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robert_ancellRAOF, how do I make an X window transparent, i.e. so it doesn't have a background but the widgets inside it are visible as normal01:58
RAOFIf it doesn't move then you should be able to set the background to None.02:12
RAOFIf it does move, you want an ARGB colourmap and a compositor.02:12
RAOF(I think the background None trick will work; certainly the compositor will)02:15
RAOFrobert_ancell: ^^^02:22
robert_ancellRAOF, can you do that from GTK+?02:23
RAOFYou can certainly do an ARGB colourmap from GTK+.  I'm less certain about not drawing the background.02:23
RAOFIf you've got a compositor then a real alpha channel is the way to go.02:24
robert_ancellRAOF, no compositor, it doesn't seem to work, i.e. setting to #00000000 just draws black02:25
robert_ancell(and doesn't show the bg)02:26
RAOFYeah.  Setting an alpha channel will only work if you've got a compositor.02:26
robert_ancellstupid x02:26
RAOFMechanism, not policy :P02:26
RAOFMaybe you wanted that alpha channel to cause ponies to dance across the screen!  Who is X to say otherwise!02:27
robert_ancellI just wanted it to leave the pixels in the frame buffer :(02:28
RAOFYou've got to specifically ask for that, and I'm not sure how to get GTK+ to do so.02:29
AmaranthRAOF: Wasn't there some hacky optimization for None we carried for a while?03:03
RAOFAmaranth: Yeah, to make fglrx suck less.03:55
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didrocksgood morning05:21
TheMusoArgh seems the latest round of GTK updates have broken terminal feedback for me, due to the gail/GTk transition.05:51
didrocksTheMuso: hey, which transition? the activation or the gail compatibility layer?05:57
TheMusodidrocks: The compatibility layer. Its being merged into gtk, or was a few weeks back or sooner. I suspect either gnome-terminal or vte need some tweaking to behave properly with a11y stuff again.05:57
didrocksTheMuso: I see nothing in git trunks for gnome-terminal or vte…06:03
didrocksTheMuso: maybe ask on the gnome channels?06:03
TheMusodidrocks: Hrm ok, I was about to look there myself.06:03
TheMusodidrocks: Yeah have asked in #a11y but everyone is afk/asleep atm. I'll have to ask later.06:03
didrocksTheMuso: second try is generally the good one :)06:04
didrocksTheMuso: there will be a new unity-2d release today with the remaining a11y and keyboard navigation support in. Can you ensure that alpha3 is tested by the community for a11y?06:04
TheMusoYeah. Thank good ness for a second machine though.06:04
TheMusodidrocks: Certainly can.06:04
didrocksgreat :-)06:05
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Sweetsharkjasoncwarner_: around?06:40
didrockshey Sweetshark!06:41
Sweetsharkdidrocks: Heya, how are things going?06:48
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone06:48
didrocksSweetshark: going well, still busy with Qt things, but hopefully, new unity-2d today! :)06:48
didrocksand you?06:48
didrockshey chrisccoulson, how are you?06:48
chrisccoulsonhey didrocks. i'm good, but very tired. my daughter kept waking up all night :(06:49
chrisccoulsonhow are you?06:49
Sweetsharkdidrocks: Well, I integrated an 50KLOC branch upstream into the master on Sunday and it went reasonable smooth. Other than that quite a bit of politics with the Apache OOo stuff ...06:51
didrockschrisccoulson: urgh, I'm fine, thanks :) just being woken up by a bad dream, but nothing else :)06:51
didrocksSweetshark: excellent for integrating such *small* branches and don't break everything on the road! :-)06:52
Sweetsharkdidrocks: well, to make things more exciting the branch was originally against OOo (by oracle) and I had to migrate it over to LibreOffice ...06:54
didrocksSweetshark: ah, indeed, a lot more fun! :)06:54
Sweetshark(and of course it was originally in OOo mercurial repo, while LO uses multiple git ones)06:55
didrocksdid you keep the commits?06:56
Sweetsharkdidrocks: I had too, to make sure the attribution is right. But I rebased the whole set of commit into a linear sequence (while it was a wild tree of merges and branches itself before)06:58
didrockswaow, tedious…06:59
RAOFSounds like 32 separate types of fun.06:59
Sweetsharkonce you have a linear sequence of patches, it is reasonably easy to handle, but it really takes determination to get there ....06:59
didrocksRAOF: good evening! :)07:01
RAOFdidrocks: Aloha!07:01
didrocksRAOF: I seems I still have no acceleration with -6 (I didn't reboot for -7 yet). If I reboot with -3, I still have all the wonderfulness of my twice backed GPU!07:02
RAOFdidrocks: So nvidia isn't building against your newer kernels?  jasoncwarner_ was having the same problem, but we didn't manage to get any useful information.  We couldn't work out why it was failing; dkms didn't seem to be logging anything.07:03
SweetsharkRAOF: the best part was mmeeks asking me on monday noon on IRC: "oh, you did merge?" I take that as a compliment, as he might have assumed lots of breakage making him notice it anyway.07:04
SweetsharkROAF: Sunrise was nice here btw, hope it look good as a sunset at your place ;)07:04
didrocksRAOF: argh, if I can provide you any information, do not hesitate07:04
didrocksat least, I test unity-2d hugely :-)07:04
RAOFdidrocks: /var/log/dkms* would be useful; you should also have a make.log in /var/lib/dkms.07:04
didrocksRAOF: maybe, I should restart with latest kernel?07:05
RAOFYou could give that a whirl.07:05
* didrocks reboots07:06
jasoncwarner_RAOF didrocks , I didn't end up doing anything special. I just apt-get remove nvidia-current and then reinstalled it via jockeyt07:07
jasoncwarner_RAOF didrocks though, I have to reinstall everytime a new kernel comes down...07:08
didrocksRAOF: ok, it's even worse, no dkms nvidia-current built for -7 :/07:12
RAOFjasoncwarner_ seems to be able to get things back by reinstalling nvidia-current each time a new kernel comes down.  Which suggests that maybe the dkms hook in the kernel packaging has broken.07:15
didrockslet me try07:15
jasoncwarner_RAOF and didrocks < i have to remove nvidia-current before reinstalling...otherwise it won't work07:19
didrocksjasoncwarner_: thanks, doing that right now07:19
didrocksjasoncwarner_: with jockey?07:19
jasoncwarner_sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current and then reinstall/reactiveate with jockey07:19
didrocksok :) thanks jasoncwarner_!07:20
didrocksargh, all apps fails on gail07:20
didrocksok, restarting, brb :)07:33
didrocksjasoncwarner_: RAOF: indeed, it worked, thanks07:38
RAOFOk.  Why didn't it work before?07:39
didrockschaotic: argh, again thunderbird not showing the treeview07:39
RAOFdidrocks: I don't suppose you could remove the -6 kernel, reinstall it, and check that dkms actually gets called to build the kernel module?07:39
didrocksRAOF: I didn't remove and reinstall nvidia-current before07:40
didrocksRAOF: hum, it's not only one package to trigger this, isn't it?07:40
RAOFdidrocks: There are other dkms modules, yes.  You're probably not using any, though ;)07:40
didrocksRAOF: the dkms module was built upon -6, but wasn't working in -5 and -607:41
didrocks(for nvidia-current, I mean)07:41
didrockschrisccoulson: ^^ (on the treeview issue in thunderbird)07:41
RAOFIt was build for -6 but wasn't working in -6?07:41
didrockssorry chaotic :)07:42
didrocksRAOF: yeah, I could see the -5 and -6 folders for nvidia-current07:42
didrocksand yeah, it wasn't working07:42
didrockschrisccoulson: what was the trick aready? I had to remove some cache07:43
RAOFHm.  I don't think that was what Jason was seeing - his just plain wasn't built.07:43
didrocksRAOF: so, it seems it built some invalid things for me, I looked at the .log (before removing nvidia-current which removed those dirs), and all seemed to be successful07:44
didrocksRAOF: I didn't notice any major difference with -3 which was working07:44
chrisccoulsondidrocks, running "thunderbird -purgecaches" will actually remove the startup caches07:46
chrisccoulsonthere is more than 1 cache to remove in the version in oneiric07:46
didrockschrisccoulson: it worked, thanks! :)07:47
didrocksif I then restart thunderbird07:47
didrockssame issue07:47
* didrocks will run with -purgecaches now07:48
chrisccoulsonperhaps i should distro-patch it07:48
didrockschrisccoulson: oh yes please! :)07:48
chrisccoulsondidrocks, the other thing that might work is to set nglayout.debug.disable_xul_cache to true in about:config07:49
chrisccoulsonalthough, you'd need to remember to change it back when it's fixed07:49
chrisccoulsonelse startuptime will suck forever ;)07:49
didrockschrisccoulson: hum, I prefer to use the option for now then :)07:51
didrocksseb128: hey, reminder to remind you about the meeting reminder :)08:02
seb128robert_ancell, hey, how is hacking going?08:02
seb128didrocks, thanks ;-)08:03
robert_ancellseb128, hey, I got it to work, but I don't why...08:07
robert_ancellbut bzr is broken08:07
desrtseb128: looks like your builds worked, but failed08:07
desrtie: all the tests passed, but the build failed for unrelated reasons (symbols changes)08:08
seb128desrt, right, did you need to use those or just to see if it builds?08:08
desrtjust to check08:08
desrti'll be landing the changes upstream today08:08
robert_ancellseb128, are you fully updated?  does bzr branch lp:lightdm work?08:08
seb128desrt, I didn't update the symbol on purpose because I wanted to test build without having the binary go out to users ;-)08:08
desrtsince they solve your problem and don't appear to introduce others08:08
desrtseb128: ah.  nice :)08:08
desrtseb128: interesting question for you08:09
desrtseb128: how do you feel (theoretically, practically) about me removing symbols from the export list of libglib?08:09
seb128robert_ancell, I'm not uptodate no but close to, I just select my upgrades and kept some out08:09
desrtthese are symbols that leaked by accident a few cycles ago08:09
desrtthey've never had headers installed...08:09
seb128robert_ancell, trying08:09
seb128desrt, if they never were meant to be used and didn't have corresponding include definition I think it's ok08:10
seb128robert_ancell,     raise errors.ErrorFromSmartServer(error_tuple)08:10
robert_ancellseb128, shit, same problem08:11
seb128robert_ancell, you should ask on #launchpad or #bzr08:11
robert_ancelldo you have a checkout, can you bzr pull on it?08:11
desrtseb128: cool.08:11
seb128try #launchpad first maybe08:11
seb128robert_ancell, no I don't, I've a checkout of the packaging vcs08:12
robert_ancellI kept working on a branch, so now I cant get back the uploaded version to make a release08:12
seb128robert_ancell, -> #launchpad08:13
seb128robert_ancell, bzr merge lp:lightdm doesn't work either08:13
seb128on my packaging checkout08:13
robert_ancellseb128, I emailed you a tarball for 0.9.2, can you check and see if you can build the package with that and it logs in?08:15
robert_ancellit's the version I've been running today, and it works with a test user using ecryptfs08:15
seb128robert_ancell, ok, lightdm built, testing time08:25
seb128robert_ancell, that made my nb happy08:29
seb128robert_ancell, trying a second boot but it never logged in with the protected user directory on the previous version08:30
seb128robert_ancell, so I would say it looks good08:30
robert_ancellcool...  now if I can fix this branch I'll release that one08:31
seb128robert_ancell, did you ask on #bzr?08:32
seb128robert_ancell, second login worked again ;-)08:32
robert_ancellyes, but no help yet08:32
seb128robert_ancell, did the bug I pointed helped?08:32
chaoticdidrocks: no worries :)08:32
seb128lool, hey08:32
robert_ancellI'm not sure what the command is for me to run08:32
seb128lool, can you help robert_ancell maybe? ;-)08:32
chrisccoulsonhey seb128, how are you?08:33
seb128hey chrisccoulson, I'm fine thanks, how are you?08:34
chrisccoulsonseb128, mostly good, except my daughter kept me awake for much of last night08:34
