DavieyI don't suppose anyone with cdimage access is around?00:15
evDaviey: still need help with cdimage?10:54
evI charge a reasonable fee for my services.10:55
Davieyev: Nah, i wanted a branch merged before the daily spin.. cjwatson merged it this morning.10:57
DavieyThanks anyway ev!10:57
evsure thing10:58
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pgranerpatrickmw, jibel, ping21:16
patrickmwpgraner, hey21:16
jibelpgraner, pong21:16
pgranerpatrickmw, jibel naartijie is dead, it has been replaced with aldebaran21:18
pgranerall the addresses etc are the same just the name has changed21:18
pgranerI'll get it loaded with 11.04 tomorrow when I slam all the disks in21:19
patrickmwpgraner, ack. that server had been pissing me off21:19
pgranerpatrickmw, has bad mother board issues afaikt21:19
pgranerpatrickmw, on wazan and albali what do you have installed?21:21
pgranerpatrickmw, that is I need to add the new disks tomorrow and rebuild the box from scratch, so what do you need to install etc. once its done?21:21
patrickmwpgraner, that's a big question. there's lots of manual config more than anything. do I have the rest of the day today to review?21:22
pgranerpatrickmw, yep you've got till tomorrow21:23
pgranerpatrickmw, really I can put the disks in and we can fix it later via IP-KVM21:23
pgranerpatrickmw, but I'd like to get it done tomorrow if possible21:23
patrickmwpgraner, i don't see it as an issue21:23
pgranerpatrickmw, which brings up a good point those configs should be somewhere backed up21:23
pgranerwith a script to reconfig quickly21:24
patrickmwpgraner: I thought they were :/21:24
pgranerpatrickmw, if they are I can't find the docs21:25
patrickmwpgraner: I think that needs to be my top priority haha21:25
pgranerpatrickmw, ack21:26
pgranerpatrickmw, damn -EWRONGCHANNEL I thought this was -quality ... sorry lets move it there21:26

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