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* apw waves to smb07:38
* smb waves back to apw07:40
RAOFapw: 302983e9059e9ef5de3ca7671918eeb237c5971e in drm-intel-fixes says ‘Hi, I fix that diagonal crazyness bug’08:11
apwRAOF, got the bug number for that one by any chance ?08:12
RAOFapw: bug #75399408:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 753994 in linux "[arrandale] Display is slanted when using 1360x768 resolution" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75399408:14
apwRAOF, has drm-intel moved again?  i don't see that in ickles tree08:22
RAOFYeah.  Keith's now managing drm-intel, and has been for some months.08:22
RAOFIt occurs to me that the drm-intel-next autobuilds might be a little bit stale… :)08:23
apwRAOF, ok wahts the official right URL so i can fix these up :)08:24
RAOFurl = git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/keithp/linux-2.6.git08:25
apwRAOF, ok i've switched the mainline builds to that tree too08:27
apwsmb, is .38 stable dead already?08:34
smbapw, yup08:34
apwRAOF, are commit ids stable in drm-intel-fixes ?  i am suspecting not08:34
RAOFapw: I am uncertain.08:35
apwppisati, can i assume you are not doing any CVEs ?  we have no bugs right now as kees has not made them09:13
apwso we have no way to interlock till he sorts that09:13
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ppisatiapw: yep. doing other stuff09:59
cooloneyppisati: hey, man. your 3.0 omap4 kernel rocks10:00
ppisaticooloney: save these words for when it will panic :)10:03
* apw wonders if sound works10:05
cooloneyapw and ppisati, i only player server image like headless without testing sound10:06
ppisatinope, sound is broken10:07
ppisatiat the kernel level10:07
ppisatiand pulseaudio is so stupid that, in case a dsp device doesn't react correctly to an open+ioctl10:08
ppisatiit keeps retrying like an idiot10:08
ppisatisucking 100%cpu10:08
ppisatiso in entirely disabled snd*10:08
smbapw, Would you consider installing linux-tools from a different release for debugging a valid use case? There is bug #783660 and the change of linking libfd statically may be acceptable... If we think that should be supported10:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 783660 in linux "linux-tools: perf should link statically to libbfd" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78366010:09
apwsmb, a different release, so for that you'd need to be using a different kerenl from a different release10:09
apwand we don't really support that either10:09
smbI guess the usage is mainly to debug issues with newer/or against newer kernels, yeah. It is certainly not normal use10:11
* ppisati -> out for lunch12:03
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apwsmb, reading the bug in full it seems that this represents a policy violation so i'll probabally do something about it12:23
smbAt least something that should not be done with debian yeah12:24
smbTrying to check the suggested approch atm12:24
apwwell ubuntu policy is very much unchanged from debian in the general case12:24
smbYeah, agreed. Downside for us is that this will be something we will then carry as a deviation12:25
tgardnerapw, I came in on the 2nd half. what y'all talking about?12:26
smbtgardner,  bug #78366012:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 783660 in linux "linux-tools: perf should link statically to libbfd" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78366012:27
apwwe are linking perf against a dynamic library, which 1) doesn't work in all installs and 2) is (liely) a policy violation12:27
tgardnerapw, has it done this from the start ?12:27
smbapw, Was the violation actually any dynamic lib ?12:28
apwsmb, no it seemed to be libbfd specifically12:28
tgardnerapw, seems like a straightforward fix. do wee need to add a build dependency?12:29
tgardneror is libfd already there somewhere12:29
apwwe are already dep on htat12:30
apwtgardner, smb i think is testing the patch at th mo12:30
smbapw, tgardner At first it looks straight forward enough12:30
tgardnerapw, smbremember tangerine is liekly to disappear today12:31
smbJust strangely I do seem to not get what I think I should get from that print-file-name12:31
smbtgardner, Thanks. Not yet doing something there but reminding me not to try even12:32
smbapw, For some reason it looks to me as -print-file-name=x just outputs whatever x is. /me wonders whether it would not then be simpler to just replace -lbfd with libbfd.a12:34
apwkees, what tz are you on today i wonder12:34
apwsmb, doesn't it have to be a full path name12:34
apwif its not -l12:34
apwapw@dm$ gcc -print-file-name=libc.a12:35
smbCould be and that is what man gcc suggests...12:35
apwsmb, that looks like it does the right kind of thing12:35
apwapw@dm$ gcc -print-file-name=libtic.a12:36
smbGreat it prings the full path name if it exists and whatever you type if not...12:36
keesapw: I'm in central and up early12:36
smbapw, Ok, guess its then failing later and if it works then you got the full pathname...12:38
