jrwrentrying to backport netatalk 2.2~beta4 to natty00:01
jrwrencouldn't remember debuild commmand00:02
jrwrennow its croaking on some C code that looks right to me :(00:02
jrwrenso fuck it... i spent nearly 30min on it... I'll go back to work.00:02
jrwreni'm getting "error: array type has incomplete element type" from the C compiler, but I look at the ldapconfig header and the type that is there is complete and good and matches where it is used.00:03
rick_h_hmm, no idea00:04
jcastrorick_h_: I am wary of those monoprice arms00:05
jcastrothere's no way $20 arms can work00:05
jcastrojrwren: you know where to  ask packaging questions!00:06
jrwrenrofl. good call.00:06
jcastrocome on, captain obvious00:06
jrwrenwell, in this case I'm stuck at a C question.00:06
rick_h_jcastro: yea, I've got a pair of hte $20 ones00:09
rick_h_they're ok, but that's why I upgraded to the other ones I linked you00:09
jcastrorick_h_: right, that's what I figured00:09
jcastrohey do you know how much weight they'll hold?00:09
jcastroI wonder if it will hold Jill's eeetop00:09
rick_h_says 18"00:09
rick_h_18lbs I mean00:09
jrwrenconfirmed. netatalk2.2beta4 source from sf does not build on natty :(    i don't see how it builds on oneric, but I don't have an oneric to test on00:10
jcastrograb the source from oneiric00:12
jcastroand build on natty00:12
jcastrodeb-src http://blah oneiric00:12
jcastrothen apt-get source it00:12
jcastrothen debuild it00:12
jcastrorick_h_: the eetop weighs 16 lbs according to the specs00:13
jcastrorick_h_: heh so basically I'm going to get 4 of these00:13
jrwreni tried that first :)00:13
rick_h_jcastro: cool00:13
jrwreni was just confirming that its not anything with the ubuntu deb patch. the straight sorce doesn't build either :(00:14
greg-gsnap-l: how's things? JoDee doing OK?01:23
snap-lYeah, she's fine01:29
snap-lCar is in the shop. And now we do the insurance / collision shop waiting dance01:29
greg-gYou guys have only one car, right?01:32
snap-lThough we're borrowing my parents car.01:55
snap-lrick_h_: https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G02:14
snap-lI believe this is your worst nightmare. ;)02:14
snap-ljcastro: Trying not to be that guy. ;)03:02
snap-l(https://plus.google.com/116015965439782966698 for those playing at home)03:02
rick_h_snap-l: heh, not sure it's my worst nightmare11:30
snap-lI really, really am not happy with my new boss11:39
snap-lTold her that my car was in the shop and didn't know when it would be done11:40
snap-lshe says "That's OK, the day after is our backup day for this presentation"11:40
snap-lSo my informal knowlede share is so fucking important that I need to make sure that I'm down there, regardless of whether I have a car or not11:41
snap-lAnd of course my "informal" knowledge share requires slides.11:42
Wolfgerdid you let her know that "I don't know when" mean "I don't know how many days" and not "I don't know what time today"?11:42
snap-l(which I should send in advance)11:42
snap-lWell, what's great is she's also (I'm sure) invited half the damn company11:43
snap-lmost of which know what I do on an intimate basis.11:43
Wolfgerand they need your knowledge share why?11:44
snap-lFuck if I know11:45
snap-lI think it's to show that I exist or something.11:45
snap-lI have no fucking idea why if this is so important it couldn't be done via a telecommunications bridge11:46
snap-lsince that seems to be one of the things that we sell (go figure)11:46
WolfgerMaybe they want to pin a medal on you. :-D11:46
snap-lI'm about to tell them where they can pin said medal11:49
brouschhow're the wife and car?11:53
snap-lWife is fine. Car is in the shop awaiting estimates and what-not11:55
brouschgood good11:56
greg-graise your hand if you feel like crap this morning12:23
brouscha little tired. boy woke us up at 5:30 today12:26
rick_h_greg-g: with you there, but my bike is done so today is good stuff yay!12:29
rick_h_greg-g: so the wife is curious if you guys are taking your 6mo old with you hiking in the woods?12:29
* rick_h_ got the invite card yesterday12:29
greg-grick_h_: for our 1 year anniversary/reception thingy? Something like that :)12:29
rick_h_lol, ok12:30
greg-grick_h_: so, confirmed with wife: yet to be determined12:39
greg-g(btw, saying "wife" to refer to Carrie is crazy)12:39
rick_h_yea, you get used to it :)12:39
rick_h_greg-g: ok, it was funny. We keep saying we want to take michael, but at 18mo we're still holding out a ways12:40