chrisccoulsonso a bit tired ;)08:34
seb128is she ok?08:34
seb128she had issues or just didn't feel like sleeping?08:35
chrisccoulsonshe's had a cold this week08:35
chrisccoulsonbut i think she does it just to annoy me ;)08:35
seb128robert_ancell, did you try to bzr fetch-all-records -d lp:lightdm?08:36
robert_ancellit needs a second branch, but I don't know how I pick that08:36
seb128robert_ancell, do you have a working local copy? can you push to a new location?08:37
seb128just curious08:37
robert_ancellseb128, no, I've committed changes to it I don't want to release yet08:37
seb128that sucks08:38
jasoncwarner_hey everyone...just curious, who moved my cheese? ;)08:46
seb128jasoncwarner_, how "moved"?08:46
seb128hey jasoncwarner_08:46
jasoncwarner_I did a reinstall today so I downloaded alpha2 (no upgrade from natty) and I realized something...I can't find how to remap keys in new keyboard settings manager?08:46
seb128jasoncwarner_, I though americans didn't know about cheese? ;-)08:47
jasoncwarner_seb128: it is a us expression for something being reluctant to change ;)08:47
jasoncwarner_it is a REALLY terrible management movie they made me watch at IBM08:47
desrtjasoncwarner, robert_ancell; good mornings08:47
seb128jasoncwarner_, oh ok, I though you were speaking about "cheese" the webcam thingy, I moved that to universe recently08:47
seb128jasoncwarner_, use ccsm08:48
jasoncwarner_desrt: morning...you still in france with the didrocks?08:48
desrtin france, but not with didrocks08:48
seb128jasoncwarner_, the compiz<->gnome keybinding integration is not working with GNOME308:48
robert_ancelldesrt, hello08:48
desrtrobert_ancell: how's lightdm slogging going?08:48
robert_ancelllotso slogging08:48
desrtsick of it yet? :)08:48
robert_ancellnot quite yet :)08:48
jasoncwarner_seb128: where do I make the change in ccsm?08:49
robert_ancellI just need more time08:49
desrtgive it to the end of the cycle, i guess :)08:49
chrisccoulsonoh, nice. most of the PPA builders disappeared again08:49
desrtwhen jasoncwarner gets the whip out08:49
seb128jasoncwarner_, different locations according to the actions08:49
jasoncwarner_seb128: I just want to remap capslock to ctrl08:50
seb128I though you wanted keybindings08:50
seb128jasoncwarner_, that's in control-center, region, layout tab08:50
seb128jasoncwarner_, don't worry GNOME in its tradition to drop things you use will drop that dialog in GNOME 3.208:51
seb128(not joking, they say it's not things normal users tweak and so confusing rather than useful)08:51
jasoncwarner_wow...that seems like a really, really odd place for that. especially considering there is a 'keyboard' setting pane literally RIGHT there08:53
jasoncwarner_didrocks: hey, ? for ya. am I insane or did tab all of the sudden stop working in the dash?08:53
* desrt ponders another glib tarball to keep seb's life boring and repetitive08:53
seb128desrt, ;-)08:54
didrocksjasoncwarner_: hum, it shouldn't have worked from the beginning (I'm in unity-2d right now for next unity 2d release), but there is a grab preventing alt + tab working normally08:54
seb128jasoncwarner_, unity reworked their event handling, there is quite some input breakages08:54
didrocksoh, just tab08:54
seb128jasoncwarner_, like you can't middle click on a launcher, or if you run a command you can't click on the history icons before typing08:54
didrocksjasoncwarner_: yeah, there are a lot of keybindings issues since latest unity08:54
didrocksjasoncwarner_: super + num08:54
didrocksmiddle click as seb128 told08:54
desrtvuntz: if you update the desktop file spec then i can cause even more disruption!08:55
seb128desrt, btw so my "force eventfd to off in configure" was not enough, the glib upload to oneiric yesterday hanged once on amd6408:55
jasoncwarner_didrocks seb128 ah...I thought I was going crazy, which is entirely possible.08:55
seb128desrt, it built on retry08:55
desrtseb128: :X08:55
desrtand it's in the distro?08:55
didrocksjasoncwarner_: one doesn't exclude the other :-)08:55
* didrocks needs to run very fast now08:56
seb128desrt, that was stock upstream version with the eventfd forced to off and yes08:56
desrtseb128: ouch08:56
seb128desrt, why ouch?08:56
desrtseb128: because if it has the bug then you're going to get the testcases of a bunch of other glib-depending things crashing on the builders08:57
chrisccoulsondebugging buildd hangs isn't fun is it? ;)08:57
seb128chrisccoulson, indeed08:57
desrtchrisccoulson: i just merged the fix upstream08:57
chrisccoulsoni've got a similar issue with firefox08:57
chrisccoulsonanyone fancy debugging that? ;)08:57
seb128desrt, well, I've been told you will get a fixed version for me before it happens :p08:57
desrtseb128: :)08:57
desrtseb128: i'll check with the others.  a glib tarball could possibly come today08:58
loolseb128, robert_ancell: Hey, not sure whether that would work, but you could try bzr fetch-all-records lp:somebranch .08:58
loolif . is a local checkout of your branch, or an init-repo dir08:58
seb128lool, hey, being sorted on #bzr but thanks08:58
* desrt wants to do just a bit more GMainLoop breaking while he's at it to solve that old old old "gtester randomly hangs" SIGCHLD race08:59
chrisccoulsonseb128, are you able to remove packages from the archive?08:59
chrisccoulsonie, did pitti give you his axe before he went on vacation? :-)09:00
seb128chrisccoulson, yeah, it's normal archive admin skill ;-)09:02
chrisccoulsonseb128, nice. hopefully i will have a list of packages for you to remove later ;)09:02
chrisccoulson(ie, the remainder of https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-mozilla-rapid-release-maintenance)09:02
chrisccoulsonthen i can close that blueprint as finished09:02
seb128then you can do some desktop work? ;-)09:03
desrtseb128: bzr url for glib source package?09:05
* desrt is having difficulty finding it again09:05
desrt(for the web interface)09:05
seb128desrt, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/glib/ubuntu09:05
desrtseb128: what's your policy for 'official' vs 'ppa' uploads with respect to that repository?09:06
* desrt has been using your patches/ directory as a TODO list...09:06
seb128desrt, that vcs is the official distro one09:14
seb128desrt, I will not commit ppa work there09:14
desrtlooks like you get to drop a couple more patches next time, in any case09:14
seb128desrt, right, the gio dbus session one, the no fd one and the gio launch handler one as well09:16
desrtmultiarch compat can probably go soonish as well... once it's taken care of09:17
seb128desrt, steve agreed on porting dx code to the official gio launcher api so I will drop the old patch we had as well09:17
desrtthen it's just desktop file translations and the silly debian G_HOME thing09:17
seb128how do you want to fix the multiarch thing,09:18
desrtmove all your gio plugin packages to be multiarch-enabled09:18
desrtthere can't be that many of them....09:18
seb128oh right09:18
seb128well I sort of kept it in case people "out there" were having local built ones09:18
seb128but I case it's not a frequent case09:19
desrtthe patch is actually sort of evil anyway, since it will cause a arm libgio on my amd64 system to try to load amd64 libraries into an arm process09:19
desrt(or similar cases like this)09:19
robert_ancellseb128, ok, ready to upload, last chance to stop me09:23
seb128robert_ancell, go go go09:23
* desrt waves his arms wildly to distract seb09:23
seb128robert_ancell, are you there tomorrow or off tonight?09:24
robert_ancell3pm tomorrow09:24
seb128robert_ancell, in case you break the world ;-)09:24
seb128robert_ancell, ok, is there any bug or greater or whatever lightdm thing you think we should look at for a3?09:25
seb128robert_ancell, I will drop you an email today if we run into a real issue with the new version and would welcome a look for you09:25
seb128robert_ancell, otherwise enjoy your holiday, see you at the desktop summit!09:25
robert_ancellseb128, the main issues are integration, i.e. the switcher, screenlock, ubiquity, gnome-control-center09:25
robert_ancellwill check email in the morning09:25
seb128well those are not stoppers09:26
seb128you will still have time after your holidays to get work done, we are just mid-cycle ;-)09:27
jasoncwarner_seb128 and/or didrocks do you know why banshee isn't the default music app on a new install?09:27
robert_ancelljust keep an eye out for stability issues09:27
seb128robert_ancell, I think we should discuss screenlock and g-c-c etc at the summit09:27
seb128robert_ancell, will do09:27
robert_ancellseb128, true09:27
seb128jasoncwarner_, define "default music app"? where?09:27
robert_ancellok, it's uploaded, me -> dinner, will check in tomorrow. fingers crossed09:27
didrocksjasoncwarner_: default for which kind of files?09:27
seb128robert_ancell, ok, have a nice evening09:27
seb128see you maybe tomorrow if I stay up a bit later09:28
seb128otherwise in a few weeks ;-)09:28
jasoncwarner_I'm just looking at dash, for 'listen to music', mine is 'movie player'09:28
seb128jasoncwarner_, I think it's unity which is still using gconf09:29
seb128where it should use the new mimetype thing09:30
jasoncwarner_seb128: filing a bug, I guess? :)09:31
seb128jasoncwarner_, no, "known issue09:31
seb128jasoncwarner_, bug #80593809:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 805938 in unity "Totem set as default music player after install instead of Banshee" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80593809:31
seb128though the bug suggest it should be fixed09:32
seb128I'm using rb and it's correctly listed, not sure about new installs09:33
jasoncwarner_seb128: sometimes I worry about you and didrocks. I think you have launchpad memorized or something.....scary :o09:38
didrocksheh :)09:39
didrocksseb128: did you forgot about the meeting reminder or do you prefer another reminder again? ;)09:44
seb128didrocks, neither of those?09:46
seb128didrocks, just wrote it 5 minutes ago, check your launchpad box?09:47
seb128didrocks, but I used the "contact team" thing09:47
seb128hum, don't edit the wiki yet09:48
seb128I think I picked the old template :p09:48
didrocksseb128: received it 2 minutes ago, which makes my messages 5 seconds before I receive!09:48
seb128didrocks, well I was typing it when you pinged09:49
didrocksseb128: type faster! :-)09:50
seb128can the wiki be any slower?09:50
seb128trying to update to new template...09:51
seb128ok, worked09:52
seb128now you can edit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-07-26 ;-)09:52
chrisccoulsonwow, i need to install so much stuff to build vlc09:54
didrocksseb128: there is an "activity reports" in the template you copied10:17
seb128didrocks, yeah, I'm not a slack techlead, you need to write activity reports again! :p10:18
didrocksseb128: this will be copied, repeated, and amplified :-)10:18
seb128bah, the commit to the new template didn't work10:18
seb128didrocks, reload10:18
didrocksah, way better :)10:19
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TommehIt doesn't appear that Evolution supports IPv6 SMTP servers.12:01
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TommehWhich is a shame :(12:02
jbichaseb128: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65529312:27
ubot2Gnome bug 655293 in general "Aisleriot includes LGPL code but no copyright notice" [Major,Unconfirmed]12:27
seb128jibel, hey12:29
seb128ok, I suck at understanding licenses requirements so tend to be conservatice12:29
seb128does anybody has a clue about this bug?12:29
seb128if a source distributed under the GPL has LGPL files does it need to ship a LGPL copy?12:30
geserseb128: I'd say yes to be able to read the LGPL license terms, but I'm not a license expert either12:33
jbichayeah, I don't know about licenses either, but paragraph 3 of http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-2.1.html12:36
jbichasays they can relicense the file but they should update the copyright info in the file12:36
cyphermoxgood morning!12:37
