wrstso yaourt makes the package i suppose?00:00
chris4585yeah something like that00:00
chris4585aur <300:00
chris4585I wish something existed like that for ubuntu...00:00
chris4585I mean ppas are great but just don't compare to aur / yaurt00:00
wrstno and I like how they are seperate really from the rest of the system00:00
wrston some that might be "suspect"00:01
wrstand I have been loving not having to worry about release cycles00:01
webjockyevening folks, anyone alive or JaBoI?02:10
wrsthey webjocky02:11
wrstand linuxman41002:11
webjockyoh wow. response!02:11
linuxman410wrst how are you02:11
linuxman410webjocky how r u02:11
webjockynot too bad - a bit shocked, I/O on IRC isn't what it used to be ;)02:12
wrstgood linuxman410 what you have going on today?02:12
linuxman410wrst u ever tried zenix os02:12
wrstno linuxman410 what is it?02:13
linuxman410http://zenix-os.net/   this one02:13
wrstwebjocky: you may just be here at the wrong time o' day :)02:13
webjockymight be..02:14
wrstlinuxman410:  that looks super light weight02:14
linuxman410wrst yeah i know i am downloading it now02:14
webjockyso I'm digging through google's massive db searching for a driver or any way to get my eSATA HDD working via 10.04 - to no avail. Was wondering if anybody could lend some advice. It's a Intel Marvell 88E6145 chipset.02:15
linuxman410wrst all my machines are running lubuntu but one i only have one with the power to run ubuntu02:15
linuxman410webjocky good luck i have a small form factor pc with marvell nic and it will not work with linux02:17
wrstthe esata the issue webjocky?02:18
webjockyDoesn't show up in Disk Utility. BIOS sees the drive attached.02:19
webjockylinuxman: thnx for the encouragement ;) - zenix looks pretty nice02:19
wrsthmm webjocky I've used eSATA but never had issues02:20
wrstyou using a SATA from your motherboard?02:20
webjockyyeah, everything I've read says that you have to mount the drive before use (obviously), but that it should just 'show up' under the Places menu.02:21
webjockyYes. eSATA & SATA from my mobo: Intel DP55KG02:21
webjockyalso have a 3rd pty RAID card installed - working fine.02:22
wrsthmm webjocky does sudo fdisk -l show your hard drive?02:22
* webjocky opens terminal to find out02:22
wrstthat will atleast let you know if you are having an issue detecting the hardware or an issue mounting the drive02:22
webjockyWell darnit, it's not listed.02:27
wrsthmm well02:27
wrstdon't know what that means :)02:27
wrstsounds like some part of that equation isn't being detected02:28
wrstof coruse :)02:28
webjockyI even got happy for a sec. Saw a 2TB device show up (size I'm looking for) - but then realized it's just my RAID5 (3x1TB drives)...02:28
webjockyhmm. no secret places to look for crazy drivers? lol02:29
wrstwebjocky: looks like a problem that several have02:29
wrstwebjocky: seen this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=164724502:31
wrstpoints to a solution here: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=85158802:32
webjockydef. not - never occurred to me that ubuntuforums.org might actually have something to do with ubuntu... thnx, reading.02:32
webjockywow. that actually sounds promising. Thanks!02:34
wrstwebjocky: this appears to tell how to do it in ubuntu if you connect the dots:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68196302:35
* webjocky is skeptical, that looks waaaaay too easy.02:36
wrstyeah i was thinking the same thing webjocky :)02:40
webjockywe were right :)02:40
wrstafraid of that :)02:40
webjockyI'm running 10.04 Desktop.02:40
webjockylinux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22-14-server = "is not installed"02:40
wrstshould all work out the same on that end of things02:40
wrstyou would have to substitute the kernel you are running02:40
* webjocky shows his n00b02:40
wrstdo a uname -a02:40
wrstand that will tell you the kernel version02:41
webjockytnx for the tip02:41
wrstwish we had a little more of an expert here than me :)02:42
webjockywell, you're a step up from me so I'm happy for the moment :D02:43
webjockyI tried the same command with my kernel version: linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.32-33-generic  still says "is not installed"02:43
wrsti'm a little doubtful about that not for sure what that does looks like a reboot would do the same thing02:44
wrsthmm don't guess it would because that is taking the kernel modules out02:45
Xpistospace_t_zulu: Are you around?15:03
wrstXpistos: i'm betting not :)17:03
wrsthow are you doing Xpistos?17:09
Xpistosworking on church website17:10
Xpistosor church festival website17:12
wrstahh free work17:19
wrsthowdy ubuntulo1_19:06
wrsthowdy Unit19319:07
Unit193wrst: Thanks, and howdy!19:11
