ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (clone flood)02:38
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (clone flood)02:38
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (clone flood during emergency mode)02:38
rwwdealing with it ^02:39
rww#ubuntu-hk currently has no humans in it and has had one line spoken in it in the last week. Objections to removing it from !cn?03:59
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn /join #ubuntu-tw 或 /join #ubuntu-hk04:06
nhandlerrww: Go ahead04:06
rww!cn =~ s% 或 /join #ubuntu-hk%%04:07
ubottuI'll remember that rww04:07
elkyyou might want to figure out what 或 means and if it ought to be put back in between -cn and -tw04:15
tonyyarussoGoogle suggests "or".04:17
rwwsssshhhh language is hard04:17
rww!cn =~ s%cn /%cn 或 /%04:17
ubottuI'll remember that rww04:17
rww(and yes, it's or. I remember the last time this factoid came up)04:17
* nhandler really should fix up his vps so that he doesn't just see a bunch of ?s04:22
rwwnhandler: Incidental offtopic note: I'm beating you on #idlerpg :P04:22
rww[#ubuntu] I am entirely unsurprised to note that littlebearz is a mIRC user with a bunch of scripts installed.04:24
tonyyarussoAre there mIRC users without a bunch of useless scripts installed?04:24
rwwah. once of which appears to be a DCC bot.04:24
rwwtonyyarusso: friends don't let friends use mIRC :(04:25
bazhangtruepurple was asking that repeatedly in another channel06:17
rwwtruepurple was another victory for +g06:19
bazhangI read that as g+06:19
bazhangah the high dudgeon06:27
bazhangwine is installed by default?06:32
rwwnot that I'm aware of06:32
bazhangtruepurple, hello06:33
truepurplebazhang: ?06:33
bazhangtruepurple, this is where to discuss issues with channel moderation, etc06:33
truepurpleHow do i tell who is a mod?06:34
truepurpleVerses who is just a bossy regular user?06:35
bazhangtruepurple, not the issue06:35
Myrttiit doesnt matter06:35
bazhangyou were going way offtopic06:35
truepurpleIt sure does06:35
rwwagain, /msg chanserv access #ubuntu list. If your client is unable to deal with notices, go ask your client's IRC channel why.06:35
bazhang#smuxi perhaps06:35
rwwwhich has a whole seven people in it.06:36
truepurpleI type in "/msg chanserv access #ubuntu list" as a command?06:36
bazhangtruepurple, yes06:36
truepurpleany channel?06:36
rwwI know you're familiar with the concept of messages, you attempted to do it to me earlier.06:36
truepurpleYou could have said I wont talk to you here or something06:37
truepurpleRather then silence06:37
rwwtruepurple: My IRC session is set to not send me messages that are PMed to me unless they're from specific users. This is by design.06:38
rwwand is entirely irrelevant to whyever you're here, I would guess06:38
bazhanghe/she was asking who the "channel mods" were06:38
bazhangI suggested truepurple come here06:39
truepurpleIs most of the people here mods?06:39
bazhangapart from the bots, yes06:40
IdleOnemods are called ops on irc06:40
truepurpleAnyone with a + next to the name?06:40
bazhangtruepurple, at any rate, you were going offtopic, were asked to stop.06:40
rww#ubuntu-ops contains ops from all the core channels, not just #ubuntu.06:40
bazhangtruepurple, hence the removal06:41
truepurpleBut if they are here with the + next to their name, they are ops somewhere?06:41
truepurplebazhang: So you are the reason my ubuntu tab just vanished, taking all its chat history with it?06:42
bazhangtruepurple, not sure what you mean by that06:42
rwwNo, that would be me. If your client doesn't support logging either, you should probably give up and find a sane client.06:43
truepurplebazhang  "truepurple, hence the removal:06:43
truepurpleWhat is logging?06:43
rwwcopying chat history to a file for later perusal06:44
truepurpleWell this is the IRC client that was suggested to me when I asked in ubuntu some time ago, what client should I use06:44
truepurpleI can copy/past chat history, if that is what you mean06:44
truepurplerww: Well knowing someones knowledge base can be integral to getting help on anything, without that information, its just another random opinion that may be right, or may be wrong, I might as well ask a crazy 8 ball06:46
bazhangtruepurple, you asked about linux running better from the center of the hdd. you were answered there is no effect. you then asked for the qualifications, real-life experience of that fact.06:47
truepurpleNo, I asked what you base your answer on, what your level of expertise is etc06:47