Laneythey can do it but must edit the headers12:38
seb128""To do this, you must alter all the notices that refer to this License, so that they refer to the ordinary GNU General Public License, version 2, instead of to this License."12:40
jbichaseb128: do you want to leave the followup comment or should I?12:41
seb128hey cyphermox Laney12:41
seb128jbicha, well I would still like somebody who knows about licenses to confirm what should be done ;-)12:42
jbichaoh ok, that's not me :-)12:42
seb128jbicha, let's wait a bit if somebody else has an opinion on it ;-)12:42
seb128usually tarballs which do that just ship a copy of the LGPL12:42
Laneyif you form a derivative with something that is not a library then you have to relicense to GPL and update the headers12:43
Laneyit's pretty clear12:43
seb128jbicha, well I guess reply saying they need to update those files to put them under the GPL then12:44
seb128jbicha, thanks ;-)12:44
seb128so who wants to do some GNOME updates?12:46
cyphermoxhmm. in doubt couldn't you just ship both licenses?12:46
cyphermoxseb128: was going to start evolution now, but I can do others if there are things "more important"12:46
seb128cyphermox, no, you doing the evo stack would be nice12:47
seb128cyphermox, cf the bug number just before you said hi there, that's what I was asking first, if they can ship a LGPL copy12:47
davmor2guys got to say I installed the unity-greeter and it's really pretty :)  nice work12:47
seb128kudos to robert_ancell12:48
jbichacyphermox: yes, they could definitely keep it under the LGPL but I think they'd rather keep it all under the same license12:48
jbichaseb128: could you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/ubuntu/oneiric/vino/vino-3.1/+merge/6919612:49
seb128jbicha, yeah, it's my review list12:49
seb128jbicha, seems easy enough ;-)12:49
jbichaoh ok12:49
seb128"it's on my review list"12:49
seb128kenvandine, chrisccoulson, mterry: want to do some GNOME update?12:49
seb128hey kenvandine mterry ;-)12:50
mterryseb128, heh, you should do the niceties first, then ask for help  ;)12:50
kenvandineseb128, maybe in a bit :)12:50
seb128mterry, sorry, you know how rude the frenchs are12:50
mterryseb128, OK, I can look at the list or you can give me some12:50
seb128kenvandine, empathy for you?12:50
kenvandineseb128, did you see i got python-wnck dropped?12:50
desrtmterry: isn't it nice that he wants your help? :)12:50
seb128kenvandine, yes, thanks \o/12:50
kenvandineseb128, yeah, i'll do that12:50
kenvandineseb128, i tried going to gtk3, but ended up being huge... all the service plugins provide there only little bit of code that gets embedded12:51
kenvandinethey would all need porting12:51
kenvandineand i want to drop all of that anyway12:51
seb128well you will need to clean for the lts ;-)12:51
seb128but you have time for that ;-)12:52
kenvandinebut at least wnck is using gi now :)12:52
seb128mterry, ok, we have some great choice for you sir, cheap upgrades today! ;-)12:52
seb128mterry, you can pick in eog file-roller gconf yelp-xsl12:52
seb128mterry, gnome-keyring (requires to package the new p11-kit from fdo though)12:53
seb128mterry, if there is anything you like just write it on the etherpad and it's yours ;-)12:53
davmor2kenvandine: just the man :)  there was a tweet earlier that mpt made where the bottom line was cut in half, not in gwibber but the popup message window and it looked ugly :(12:54
jbichaseb128: I can take yelp-xsl12:54
seb128jbicha, great, write it on the etherpad please, thanks ;-)12:55
kenvandinedavmor2, you mean notify-osd?12:56
davmor2kenvandine: that's the one12:57
davmor2kenvandine: I kept thing indicator and knew it wasn't that :)12:57
kenvandinedavmor2, which tweet was it?12:59
davmor2kenvandine: I'll go grab it for you12:59
seb128dobey, hey, your uploads from yesterday both failed to build13:00
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
davmor2kenvandine: https://twitter.com/#!/mpt/statuses/95803899969150976 pretty sure it was this one the nicks were cut in two13:01
kenvandinedavmor2, ok, that doesn't look long enough to get truncated by notify-osd... but none of his recent ones look like it would13:02
kenvandinegwibber doesn't do anything to truncate it... so it would be notify-osd doing it13:03
kenvandinedavmor2, actually... was it maybe "merged" with another post from @mpt?13:03
davmor2kenvandine: It's not truncated the last line only the top halves showed13:03
kenvandineinteresting bug!13:03
kenvandinefile a bug against notify-osd i guess13:03
seb128with a screenshot13:04
davmor2kenvandine: if it happens again I'll try and screenshot it13:04
kenvandinehave you changed default fonts or sizes?13:04
davmor2seb128: I've been looking out for it since13:04
kenvandinethat would be useful to mention in the bug too13:04
davmor2kenvandine: Nope13:04
dobeyseb128: odd13:11
dobeyseb128: did something change with dh_python2 recently?13:12
seb128dunno, you should rather ask barry about that13:12
seb128I don't follow python much13:12
seb128it built locally on my box13:13
seb128so not sure what's going on13:13
jbichaseb128: /j #bazaar13:13
jbichanever mind13:14
dobeyseb128: ah, maybe it's not dh_python2 that's the problem. i guess all those ERROR: aren't errors.13:15
dobeyseb128: hrmm, how much qt stuff is going on CD? :)13:24
seb128dobey, just what unity-2d needs13:24
seb128dobey, why?13:24
seb128dobey, no application13:25
dobeyseb128: the qt bits of ubuntu-sso-client/ubuntuone-control-panel get built regardless (because setuptools is a horrible build system), and so it's requiring some python qt pieces for setup.py build to work.13:26
dobeyseb128: though i guess it doesn't matter if that's on the CD or not, so long as it's in main13:26
dobeyso nevermind me :)13:26
seb128dobey, build-depends on qt should be ok, just don't bring a qt ui on the CD ;-)13:26
seb128rodrigo_, hey13:27
rodrigo_hi seb13:27
dobeystill early here, so brain is still a bit slow :)13:27
rodrigo_hi seb12813:27
seb128rodrigo_, your g-s-d upload fail by lack of build-depends on upower13:27
rodrigo_hmm, there are 2 seb's!13:27
rodrigo_seb128, oh, ok13:27
seb128didrocks, \o/ doing updates!13:32
seb128didrocks, oh, file-roller is already claimed by jbicha13:33
didrockshum? I already did it?13:33
seb128oh ok13:33
didrockswhere was it claimed?13:33
seb128didrocks, see the "Things being worked on:" on the etherpad13:33
seb128there is like 10 updates listed13:33
jbichawell, LP wouldn't let me do a merge request anyway13:33
jbichafor yelp-xsl13:33
seb128jbicha, can you ask on #launchpad maybe?13:33
seb128jbicha, seems you should push those to ~jbichar/component/something rather than oneiric/...13:34
seb128well at least for things that are not coming from UDD but from ubuntu-desktop vcs-es13:34
didrocksI listed on etherpad at start so that its more visible at it's a transient updates13:34
didrocksjbicha: fyi, I already uploaded it13:34
seb128didrocks, well see the section some 15 lines after yours13:34
seb128didrocks, feel free to re-organize to have updates first13:35
jbichaseb128: ok, I'll try that, it usually works though13:35
seb128jbicha, seems it works if there is a launchpad component matching the name or something13:35
didrocksseb128: I hope that working on those update will make you reviewing the merge req on brasero if you have the hardware to test :-)13:35
seb128it's on my list for today13:36
seb128just pushing gconf13:36
seb128then I sponsor vino and gnome-applets13:36
seb128then will do that13:36
davmor2kenvandine: gwibber related the last tile if it isn't completely on isn't visible however if you press the up arrow it's title is then press the up arrow again and it goes and again and it's back :)  great fun :)13:45
seb128jbicha, kenvandine: random comment but no need to build-depends on gir binaries in oneiric, the libdev binaries have depends on their gir13:46
seb128so ie a build-depends on libgtk-3-dev will bring in the gtk3 gir13:46
kenvandineseb128, cool13:46
kenvandinedavmor2, yeah, known :)13:47
jbichaseb128: ok, good to know13:47
dobeyhow does one do binary-post-install/foo:: with pure dh? same as with cdbs?13:47
seb128jbicha, oh, in the gnome-applets case you fixed a depends, you can use gir:Depends rather than list the individual girs13:48
seb128jbicha, ^13:48
didrocksdobey: normally you override the dh_ target13:48
didrocks    dh_install13:48
didrocks    […]13:48
dobeyoh, so i'd do that to rm -f debian/tmp/usr/lib/nautilus/*.la for example?13:49
didrocksdobey: indeed :)13:49
dobeyok, thanks13:50
didrocksdobey: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/libunity/ubuntu/view/head:/debian/rules for instance13:50
seb128dobey, bug #764790, is that for you or nessita still?13:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 764790 in ubuntuone-control-panel "Provide a X-GNOME-FullName in the .desktop file" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76479013:51
dobeyseb128: ah i guess roberta should have reassigned it back to nessita in april.13:52
dobeyseb128: i am staying out of that mess :)13:54
kenvandineseb128, i have confirmed those counts in the messaging menu are rather inflated, not sure why yet though13:54
seb128dobey, ok ;-)13:54
seb128kenvandine, great!13:54
kenvandinei need to leave for a bit in a few minutes... early lunch break13:54
seb128kenvandine, reminder, it's meeting day, but I guess you will be back in 1:30 ;-)13:56
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
kenvandinei will :)13:57
seb128jbicha, eog is already done by didrocks13:57
seb128jbicha, sorry it's a bit busy today ;-)13:58
* didrocks stops to let jbicha doing updates :)13:58
jbichaseb128: ok, no problem13:58
didrocksjbicha: just 3 lines before what you wrote on eth ;)13:58
seb128jbicha, libpeas and tomboy are to do if you want some13:59
Laneynot tomboy (unless you want to do it in debian for me :-)14:00
seb128jbicha, not tomboy then :p14:00
seb128Laney, I put your name for tomboy on the etherpad to avoid that issue :p14:00
Laneyyou can put that I offer sponsorship if anyone ever wants to do it14:00
seb128jbicha, telepathy-mission-control-5 is free14:00
rodrigo_hmm, are we including transmission in main?14:01
seb128rodrigo_, it's on the CD for years14:01
seb128rodrigo_, so we are not including it, we keep it there ;-)14:01
rodrigo_ah, jbicha added a comment to the etherpad14:01
rodrigo_ah, but it's for dependencies!14:01
seb128rodrigo_, it got new depends14:02
rodrigo_yeah, just saw it14:02
seb128rodrigo_, did you work on it?14:02
seb128rodrigo_, if you want to sponsor the update please do it ;-)14:02
rodrigo_no, didn't work on it, and yes, can do the sponsoring14:02
seb128jbicha, oh, there is vinagre also if you want since you did the previous updates for this one14:06
rodrigo_jbicha, hmm, your merge request is wrong, just includes removed files, so I guess it's proposed for merging into the wrong branch?14:06
chrisccoulsondobey, you mentioned on friday about changes to how U1 updates may be distributed in the future (when i asked whether anybody was using extras). have you got any more details about that?14:06
jbichaseb128: well, I don't know how to fix the amd64 build problem & it didn't change much this cycle14:07
seb128jbicha, they ship the .convert for the settings14:07
seb128jbicha, if you do the update I will fix the build issue ;-)14:07
dobeychrisccoulson: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-ubuntuone-agile-delivery-of-u114:08
jbichaseb128: ok14:08
chrisccoulsondobey, thanks14:08
seb128jbicha, thanks14:08
chrisccoulsoni'm wondering if we should do something similar for our remaining mozilla extensions ;)14:08
jbicharodrigo_: you mean transmission?14:09
rodrigo_jbicha, yes14:09
jbicharodrigo_: I drop the .pc stuff but I probably shouldn't bother as Launchpad will add it back14:09
seb128jbicha, shouldn't it be a merge request against the ubuntu-desktop vcs?14:10
jbicharodrigo_: at the bottom it says the diff has been truncated for viewing14:10