apwkees, wondering how we are getting on with making bugs for those cves, i'd like to wack some of them but they have no bugs12:38
keesapw: I'm about 30 minutes from having it automated, but I can shove them in manually now if you want?12:39
apw(oneiric-i386)apw@dm$ gcc -print-file-name=libbfd.a12:39
apwsmb, ^^ i12:39
apwsmb, ^^ in a chroot12:39
smbgcc -print-file-name=thisistupid12:39
apwkees, no as long as they are soon12:40
keesokay, cool12:40
apwsmb, right when its not found it returns just the name12:40
smbapw, That confused me a bit... but as said it likely fails at some point in that case12:40
apwsmb, right it should just error cause the file is missing, but the tool should only use it when it is available anyhow iirc12:42
smbapw, So it looks ok, then I will try test build and forward it to the list12:42
apwsmb, thanks12:42
linuxRhello everyone..whn upgrading my ram from 1g to 2g, the system (ubuntu 11.04) becomes unusably slow. windows not affected, other distros not affected,  booting from live cd not affected..can someone help?12:47
_rubensounds like a coincidence to me12:49
linuxRit is reproducible12:50
linuxRI suspect a relation to video mode setting because grub is also affected, only works at normal speed when used in text mode12:53
apwwhere is the extra ram placed by the bios?  that info is in the e820 dump in dmesg12:54
apwalso could you give us a hint as to what unusably slow means?  particularly in grub which isn't doing anything much12:55
linuxRsure, slow grub means that switching the cursor from one menu entry to another takes a second, editing an entry takes 10 seconds to load the edit screen 12:57
linuxRI have put together all dmesg and lshw memory output here:12:57
ubot2Ubuntu bug 816035 in ubuntu "Memory upgrade makes Ubuntu painfully slow" [Undecided,New]12:57
linuxRI'd love to believe that this is just a flawed BIOS, but other OS seem to have no problem with that. And I really don't want to drop ubuntu :(13:02
apwlinuxR, what linux distros did work and which boot loader did they use13:04
linuxRapw, I installed fedora1513:04
apwand which boot loader does that use13:05
linuxRgotta check that13:05
apwlinuxR, ok i'd say the problem is almost cirtainly the bios setup of the MTRRs13:06
apwwith 1GB of ram you have:13:07
apw[    0.000000]   0 base 000000000 mask FC0000000 write-back13:07
apwand with 2GB you have:13:07
apw[    0.000000]   0 base 000000000 mask F80000000 write-back13:07
apwoh hmm maybe that is right ... argle they hard to decode13:08
linuxRseems not fundamentally wrong to me13:11
apwinterestingly the timings are very very similar if not faster on the 2g machine well into kernel init13:15
linuxRis there anything more I can provide to narrow down the problem?13:18
apwlinuxR, you could try booting with enable_mtrr_cleanup mtrr_cleanup_debug13:21
apwlinuxR, i am suspicious there are overlapping mtrrs with the same type and a lot of the things you cannot do that with in mtrrs13:21
apwthe processor just gets it wrong13:22
apw[    0.000000]   1 base 07E800000 mask FFF000000 uncachable13:22
apw[    0.000000]   2 base 07F800000 mask FFF800000 uncachable13:22
apwparticularly 2 there, is that not overlapping with the first half of 113:22
apwlinuxR, the other thing being what bootloader does F15 use as that is not affected and grub2 is13:23
apwlinuxR, and you said that a liveCD was not affected even with 2g of ram.  that uses syslinux, so doesn't help bootloader side, but a dmesg there may also be eligntening13:25
linuxRI booted with "enable_mtrr_cleanup" and it booted FAST13:27
apwok ... so it is very likely those overlapping mtrrs which are causeing the issue13:28
apwok could you add that info and the dmesg for 2g with that option to the bug13:28
linuxRwhat does mtrr_cleanup" do? is the problem solved by this?13:29
apwi suspect that the bootloader may be fixing those in the F15 case, so finding out what that uses is also useful13:29
linuxRI'll just attach the new dmesg13:29
apwlinuxR, it is designed to make more space in your mtrrs (there are only a handful) for bad bioses, it does this by combining those that it can and removing the unnecessary ones13:31
apwthis will likley remove the overlapping one i am worried about13:31
apwwhich is why i wanted you to test with it13:31
keesapw: wasn't the cve tracker LP tag changed from kernel-cve-tracking-bug to kernel-cve-tracking ?13:32
apwit doesn't appear so13:32
apwkees, thuough i'd based that on whatever the script puts on13:33
keesyeah, looks like it's still -bug from all the scripts13:33
kees                                elif 'kernel-cve-tracker'           in lp_bug.tags: state = 'cve-tracker'13:33
kees                                elif 'kernel-cve-tracking-bug'      in lp_bug.tags: state = 'cve-tracker'13:33
keesboth show up in the sru-report, but create-cve-tracker uses kernel-cve-tracking-bug13:34
keesis there a preference?13:34
apwmaybe they are meant to be switching, hrm ... i'd have to refer you to bjf/sconklin13:34
apwi am assuming we use whatever the script does13:34
apwlinuxR, is that dmesg coming ?13:35
