pleia2I've just been changing the heading00:07
nhandlerI changed the translation stats format. We don't use numbered lists anywhere else (and they aren't really needed here), and I modified the links so that we don't need to worry about them when publishing in the other formats00:37
nhandlerpleia2: I'm running to the store quickly. We should be ready for the In this Issue and a good review.00:42
pleia2errands are taking longer than expected, I should be back in 20 minutes or so though00:43
pleia2"In This Issue" complete, doing final editorial proof-read now01:16
pleia2one note - we need to be careful about pulling language directly from the article to use as summaries (this was done with the omgubuntu posts), they are good summaries but we need to mark them as such since they own copyright01:28
pleia2I put them in quotes and said "Excerpt from and more information at" to satisfy the attribution license01:29
pleia2also should note time-based references :) "yesterday" and "last night" are not strictly true when we pull an article from last week01:30
pleia2ok, done reviewing01:36
nhandlerI should probably add a date ;)01:38
pleia2oh yes, that would be good :)01:40
pleia2and pull all the ##s01:40
pleia2oh, and I am free tuesday and wednesday nights after 00:00 UTC if we want to have a meeting01:41
pleia2probably thursday too01:41
pleia2no, thursday only until 1:3001:41
nhandlerpleia2: Alright. Comments pulled. I'm going to start the publishing process. Could you try and do the fridge publishing (using the new script) ?01:43
pleia2oh I still have an outstanding MP for ListSecurity.py01:44
pleia2(just realized when I yanked down the new version w/ your script01:44
nhandlerpleia2: Ah, I thought I got all of those. I'll merge it after we publish.01:45
pleia2nhandler: does this actually publish it on fridge or put it into a draft?01:46
nhandlerpleia2: It should put it in a draft and give you the URL to the edit page01:47
* nhandler tested it on his machine earlier01:47
pleia2awesome, testing now01:47
nhandlerThe deps should be about the same as the interview script01:47
pleia2ah yes, I see down at the bottom01:47
pleia2WordPress:XMLRPC is cool01:48
nhandlerpleia2: It is rather interesting. But I do see how it can be a security risk01:49
pleia2I love how our scripts are perl and python, we hate ourselves :)01:49
nhandlerI'm also not sure if you saw my message, but the ubuntu-news.org -> fridge.ubuntu.com transition should be done01:49
pleia2yeah, I saw the ticket and did some tests myself01:50
pleia2thanks for taking care of that :)01:50
pleia2pretty sure <a href=' should be <a href="01:52
pleia2I mean, it works, but I don't think it's correct01:52
nhandlerpleia2: I can change that easy enough. I'm not familiar enough with the html policy to know if there is meant to be a difference in how ' and " are handled01:52
pleia2and the script doesn't like punctuation much01:54
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue225#Ubuntu_11.2E10_Development_update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue225#Ubuntu_10.2E04.2E3_.28Lucid_Lynx.29_LTS_released.21 no worky, and several others01:54
pleia2I'll get a list01:54
nhandlerpleia2: Let me see how the wiki handles those.01:55
nhandlerIt looks like it is just titles with periods that are getting messed up. Let me fix that. pleia2, for your merge proposal, I assume I can remove the old script that it replaces, right?01:56
pleia2nhandler: right, Security.py is now deprecated01:57
pleia2: is also a problem, it's turned into .3A01:58
pleia2The Commodore 64 is back – and it’s running Ubuntu - oh dear, should fix those characters in the wiki probably01:59
pleia2/ seems to be troublesome too01:59
pleia2and ,01:59
nhandlerFun. The wiki converts some special characters to their hex equivalents, but it appears it does not do all of them02:00
pleia2http://princessleia.com/temp/uwn-script.txt has them all that didn't work02:00
pleia2first link is broken, second is proper02:01
pleia2we just can't have article titles with punctuation! :)02:01
nhandlerMost of those links were bad due to periods. I've added : support as well. Commas work fine. Not quite sure what happened with the Commodore title, it looks like someone copied some weird character or something. I'm also not fully sure what is going on with the / . I want to find another title with that to test02:05