seb128mterry, didrocks already did it14:11
mterryseb128, yup, just saw14:11
seb128mterry, can you sponsor yelp-xsl?14:11
mterryseb128, man, you people are fast.  I turn away to do something else and 3.1.4 has already landed  ;)14:12
jbichaseb128: perhaps, when I did 2.32, I was told to go ahead and merge with the main ubuntu branch since it was newer14:12
mterryseb128, which was a long way of saying "yes"14:12
rodrigo_jbicha, oh14:12
jbichaI prefer the ubuntu-desktop branch though14:12
seb128mterry, otherwise on the "to update" list I think we still have: libgnome-keyring gnome-keyring (requires p11-kit) telepathy-mission-control-5 glibmm2.414:13
seb128jbicha, ok14:13
seb128mterry, gedit-plugins could be updated to 3.1 also14:14
rodrigo_seb128, did you get the list of apps using the g-p-m bus interface?14:14
seb128rodrigo_, no but I can do that now, what was the interface again?14:15
rodrigo_seb128, org.gnome.PowerManager14:15
rodrigo_seb128, thanks14:16
jbichadesrt: dconf-editor will need an icon too if it's going to be visible14:17
desrtjbicha: ya.  i noticed how ugly it is :)14:17
desrtjbicha: know any artists? :)14:17
desrt(i guess we could just steal one from the icon theme...)14:17
jbichadesrt: I'd jut cheat and steal the gconf-editor one14:17
didrocksdesrt: if you want, Julie can maybe do one14:18
desrti can't imagine that it's very fun to come up with an icon concept for a settings editor :p14:18
dobeycan you make dconf-editor itself not be ugly too? :)14:18
dobeydesrt: that's easy. make it a DIP switch14:19
desrtdobey: talk to robert :)14:19
seb128jbicha, mterry, rodrigo_: I've added a "Still to claim:" list to the etherpad14:21
seb128easier this way14:21
seb128just move things to "Started" with your name next when you claim something14:21
desrtgconf-editor has a terrible icon!14:22
desrtno way i copy that14:22
dobeyhaha, it's for getting under the hood of the config system14:23
didrocksdesrt: I would suggest the kind of private joke icon that nobody can understand just to ensure that's obsfucated :) (like http://iris-bleu.i.r.pic.centerblog.net/o/bcfaa338.jpg)14:24
desrti think i'll just steal the system settings icon14:24
rodrigo_seb128, ok14:25
desrtseb128: any reason why not?14:25
dobeyuse the icq icon14:25
seb128desrt, it's not nice to have several items with the same icon in the same category ;-)14:25
desrtdidrocks: maybe i need a new icon, after all :)14:25
dobeydesrt: because people will go there thinking it is a nice ui to adjust settings14:25
dobeydesrt: steal the regedit.exe icon :)14:26
desrtdobey: as microsoft DMCAs the gnome git server14:26
didrocksdesrt: I'll ask if you want :)14:26
desrtdidrocks: only if she is really bored14:26
desrtfor now i will do the release with no icon14:26
didrocksdesrt: I'll ask her ;)14:26
seb128desrt, keep the entry hidden then?14:28
desrtseb128: it's an unstable release14:28
seb128desrt, ok, fair enough14:29
chrisccoulsonseb128, i think bug 816377 is ready for you now. i've fixed the 2 remaining packages holding python-gtkmozembed in the archive now14:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 816377 in xulrunner-2.0 "Please remove and blacklist source and binaries from oneiric" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81637714:29
jbichaand dconf-editor is not installed by default14:30
seb128chrisccoulson, ok, will have a look later if nobody beats me to it14:30
seb128cleaning my stack of updates and sponsoring first14:30
seb128jbicha, right, maybe we should ;-)14:30
chrisccoulsonseb128, thanks14:31
seb128we had gconf-editor installed by default14:31
chrisccoulsondidrocks, how about this for an icon? http://is.gd/2SFGrV14:33
didrockschrisccoulson: like I'll hammer you strongly if you don't install the schema?!? :-)14:34
desrtdidrocks: i'd like to introduce you to the new, softer, GSettings14:34
didrocksdesrt: I heard about a new cool feature there! :-)14:34
didrocksnot sure in what condition you did this!14:34
desrtdidrocks: i guess you heard about it before most others... :)14:35
jbichaAdwaita's a bit weird, most apps use the traditional gray, but a few have opted into the dark variant14:36
jbichaI'd prefer one or the other please14:36
didrocksdesrt: amazing, air sound speed > dsl you mean? :)14:36
seb128jbicha, things like display content should be different in GNOME design or something14:36
seb128like the viewers14:36
desrtdidrocks: speed of sound > speed of me typing "git push"14:37
didrocksheh :)14:38
jbichaseb128: Vinagre has some .la files in its plugin folder, but those are bad, right?14:39
seb128jbicha, rather "not needed", they don't hurt but would be nice to clean yes14:39
chrisccoulsonhmmm, maybe i should do some gnome updates14:44
seb128chrisccoulson, \o/14:45
seb128chrisccoulson, see "Still to claim:" on the etherpad if you want to do some14:46
mterryjbicha, I'll do the MIRs and reviews you've generated during this GNOME update14:54
mterryjbicha, thanks for the awesome work!14:54
dobeydidrocks: that didn't seem to work :(14:56
didrocksdobey: it surely works for all unity packages, you can try DH_VERBOSE=114:57
dobeydidrocks: ah, had the path wrong, because stuff wasn't actually going in debian/tmp/, but debian/$packagename15:01
didrocksdobey: ah! makes more sense then!15:02
dobeydidrocks: yeah, thanks :)15:03
dobeyhrmm. i wish bzr bd would use pbuilder15:05
Laneycan't you give it --builder?15:08
dobeyi don't know. too much work. it should jfdi :)15:09
GunnarHjrodrigo_, seb128: Hello guys! Rodrigo, have you had an opportunity to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~gunnarhj/gnome-control-center/langfix/+merge/68997 ? It would be good if we could make progress with it and the two related MPs. Would a scheduled meeting help? Any other ideas?15:19
rodrigo_GunnarHj, hmm, no, first notice I have about it, looking now...15:20
chrisccoulsong'ah, libgnome-keyring rejected15:20
seb128chrisccoulson, you know the deal... ;-)15:21
rodrigo_GunnarHj, 1st thing is that you shouldn't be reading /var/lib/AccountsService/users/%, but use the AccountsService dbus interface for retrieving the user's language15:22
rodrigo_GunnarHj, I'll add some more comments in the merge proposal15:23
seb128jbicha, dunno if that's you who was asking about it yesterday, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeviceMenuAndUserMenu15:25
GunnarHjrodrigo_: I know. Haven't been able to figure out how to do that, and would appreciate a helping hand. Looking forward to your other comments.15:25
jbichaseb128: ah, thank you15:25
rodrigo_GunnarHj, see the code in the user-accounts panel, it has code to call SetLanguage, so the same can be done to retrieve the Language Dbus property15:26
jbichahere I was hoping that the implementation wasn't as good as the design but I see the design has issues too15:26
seb128jbicha, talk to mpt I guess ;-)15:27
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Think I looked there, but will do so again, and get back to you.15:28
seb128didrocks, chrisccoulson, Sweetshark, tremolux, kenvandine, didrocks, mterry, cyphermox, rodrigo_, tkamppeter: desktop team meeting coming15:29
didrockslike, in 35s? :)15:29
rodrigo_seb128, ok15:29
rodrigo_didrocks, 28 now :)15:29
* pedro_ waves15:29
didrocksrodrigo_: even less now! :-)15:29
seb128pedro_, ups, sorry, hey ;-)15:29
cyphermoxomg omg omg15:29
pedro_hello :-)15:30
seb128did we loose mterry?15:30
davmor2cyphermox: is that he new w w w ?15:30
seb128ok, meeting time15:30
cyphermoxdavmor2: :)15:31
seb128kenvandine, hey15:31
seb128kenvandine, are you back?15:31
kenvandinepartner update is on the wiki15:31
seb128kenvandine, ok, partner update?15:31
* Sweetshark dances15:31
seb128libindicate-gtk-gtk3 \o/15:31
seb128those lib(indic*)-gtk<n>-gtk<v> start being ridiculous :p15:32
seb128oh, a mterry15:32
kenvandinei am reviewing that now and will fix up the packaging15:32
seb128mterry, meeting!15:32
kenvandinewe should be able to build gir and vapi now15:32
mterryyup :)15:32
kenvandinetedg also fixed up the namespace problems15:32
seb128kenvandine, what is u1 going to do exactly?15:33
kenvandinei don't have much detail yet... but apparently RT has agreed15:33
seb128they will have their updates out of the archive?15:34
kenvandinefor oneiric it will be a shim that only accesses main15:34
kenvandinenot for oneiric, i think15:34
seb128did they agree with pitti as well? ;-)15:34
kenvandinei haven't been in on the all the discussions, josh forwarded me more mails15:34
seb128well I will let that to him when he's back :p15:34
kenvandinei need to read15:34
seb128it's not the sort of topic I want to step in15:34
seb128questions for kenvandine?15:35
seb128seems not15:36
seb128thanks kenvandine15:36
seb128didrocks, hey15:36
seb128didrocks, unity update?15:36
didrockseverything should be on the wiki :)15:36
seb128didrocks, unity-2d on gtk3 \o/15:37
didrocksI'm sure everyone is eager to see next update! :)15:37
seb128no \o/ for unity-3d, I'm waiting for them to fix their events handling and leaks :p15:37
didrockslet's see what we will get this week :)15:38
seb128questions for didrocks?15:38
highvoltageis the ubuntu-desktop team doing anything for gnome 3 fallback mode?15:38
highvoltagewe're planning to support it as an optional extra in edubuntu15:38
didrockshighvoltage: the fallback mode is unity2d15:38
didrocksfor unity15:39
seb128didrocks, GNOME3 gnome-panel is still supported but not on the CD15:39
didrocksI think the same code is working for gnome-shell -> gnome-panel15:39
highvoltagedidrocks: no I'm specifically talking about gnome 3 fallback, or "the old gnome desktop"15:39
didrockshighvoltage: it should work for the gnome-shell session (it was when I merged gnome-session)15:39
seb128highvoltage, we have unity3d, unity2d, gnome-shell, gnome-panel on gtk315:39
didrocksseb128: I know that, but thanks :-)15:39
seb128you can use whatever you want in edubuntu I guess15:39
seb128didrocks, sorry, that was for highvoltage15:40
seb128but I'm not sure I understood the question15:40
highvoltageok, I was just wondering if the desktop team planned any other work for it. I'll take that as a no then.15:40
seb128we will package updates15:40
seb128but that's about it15:40
seb128thanks didrocks15:41
seb128tremolux, hey15:41
seb128tremolux, s-c update?15:41
tremoluxseb128: hey! yes, I put it on the wiki15:42
seb128hum, no tremolux?15:42
seb128oh ;-)15:42
tremoluxnew release has some cool stuff, editing and deleting of your reviews, new top rated section15:42
tremoluxand a great speedup of gdebi file load15:43
seb128how is the gtk3 work going?15:43
tremolux(a lot of people have been unhappy about that)15:43
seb128tremolux, how is the gtk3 work going otherwise?15:44
tremoluxit is still moving forward and has some beautiful elements now, but there is a lot remaining before it can be in a state that we could consider making it the default15:44
seb128ok, so not likely this cycle I guess?15:44
seb128(I'm watching for the GNOME3 specs)15:45
tremoluxin other words, it's very rough still at this point...it's a very young effort relatively as this was spec'd well into the cycle15:45
tremoluxthe issue is that the gtk3 port contains all of the new 5.0 design elements, rather than a straight port of what we have15:46
didrockstremolux: so, if I really want to push oneconf by default, should I target the gtk2 version?15:46
tremoluxso it's massive churn in progress15:46
tremoluxdidrocks: is there a lot of UI involved?15:46
didrocksas it's clearly what's block me at that point, the server part is all done :)15:46
didrockstremolux: well, the plugin that is changed everytime due to s-c API not being garranteed15:46
didrockstremolux: quite a lot of code, indeed15:46
tremoluxif the backend is pretty stable and the UI work is not too involved, it can be done in both branches15:47
tremoluxdidrocks: right, the plugin api, does it keep changing?15:47
didrockstremolux: the plugin api is giving access to the full s-c, and yeah, it keeps changing :)15:47