bazhangtruepurple, at that point, you were asked to please take the chat to #ubuntu-offtopic06:48
truepurpleLike I said, its easy to answer, you could not know the first thing about the subject and say the same thing06:48
bazhangtruepurple, lots of eyes on that channel.06:48
truepurpleWell it is relevant to the ubuntu topic I was asking about, which would make it ontopic, besides which, I can not join ubuntu-beginners06:49
bazhangthings that are clearly wrong are almost always called out as such06:49
truepurplebazang: I have asked many a basic question in ubuntu channel and had noone there having a clue06:49
truepurplebazang: so silence from the crowd (many of which are also others looking for help) says nothing06:50
bazhangtruepurple, at any rate, the continued questioning of said expertise was clearly offtopic.06:50
bazhangtruepurple, was there anything else you wished to discuss?06:51
truepurplebazhang: I disagree, so your saying if I wish to get help with ubuntu, sometimes I need to split half that conversation into another channel?06:52
truepurpleWhat purpose does this surve?06:53
bazhangtruepurple, not sure what you mean06:53
bazhangdirect ubuntu support in #ubuntu06:53
bazhangchit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic06:53
truepurpleAsking someones level of expertise is a matter of getting ubuntu support, not of chit-chat06:53
bazhangtruepurple, the channel would grind to a standstill if that were the standard policy06:54
truepurpleIf people were allowed to ask your level of expertise, the channel would grind to a standstill? I see no bases in that belief06:57
IdleOne#ubuntu uses peer review to insure the advice we get/receive is correct. had rww given you the wrong answer 95% of the time someone would have said something. So the question here is were you off topic or not? in the opinion of two active ops at the time you were.06:58
Tm_Tas "level of expertise" is vague at best, I don't see how it would be a short, productive discussion in our support channels06:58
truepurplerww: Anyway, I can not ask in offtopic, even though it is not a matter of chit-chat, its not working for me to join that channel. I can't ask you in PM, because for what ever crazy reason your not accepting them. Would you please answer here?06:59
IdleOnetruepurple: if you feel the removal was unjust or abusive...07:00
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.07:00
rwwIf I tell you I have a bachelors degree in channel opping, a masters degree in management, and more LPIC certifications than I can count, will you listen to me when I tell you to stop being monotonous?07:00
IdleOneI see no reason to continue this discussion.07:00
rwwNeither do I.07:00
truepurpleIdleOne: I have asked questions where noone knew the answer to my question, even though my question was not very advanced. So not always is there someone knowledgable about that same subject07:01
truepurpleAnd if somoene doesn't know, they say nothing right?07:01
IdleOnetruepurple: people who answer questions in #ubuntu usually do it when they know the answer.07:01
truepurpleIdleOne: So to say that one persons statement is correct because noone disagreed at that time is not confirmation07:01
IdleOnetruepurple: What qualifies you to decide that rww didn't lie to you when he gives you his resume?07:02
IdleOneyou are wasting our time with this nonsense.07:02
IdleOnegood night.07:02
truepurpleIdleOne: I would give rww the benefit of the doubt as far as any qualifification claims07:03
rwwYou don't appear to be.07:03
truepurplerww: How can I when you didn't give any in the first place?07:03
IdleOneok so give him the same benefit and assume he gave you the right answer.07:03
bazhangwhich he did07:04
truepurpleIdleOne: That is too much of a leap07:04
bazhangthanks elky07:04
IdleOneI wanted to but didn't want to be accused of abusing07:05
elkyoh, you'll always be accused of that just by virtue of breathing.07:05
elkycomes with the job.07:05
IdleOneelky: yeah I know but I rather it be a council member then me :P07:06
rwwYes, because elky is less likely to be accused of abuse than you.07:06
IdleOnethat isn't what I meant07:07
IdleOneI am just happy it isn't me this time07:07
Tm_Thmmm, I think I have never been accused on abusing my demigod powers ):07:08
Tm_Tldunn: welcome with perfect timing, how can we help you? (;07:08
elkyi seem to recall it happening in your absence.07:08
ikoniatruepurple has done this stuff before, and been banned for it07:09
