philipballewwould anyone know anything about a network install of linux?02:04
bodhizazenphilipballew, what are you trying to do exactly, there are several types of "network install"02:11
philipballewwell i have a laptop with no cd drive and wont boot from usb02:11
philipballewand i dont want microsoft on it02:11
bodhizazenphilipballew, That is easy, ask Microsoft =)02:20
bodhizazenPXE boot ?02:21
bodhizazenNetbook ?02:21
philipballewmaybe. its a old laptop02:22
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=== PabloRubianes_ is now known as PabloRubianes
truepurpleNone of my browsers are able to connect to the web, but clearly I have a internet connection, anyone have a idea what is going on?03:08
holsteinopen a terminal and ping something03:08
holsteinping -c 4 google.com03:08
truepurpleWell I am talking to you through IRC which uses the internet03:08
holsteinO I C03:08
holsteinyou are on the machine now03:09
holsteintruepurple: what were you doing before this happened?03:09
holsteinsome kind of proxy maybe?03:09
truepurpleping: unknown host google.com03:10
truepurpleNo proxy03:10
holsteinyou arent getting out03:10
holsteinim not sure whats up03:10
holsteini would probably just restart, and see whats up03:10
truepurpleOnly that which is default in ubuntu 11.0403:10
holsteinnext i would make another user and try that user account03:10
truepurpleEven if I restart and it works, that still doesn03:10
truepurpledoesn't tell me what happened03:11
holsteinwho knows whats up...03:11
holsteinIRC is on a different port...03:12
holsteincan any machine connect or ping google.com?03:12
truepurpleWhen I ping something, it uses the same port as any browser does?03:12
truepurpleI only have the one machine03:12
holsteinwe cant say for sure its not your ISP then03:13
stlsaintholstein: yes any machine that can reach the internet can ping03:13
holsteinstlsaint: he's connected to the irc on the machine that wont ping google.com03:13
holsteinthe only thing i can come up with is that the IRC is on a different port03:13
bodhizazenI do not think ping uses ports =)03:13
holsteinim not sure...03:13
holsteinbodhizazen: i didnt think so either03:14
holsteinstill, postulate something plausible, and i'll get behind it03:14
truepurpleOn advice from someone, I used "ping -c 4" and it got back results, 4 packets transmitted, 4 received, 0% packet loss, time 3001ms03:15
stlsainttruepurple: what is the overall issue here?03:15
truepurpleAny and all url links result in dead pages03:15
truepurpleBut I am connected to the internet on the same machine via IRC as of this moment03:16
truepurpleSo I have internet03:16
holsteinwell, you have a connection to freenode03:16
truepurplewhich is internet03:16
stlsainttruepurple: i assume you have tried multiple browsers03:16
truepurpleMidori too03:16
truepurpleand I got no pings on google.com, but I did get them on
truepurplestlsaint: Got any ideas what is the matter?03:18
holsteintruepurple: i would reboot and see if the problem is still there03:18
stlsainttruepurple: can be various issues, if i was you i would start with ISP then router then local network settings03:19
truepurpleIt might not be after a reboot, but I wouldn't think linux would require the occassional rebooting to fix internet03:19
stlsainttruepurple: i have had to before in situations where i was messing with router03:19
stlsainttruepurple: OORRRRR03:19
holsteinit doesnt require it typically, i just cant thing of anything to suggest to try03:19
stlsainttruepurple: run /etc/init.d/networking restart03:20
stlsaint^^ im old fashioned :D03:20
truepurplestlsaint: I wasnt messing with anything, I was looking over information in a document file03:20
stlsaintnew command is: service network stop|start03:20
truepurpleAnd chatting in IRC03:20
truepurpleand then tried to call up a webpage via something said in IRC and ran up against this03:20
stlsainttruepurple: but if you run those your connection will drop for now03:20
holsteinrun /etc/init.d/networking restart now03:21
stlsaintwithout the now part03:21
holsteinyeah, now run: run /etc/init.d/networking restart03:21
holsteinnow run: /etc/init.d/networking restart03:22
truepurple"run /etc/init.d/networking restart"? It says no command found03:22
holsteinin the terminal03:22
holstein/etc/init.d/networking restart03:23
truepurpleIt says permission denied, so sudo it?03:23
truepurplethat worked03:24
truepurpleIts back03:24
holsteinyou can ping google.com?03:24
truepurpleSo what could have causes this?03:24
truepurpleBetter yet, I can call up google directly03:24
holsteinwho knows... i wouldnt lose sleep over it unless it happens again03:25
truepurpleAlso while I have your attention, initially with firefox I couldn't use the internet03:25
truepurpleI had to disable some more advanced part of the internet protocal to get it to work03:26
holsteinwhat more advanced part of what?03:26
truepurplebut I forgot the details, and I dont want to lose my internet again when I reinstall ubuntu03:26
holsteini would venture a guess that whatever you are talking about there could be related03:26
truepurpleSomething about the URL length, that it was protocal for when they ran out of space, but it wasnt used yet, or something like that03:27
holsteintruepurple: maybe you can find the link you used03:28
truepurpleI was given instructions from someone in IRC03:28
truepurpleSo noone of this rings a bell with you?03:29
holsteinas in, did i need to do that?03:29
truepurpleNo, do you have a idea what i might be talking about03:29
truepurpleThat is what i mean03:29
holsteinmaybe ipv603:29
holsteinbut that doesnt make any sense to me03:29
truepurpleyeah that seems like it is likely it03:29
truepurpleHow do I disable that or whatever?03:30
truepurpleSo that if I reinstall linux, I can be prepared03:30
holsteinyou shouldnt need to do anything with that03:31
truepurpleWell I did03:31
holsteinim not convinced you needed to though03:31
truepurpleI had to disable it or something to get my browser to work03:31
Sal_ITI have a question about installing Asus USB wireless on my Natty machine.  I guess I don't know how to install the drivers03:31
truepurpleIt didnt work before out of the box, and then after I disabled this thing, it did work, so yeah, I need to03:31
holsteintruepurple: are you plugged right into your modem?03:32
truepurpleyes, into my ethernet port03:32
holsteini have heard about interesting issues hooked up that way03:32
holsteinive never done that, so im not sure03:32
holsteini cant imagine having only one machine online03:32
truepurpleWhy would you want multiple machines online for one user?03:33
holsteinSal_IT: what is it? broadcom? can you hook the machine up to wired internet?03:33
holsteintruepurple: i just have a lot of hardware... server machine, my girlfriend's, media center03:33
Sal_ITI can, it just upstairs and it my old Dell XPS system which is really heavy. I was hoping not to havet o move it03:34
truepurpleSo you don't know how to disable ipv6?03:34
holsteintruepurple: ive never needed to, but if i did, i could sort it out03:34
Sal_ITASUS wireless usb to a Motorola Surfboard Cable modem03:34
stlsainttruepurple: testing and developing multiple instances can be useful to have more than one machine03:35
holsteinprobably looks something like that ^^03:35
holsteinhaving a router inline is nice too... gives you another firewall, and wifi if you want it03:35
holsteinSal_IT: the surfboard doesnt supply wifi03:36
holsteini should say, mine doesnt...03:36
Sal_ITyup, it is also a wireless N router03:36
philipballewany wanna recomend a linux distro or version of ubuntu for 256 ram03:36
holsteinphilipballew: lubuntu03:36
philipballewwill it run reasonably?03:37
holsteinor a command line box03:37
philipballewor be slow?03:37
holsteinphilipballew: what are your options ;)03:37