tremoluxdidrocks: well, the gtk2 branch should be getting quite stable at this point, I hope  :/15:48
didrockstremolux: ok, I'll try to target the gtk2 branch for oneiric then15:48
tremoluxdidrocks: and yes, I think you'd want to target that because gtk3 is still quite rough and in a lot of churn15:49
didrockstremolux: ok, can we have a look that week of what changed? I'll try to keep the plugin as it is today then15:50
tremoluxdidrocks: but I hate for you to put a lot of work into the gtk2 stuff because it is EOLing for 12.04 for sure15:50
didrockstremolux: yeah, but oneconf missed the target for everytime a new reason for 2 cycles already, I don't want it to be that 3 times :)15:50
didrockslet's see how much work it is to port to the current gtk2 version15:50
tremoluxdidrocks: I hear you loud and clear :)15:51
didrocksI'll ping ou directly (or you can join #oneconf)15:51
tremoluxdidrocks: ONECONF must happen!15:51
seb128ok, seems like we should target the gtk2 version for oneiric rather15:51
tremoluxseb128: yes, sorry I didn't make that very clear15:51
seb128it's getting late to land and stabilize the gtk3 one especially if lot of work is still needed15:51
seb128tremolux, no worry, thanks for the update, keep the good work!15:52
tremoluxseb128: exactly, it's very rough still, my honest assessment15:52
seb128didrocks, thanks for the oneconf work, let's cross fingers it lands this cycle ;-)15:52
seb128let's move on15:52
* didrocks crosses his finger very hard as well :)15:52
* tremolux too15:52
tremoluxthanks guys15:53
seb128the curve is not an happy curve!15:53
seb128so please everybody update your a3 wi15:53
seb128let's discuss those a bit there15:53
seb128kenvandine, hey again15:53
seb128kenvandine, gwibber still had 4 for "friends" topic15:54
seb128is that on track? needed for a3?15:54
kenvandineno... blocked on a e-d-s bug15:54
kenvandinewhich rodrigo_ might fix :)15:54
kenvandinefrom what i hear15:54
rodrigo_kenvandine, hmm, which bug?15:54
kenvandinethe one BigWhale asked about15:54
kenvandineone sec15:54
chrisccoulsonseb128, i can close 5 WI's in one go when you do bug 816377 ;)15:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 816377 in xulrunner-2.0 "Please remove and blacklist source and binaries from oneiric" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81637715:55
seb128chrisccoulson, ;-)15:55
chrisccoulsonthat's a good motivator :)15:55
kenvandinerodrigo_, my awesome bar isn't findiing it :)15:55
rodrigo_kenvandine, hmm, is it the one about get_contacts not working on the gir generated stuff?15:56
seb128chrisccoulson, btw charline has a wi on the email client spec, do you know if she did the testing yet? did they publish it somewhere?15:56
seb128kenvandine, seems like that feature could slip to next cycle without being a stopper anyway?15:57
rodrigo_kenvandine, oh, ok, i looked at it and the doc comments for the API include the correct info for the introspection stuff to be generated correctly, so not sure why it didn't work15:57
rodrigo_kenvandine, if you find the bug # I'll have another look15:57
kenvandinerodrigo_, i think it was crashing for him15:57
rodrigo_kenvandine, because I don't remember the exact details15:57
rodrigo_kenvandine, yes15:57
seb128let's discuss that bug after the meeting15:57
seb128kenvandine, can you make sure there is a bug and add it to the blueprint?15:57
seb128with rodrigo maybe subscribed to it15:58
seb128or assigned15:58
ubot2Gnome bug 654564 in Contacts "Querying EDS address book in Python results in a segfault" [Critical,Unconfirmed]15:58
kenvandinerodrigo_,  ^^15:58
rodrigo_kenvandine, ok15:58
geserdid the key to delete files in nautilus change or did I break my config? pressing "del" does nothing (in oneiric)15:58
cyphermoxah, that could get fixed once 3.1.4 is ready no?15:58
seb128geser, ctrl-delete15:59
kenvandinerodrigo_, thx!15:59
seb128cyphermox, which one of the reason we wait for your update: p15:59
seb128ok, thanks kenvandine, rodrigo_15:59
cyphermoxyeah, working on it, e-d-s is ready just finishing evo so I can test that it roughly works ;)15:59
seb128kenvandine, the feature is not a blocker for oneiric I guess?15:59
seb128ok, so let's see how it goes15:59
kenvandinewe really really really want it15:59
seb128we can drop the milestone from it if needed16:00
kenvandinebut not a blocker16:00
geserseb128: thx, any reason why it changed?16:00
kenvandinei am doing that16:00
seb128thanks kenvandine16:00
seb128geser, see upstream lists, basically one key was too easy to hit without noticing for some users16:00
seb128some users complained for a while that it was too easy to delete files without noticing16:00
seb128chrisccoulson, you still have quite some email client and unity integration workitems16:01
seb128how are those going?16:01
chrisccoulsonseb128, the calendar stuff probably isn't going to happen for oneiric16:02
chrisccoulsoni wouldn't mind some input from design about what the default calendar experience should be like16:03
seb128I guess the appmenu upstream one is not really something we block on, what we have now is working?16:03
chrisccoulsonyeah, there's no hurry to do that one16:03
seb128the firefox download thing seems rather a "nice to have" that a needed16:03
seb128well let's see where we stand next week16:03
chrisccoulsonyeah, i started an extension for that a while ago16:04
seb128we will need to win some CD space back16:04
chrisccoulsonwhich sort-of works16:04
seb128we need to win some 15mb16:04
kenvandineugh no calendaring?16:04
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, there is some work to get lightning to use eds, but i wouldn't want to ship that by default anyway16:05
kenvandineso no way by default to get appointments in indicator-datetime16:05
chrisccoulsonand i'm not sure how to support lightning atm16:05
chrisccoulsonespecially seeing as bindwood has been broken now for 5 weeks since we did the last firefox update16:05
chrisccoulsoni guess lightning will have the same problems with security updates16:06
seb128kenvandine, what appointments? no calendar ui by default anyway16:06
seb128well that was a tradeoff we know about16:06
kenvandineso unless people install evolution, they can't use that feature in the indicator16:06
chrisccoulsoni was thinking about writing a standalone calendar app that users can create and edit appointments with16:06
seb128I will keep using evolution for calendars (well if the speed comes back to an usable level)16:06
chrisccoulsonnot sure how hard that would be though16:07
seb128we should maybe look at date16:07
kenvandineis that still maintained?16:07
seb128doesn't seem so :-(16:07
micahgI can integrate lightning into the update testing if it's promoted16:07
seb128well no calendar for this cycle I guess16:07
seb128we will not sort that today anyway, let's move on16:08
seb128I should descope the screensaver spec as well16:08
rodrigo_dates also is too targetted to maemo, so small screens16:08
seb128seems not likely we will have time to work on that this cycle either16:08
rodrigo_it can be improved though, of course16:08
seb128rodrigo_, well we don't really need a complete client16:09
seb128just something which let you configure a calendar16:09
seb128is gnome-online-account enough to configure a gcalendar?16:09
seb128or do you need evolution as well?16:09
seb128well anyway seems otherwise we don't have obvious spec blocked16:10
seb128questions or comments?16:10
seb128seems not16:13
jbichaI'd really like to see a fix for bug 798951 as it breaks Gnome Shell & Fallback pretty bad16:13
seb128that's a wrap then16:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 798951 in gnome-panel "Applications menu fails to open due to change to /etc/xdg/menus/gnome-applications.menu" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79895116:13
seb128thanks everybody16:13
cyphermoxah, thought it was about this :P16:13
cyphermoxnot sure if people noticed, but if you don't have IPv6 on your network you should be seeing a good speedup in getting connected; I applied and included a patch to commit both address families separately in NM, stgraber helped a lot with testing a bunch of use cases (and we have a few back and forths)16:13
seb128cyphermox, what?16:13
seb128jbicha, seems like a one liner in the rules16:13
cyphermoxseb128: I thought it was comments specifically about the WIs and all16:14
cyphermoxregardless, what I just wrote is just a public announcement ^^16:14
didrocksthanks seb128 :)16:15
jbichaseb128: well it's been broken for weeks16:15
seb128jbicha, sorry, will look at it, I assumed that if people were annoying enough by it they would just submit a merge proposal to fix it16:15
seb128seems like that's wrong assumption though ;-)16:15
seb128jbicha, I've neither g-s or gnome-panel installed and my system is an upgrade16:16
jbichaseb128: I'm not sure the correct way to fix it since Debian does it differently I believe16:16
seb128but I can just tweak the rules that should work16:16
seb128well, we do it the upstream way16:16
seb128i.e we don't rename the menus16:16
seb128seems like rodrigo_ broke it when he merge16:16
seb128he didn't comment the rules .menus rename16:16
rodrigo_hmm, me? no, it wasn't me!! :)16:16
seb128but he did drop the debian code patch for the rename16:16
seb128so the installed names and loaded one don't match16:16
* rodrigo_ looks16:16
jbichathanks :-)16:17
seb128rodrigo_, gnome-menus, debian rename the .menus to prefix gnome-16:17
seb128seems like you forgot to drop the rename from the rules16:17
rodrigo_seb128, ah right16:17
* kenvandine is really digging the compiz modal dialogs, didn't think i would16:18
didrockskenvandine: don't get too used to it, it will be removed16:19
kenvandinei didn't think i would like it...  oh well :)16:19
seb128kenvandine, I like it when it works16:20
seb128which means once a day16:20
seb128like if you have some small dialog the file selector can't be used16:20
seb128it also tend to shift things on screen16:20
desrttedg: hey hey16:26
lamalexmterry, is there a deja-dup help channel?16:34
BigWhalerodrigo_, while you're at that bug... I have another question that's, well, bugging me. :> Are there any working examples of pyton interaction with EDS? Because whatever I write, it fails to work. :)16:40
kenvandineBigWhale, i suspect nothing that doesn't use python-evolution16:41
BigWhalekenvandine, excellent news! ;> Why do I always start working on something that nobody has done before... I feel like James T. Kirk...16:41
rodrigo_BigWhale, not that I know16:42
BigWhalealways going where no man has gone before :P16:42
rodrigo_the introspection stuff is new, so you seem to be the 1st one :)16:42
BigWhalerodrigo_, anyway, this is the code that fails to work: http://pastebin.com/9nHFX2Yk16:42
BigWhale(beside the bug that I reported)16:44
BigWhalethe one that makes python dump the core...16:45
seb128oh, I forgot something during the meeting16:45
seb128everybody please test the lightdm update today16:46
seb128robert_ancell is still working half a day tomorrow and then off work for 2.5 weeks16:46
seb128so if there is something broken we should let him know today so he has a chance to have a look tomorrow16:46
seb128didrocks, mterry, kenvandine, chrisccoulson, rodrigo_, others: ^16:47
rodrigo_seb128, ok16:47
chrisccoulsonseb128, sure16:47
kenvandinewill do16:47
seb128it's in NEW16:47
seb128good that I looked :p16:47
kenvandineseb128, should we focus on unity-greeter?16:47
kenvandineor is that default now?16:48
didrocksok, will do16:48
seb128kenvandine, test whatever greeter you use, unity greeter is not default yet no16:48
seb128we agreed with robert_ancell that it's better to wait after he's back and updated version to switch16:49
seb128the current has some issues especially with indicators16:49
seb128he did update the gtk greeter to gtk3 though16:50
seb128I've newed the binaries, they should be available in the next publisher run16:50
seb128i.e around an hour16:50