linuxRin a sec13:36
linuxRits there13:37
apwlinuxR, ok its wrapped the dmesg with the debug, could you reboot with just enable_mtrr_cleanup and paste a dmesg of that13:41
apwand perhaps the output of cat /proc/mtrr, could you paste that in privmsg so i can look at it while you do that :)13:41
linuxRoh sure, wait :)13:44
linuxRadded /proc/mtrr to the bug13:46
linuxRapw, new dmesg uploaded13:50
apwlinuxR, thanks, so yeah that shows the new layout is without any overlaps but covering the same range i think13:54
linuxRso the problem can be considered as solved now I guess13:54
apwi thought that grub2 could clean up the mtrrs but i don't know if thats something that got slipped, or has to be enabled by default13:56
apwi beleive the underlying issue is the bios producing invalid mtrr settings and that freaks the cpu out which is likely effectivly disabling the cache on the cpu for all of ram13:57
linuxRis this "mtrr cleanup" something persistent that grub could do and would still be correct when the kernel is started?14:00
apwthe kernle uses whatever mtrrs are set up before it starts normally, unless you ask it to cleanup14:01
linuxRso grub would have to do this on its own14:03
apwi don't believe any mtrr support has been added to grub2 as yet, as the bios is expected to do the right thing14:06
apwit is required to do the right thing14:06
apwnow i wonder why the CD isn't affected14:07
sforsheeapw, is there a reason we don't enable mtrr cleanup by default?14:11
apwsforshee, its not something the kernle does by default i assume14:11
sforsheeapw, it looks like can be enabled by setting CONFIG_MTRR_SANITIZER_ENABLE_DEFAULT=114:12
apwinteresting, maybe that is the difference14:12
apwwhere is jj and his magic comparison table when i need it14:13
tgardnerapw, would that be in jj's spreadsheet ?14:13
apwtgardner, yeah did he email that out ?14:15
apwtgardner, my quick googles say it is on by default in fc12 at least14:15
tgardnerapw, perhaps we ought to have a look at it14:16
apwtgardner, yep am doing so now14:16
ogasawaraapw: if it helps, people.canonical.com/~jj/amd64-default.ods14:21
apwogasawara, thx14:22
apwok so on in FC and off in SLES14:23
apwtgardner, what do you think about enabling same in oneiric as an experiment14:25
tgardnerapw, seems like a good idea. I assume its not experimental ?14:25
mfilipesforshee, hi! someone released a patch to fix the problem with weaver output: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38750#c914:29
ubot2Freedesktop bug 38750 in DRM/Intel "[Arrandale] Intel Core i3 External Monitor Wavy Output" [Normal,New]14:29
mfilipesforshee, is there any date to that patch will be applied in lucid?14:29
sforsheemfilipe, I've been monitoring the comments. It's looking good for those affected by the problem, but I'm unsure whether or not it could cause regressions for others.14:31
sforsheemfilipe, it would be nice to have some comment from the upstream developers. Maybe I'll poke at them and see if we can get some feedback.14:31
apwtgardner, no not experimental 14:33
apwi'll enable it for oneiric then i think and see what happens14:33
mfilipesforshee, please. thanks a lot14:33
tgardnerapw, ack14:33
* ogasawara back in 2014:34
EtienneGbjf, hey!14:35
* tgardner pushes a natty build fix 'cause he didn't do his homework first.14:36
bjfsconklin, herton, ^ bug 81174514:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 811745 in linux "Whole system freeze after safely remove external usb drive" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81174514:36
EtienneGbjf, I am still not 100% positive, but it seems like there's a regression in 2.6.32-33 (bug #811745)14:36
* sconklin looks14:36
EtienneGbjf, I have not reproduced it myself, but I work with someone who confirmed it14:36
EtienneGbjf, it is not in the bug, but I am vaguely suspecting it might be NTFS-specific14:37
tgardnergosh EtienneG, could you be a little more vague ?14:37
EtienneGsconklin, bjf: I have asked the person who can reproduce the bug to check if non-NTFS removable storage also trigger the bug.  Waiting to hear back from him.14:37
EtienneGtgardner, sorry!  :)14:38
bjfEtienneG, it's the usual story, let's reproduce and then we can bisect and test14:38
bjfEtienneG, have you been able to repro the problem?14:38
apwif its ntfs sticks which blow then it should be easy to check14:38
EtienneGbjf, sure.  I will let you know if/when we have it confirmed.  Just wanted to give you a heads up.14:38
apwEtienneG, have you tried formating a usb memory stick to NTFS14:39
bjfEtienneG, sure, thanks14:39
EtienneGbjf, apw: I have not reproduced the problem myself, it's a second hand account.  That's what I am working on now.14:39
hertonlooking at the kernel changelog, the same scsi change that brought regressions into natty is applied on lucid after 2.6.32-3214:43
hertonso probably it's it causing issues (bug 811745)14:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 811745 in linux "Whole system freeze after safely remove external usb drive" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81174514:43
