* Cheesehead comes back in for breakfast after a long morning painting14:04
h00kpainting, that sounds fun15:45
h00kI took a convenient motorcycle ride to our datacenter and back15:46
mikeputnamh00k: when i interned at a bank, i'd ride my motorcycle to work and bungee desktops to the rear seat15:47
mikeputnamthen claim mileage15:47
h00kmikeputnam: that's awesome. I have the Ubuntu bag from store.canonical.com that fits my laptop nicely15:47
* Cheesehead comes in for a break after this fifth hour of painting.18:54
CheeseheadAh, I think I'm about done with it for the day.18:54
CheeseheadNow for more bookkeeping...18:54
Cheesehead...or perhaps a nap first...19:02
h00knaps are fantastic19:13
h00kI want one.19:33
h00kbut I have to iron a bunch again.19:33
* Cheesehead yawns23:25
CheeseheadThat was a great nap23:25
CheeseheadFollowed by a couple great hours of (sigh) bookkeeping23:25
h00kmore ironing23:27
CheeseheadWhat are you ironing, an airport?23:27
h00kno, chair covers for the reception23:28
CheeseheadCongratulations must be  in order then. When is the date?23:28
CheeseheadMost felicitations.23:29
CheeseheadMy wedding was a lot of fun. My bro-in-law did the DJ, and he was great.23:30
CheeseheadHow do you type while ironing?23:31

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