chrisccoulsonis the unity greeter usable?16:51
chrisccoulsoni haven't tried it for real yet16:51
chrisccoulsoni tried the test mode ;)16:51
seb128I'm using it for a few weeks16:52
seb128it didn't have the "can't log in ecryptfs protected userdirs" bug16:53
seb128well I was using it, until I tested the lightdm update, I just tried the stock gtk one on today's update16:53
seb128but it's good that I tested it 0.9.1 wasn't able to log with ecryptfs again16:53
seb128that should be fixed in 0.9.2 which is what robert_ancell uploaded16:54
chrisccoulsonseb128, i will get us back 3MB on the CD when i do the next tbird upload btw16:55
seb128chrisccoulson, \o/16:55
chrisccoulsonunless you already counted that 3MB in the "need to find 15MB"16:55
seb128turning optimization?16:55
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah16:55
ubot2Mozilla bug 655003 in Build Config "Sort out optimization defaults" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]16:56
seb128no I didn't count those 3mb16:56
chrisccoulsonthe last few comments16:56
seb128so we "only" need 11 to 12mb now16:56
seb128I think pitti mentioned we will win some extra 8mb once we get properly localized isos and can drop the langpacks we have16:56
seb128those number include space to add clutter which I guess we will need16:57
seb128still it's tight16:57
chrisccoulsonwe might be able to make firefox and tbird use the system nss and nspr libs for release (if we keep them up-to-date)16:58
seb128kenvandine, btw if you want eds gir use example you can probably look at the addressbook for GNOME that alexl has been working on16:58
chrisccoulsonbut we'd need to switch back soon after release, as the requirements for those are bumped in pretty much every update16:58
seb128kenvandine, it's vala I think but should be closer than the old static bindings use16:58
chrisccoulsonthat could save us another couple of MB16:58
seb128chrisccoulson, oh, nice16:59
chrisccoulsonthat would be a last resort though :)16:59
seb128let's see, we still have some time for CD space settling16:59
kenvandineBigWhale, ^^16:59
kenvandinesee what seb128 said16:59
chrisccoulsonit might save as much as 2.5MB actually16:59
BigWhalekenvandine, ah!17:00
kenvandineBigWhale, seb128 knows what everyone is up to :)17:01
BigWhaleseb128, is there a more general direction of where should I look? :)17:01
kenvandineprobably look at git.gnome.org and planet.gnome.org17:02
seb128corresponding git on git.gnome.org I guess17:03
BigWhaleah yes17:03
seb128he has been pushing to get the eds annotations fixed17:03
seb128so I guess he's using them17:03
chrisccoulsonoh, lightdm is not published yet17:06
BigWhalehm, this thing is pure vala...17:06
seb128chrisccoulson, yeah, I didn't noticed in was in binNEW before doing the announce there17:06
seb128so I newed it, will be available in some 45 minutes17:06
chrisccoulsonheh :)17:06
kenvandineBigWhale, yeah, but it should be similar to the gir17:06
BigWhaleI'll take a look. thanks, seb12817:06
kenvandineBigWhale, doesn't prove it works with gir though17:06
BigWhalekenvandine, yeah... I'll probably write small vala app, just to see if everything is working17:07
rodrigo_BigWhale, so, running your code I get 'e_book_client_get_contacts_sync: assertion `contacts != NULL' failed', do you get that also?17:10
rodrigo_so, I guess it expects an address there, right?17:11
rodrigo_so for some reason contacts is being passed as NULL17:11
rodrigo_how do you pass addresses in python, if that's possible?17:11
kenvandinei bet that is the problem17:12
BigWhalerodrigo_, if I initialize contacts with contacts = [0,1,2] (or whatever, just to have something in it) there is no assertion and it seems like the search is being performed, but nothing is returned17:12
rodrigo_yes, so contactslist in the C API is a GSList **contacts17:13
dobeyyou can't really use .gir in python as if it was necessarily a python binding17:13
rodrigo_right, I guess you need to pass a GLib.GSList there17:13
dobeypassing a python list in as a GSList arg won't work17:13
rodrigo_BigWhale, ^^17:14
rodrigo_you need to use the same data type the C API expects17:14
dobeyseb128: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/oneiric/ubuntu-sso-client/fix-ftbfs/+merge/69330 and https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/oneiric/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix-ftbfs/+merge/69331 btw17:15
BigWhalerodrigo_, I think I tried that...17:15
rodrigo_BigWhale, also, you need to pass all arguments to the function, since, if not, it will get undefined values for some of its arguments17:16
rodrigo_so, you need to add a GError ** also, or None, to the list of arguments17:16
kenvandinethis might be a good case for a gi.overrides17:16
dobeyalso, you can't really use keyword args17:16
dobeyyou have to pass all the args, in the right positions17:16
rodrigo_kenvandine, yes, I guess it could translate between glib's lists and python's lists17:16
dobeykenvandine: any language that isn't C is probably a good case for gi.overrides :)17:17
BigWhalejust a sec... latest update uninstalled my evolution... ?!17:17
kenvandineBigWhale, so try that... if it works then we can wrap it with an overrides17:17
kenvandineso it is more pythonic17:17
kenvandinedobey, sad... but true :(17:17
rodrigo_but, for the time being, to check if the gi stuff works, is there any way to pass args by reference in python? I remind reading something, but what I've tried so far doesn't work17:18
kenvandinerodrigo_, i doubt it...17:19
dobeyrodrigo_: no. and yes. args in python are by definition, by reference17:19
dobeyBigWhale: you probably need to do contacts = None, then pass that in for the contacts arg, i guess17:21
BigWhaledobey, no, that doesn't work17:22
BigWhaleTypeError: argument 2: Must be sequence, not NoneType17:22
rodrigo_dobey, that doesn't work17:22
BigWhaleit requires a sequence17:22
dobeyBigWhale: then that's a bug in the gir17:22
BigWhaleI think I tried with GList too17:22
rodrigo_ * @contacts: (out) a #GSList of matched #EContact-s17:22
rodrigo_I guess it needs some extra metadata there17:23
* rodrigo_ looks17:23
dobeythe problem is that python thinks it is a sequence expected, because of the **17:23
BigWhaleI'm trying to remember what I need to include for GList to become available... :> I was convinced it used to be GLib ...17:23
dobeyGSList and GList are in either GLib or GObject17:23
dobeyrodrigo_: some glib-only things are in GObject gir though17:24
dobeyrodrigo_: it's weird, yes :)17:24
rodrigo_oh, really?17:24
asacbryceh: hi!17:24
dobeyyeah, probably because gobject requires them17:24
BigWhalefrom gi.repository.GLib import GList17:24
BigWhaleI think, this used to work...17:25
dobeyBigWhale: it doesn't matter, because what you need is GSList17:25
dobeynotice the big S in there :)17:25
kenvandinefrom gi.repository import GLib17:25
BigWhalekenvandine, yeah.. that would be it... :>17:26
kenvandinethen GLib.SList17:26
rodrigo_I guess it needs a (container) annotation17:26
rodrigo_no, sorry17:26
BigWhaleTypeError: argument 2: Must be sequence, not SList17:27
BigWhaleit expects python sequence17:28
dobeyyou can't pass SList in17:28
rodrigo_yes, I think the gi stuff in ebook needs to specify the kind of argument it is17:28
rodrigo_but can't find anything17:28
dobeyyou have to pass a GSList variable which is initialized to NULL (in C terms)17:28
rodrigo_and how do you that in python? :)17:28
kenvandinerodrigo_, the gir file says it is a GList17:29
kenvandinenot GSList17:29
dobeyyou should be able to do foo = None; and pass in foo17:29
kenvandine            <type name="GLib.List" c:type="GList**">17:29
rodrigo_hmm, maybe it got changed, I am looking at git master, and there it's a GSList17:29
dobeyrodrigo_: the gir is probably just wrong17:30
kenvandineand it only takes two args17:30
dobeybut it's really irrelevant right this second17:30
kenvandinequery and contacts17:30
kenvandineno error17:30
kenvandinewhich is normal for gir17:30
rodrigo_kenvandine, hmm, I have <type name="GLib.SList" c:type="GSList**">17:31
rodrigo_kenvandine, what version of e-d-s do you have?17:31
kenvandinefor get_contacts?17:31
kenvandinelooking at /usr/share/gir-1.0/EBook-1.2.gir17:31
BigWhaleThe thing is that variables in python are always passed by reference17:31
BigWhaleas far as I remember17:31
dobey always and never17:32
kenvandinei missed the deprecated warning17:32
BigWhalekenvandine, the deprecated call to get contacts is even worse... it makes python dump the core :>17:34
rodrigo_BigWhale, but that's because you are not passing all arguments, I think17:36
BigWhalelet me see17:38
BigWhalerodrigo_, no, that's not the case...17:39
BigWhalerodrigo_, it takes only two arguments17:40
dobeythe gir is broken.17:42
dobeyor at least, incomplete with regards to working with python17:42
BigWhaleis it time yet for me to curl up in fetal position and sob silently? or should I wait a bit more? :))17:43
dobeywhat package is the gir file in?17:45
rodrigo_BigWhale, I'm asking the introspection guys17:46
rodrigo_BigWhale, but yes, seems e-d-s C source needs to annotate the argument correctly17:46
seb128kenvandine, btw new g-s-d in oneiric17:47
seb128kenvandine, so you can upload indicator-power17:47
dobeyrodrigo_: i have found that if there is a problem when using a gir, the probability that the gir is just broken is almost always 117:48
dupondjerodrigo_: About you change in gnome-menu. No app makes use of gnome-menu ?17:49
dupondjeof gnome-applications.menu I mean ofc17:49
rodrigo_dupondje, afaik, no, seb128 should know better17:50
rodrigo_dupondje, it's debian-specific17:50
=== mterry_ is now known as mterry
seb128dupondje, no, we never followed the debian specific gnome- prefixing17:50
seb128dupondje, upstream name it the same way as we do17:50
mterrylamalex, sorry, missed your ping.  There isn't a channel right now.  Might be a good idea?  Right now, most user support goes through Launchpad Answers17:51
dupondjeah ok :)17:51
mterrylamalex, you can always ping me too (though apparently my response time is poor :))17:51
BigWhalerodrigo_, it should be done in a way that you can pass python list to the call... if I get back GSList then there isn't much that I can do with it, beside converting it to python list (or something similar)17:52
kenvandineseb128, great17:53
kenvandinewill do17:53
rodrigo_BigWhale, you can use it with the GLib.GSList API at least17:53
dobeyGLib.SList should be an iterable object in Python17:53
dobeyif it's not, i think that should be filed as a bug against glib17:53
lamalexmterry, yah i sent you a pm17:56
BigWhaledobey, I'll just wait for this bug to get fixed17:56
BigWhalerodrigo_, should I file another bug for this gir stuff?17:56
dupondjeAnother small question. If changing the Caps Lock behavior doesn't work. Where to report bug ?17:58
rodrigo_BigWhale, no need, we can use the same one18:01
rodrigo_BigWhale, as soon as I get an answer in #introspection, I'll write a patch18:01
BigWhalerodrigo_, great!18:05
didrocksgood evening everyone!18:07
BigWhalerodrigo_, do you think you'll have this done sooner than in a week?18:12
rodrigo_BigWhale, I hope to have it tomorrow, as on Thursday I'll be on holidays18:13
rodrigo_it should be easy to fix, I think, if there is an annotation for that18:14
rodrigo_I'm mostly sure this is not the 1st case18:14
rodrigo_some glib/gobject API uses GSList/GLis **, iirc18:14
dupondjeAny idea ?18:16
seb128dupondje, not sure either xorg or gnome-control-center18:32
seb128dupondje, but it's likely to be an xorg issue18:32
dupondjeGuess i'll open a bug on that :D18:34
seb128good luck18:34
seb128seems like the sort of issue that will be so low on the issues list that nobody will look at it18:35
seb128GNOME 3.2 plans to drop the keyboard tweaking option list I think18:35
ubot2Ubuntu bug 816588 in xorg "Changing Caps Lock to Shift Lock does not work" [Undecided,New]18:39
seb128dupondje, thanks18:39
dupondjedunno if I can do more debugging18:39