tgardnerherton, sconklin was muttering dark thoughts about that patch last week14:44
hertontgardner: that patch that was bisected on natty and reverted ("put stricter guards on queue dead checks") is applied on lucid also, can likely be issue here14:48
tgardnerherton, I'd say its a likely candidate14:48
jwithere was a long thread of possibly related noise on lkml, i believe this is were it started: https://lkml.org/lkml/2011/7/1/33514:49
hertonI'll build a lucid kernel with the reverts and ask for testing on that bug report (may take some time if tangerine is offline)14:50
tgardnerherton, use tyler14:50
linuxRthanks apw for solving the mtrr memory issue! I need to have a drink now  :)14:51
hertontgardner: is it tyler.buildd?14:52
keesapw: so, it looks like there are only 6 open CVE tracking bugs. can you confirm that?14:55
apwkees, before your new ones?14:56
keesapw: right. currently in LP.14:56
keesapw: actually, that seems low. where is ogasawara's CVE bug report?14:56
ogasawarakees: http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/reports/kernel-cves.html14:57
keeshmmm. that's more than 6 :)14:57
keesogasawara: can I see the code you're using to generate that list?14:57
keesogasawara: I want to make sure I'm doing the same thing... which it seems i'm not14:57
apwkees, you arn't making the mistake of searching for open ones are you ?14:57
ogasawarakees: sure, do you have a copy of our kteam-tools repo?14:58
keesapw: maybe?14:58
apwkees, you have to sarch for all of them and ignore the closed ones14:58
apwwhen you search for 'open' against linux you are searching for open in devel only14:59
apwyou either have to search for all bugs and ignore the closed ones14:59
apwor you have to search in ubuntu/oeniric/linux ubuntu/lucid/linux etc and merge the results14:59
ogasawarakees: look at kteam-tools/cvescripts/kernel-cves.py15:00
apwkees, you should find i put a could of the bug numbers in the cve files when i made them at the end of last week15:00
apwkees, so you should have some lknkage already15:00
ogasawarakees: basically I'm starting by looking at all bugs tagged kernel-cve-tracking-bug15:00
apwogasawara, are you searching in 'ubuntu'15:01
ogasawaraapw: yep15:01
apwand including closed ones15:01
ogasawaraubuntu = lp.distributions['ubuntu']15:01
ogasawaracves = ubuntu.searchTasks(tags=['kernel-cve-tracking-bug'])15:01
ogasawaraapw: and then I just basically loop all bug tasks for each bug15:01
apwand that doesn't make LP nearly collapse oh no :)15:01
keesogasawara: ah, yes. ubuntu.searchTasks. I was doing ubuntu.getSourcePackage(name='linux').searchTasks15:02
keesI'm actually using this:  ubuntu.searchTasks(15:03
kees                    tags=['kernel-cve-tracker','kernel-cve-tracking-bug'],15:03
kees                    tags_combinator='Any',15:03
kees                    omit_duplicates=True):15:03
keeswe'll see if it comes out the same15:03
keesokay, much better. found 2015:03
apwkees, i thought we were just putting hte bugs numbers in the cve tracker15:03
keesapw: I am. but I need to find the bugs to avoid creating duplicates.15:04
keesapw: and when I find the LP bug, I add it to the tracker15:04
bjf## Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Today @ 17:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting15:05
bjf##      agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting15:05
mfilipesforshee, http://pastebin.com/AjeiNxm515:11
mfilipeI'm thinking buy a displayport monitor but they are expensive in Brazil :(15:12
sforsheemfilipe, yeah, I was just reviewing the patch prior to pinging Chris but was coming to the conclusion that it would probably have the same problems as the one Chris originally supplied15:13
sforsheemfilipe, have you tried passing lvds_use_scc=0 on the command-line? I'm not sure whether or not it would help, but might be worth trying.15:13
mfilipeI will try15:15
mfilipebut I don't know where the best place to add these argument 15:16
sforsheemfilipe, if the fundamental problem is with disabling ssc when plugging in the external panel, it might help since it should keep ssc off15:16
sforsheemfilipe, you need to modify /etc/default/grub15:16
sforsheemfilipe, add that parameter in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX15:16
sforsheemfilipe, then run 'sudo update-grub'15:17
sforsheemfilipe, that makes it permanent...15:17
sforsheebut if you want to try it first you can modify the command line from grub as well15:17
mfilipemy driver version hasn't that option: http://pastebin.com/bDm0jisK15:17
mfilipeI'm using 2.6.35 yet15:18
mfilipebackport of maverick15:18
mfilipeI see that you released the backport of Natty15:18
mfilipeso, I will use it 15:19
mfilipedo you know if it has that option in module? 15:19
sforsheemfilipe, sounds good15:19
sforsheemfilipe, let me check...15:19
sforsheemfilipe, yes, natty's driver has that parameter15:20
sforsheemfilipe, actually you probably need to use i915.lvds_use_ssc=015:25
mfilipeI will reboot15:29
