wols_Mariorockspants: yes00:00
Mariorockspantswould ubuntu work on a desktop with 1TB of ram and a 3.0 ghz processor?00:00
spankbotMariorockspants: and bugs too00:00
exutuxyeah most ubuntuusers are ubuntuviruses00:01
ActionParsnipspankbot: did you gracefully remove the device?00:01
spankbotwith grace00:01
willystylee@exutux i did the command, it broght me to "GNU nano 2.2.2" what do i do from there how do i edit?00:01
TGRx00FFc92There is already system boards that support one Terabyte of RAM already?00:02
TGRx00FFc92Technology is moving way to fast...00:02
exutuxwillystylee: I don't know what you need modify at GRUB00:02
ActionParsnipTGRx00FFc92: I've seen one supporting 128Gb00:02
jointubuntu is taking over windows 800:02
willystyleei need to do the 'nomodeset' thing permanently00:02
exutuxwillystylee: you ask how edit grub from console00:03
willystyleemy monitor was powering off after boot00:03
spankbotActionParsnip plugged it back in and Rythm still shows the playlist and music.. if I nav the file system ipod/ipod_control/Music/*  there are several directories like "f22, f23, f24...." and all have MP3s, I'm looking at the entire Slayer album, South of Heaven as we chat.00:03
exutuxwillystylee: after "quiet splash nomodeset"00:03
ActionParsnipTGRx00FFc92: http://www.tyan.com/product_SKU_spec.aspx?ProductType=MB&pid=670&SKU=600000180    512Gb RAM00:03
willystyleeok but im in this strange screen thing no longer terminal "GNU nano 2.2.2"00:03
MicrosoftForTheWwill i get kicked if i spam?00:03
ActionParsnipspankbot: thats all I can suggest. I don't buy apple rubbish00:04
willystyleeit jsut shows blank in them iddle then "new file" nad a bunch of other keys to press00:04
MicrosoftForTheW 00:04
MicrosoftForTheW 00:04
MicrosoftForTheW 00:04
FloodBot1MicrosoftForTheW: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:04
exutuxwillystylee: it's an editor, can tou see GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" there?00:04
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faint545willystylee, your in a text editor?00:04
Mariorockspantswhat the00:04
willystylee@faint it shows nothing in the editor the cursor is just blinking at the top00:05
willystyleei think00:05
exutuxwillystylee: ok so you have wrong file name00:05
faint545willystylee, you are trying to edit grub? right?00:05
exutuxwillystylee: nano /etc/default/grub00:05
willystyleei did nano /etc/default/grub00:06
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faint545willystylee, what is it that you are trying to accomplish?00:06
MariorockspantsI'm going bye00:06
willystyleeit shows that open, but theres no text it seems blank00:06
tfdevif i have an integrated audio card on a discontinued laptop, would it be identified with the same name as the "chipset"?00:06
resnoim trying to mount a smb connection and im getting a weird error msg.00:06
exutuxfaint545: add nomodeset in grub00:06
willystyleei want to permanently do the 'nomodeset' thing because my monitor goes when grub loads up00:06
resnoi get the following: http://dpaste.com/577842/ when i try to mount a smb connection00:07
willystyleeim on the temporary boot00:07
exutuxwillystylee: ctrl X and close that file00:07
faint545ah... i dont see how you dont have a grub file..00:08
willystyleewont it reboot? will i have to hold shift and add nomodeset to the boot line for another temporary boot?00:08
gueriLLaPunKI have 9.10 and was wondering why copy and paste doesn't work? I can't copy and paste text from the viewer to the server and vise versa.00:08
gueriLLaPunKRealVNC viewer on Windows 700:08
faint545resno, install smbfs00:08
cisswillystylee: that your first server? or just ubuntu server?00:08
exutuxwillystylee: ls    /etc/default/grub says something?00:08
