jcastromhall119: ok so I found a lug00:18
mhall119jcastro: we have a loco team too00:58
jcastrobut nothing local to me afaict.00:58
jcastromaybe I can start the boca branch00:59
mhall119there's a few in the Miami area, though we've lost track of some of them00:59
mhall119RoAkSoAx is down there somewhere00:59
jcastroit's like 10 degrees cooler here than michigan01:00
mhall119yeah, I was just commenting to my wife about how weird it is for us to be cooler than the rest of the country at the end of July01:00
mhall119itnet7: what geocaching app do you use on Android?17:13
DammitJimwhat is geocaching?18:26
mhall119hide and seek with little containers and a GPS18:37
mhall119hey jamalta 21:55
jamaltamhall119: hey, how's it going?21:55
mhall119going good, how about you?21:57
jamaltanot too bad21:57
mhall119how're things at Flickr?21:58
jamaltasorry, just saw this22:36
jamaltathey're going good22:36
jamaltahow are things at canonical? :)23:58

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