ChinnoDogSomeone with experience drilling holes into walls: What does it mean when my stud detector goes nuts at many places on the wall?01:08
rmg51you found many nails?01:10
ChinnoDogIt is the electronic type of stud sensor, not the magentic kind01:11
rmg51or you have metal studs01:11
ChinnoDogSo, ultrasound01:11
ChinnoDogIf I move it vertically or horizontally it detects high density areas all over the place and also throws errors at other places01:12
rmg51then you found many studs in one place01:12
ChinnoDogDoesn't seem possible. They aren't evenly spaced01:13
ChinnoDogPerhaps I would be better off using a drywall anchor so I don't drill into anything important01:13
rmg51punch a hole, look in :-D01:14
ChinnoDogoh. It isn't really relevant. I don't know where my drill bits are01:15
rmg51still at the store?01:17
ChinnoDogI am not at the store. I was looking through my box'o screws01:18
rmg51I was referring to the drill bits01:19
ChinnoDogooh. lol01:21
ChinnoDogNo, I have a set somewhere01:22
ChinnoDog... in a box01:22
newPAubuntuUSERno one on should of figured lol02:47
newPAubuntuUSERoh well try again another time02:48
* ChinnoDog shrugs03:04
InHisNameYea, rmg51 beat JonathanD up to first morning greeting of the day.10:17
JonathanDI forgot this channel :P10:18
JonathanD09:25:24 <+JonathanD> Morning.10:18
rmg51shame shame10:18
rmg51I don't speak utc :-/10:19
JonathanDI'll give a talk on it next year.10:25
andrewInHisName: I beg to differ: 01:43:01 < JonathanD> I woke up.12:47
JonathanDoh, right.13:10
ChinnoDogPeople on the metro don't like mornings either. It is silent on the ride in.13:13
InHisNameChinnoDog: are you insinuating that SEPTA rail folks are noisy?13:15
ChinnoDogidk. I don't ride SEPTA. Do they talk in the morning?13:16
InHisNameSince their big price jack for surbanites, I haven't been on in months.13:16
InHisNameI did ride subway twice this summer.  Not rush hour.   Few spoke to others.   Lotta equipment noise need to be a foot away to hear.13:18
ChinnoDogHow much does it cost you? I think it is costing me like $4.65 just to come in here in the morning.13:19
ChinnoDogI forget what the trip back costs.13:19
ChinnoDogI can save money by coming in late but only a few cents by coming in early13:20
InHisNameTrain used to be only that.  Now RUSH price ALL the time.  $6 or $7 each.    Subway is one token, we buy 10 and save some.13:22
JonathanDneeds to go down, not up13:23
JonathanDget people off the durn roads.13:23
ChinnoDogI save a few cents each trip because I have a non-disposable metrocard, but that is it13:23
InHisNameCheck the unlimited usage monthly pass.  May be way cheaper than 20 round trips, worth it if you travel 5x a week.13:26
InHisNamePlus bonus of travel nights weekends no extra charges.13:27
ChinnoDogI think I already checked13:29
ChinnoDogyea, not worth it. The longest they do is 7-day fast pass for $47.13:31
ChinnoDogThus far I've been putting $20/wk on my card and haven't run out yet.13:31
ChinnoDogOnly other ways for me to get discounts is to be in primary or secondary school, be a senior, or be disabled. I'm not growing any younger, 32 is too young to pass as a senior, and being disabled does not sound very fun.13:33
InHisNameAND its not 59 or 62 BUT fully 65.   I gotta wait some more too.13:34
InHisNameI am at begining of R2 line at Warminster.   Do you also travel the full length of a line ?13:36
JonathanDI know I took the train from norristown to conshohocken the other day.13:36
JonathanDand it was $3 something.13:36
InHisNameCoulda ridden a bicycle on the trail  !     V8 head smack time.13:37
JonathanDInHisName: need moar tiers.13:37
JonathanDalso need bike, but thats sort of related.13:37
InHisNameCount in family is 12 bikes.   4 are mine.13:38
JonathanDInHisName: my bike is in my parents storage unit.13:38
JonathanDit has 2 dry rotted tires.13:38
ChinnoDogI have a bike. It needs new tires, and maybe new pedals depending on how much I fear for my life using the current ones13:39
JonathanDwhat do bike tires cost anyway?13:39
JonathanDcoffee time.13:39
ChinnoDogI figure after it cools off a bit I will tote it over to the local bike shop and tell them to make it better.13:39
InHisNameHaven't bought any in 22 years.   My stored ones are getting a little dried out now.13:39
ChinnoDogtires in 22yrs??13:40
InHisNameI paid under $10 back then13:40