tfdevI just installed natty and im a first time linux user. I want to install the proper audio files but cant find the specific info on my laptop. can anyone help?00:09
resnofaint545: i already did... didnt i see you earlier?00:09
tfdevaudio drivers*00:09
faint545@resno no, sorry.00:09
resnofaint545: i already installed that though00:09
faint545@resno how are you typing in the command?00:09
resnofaint545:  mount -t cifs -o guest // /media/music/00:10
faint545@resno, you are tryig to mount a smb share? you should use smb as the type not cifs00:10
daviddoriahow do I get glx to work without an nvidia or ati card (it is just onboard video on the motherboard)?00:10
cattarhineI always thought SMB and CIFS were pretty much the same thing?00:11
resnofaint545: mount: unknown filesystem type 'smb'00:11
faint545@resno, err use smbfs00:11
ActionParsniptfdev: can you expand "proper audio files" please00:11
faint545@resno, not smb. sorry00:11
resnofaint545: new error http://dpaste.com/577846/00:12
spankbotAnyone running Ubuntu on a Laptop with a NVidia card and NVidia drivers have the issue where your logged off after 3-4 minutes if there is no power supply connected?00:12
ActionParsniptfdev: can you give the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh00:12
faint545@resno... try this.... sudo mount -t smbfs // /media/music/ -o user=guest00:14
exutuxnight all00:14
willystylee@exetux i did ls /etc/default/grub and it just showed the command i did when i pressed enter and thats it00:14
gogetaresno: if your mounting a windows share windows firewall will block it00:15
resnogogeta: ubuntu to ubuntu00:15
exutuxwillystylee: it return /etc/default/grub down the prompt?00:15
willystyleeerr, it just showed /etc/default/grub00:15
faint545@resno i believe it it should be username not user.00:15
exutuxwillystylee: so  nano   /etc/default/grub00:15
exutuxwillystylee: type  nano  /etc/default/grub00:16
willystyleewith those amount of spaces?00:16
ActionParsnipexutux: user will need to use sudo to get write access00:16
exutuxActionParsnip: he's in recovery00:16
resnofaint545: it keeps requesting a password.. even though there is none00:17
ActionParsnipexutux: cool, just covering the bases :)00:17
rwwSuperMarioRocks: I hope that answers your question.00:17
spankbotI'm feeling the room spin when it comes to NVidia drivers00:17
willystyleeit shows the text now exutux00:17
exutuxif I understand right, he said that he's in single00:17
faint545@resno, just it enter for an empty password00:17
gogetaexutux: he should be able to reset his menu just by doing update-grub200:17
bjornerikkhey guys! when I restart my computer the touchpad is crazy (cursor jumping around), and the only thing that fixes it is "modprobe -r psmouse" and then "modprobe psmouse". Why does that help?00:17
SuperMarioRocksrww: What are you talking about?00:18
rwwSuperMarioRocks: 00:03 < MicrosoftForTheW> will i get kicked if i spam?00:18
SitFlyHi, my laptop won't connect to my android's 3g wireless network. I have no clue where to begin to fix this problem00:18
exutuxgogeta: good point00:18
exutuxgogeta: you right00:18
ActionParsnipbjornerikk: it reloads the driver. I recommend you add that in /etc/rc.local so that it runs at boot00:18
exutuxwillystylee: do you have nomodeset now in that file?00:19
dr_willisSitFly:  has it ever worked?00:19
willystylee@exutux: ok i put nomodeset in there yea00:19
bjornerikkActionParsnip: I will do that, very good idea. Do you have a clue why it needs to be reloaded?00:19
willystyleebut how do i save it?00:19
SuperMarioRockswhat is the sudo command for?00:19
SitFlydr_willis: no00:19
rww!sudo > SuperMarioRocks00:19
ubottuSuperMarioRocks, please see my private message00:19
exutuxwillystylee: ctrl X00:19
willystyleeok ty00:19
ActionParsnipbjornerikk: justneeds to be done for some hardware00:19
resnofaint545: get the same error00:19