stlsaintphilipballew: if your not wanting to use lubuntu i would say crunchbang03:37
holsteinit'll run like 256 of ram03:37
holsteincheck out zenix too03:37
philipballewwelli i was think lubuntu, debian or arch, or puppy03:37
truepurpleholstein: Will that work in 11.04 too?03:37
holsteintruepurple: only one way to find out :)03:38
holsteinit should03:38
philipballewhaha, i might try flux box03:38
stlsaintphilipballew: nope, you will want smaller than debian or arch defaults03:38
holsteintruepurple: i would get a router though03:38
stlsaintphilipballew: fluxbox rules though03:38
truepurpleholstein: For what?03:39
stlsaintphilipballew: my top three light distros: lubuntu, crunchbang, zenix03:39
holsteinSal_IT: typically, if you get the machine wired up to internet, and there is a driver available, you will be promted to download it... then you can be wireless03:39
holsteintruepurple: i dont need to disable ipv6 on my machines, i think thats because you are connecting straight through your modem03:40
Sal_ITok, thanks.03:40
holsteini mean, at some point, you'll want IPv603:40
stlsaintholstein: why?03:40
holsteinwhy ipv6 stlsaint ?03:40
* stlsaint is just being stubborn03:40
truepurpleholstein: Wouldn't the lack of a router mean its easier to connect to a internet, not harder?03:40
stlsainttruepurple: internet connection with no router....your a brave soul!!03:41
holsteintruepurple: i can only share with you my experience where when i have hooked straight into a few modems and had issues03:41
holsteinits obviously working for you03:41
truepurplestlsaint: How do you figure that?03:42
holsteinhaving a router in the mix could only add some potentially needed technologies, such as routing, wifi and an extra firewall, as well as hopefully IPv6 support03:42
truepurpleholstein: I am told the difference between software and hardware firewall is pretty miniscule. And hell no to wifi, no reason to have that shit03:43
holsteinim not a router salesmen ;)03:43
holsteindo what you want03:43
truepurpleI mean, if your not using a laptop03:43
holsteinbut, you'll want ipv6 at some point03:43
holsteinyou can have it out on the phone with your ISP that day ;)03:44
holsteinwhen you say, 'how do i disable ipv6' i say, how do you get hardware that supports ipv603:44
stlsainttruepurple: truly depends on what you do. If all you do is sit to your computer and check your email then i guess a router is not a definate need. But for anything as web server, ssh, etc....router is vital03:45
stlsaintPlus wifi is awesome!!03:46
stlsaintDD-WRT + router == Network admin heaven!!03:46
truepurplestlsaint: Websever? What do you mean by that?03:47
philipballewddwrt is the shiz-niz!03:47
* holstein fistbumps philipballew 03:47
stlsainttruepurple: hosting a website or hosting anything (file server for instance)03:47
truepurpleOr a game for example?03:47
stlsaintphilipballew: same as no computer i own runs windows....no router i own runs default firmware03:47
philipballewi view my default operating system like most people view their default wall paper03:48
philipballewi have one router i cant seem to find any 3party firmware for03:49
truepurplephilipballew: No idea what you mean by that, and I can't recall the last place I have been in that uses wallpaper03:49
philipballewwallpaper as in desktop wallpaper03:50
stlsainttruepurple: yes03:50
truepurpleNever ever heard anyone refer to it as "wallpaper"03:50
philipballewi have, all the time03:50
stlsainttruepurple: that is the term is....wallpaper...background same thing03:50
holsteinwhat do you call it truepurple ?03:51
philipballewcalifornians say it differently03:51
holsteinnah, im on the other coast, and ive heard both03:51
philipballewhuh, maybe its a windows term im just used to03:52
stlsainttruepurple: basically whenever you open up your network to the web you need a router03:52
truepurplewallpaper sounds like a very silly name though03:52
truepurpleSince its neither a wall nor paper03:53
stlsaintthere are many titles as such in the english language, you will drive yourself insane trying to deal with them all03:53
philipballewmy desktop is a wall03:53
philipballewi put things on it and its flat03:54
truepurplephilipballew: Like postit notes?03:54
stlsainttomboy :D03:54
truepurpleJust don't try to hang pictures off the monitor...03:55
truepurpleor on the monitor I should say03:55
stlsainttruepurple: i hang pictures on my wall....part of my widgets :D03:56
truepurplethat isnt hanging a picture on your wall, that is putting a picture on your windows desktop03:57
stlsaintno windows here bubba ;)03:57
truepurple stlsaint: "DD-WRT + router == Network admin heaven!!" heaven to do what?03:57
stlsainttruepurple: psshh....endless activites03:58
holsteincheck out http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/index03:58
truepurplestlsaint: Like?03:58
truepurpleI went there first holstein03:58
holsteinddwrt is really full featured03:58
stlsaintport forwarding, firewall, adhoc, split nets for "guest" network on wifi....03:58
truepurpleSo what are those, in common terms please.03:59
stlsaintone of my favs is making a "Free" wifi connection so those wanna be hackers can "attack" it and end up trapped :D03:59
truepurplestlsaint: I can tell you one thing though, wifi is alot less stable then hardline03:59
stlsainttruepurple: depends on your connection03:59
stlsaintwhen i have network problems it affects all interfaces, wifi and ethernet04:00
holsteinstable for me04:00
stlsainttruepurple: when the time comes to know those terms i will be here for ya buddy :D04:00
truepurplestlsaint: There was this game I played with friends alot, AoW: SM. Someone hosted the game and others tried to join said person. Hosting was the hardest to do, when ever anyone had trouble doing either, if the game ports were open, they almost always had wifi04:01
truepurplestlsaint: Apparently something about wifi hates IP handshaking like that04:01
stlsainttruepurple: um i think you have your terms confused but yes whenever you host something you will want that on a ethernet line04:02
truepurpleHey, the evidence was there that this is the case04:02
holsteini wouldnt host a game server on wifi though, just for the extra speed, but i have04:02
truepurpleextra speed?04:03
stlsainttruepurple: i will not say that ethernet is TEN times better than wifi but in a sense your right it is more stable as in it doesnt need to authenticate anything thus less work thus less chance of something going wrong04:03
philipballewmaybe he has no cat5 ports where the server is04:03
holsteinyeah, if i have the option, i hardwire04:03
stlsaintphilipballew: a server with no NIC!!?!?!?!?!? I highly doubt it04:03
holsteini have served up wolfenstien on wifi though04:03
philipballewi doubt it to04:03
philipballewjust sayin04:03
stlsaintthe reason folks have issues with wifi is just due to authentication and maybe signal strength if you are moving farther and farther away from router04:04
philipballewget a better antenna04:04
truepurplestlsaint: Well it was virtually impossible for anyone to host any of our games using wifi, even with everyone using a tunneling software, it was just too unstable.04:05
philipballewi bought a 6 foot long one and pick up everything04:05
holsteinthat could be the ISP though04:05
holsteini mean, did you wire it up, and everything was fine and dandy?04:05
stlsainttruepurple: that is one of those cases where a router being hardwired would be needed04:06
truepurpleholstein: You say that as though we are talking about a single ISP, these are people from many parts of the world, alot of whom didn't know each other in real life and most likely did not share ISPs04:06
holsteinactually, it doesnt matter... wire up your server if at all possible... if you have the bandwidth, WIFI will be fine04:06