keesapw: so, I have a sync question ... 2010-3448 is tracked in 706999. it doesn't show up in ogasawara's report -- it's missing lts maverick in the tracker still.15:30
keeswhat should be done here?15:30
apwany idea why its not in her report ?15:30
keeslooks like all the bug tasks are closed. (i.e. it's missing the lts-maverick task)15:31
ogasawarabecause all the bug tasks states are in a closed state (eg Fix Released or Invalid)15:31
ogasawaraI skip all close bug states15:31
apwkees, probabally the backport didn't get added back then15:31
apwi would add it now and it should close anyhow15:31
apwor else appear on leanns list, which is good15:32
keesit's already pending, but I wonder if the sync tool should add the missing task15:32
apwi suspect its not necessary as you'll make them right in the first place no ?15:32
apwwe could just fix the broken ones by hand15:32
apwi cna help do that15:32
* kees wonders about adding new LTS backports ...15:33
ogasawarakees: I notice that bug is also only tagged kernel-cve-tracker, should I be looking at that tag too?15:33
keesogasawara: yes. see stable/sru-report -- it seems to look for both tags15:33
apwogasawara, i think it is probabally ppisati who made it :)15:33
keesogasawara: no idea why there isn't just one15:33
ogasawarakees: ack, will add that to my script15:33
apwkees, confusion i suspect, and there should be, and we should get sconklin to chose one and fix it15:33
sconklinapw: I'm not aware that we have ever picked a standard tag for CVEs, nor do we (stable team) have any scirpts which deal with them as far as I know (But I could be wrong).15:36
keessconklin: there are multiple scripts that use the two tags :)15:36
keessconklin: including the bug-creation script15:36
sconklinok, well, I'll investigate when I finish today's meeting prep15:37
bjfsconklin, apw, when i wrote the original script i started putting "kernel-cve-tracker" on all of them, what happens now, I don't know15:37
apwit seems to have become perverted into kernel-cve-tracking-bug, possibly to mirror the stable trackers15:38
apwbjf, ^^15:38
keesLP API is soooo slow15:39
bjfapw, i see, i could have done that, don't remember15:39
apwkees, it is wonderful, sexy, and all powerful and dont you forget it15:40
apw(else it may come round and hide your toys in the night)15:40
mfilipesforshee, ldvs_use_ssc=0 without solution :(15:50
sforsheemfilipe, too bad15:50
sforsheeit was worth a shot15:50
sforsheemfilipe, wait...15:51
sforsheedid you see my message about using i915.lvds_use_ssc instead?15:51
mfilipewe need something like enable that code when we use ldvs_use_scc=0 15:51
mfilipe"<sforshee> mfilipe, actually you probably need to use i915.lvds_use_ssc=0"15:51
mfilipeyour last message15:52
sforsheemfilipe, run 'sudo cat /sys/module/i915/parameters/lvds_use_ssc' and see what the value is15:52
mfilipeI will boot again with the argument 15:53
mfilipeone minute15:53
sforsheemfilipe, catting the value will tell you whether or not you need to test again15:53
manjotgardner, I might have missed you wall message.. is tangerine coming back up soon ?15:53
mfilipesforshee, but I rebooted without the arg15:54
mfilipeI added it in grub15:54
mfilipeboot grub*15:54
sforsheemfilipe, okay, that won't work then :)15:54
tgardnermanjo, tangerine is gone for a couple of days. I've been sending out regular notices that tangerine will be down for disk maintenance.15:54
mfilipeone minute15:54
manjotgardner, ok looks like I did not read those... np15:55
manjotgardner,  just an idea ... probably you could put that in motd next time ... my bad anyway for not reading the notice by email15:57
mfilipesudo cat /sys/module/i915/parameters/lvds_use_ssc => 015:57
tgardnermanjo, like yuo'd read the motd anyways...15:58
mfilipewith weave output 15:58
mfilipesforshee, thanks for your time, it was a good shoot :)15:58
sforsheemfilipe, np, sorry it didn't work15:58
mfilipesforshee, you don't need apologize us but Intel yes :P15:59
mfilipea basic function without a solution 1+ year ago :(16:00
bjf## Kernel team meeting in one hour16:01
mfilipethey don't gave nothing answer... they can answer something like "we don't know the solution but we have a employee working fulltime in this problem"16:02
mfilipebut nothing16:02
mfilipe1+ year with nothing 16:02
mfilipesorry for my english16:03
sconklinkees, bjf, apw: I'm starting to look at unifying the CVE tagging throughout our tools16:15
keessconklin: cool16:15
tgardnerapw, I assigned you to bug #816035 since you'r already working it16:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 816035 in linux "Memory upgrade makes Ubuntu painfully slow" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81603516:15
* herton -> lunch16:18
keesubuntu.searchTasks(search_text='CVE-2010-3448', omit_duplicates=True, status=["New","Confirmed","Triaged","In Progress","Fix Committed","Fix Released"]) returns nothing :(:(16:18
