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koolhead11hi all07:38
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TeTeTkoolhead11: hi, sorry for being a pain, but how far did you get with ensemble on UEC meantime? Is it worth to try?09:34
koolhead11TeTeT, indeed it is. i am still working on the formulas, no luck from my side. Yet to contribute one :(09:35
koolhead11been fighting my ass out with dbconfig-common09:35
koolhead11but the concept in itself is awesome09:35
TeTeTkoolhead11: I'm confused, why do you need formulas? Or do you mean deploying UEC with ensemble?09:35
koolhead11TeTeT, formulas will act as a add-onn09:42
koolhead11suppose you have an instance of natty for example09:43
koolhead11and you plan to deploy say drupal on it, right09:43
koolhead11for that you have to install apache, php, mysql-server, mysql and druppal as cms as well09:44
koolhead11imagine time it will take for this deployment09:44
koolhead11when you have ensemble with your drupal formula which depands (requires mysql formula)09:45
koolhead11so won`t it be cool to run ensemble which in terms will do everything09:47
koolhead11deploy to install and everything in one go09:47
koolhead11has all what you need besides kim0`s awesome screencast :)09:48
koolhead11in simple word ensemble will act as APT for cloud :D09:49
kim0koolhead11: I think TeTeT knows all that :) I guess he's asking about deploying to uec (not ec2)09:49
koolhead11kim0, well i doubt it has been done yet09:49
koolhead11we are working on ec2 only09:50
kim0koolhead11: werent u trying to do it09:50
koolhead11kim0, i started getting into writing formulas and contributing first before trying that09:50
koolhead11TeTeT, sorry i got confused and wrote it all09:51
TeTeTkoolhead11: no worries, all good10:50
CloudAcheHi, Anyone know if there is anything like cloud-init available for Windows?15:22
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kim0I don't even know if Windows has any of the cool devops config-mgmt orchestration style cloud tools15:30
kim0it seems so locked in the old days ..15:30
CloudAchenot sure15:35
CloudAchethe traditional method is sysprep I guess15:35
CloudAchein terms of anonymising a cloned server15:35
CloudAchealthough I think VMWare have tools to do this15:36
CloudAcheWe will need something similar in Openstack15:36
CloudAcheI wonder how Amazon do it?15:36
CloudAcheAnother question..15:37
CloudAcheUbuntu Orchestra for Oneiric. Will it support bare metal deployment to iSCSI root15:37
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kim0RoAkSoAx might be able to answer this one15:38
RoAkSoAxCloudAche: That would actually nbot be related to orchestra itself but rather actually being able to install an ubuntu image there15:40
RoAkSoAxand if so, that'd just be matter of tweaking the preseed15:40
RoAkSoAxbut I don't know the status of support on installing iSCSI root15:41
RoAkSoAxCloudAche: you might wanna ask on #ubuntu-devel about the status of it15:41
kim0Howdy folks, Ubuntu cloud days (day-2) starting in #ubuntu-classroom on the hour .. see you there15:45
CloudAcheThanks, I have been working with CJWatson a bit to try and iron some of the bugs out there. Not too far off now :-)16:01
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smoseri need some naming help.19:29
smoseris an anachronism19:29
smoserwell... mabye not that19:29
smoserbut its out of date19:30
smoserthe idea is tha twe're changing "ubuntu enterprise cloud" (uec) to "Ubuntu Cloud"19:30
smoserand 'uec' is thus both legacy and limiting (as it can work with ec2)19:30
smoserAnyone have suggestions on what string to put in front of 'publish-image'19:30
mrjazzcatsmoser: I'm down with "uc-"19:36
smoserwell.. iguess that isn't that bad.19:37
smoserthe issue with ti is that it the thing that it interacts with is not neceissarily ubuntu at all19:37
smoser(ec2 or openstack or eucalyptus, and can be used with any image)19:37
mrjazzcatsmoser: true enough.  Maybe the product name should change then ;-)19:38
smoserwell, this is really justa client tool19:39
smoserthis place is the one that i'm really struggling with19:39
smoserthe other places seem more straight foreard19:39
smoserbut independent of product name, i can't come up with a good name here.19:39
mrjazzcatI suppose "sm" is too obscure19:39
smoserit is cool though19:39
* mrjazzcat thinks you need a new name here, then abbreviate19:40
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erichammondsmoser: I'm ready to help update/add AWS command line packages to https://launchpad.net/~awstools-dev/+archive/awstools21:26
erichammondsmoser: I believe I already have permission, but would love to get a peek at any documentation/code you have for the process you use to re-package what Amazon provides.21:27
erichammondsmoser: I can start with something that doesn't exist, like autoscaling, then you can review it and give me feedback.21:28
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bhookHey folks, are there any known issues with block storage volumes on a fresh install of 11.04 UEC?22:28

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