dupondjequite annoying isssue for me :)18:39
seb128sorry about that18:40
dupondjenp :)18:40
seb128but it's quite likely that it's only you ;-)18:40
seb128that's one issue with having all those weird options18:40
seb128they are handy for some users who got used to them but create lot of extra work if you want to maintain them properly18:41
dupondjeYea Azerty keyboard ... ;)18:41
seb128well I'm using an azerty keyboard18:41
seb128but I just use the key as they are mapped by default18:41
seb128works fine ;-)18:41
dupondjeWell I prefer Shift Lock instead of Caps Lock18:41
dupondjealso my keyboard itself shows 'Shift Lock'18:42
dupondjebut I wont die if it doesn't work :P18:42
seb128hehe, I don't even understand what the difference is between caps lock and shift lock ;-)18:42
dupondjeWith caps lock enabled: the numeric keys give you: &É"'18:43
seb128do you swap shift and caps lock behaviours?18:43
dupondjeWith shift-lock enabled: 123418:43
dupondjeI want to swap it18:43
dupondjebut the option seems to do nothing18:43
seb128well to real test if that's xorg the thing to do would probably to figure the xorg command to change that and try it18:44
seb128like an Xmodmap or something18:44
seb128but it's over my xorg knowledge, maybe #ubuntu-x has a clue18:45
=== ArneGoet1e is now known as ArneGoetje
dupondjeseb128: it looks quite easy18:55
dupondjekeycode 66 = Shift_Lock18:55
dupondjein a file18:55
dupondjexmodmap <file>18:55
dupondjeand then it works fine ...18:56
BigWhaleNew alt-tab (ctrl-tab) isn't raised on top of the windows...18:56
seb128dupondje, the issue could be on the gnome-control-center side rather then18:57
dupondjecan that be debugged somehow ?19:01
chrisccoulsonhello 3MB19:01
seb128chrisccoulson, \o/19:02
seb128dupondje, well I guess so by somebody who understand xorg, keyboard layout, libxklavier, gnome-control-center19:03
BigWhaleWho said that we need to watch for lightdm bugs?19:04
BigWhaleI had to install irssi, because Xorg didn't start. lightdm is runing, tho... :>19:05
BigWhaleoh, lightdm failed to load session file and failed to start greeter ...19:08
seb128what version?19:09
seb128the new update? did you restart?19:09
seb128or just log out?19:09
BigWhaleI did restart19:09
seb128what greeter did you use before the upgrade?19:10
BigWhale0.9.2 is reported by lightdm19:10
BigWhaleI have no idea what was used before.. I just noticed that I didn't have unity-greeter installed19:10
seb128hum :-(19:10
seb128that's normal19:10
seb128do you have lightdm-gtk-greeter19:11
BigWhaleno.. I am installing it now19:11
BigWhaleok it works now yes19:12
BigWhalebut the greeter looks like something from 1993 :>19:12
seb128yeah, it has no theme set19:13
seb128you can try the unity-greeter if you want19:13
BigWhaleseb128: it used lightdm-gtk-greeter19:13
seb128right, that's the default one19:15
BigWhaleseb128: where do I tell it to use unity greeter? /etc/lightdm?19:16
seb128some other desktopers around to try dist-upgrading and tell me if there is a lightdm greeter installed19:16
seb128BigWhale, lightdm.conf yes19:16
seb128kenvandine, chrisccoulson, mterry?19:16
BigWhaleI did a dist-upgrade19:17
seb128can somebody who doesn't have the new lightdm yet see if dist-upgrade bring lightdm-gtk-greeter?19:17
chrisccoulsonseb128, 1 second19:17
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks19:17
BigWhaleand I got the new lightdm, but not the greeter19:17
seb128BigWhale, yeah, I want to check if everybody will land with no greeter installed in which case we would need to fix it ;-)19:17
seb128BigWhale, right, I want to know if that's a bug everybody has if there was an issue for you19:17
BigWhalebut I am running dist-upgrades since alpha1 so ...19:18
BigWhaleit might just be me :>19:18
chrisccoulsonmy connection is going a bit slow, as i'm uploading all my daily builds ;)19:18
chrisccoulsonseb128, no, dist-upgrade doesn't bring in the greeter here19:20
kenvandineseb128, checking19:20
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks19:20
seb128ok, fixing it19:20
kenvandineseb128, yeah... it doesn't for me either19:20
cyphermoxseb128: dah, I was just pulling in unity-greeter19:22
cyphermoxlightdm has been broken for me for a while though19:23
seb128can you try lightdm-gtk-greeter?19:23
seb128the new version should work19:24
chrisccoulsonso, how do i change my default greeter to the unity one? :-)19:25
BigWhaleI am faling to find some obvious option to use unity greeter :'(19:25
* chrisccoulson needs crack19:25
BigWhaleeveryone has a crack19:25
cyphermoxah, something else though; anybody else having unity-window-decorator suddenly stop decorating ? ;)19:26
BigWhalethere's no greeter=lightdm-gtk-greeter in lighdm.conf :>19:26
BigWhaleseb128: I did that19:28
BigWhaleit didn't work19:28
seb128in the right section?19:28
* BigWhale bursts into tears.19:28
seb128you need to uncomment the [seat..] iirc19:28
BigWhalethe seat0 yes19:29
seb128"Users should set [SeatDefaults] section with settings for19:29
seb128        all seats, and can override each setting in a per seat configuration.19:29
seb128something like that?19:30
seb128without the "greeter-session=" line19:30
BigWhaleI broke something ...19:32
BigWhalegeez... it's been so many years since I used ALT-F1 and ALF-F2 so furiously...19:33
BigWhalefailed to load unity.desktop19:34
BigWhaleit seems that the name has to be unity-greeter19:34
BigWhaleooooh... shiny19:35
BigWhaleone of these two works19:37
BigWhaleoh, and xchat-indicator isn't installed by default with xchat :(19:40
seb128it is with xchat-gnome19:40
BigWhalehmm what's the difference between xchat and xchat-gnome?19:41
seb128they are different softwares19:42
seb128xchat is a gtk application19:42
seb128xchat-gnome a GNOME one19:42
seb128well I didn't use xchat for a while, out of the obvious "the user list is hidden under a button in xchat-gnome" I'm not sure19:42
seb128oh and channel are on the left rather than being tab at the bottom19:43
seb128xchat-gnome integrates with notify-osd, unity launcher, etc but I guess xchat does the same19:43
maxbIs CUPS / printing on topic here? Is there a more relevant channel?20:09
gesermaxb: not sure if this channel is right, but our printing guru is tkamppeter20:15
maxbI'm wondering where I might go to discover why "lpinfo -m" shows many copies of the same printer, differing only by a small integer in the hplip uri20:16
BigWhaleSo, there's no restart option un the system menu...20:16
gesermaxb: I discussed my last cups issue in #ubuntu-devel but talk to tkamppeter where he prefers the discussion20:19
dupondjeWhat was the fix again for lightdm ? :)20:34
dupondjeit died here /P20:34
dupondjeoho the greater :)20:37
tkamppetergeser, van be #ubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-desktop20:38
tkamppetergeser, maxb, there is no special printing channel at Ubuntu, simply discuss here.20:39
maxbOK - I'm looking for any resource that might help me understand why hplip seems to be rendering multiple of each PPD into the CUPS "lpinfo -m" list20:40
maxbidentifiers like: hplip:0/HP/hp-color_laserjet_cp4020_series-ps.ppd hplip:1/HP/hp-color_laserjet_cp4020_series-ps.ppd hplip:2/HP/hp-color_laserjet_cp4020_series-ps.ppd hplip:3/HP/hp-color_laserjet_cp4020_series-ps.ppd20:40
tkamppetermaxb, the PPDs are for different (compatible to each other) printer models, as one can see at the multiple "Product" lines in them. The PPD file compressor tool generates one listing entry per model, to assure that all models get this PPD assigned. To see that these entries are for different models, run the more verbose "lpinfo -l -m".20:44
desrtseb128: step away from the computer20:56
seb128desrt, I did for dinner and TV, I'm back now though ;-)20:57
desrtcrazy man20:57
seb128desrt, you can talk!20:57
desrtseb128: 'you should talk', i think you mean20:58
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
dupondjeAnd another question, what tool is responsible to handle enable/disable of touchpad ?20:59
dupondjecause I have a shortkey to disable and enable it20:59
seb128desrt, let me google, I guess I'm just wrongly using a french expression there ;-)20:59
dupondjebut it fails to re-enable it20:59
seb128desrt, which basically mean "you are saying that to me, you, srly"20:59
desrtseb128: if you were accusing me of being a hypocrit, then the english phrase is "you should talk1"20:59
seb128"tu peux parler" in french21:00
seb128desrt, thanks ;-)21:00
seb128desrt, google says "look who's talking" works as well ;-)21:01
seb128which seems close from the french variant21:01
desrtyes.  that's also quite a good one.21:01
seb128desrt, see I'm glad I came back, I learnt something ;-)21:02
seb128desrt, when do you fly back btw?21:02
desrti have to miss the codethink allhands meeting21:02
seb128ok, I though it was today for some reason21:02
desrtwhich is such a shame, because i love phone meetings21:02
seb128desrt, I'm surprised that allhands calls work21:03
desrtseb128: actually, they're starting to show some signs of bad scaling21:03
kenvandinegrrr... no vapi for libgtksourceview-3.021:03
seb128like I already find that calls with 5 peoples are difficult21:04
desrtseb128: we're about 20 now...21:04
seb128or rather than a few people talk and everybody else sit there21:04
desrtseb128: it helps that 3/4 of the company is in one room and only a few are remote21:04
seb128kenvandine, do you need a vapi if you have a gir?21:05
kenvandinefor vala yes21:05
seb128well typelib21:05
seb128I need to look at vala one day out of doing small hacks on written softwares :p21:05
seb128wouldn't it make sense for vala to use the typelib infos?21:06
kenvandineit would21:06
seb128what is missing there that requires you to have a vapi?21:06
kenvandinei want to have text completion in a TextView21:06
desrtseb128: .gir, not typelib21:06
kenvandineSourceView has it, which derives from TextView21:06
desrtseb128: and vala does have the ability to do this21:06
kenvandinedesrt, it does?21:07
desrtseb128: but it actually makes a pretty poor fit -- there are a lot of overrides that tend to be required, so .vapi is favoured21:07
desrtthe .gir stuff changes too often to have a stable API for a compiled programming language...21:07
kenvandinelooks like the vapi was there briefly, was removed on monday21:08
kenvandineRemove gtksourceview-3.0 bindings21:08
kenvandineWait until we can rename the GtkSource namespace to Gtk.21:08
kenvandinefrom the commit log21:08
seb128kenvandine, isn't valac-0.12 shipping one?21:08
kenvandinei guess it was21:08
kenvandineit was removed21:08
seb128oh it's gtksourceview-221:08
kenvandineit was in git master... until monday21:09
kenvandinenot sure how long it lived there though :)21:09
seb128kenvandine, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=62776121:11
ubot2Gnome bug 627761 in Bindings "gtksourceview-3.0 bindings" [Enhancement,New]21:11
desrtubot2: botsnack21:11
ubot2Yum! Err, I mean, APT!21:11
kenvandineseb128, yeah... i am experimenting with that one21:12
seb128kenvandine, chrisccoulson: did you upgrade your lightdm?21:19
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, i have done21:19
chrisccoulsonand i'm running the unity greeter too \o/21:19
seb128did somebody didn't upgrade yet?21:19
seb128I would like to know if the fix I did is enough21:20
cyphermoxlightdm now doesn't start for me21:23
seb128did you install lightdm-gtk-greeter?21:23
cyphermoxno such package?21:23
seb128^ such package?21:24
cyphermoxheh, I don't know, it didn't come up before21:24
cyphermoxnow it does21:24
seb128the recommends are buggy in 0ubuntu1 I hope I fixed it in 0ubuntu221:24
cyphermoxlightdm-gtk-greeter definitely didn't get pulled in the update, if that's what you meant21:25
seb128it should with 0ubuntu221:26
seb128which is not published yet21:26
seb128but yeah "known issue in 0ubuntu1"21:26
seb128see channel backlog from 2 hours ago21:26
seb128or a bit less21:26
cyphermoxright ok21:27
seb128sorry about that21:27