wrstUnit193: good day?19:12
Unit193wrst: Sure. I used telnet for IRC last night :D19:15
wrstreally... telnet? haven't used that in a LONG time :)19:15
Unit193Doing it for IRC does make it much harder, but doable19:17
wrstare you just telnetting into a server somewhere or is there more to this than I'm seeing Unit193?19:18
Unit193telnet irc.freenode.net 66719:18
wrstahh really19:38
Unit193You need to respond to IRC server pings and prefix all messages with "privmsg #ubuntu-us-tn :This is my message"19:39
wrsthmm let me try putty19:40
wrsti'm on winders Unit193 so tried with the command prompt19:40
Unit193Nice, putty 0.61?19:40
wrstok found my hostname..19:41
wrsthmm seem to be having connection issues but good thing to know19:43
Unit193You gotta be kinda quick19:43
wrsthmm what do you do when you get tot hat point?19:44
Unit193:adams.freenode.net NOTICE * :*** No Ident response  ?19:45
wrstfound a tut can't stay connected long enough :)19:46
Unit-TelnetIt worked19:50
wrstha ha19:51
Unit193CAP LS19:51
Unit193CAP REQ :identify-msg multi-prefix19:51
Unit193PASS pass19:51
Unit193USER Unit193 8 * :Unit-Telnet (Telnet)19:51
Unit193NICK Unit-Telnet19:51
Unit193CAP END19:51
Unit193After that, you may want to identify to nickserv19:51
wrsthmm my connection is quirky here at work let me try that at home19:51
wrstyep that worked19:53
Unit-TelnetNot as easy?19:53
wrstuhh no :)19:53
Unit-TelnetBut it is fun :P19:53
wrstyes and could be useful19:54
Unit-TelnetAnd you would see how it might be hard to stay connected (If you don't pong back, adios)19:55
wrstha ha yes19:56
wrstI like my flashy client Unit19319:56
Unit-TelnetBut can you do that?19:57
Unit-TelnetI kinda like this in a way, but irssi seems really easy after this :P19:58
wrstdo what? :)19:58
Unit-TelnetYou didn't see my version reply?19:58
wrstirssi I can handle but I prefer weecaht as far as non gui goes19:58
wrstahh yes I did :)19:58
Unit-TelnetFun? :D19:59
wrstha ha yes20:04
wrstcyberanger: should use that all the times he likes primitive stuff20:04
Unit193And you can give ctcp replys to people that didn't even request ^_^20:04
Unit-TelnetHe could figure out an easy way to keep it connected too...20:05
wrstoh yes he is a master of such things20:06
cyberangerwrst: use what20:19
cyberangerand primitive, heh, it works, why change20:19
Unit193cyberanger: Use telnet :P20:23
cyberangerUnit193: over ssh, why?20:24
Unit193cyberanger: We were talking about using telnet to connect to freenode directly (As I was doing it)20:25
cyberangerthat's unwise20:25
cyberangerah, yeah20:25
cyberangera royal pain20:25
cyberanger(and were you actually using telnet)20:26
Unit193privmsg ##ubuntu-us-tn :Yes I was20:26
Unit193We on the same TZ?20:26
cyberangerlol, was checking resopnse time, not realizing your telnet connection ended20:27
cyberangersince one can modify version info and such20:27
cyberangerbut if they're doing it by hand, replying to an unexpected ctcp takes time20:28
Unit193And you can't really get a ping20:29
Unit193cyberanger: You should have a random ctcp version reply :P20:29
cyberangerUnit193: random, why?20:29
Unit193cyberanger: Random because you didn't request one at the time :P20:30
cyberangeroh, unsolicited, yes20:30
Unit193:D I don't even remember what it said (It was really late last night...()20:31
cyberangerdoesn't confirm telnet over xchaat20:31
cyberangersince one can spoof with xchat20:31
Unit193Hmmm... Didn't know that20:31
cyberangerhence my ctcp20:31
cyberangerI think the same goes for irssi too20:32
wrsthey cyberanger20:59
cyberangerhey wrst21:41
chris4585wrst, I just realized packagekit doesn't require password to do anything23:19
chris4585I really like that23:19
cyberangerchris4585: mixed blessing23:28
cyberangerfor you, an adept user, sole user of the machine, wise enough23:29
cyberangerfor an office setting, poor23:29
chris4585cyberanger, yes well I'm sure there is a way to change that, but I lock my computer everytime I walk away from it23:30
cyberangeryeah, which wouldn't work for an office23:30
chris4585how many people work in the office with arch and packagekit?23:30
chris4585I'm not sure if fedora's settings are the same for packagekit23:31
chris4585but I'm starting to like packagekit a lot now23:31
cyberangerchris4585: in the US, or worldwide23:31
cyberangerand linux overall, enough23:32
chris4585well besides google..23:34
cyberangeryes, not everyone affords windows23:38
cyberangerlatin america, africa, the middle east & asia23:39
cyberangerI'm not saying rival microsoft, meerly it is used, and a concern for that fact23:39
wrstchris4585: yes im guessing some way to set that up?23:44

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