snap-lI just refer to JoDee as "Her Royal Highness"12:40
snap-l(Actually, that's what we refer to JoDee's younger sister as: HRH)12:40
greg-gi think we should use that for my sis12:41
snap-lComposing in my head the "I'm quite offended by your statement that I could just do my presentation the next day" mail to my boss.12:47
ColonelPanic001that sounds rather annoying.12:59
* ColonelPanic001 comes to the rescue to point out the obvious12:59
brouschoooooo, my first home delivery of fresh, organic veg will arrive this afternoon13:05
rick_h_brousch: awesome13:06
brouschhm, i don't even know what chard and fennel are13:09
rick_h_chard is like large lettuce13:10
rick_h_fennel is another leafy thing, more fine13:10
brouschcool, i can use fennel to make absinthe13:12
Wolfgerbrousch: fennel seeds often appear as a spice, and are used in many italian sausages.13:16
ColonelPanic001chard sounds like an insult13:16
ColonelPanic001"you stupid chard"13:16
ColonelPanic001You're upvoting me? What a chard.13:16
WolfgerFennel you13:17
jcastrorick_h_: lol, I ordered 4 of those arms and an Aeron13:19
rick_h_wow nice13:19
rick_h_hope they work out for you13:19
greg-gbrousch: yay fresh veg (and I love that you say veg, it sounds British to me)13:30
greg-galso chard is great, saute that stuff with olive oil and mmmmmm, good13:31
_stink_"chard" just sounds too much like "shart".13:35
gamerchick02ha, _stink_13:35
gamerchick02pinging greg-g; did you want me to send the list of events to the ubuntu-mi list or to you?13:36
brouschso use chard like spinach?13:38
_stink_go easy on the fennel until you're sure you like it.13:40
brouschi like anise13:40
brouschwife does not13:41
jjessei think we are growing chard this year in our garden13:41
_stink_jjesse has his garden spring up magically.13:41
brouschjjesse: i signed up for this http://www.doorganicsgr.com/local-bin-weekly-update13:41
jjessenot really this maybe the 1st year we actually don't kill all the plants13:41
jjessebrousch cool do you like it?13:42
_stink_i've got big plans for a veggie garden next year.13:42
brouschi don't know. first delivery is today13:42
jjessei was supposed to plow over the weeds in the back area of the yard but never go t to it for the garden13:42
jjesseso this year everything is in pots13:42
brouschmy wife has 8 pots of tomatoes in the front yard, 1 of cucumbers, 1 of jalapenos13:43
gamerchick02wow, brousch.13:45
gamerchick02that's a lot of tomatoes13:45
gamerchick02we only have 3 plants this year.13:46
brouschyeah, i don't even like them!13:46
gamerchick02i like the home-grown ones13:46
brouschi'll eat romas as long as they are cut up tiny13:46
gamerchick02grill them with salt and pepper and put melted mozz cheese on them. effing divine.13:46
gamerchick02especially  the heirloom ones.13:47
_stink_i think there's some law that anyone who grows anything must grow tomatoes13:48
_stink_but i intend to ignore that law at great risk13:48
gamerchick02and cucumbers or zucchini13:48
brouschwell my wife grows them because they're only thing she doesn't kill13:48
gamerchick02lol, brousch13:48
gamerchick02we do peppers a lot13:48
gamerchick02they're easy.13:48
_stink_i can get behind peppers, yeah13:48
_stink_but god zucchini no way13:49
_stink_and let me say that i have tried to prepare zucchini 100 different ways13:49
_stink_and they are all terrible13:49
gamerchick02is greg-g around? i've got his list from the last meeting (yeah, finally got around to it, i'm horrible)13:49
gamerchick02i like cucumbers. cut up with salt and pepper = happy me13:49
_stink_yeah cucumbers++13:49
gamerchick02i can eat a whole one for a snack.13:49
gamerchick02or lunch.13:49
brouschzuchinni get chopped and grilled in a basket with squash13:50
brouscholive oil, salt, pepper13:50
_stink_i would eat the squash and throw the zucchini out the window angrily like a child.13:50
WolfgerOK, it's Python learning time13:51
Wolfgerwhy would "import wx" be failing inside a script when it succeeds from the Python prompt13:52
rick_h_Wolfger: because the script has a diff python path?13:52
rick_h_check the #!13:52
WolfgerI thought the #! was not needed on Windows system13:53
rick_h_oh, well hell if it's windows then I know nothing13:53
WolfgerTraceback (most recent call last):13:54
Wolfger  File "wx.py", line 1, in <module>13:54
Wolfger    import wx13:54
Wolfger  File "C:\Documents and Settings\t9511mf\MyRealDocuments\pystuff\wx.py", line 213:54
Wolfger, in <module>13:54
Wolfger    app = wx.App()13:54
WolfgerAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'App'13:54
rick_h_ouch, pastebin pls13:54
Wolfgerugh. Sorry. Did not realize it would come out as many lines :-p13:54
rick_h_lol, did you name your file wx?13:54
rick_h_don't steal the name of the package you're using13:55
rick_h_get creative and make up your own :)13:55
Wolfgerstill getting same error, but yeah I should not have named it that :-)13:56
rick_h_rm the .pyc file if it's there13:57
snap-lO'reilly Deal of the Day is on Java books13:58
snap-l50% off13:58
brouschyou may have to do some path crap in windows13:58
snap-lWolfger: Time to update that library of yours.13:58
rick_h_yea, lots of path crap, like getting a unix path13:58
brouschadd various things to your system path13:59
snap-lWindows paths are far worse than UNIX paths, IMHO13:59
WolfgerDoes anybody feel otherwise?14:00
brouschi know you have to add the python path14:01
Wolfgerpython path is there and working. I've run other python scripts14:01
WolfgerwxPython is a new install, and I'm failing on that import it seems14:01
Wolfgerbut only from the script14:01
WolfgerI removed everything from the script except for the import statement on line 1, and the error is still complaining about line 214:04
Wolfgerline 2 no longer exists14:05
snap-lWolfger: If it's any consolation, I had a hell of a time trying to get wxpython working under Windows14:06
snap-lThere's some scripts in there that I believe set up the correct paths14:06
snap-lUnfortunately I didn't pursue it much further14:07
brouschWolfger: reboot ;)14:07
gamerchick02that's the official fix for anything windows, right? :-P14:11
snap-l"I can't move the mouse because someone glued it to the desk" - Reboot.14:13
brouschwell when the path changes on windows, you have to reboot to make it active14:17
gamerchick02snap-l it's always amusing when I shut my mouse off.14:19
gamerchick02i'll jiggle it and wait and it won't move anything. then i check to see if the dongle thingy is plugged in. THEN i check to see if it's on.14:20
jrwrenpygtk > wx14:26
snap-ljrwren: How do you figure?14:27
jrwreni'm just stirring the pot14:27
brouschnow that pygtk has an all-in-one windows installer, it's much less painful14:27
WolfgerI renamed my script by way of "save as", which means..... the wx.py I previously created was still there and interfering with my import14:33
WolfgerPEBKAC all the way14:34
brouschi was actually going to ask if you did that, but i assumed you were too smart ;)14:34
Wolfgersmart enough to figure it out eventually... just having a "slow" day14:36
WolfgerI still can't believe I named my script after the module in the first place.14:37
* Wolfger is feeling exceptionally lame today14:37
brouschluckily your current bout of lameness is offset by the injection of awesome you get from learning python14:38
WolfgerWife is heading for Borders today, for 40% off. Told her to check the prices on a couple Python books for me.14:41
WolfgerAmazon is already > 40% off the publisher price of those books14:41
Wolfgerso may wind up going Amazon again, anyhow.14:42
Wolfgerjjesse: :-p14:44
Wolfger(re: G+)14:44
brouschgo used if you must go dead tree14:45
jrwrenbut like we said yesterday, make sure you get the latest edition of used.14:45
jjesseWolfger your welcome14:45
gamerchick02headed up to Bay City. See everyone when I get back! :)14:48
snap-lI think it's not 40% yet14:52
snap-lonly "up to 40%"14:52
snap-lwhich means the magazines are 40%, and the rest of the store is between 10%-20%14:52
brouschWolfger: i have 1 or 2 wxpython books if you're interested14:57
Wolfgerbrousch: maybe... I'm not sold on wx yet, just experimenting.15:00
Wolfgergot to say it looks promising so far, though15:00
brouschit's been arund a long time and is actively kept up to date15:01
snap-lYeah, it's a nice toolkit15:14
jrwrenwhat is wx layout like v. gtk?  more HBox VBox stuff?15:18
brouschjrwren: http://wiki.wxpython.org/UsingSizers15:19
brouschpretty much15:19
jrwrenwtf is this? http://xpt.sourceforge.net/15:19
rick_h_jrwren: it's called a website15:20
rick_h_people post info to them on occassion15:20
rick_h_usually not useful, but occassionally so15:20
jrwrenits just a strange site for sourceforge. what is the project there?15:22
rick_h_some guy getting free hosting15:22
snap-lLooks like the project is Unix Power Tools15:25
rick_h_ah, the book?15:25
snap-lNot sure15:25
greg-ggamerchick02: hi!15:30
greg-goh, you're gone :/15:30
greg-ghmm, gamerchick02 didn't leave her list anywhere, did she? (/me doesn't see an email or PM)15:31
