kaushalis there a way to append filename and contents next and then redirect to a file ?23:14
kaushalfor example cat filename > newfile23:14
kaushalbut that would just redirect contents only23:15
kaushali need filename appearing first and then contents in newfile23:15
=== kaushal is now known as supkrs
sagaciah nice, lubuntu finally on the cdimage.ubuntu.com list23:25
head_victimsagaci: looking good hey, can't wait for the alternates23:40
head_victimbradm: ping23:51
head_victimNot sure if it's useful or not but it appears those getting email digests from the mailing lists don't have that phishing error. I'm assuming it's due to who the mail is coming from (the list rather than the individuals) but wanted to let you know in case it was useful.23:52
bradmhead_victim: that is interesting, ta23:56
head_victimbradm: no worries, I'm not set up for digests anywhere but I can request others for headers if that would be useful.23:57

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