stlsainttruepurple: you start forcing a wifi connection to authentication AND many users coming onto the network you are asking for trouble04:06
stlsaintlet the router handle connections and bandwidth and hardwire the server! Problem solved04:07
truepurplestlsaint: Well not sure what that even means though04:07
truepurplestlsaint: Are you talking about more then one PC?04:08
holsteinthe term router to me implies more that one box, since that pretty much what its for04:09
stlsainttruepurple: yes, with the game situation04:09
stlsaintholstein: nope04:09
stlsaintholstein: as i said before you can have on system but if on that system you want open ports you need to get a router04:10
stlsaintone system04:10
truepurplestlsaint: Not a chance, I believe in virtualization, not physicalization. I would rather have one PC do the work of several, then visa versa.04:10
truepurplestlsaint: Anyway I only have one PC04:10
truepurpleI mean one thats anywhere close to modern04:11
stlsaintis physicalization a word?? lol04:11
stlsainttruepurple: if you want virtualization than that is a different situation04:12
truepurplestlsaint: So how would I get more speed from making a hardline modem do wifi to my PC?04:12
stlsainttruepurple: a router04:12
truepurplestlsaint: Yes it is actually, maybe I didn't type it exactly right, but I did research a bit on the topic of virtualization verses physicalization04:13
holsteinwell, its getting late, i gotta get to troll04:13
holsteini mean, bed04:13
truepurplestlsaint: How does that mean more speed?04:13
holsteinGN all04:13
stlsaintrouters have the ability to allocate who gets the say so on the network04:13
truepurpleholstein: What was it that I was going to do again? Oh yeah, I was suppose to laugh.04:13
truepurpleholstein: Almost forgot ;)04:13
stlsainti too must be hitting the sack04:14
holsteintruepurple: you can stop anytime... you dont have to get a router04:14
holsteinno one will make you :)04:14
stlsainttruepurple: if there is more you want to know im sure others here will gladly help04:14
stlsaintlater folks !! W00t!04:15
truepurplestlsaint: As far as hosting, can't a software firewall do just as good, security wise?04:15
truepurplestlsaint: You still there?04:19
stlsainttruepurple: sup04:21
stlsainttruepurple: oh, yes, there are some good ones out there04:21
stlsainttruepurple: iptables work perfect for all firewall needs (IMO)04:22
stlsainttruepurple: but on my home network i have many systems, laptops, desktops and multiple servers so a router allows ALOT more control over my network04:22
stlsainttruepurple: so i run a firewall on the router AND i run iptables on all my servers04:23
* stlsaint is AFK04:24
truepurpleiptables, that also windows?04:26
holsteiniptables is pretty much software firewall... what you use04:28
truepurpleSo is iptables already setup for to prevent any remote hacking/unused port hiding?04:34
holsteini know iptables is in the kernel somehow truepurple04:39
holsteinif i were you, not running a hardware firewall, i would want to know for sure04:40
holsteini have only used shorewall myself when i put a box outside my firewall in the DMZ04:40
truepurpleholstein: I thought you JUST said you were for sure04:40
holsteintruepurple: about?04:40
truepurpleholstein: about it being there04:40
holsteinsure, its there04:40
holsteinin what state though?04:41
truepurpleholstein: Your suggesting I should make sure its active?04:41
holsteinive never needed to check...04:41
holsteintruepurple: im suggesting that if i were you, i would want to know for sure04:41
truepurpleholstein: Ok. I inputed iptables -L like it said, and it gave me the screen like the website said for no rules, does this mean it is essentially off? Or is it still providing me with some protection?04:44
holsteiniptables is over my head04:44
holsteini have always just used shorewall when i needed a software firewall04:45
truepurpleFor linux?04:45
truepurpleI mean, ubuntu04:45
holsteinfor my ubuntu boxes where i have wanted a firewall04:46
holsteinin the past04:46
truepurpleholstein: Have you tried others? Any reason for you to think this one is better then other options?04:47
holsteini have used UFW a bit04:48
holsteinim always behind my router, so its not something i mess with a lot04:48
truepurpleYou found UFW to be better or worse then shorewall? Or you don't know?04:49
holsteineh, its a firewall04:49
holsteinthey all just do what they do04:49
holsteinits just whatever one you want to learn how to use04:49
holsteinfor my setup, i just need to get my router the rules so it will allow certain ports in to certain machines04:51
holsteinif you were to pick at my IP right now, you get my router04:51
truepurpleholstein: You think shorewall will protect me from remote hacking out of box?04:51
holsteinif i pick at yours, i get your machine04:51
truepurpleYour internal IP yeah, unless a firewall is hiding it alogether04:52
holsteintruepurple: if i were running a setup like you have, i would want to be sure04:52
holsteintruepurple: no, my ISP ip04:52
holsteinthat gets you to my access point04:52
holsteinnot any machine in particualar04:52
holsteinIF you get in on one of the ports to my webserver or whatever04:53
holsteinits just that one machine04:53
truepurpleholstein: How do I make sure shorewall is actually protecting me then?04:53
holsteintruepurple: you need to do whatever makes you feel comfortable04:53
holsteinmaybe http://blog.jeff-owens.com/linux/shorewall-firewall-on-ubuntu-feisty-vps-part-3/ ??04:54
holsteini just dont do it that way... i have to ask the router to expose me the way you are exposed04:55
holsteini like that layer04:55
truepurpleholstein: "you need to do whatever makes you feel comfortable" That is saying alot of nothing04:55
holsteintruepurple: yeah?04:55
holsteinyou'll need to figure out how to use it, and make it do what you want it to do04:55
truepurpleholstein: You said you would want to make sure the PC is protected properly by the firewall, how do I do that?04:56
truepurpleWhat I want it to do is protect my PC04:56
holsteinyou'll need to read about how to use whatever firewall you choose to use04:57
holsteinand implement some protection with it04:57
truepurpleThat won't let me know if I am protected or not though04:57
holsteini would probably leave the machine on, and try and hit it with another machine04:57
holsteini remember doing that with dial up at some point04:58
holsteintrying to hack myself04:58
holsteintruepurple: i was quite serious when i suggested a router... this is one of the things a router would take care of04:58
truepurpleI don't know how to hack...04:58
truepurpleholstein: I know you were, and I was quit serious about not wanting another piece of hardware and rather doing it through software which I am told is nearly as secure04:59
holsteinhow about http://gufw.tuxfamily.org/ ??04:59
holsteintruepurple: you dont have to get a router05:00
holsteinor a firewall05:00
holsteinyou have a good password right?05:00
holsteinthats a good defense05:00
holsteindo what makes you feel comfortable05:00
truepurpleholstein: My comfort won't mean a hill of beans for my system security, please stop repeating that05:02
holsteini mean, comfortable as far as security truepurple05:03
truepurpleholstein: Your still not telling me how I can easily set up sufficient firewall security and be sure of said securityt05:05
holsteintruepurple: you'll need to read about one of the firewalls, and use it05:05
holsteintruepurple: im not sure what you are looking for05:06
holsteinim not going to be able to drop commands here for you05:06
holsteini remember shorewall and UFW both being pretty straight forward though05:06
m4erHow can I mount my dvd/cdrom drive onto my 11.04 filesystem?05:37