seb128well technically it's robert_ancell's fault :p21:27
cyphermoxI'll give it one good shot later, I'll let robert_ancell know ;)21:27
seb128I didn't catch it when he asked me to test the update since I local built and dpkg -i21:27
seb128thanks ;-)21:27
* cyphermox -> eod21:27
rodrigo_BigWhale, around?21:30
BigWhaleyes :)21:30
rodrigo_BigWhale, ok, so I've been told this API should work like this in python:21:30
rodrigo_(ret, contacts) = get_contacts_sync (client, sexp)21:31
rodrigo_but it doesn't work, so seems to be a bug in pygobject21:31
BigWhaleyeat it requires three parameters21:31
rodrigo_even if you pass all parameters, it doesn't work21:32
rodrigo_it complains about boolean type not being iterable21:32
BigWhaleI see.21:35
dupondjeAnd another question, what tool is responsible to handle enable/disable of touchpad ? It seems like it doesn't get reenabled.21:39
seb128dupondje, gnome-settings-daemon21:39
rodrigo_dupondje, hmm, that was fixed recently, iirc, do you have the latest g-s-d?21:39
rodrigo_yes, that's the latest :(21:40
dupondje⎜   ↳ SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad              id=14[slave  pointer  (2)] This device is disabled21:40
dupondjeThe icon shows correctly Disable / Enable when I press the shortkeys21:41
dupondjebut seems like it doesn't get enabled21:41
dupondjerodrigo_: I open a new bug for it ?21:44
rodrigo_dupondje, yes, please21:44
rodrigo_dupondje, there was already one, which should be closed iirc, so try to find it21:44
rodrigo_and reopen it21:44
seb128poor rodrigo ;-)21:44
seb128rodrigo_, not sure if there was or if you got real ping at the rally21:44
rodrigo_yeah, I should be watching tv now instead :)21:45
rodrigo_seb128, hmm, right, maybe it wasn't filed21:45
rodrigo_I forgot with so many bugs :)21:45
seb128rodrigo_, btw bug is a "would be nice to do" as well ;-)21:47
seb128bug #81666921:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 816669 in gnome-control-center "encrypted-home support in new user dialog" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81666921:47
rodrigo_seb128, ok21:47
ubot2Ubuntu bug 816673 in gnome-settings-daemon "Touchpad is not re-enabled after disable/enable" [Undecided,New]21:49
dupondjethere you are!21:49
dupondjethanks for checking. Appreciate it :)21:50
seb128dupondje, thanks21:50
rodrigo_thanks dupondje21:50
rodrigo_I'll look at it tomorrow, now it's time for some relax :)21:50
rodrigo_so that seb128 doesn't send more bugs my way :)21:50
seb128rodrigo_, yeah, go before getting new bugs ;-)21:50
rodrigo_heh, you see :)21:51
seb128rodrigo_, grep on the powermanager dbus interface is running btw21:51
dupondjeif you need more info / debug info, feel free to ask :D21:51
seb128no match yet21:51
seb128rodrigo_, see you tomorrow21:51
rodrigo_seb128, ok cool, let me know tomorrow21:51
rodrigo_yeah, good night all21:51
seb128kenvandine, you around?22:11
Sweetsharkjasoncwarner_: around?22:13
seb128RAOF, not up yet I guess?22:18
Sweetsharkseb128: step back, RAOF is mine first!22:18
seb128chrisccoulson, ok, you really need to apply for upload rights ;-)22:19
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah ;)22:20
seb128chrisccoulson, bah, I need somebody to fix lightdm, do you know if that is in the desktop set?22:20
TheMusoEurope is up late again I see. :)22:20
seb128oh, .au is waking up it seems ;-)22:21
seb128hey TheMuso22:21
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, lightdm is in the desktop packageset22:21
micahgseb128: it's in -desktop22:21
seb128chrisccoulson, oh, it is? great22:21
TheMusoseb128: Greetings.22:21
seb128chrisccoulson, can you fix the conflicts on the -0 libs to add an extra -0?22:21
seb128I'm on a lucid laptop with my gpg key22:21
seb128so I'm not really useful to fix that upgrade issue now22:22
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, i can do that22:22
seb128chrisccoulson, great22:22
seb128Conflicts: liblightdm-gobject-0,22:26
seb128that lib lacks a -0 to its name22:26
seb128same on the next line22:26
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, i can see what needs fixing now :)22:26
seb128chrisccoulson, you should still apply for upload rights ;-)22:26
chrisccoulsonheh :)22:26
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i feel like i need some beer22:34
chrisccoulsonshame there isn't any in the house22:34
seb128chrisccoulson, there are english houses without beer?! you are ruining the uk reputation there :p22:35
chrisccoulsonseb128, it seems that the only drinkable thing in the house is coffee22:35
seb128not the right time22:36
chrisccoulsonand drinking coffee at this time of night without a supply of beer to negate the effects would probably not be a good diea22:36
chrisccoulsonheh ;)22:36
seb128tap water is it I guess ;-)22:36
seb128it is22:36
seb128or that's not in the "drinkable" category? ;-)22:37
chrisccoulsoni guess tap water is drinkable ;)22:37
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks for the lightdm upload!22:37
chrisccoulsoni'm tempted to drive to the supermarket and get something nice to drink though22:37
chrisccoulsonheh, no worries :)22:37
seb128oh, you get surpermarkets still open at this time?22:38
seb128everything is closed at 9pm here22:38
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, there's a 24 hour supermarket nearby22:38
chrisccoulsonthe problem is that my car is quite loud, and i don't want to wake all my neighbours up ;)22:38
BigWhalewhat's the status of fglrx drivers in Oneiric?22:39
BigWhaleanyone knows?22:39
seb128try asking on #ubuntu-x maybe22:39
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, you about?22:41
seb128chrisccoulson, he seems not, I pinged him before you for lightdm because I though lightdm was not in the desktop set22:41
seb128he didn't reply and he's set as away for over 2 hours22:41
chrisccoulsonah, ok :)22:41
seb128he's probably having a good beer or something ;-)22:42
seb128you should do the same!22:42
* seb128 gets some tap water22:42
seb128I'm tempted by the beer as well now but it's quite late, I should rather aim at going to bed soon ;-)22:42
chrisccoulsonyeah, i should probably go to bed, but i'm not tired yet22:42
chrisccoulsoni think i'm past the point of being tired now, after my daughter has had 3 restless nights in a row ;)22:43
seb128I bet she's sleeping now22:44
* Sweetshark sips on his glass of italian merlot.22:44
seb128she's waiting for you to go to bed to wake up probably ;-)22:44
chrisccoulsonyeah, she's having a better night so far tonight22:44
seb128Sweetshark, not a bad choice ;-)22:45
chrisccoulsonwe don't even have any wine in the house :(22:46
chrisccoulsoni need to sort my priorities out22:46
seb128chrisccoulson, you should walk away from the computer to buy food and drinks at least once a week!22:46
chrisccoulsonnext time i go to the supermarket i will stock up on only beer, wine and coffee22:46
chrisccoulsonheh :)22:46
BigWhalewhat do you mean walk away from the computer? what a concept!22:47
TheMusoIts nice to walk away form the computer, I like to do so for an hour or so at least at the end of a workday, and try to keep away completely on the weekends.22:48
SweetsharkI find it quite relaxing that there are no electronics allow at the spa around the corner.22:50
* Sweetshark reads up on the latest sabdfl vs. mmeeks exchange ....22:51
jasoncwarner_Sweetshark: want to share the link?22:54
Sweetsharkjasoncwarner_: http://people.gnome.org/~michael/blog/2011-07-26-harmony.html (marks post is linked in it at the beginning)22:55
RAOFseb128, Sweetshark:22:59
RAOFseb128, Sweetshark: I'm here now.  FIGHT!22:59
SweetsharkRAOF: mine, mine, mine22:59
seb128RAOF, it's ok, I was looking for a sponsor to fix lightdm since I'm only have a lucid laptop with gpg key with me23:01
seb128RAOF, but chrisccoulson stepped up for it23:01
RAOFseb128: Cool.23:02
SweetsharkRAOF: I am having issues with the mono stuff for libreoffice. on debian it depends on libmono-dev and mono-2.0-devel and uses the headers from the first and the tools (like mkbundle2) from the last. How do I resolve that on one-eye-rick?23:02
RAOFIt's actually embedding a mono runtime, right?23:03
RAOFAs in - you want to load CIL code into the libreoffice process and execute it?23:04
seb128enough computer for today bye!23:04
RAOFHave fun!23:04
SweetsharkRAOF: yes, it is the UNO-API CIL bridge (for extensions etc.)23:04
RAOFSweetshark: If that's the case, you're after libmono-2.0-dev for the headers and mono-devel for mkbundle.23:05
jasoncwarner_TheMuso RAOF robert_ancell Meeting time!23:06
jasoncwarner_TheMuso RAOF, I think it is just us. Robert starts holiday today, bryce is off b/c of baby23:06
TheMusoThus commences the meeting, broekn vte a11y edition. :) or in other words, I am on my notebook atm due to broken a11y in vte, used for gnome-terminal.23:07
TheMusoMy notebook hasn't been updated in over a week, so is not affected by that brokenness.23:07
jasoncwarner_TheMuso, any idea when that is going to be fixed? and who does the fixing?23:08
TheMusojasoncwarner_: There is a proposed patch in upstream bugzila, but its not yet merged. I intend to try it out for myself today.23:08
jasoncwarner_anything else TheMuso ?23:09
jasoncwarner_RAOF, care to update on X ?23:10
RAOFBryce is on maternity leave, so I'll be handling the bug queue again.  It's impressively small at the moment.23:11
RAOFI should be able to get mesa rc3 uploaded today, with, as ever, lots of fixes for intel.23:12
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Sorry, was reading meeting notes. My ubiquity code is working now as expected, except for one or two UI issues that I'll need to ask a GTK expert about, but other than that, I only need tidy my code and propose a branch for review to the installer guys.23:12
RAOFThere'll be a new SNA-enabled intel driver - in a separate binary package - shortly, just as soon as I'm convinced what I'm doing is the best way of going about it.23:13
jasoncwarner_RAOF: any idea what is going on with nvidia driver? and perhaps when it will get fixed?23:14
RAOFjasoncwarner_: Everyone with a problem has just been fixing it by removing and reinstalling it :(.  No logs for me!23:15
RAOFI don't have a good idea, no.23:15
RAOFI might try installing it here on my intel laptop and seeing if I can work it out.23:16
RAOFOther than that, the wayland protocol MIR is still sitting forlornly at bug #810217.  Is there a big MIR queue?23:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 810217 in wayland "[MIR] wayland protocol package" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81021723:18
RAOFIn an ideal world I'd like that done before mesa rc3 is uploaded, but I fear I do not live in an ideal world :)23:18
jasoncwarner_RAOF: ok..thanks...anything else? (going to be a quick meeting :))23:20
RAOFNo.  The world of X continues on its steady course.23:20
jasoncwarner_ok..cool...thanks TheMuso and RAOF23:20
jasoncwarner_[END  MEETING]23:20
RAOFNo Robert?  Boo.  I wanted to know what's kickin' in lightdm :)23:21
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Oh yeah, didrocks told me about some more a11y work done in recent unity-2d. Once I get my desktop fully functional again, I will be testing that also.23:21
RAOFHm.  Oh, yeah.  If you're flying Intel, use a DisplayPort connection, and sometimes have trouble with the monitor getting disabled when switching modes / adding a second head / removing a second head then there might be some patches for you.23:23
TheMusoHrm seems new unity-2d is not yet in Ubuntu. I'll have to pull a bzr branch and build it then I guess.23:30
SweetsharkRAOF: thanks, will give it a try23:40
* Sweetshark of to sleep23:40
TheMusoAhh, thats better. Working terminal on my desktop again.23:47
TheMusoBut seems notify-osd and metacity are broken as well. Metacity will likely be fixed upstrea soon, but notify-osd... Will have to look at that one.23:48

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