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dholbachgood morning06:59
al-maisanhello, I uploaded a package to a ppa and it will be built in approx. 19 hours. I have a local copy of binary package though .. is there any way to make "apt-get install" use the local binary so I can test whether it works?08:41
al-maisanthe package in question has dependecies and I'd like to see whether it install cleanly08:42
dholbachal-maisan, sudo dpkg -i bla.deb?08:42
* StevenK peers at the buildfarm08:42
dholbachor just double clicking it?08:42
StevenKdpkg -i won't install cleanly if the dependencies aren't installed08:42
al-maisandholbach: I understand "dpkg -i bla.deb" will not take care of the dependencies08:42
dholbach"sudo apt-get install -f" afterwards will08:42
StevenKal-maisan: Put the built package in a directory, run dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null | tee Packages | gzip -c > Packages.gz08:43
StevenKThen add deb file:///<path>  .  to your sources.list08:43
StevenKIt's a little nasty08:43
al-maisanaha .. that's interesting .. will try that08:44
al-maisanStevenK: thanks!08:44
StevenKwgrant: Perhaps we want to gift i386 with an amd64 builder or two? 96 jobs versus 40208:45
wgrantThe UK has woken up, so we may have a better option.08:47
wgrantStevenK: All my usual volunteers are gone this time.08:54
wgrantStevenK: So I don't know if any of the current amd64 virt builders are safe to put on i386.08:54
wgrant(that sudo umask business)08:54
wgrantBut thallium is back now.08:55
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geserbdrung: re your mail about the lintian build failure: could it be because of the umask change in oneiric (from 022 to 002) and that lintian needs to set the umask to 022 during the tests (as the tests expect that umask)?10:25
bdrunggeser: maybe. how can i set the umask in a makefile for all commands?10:26
LaneyI thought niels said that the scripts set the umask themselves10:27
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Davieybdrung: can you not just define it as a SHELL env?10:29
geserbdrung: good question, don't know the answer yet10:29
bdrungLaney: i see some umask(022) commands10:30
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al-maisanhmm .. I got this failure in the packaged code:11:30
al-maisanfailed to load external entity "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/openquake/../docs/schema/nrml.xsd11:30
al-maisanplease ignore the message above11:30
Raffa50wheni do the command13:40
Raffa50dput reve myfile.changes13:40
Raffa50ita says that it can't find gpg signature13:41
Raffa50and that i need a .sig or .asc file13:41
Raffa50how can i do?13:41
jtayloris the changes signed?13:41
highvoltagepersia: howdy ho! do you still not read emails?13:46
Raffa50i made it with gambas 213:46
persiahighvoltage: I'm starting to get better, but not to the degree that I can be said to be a reliable user of email.13:47
jtaylordebsign changes-file13:48
persiaRaffa50: What command did you use to build the package?13:48
jtaylordebuild will do that for you13:48
jtaylordo oyu have a gpg key?13:48
Raffa50yes i have13:48
Raffa50and alll the fules13:49
Raffa50gambas 2 builded my deb13:49
jtaylornever used gambas, does debsign work?13:49
jtaylorhm its an ide? I'm not sure a ide created package would suitable for the archive13:51
persiaSo, REVU doesn'T accept .deb files: it only accepts DEbian-format source packages.13:52
persia(.dsc and the files referenced in the .dsc).13:52
persiaIf gambas has a means to create a .deb file, that file is certain to be unsuitable for review by REVU.13:52
Raffa50i'm installig debsign13:52
persiaOne needs to take the source one edited in gambas, and then package that (probably using a text editor, which gambas may provide) in the typical way, and ask for review of the source package.13:52
persiaJust signing the .deb won't make REVU accept it, although it may allow dput to upload it (but it will be silently ignored).13:53
Raffa50can't sign the .changes?13:54
jtaylorwhats the error message?13:54
persiaWon't matter.  REVU only accepts source packages.  A .deb an the associated .changes is completely uninteresting to REVU.13:55
jtaylorif a changes is created probably also a dsc13:55
persiajtaylor: Nope.  One can generate a .changes file with a .deb without any .dsc: one just has to construct the .deb using a different mechanism.  I wouldn't be surprised if gambas2 included such a mechanism.13:57
Raffa50says that gpg key isn't aviable13:57
jtaylorah k, didn't know that13:57
Raffa50gambas generated13:57
Raffa50.changes and .dsc13:57
persiaRaffa50: You need a key such that one of the identities precisely matches the Changed-By: string in the .changes file to sign it, unless you force it.  Don't force it.13:58