ubot2kees: drivers/platform/x86/thinkpad_acpi.c in the Linux kernel before 2.6.34 on ThinkPad devices, when the X.Org X server is used, does not properly restrict access to the video output control state, which allows local users to cause a denial of service (system hang) via a (1) read or (2) write operation. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2010-3448)16:18
tgardnerhmm, the bot has sharp eyes16:18
keesogasawara: any clue on that? I can't find any closed tasks...16:26
* ogasawara scrolls back16:26
keesogasawara: just before the bot spew16:27
ogasawarakees: what's the actual bug # it should return16:27
ogasawarakees: I think the search_text= capabilities are crap.  I recall apw saying it was utterly stupid.16:28
keesogasawara: as in, it doesn't search titles?16:30
ogasawarakees: even when I go to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs and put "CVE-2010-3448" in the text box to search, it returns nothing16:30
ubot2ogasawara: drivers/platform/x86/thinkpad_acpi.c in the Linux kernel before 2.6.34 on ThinkPad devices, when the X.Org X server is used, does not properly restrict access to the video output control state, which allows local users to cause a denial of service (system hang) via a (1) read or (2) write operation. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2010-3448)16:30
keesogasawara: greeaaat16:30
keesthis is a total show-stopper for sane tracker/LP sync :(16:30
* smb thinks to remember apw saying, he got told hypens are not lps best friend16:31
keesand I can't search for all statuses with tags=['kernel-cve-tracker','kernel-cve-tracking-bug'],tags_combinator='Any' because the search times out16:31
ogasawarapft, lovely16:31
keesthis is stupid16:32
keesokay, so new requirement: if the bug isn't linked in the tracker, it doesn't count. :P16:32
sconklinof interest to all of us who develop scripts using the LP API:16:32
sconklin"If you have API scripts running against Launchpad, you may want to build in a retry mechanism to deal with up to a few minutes of downtime."16:33
ogasawarakees: when the bugs get created, would it help to tag them CVE-####-#### so you could look them up by tag, rather than having to search the title?16:34
keesogasawara: well, since I can't search by title, I guess that's the only option16:34
keesogasawara: actually, no16:35
keesogasawara: that won't help because it needs to be in an open state to find them16:35
keesogasawara: I can't find closed bugs is the problem16:35
keesso, in the case of 2010-3448, the sync tool (if it didn't have a manual entry) would just build another bug16:35
ogasawarakees: but you could tell the search to include the closed states as well right? 16:37
ogasawarakees: status=["New","Confirmed","Triaged","In Progress","Fix Committed","Fix Released", "Won't Fix", "Invalid"] tags=['CVE-2010-3448']16:38
ubot2ogasawara: drivers/platform/x86/thinkpad_acpi.c in the Linux kernel before 2.6.34 on ThinkPad devices, when the X.Org X server is used, does not properly restrict access to the video output control state, which allows local users to cause a denial of service (system hang) via a (1) read or (2) write operation. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2010-3448)16:38
ogasawaraor does that time out as well16:38
keesogasawara: it times out16:39
ogasawarawhat a POS16:39
bjfkees, then you should be talking to them in #launchpad16:39
keesogasawara: I was trying to just look up all the tagged bugs, but it can't do "all", just "open"16:39
bjfkees, that's really not acceptable16:39
apwtgardner, thanks, pushed16:39
apwkees, you can't search based on titles16:40
apwif they have '-'s in them16:40
keesbjf: hundreds of things about LP are not acceptable. usually they ignore "special" requests. https://wiki.canonical.com/Security/Malone has multi-year old platform-blocking bugs listed16:40
keesapw: is there a bug open for that?16:40
bjfkees, so we don't talk to them about it?16:40
bjfkees, timeouts are one of if not the highest priority for LP16:41
apwkees, i think so, someone pointed me to it, i think it was <100k though so no much chance of it ever being actually fixed16:41
apwi gave up when they showed me 4 bugs in what i was trying to do, ie stopping me16:42
apwthats when i started just looking them all up and eliminating them by hand and sod the performance consquences16:42
keesbjf: we do, and i will, but it won't be fixed for literally years, so it's not high on my list to do16:42
apwkees, for example i iterate over all the cve tasks in bugs/proc-cve-bugs16:43
bjfkees, it wouldn't time out if you were using GO16:43
apwwhich applys the equivalent of DNE to all the tasks16:43
keesbjf: hahah16:43
ogasawarakees: if you throw in the 'has_cve' in the search criteria, does that help reduce the set so it doesn't time out?16:43
apwbjf, can you imagine what go would do to them, as your 40 thread thing killed it in the face16:43
keesogasawara: good question, let me try16:44
apwkees, you trying to find related bugs now as well A16:44
keesogasawara: nice trick :)16:45
keesapw: no, just kernel tagged ones to make sure I have a full mapping16:45
apwmy searches don't time out, odd16:45