snap-lI've just released the 0.2 version of FAPWS2 (Fast Asynchronous Python WebServer) which is WSGI compliant.15:47
snap-lSorry, was FAPPNG taken? Fast Asynchronous Python Pusher Next Generation?15:47
rick_h_meh, sounds already out of date16:05
greg-gsnap-l: we love you and are here to help. (re: your latest dent)16:52
greg-gWolfger: identi.ca notice16:59
_stink_snap-l: just to clarify, since greg-g said 'we': I love you, but I'm not *in love* with you.17:01
snap-lThank you. :)17:07
Wolfgergreg-g: Ah, yes. I forgot Identica tweets were called dents. I was going to say, "The way I heard it, the side of the car isn't there anymore... That's more than a dent."17:18
gamerchick02greg-g, i left around 11:30 for lunch, just got back17:21
brouschsnap-l: And I love you slightly less than _stink_ so I can be sure there's someone more willing than I to give you a hug17:21
gamerchick02i have my list written down the old fashioned way.17:21
brouschsnap-l: who all is going to pyohio from the east side, besides you and rick_h_?17:25
rick_h_brousch: just us that I know of17:29
brousch100 awesome python devs over there and only 2 of you are going?17:29
brouschi suppose some are lured by the makerfaire17:30
rick_h_yea, some17:30
rick_h_but really not a ton of python devs over here that I know of17:30
brouschthat is my new favorite word17:31
brouschi have met a lot of py-curious people17:31
rick_h_same here17:31
_stink_i'd love to go, but i suck at commiting to a trip17:32
_stink_work is talking about sending me to San Fran17:32
rick_h_ah, fun there17:32
_stink_and i tell them 'eh, maybe.'17:32
greg-ggamerchick02: ahh, could you type it up in an email, perchance? greg@grossmeier.net17:34
gamerchick02yeah, no problems. i didn't have your email somehow. whoops.17:34
greg-gno worries :)17:34
gamerchick02i only went back to the beginning of the year.17:34
gamerchick02is that ok?17:34
greg-ggamerchick02: yeah, that's ok17:40
Wolfgerrick_h_: Sounds like a Penguicon panel... Stop Being Py-curious and Just Go Py!17:43
DekkardYardage yadda17:51
gamerchick02just did the ballsiest thing ever.17:51
gamerchick02contacted the HR person DIRECT at Nexteer17:51
gamerchick02normally i don't have this type of confidence, but i usually fail at everything so i have nothing to lose17:52
gamerchick02they'll probably ignore me.17:52
DekkardWhat happened?17:53
gamerchick02when ya got nothing, it don't fucking matter no more17:53
gamerchick02i just sent the email17:53
gamerchick02it'll prolly be round-binned17:53
gamerchick02i mean, i applied for this position fucking two fucking years ago17:53
gamerchick02TWO YEARS17:53
gamerchick02it's still open and i hear nothing17:53
DekkardYea but nothing ventured17:53
gamerchick02it's what i was doing when i was a prostitute and they were my John17:54
gamerchick02ie, contractor17:54
gamerchick02it's exactly like being a prostitute. sorry.17:54
DekkardLast place o17:54
gamerchick02except i'm not dealing with pregnancy, potential disease and having objects shoved up my arse17:55
DekkardIowa's at they had tons of h1b people17:55
gamerchick02oh yeah, i know17:55
gamerchick02they hire fucking h1b's instead of real engineers17:55
gamerchick02that's how i got fucked out of my last opportunity17:56
gamerchick02they went with a goddamned foreigner.17:56
DekkardYes USA..this is rank17:56
ptenhoopengamerchick02:  Too bad you didn't have a contact to the hiring manager to bypass HR.17:56
gamerchick02hah. i'm not THAT good17:56
ptenhoopenHR usually holds things up17:56
DekkardDucking auto correct17:57
gamerchick02i'm not fucking anyone over at nexteer so i prolly won't get in17:57
gamerchick02now, i wouldn't mind fucking someone over there. not hard. i'd do anything to get a job at this point, including the objects in my arse thing.17:57
DekkardWhat. City you in?17:58
gamerchick02i mean, it's angering when you're fucking perfect for a job, you go through their goddamned hoops, and they don't call you back17:58
gamerchick02the Nasty (aka Saginaw)17:58
gamerchick02there's no jobs here unless you're medical and willing to work with sick people, or are fucking someone at Nexteer17:58
gamerchick02oh, and retail, but i'd rather suck dicks than do that again17:59
DekkardAnd the problem is17:59
gamerchick02also, willing to relocate17:59
gamerchick02can't relocate without job.17:59
gamerchick02not willing to relocate without job17:59
DekkardSend a resume to El polk17:59