nhandlerYeah, the commodore one has some funky characters that got messed up in some other things too.02:06
pleia2yeah, shall we fix it in the wiki itself?02:06
nhandlerpleia2: Yeah. It looks like someone copied the strange dashes and apostrophes that blogs add. I'll fix it on the wiki now02:08
* nhandler also pushed some changes to lp:uwn02:08
pleia2cool, thanks02:08
pleia2want me to delete this post and try again with the new script once you've updated the wiki?02:08
nhandlerpleia2: Actually, think you could do the find/replace ? Copying the wiki post to vim on my cr-48 doesn't work well with those characters02:10
pleia2are you out?02:11
nhandlerThanksRe-running the script should probably fix most of the links. The VirtualBox one will probably still be messed up though.02:11
nhandlerI am now02:11
pleia2man, those weird apostrophes are sneaky02:13
pleia2anyway, done02:13
nhandlerpleia2: You got the dashes too, right?02:14
pleia2well, at least the one..02:14
pleia2lemme make sure there aren't any more02:15
pleia2drat, there were more02:15
pleia2fixing now02:15
nhandlerWe had a few of these things sneak in 2 weeks ago. They are quite annoying, as people reviewing on the gdoc/wiki won't usually spot them02:15
pleia2there, sorted02:16
pleia2yeah, they are hard to spot02:16
pleia2bad : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue225#VirtualBox_4.0.12_released_and_ubuntu_11.04.2F10.10_installation_instructions_included02:18
pleia2good: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue225#VirtualBox_4.0.12_released_and_ubuntu_11.04.2BAC8-10.10_installation_instructions_included02:18
pleia2bad : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue225#The_Commodore_64_is_back_.2D_and_it.27s_running_Ubuntu02:18
pleia2good: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue225#The_Commodore_64_is_back_-_and_it.27s_running_Ubuntu02:19
pleia2the rest are fine02:19
pleia2so / and regular -02:20
nhandlerThe / issue is a bit different. It is using .2BAC8- to replace the / . I'm not quite sure where that is coming from. .2F would be the hex version. I'll do some googling02:23
pleia2I don't think we need to delete and run again, I'll just fix this up manually, the script was awesome otherwise :)02:24
pleia2saved the draft for now02:24
nhandlerpleia2: Agreed. The - issue is fixed now. I'll google the / later02:24
nhandlerI'm just finishing up the forum post stuff now, and then I'll send to -news so we can start hitting the publish button02:24
nhandlerI'm also thinking we should move the forum UWN image to fridge.ubuntu.com (so we aren't linking to akgraner's people.ubuntu.com)02:27
nhandlerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue22502:31
nhandlerpleia2: Do you want to publish the fridge post?02:32
pleia2yep, doing now02:32
pleia2annoyingly it went to http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2011/07/26/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-225-2/ c'est la vie02:34
pleia2but it's done02:34
nhandlerpleia2: You can edit that02:34
nhandlerBelow the title box, hit the edit button02:34
pleia2I did, now http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2011/07/26/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-225/ redirects to http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2011/07/26/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-225-2/02:34
pleia2but http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2011/07/26/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-225-2/ is still the canonical url02:35
nhandlerOh well, it is not the end of the world02:36
* pleia2 nods02:36
nhandlerForum images uploaded to fridge02:41
philipballewthe fridge looks nice04:06
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NRWlionhi folks14:49
nhandlerHi NRWlion15:08
NRWlionhi nathan15:08
nhandlerI'm going to post that lubuntu email to the fridge and add it to UWN22:28
Unit193nhandler: Thank you for that ^_^ (X and Lubuntu fan here)22:28
nhandlerUnit193: FYI, I'm not doing anything that you (or anyone else here) can't do. Just use ubuntu/ubuntu to login on the fridge, write up the story, and paste a link in here for review22:32
pleia2nhandler: missing the <cite>?23:25
nhandlerpleia2: Forgot to save the last revision before publishing I guess. I'll add it in23:25
pleia2hooray for lubuntu23:30
nhandlerAnd before I forget, congrats on joining the xubuntu team23:31
pleia2thanks :)23:33

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