rwwincidentally, I don't see any modes set on them in #ubuntu-beginners. Dunno why they think there are.07:09
Tm_Telky: you're intriguing me (:)07:10
elkyTm_T, i can't remember specificis07:10
ikoniaelky: they are there as they where banned from #ubuntu at one point before07:10
ikoniasorry, have I missunderstood the question07:11
bazhangikonia, asking people's level of expertise to give basic answers07:12
elkyok, so i'm still this side of the line. cool.07:12
bazhang"does linux run better from the center of the hdd"07:12
ikoniabazhang: repeating the same question over and over and over, then asking you to backup your reasons with documentation or your CV07:12
Tm_Tthere's no line, just endless plane07:12
bazhangikonia, then insisting that questioning the expertise is totally ON topic07:13
ikoniabazhang: and then cross-posting the same question in multple channel and trying to play people off against each other07:13
bazhangikonia, yes, exactly, as it happened today07:13
rwwI'm not sure why we're expending effort telling each other that the person we know was trolling was trolling :P07:13
ikoniaI could understand him asking how do you know ? but then questioning beyond that, and asking for proof and then just repeating the same question over and over07:13
bazhangrww, I need your CV to answer that07:14
ikoniaI don't know / think he is trolling07:14
ikoniaI think he just expects the wrong things07:14
rwwbazhang: Why does nobody believe me when I say I have a B.S. in Channel Operation :(07:14
IdleOnebecause the B.S. is BS07:16
bazhang* [KGB_plague] (~alsheeba@ Abdulla Al Romaithi   wonder if thats lsheeba08:08
bazhangseems to be him, but odd that bt has zero listing of him08:13
bazhangJul 23 15:59:19 <lsheeba>cant believe u mute me i come with nicks of alsheeba , KGB_plague , Alhubaishy + Crozar , and u muted a person who helped the community for years with those simple questions thats arised in the channe08:15
Picia few crazy questions in there today...12:36
jpds"how can i make my own dns and get the list of all the websites of the world?"12:40
bazhangI thought removal of python was pretty interesting12:41
Picijpds: that user is asking in a few other channels as well and still doesn't appear to have a clue :(12:46
jpdsPici: I think I have educated her in -server.12:47
Picijpds: I see her saying nearly the same things in #dns still12:52
Pici(I joined there just to watch)12:52
CarlFKwhere is the op coc?14:08
ikoniawhich one ?14:09
ikoniaI thought it was the same as the normal one14:09
CarlFKnot http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct  but something else that is14:09
ubottuIf you are interested in joining the Ops team, take a look at both http://www.siltala.net/2010/03/24/ops-teams-applications-announcement/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorRequirements for info on the process and requirements.  You can also learn about what the job entails from people in #ubuntu-irc.14:09
ikoniathat one ?14:09
CarlFKyes - thanks14:09
CarlFKPyCon organizers are looking for such text14:10
ikoniait's not a bad version14:10
CarlFKwhat I was looking for "Leaders make difficult choices but are careful to act in the best interests of their communities."14:11
ikoniaI quite like the whole documents intent14:12
Tm_Tintentions, pavements ];=14:13
ikoniathats what I was thinking of, thank you Pici15:29
Piciikonia: too slow15:30
* ikonia shamed15:30
Piciikonia: your turn ;)15:31
cjharduh hi15:32
cjhardam i in truble?15:32
cjhardcan u here me?15:33
ikoniahello cjhard15:33
ikoniathanks for joining15:33
ikoniajust so you're clear I've muted you in #ubuntu so you can't talk15:33
ikoniayes we can see you speak in this channel15:33
cjhardok kool15:33
cjhardy did u ban me if u dont mind me asking?15:33
ikoniacjhard: you've been asked to join this channel so I can explain why you've been muted in #ubuntu15:33
ikoniathis way we can resolve the issue, get your mute removed and allow you to use the #ubuntu channel again15:34
cjhardi installed gentoo nd i wood lyk 2 noe if ubun2 is easier15:34
cjhardto use15:34
ikoniado you understand ?15:34
cjhardok kool15:34
ikoniacjhard: ok - the first issue, is how you talk15:34
ikoniacjhard: we have a rule in the #ubuntu channel that you need to type / talk in clear English, that means no "U R using Gen2"15:35
ikoniathat sort of thing15:35
cjhardwats rong with how i talk?15:35
ikoniait allows people of all English abilities to best understand you15:35
cjhardits clearly im speeking english15:35
ikoniano - it's not15:35
cjhardnot lyk im speaking chinese lol15:35
