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star39_Hi Guys,13:08
star39_can a few ubuntu-my members willing to help me on this ? we need to seat down and meet and do the necessary things .. need to update and finish this a.s.a.p ..  13:08
star39_*p/s: maybe i will remind again on this thursday meetup ..13:08
star39_pls explain?13:08
hhadrihelp on what @star?13:14
star39_am wondering also13:19
star39_email from fenris13:19
star39_maybe others do know rhis13:20
hhadrilolz. i just check my mail13:20
hhadriwhat it is all about? 13:22
hhadrii cant view the bugs report13:22
star39_i see now re-approval ubuntu-my13:22
hhadrii see13:24
star39_i am not specialist in this13:25
star39_others are better13:25
hhadriwhat are the "necessary things"? if you dont mind. coz i never involve yet in this. 13:26
hhadri+ im not specialist either13:27
star39_i have also no clue if this is not specialized; I guess some formalities toward Ubuntu central organizations13:27
star39_specified 13:28
hhadridoes ejat on9 now? from the list he is. 13:28
star39_email is from him; i guess he is online13:29
ejatreporting .. 13:29
ejatupdating wiki pages .. for reapproval process13:29
star39_wiki pages in local language u mean?13:29
ejatneed to create for 201113:30
ejatu just reply to the mailinglist .. other members will reply to help ya :) 13:30
star39_thanks nice to know13:31
ejatalso .. 13:31
ejathttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports/May2011 <-- we need to get something like this for our loco 13:31
ejatmontly report .. 13:31
star39_last one is a typical secretary job13:32
ejatif possible starting from January 201113:32
ejatwhats our loco has done .. 13:32
ejatyeah .. but we need to do it together :) … draft it first .. then write it on the wiki .. 13:32
star39_to my perspective it might be efficient and effective whether one person together with "chairman" or "leader" is doing the secretary job13:34
star39_remember some time ago there were polls in order to establish a registered NGO for Ubuntu.................since then nothing heard13:35
star39_maybe it is a good thing to pick this up again and get organized; i am sure u can get support from other national ubuntu communities like Belanda13:36
hhadrido we need re-approval every year?15:12
hhadriim sorry, noob here15:12
mengyes, ROS requires yearly renewal15:34
hhadrii see15:34
mengplus every year need to have AGM meetings to keep the persatuan alive15:34
mengejat: does Ubuntu still have live cd to pass out?15:35

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