m4erhttps://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/156752 -- this can be used as a reference point05:39
m4erIt was suggested I try putting in a cd/dvd and running dmesg | tail -n 10. That didn't seem to render any relevan data05:45
eifersuchtcan anyone help me with a wireless problem ?05:47
m4erwhat's up?05:47
eifersuchtI can connect but seems to only connect for a limited time anywhere i connect05:47
eifersuchtlike maybe when ermmm....the ip's are renewed...?05:48
eifersuchti keep trying and eventually it seems like my wireless care is not even there as if it becomes unmounted or something05:48
m4ershouldn't be IP address renewal issue. If you're computer acquires an IP address from a wi-fi hotspot- it'll keep the ip address at least for the duration of the session it's connected.05:49
eifersuchtand i have to reboot, sometimes rebooting seems to fix the problem but a hassle of course05:49
eifersuchtis there anything else that gets renewed ?05:49
eifersuchti had a friend look at it and he said something to that affect05:50
eifersuchtabout renewing something... i dunno05:50
m4ernot that I know of. but maybe there are ppl in here who know more than I do?05:50
eifersuchtany ideas what "could" cause the issue?05:51
bioterrornext time, check dmesg05:53
eifersuchthow do i do that ?05:53
m4er@eifersucht: to be honest I'm probably in the same boat that you're in.... I like messing with my computer but I don't know very much about fixing it. My best guess? the driver for your wireless card may need reloaded05:54
bioterrorI dont think that your network card disappears05:54
truepurpleWill I get better performance from linux if it is closer to the center of the HDD disk?05:54
eifersuchtwell sometimes it will still connect but, i cant get to the web05:54
eifersuchtor ping anything05:54
bioterrorI had problems at my parents. they have buffalo's adsl router with wi-fi and if I used wpa2 as encryption it cut the connection all the time05:55
bioterrorI changed it to wep and problem disappeared05:55
eifersuchtthen in the panel dongle i dont have an option for the wireless card anymore05:55
m4er@eifersucht: even on open wifi connections you're having trouble?05:56
bioterroreifersucht, what's your wlan?05:56
eifersuchtsounds kind of like the problem im having bioterror05:56
eifersuchtwpa2 everything i am trying to connect to05:56
bioterror% lspci |grep Wireless05:56
bioterror0c:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)05:56
bioterrorgimme that kind of line05:56
eifersuchti havent tried to connect or havent connected to one that is wid opn in a while05:57
bioterrortruepurple, you wont notice the difference05:58
eifersucht02:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01)05:58
m4ersounds like something amiss with the wireless driver/device. I don't know the 1st thing about troubleshooting that kinda thing tho.....05:58
bioterrorthere we go ;)05:59
bioterrorbroadcom is the problem05:59
truepurplebioterror: So besides windows needing to be on a primary, whether linux and other data is near the center of the disk, or outside, whether primary or extended, whether most of the space is in primary or extended, none of these really matter?05:59
eifersuchtplease dont let me see the word ndiswrapper come up06:00
* eifersucht beats head on desk06:01
m4er@truepurple: as long as the OSs are installed correctly and the computer has the required specs for both to run, hdd partition space isn't a problem as far as I know.....06:02
eifersuchtso bioterror.... new card? lol06:02
eifersuchtor do you have any reomendations for one that will play nice06:03
eifersuchtthere always seems to be some little hiccup no matter the distro i use lol06:04
truepurplem4er: So your saying none of those things I mentioned matter?06:04
bioterrorlaunchpad is full of bug raports :P06:04
bioterrorhard to find a proper one06:04
m4erIn my opinion no, but my opinion on that is worth little......06:05
philipballewi was unable to configure my dchp during the install as i was offline. how can i do that now that i am connected?06:06
bioterrorsudo dhclient eth006:07
truepurplebioterror: What do you say?06:07
eifersuchtalright...thanks fellas06:18
philipballewhey, so i accedently while installing ubuntu to an external drive messed up my boot loader and now unless the external hd is plugged in. my main system wont boot07:04
nit-witphilipballew, have you ever loaded the mbr before07:05
philipballewnot sure what that is. so no07:05
nit-witphilipballew, which ubuntu did you install, and you still have the cd or thumb you used to load the distro07:06
philipballewi was thinking if i run update grub with the external unplugged, it would fix the problem. good or bad idea?07:06
nit-witno that wont work but we can get you going no problem07:06
philipballewwell i installed debian squeeze actually. but my main os on my laptop is ubuntu 11.0407:06
philipballewand also i have backtrack here im duel booting07:06
nit-witphilipballew, do you have a natty cd07:06
nit-witphilipballew, s it backtrack 507:07
philipballewyeah. im running 64 bit, i have a bunch of 32 off hand or i can quickly download and burn a 6407:08
nit-witphilipballew, not sure whether the bit amount matters here as far as reloading grub207:09
philipballewill download and burn 64. shouldnt take long07:09
nit-witphilipballew, here is the link defaults to using the live cd I would use natty it will find the other OS's  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Copy%20LiveCD%20Files07:10
philipballewso what do i need a live cd for?07:10
nit-witphilipballew, if you want grub2 to be the bootloader, debian is grub-legacy. Grub-legacy does not auto-find the pther OS's, so it is a matter of choice.07:12
philipballewi want grub207:12
philipballewmuch better07:12
philipballewcan i just install grub 2 now?07:12
philipballewor did i eff up my mbr to much?07:12
nit-witphilipballew, only with a natty cd, not sure about the bit difference though.07:13
nit-witno your cool07:13
nit-witeasy fix. ;)07:13
philipballewits probably better to wait i guess and install just to be safe07:13
philipballew17 minutes left on download07:14
nit-witnot sure exactly what you mean.07:14
nit-witI see07:14
philipballewi mean its better to download and burn 64 vs try with 3207:14
philipballewi have a box of 32 officials. thats all07:15
philipballewno 64 iso'd or anything07:15
nit-witif you look at the link you will run sudo fdisk -l to confirm the Natty partition then 2 more commands to reload grub and reboot to natty and run a upodate grub there to make sure all the OS's are showing.07:15
philipballewdo i really need to burn it or can i just mount the iso?07:15
nit-witphilipballew, it has to be run live07:15
nit-witcan you get into backtrack or natty now?07:16
philipballewalright, ill want to get on my desktop and stay on here when i perform this operation07:16
philipballewim in natty now07:16
nit-witphilipballew, cool so natty is on the sda drive07:17
philipballewi interted the external it loaded the debian boot loader, i scrolled down and chose natty. then i booted into natty and unpluged the external07:17
nit-wityour home free we can do it from there07:17
nit-witwe just need to confirm the HD is it sda, sdb,sdc07:18
* philipballew should have unplugged his main hd during the install07:18
philipballewand we do this from a live?07:18
nit-witwe can do it from natty can you confirm the HD07:18
nit-witdo you know what I mean by the hd=sda,or sdb....etc07:19
philipballewno, i do not07:20
philipballewi have seen those akromims before though07:20
nit-witopen gparted and tell me the HD letter and partition number for natty, for examplw sda507:20
philipballewgot it boss07:20
nit-wityour two commands from being fixed07:21
nit-witif you don't have gparted installed you can run in the terminal sudo fdisk -l  and ethier pastebin the whole thing or identify natty07:23