jtayloryou may need to pass -k<keyid> but its moot if you don't have a real source package13:58
persiaNo.  One should *never* pass -k<keyid> unless one is sponsoring.13:58
persiaIf one thinks one has to pass that, one is trying to hide a bug in the packaging.13:58
jtaylorno you need itt if you have more than one key13:58
Raffa50i shopuld do this?13:58
Raffa50debsign sly_0.0.4-1_i386.changes -k BB3E91C013:59
Raffa50sign file .dsc14:00
persiajtaylor: If you have more than one key that asserts the same identity, debsign *should* pick one, based on your keyring order.  I suppose that in the special case where you have multiple keys for a single identity, and want to use the non-primary key for that identity, you might use it, but it's probably better to set DEBSIGN_KEYID in your environment in that rare case.14:00
Raffa50gpg key isn't aviable14:00
geserthat's a changes file for a binary (+source) upload, you need a _source.changes file14:00
persiaRaffa50: Do you have more than one key with the same identity, and want to use your non-primary key for some reason?14:00
Raffa50anly one gpg key14:01
persiaIf not, you probably want to fix your changes file such that the Changed-By: header matches an identity on your key.14:01
persiaAnd, better, is to change whatever gambas is using to set Changed-By: to the right value.14:01
Raffa50i poast my .changes14:01
Raffa50Format: 1.8 Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 12:00:00 +0000 Source: sly Binary: sly Architecture: source all Version: 0.0.4-1 Distribution: unstable Urgency: low Maintainer: raffa50 <Reloader90@gmail.com> Changed-By: raffa50 <Reloader90@gmail.com> Description:   sly        - Whit Sly you can easy program without "spoil" you hans Changes:   sly (0.0.4-1) unstable; urgency=low  .    * fixed glvars replaced with glvar. generating errors on if i14:02
Raffa50maybe i use pastie14:02
jtaylordoes your gpg key match raffa50 <Reloader90@gmail.com>?14:04
Raffa50Raffaele Aldrigo14:05
jtaylorthen you need to fix gambas to use the proper id14:05
Raffa50i try14:05
jtaylorbut I recommend scraping gambas for packaging and doing it directly in the source14:05
jtaylorusing regular text editor of your choice14:05
Raffa50the source is basic14:05
Raffa50how can i do?14:06
persiaThat's OK.  You'd use gambas to build the source in your packaging (probably in the debian/rules file)14:06
Raffa50i can't manually insert gpg key14:06
Raffa50in .changes?14:06
Raffa50with text editor?14:06
Raffa50sorry i'm italian14:06
Raffa50and only 18 years old14:07
jtaylorwhat generates the changes file should be correct, else you would have to repeat the editing every time14:08
jtaylortry setting DEBEMAIL  and DEBFULLNAME maybe gambas is then smart enough14:08
jtaylorenvironment variables14:08
persiaRaffa50: No need to apologise: we all needed to learn, and those that learned have included a number of Italians, and a number of folk 18 years old (and both much younger and much older).14:10
persiaIT's just your turn :)14:11
Raffa50no don't work14:13
Raffa50i cahnged my name in gambas14:13
Raffa50but debsign can't find the key14:13
paultagRaffa50: force it with -kKEYID14:13
Raffa50before or after14:13
persiapaultag: No.  See above :)14:13
paultagRaffa50: where KEYID is the GPG short fingerprint14:13
paultagpersia: ah, righto. sorry :) Showes me for just reading new messages :)14:14
Raffa50debsign ???14:14
persiaRaffa50: Did you verify gambas has all of your name, email, and GPG uid comment?14:14
Raffa50debsign sly_0.0.5-1_i386.changes -k BB3E91C014:14
Raffa50no gpg uid conmment14:15
Raffa50debsign sly_0.0.5-1_i386.changes -k BB3E91C014:15
Raffa50debsign sly_0.0.5-1_i386.changes -k BB3E91C014:15
persiaIf it does, it's worth filing a bug on gambas: we don't usually use that to create packages.14:15
Raffa50don't work14:15
persiaBut if it can't construct correct .changes files, that just forces the use of things we consider to be poor habits.14:16
persia-k before filename, and no space between -k and the keyid.14:16
persiaBut, really, there's not much point, if your goal is to submit to REVU.14:16
persiaI promise that REVU won't accept a .deb, even with signed .changes.14:16
jtaylorwhat happens when you run debuild in your source tree?14:17
Raffa50gambas copiled all14:17
Raffa50source is basic14:17
persiajtaylor: IT's an IDE build: it does it in some special way.14:17
Raffa50it's in another dir14:17
Raffa50debsign -k BB3E91C0 sly_0.0.5-1_i386.changes14:18
jtaylorpersia: yes but maybe its a ide that creates a correct makefile and debian dir :)14:18
