Unit193If lm-sensors doesn't find anything and there is no /proc/acpi/thermal_zone, is acpi -t Thermal 0: ok, 59.5 degrees C correct? (I know, idiot question)05:20
BiosElementHowdy folks ^_^05:28
Unit193BiosElement: Howdy! It's been a little bit05:28
BiosElementYeah, I still haven't gotten around to re-installing quassel on my server after I wiped it to setup a Minecraft server.05:28
Unit193Thoughts on going to OLF?05:36
BiosElementAlready planning on it.05:36
BiosElement-gOSWell IRCCloud isn't bad either heh05:42
BiosElementAnd yay, weechat no longer looks horrid06:34
BiosElementWow, Mozilla really doesn't know what they're doing anymore. They're now making thier own ChromeOS.12:09
thafreakBiosElement: what's wrong with mozilla competing in the chromeos arena?13:49
jrgiffordWell, looks like we've got enough interest for a ReLoCo, just nobody to run it.14:24
Cheri703Whoever wants to hop up and take it, go for it14:25
Cheri703or have a few people that cycle through14:25
Cheri703it's really pretty darn informal, at least mansfield's is14:26
Cheri703and honestly "running it" is...not terribly time consuming, perhaps I should put more time into ours (probably should), but...it doesn't take much effort14:27
Cheri703(I'm going to be in and out for about the next 30 min and then gone for 45, but type stuff and I'll respond when I can :) )14:28
jrgifford(OK. :) )14:29
jrgiffordSo what kind of things do you do at a meeting? I've never been to one. :P14:29
Cheri703we just kind of hang out, talk computers or other things that are interesting, and help out if someone is having difficulty with something. Or have someone talk (very informally) about a new thing they've been working on. ours are more social than structured14:42
Cheri703scooter2: hola!14:42
scooter2Cheri703: Hi!14:51
Cheri703how have you been?14:52
scooter2Pretty well, how about you?14:52
Cheri703doing alright, CRAZY busy this week14:55
Cheri703actually have to leave in about 5 minutes, but will be back on in about an hour14:55
Cheri703scooter2: do you ever make it over to ubuntu-women?14:55
Cheri703well #ubuntu-women14:55
scooter2Oh no! I didn't get back in time (my cat was doing cute things). I hope you're week gets better!15:03
scooter2I have #ubuntu-women open, but I never have really interacted with the group.15:05
Cheri703scooter2: you should :) it's a great group15:53
scooter2Cheri703: Cool! I'll check out their website.15:54
paultaghello, world!16:21
paultagHow goes, me'friends?16:21
Cheri703hola paultag16:25
paultagCheri703: howdy :)16:26
paultagHow's life in the big O-H ?16:26
Cheri703how's bawstin?16:26
Cheri703it's going alright16:26
paultagCheri703: sickkkkk. As usual. Loving loive ATM16:26
paultaglife *16:26
Cheri703good good :)16:26
paultagCheri703: I could use a nap, though :)16:27
Cheri703my husband got a job (FINALLY) and is enjoying it, AND after just under a week, has probably moved to a position that will pay $5 more /hour16:27
Cheri703I know the feeling16:27
paultagCheri703: wooo :) congrats :)16:30
Cheri703not 100% positive he'll get a raise right away, but it's probable :)16:31
paultagCheri703: :D16:32
Cheri703yeah, it's wonderful, especially since this week would have been his LAST unemployment payment unless he got another extension (almost a year of being unemployed)16:33
Unit193We got our pizza back!20:53
cosmicpizzahi there howdy ?20:56
Unit193Welcome to the Ubuntu Ohio LoCo!20:57
cosmicpizzawhat means loco ?20:58
Unit193Local Community20:59
paultagwanadoo.fr -- initeresting21:42
paultagcosmicpizza: are you french or using a proxy? :)21:42
* BiosElement waves21:50

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