rick_h_ok, now for the record...if that stuff about arse and d@#$ came out of one of our mouths, we'd be creating a hostile irc channel and CoC would come crashing upon us :/18:00
DekkardRl polk18:00
gamerchick02sorry, rick_h_18:00
gamerchick02i'm grumpy today18:00
rick_h_no, I mean I don't find it offensive and all...understand the frustration. :(18:01
gamerchick02code of conduct18:01
rick_h_Code of Conduct, that thing we usually ignore :P18:01
ColonelPanic001I'm not a fan of an... nah, never mind. That would be against the CoC, too :)18:01
jjessethere is a code of conduct in this channel?18:01
gamerchick02well, it's fine, but i feel like i'm with friends here. if i was in bugs or classroom or meeting i wouldn't be so vulgar.18:01
ColonelPanic001"try not to kill anyone"18:01
rick_h_gamerchick02: naw, I understand. It's me being whiny about how the internets get all aflame for what I wouldn't always get uppity about18:02
gamerchick02lol ColonelPanic00118:02
ColonelPanic001heh, I don't think anyone's going to come after you ;)18:02
rick_h_gamerchick02: you can come be my boss, guess they're looking for a mamanger to free up my manager18:02
rick_h_I guess18:02
rick_h_/mamager/manager really...honest typo18:03
gamerchick02i don't really want to manage. i want to make cool shit.18:03
ColonelPanic001artic outhouse technition18:03
gamerchick02that's why i got an engineering degree. if i had known it'd be this goddamned hard to get a job, i would have gone with art.18:03
ColonelPanic001then come fix my typing18:03
gamerchick02at least i could get a job in a design house18:03
ColonelPanic001the artists I know also don't have a job, they just don't expect to18:04
brouschrick_h_: did you just CoC-slap gamerchick02?18:04
gamerchick02LOL, brousch18:05
ColonelPanic001someone please print that and frame it18:05
ColonelPanic001that took me a second18:05
gamerchick02i got it right away.18:05
gamerchick02i'm horrible.18:05
ColonelPanic001no comment'18:05
gamerchick02i'm going to hell for that18:05
brouschoh man, be rick_h_'s boss. that's gotta be tough18:05
gamerchick02rick_h_ what are the qualifications for this manager? i'd probably be horrible at it, but eh, whatever...18:06
ColonelPanic001"Rick, we've been getting complaints across town that they can hear your keyboard..."18:06
gamerchick02LOL, colonelpanic00118:06
ColonelPanic001"RICK PUT DOWN THE KNIFE"18:06
brouschrick, you're far too efficient and making everyone else look bad. from now on you must use visual studio and type with only 6 fingers18:06
ColonelPanic001on a $10 kmart keyboard18:07
ColonelPanic001rick hasn't written code in 4 years. He just has vim macros recorded that do it for him18:08
gamerchick02you guys know how to make me smile, that's for sure.18:08
gamerchick02"ubuntu-us-mi, come for gamerchick02's rants, stay for the lulz"18:08
brouschgamerchick02: what kind of engineer are you?18:09
brouschgentex is hiring over on the more pleasant side of the state18:09
gamerchick02i'm willing to get dirty (actually dirty, please disregard my earlier bits about sexual innuendo)18:10
gamerchick02gentex? pay well?18:10
brouschi haven't a clue18:10
gamerchick02it's only 3 hours away from sag. i need to be in about that radius til march 2013 (i want to fulfil my JPQ year in NIle)18:10
brouschyour what in who?18:11
gamerchick02Jr. Past Queen. Nile's line is 5 years18:12
gamerchick02i'm Queen now18:12
brouschping mattmichielsen18:15
ColonelPanic001gamerchick02 is Egyptian Royalty18:17
brouschgamerchick02: aparently grand rapids has a nile temple18:18
gamerchick02they did. they closed before we went to Indianapolis last year.18:20
gamerchick02colonelpanic001: not really; it's a lot of work.18:20
brouschhm, it's still on the web site18:21
ColonelPanic001nothing worth doing requires work.18:21
gamerchick02yeah, the website team isn't exactly speedy. :-/18:22
rick_h_ugh, this manager thing sounds like a mess. Guess my boss is actually a VP and they want him to start VP'ing more18:23
gamerchick02how do you VP more?18:23
brouschby doing less real work18:26
brouschand by knowing less about what your peons are doing18:26
ColonelPanic001SIGN ME UP18:26
brouschrick_h_: snap-l should apply to be your boss. imagine how much less stress you'd have18:27
gamerchick02i assume you need to know something to be a boss. i know nothing of what rick_h_ does, so i wouldn't be able to manage him18:28
ColonelPanic001that's only if you want to be effective18:28
gamerchick02yes i want to be effective18:29