philipballewi have gparted. but patebin is probably easier07:23
nit-witdo you have just one HD07:23
philipballewyes i do07:24
philipballewunless you count the external that caused this07:24
* philipballew knows it was really him that caused it07:24
nit-witcool then run in the terminal sudo grub-install /dev/sda07:24
nit-witthe sudo update-grub   you should see all the OS's then.07:25
philipballewsee this before i do that07:25
nit-wit run in the terminal sudo grub-install /dev/sda07:25
nit-wityour on your way.;)07:26
philipballewso do what you said?07:26
nit-wittyeah the last command07:26
philipballewsudo grub-install /dev/sda07:26
nit-witthen sudo update-grub07:27
philipballewdone, im gonna sudo reboot and see what i get on the other side of my boot07:27
nit-witcool now you know the secret07:27
nit-witrun the update-grub first07:28
philipballewdont worry, I wont tell anyone.07:28
* philipballew crosses fingers07:28
nit-witrun the update-grub before rebooting07:28
nit-witthat you on that computer07:29
philipballew_nit-wit, well the fact i am here again shows it worked07:30
nit-witcool. ;)07:30
philipballew_thanks a lot! now i will probably unplug my laptop hd when installing to the external. haha07:31
nit-witI use a app called suoergrub to just get into the OS's to run those commands rather then the live cd most of the time it is easier.07:31
nit-witno problem07:31
nit-witif you choose the custom install in ubutnu or most any linux it will have an area the allows you to point grub at the correct mbr07:32
nit-witthe second HD would be sdb the first sda a third would be sdc07:33
philipballew_and the 4th is d?07:34
nit-wityep, you just want to confirm it always07:34
philipballew_sometimes the system can be funny07:34
nit-witIf you had used a thumb it might switch the thumb to sda and the first hd to sdb, so always confirm07:35
nit-witDebian and backtrack 5 are pretty good distros, I had those and centos and fedora15 on my computer last week07:36
nit-witand XP.Wy,natty and oneiric07:37
philipballew_i like backtrack because i can keep all my network tools in one07:38
nit-witit has a lot of stuff, hardly any of which I understand, lol07:38
philipballew_you need to be a network guru for some of that stuff i think07:39
nit-witit looked like it, I just install and clone, for future use.07:39
nit-witclonezilla is a great app07:39
philipballew_whats it do?07:40
nit-witit is a clone app also has multicasting, here's a link http://clonezilla.org/07:41
nit-witFull images with the mbr saved07:41
philipballew_i always rsync things07:42
nit-witthat works grgreat as well I use grsync to save home.07:42
nit-witI don't trust myself on that sort of cli07:43
philipballew_i wrote a script ans put in in a cron folder, it runs from there and saves my desktop to a external drive connected to it07:43
philipballew_cli is easier in some regard07:43
nit-witthat is the way to do it, I change distros so often that I just do it this way, but I'm quite familiar with the cli but if the is a shiny gui I will use it07:44
nit-witI cheat, for a long term linux user. ;)07:45
philipballew_do shiny things attract you?07:45
nit-witease of use, lol07:45
philipballew_never hurts. its all what your used to07:46
philipballew_some say cli is easier07:46
nit-witI learned all my open source while pursuing two degree a minor and major in college.07:46
nit-witmy brain can only remember so much07:47
philipballew_what major?07:47
nit-witminor in music and psych and major is black studies07:47
philipballew_you dont mean you majored in jive?07:48
nit-witI saw the representations of it in studying films and stereotyping07:49
philipballew_whered you school at? i see.07:49
nit-witPSU portland ore07:49
philipballew_nice, you live in orgon?07:50
nit-witused to play Jazz professionally I'm a middle aged student, yeah lived here all my life.07:50
philipballew_oh nice, and you didnt go to oscon?07:51
philipballew_i live in nor cak07:51
nit-witI saw it to late I didn't even know.07:51
philipballew_its all good. haha07:51
nit-witOre, has a peculiar history for the Black population, there were Black Exclusion laws and many other problems which leave the population at 1/2 the nation wide average07:52
nit-witseems all liberal, but not from the colored communities point of view07:53
philipballew_how so not from their point?07:54
nit-witI can't speak for all of them of course I'm white, but the instutionalized racism we are all used to without realizing it is pointed at them and other marginalized groups, it may be as simple as being watched while shoping always07:55
nit-wituniformly all my contacts with the community say that this is the racist place they have been worse then the south07:57
philipballew_do people do that because they see more crimes commited by black people on the news or just told to i wonder07:57
philipballew_you know what i mean?07:59
nit-witit is a social norm fed by that yes stereotyped representations, very little positive rep's if any, and the history of slavery, which continued long after 1865, some say still practiced, more so on the Hispanic groups now, and others07:59
nit-witIt is a drag when you get the missing history of America, tha is and has been left out.08:00
nit-wita drag on your concious anyway08:00
nit-witas far as crimes drug use all other areas it is eaually practiced among all groups08:01
nit-witanyway I'm not supposed to talk about this here, but I care a graet deal for the information08:02
philipballew_for sure. it seemes really intresting08:02
nit-witawesome professors in that department08:03
philipballew_sounds like it. when did you graduate?08:04
nit-witthere is another helper on here who is a pro Jazz player quite talented08:04
nit-witI graduate next January,  think I'm going to try a masters in conflict resolution.08:06
philipballew_nit-wit, you mean holsten? sounds really peaceful?08:12
nit-withe's a graet bass player he linked me to some vid08:13
nit-witreally nice guy as well helps lots of people.08:14
philipballew_he helps me sometimes and we work together to help some people sometimes08:14
philipballew_he knows his stuff08:14
nit-wityeah he knows some of the same players I do, not unusual in Jazz, no maoney to live like a rock star.08:15
philipballew_how so?08:15
nit-witone is a rather well known bass player08:16
nit-witjust the scene we all mingle generally rather than escape08:16
nit-witJazz is one of the true democratic genre in music, along with the blues to some extent08:17
nit-witJazz and other music formats are really ethnic music to some ectent like one would consider others bound to culture and country08:19
philipballew_i like spoken word jazz08:20
nit-wityeah, I play really wild avantegarde stuff now, when i actually play, it includes that and multimedia.08:21
philipballew_some say that is not music08:21
nit-witI know people run at times08:21
philipballew_i heard a speach on that a few months ago08:21
philipballew_avantegarde is intrestingf08:22
nit-witit is an acquired taste for sure, it helps if you understand music theory, or just like it.08:22
philipballew_i play the drums. haha08:23
philipballew_not just play, but read to08:23
philipballew_theres a difference08:23
nit-witcool are you familiar with Vinnie Colaiuta08:24
nit-witprobably about the best around scary player, the only person to ever audition for Frank Zappa and play the book perfectly08:25
philipballew_session drumming is a good gig08:26
nit-wityaeh, he is on ton's of others gigs or albums. Even though I a sax,flute, and fretless bass player the beat is where it's at08:27
nit-witI am08:27
philipballew_for sure08:28
philipballew_its bed time here in this area for me08:28
* philipballew_ turns out the light08:28
