:49
kapintersiji: I just noticed I have this in dmesg10:01
kapinter[   28.173492] hdmi: Enter HDMI_W1_StopVideoFrame()10:01
kapinter[   28.173522] hdmi: *** Set PHY power mode to 010:01
kapinter[   28.202758] hdmi: 4000000 hdmi_wp_irqstatus10:01
kapinter[   28.231964] hdmi: 81 hdmi_core_sys_sys_stat10:01
kapinter[   28.290405] hdmi: disconnect,10:01
kapinter[   28.290405] hdmi: Irqenable 6600000110:01
kapinter[   28.290405] hdmi: 0 hpd10:01
kapinter[   28.290405] hdmi: intr=0000000010:01
kapinter[   28.320434] hdmi: 40000000 hdmi_wp_irqstatus10:01
kapinter[   28.349670] hdmi: 81 hdmi_core_sys_sys_stat10:01
kapinter[   28.408081] hdmi: Irqenable 6600000110:01
kapinter[   28.408081] hdmi: 0 hpd10:01
kapinterbut otherwise nothing suspicious10:01
hellhow can i set more resolutionthan 640x480 on panda with DELL 3008 attached with hdmi?10:03
sijikapinter, pls pastebin xorg.log10:06
kapintersiji: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/652321/10:10
sijikapinter, doubt about "Virtual size is 1680x1050 (pitch 1680)10:17
kapintersiji: good point! :-) I will check it!10:19
sijikapinter, may you have to set the resolution manually10:21
sijimay maverick is predefined by some specific resolution which is not matching here10:22
nicofssiji, depending on whether i choose xubuntu or ubuntu-minimal i get segfault or operation not permitted...10:33
sijinicofs, what are the parameters in ur rootstock ?10:33
sijinicofs, if you want minimal OS , then add lxde10:34
nicofssiji, the ones from that guide you gave me...10:34
nicofssiji, i'd already be happy with cli only and do the rest from within the system...10:34
nicofssiji, that's why i used ubuntu-minimal... but if even that doesn't work... but maybe it's my host system - i'll try my other pc...10:35
sijirootstock -f "name"  -l "loginname" -p "password" -i "imagesize" -d "ubuntu_distroname" --seed lxde,openssh,wget10:36
sijiYou can add more in seed with coma for adding more packages10:37
nicofssiji, yes - did that...10:37
nicofsi always add wget and aptitude...10:38
sijiif you are targeting omap board then  add  linux-omap10:39
nicofswhere do i add linux-omap?10:40
persiasiji: nice work!10:50
kapintersiji: where can I edit monitor settings? can't find xorg.conf10:59
sijikapinter, it wont be there11:00
sijixorg is doing by it's own11:00
sijiso either you have to create xorg.conf file11:00
sijior add this parameters in bootarg11:00
nicofssiji, i successfully created an image... let's see if it works on the target device...11:05
sijiIf qemu-arm-static binary is not there in ur host , it may give some errors11:06
kunguzHow to start X by using rs232 connection of beagleboard?11:41
dmartkunguz: What filesystem are you using?  If the filesystem contains X and a desktop environment, it will usually start by itself12:03
kunguzdmart: when I type sudo lxdm it starts but what should I type when I am using rs23212:17
sijikunguz, sudo /etc/init.d/lxdm start12:18
dmartsiji, kunguz: Sounds plausible to me.  If lxdm uses upstart though, you might neet to type  "sudo start lxdm" instead12:39
sijidmart, right12:45
CaelThunderwingok im new to linux much less Android or ARM devices but is it possible if to at any time use a pure Ubuntu distro for arm on an ARM based tablet ? (ARM9 w/ v5l instruction set)12:46
dmartCaelThunderwing: The most recent build of Ubuntu that will run on ARMv5 is jaonty (9.04).  If you want something more up-to-date then Debian's armel port might be a better bet.13:06
persiaCaelThunderwing: Yes, for some tablets, but that particular one is ARMv5.  You want to use Debian there.13:07
dmartCaelThunderwing: either way, you will need to do some manual setup -- I suggest you search the web to see if there are other people tying to achieve similar things with the same hardware.  Someone may already have come up with a recipe for doing it.13:09
CaelThunderwinghow would i go installing it?  for these tablets thers just the wmt_script and FirmwareInstall foldre you copy to SD.13:10
persiaCaelThunderwing: It really depends on the specific hardware and the content of the firmware for the device.13:10
CaelThunderwingdevice: http://www.ekengroup.com/m009s/13:11
persia*if* you have a means to update the firmware, you may be able to install crafted firmware that loads linux, which then connects to some filesystem that matches your install.13:11
persiaThe other option, that works for some devices, is that the firmware might have some facility for loading the operating system in a well-described way, which instructions you may be able to follow.13:12
persiaWe usually advse folk to look for device-specific communities as leaders in finding out *how* to install some linux.  From that, we may be able to help install Ubuntu, but for your device, you will want to run Debian once you can run linux.13:13
CaelThunderwingatleast when it begins the Flashing process for Android it does load a Form of linux.13:19
persiaLots of Android devices seem to use fastboot, and expect images that would be generated with abootimg.13:20
lilstevieandroid itself is a form of linux :)13:20
persiaDunno if that would work for your device, or the state of fastboot/abootimg in Debian today.13:20
lilsteviepretty much all android devices use the fastboot loader fot loading the kernel image at least13:21
lilsteviethe only exception I have seen to that is the non tegra galaxy devices13:21
persiaIndeed.  Android and Ubuntu are just different userspaces for the same class of kernels (although each has some requirements of the kernel that the other doesn't have)13:21
persiaSo, it's all "linux" in a very real sense.13:21
lilstevie:) my flashable image package works :D13:22
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lilstevienvflash repartitioning :p13:23
CaelThunderwinghttp://img847.imageshack.us/img847/4145/unledpyi.png that sthe content inside the FirmarwInstall Folder.13:23
lilsteviehmm uboot13:24
CaelThunderwingany idea lilstevie?13:35
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