keesapw: ubuntu.searchTasks(tags=['kernel-cve-tracker','kernel-cve-tracking-bug'], tags_combinator='Any', omit_duplicates=True, status=["New","Confirmed","Triaged","In Progress","Fix Committed","Fix Released"])16:46
keesthat ^^ doesn't time out for you?16:46
apwi don't think i check for status at all16:46
keesapw: right, that will only show "open" tasks16:46
apwahh yes, it would work with only open ones in this case16:48
apwdon't you need Invald in the list too16:48
keesapw: I need the ones that are missing tasks (like the 2010-3448 example)16:48
apwwell thats what i mean, if i make them all invalid you'd miss the bug en-toto16:49
keeseither they won't be in that state or I can add it to the status list.16:49
keesregardless, this is a corner case, and i'm going to ignore it for the moment16:49
bjf## Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - in 10 minutes - #ubuntu-meeting16:50
sconklinso apw and kees, have you two made a decision about which tag will be the officially correct one, or is that still waiting for me to do?16:51
keessconklin: I'm looking for either at this point. I have no preference since I'm just using the kteam tools to build the bugs16:51
kees(but my thinking would be that having "-bug" at the end seems redundant)16:53
apwsconklin, i don't care which we use, i think whichever is most similar to the normal naming for our other trackers is the one to take16:53
sconklinkees: it looks to me as if the tools looks for both, but only ever create "kernel-cve-tracking-bug"16:53
keeser, yup, agreed16:53
sconklinso let's make that the definitive choice, and deprecate kernel-cve-tracker16:54
keesfine by me (I'm not sure what created "kernel-cve-tracker" in the first place)16:54
apwa lot of the older ones were manual16:55
sconklinapw: yes, I'm sure that's how it happened16:55
apwkees, so ... a while yet before i see bugs16:56
keesapw: I'm very close now :)16:56
keesapw: this is where I am at the moment: http://paste.ubuntu.com/652530/16:58
keesapw: but I have a meeting now...16:58
apwkees, i wonder if it is worth making bugs where things are essentially about to move over to retired17:17
keesapw: right, I'm doing the new ones now, just to unblock you17:17
apwkees, most of our stuff being in pending already so soon.  perhaps we could mark all the ones that don't have a bug at the moment and arnt your new ones as like Bug: not-required17:18
apwkees, and ignore them for now17:18
bjfogasawara, can you post: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/652562/ in voices for me, it's still borked17:33
ogasawarabjf: yep, 2secs17:33
bjfogasawara, no rush17:33
bjfmaybe i'll use pastebin as my blog17:33
keesapw: okay, 7 bugs opened17:34
=== bjf changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Natty Kernel Version: 2.6.38 || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - August - 02 - 17:00 UTC || If you have a question just ask, and do wait around for an answer!
ogasawarabjf: done17:34
apwkees, thanks17:36
ckingapw, I've punted you some UDS flight info updates. I hope to make a booking in the next 36 hours or so, so let me know what you think tomorrow 17:37
apwcking, ack17:39
apwbjf, i like the sound of that17:40
apwkees, are the numbers in the tracker?17:40
kees"numbers" ?17:40
apwbug numbers17:41
apwas ... seaching for them is as you know difficult !17:41
keestesting that now (it's the first sync action finished in the sync tool)17:41
apwahh yes, i see the bugs, i assume they will start to close/invalidize themselves and i should leave those bits be17:42
keesapw: right, that's what I'll be poking at here17:43
apwi'll only touch the bits i am working on and make them in-progress then you will have a full spectrum to 'fix'17:44
* kees nods17:44
keesapw: okay, bug links are now in the tracker17:45
bjfcaptain, there be cve bugs here!17:47
apwbjf, sharks ho17:48
* tgardner --> lunch18:09
* cking notes that pulling images from .tw to .uk takes forever18:23
apwcking, luckily i don't need to use the binaries i am building, otherwise yep its mostly useless18:27
jmburgessHey kernel team! I'm triaging bug 814323 and it looks like the original reporter and one of the commenters(andrea) is having the same issue...one caused by virtualbox, one by vmware I asked the original repoter to try the mainline kernel, should I also ask andrea?18:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 814323 in linux "The laptop does not suspend anymore" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81432318:58
apwjmburgess, its sounding like external modules are triggereing suspend issues, i am not sure we should do anything other than ensure the upstreams for those modules are aware and working on fixing19:01
jmburgessapw: thanks ill tell the upstream virtualbox bug about the ubuntu bug. 19:09
ogasawaradamn, no diwic19:38
jwiregression in current natty-proposed: bug 81425019:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 814250 in linux "Apple Magic Mouse stopped working" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81425019:39
