ibeardsleeyay power is back01:14
ajmitchyou lost power for a bit there?01:15
ibeardsleea good chunk of the cdb from what I've heard01:15
ajmitcha bit of a worry01:16
ibeardsleeour generators kept the servers going01:16
ibeardsleeand the wireless for the sysadmins01:16
ajmitchvery important things :)01:17
snailjust back from a significant power outage in wellingtron01:17
ibeardsleeyes .. fun eh?01:18
snailour diesel generator started. all our servers seem intact.01:19
ibeardsleesame here01:21
snailnice. we have a 'seismic valve' on our water supply which was apparently triggered/fried by the powercut, so no running water for us; hoping there's no fire...01:56
ajmitchis that supposed to cut off in case of earthquake?01:57
snailajmitch: no idea, but we've got lots of books that we want to keep dry...02:18
mwhudsonwe didn't have anything up our end02:25
mwhudson(corner vivian & tory)02:26
chiltsmorning (x2, since I missed yesterday's)21:26
snailpower cut yesterday and fire alarm today. this week is going form bad to worse21:27
ajmitchat least you don't have the city shut down due to snow? :)21:28
chiltswe had no trains from Upper hutt this morning, so we ended up driving to Petone ... still no trains ... so then we drove all the way into town21:30
chiltsso yeah, it's not getting better21:30

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