jcastro"linksys" for the win00:03
duanedesignjcastro: good to hear you made it to Florida ok and are getting settled in01:07
duanedesignjcastro: what a snock from Detrout :)01:07
duanedesignugh, can't spell Detroit either :P01:08
dholbachgood morning06:59
dpmgood morning all08:17
duanedesignmorning dpm08:27
duanedesignmorning dholbach08:27
dholbachhi dpm, mhall119, duanedesign08:30
kim0Morning all08:34
head_victimGday all, anyone else noticing loco.u.c being unresponsive?08:37
dholbachhead_victim, yes08:40
dholbachmight be worth mentioning it in #canonical-sysadmin08:40
head_victimdholbach: done08:41
head_victimMaking sure it wasn't a known downtime thing08:46
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dpmhey duanedesign, dholbach, all09:42
dholbachhead_victim, better?09:42
head_victimdholbach: nope09:43
dholbachyou're right09:43
head_victimWorking better now dholbach, a little slow but accessible.10:29
paultagHahahahahahahaha, found this on pastebin -- http://pastebin.com/ALiL1ksn10:50
head_victimpaultag: I'm not sure what's worse, someone writing that or you just randomly searching pastebin ;)10:55
paultaghead_victim: :)11:01
head_victimGday mate :)11:02
paultaghead_victim: g'day!11:02
paultaghead_victim: how are you?11:02
head_victimNot too bad, trying to decide between http://is.gd/smTfOm or http://is.gd/U2cV4w to try and reduce my wrist pain while at the PC (they're links to a vertical mouse and a trackball mouse)11:02
paultaghead_victim: pretty nifty :) -- go for the trackball, I love those11:04
head_victimYeah, the vertical mouse doesn't seem to be in much use anywhere so having problems getting "real" reviews from people I konw11:05
paultagBRB, heading to work11:07
paultaghead_victim: we'll talk soon :)11:07
head_victimNo worries, have fun11:07
AlanBellhead_victim: someone in #ubuntu-accessibility was testing the vertical mouse11:18
AlanBellcharlie-tca I think11:18
head_victimAlanBell: thanks for the heads up I might hassle him a bit11:19
duanedesignhead_victim: I used to have a LOGITECH M570 TRACKBALL and really liked it11:39
duanedesignhead_victim: i liked it better then the Kensington I had.  I liked using the thumb w/ the trackball.11:42
head_victimduanedesign: nice to know :) Did it solve any pain you were having or was it a preference/pre emptive strike?12:07
duanedesignhead_victim:you can definetly use it without moving your wrist. But for me it was a preference/pre emptive strike :)12:34
head_victimduanedesign: cool, I think that trackball is my "safe" option, I'll hit up charlie for an opinion on the vertical mouse and then take the plunge.12:35
popeywheeee bugspam13:04
head_victimczajkowski: ping13:06
jcastrokim0: heya, welcome back!13:15
kim0jcastro: Hey man .. thanks13:15
kim0jcastro: how was your move13:15
jcastrocomcast guy is finishing up13:15
jcastroso I am on someone's "linksys" network13:16
jcastroI should be 100% in about 30 minutes13:16
kim0nice :)13:16
czajkowskihead_victim: yes13:16
jcastrokim0: they were slow on merges last week so there wasn't a report, I figure we could do both of them today again?13:16
head_victimAbout the reapproval bug, I'm not overly certain where to go from here13:16
kim0jcastro: Yeah I guess13:16
czajkowskihead_victim: can you comment on the bug, ie status of the re approval application13:17
kim0just finished busting my Inbox13:17
czajkowskieither add the full application13:17
czajkowskior when you will have it ready by as I know the timezone isn't good for ye guys to attend13:17
jcastrokim0: ok, maybe the last hour before you EOD? Then we could get most of them done13:17
jcastroand publish tomorrowish?13:17
head_victimAh ok, by posting the bug we were saying we're ready.13:17
jcastrokim0: I went over the slides with bacon, he's generally happy with progress, gave me a bunch of stuff to change, heh13:18
jcastroso the slides are looking good!13:18
kim0jcastro: sounds good for the report13:18
czajkowskihead_victim: post on the bug saying you're ready and the link to the application please13:18
kim0jcastro: glad about the slides as well :)13:18
head_victimSorry for not making that clear, will do now.13:19
czajkowskijust as long as we keep all the communication on the bug13:19
czajkowskimakes it easier as there are 6 of us and only 3 of us in here13:19
czajkowskiso everyone knows whats what13:19
jcastrokim0: yeah so basically I've been as out of the loop the last few days as you so I have to catch up13:19
head_victimNo problems, I'll give some detail ont he steps taken for our team to get to the approval wiki page13:19
kim0jcastro: cool .. I'll grab some lunch, finish some catchup and ping you for the report13:20
head_victimczajkowski: cheers, updated.13:29
head_victimpaultag: back to work!13:40
dholbachdpm, how are the cloud days going?13:58
dpmdholbach, you mean kim0 perhaps?13:59
* dholbach gets another espresso :)14:00
jcastrokim0: I'll stick them on etherpad, /unity-report and /ensemble-report work for you?14:19
jcastroah, it seems that's where they are anyway14:27
kim0jcastro: heh yeah14:28
czajkowskijcastro: is jono around this week ?14:29
jcastroafaik yeah14:34
jcastrohe usually doesn't come on for another 30 minutes or so14:34
czajkowskik thanks14:43
nigelbpaultag: ping15:26
paultagnigelb: pong15:26
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jcastrois jono supposed to be around today?16:18
jcastroor is he off?16:18
nigelbjcastro: shouldn't we be asking you that? :)16:19
kim0jcastro: I think he's at oscon ?16:19
jcastrooh right, OSCON16:19
dholbachmy friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!16:34
jcastrokim0: ok heading out to lunch17:01
* kim0 nods17:01
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jcastrojono!!! \o/20:11
jonohowdy jcastro :-)20:11
jcastrojono: what do you think of clint's latest slide? http://spamaps.org/files/hadoop-rage.png20:35

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