cjhardwat language do u think im speeking?15:35
ikoniapeople have different levels of ability in speaking English due to the fact that #ubuntu is a global channel15:35
cjhardni hao15:36
ikoniato help this - we ask everyone to speak in clear English, no text or shortened speak15:36
ikoniacjhard: do you understand that ?15:36
cjharddats reely dere problem if dey dont understand how da natives talk15:36
cjharddey shood get betta @ english15:36
ikoniacjhard: ok - if you don't stop talking in this silly way with me, I'll stop discussing it in here and just ban you15:36
ikoniacjhard: please start typing in clear English15:37
ikoniacjhard: do you understand the "speak in clear English" rule for #ubuntu I've just explained to you15:37
cjhardi dont think u shood discrimin8 on the way ppl speek15:37
ikoniaok - good bye15:37
cjhardjust cos u dont lyk it15:37
cjharddats called tirrany15:37
ikoniacjhard: please leave this channel now15:38
cjhardhow wood u feel if ur goverment legislated good manners?15:38
cjhardwood u think dis wud be a good thing?15:38
cjhardno dis is a terrible thing ur doing15:38
cjhardunder da guise of "doing it 4 minorities"15:38
ikoniacjhard: I've made the rule of the channel and the reasoning behind it quite clear, - you seem to want to ignore it, we are done. Please leave, now15:39
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!15:39
ubottuikonia called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()15:39
cjhardu shood be ashamed of urself15:39
cjhardyou sicken me15:39
cjhardwhat is ur country of origin?15:39
cjhardi will go dere15:39
cjhardand become a leader15:39
cjhardand legislate good manners15:39
tsimpsoncjhard: come back when you are in a better mood to discuss your issue15:40
cjhardand jail ppl 4 not bowing 2 me in public15:40
cjhardcleerly ikonia is in a bad mood15:40
cjhard2 b so rude 2 a guest15:40
cjhardand abuse his powers15:40
tsimpsoncjhard: no, your typing is horrible, please fix it15:41
cjhardyeh clearly u dont liek how i type15:41
cjhardwell i dont lyk ur attitude15:41
cjhardbut if u came 2 a channe;15:42
cjharddat i modded15:42
cjhardi wouldn't mute u cos of ur attitude15:42
tsimpsonsorry, but I really can't talk to you when you type like that15:42
cjhardcos dats wrogn15:42
cjhardyes u can15:42
cjhardu noe exactly wat i'm saying15:42
cjhardBut you just choose to be a pompous ass15:42
tsimpsonare you intentionally trying to make it more difficult for people to read your messages?15:42
cjhardBecause it makes you feel intellectually superior15:42
* tsimpson wins15:43
ikoniagents, thank you15:43
oCeanderp is banned right?17:21
oCean<Derpadong> in #u17:21
oCeanBT is extremely slow on me, but I'm quite certain..17:22
oCeanthis one I think 42019, and then 4202117:25
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (IdlePantload appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)18:09
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (OpenWide appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)18:09
oCeantsimpson: remember the fix/hack? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots/+bug/79090819:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 790908 in Ubuntu IRC Bots "[bantracker] Request for review of ban while it's actually a @mark" [Undecided,Fix released]19:01
tsimpsonoCean: if a mask doesn't have a '*' or a '?', it's considered a @mark19:03
tsimpsonand it's definitely hack rather than fix19:04
oCeanthat's why a mark for guest7218!*@* still results in a reminder19:04
LjLtsimpson: i like the way you think19:04
oCeannvm that19:04
tsimpsonmarks are only really useful when the bot has the full mask anyway19:05
tsimpson(the bot is kind of smart about it, it'll check /whois and /whowas to find the mask)19:06
oCeanthe mask is in the actual comment :/19:06
oCeanI forgot why19:06
tsimpsonunfortunately, searching the BT seems not to search comments19:06
oCeanYes, I noticed that too :(19:06
tsimpsonit's all kinds of hack+broken-ness19:07
PiciAdding another field for "isMark" would be a good solution.19:07
tsimpsonPici: maybe BT2 has such a feature ;)19:07
tsimpsonanyway, the next BT is being planned, and it'll be better19:09
tsimpsonas it can't be any worse than the current one...19:09
rwwthe current one exists, I consider that an important feature :P19:20
* rww kids, writes even hackier perl to work around the things that annoy him about BT anyway19:21
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang

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