nit-witjust a bunch of notes otherwise, although I played in a group that was all improv and the drummer played free time like nobody I have ever played with, good night08:28
nit-witsma eto yiou .;)08:29
^zenhobb-itcan you help me unistalling kubuntu 8.04 please?13:42
Abhijit^zenhobb-it, you can not uninsatll it. just foramt it and delete it.13:42
Abhijit^zenhobb-it, you want to upgrade or you want to install another os there?13:43
^zenhobb-ityes I simply want to uprade to 10.0413:43
^zenhobb-itbut I have only 3 gb free13:44
ubot2Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.13:44
^zenhobb-itand kubuntu always slows the boot time13:44
Abhijit^zenhobb-it, for upgradation you do not need to uinstall the current os. just follow the upgrade procedure13:44
Abhijit!upgrade | ^zenhobb-it13:44
ubot2^zenhobb-it: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade13:44
^zenhobb-ityes I know13:45
^zenhobb-itbut is there any way to disable kubuntu, restoring ubuntu as default?13:46
^zenhobb-itI mean, I've choosen to set kubuntu as default13:46
^zenhobb-itat the boot, appears the kubuntu loading instead of ubuntu... how to disable it?13:48
Abhijitdo you have gnome installed?13:52
Abhijit^zenhobb-it, at the login screen at the bottm there is option to choose between kde/gnome13:55
bioterrorlog in13:56
bioterrorand purge kde\*13:56
bioterrorthen install ubuntu-desktop13:56
bioterrorand when you're logged into gnome desktop13:56
ubot2If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome13:56
^zenhobb-itok thanks14:01
^zenhobb-itso if I remove all kubuntu packages it also delete kde?14:01
bioterrorkubuntu is ubuntu with kde14:02
tsimpson!puregnome | ^zenhobb-it, see this too14:16
ubot2^zenhobb-it, see this too: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome14:16
tsimpson(make sure you have "ubuntu-desktop" installed though)14:16
^zenhobb-itexcuse me, what I have to do first: 1) ctrl+alt+f1 at the log,  "purge kde\*" and then "install ubuntu-desktop" or 2) write the command that remove kubuntu in the terminal, as written here http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnomehardy ?14:19
^zenhobb-itlo nhandler pleia2 tronyx sardonyx ! en taro adun starcraftman !14:25
Abhijit^zenhobb-it, do not use that command. only do sudo apt-get remove --purge kubuntu-desktop14:26
Abhijitthat command from that site broken my system14:26
^zenhobb-itlol really?14:27
^zenhobb-itthey are criminals!14:27
^zenhobb-itSo can I type this command now, or I need to disconnect and type ctrl+alt+f1?14:28
Abhijityeah type now14:28
Abhijitits wil be better if you login inside gnome14:28
^zenhobb-itand what about it: sudo aptitude remove kubuntu-desktop14:29
^zenhobb-itwhat's the difference?14:30
Abhijituse apt-get14:33
^zenhobb-itless radical?14:34
^zenhobb-it"Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?"14:35
Abhijit^zenhobb-it, close synaptic or software center or any other terminal14:36
^zenhobb-itit seems to have already finished14:39
^zenhobb-itDo I need to restart before apply some updates?14:43
^zenhobb-itDo I have to install ALL updates (backports includeds) before update to 10.04?14:46
^zenhobb-ityes both?14:49
Abhijityes to second14:49
^zenhobb-itok thanks14:49
yofelAbhijit: purging kubuntu-desktop does *not* remove the dependencies, although removing libkdecore5 should probabl take most of KDE with it14:50
Abhijityofel, amm???14:51
Abhijityofel, you talking w.r.t what?14:51
^zenhobb-itdoes it matters if some backport updates are kde-related?14:51
yofel<Abhijit> ^zenhobb-it, do not use that command. only do sudo apt-get remove --purge kubuntu-desktop14:52
Abhijitbecuase i copied pasted that command from that site14:52
Abhijitand it did broke my system14:52
Abhijiti need to reinstall14:52
yofelhm, shouldn't, as it does install ubuntu-desktop at the end14:53
Abhijiti had ubunt desktop already14:54
^zenhobb-itso is it better if I reinstall ubuntu-desktop for safeness?15:01
Abhijitnot necessary15:02
Chenthucan some one help me install Natty Narwhal?17:09
Chenthuno one here?17:10
Chenthucan someone help me?....I ve been trying to install ubuntu 11.04 from yesterday17:11
Chenthuok brb17:11
holsteinChenthu: ?17:19
holsteinwhats up?17:19
Chenthuhey back17:48
Chenthuholstein u there?17:48
Chenthuwas afk17:48
Chenthustill have trouble installing17:49
Chenthui downloaded the other version17:49
Chenthustill propbs...this tim it osnt even going to install17:50
Chenthuhow r u man?...sry...was too messed up...lol17:50
holsteinim good17:50
holsteinChenthu: how does it run live17:50
Chenthusame problem17:50
holsteinwhen you get to the choice to install or run live, you should choose run live17:51
holsteinwhen you get it running live, then you'll have a better, easier time installing17:51
Chenthuwhen i boot from usb  get display probs after that i get my windos 7 desktop wall paper (scrambled)17:51
Chenthui cant run it live either17:51
Chenthu same probs17:52
holsteinChenthu: these are the same things17:52
holsteinfrom cd usb whatever17:52
holsteinthe big differences would be the kernel version17:52
Chenthuso no other way?17:52
holsteinif i were you, i would download 10.04 live17:52
holsteini would get that running live17:53
holsteinone thing to look into is safe grahpics mode17:53
Chenthubut how is it that some could install it?17:53
holsteinChenthu: some?17:53
holsteinsome users?17:53
Chenthuhow to go to safe graphics mode?17:53
Chenthuyeah some users17:53
holsteinyou have different hardware17:53
holsteinim guessing some type of nvidia graphics card17:54
holsteini have a VIA chip thats a pain17:54
ChenthuVIA?...never heard of17:54
holsteinChenthu: trying different live CD's is an easy way for you to try different kernels and experience different hardware support17:54
Chenthuany idea of how to recover this nvidi issue17:55
holsteini keep the latest ubuntu, the latest ubuntu LTS, knoppix and some other recovery live CD's at hand17:55
holsteinas well as others17:55
holsteinChenthu: i have all kinds of ideas about how to force that to install17:55
holsteinall of which really require me to be in front of the hardware17:55
Chenthuu must be a genius17:56
Chenthuhmmm...where r u from...would fly up to sort this issue...17:56
Chenthujust kidding17:56
holsteinhehe, im in north carolina, and im no genius, im just getting more used to troubleshooting17:56
holsteinChenthu: what machine is this?17:57
holsteinsometime just clearly googling cant help17:57
holstein"ubuntu HP pavillion whatever"17:57
holsteinthe greatest thing for me about linux and opensource is the community17:57
ChenthuCompaq Pressario V3133AU17:57
Chenthu2.5 Gb Ram17:57
Chenthu500 GB hard disk17:58
holsteinyou can pretty much guarantee someone else has had that same issue17:58
Chenthuyeah..but finding the right is hell of a task17:59
holsteinChenthu: i would download 10.04 and try that18:00
Chenthui think i will better edit the blacklist file to ignore nvidia drivers18:00
Chenthuafter install may be i will reinstall...lol18:00
Chenthui d better put 10.04 download and while it gets downloaded i will work on this18:00
holsteinwhat you want is a nice easy live experience18:01
holsteinthen the install will 'just work'18:01
holsteinsome hardware configurations are tricky18:01
Chenthuyeah it is....i expected nvidia to **** up...and it just did18:02
ChenthuIs 11.04 buggy only in installation or on the whole?18:03
holsteinChenthu: not really18:03
holstein10.04 is the latest long term support, and also, its more of the age of that machine18:04
holsteinthe kernel in there might support that hardware better18:04
holsteinit might not though....18:04
Chenthui got this laptop 5 yrs b418:04
holsteinright... hardware support could be in a backport... you can probaly install a command line install, and get support for that hardware18:05