ActionParsnipSitFly: http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2009/08/28/tethering-an-android-phone-to-ubuntu-without-jailbreaking-or-installing-applications00:19
exutuxwillystylee: and Y and enter00:19
willystyleeit says "file name to write"00:20
bjornerikkActionParsnip: Okey, thats odd, thanks a bunch though00:20
willystyleethen more options00:20
alex--Which webhosting control panel do you guys recommend for a nas?00:20
exutuxwillystylee: so read!00:20
nnullwhy when i copy  files i get error splicing files, file too large00:20
exutuxwillystylee: confirm00:20
faint545@resno, can u give me the link to the error again?00:20
exutuxand YES00:20
rwwnnull: are you copying them to a FAT32 partition?00:20
notNicolasHi. I have ubuntu on a 40 gig partition, and there is a swap partition right after it00:21
ActionParsnipmsg ubottu !nomodeset00:21
resnofaint545: http://dpaste.com/577857/00:21
notNicolasI'd like to expand the size of my partition, but I can't because of that swap being in the way of having a continuous block of data00:21
SitFlyActionParsnip: with this method, do I need to pay for the tethering feature still?00:21
nnullrww: i am00:21
notNicolasis there a solution to this problem? (moving around the swap partition)00:21
rwwnnull: That would probably be why. FAT32 has a per-file size limit of 4GB.00:21
nnulloh soab00:22
nnullthx for the heads up rww.00:22
willystyleeexutux i just pressed enter and it says [error writing /etc/default/grub: permission denied]00:22
dr_willisSitFly:  if you were paying for the teathering.. it should just work...00:22
dr_willisSitFly:  theres the #android channel also.00:22
exutuxwillystylee: Oh Gosh you didn't  was ina recovery mode??00:22
exutuxwillystylee: ok ctrl C00:23
SitFlydr_willis: thank you00:23
willystyleei didnt go into recovery mode00:23
resnofaint545: i tried to figure this out yesterday... but couldnt figure it out.00:23
ActionParsnipSitFly: no, it will just be routed through00:23
exutuxwillystylee: ok exit from that file and retype  sudo nano  /etc/default/grub00:24
ctmjrresno, just a guess but make sure you have the cifs-utils package installed00:24
exutuxwillystylee: ctrl X and N00:25
matlockso i have an sdhc card that mounts as read only00:25
matlocki can't fdisk it cause it's read only00:25
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delacI can't find the Adobe Flash Local Settings Manager from System -> Preferences even though I have flash 10.3. Any way to get it there? Is there a command to start it from terminal?00:25
matlockError creating file system: helper exited with exit code 1: cannot open /dev/mmcblk0p1: Read-only file system00:26
alex--Which webhosting control panel do you guys recommend for a nas?00:26
dr_willismatlock:  You did check the little write protect switch on it?00:26
dr_willismatlock:  ive seen cards go 'bad' and become read only.00:26
matlockyes i checked the little write protect switch00:26
resnoctmjr: i dont see it in my repos... is it custom?00:26
exutuxwillystylee: btw00:26
exutux01:55 < willystylee> yes, i did that, i am in my single boot with the  nomodeset added, i want to set it permanent00:26
dr_willismatlock:  flick the switch a few times.. it may start working.. it may noit.00:26
matlockdr_willis, if i mount -o remount -o rw /dev/mmcblk0p100:26
matlockit works00:26
exutuxsingle for me is recovery or root prommpt00:27
dr_willismatlock:  thats odd.00:27
ctmjr!info cifs-utils00:27
ubottucifs-utils (source: cifs-utils): Common Internet File System utilities. In component main, is optional. Version 2:4.5-2 (natty), package size 35 kB, installed size 124 kB00:27
matlockso it's not the switch00:27
faint545resno, you are running whch version of ubuntu00:27
exutuxwillystylee: ok now  sudo  nano /etc/default/grub00:27
SuperMarioRockswhat is etc?00:28
