elacheche_anishey thelinuxer09:08
thelinuxerhey elacheche_anis :)09:09
thelinuxerhow r u doing ?09:09
elacheche_anisI'm fine :) what about you?09:09
thelinuxerel7amdulelah tamam :)09:09
elacheche_anishmd :)09:10
elacheche_anisif you don't remamber me, I'm the ubuntu-tn member :D09:11
elacheche_anisSo thelinuxer.. I think that you need to check the log file of the channel.. Exactly Friday :) :)09:11
thelinuxerelacheche_anis: of course I remember09:11
thelinuxerok hold on09:12
elacheche_anisok :)09:12
thelinuxerlol Mark Shuttleworth is there :D09:14
thelinuxerelacheche_anis: ur supporting people now in our channel ... How can we repay you :D ?09:15
elacheche_anislooool.. You don't have to :) Just I wan't know if I'va make a mistake :s or not..09:16
elacheche_aniswant to know***09:16
thelinuxerof course  u didn't make any mistakes09:16
thelinuxerthat's what loco do09:17
thelinuxerhe came and asked me a question the day before that09:17
thelinuxerhe wanted to restore his partition as they were before09:17
thelinuxeras always it's a good step to redirect him to the mailing list09:17
elacheche_anisok, :) any way have youany idea about the problem because It's abnormal to open a live ubuntu session, then in gparted finding that all the disk is empty, and there is not partitions!! :s09:19
thelinuxeri highly doubt that this is the real problem09:20
thelinuxeri guess he miss-read whatever was on the screen09:20
elacheche_anisI've seen the same problem during the last week, actually I'm doing an internship in system administration, I'm sure that I have make no mistake, I've installed Ubuntu thousands of times, alone and on dual boot, and it was the first time that I saw something like tha :s09:22
elacheche_anisabout the image, it's not my case, the HD is shown in gparted and during the installation as an empty HD..09:26
thelinuxerah ok09:26
thelinuxerthat's a really weired problem09:26
thelinuxeri have never faced this before09:26
elacheche_anisbut I think that it was a compatibility problem with Dell HD, the image is for a Dell and I was installing ubuntu on a Dell too09:28
thelinuxerDell is one of the most compatible laptops with ubuntu09:29
thelinuxerit would be a strange bug ....09:29
elacheche_anisI know it, but who's know :s it would be a new bug :s09:29
thelinuxerit could happen09:30
thelinuxerfound this from a forum post09:30
thelinuxerHi there09:30
thelinuxerThe reason you are not able to see the hdd is it is in use. While booted  in live CD go to places and unmount any partitions or hdd listed and yo  should get a list again when you back into gparted on LiveCD side09:30
thelinuxergrrr ... Someone was having the problem and s/he ends the thread with thanks i solved my problem. Where is the freaking solution :D ?09:32
elacheche_anisMy HD what not in use :s .. Any way, I will try to re-install ubuntu and WinBug at the same PC before finishing my internship, to found out what is the real problem.. Of course if I find where it is right now :s09:32
thelinuxerGood luck!09:33
elacheche_anislooooool.. She forget to share the solution, that's make me angry sometimes :s09:33
elacheche_anisthx :)09:33

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