apwkees, how far away is the status sync, i have a scriptlett which will apply DNE which i could run to clear out the cruft on these cve bugs19:41
apw(particularly the sync of DNE -> Invalid19:41
keesapw: I'll do DNE in a bit here, I'm still looking at adding tasks for missing packages (the CVE adding script doesn't add linux-ec2 for some reason...)19:41
apwkees, probabally simply a bug19:41
keesapw: yeah, it's just not in the list of pkgs in create-cve-tracker19:42
apwkees, linux-ec2 is almost exclusivly a 'rebase' applied tree19:42
keesdoesn't mean it's not tracked :)19:42
apwno but it means noone normally needs to execute on it, so noone noticed they have no task to change19:42
ogasawarabug 79295919:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 792959 in linux "Error in upstream stable patch for xhci" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79295919:44
apwogasawara, ?19:46
apwogasawara, that looks like a bug which should have stable-next as a tag on it19:47
ogasawaraapw: was just checking which state the bot would show19:47
ogasawaraapw: was already marked Fix Released for Lucid and Maverick, but the root linux task, eg implying oneiric, was marked Incomplete19:48
apwsconklin, should ^^ bug have stable-next on it?19:48
ogasawaraapw: so I've since closed it completely19:48
apwogasawara, sensible indeed19:48
sconklinapw: yes, although it predates the beginning of when we started that convention. I would like to have all such bugs tagged so we can go back later and get some numbers19:49
sconklinI can add it19:49
apwsconklin, ack19:50
bjfsconklin, are you marking new bugs "kernel-stable-next" ?19:50
sconklinbjf, no but we should. I will start now.19:51
sconklinAnd I'll change all the old ones, while there aren't many19:51
* bjf likes putting "kernel-" on the front of any of our tags19:52
apwbjf, +119:52
keesapw: does 816542 look the way you'd expect it?19:53
apwbug #81654219:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 816542 in linux "CVE-2011-1078" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81654219:53
apwkees, thats looking pretty good, is that pending -> fix_committed 19:54
keesyeah, but only for a bug in "New" state (which is defined as having a description of "Placeholder")19:54
apwkees, yes thats matching the row in the matrix i recon19:54
keescool. I will update the other 6 and then continue to work on "old" stuff19:55
apwyou are only touching Placeholder bugs ?19:55
apwahh i see its also got a bit of the description19:55
keesapw: for the moment. I have 3 sync phases. new bugs: uct->lp, old bugs uct->lp then lp->uct for the bits we discussed19:56
apwif you could put in the description from the CVE when you have it, that'd rock19:56
apwwhen there isn't if you could send a nasty-gram to erm kees, that would be good too :)19:56
keesyup, that's the plan. descriptions, when they exist, will get shoved into the lp description19:56
keeswell, that's the problem -- these 7 CVEs doesn't have any descriptions from Mitre yet :(19:57
keesI'll fill them in, but that's part of the "old" bug sync phases.19:57
apwkees, yeah mitre sometimes never seems to get one19:58
keeswell, they do eventually, but they're over 3 months behind at this point :(19:58
apwthey arn't sounding like the best upstream19:58
keesit is unfortunate19:59
sconklinbjf, apw: everything is converted to stable-kernel-next, and that's what we should use from now on20:06
sconklinsorry, kernel-stable-next20:07
apwsconklin, ack20:07
bjfheh, i was wondering how you went from what we said to "stable-kernel-next"20:09
dupondjesforshee: About my bug for the dell_wmi unknown keys. How you'd liked the key list? With keymap or ?20:44
=== tgardner is now known as tgardner-afk
sforsheedupondje, all I need is something like "volume up: e0f8" (or whatever the actual code is)20:50
sforsheeand for you to verify that it's the same code every time you hit a given key20:50
sforsheefor each of the keys that is giving the message20:50
dupondjeonly 4 keys20:53
dupondjesforshee: posted :)20:57
dupondje2 more20:57
sforsheedupondje, do all of those keys work already?21:03
sforsheedupondje, or at least report something on the AT keyboard input device?21:03
dupondjeYea all of them work21:04
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=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
quentusrexAnyone around to help triage an io kernel issue? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/81554021:41
ubot2Ubuntu bug 815540 in linux "Server becomes unresponsive after spawning 16 ksoftirqd processes" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:41
quentusrexBasic symptom: server becomes unresponsive(appears to be io-bound) for minutes at a time when there should be no large disk io operations. 21:42
quentusrexI have two servers with nearly identical hardware(The working one has 3 Western Digital drives, and the one with the problem has two WD drives and a Seagate drive).21:42
quentusrexExact same Ubuntu installation and configuration in the bios and install. 21:43

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