rwwSuperMarioRocks: a directory for storing configuration files00:28
exutuxwillystylee: put nomodeset again "quiet splash nomodeset" then press CTRL X then press Y to save00:28
dr_willisSuperMarioRocks:  you mean /etc/ ?00:28
willystyleeexutux: ok i did that and saved it00:28
resnofaint545: 10.04.3 LTS00:28
exutuxwillystylee: ok now sudo update-grub00:28
SuperMarioRocksrww: Thanks00:28
willystyleeand it still turns off the monitor when grub loads00:28
faint545resno, sudo apt-cache search cifs-utils | grep cifs-utils00:28
willystyleeah crap00:28
faint545resno, does that show you anything?00:29
resnofaint545: turned up nothing00:29
dr_williswillystylee:  with  Grub on some pcs here. I have to enable its low-res text menu mode. or it tries to go 'out of range' of the cheap monitor i have.00:29
faint545@resno really?00:29
exutuxwillystylee: you need to update grub after modifies00:29
resnofaint545: yea, its a openvz container... maybe thats why?00:29
dr_williswillystylee:  heres my /etc/default/grub  http://paste.ubuntu.com/652066/  for an example00:29
faint545@resno, well type "man mount.cifs"00:30
faint545@resno and see if the manual page comes up00:30
matlockdr_willis,   http://pastebin.com/4Vu2Lnqg00:30
resnofaint545: yep..00:30
exutuxwillystylee: you need just type sudo update-grub now00:31
exutuxsudo update-grub    without now :p00:32
willystyleeok exetux i just updated grub00:32
exutuxwillystylee: ok sudo reboot now00:33
exutuxalways without now hehehe00:33
quellhorstanyone know much about pxe installing? I want a custom install for each system booting via pxe00:34
willystyleei used now at the end of the first one00:34
TBotNikexutux: Do I use head or tail on the syslog?  Can not remember what order it is in?00:34
willystyleeworked still tho00:34
faint545@resno... you say you are running Ubuntu inside of OPENVZ?00:34
willystyleeit stayed00:34
willystyleethanks man :)00:34
resnofaint545: yes00:34
faint545@resno, this will answer your question: http://forum.openvz.org/index.php?t=msg&goto=4994&00:34
exutuxTBotNik: both00:34
resnofaint545: oh....00:35
faint545@resno, evidently SMBFS cannot be used inside VE00:35
exutuxTBotNik: tail -f /var/log/syslog for follow it when changes00:35
faint545@resno, however there are workarounds on that page i believe00:35
exutuxTBotNik: tail -n 20 for last 20 rows and so on00:36
resnofaint545: thanks. ill look into them00:36
exutuxTBotNik: or less for read all!00:36
matlockanyone know how I can fix my SDHC so i can partition it??   >> related http://pastebin.com/FgBg2XeG00:36
delacdoes anyone have the System > Preferences > Adobe Flash Player? What is the command line command that starts that settings manager?00:36
faint545@resno, np. I prolly wont be able to help you any further since  i have no experience with openvz00:36
exutuxwillystylee: np sir :p00:36
resnofaint545: thats quite alright, i didnt expect openvz to cause the problem00:37
resnofaint545: i figured i wdidnt know how to do it00:37
HelloWorld321I've installed sun-java-6, but I can't make it the default (http://pastebin.com/Ne9jXLRA) any tips?00:37
matlockno one knows how to fix ubuntu's issue reading dirty sdhc cards?00:38
alex--!webmin | alex--00:38
ubottualex--, please see my private message00:38
alex--!virtualmin | alex--00:39
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matlockor can someone tell me how to pass my sdhc card to virtualbox so i can try formatting it in windows?00:39
dr_willisalex--:  you still reminding yoruself about webmin?00:39
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dr_willisalex--:    :)00:39
rwwmatlock: in line 9, you hosed the filesystem on /dev/mmcblk0p1. run mkfs.ext4.00:40
TBotNikexutux: Added the last 20 of the syslog to PB: http://pastebin.com/zJkAAuV600:40
gogetamatlock: it would peobly be under usb devices in virtual box00:40