ChinnoDogMy tires have slime in them. I am afraid my slime is dried out.13:40
JonathanDInHisName: so it's probably $50 each by now ;)13:40
InHisNameI had like 20 tires when I got married in 92.  Riding LOTS less with foster parenting.13:41
InHisNameTires last longer when you ride lots less.13:41
InHisNameBiketiresdirect.com has from $15  up to UGGGHA  $75 (probably only fits on racing bikes)13:47
ChinnoDogidk how to put tires on myself. Is that difficult?13:48
InHisNameCan be, I can put them on with hands only.  A few tighter ones I resort to using tire irons to help out.   Getting them off is a bit harder.  More usage of irons.13:49
InHisNameSo many sizes, styles etc.  Need to be sure you have right one chosen to buy.13:51
ChinnoDogI think I"ll let the bike shop do it13:51
ChinnoDogI work on computers. Bike shop can work on my bicycle13:52
jedijfWOW. why did i wait so long to switch to chrome in the office? *big* difference14:22
jedijfon my only available option of crappy regular dsl14:23
waltmanI've had to give up on safari on my imac at Drexel. Not only is it slow, but it somehow manages to slow down everything else, too.14:32
jedijfyou know, i have been blaming vmware, but maybe i'll find that ff was doing the same forme14:35
ChinnoDogvmware makes a good scapegoat14:40
JonathanDso does jedijf14:41
JonathanDjedijf: stop making my computer slow.14:41
teddy-dbearjedijf: doesn't make computers run slow....14:43
teddy-dbearhe makes them stop running :-D14:44
jedijfthat's called learning14:44
jedijfi use epiphany mobile, maybe i'll try chrome14:45
ChinnoDogJonathanD: add more yeast. It works for bread.14:54
jedijfstanding desk hack with milk crates15:14
ChinnoDogI need to change my legal name into something more unique15:25
JonathanDlike ChinnoDog?15:37
ChinnoDogNo, not that unique. haha15:38
waltmanIf I wanted to be pedantic, I'd point out that being unique is like being pregnant, you either are or your aren't.15:43
jedijfi have always thought we shouldall take on our nicks as fictitious names15:44
JonathanDWorks for me.15:45
jedijflol. done huh?15:45
JonathanDPretty much ;)15:45
ChinnoDogPeople only call me ChinnoDog at IRC related events. haha15:47
waltmanPeople called me waltman before IRC :)15:47
ChinnoDogBefore I was ChinnoDog I was Orion, before I knew there were actual people with that name. And occasionally I was SnowDog as Orion became common on IRC networks.15:49
ChinnoDog10 points if you know where "SnowDog" came from.16:41
waltmanThe Iditarod?16:43
teddy-dbearmaybe the movie Snow Dogs17:33
ChinnoDogI don't know that movie18:06
ChinnoDogThat movie is from 2002. I was using SnowDog in 1995.18:07
pleia2typical formulaic disney kids movie18:07
ChinnoDogpleia2: seen it?18:08
pleia2I wouldn't say that, it was playing on a tv in a room I happened to be in once18:09
waltmanYou had a pet huskie?18:13
waltmanYou ARE a husky?18:13
ChinnoDogI had a german shepard for about 3 weeks as a teenager. It liked to take me on walks. Aside from that, never owned a dog.18:14
waltmanDid it like the snow?18:15
ChinnoDogidk. The 3 weeks were during the summer.18:16
waltmanAnd that's why you were called SnowDog? Weird.18:22
ChinnoDogNo. Keep guessing.18:25
teddy-dbearmaybe he liked to eat yellow snow ;-)18:32
waltmanIt's cockney rhyming slang for quahog?18:34
ChinnoDogwaltman: no19:26
ChinnoDoghi js2day19:54
js2dayhey, was afk. new to irc here20:17
JonathanDwelcome jedijf20:17
JonathanDwelcome js2day20:19
* ChinnoDog throws ayucuk a life preserver23:52
ChinnoDogmust not be helping23:56
ayucukwhat is a life preserver?23:56
ChinnoDogThe foam rings on a boat you throw into the water to rescue people23:57
ayucuki just joined this and i'm trying to figure out how things work, i thought it would show some help, like in the terminal, if i typed in help23:57
ayucukok, why does it look different than regular messages?23:57
ChinnoDogResults vary based on the client. If you get the help from the server it is pretty much useless23:58
ChinnoDogoh. Because it is an action23:58
ayucukim also looking online23:58
* ChinnoDog slaps ayucuk around a bit with a large trout23:58
ayucukyea, how do u write stuff like that?23:58
ChinnoDogPreface messages with /me to create an action23:58
* ayucuk jumps23:59
ayucuki see23:59

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