ColonelPanic001there's no reason to stand out like that18:29
jrwrenrecall the "TEST ALL THE FUCKING TIME" presentation?  rick_h_ does one called "PYTHON ALL THE FUCKING TIME"18:35
DekkardI'm a boss18:37
gamerchick02you're a boss, Dekkard? what do you boss around?18:37
DekkardI dontknow much18:37
DekkardMonkees in a kitchen18:38
gamerchick02i was gonna say, if you need to boss an mechanical engineer around, i'll be bossed around for pay.18:39
rick_h_jrwren: hah, love it18:39
rick_h_gamerchick02: I don't know how you 'VP' more18:39
rick_h_I'm going to have nightmares now of someone wanting to come and be my boss that doesn't know crap :/18:40
gamerchick02i know stuff, just not the stuff i need to know to be your boss.18:40
rick_h_heh, I'm not sure what that is either lol18:40
Blazeixgamerchick02: that doesn't stop snap-l's new boss18:42
gamerchick02so is he a pointy-haired one?18:42
rick_h_*sigh* someone send me here pls: http://py.codeconf.com/18:43
rick_h_jcastro: how far are you from miami?18:43
binbrainrick_h_: $500 for a 2 dayer, I think they're trying to keep out the riff raff18:47
rick_h_binbrain: yea, I know18:47
rick_h_which makes me want to go more!18:47
Blazeixrick_h_ is falling to what we call the "apple effect"18:47
rick_h_but but but...18:48
rick_h_all the cool kids are going to be there18:49
rick_h_man, $500 for the conference, $180/night for the hotel18:50
rick_h_costing more than pycon at this point18:50
brouschmitsuhiko 2:29pm via Twitter for Mac: I will be at @PyCodeConf. Some speakers were just announced:http://t.co/x28oIvL18:52
Milyardo$500? What are they giving you that cost $500?18:52
MilyardoWill there be python powered robot death matches or something?18:52
rick_h_one can only hope!18:53
rick_h_snap-l: waldo323_ is mug a 501c3?18:56
rick_h_I know they were checking into it at one point18:57
waldo323_not at this point18:57
Blazeixlast I heard it wasn't18:57
rick_h_bah, ok18:57
MilyardoPythonmorphism versus The Egg Breaker live @ PyCodeConf!18:57
Milyardosounds awesome18:57
waldo323_i haven't read up yet are you checking to see if you're a member of a 501c3?18:58
rick_h_waldo323_: is mug a 501c3 non profit ?18:58
rick_h_sounds like not likely18:58
waldo323_mug isn't 501c318:59
rick_h_well booo, there went that idea18:59
rick_h_work is doing a program to encourage people to do some charity work.19:00
waldo323_ah, what is linux foundation?19:00
rick_h_8hrs of PTO and $300 for the charity if you can get 3 staff or more to go to an event and take pictures19:00
waldo323_ah, what about i3detroit?19:00
rick_h_not sure I can get 2 other staff there19:00
waldo323_they were closer to getting the 501c3 status than we were19:01
rick_h_yea, doesn't look like it. They've got a 'help wanted' for legal service to help setup the 501c319:02
rick_h_get your game on everyone19:03
gamerchick02http://gamerchick02.tumblr.com/post/8093050878/my-top-5-artists-week-ending-2011-7-24 my top artists are beautiful19:06
snap-lgamerchick02: My new boss is a she19:06
snap-land she's a micromanaging project manager type19:06
gamerchick02no. i do not need more games. >_< YOU ARE NOT HELPING, rick_h_19:06
gamerchick02ick, sorry, snap-l19:06
snap-ldrives me absolutely bat-shut insane19:06
gamerchick02bat shut?19:07
snap-lBat Shit19:07
snap-lI can't type19:07
gamerchick02anyway, i'm sorry about that. not all women are micromanagers19:07
gamerchick02i'm afraid i would be one; that's why i never want to manage other19:07
gamerchick02others, rather19:07
snap-lOh I know. I've had great bosses, both male and female19:07
snap-land I have had some that I want to kick to the curb19:07
gamerchick02yeah, same here19:08
snap-lI don't deal well with people who feel it necessary to show that they're doing something19:08
snap-lthe work speaks for itself.19:08
gamerchick02re humble indie bundle, i love the proportion that pays the most.19:08
gamerchick02yeah, the work speaks for itself but sometimes some people are happier that they have checkins19:08
gamerchick02and it works for me too, because then i get feedback on what exactly they want me to do19:09
snap-lCheckins are fine19:09
gamerchick02the only thing worse than someone who hovers over your shoulder is someone who's vague as hell about what they want.19:09
ColonelPanic001now that I think of it, I don't know that I've ever had a female supervisor since I worked retail19:09
ColonelPanic001I guess I haven't, really19:09
gamerchick02i had a female supervisor at Dow Auto. she didn't want me to go into engineering, just stay as a tech19:10