rwwmatlock: (which will make a new one)00:40
alex--dr_willis: i wanted the quote for someone else, but actually: yes00:40
rwwmatlock: (I'm hoping you didn't have data on there you're fond of)00:40
matlock/dev/mmcblk1: Read-only file system while setting up superblock00:40
matlocki was trying to fdisk it and it said i can't write to the disk00:41
matlockwhich is why i fsck while it was open00:41
rwwmatlock: Obvious question: is the write-protect tab on the SD card set?00:41
matlockso it would mark it clean and ubuntu would quit marking it as dirty00:41
benccis there a way I can make ubuntu ask my router to assign a ipv6 instead ipv4?00:41
matlockrww, you read my pastebin?00:41
rwwmatlock: yes00:41
matlockrww, figure for yourself whether or not the write protect is on or not00:41
gogetabencc: thats your roughter settings not ubuntus00:41
exutuxTBotNik: DHCPOFFER of from who is that .1?00:41
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Blue1bencc: depends on 2 things - software in the router, and whether isp offers ipv600:41
gogetabencc: ubuntu just ask for a ip00:42
matlockrww, if write protect was On i wouldn't be able to copy that file to the sdhc in the last few steps00:42
matlockagain  /dev/mmcblk1: Read-only file system while setting up superblock00:42
benccBlue1: if the router is getting ipv4 from the isp, can't it provide ipv6 for ubuntu?00:42
rwwmatlock: ah, true.00:42
matlockso it's the driver marking the sdhc as read only because it wasn't cleanly ejected00:43
gogetabencc: i gues if you tell it to hand out ipv6 localy yes00:43
matlocknow if I could only bypass the drivers mark enough to repartition it.00:43
Blue1bencc: this is a question the isp must answer - cox for instance does NOT currently provide ipv600:43
edbianbencc: In theory, it could provide whatever address scheme it wants inside.  The real question is, does your router support ipv6 addressing at all?00:43
matlockOR pass it to windows in my VM00:43
TBotNikexutux: Sorry to confuse you that was from before I disconnected the WRT router, since it was sending those confusing IPs.00:43
rwwbencc: yes, it can00:43
gogetabencc: but you relly dont need it00:43
exutuxTBotNik: lol00:43
TBotNikPosting new config00:43
rwwbencc: or... hrm, maybe I'm applying IPv4 thought to IPv6. never mind me.00:44
rajdoes Linux have Calibri as a font?00:44
exutuxTBotNik: I have to go now00:44
yellowgtoI booted up went into recovery then dropped down into root mode00:44
yellowgtoBut I can't login?00:44
yellowgtoMy normal username and password don't work00:44
benccgogeta: I need to test ipv6 clients against a server00:44
TBotNikexutux: Thanks 4 your hlep, I at least now have the right IP range out there.00:44
jointhow come everybody just doesnt run windows?00:45
gogetabencc: well then you tell the roughter to hand out local ipv6 adresses if it supports it00:45
SuperMarioRockshow many people use ubuntu linux?00:45
gogetaSuperMarioRocks: alot00:45
TBotNikyellowgto: Did you boot from liveCD?00:45
yellowgtoI'm trying to get to int300:45
matlockcan anyone walk me through fixing my sdhc?   THE WRITE PROTECT SWITCH IS NOT ON but it's mounted as read only00:45
yellowgtoMy Ubuntu works fine00:45
rwwSuperMarioRocks: Canonical alleges 12 million as of April 2010. I don't know of a more recent number.00:45
yellowgtoBut I need to drop down into init3 mode to install some drivers00:45
benccgogeta: checking if my linksys support it00:46
rwwjoint: Feel free to ask #ubuntu-offtopic; that's more of an opinion question than something we can answer.00:46
TBotNikyellowgto: If you do you can run the chroot and edit the passwrds file and change the root.00:46
yellowgtoDo you know where the password file lives?00:46
TBotNikyellowgto: There are HOWTOs on that, forgot where.  You can look or I can.00:46