holsteinthe answer is always yes, its just not always trivial, or easy at first18:06
holsteinusually, most modern hardware is supported out of the box18:06
Chenthumy graphics card is pretty old18:06
ChenthuGforce 6150 go18:06
holsteinyup, i remember having a card like that18:07
holsteinit was a drag to get linux to use it, but i did18:07
holsteini forced the vesa driver18:07
holsteini got rid of that machine the first chance though18:07
holsteini sold it with XP on it before it was too far gone18:07
Chenthui will be getting xpx 15 with sandybridge next month18:08
holsteinChenthu: you can get that working18:08
Chenthubut i will still use only this sys for linux till i get used to it18:08
holsteindo you still have an install on it?18:08
Chenthuu mean install ubuntu on t his machine?18:09
holsteinChenthu: this is the idea18:09
holsteinits out of date though18:09
holsteinto get 11.04 to show that menu, you need to hit shift18:10
holsteinthen you hit F4 and choose 'nomodeset'18:10
holstein*at least im pretty sure thats the way18:10
Chenthuhmmm...will try it out now18:11
Chenthunot working18:11
Chenthubut there is a command line option18:11
Chenthuwill try that18:11
holsteinChenthu: no18:12
holsteinthats an install option18:12
holsteinthat must be the alternate image18:12
Chenthuu mean aftter i clcik install?18:12
holsteinthat will install a command line system18:12
holsteinyou want to have the LIVE cd image18:12
holsteinand try that option18:12
Chenthuoh ok18:12
holsteinthat should help you boot into a mode that will use your graphics card18:13
Chenthubut the [prob is i cant get the liove cd working as well18:13
Chenthuif i press run from usb or install from usb...what ever i do i get a scrambled image and the a flood of texts and then ubuntu screen loading afetr that my windows 7 desktop wall paper comes scrambled and gets stuck there18:14
holsteinChenthu: rigth, this should help you do that, and thats what i would want to do *before* installing18:14
holsteinChenthu: thats sounds right... thats the same kind of thing i used to see18:14
holsteinif you want to use that hardware, you'll need to force the vesa driver18:14
Chenthuthink we are getting clearer now18:14
Chenthuso now i have to do is?18:15
holsteinand you still can18:15
Chenthuwhat should i do now18:15
Chenthui boot from usb18:15
holsteini would download and use the ubuntu 10.04 cd18:15
Chenthui get the options and then18:15
Chenthuso that is the only way?18:15
holsteini personally have not tried those options on the newer ones, so i cant say first hand18:15
holsteinit should work the same though... hit shift, find that screen with the F4 option18:16
Chenthustarting download18:16
holsteinany of the live CD's should have those options hidden18:16
Chenthuk will try18:16
Chenthuk back...18:22
Chenthuits downloading18:24
Chenthuholstein...u there?18:24
Chenthuhow long have you been using linux?18:25
holsteinwell, i had a rough start18:26
Chenthulol...i thsts expercted18:26
holsteinmaybe since 200818:27
Chenthuoh 3 years?..thats good18:27
Chenthuwhich distros have u tried so far?18:27
holsteini tried using linux before then18:28
holsteinbut i would say since 08 or so i have been using it exclusively18:28
Chenthuthats a good amount of time u have spent18:28
holsteini ran mepis on a laptop... that forced me to use linux on a daily basis18:28
holsteini was always trying to move my recording rig over to linux though18:29
holsteini tried 64studio, JAD, dynebolic... all kinds of audio distros18:29
Chenthurecording rig?...u mean u work on media?18:29
Chenthuoh thats good...18:29
Chenthuso u are from the audio industry?18:29
holsteinChenthu: im a musician, i have a home studio18:29
jimmieYou realise Holstein is billy joel right?18:30
jimmieI thought everyone knew18:30
Chenthudude i dont have an idea what ur speaking abt....I am from a different country than yours...so i wouldnt have a clue who is who?18:30
ChenthuI am from India18:30
Chenthuoh that was jimmie....i though it was you holstien18:31
holstein^^ thats a solo album which is made with ubuntustudio from start to finish :)18:31
Chenthuwow thats really amazing to hear18:32
Chenthuso there are distros for sound , video and so?18:33
holsteinyup... ubuntustudio is great18:33
holsteinbascially ubuntustudio = ubuntu... its just a collection of packages in a custom distro pretty much18:33
holsteinthe same repos and all that18:33
holsteinthere are lots of buntu based audio distros such as KXstudio, puredyne, gnuguitarinux18:34
holsteinthere are nice debian ones too like AVlinux18:34
Chenthuis there any studios for CAD?18:34
Chenthui sry i mean any distros for CAD18:35
Chenthulike catia, proe, ansys, hypermesh, star ccm+, nastran patran... :)18:36
holsteinAFAIK... i know folks really like blender18:36
ChenthuAFAIK?...whats that?18:36
tenachas far as I know18:37
tenachChenthu: ^18:37
Chenthuoh k...never used that...18:37
Chenthuthanks tenach18:38
ubot2blender is a free application for 3D modelling, animation, rendering, etc. You can install it from Ubuntu's repositories, and tutorials are at http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro18:38
tenachChanServ: I do sometimes... but I try not to18:38
tenachNo problem Chenthu :)18:38
tenachAnd I meant Chenthu not mr.chan serv18:38
Chenthubut blender is animation right...not physics analysis for engineering18:39
Chenthubut yea i 've heard of FOAM18:39
Chenthuthats a free cfd analysis18:39
ChenthuWhere are you guys from?18:40
holsteini am in northcarolina, but be careful.. this is the official support channel... the OT one is #ubuntu-beginners-team18:41
Chenthuyeah....i know....just this one lol18:41
ChenthuMy 10.04 is dowbnkloading at 190-260 KB/s18:42
Chenthuhave to wait but b4 that i will try using the safe graphics mode18:42
Chenthuwill i be able to install a pure linux install without even the desktop...just the kernel and the terminal?18:43
Chenthuusing ubuntu18:43
Chenthuseems u guys are bussy18:45
Chenthunoone there?18:45
holsteinChenthu: i would use the alternate CD and hit F4 and choose 'command line install'18:47
Chenthui tried alternate cd right18:49
Chenthubut still...i installs18:49
Chenthuit installs*...but the prob is when i log in18:49
Chenthui jst get errors and a blank screen18:49
holsteinright... you can go in with a live CD and fix that install18:50
holsteinyou can go in from the windows install in theory18:50
Chenthuwindows install?18:54
Chenthubut that will act only as an application...not as a seperate operating system18:54
holsteinyou're dual booting right? you could get ext support in windows and make a custom xorg.conf and put it in place with the windows install18:55
Chenthubut that wouldnt be a clean install...right?18:56
holsteinChenthu: that would be to fix the currrent one you have18:56
Doktor_Zhivagohow do you get ubuntu to recognize a cd-rom drive19:27
nit-witDoktor_Zhivago, is it a internal or external?19:36
Doktor_Zhivago_i installed through the wubi downloader19:37
nit-witDoktor_Zhivago, strange it should show, I believe.19:37
Doktor_Zhivago_well i originally installed ubuntu and switched to kubuntu to play with that for a while19:38
Doktor_Zhivago_then i switched back to ubuntu19:38
Doktor_Zhivago_but it worked on the first ubuntu and the kubuntu installs19:38
Doktor_Zhivago_just not this one for some reason19:38
nit-witDoktor_Zhivago, do you have a live cd19:38
bioterroryou sure that CD-ROM drive is okay?19:38
Doktor_Zhivago_yeah i was just ripping an audio cd on the windows install19:39
Doktor_Zhivago_no live cd19:39
nit-witDoktor_Zhivago, works in windows still?19:39
bioterrorcan you see it when you run "sudo lshw |less" in terminal19:40
Doktor_Zhivago_no but everything else seems to19:42
bioterrormy desktop computer doesnt either19:43
bioterrorbut the one I installed today for my parents in law says it has *-cdrom19:44