gamerchick02one of the reasons i'm fucked now19:10
snap-lThe thing that's driving me the most nuts is I'm supposed to be doing a knowledge transfer next week in IL19:10
ColonelPanic001mind meld?19:10
gamerchick02but also, i didn't have the (proverbial) balls to tell her to fuck off and to let me do what i want.19:10
snap-lWhich would be fine and good, save for a) some people already know what I know, and b) she's invited half the fucking company, who couldn't care less.19:11
gamerchick02that's annoying when there are too many people involved.19:11
snap-lIt's informal, but she wants slides19:11
snap-lI'm half tempted to let my sarcastic side go nuts, but I really can't be fucked to care.19:11
ColonelPanic001make one slide, just with  your name19:12
snap-lOr several slides that just happen to be my resume.19:12
ColonelPanic001ending with "please help"19:13
ColonelPanic001"feel free to email this slideshow around"19:13
jjessesome lady named julie jesse just forwarded her work travel information from her work account to her personal gmail account, except she had my email address19:16
jjesseso now i know exactly where she is traveling etc19:16
rick_h_stalker enabling isn't good19:16
gamerchick02oh, my god, is this ever good.19:17
gamerchick02Woodchuck's 80219:17
jjesseincluding the hotel she's staying19:20
jjessenow i can really stalk her19:20
gamerchick02i've sent replies to people who've sent me private information... "I think you have the wrong email address."19:25
gamerchick02sometimes I get embarrassed replies19:26
ColonelPanic001gamerchick02: Woodchuck's 802?19:28
gamerchick02yes. hard cider19:29
gamerchick02got it in a variety pack at meijer. good stuff19:29
ColonelPanic001I've had their "regular" and Granny Smith, never heard of 80219:33
gamerchick02it's in the variety box. sooooooooooo good19:36
gamerchick02irony is when you go out but the places you went aren't on foursquare.19:39
gamerchick02oh, i'm gamerchick02 on foursquare if anyone wants to play the location game with me.19:39
gamerchick02have you guys seen The Brads today? http://bradcolbow.com/archive/view/the_brads_this_is_why_your_newspaper_is_dying/#When:09:36:49Z19:46
gamerchick02+1 to all of that.19:46
ColonelPanic001never heard of the brads19:47
gamerchick02it's a webcomic19:52
gamerchick02i thought i found it in here.19:53
gamerchick02maybe snap-l sent it. i can't remember19:53
brouschweb comic? probably snap-l19:53
gamerchick02it was when the drm one came out, i thik19:54
snap-lI love how a large company can have so much useless documentation.20:19
gamerchick02most large companies have useless docs20:20
ColonelPanic001I seem to have the opposite problem, often.20:24
snap-lToo many good docs?20:24
gamerchick02not enough documentation?20:24
MilyardoUseless as in its relevence has been lost, or useless as in its never been relevent to begin with?20:24
snap-lUseless as in the install instructions assume you have a copy of it already.20:25
gamerchick02that's dumb20:26
gamerchick02but then again, i'm a dumb mechanical engineer, what do i know?20:26
snap-lI think I'm going to just mine bitcoins20:26
gamerchick02maybe i should do that for income.20:26
Milyardo"You should contact your System Administrator concerning the installation of this application." I am the SysAdmin! D: What do?20:27
gamerchick02contact God. he would know.20:27
gamerchick02god is your sysadmin? :-P20:28
snap-lYeah, I love it when Windows says that.20:29
brouschMilyardo: you go get trained on how to install the software for $2000/day20:29
Milyardo$2000/day? Why don't I get paid that much for developing said software?20:30
gamerchick02because you just develop and aren't a "manager"20:30
gamerchick02ie, you DO something.20:30
MilyardoSo I thought I was demoing an application in development at 2 today. It's 4:40 and I haven't seen another person in the office since 11.20:37
snap-lMilyardo: How's the demo going? :)20:38
MilyardoIt would have been awesome two hours ago, now I busy refactoring stubbed out methods20:39
Milyardoshould be another hour or so before it even compiles again20:39
snap-lhttp://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/95920/what-is-each-time-through-a-loop-called <- Headdesk20:40
Milyardosnap-l: Sounds like someone trying to get an question answered for his CompSci 100 class?20:46
snap-lYeah, no kiddding20:46
Milyardo4 questions in 120:48
brouschdarnit. i was going to signup to be rick_h_'s pyohio session chair, but someone else has it already20:48