SuperMarioRocksI have ubuntu 11.04 on a cd  if i wait to next year to install ubuntu 11.04 will i get gnome3 with it or  the gnome version that ubuntu 11.04 comes with?00:47
yellowgtoI've been looking00:47
rwwyellowgto: I hate to ask annoying questions, but which drivers?00:47
yellowgtoSays to hit ctl - alt - backspace00:47
yellowgtoBut that doesn't seem to work00:47
yellowgtoNewest Nvidia driver RWW00:47
gogetaSuperMarioRocks: there is a gnome 3 remix00:47
jointprobably the gnome version 11.04 comes with00:47
rwwyellowgto: 1) installing nvidia from outside of the package management interface is a bad idea. 2) ctrl-alt-f1, log in, run sudo service gdm stop (or kdm if you're using Kubuntu).00:47
SuperMarioRocksbut would i get gnome 3 with it if i install next year?00:47
gogetaSuperMarioRocks: http://ugr.teampr0xy.net/00:48
rwwSuperMarioRocks: You'll get the version of GNOME that Ubuntu 11.04 comes with.00:48
jointi doubt it00:48
yellowgto11.04 has a bug00:48
yellowgtoWhere it wont let you activate drivers00:48
G00053yellowgto: 3si ?00:48
jointthats like getting unity with 10.0400:48
TBotNikyellowgto: ctl - alt - backspace is restart for gnome, not system, so will not reload your passwords file.00:48
gogeta11.10 ubutnu will only have unity and a 2d unity00:49
gogetano gnome 300:49
joint11.10 will have gnome 300:49
yellowgtoGnome3 blows00:49
yellowgtoSo it doesn't matter00:49
rbnswartzgogeta Gnome 3 will be in the repository00:49
rwwgogeta: Considering that Unity is a shell on top of GNOME, that isn't a sensical statement. Ubuntu oneiric uses GNOME 3 and has GNOME Shell in the repositories.00:49
FloodBot1yellowgto: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:49
jointat least according to the alphas00:49
graphicscardhelpHow would I go about updating my graphics card?00:49
gogetarbnswartz: yes its in it now if you whant it00:49
G00053yellowgto: is it a pontiac or a mitsu00:49
gogetarbnswartz: talking defults00:50
yellowgtoNewer body00:50
rwwgogeta: GNOME 3 is not in 11.04's repositories.00:50
gogetarww: well get the ppa then00:50
rbnswartzrww it will be in 11.1000:50
jointin the latest alpha for 11.10 gnome 3 is a choice at boot up. but it doesnt work yet00:50
rwwrbnswartz: I'm aware, I just said that.00:50
rwwgogeta: I'm not talking about the PPA, I'm talking about Ubuntu itself.00:50
rbnswartzrww my bad :)00:50
yellowgtoSo that only way to get out of xserver is to change my root password :-/00:50
edbianjoint: I just read on /. that the boot time is even faster!00:50
rwwyellowgto: No, I just told you how to get out of Xorg.00:51
gogetarww: so did they acully switch to wayland or they still xorg00:51
rwwgogeta: Xorg00:51
dr_williswayland is still a work in progress...00:51
rwwgogeta: as sabdfl said at the time, Wayland is a while off00:51
dr_willislong while off i imagine.00:51
gogetarww: yea but they where claming it to 11.1000:51
edbianWriting a graphics server has got to be a huge projec.t00:52
rwwgogeta: I didn't see sabdfl or anyone "official" say that.00:52
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rwwgogeta: But then, it wouldn't surprise me if they never switch. Wayland isn't stable enough and the proprietary vendor support isn't there.00:53
PinHey guys I have Ubuntu 11.04 when tryin to logon using my ubuntu starts up but i only see my desktop icons and wallpaper, however when i used Ubuntu classic everythign loads up fine.00:53
gogetarww: cannel was claing to switch to it with 11.10 i guess the idea got trashed00:53
=== Jays is now known as j2bv16
gogetarww: good thing as you said its still to early00:54
rwwgogeta: Again, I didn't see anyone official say Ubuntu would switch to it with 11.10. And I was paying attention :P00:54
rbnswartzPin In your Ubuntu classic are you able to enable the compiz visual effects?00:54