persiaFor all that I've critiqued quickly over time, I do believe it's the only IDE in the archive that generates (mostly) correct source packages by default.14:18
Raffa50don't work14:18
Raffa50wrong command14:18
persiajtaylor: Maybe.  I'd like to be wrong.14:18
Raffa50i only want to see my app on ubuntu software center14:19
Raffa50poor me14:19
jtaylorif that is your goal you must have a build system that does not rely on an IDE14:19
Raffa50no way14:20
Raffa50when i compile with gambas14:20
Raffa50i see trange commands14:20
Raffa50gambas says14:22
Raffa50gpg key isn't aviable14:22
Raffa50dpkg-deb: generazione del pacchetto "sly" in "../sly_0.0.6-1_all.deb". dh_testdir   signfile sly_0.0.6-1.dsc gpg: skipped "Raffaele Aldrigo <Reloader90@gmail.com>": la chiave segreta non è disponibile gpg: [stdin]: clearsign failed: la chiave segreta non è disponibile  dpkg-genchanges  >../sly_0.0.6-1_i386.changes dpkg-buildpackage: binary and diff upload (original source NOT included) dpkg-genchanges: not including original sour14:24
persiaRaffa50: The email address matches the email on your key?14:25
jtaylorbut the nam ein the changes is different14:27
Raffa50i found14:27
Raffa50i exported my key14:40
Raffa50i have a .dsc file14:40
Raffa50don't work14:42
jtaylorexporting your key does not help#14:42
persiaWhether the key is expoered or not doesn't change anything.14:43
jtaylordid you try editing the changes and see if that works?14:43
persiagpg is going to use the key in your keyring, rather than any exported copy.14:43
jtaylorsed -i -e s/raffa50/Raffaele Aldrigo/ sly_0.0.6-1_i386.changes14:44
jtaylorsed -i -e "s/raffa50/Raffaele Aldrigo/" sly_0.0.6-1_i386.changes14:44
Raffa50the files are on the desktop14:44
Raffa50ok i try14:44
Raffa50don't say nothing14:45
Raffa50and now?14:45
jtaylortry signing it again14:46
jtaylorwith debsign14:46
Raffa50gpg: skipped Raffaele Aldrigo <Reloader90@gmail.com>14:47
Raffa50gpg key not aviable14:47
jtaylordid the editing of the changes file work? or is there still raffa50 in it?14:48
jtaylorwhat happens when you do gpg --sign changes-file?14:51
Raffa50it works14:52
Raffa50it ask me the passphrase14:52
Raffa50gpg not aviable14:52
Raffa50in this session14:53
Raffa50sucesifful signed14:53
Raffa50thank you14:53
Raffa50love you14:54
Raffa50now is my software on the ubuntu center?14:55
jtaylorno, I assume you uploaded to revu, that is only a review platform for prospective packages15:01
jtaylorto get it into the archive it must be of good quality15:02
jtaylorusing gambas to build the package is probably already bad, please read http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/ for information on creating good pacakges15:03
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Raffa50i uploaded my file19:28
Raffa50with dput19:28
Raffa50but i can't see it in ubuntu software cente19:28
jtaylorI answered that already19:29
geserRaffa50: see the last 4 lines from jtaylor on http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/07/26/%23ubuntu-motu.html19:36
geserah I see now in my scroll-back that you left before jtaylor answered you19:36
jtaylorah, I have leaves filtered ._.19:37
geserjtaylor: me too but with a smart filter in weechat which displays the ones for people who wrote something a few minutes before they leave19:38
jtaylorthat would be a good feature for the client I'm using19:42
Raffa50my app is an innovation19:44
Raffa50you can easy program19:44
Raffa50without touch code19:45
Raffa50it's like an uml19:45
jtaylorif its a good program you might find someone to package it for you19:46
jtaylorfile a needs-packaging bug in ubuntu or an request for packaging in debian19:46
iulianPreferably the latter.19:48
Raffa50so wath i did with dput revu ...19:56
jtaylordid you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU?19:58
Raffa50can explain it in easy world19:59
Raffa50+i'm italian19:59
Raffa50i understand20:01
Raffa50i should wait20:01
jtaylora package built solely with gambas is unlikely to be added to the archive20:02
jtaylorpackages need manual labor to get them in good shape for distribution, thats why almost every package has a dedicated maintainer in debian20:03
Raffa50but i can make it only in basic20:03
Raffa50what should i do?20:03
jtaylorin that case either learn to do it properly or find someone willing to do the work for you20:05
jtaylordoes your software have a website?20:05
dtchenmmm, dh_python220:09
* micahg hugs dtchen for going through open bugs w/patches20:20
dtchenyep, been on an ~ubuntu-reviewers tear lately20:21
* dtchen frowns at submittodebian: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe9' in position 558: ordinal not in range(128)20:32
dtchenoh well, another on my TODO20:32
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