binbrainI'm confused, all of a sudden my Android has tethering, and it works like a dream20:59
binbrainI'm trying to figure out when this happened, but everything I see says that its blocked by most carriers and cost extra20:59
brouschthey'll just charge you what they want. don't worry about it21:00
binbrainI live in NYC, I basically do that for everything now21:01
gamerchick02maybe it's not blocked by your carrier, binbrain21:47
mattmichielsengamerchick02: yes, Gentex is hiring, pay is on par with a lot of others on this side of the state22:53
mattmichielsenall kinds of different engineering positions22:54
gamerchick02i've already applied to a bunch of their positions22:54
gamerchick02never got callbacks22:54
mattmichielsenhow long ago?22:54
gamerchick02it's just nobody ever calls or emails me back22:54
mattmichielsenwe just doubled our HR department, mostly new recruiters22:54
mattmichielsengrowing like crazy22:55
brouschhey, mattmichielsen woke up!22:55
gamerchick02wow. HR. ok.22:55
mattmichielsenfinally logged into my server with screen/irssi22:55
* gamerchick02 doesn't put much stock in HR, sorry. i've been screwed by them.22:55
brouschi'm finding more recruits for you22:55
mattmichielseni haven't set up a firewall rule to get to this box from the outside world yet since i started using linux as a router22:56
mattmichielsena lot of the new HR guys are pretty cool, some of them worked with me in production support22:59
brouschi assume you're hiring HR guys because you're more actual workers22:59
mattmichielsenThat's pretty much where most people start these days23:01
mattmichielseni started in this position way back in 2001 or so: https://tbe.taleo.net/NA4/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=GENTEX&cws=1&rid=64523:01
gamerchick02i don't program. it's not a strength of mine. never has been23:02
gamerchick02probably never will be.23:02
mattmichielsenthat's cool, the first one i posted is definitely worth checking out23:03
mattmichielsenif you want a for-sure callback, pm me your name23:03
mattmichielsenif you've applied for anything before, you'll be in HRs system23:03
gamerchick02first one requires a CS degree. I'm a ME23:03
mattmichielsenmost people we hire for that job are MEs23:04
gamerchick02i took pascal and got nothing out of it. then they dropped all programming form the ME degree after i suffered through that torturous class.23:04
gamerchick02from rather23:05
mattmichielsenthe Production Support Engineer job is not programming-related23:05
mattmichielsenit's our entry-level engineering spot23:05
mattmichielsenpeople move from there to more technical stuff or into management23:05
gamerchick02will i be doing mechanical engineering stuff related to parts or plastics design? i'm NOT an HVAC engineer (if i was i'd have a job but i'd cry every night because it's so damn boring)23:09
gamerchick02nor am i qualified to be an HVAC engineer (the thermo branch of stuff is not my strong suit)23:09
gamerchick02i've applied for it.23:11
mattmichielsenit's more production support, but most people who want to do ME type stuff move into process engineering in 6 months to a year23:12
gamerchick02i'm more into product stuff, but i guess beggars can't be choosers.23:13
mattmichielsenusually people move into product stuff after a couple years of process engineering23:15
gamerchick02ah. paying dues thing. i get it.23:15
gamerchick02i was a slave when i was in school, i know the drill. ;) (kettering university broke me)23:15
rick_h_<3 the MS + facebook bit23:15
gamerchick02so do i. saw that, it was awesome.23:15
rick_h_lol http://www.reddit.com/r/javascript/comments/j0lw1/has_anyone_reverse_engineered_the_add_to_circles/23:30
rick_h_Blazeix: you have that done right? ^^23:30
gamerchick02i've got another person interested in Ubuntu...23:37
* gamerchick02 does a happydance23:37
gamerchick02very yay :)23:38
rick_h_ok, ordered 4 new usb sticks for putting tutorial files on before the talk23:40
rick_h_that should be enough right?23:40
snap-lY'know, my Dad was talking about having Ubuntu on his new laptop23:41
snap-lhe really likes it.23:41
snap-lrick_h_: LMK if you need some more USB keys23:42
snap-lI have a few if you need them23:42
rick_h_snap-l: ok, cool23:43
rick_h_I just planne don getting some small cheap ones, nothing I don't mind walking away kind of thing23:44
gamerchick02snap-l, that's cool23:46

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