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dakermorning ツ12:20
cjohnstonczajkowski: daker mhall119 nigelb, the issues with cranberry (the server we use) will (hopefully) be resolved when new hardware arrives.14:30
mhall119is all of cranberry going to the new server?14:38
cjohnstoni believe its just beefing up cranberry14:38
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dakerblah blah22:41
dakerthe contributor agreement sucks :/22:42
mhall119daker: how so?22:42
dakereach time you write a code for a project owned by canonical, you will be faced to someone saying :"pls sign the contributor agreement"22:44
dakerHow to submit it by email:22:45
dakerFill in your name and contact information on the agreement document and sign it.22:45
dakerScan the document and send it in an email to contributor-agreement@canonical.com and to the project lead for the project in question (usually, that's the person who asked you to send in the form)22:46
dakerthis is really ridiculous22:46
dakermhall119, nigelb cjohnston https://blog.mozilla.com/webdev/2011/07/26/scaling-django-to-a-global-audience-with-playdoh/22:57
mhall119daker: not all projects23:06
dakerwhat do you mean ?23:06
mhall119and that's been around for a while, though they've changed the license recently to not require copyright assignment23:06
mhall119daker: not all canonical projects require the CA23:07
mhall119there's a list of the ones that do23:08
mhall119they're mostly desktop technologies23:08
dakerthe ensemble guys told me that i need to that to get my MP merged23:08
dakerthis made me very angry è_é23:12
cjohnstonLP requires one23:56

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