jarlath_Hi follks. Just wondering if we have a localised HCL at all or if it would be worthwhile to establish one? I went in to PC world a few days ago and was amazed that they were able to tell me which wireless device worked with Ubuntu. If there were a way to gather that kind of local / national information it could make things a lot easier for people.13:52
czajkowskijarlath_: what do you mean localised HCL ?13:53
ebelhardware compatability list?13:53
czajkowskijarlath_: there is the uubbuntu certification program13:53
czajkowskiwell there is.........13:53
czajkowskiit's there on ubuntu website13:53
ebelkinda cool to see a big computer retailer knowing about ubuntu :)13:53
jarlath_Thanks czajkowski. I haven't looked at such a list since Mandrake linux and early Ubuntu HCL. I found them unhelpful when it came to wireless though. They certed chipsets and I didn't know what a chipset was.14:00
czajkowskijarlath_: a lot then has clearly changed14:00
czajkowskijarlath_: the certification program is big with OEMs now14:01
czajkowskiand seeing as it's the only desktop you can buy pre installed14:01
czajkowskiwe need it14:01
ebelyeah wireless were always an issue14:02
ebelcause there were only a few wireless manufactorors, and lots of retailers would slap their own case on it14:02
ebelso you didn't know what was exactly inside it14:02
czajkowskiI've found tbh in the last 4/5 releases no issue with wifi14:03
ebelyeah, it's improved a lot14:04
jarlath_czajkowski: I've had trouble with USB wifi in the last few years - but I've only tried about two devices.14:05
jarlath_So for example - the unit I bought recently was a NETGEAR N150 Wireless USB Adapter (about EUR 20). I just did a search on http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/ and nothing came up for it.14:05
czajkowskiwell it is a new process14:05
czajkowskibut I know NETgear works extremely well14:05
czajkowskiyou could also join the lists for the cerfitifcation14:06
czajkowskior ask the guy about it that is running it14:06
jarlath_Ok, I'll do that. Thanks czajkowski.14:08
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