superflymorning sakhi06:03
superflymorning maiatoday!06:15
superflyhiya apie06:18
apiehello superfly :)06:19
apiehmmm this coffee sure is good on a cold cold morning. what's with this cold front on the east coast, whoa.06:20
LangjanHi all the boffins, what do I do now? Ubuntu installed some updates but is now sticking on update manager/applying changes/bumblebee configuration/do you want to reconfigure bumblebee???  but the "yes" and "no" buttons do not work.  06:29
apiehi Langjan 06:33
apiesorry I can't say, I never had that before, bumblebee that is. 06:33
apieno pop-up boxes in the background waiting for an answer?06:33
LangjanYes apie, the popup box asks whether I want to reconfigure bumblebee but the yes and no buttons are inactive06:49
Langjanhi kilos06:50
Kiloshi Langjan 06:50
Kilosmorning superfly 06:50
apiehello Kilos 06:51
KilosLangjan, are you winning06:51
Langjandis koud en nat in Barberton06:51
Kiloslo apie 06:51
apiedis koud en nat op die oos kus ook :(06:51
Kilosnog nie nat hier nie, net koud06:51
apiedit reen al vir 2 dae06:51
LangjanKilos, I have not been to my wifes machine if thats what you mean06:51
Kilosaw Langjan i was wondering why it didnt keep the icons right06:52
apieLangjan, is there a little arrow to drop down that update box and see details?06:53
Kilosapie, julle gelukkig julle is nie naby die sneeu nie06:53
LangjanYes, but that's not an urgent problem. I have this bumblebee update bug nuisance at the moment 06:53
LangjanYes apie, thats where I found the box that wants to know if I want to reconfigure and then does not permit me to select anything06:54
KilosLangjan, what is bumblebee for?06:54
apieLangjan, is it not a text output? do you not need to press Y/N on the key board?06:56
LangjanI have no idea, tried to find it in the applications, no success06:56
LangjanOK thanks apie, that got it going...swaar as jy dom is06:56
apieag nee ons leer maar so :)06:57
apiedit word net makliker06:57
Kilosslim apie 06:57
Kiloshy like om outoppies te help06:57
Maaznuvolari: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell nuvolari Het jy gewen met pa se rekenaar seun?" 2 days, 12 hours, 34 minutes and 54 seconds ago06:57
Kiloslo nuvolari 06:58
nuvolarilo oom Kilos :)06:58
nuvolarihoe gaan dit?06:58
Kilosgoed een daar06:58
nuvolarinee oom, nog nie reggekom met dit nie06:58
Kilospa se pc reg?06:58
nuvolarigaan 'n nuwe een vir hulle aanskaf06:58
nuvolarigaan goed dankie oom06:58
superflymorning Kilos06:59
Langjandankie boffins, my stelsel is nou weer op datum. Sien julle weer as die neukenaar weer neuk, intussen gaan ek nou probeer gholf speel tussen die reendruppels...06:59
Kiloshows the superfly and family, ,apart from cold06:59
apieno problem Langjan :)07:00
superflyKilos: ya, alright07:00
Kilosgeniet Langjan 07:00
apiehello nuvolari 07:00
Langjanjys 'n slim apie, nie soos kilos s'n wat net kan huh se nie!07:00
LangjanDankie kilos07:00
Kilosgaan speel jy07:01
Langjanok boetie ek maak so, groetnis van huis tot huis07:01
Kilosdankie oom07:02
nuvolarilo apie, superfly 07:08
apieI can't find out where google chrome keeps saved passwords. not even google knows :p07:09
apielogging off a bit, catch you folks later07:26
nuvolariapie: do you mean to clean them or the actual location?07:27
apiethe passwords? I want to move them into my ~Private directory so they are encrypted.07:28
apiei'll keep on looking later, it must be in .config/google-chrome some where. will look more later07:30
nuvolaristormy day11:00
Kilosis there something wrong with the internet or is it gmail thats battling to connect13:13
Kilosevolution struggling here13:13
KilosMaaz, coffee on13:14
* Maaz starts grinding coffee13:14
Kiloshey drubin , all well?13:15
Kilosafternoon maiatoday 13:15
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!13:18
KilosMaaz, danke13:18
nuvolariMaaz: when did you learn german?13:55
Maaznuvolari: *blink*13:55
highvoltageSymmetria: http://www.cablemap.info/15:25
highvoltage(you've probably seen that before)15:25
highvoltage(or know it by heart)15:25
SymmetriaI'm around16:11
KilosMaaz, coffee on16:22
* Maaz starts grinding coffee16:22
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!16:26
KilosMaaz, ty16:26
MaazEnjoy Kilos16:26
Kiloshmmm nagapie16:40
=== apie is now known as kbmonkey
Kiloshee hee hee16:40
Kiloshiya maiatoday 16:45
* Kilos thinks everyone is frozen here17:34
Kilosnight all. sleep warm17:47
Symmetria*HRM* 18:01
Symmetriathere is a very interesting trend on .za internet18:01
Symmetriawith traffic moving locally18:01
tumbleweeddoes that mean hosting in za has become affordable?18:36
highvoltagedid IS ever provide a split routing package that they do the split routing on their side?18:42
* highvoltage remembered it being high on the wishlist on IS labs18:43
kbmonkeyah great stuff superfly :)18:53
kbmonkeylove the humble bundles18:53
nuvolarinot for me this time19:00
* nuvolari is upset19:00
nuvolarimy bro-in-law's old lappy is really a doorstop, or a big paperweight19:01
nuvolariI finally gave up on it19:01
nuvolarithe real reason I'm upset is because he expected my parents to communicate with it properly for a long time, which I'm afraid is over19:04
nuvolaripersonally I believe that if you give someone something, don't do it half-heartedly19:06
nuvolari*something to someone19:06
kbmonkeyi hear you!19:06
nuvolariok. enough ranting for one night :P19:07
nuvolariso, how are you kbmonkey?19:07
nuvolarisad to say that I did not make much progress :(19:07
kbmonkeylike when they expect a 9 year old laptop that had 3 owners to still work when you fix it :p19:07
nuvolarikbmonkey: exactly!19:07
kbmonkeythere's a new humble bundle out as superfly just posted the link19:07
nuvolariye, I first need to finish the previous bundle :P19:08
kbmonkeyja nee, I had such a laptop to 'fix'. cdrom kept falling out the case, no jokes! 19:08
kbmonkeybut we can rant all we want, in the end, its how you take care of your hardware :)19:09
kbmonkeyag ja today was a rough one, didnt get to eat breakfast lunch or supper, and its still pouring. tomorrow will be better :]19:11
nuvolarikbmonkey: jinne! ja, het dit daar ook so kwaai gereën?19:28
nuvolarinonstop for over 24 hours now19:29
nuvolariPeople complained about the cold this morning, but I took a cold shower, so I didn't feel the cold :P19:29
kbmonkeyha ha! thats the way!19:30
kbmonkeyja it snowed in escourt region19:31
nuvolarilol, people don't listen when given instuctions for the biometric entry19:32
nuvolariso today it's raining cats and dogs19:32
nuvolariand because they didn't listen, they rush to get in19:32
nuvolariand then don't properly put their fingers on the pad19:32
nuvolarithen people need to run around opening doors :P19:33
kbmonkeyha ha. sounds like chaos!19:33
nuvolariworked for me every time 19:33
nuvolarithis is so wrong21:22
nuvolarisuperfly: all your fault21:22
nuvolarihumblebundle 3 looks awesome!21:23
kbmonkeyi know, right!21:33

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