Doktor_Zhivago_gonna double check on windows bbiab19:46
tdnSometimes audio just stops working... It says that /dev/dsp does not exist... I have these errors in the logs: http://p.adora.dk/P2112.html  How do I fix this?20:03
holsteintdn: what are you running?20:07
holsteinassuming it works, and then crashes, i would suggest going one way or the other with a few packages20:07
holsteinupdating alsa, or dropping down to an older verion... and maybe trying an older kernel as well20:08
holsteintdn: is this something that has always happened?20:08
tdnI think it has always since 11.04.20:08
holsteinyeah...i mean, i would just install 10.04, and use it...20:08
holsteinbut, you should be able to pin point what need upgraded or downgraded to sort that out20:09
holsteintdn: after it fails, before restarting or fixing it, run in a terminal20:09
holsteinaplay -l20:09
holsteinsee you you see your device listed20:09
holsteintdn: this is after the crash?20:14
tdnholstein, it shows two sound cards20:14
tdnholstein, this is when sound does not work in mplayer right now.20:14
holsteinjust mplayer?20:15
tdnNo. Sound at all.20:15
tdnNot in mplayer, audacious, etc.20:15
tdnmplayer just happened to be the one I tried first.20:15
holsteintry this... sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload20:15
holsteindoes that bring the sound back?20:16
tdnstill no sound.20:16
tdndid you see the paste?20:16
holsteintdn: what triggers this issue?20:17
tdnholstein, I have no idea :(20:17
holsteinare you upgraded?20:17
tdnholstein, just happens.20:17
holsteincheck for upgrades20:17
tdnholstein, I reinstalled 11.04 from scratch. Clean system.20:17
holsteintdn: with all updated?20:17
tdnThis problem did not begin after a particular upgrade. Not a recent one at least.20:17
tdnEverything is up to date.20:18
holsteini would start with alsa20:18
bioterrorpulseaudio -k20:18
tdnE: main.c: Failed to kill daemon: No such process20:18
bioterrorsudo service pulseaudio restart20:18
holsteinbioterror: good call...20:18
tdnOh. I ran pulseaudio -k in a root terminal.20:19
tdnIf I run it in a user terminal, it says nothing.20:19
tdnAssuming it just kills PA daemon?20:19
tdnbioterror, still no sound. Then what?20:20
bioterrordo you have two sound cards?20:20
bioterrorone built-in and one in PCI?20:20
tdnbioterror, it is a laptop.20:21
tdnI think it has only one.20:21
tdnMaybe it shows up as two?20:21
holsteinone is showing as digital, the other anolog20:21
tdnIs that a problem?20:23
bioterrorI'm searching my backlogs20:23
holsteintdn: you have heard sound before on this machine though right?20:27
tdnholstein, sure. All the time. If I reboot now, it will work again. For some time.20:27
tdnJust read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1188786, I do not have the line that is mentioned in the fix here.20:29
tdnI guess this is an old problem.20:30
ubot2bioterror: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:34
stlsaintbioterror: you just gonna take that from that bot!! :P20:35
=== Chenthu is now known as chenthu
bioterrorstlsaint, ;)20:46
chenthuholstien: u there?21:03
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
stlsaintchenthu: do you need help with something?21:17
chenthustlsaint:yeah...need help installing ubuntu21:18
stlsaintchenthu: nice, what is the issue21:20
chenthuhave been trying to install 11.04 and 10,04.321:20
chenthueach gives a different [prob21:20
chenthu11.04 i can install but not loggine using alternate download iso21:21
chenthuusing desktop iso i cannot install it gets stuck showing my windows 7 wallpaper21:22
stlsaintchenthu: what medium are you using to install?21:22
chenthunow i got fed up and started trying to install 10.04.3...this time it just gives a broken corrupted screen21:23
chenthui am using a usb21:23
chenthuwht should i do now?21:24
stlsaintchenthu: what are you using to but the iso onto the usb?21:25
chenthuu there?21:25
chenthui used both unetbootin21:26
chenthuans usb installer21:26
chenthuboth doent work21:26
stlsaintchenthu: what are your system specs?21:29
chenthu2.5 gb ram21:29
chenthu390 gb hard disk21:30
chenthuhave windows 7 in drive c21:30
chenthunvidia gforce 6150 go graphics card21:30
chenthui think this is sure a graphics issue21:31
chenthustlsaint: u there?21:33
stlsaintand you have tried ubuntu 11.04 and 10.04 with no success on either, can you give me some errors or anything? Screenshots maybe?21:33
chenthuin 11.04 i get a black screen aftyer login, this one i installed using alternate download21:42
chenthuif i try to instal 11.04 from the desktop iso i cant install21:43
chenthuin 10.04 i cant install again21:43
chenthuwhen i try to install i get a scrambled screen21:44
stlsaintchenthu: have you tried the live cd on either distro?21:44
chenthusry cant give screenshots21:44
stlsaintchenthu: so why not try the livecd from 10.0421:44
chenthuno means for screen shots21:44
holsteinone way would be to add a custom xorg.conf file to force the vesa driver21:44
chenthuanother one?21:44
stlsaintchenthu: or use 10.1021:44
chenthui am planning to go for fedora or something this ubuntu installation just toils mw21:45
holsteinyou'll never be able to just 'install'21:45
holsteinyou'll need to force the vesa driver21:45
stlsaintholstein: that can get messy21:45
holsteinthis will be with any distro really21:45
chenthuholstein: how to do that?21:45
holsteinthats just some not very well supported graphics adapter21:45
holsteinchenthu: when i had a similar card, i used the safe graphics mode21:46
holsteinthat was in 9.10 and 10.0421:46
holsteini also added a custom xorg.conf21:46
holsteinthe way i did it, because im not all that savvy with it... i used a knoppix live CD21:47
holsteini copied the xorg.conf from there21:47
holsteini might have edited a bit, but for the most part, i put that in place and it worked21:47
holsteini dont have that machine any more though... so i cant say about 10.10+21:47
chenthuso better dump ubuntu and go for something else?21:48
chenthupl i get it  ""any distro"21:49
chenthusame probs with them too might be21:50
holsteinchenthu: thats what im saying... i mean feel free and try *any* live distro21:51
holsteini encourage that for learning purposes, even if you come back to buntu21:52
holsteinthe problem is not linux or ubuntu21:52
chenthulol...i am complelty fed up21:52
holsteinits that nvidia device21:52
chenthuyeah my nvidia21:52
holsteinchenthu: if you download puppy linux, there is a dialoge at the beginning21:53
holsteinyou get to boot up in vesa mode21:53
chenthuwill try21:53
holsteinyou'll have the desktop, and you can look around and maybe copy that xorg.conf21:53
holsteinyou dont *have* to jump around with these live CD's21:53
holsteinbut they might be educational for you since you are just getting started with some challenging hardware21:54
chenthuthanks for ur help so long bro21:54
chenthuyeah...i am sxcited abt this challenging stuff21:54
chenthubut when comes to no way out...getting frustrated21:54
holsteinchenthu: you can always just run linux in VM21:55
holsteinyou got plenty of ram... and you can really get your feet wet, and use the snapshots21:55
chenthulol...the problem is not me lazy the problem is cant upload now....as its nioght already and i dont wanna wake people up21:59
chenthuwill upload tomorrow21:59
holsteinchenthu: upload?22:00
chenthuthe snapshots of my plight22:01
holsteinOH, i mean OS snapshots22:01
holsteinin vitualbox i save a snapshot of the virtualmachine... then i break it, then i revert to that snapshot :)22:01
holsteinits a great way to learn, and it'll get around the graphics issues you have22:02
holsteinyou'll never have 3d on that hardware anyways22:02
starcraftmanfee fi foh fum, somebody pinged me!22:21
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