cndbryceh, would you be able to SRU the fix for bug 806256 to 11.04?00:57
ubot4Launchpad bug 806256 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "xf86PostMotionEvent resets cursor to upper left (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80625600:57
cndit's fixed in oneiric, so it should be easy as far as SRUs go00:57
RAOFBah.  Building xf86-video-intel twice, one with uxa and one with sna is *almost* easy.04:38
tjaaltoncnd: bryceh might be on paternity leave, but i can sru it next week when i'm back05:24
RAOFtjaalton, cnd: Or I could SRU it :)05:31
tjaaltonthat works too :)05:36
cndRAOF, tjaalton: thanks!15:01
bjsniderricotz, i discovered what was happening. i tried flash in firefox since you said it worked. the same crash happened, except instead of the desktop being indefinitely suspended, after about 30 seconds firefox reports flash crashed and then you can move on. chromium doesn't ever give up trying to make the plugin work.15:23
bjsniderricotz, have you got /etc/adobe/mms.cfg on your system?15:24
ricotzbjsnider, hi, no, i dont have this file15:48
bjsnideryeah so on  your system vdpau probably wasn't enabled and that's why you didn't experience this issue with firefox15:49
ricotzbjsnider, mhh, the plugin configuration said the acceleration is enabled15:51
ricotzi.e. also mplayer uses it15:51
bjsniderricotz, at once point that file had to be present for hardware accel to work, but that may have changed15:59
shadeslayerbtw does anyone have a ATi card and when you install the fglrx driver you get a "AMD Unsupported Hardware" watermark at the bottom left?16:06
ricotzbjsnider, ok, the flash plugin doesnt seem to use libvdpau while running16:10
bjsniderricotz, i just tested it without that file present and it seems stable now16:13
ricotzbjsnider, ok adding the file enables it16:23
ricotzbjsnider, ok, i wont do that again :P16:30
ricotzxorg get stuck, killing it gets you back to normal16:31
ricotzbjsnider, if you wrote something after my last line ("ok adding the file enables it"), i didnt got it16:35
floppsyhello. I have a problem with the X server (i think). Booting works fine, but screen stays black. I can change to Terminal, login and so on, but don't see anything. Booting with nomodeset option helps, so I can see, what I type. X does not work. I tried natty first. It did not work. So I tried oneiric, which is not working either. graphic card is radeonhd 2400.16:54
floppsyand xorg.0.log ist nopasted at http://paste.ubuntu.com/652520/16:54
bjsniderricotz, why, did the crash happen for you?17:00
ricotzbjsnider, it doesnt crash17:02
ricotzxorg freezes and stuck17:02
ricotzthe xorg process17:02
bjsniderwell, whatever17:05
bjsniderso it isn't specifically my system or my flash package that did it17:05
bjsniderwe'll just have to do without vdpau in flash for the time being17:05
bjsniderricotz, i was only explaining what the issue was, i wasn't insinuating that you should try to make the issue appear on your system17:06
bjsnidernot until you were ready for it anyway17:07
bjsnidersomething is terribly wrong when flash can take down xorg though17:07
ricotzbjsnider, yeah, i was prepared for it, but i messed up saving some logs17:08
ricotzif there were any17:08
bjsniderif you were using firefox i think the issue would have been cleared up after 30 seconds or so17:08
ricotzit is probably nvidias fault here17:09
ricotzit happens when i switch to a new video17:09
ricotzplaying/jumping/fullscreen-toggle/resolution-changing worked for the first one17:10
bjsnideryeah, it always happens on a switch to a new video for me17:10
bjsniderricotz, what do you have to do from ssh to resume, or is it just reboot?17:13
ricotzbjsnider, as i wrote ;) -- killing xorg and login again17:17
ricotzover ssh17:17
ricotzbjsnider, more precisely, i looked for the troubled process, killed it and restarted gdm17:22
bjsniderricotz, any idea why xorg freezing would cause the keyboard but not the mouse to be unresponsive?17:32
ricotzdont know, the mouse is a bit special with its own buffer17:38
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bjsniderricotz, i think at some point soon this should be reported to nvidia17:56
bjsniderand you are elected since you can get logs and whatnot via ssh17:57
ricotzbjsnider, http://forums.adobe.com/thread/87749518:02
Sarvattion vdpau has been busted since 270.xx, probably a different bug18:04
bjsniderricotz, the answer to the last guy's question is no doubt by manually adding that file18:09
ricotzSarvatt, perhaps, but could be related18:17
ricotzbjsnider, yeah18:18
ricotzSarvatt, any chance you are planning xserver 1.11 for edgers?18:20
bjsniderthose posts make it sound like adobe is responsible18:22
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dupondjeSomebody has any idea on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/816588 ?18:50
ubot4Launchpad bug 816588 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Changing Caps Lock to Shift Lock does not work (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]18:50
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BigWhaleAnyone knows what's the status of fglrx drivers in Oneiric?22:48
soreauBigWhale: That's not exactly a pointed question22:56
soreauwhat are you wanting to know specifically?22:56
BigWhaleWell, mostly if it is working. :) When I tried to use it in Alpha1 I failed.22:57
soreauWhat card model do you have?22:58
BigWhaleHD6850 which works in Natty and fglrx22:58
soreauYou might try the open radeon driver as it is the default22:58
BigWhalebut Oneiric ships with different kernel and at that point fglrx didn't work.22:59
BigWhaleyeah I am using radeon driver now.22:59
soreauSo far as fglrx goes, the status is probably the same as it is from the AMD site22:59
RAOFAFAIK, fglrx should be working now.23:01
BigWhaleI have some performance issues in OpenShot and I'd like to rule out the graphics driver.23:03

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