rwwWhat we actually say and what the blogosphere repeats in its echo chamber are two rather different things.00:54
graphicscardhelpHow would I go about updating my graphics card?00:55
PinI have desktop cube , desktop rotate etc00:55
gogetarww: it was like 6 motnhs ago00:55
gogetarww: shortly after 11.0400:55
jointdont mess with the graphic card drivers00:55
rwwgogeta: I don't think this conversation is going anywhere if you don't have a link :P00:55
rbnswartzPin Try hitting Ctrl+Alt+T and then type compiz --replace00:55
jointjust install the ones that come with the distro00:55
gogetarww: http://askubuntu.com/questions/52655/is-wayland-coming-to-ubuntu-oneric00:55
Pinok be right back going to login to unity and try it, im on classic right now00:56
Pinbe right back00:56
rwwgogeta: A random askubuntu thread by people I haven't heard of alleging the same thing you're saying isn't really reliable.00:56
gogetarww: it was also in a  las ep with a ubuntu dev talking abought it00:56
gogetarww: ill find the video if you whant to see it00:57
rwwgogeta: I don't do video, but a transcription would be useful.00:57
gogetarww: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/55100:57
graphicscardhelpjoint, the one that came with the distro isn't working too well with 11.04 natty... Its all glitchy as hell.00:57
rwwgogeta: I've read that. Where does it say anything about Ubuntu 11.10?00:58
joint11.04 is glithchy by nature00:58
jointif you mess up with updating drivers, you can screw your whole system00:58
gogetarww: well no big deal it ddint happon00:58
ChaorainI'm trying to get an IR blaster working on 10.04 and I need to upgrade LIRC, Little help?00:59
joint11.10 will be better00:59
Seven_Six_TwoI want to try 11.10. Would you recommend alpha2 or the daily build?00:59
Pinok I tried ctrl + alt + T but nothing happened00:59
jointnaa. i would wait00:59
rwwSeven_Six_Two: ask #ubuntu+100:59
Pinno terminal came up at all00:59
Seven_Six_Tworww, of course. I forgot. Thanks01:00
jointno sence in running a beta linux distro. they have a new final one every 6 months01:00
rbnswartzPin Sorry that is about all I have for you someone else might be able to help. Or try askubuntu.com.01:00
yellowgtoAight back01:01
jointupdated video drivers should be in 11.10 i would assume01:01
faint545Pin, what is your problem?01:01
jointyou can try to upgrade the video drivers, but its hard. u have to read a lot01:01
PinHey guys I have Ubuntu 11.04 when tryin to logon using my ubuntu starts up but i only see my desktop icons and wallpaper, however when i used Ubuntu classic everythign loads up fine. How do i fix my ubuntu01:01
jointthey should just make the video drivers so u can just add a ppa or something01:01
delacPin: have you been playing with the compizconfig settings manager? maybe accidentaly unchecked the unity plugin?01:02
PinI tried doing ctrl + alt + T under unity and it didnt load up any console01:02
PinYea it got messed up thru compiz01:02
delaccan you alt-f2?01:02
Pini havent tried that01:02
PinWhat do you want me to type when i Alt + f2 under unity?01:03
delacPin: try to start the compizconfig settings manager01:03
Pinok be right back going to log out and goto unity01:03
Pinim in ubuntu classic at the moment be right back01:03
jointdont worry about that bug that says the video driver is activated, but currently not in use01:03
jointits working if u have the unity interface01:03
faint545I for one am not fan of the Unity interface at alllllll. why did they change it anyway?01:05
edbianfaint545: They were not fans of the gnome3 interface01:06
faint545so it was either that or unity?01:06
ChaorainIs the 11.10 Alpha 2 any more stable than 11.04?01:06
edbianfaint545: They're trying to have an OS that works well on different form factors01:06
jointso they can use it to push software01:06
edbianfaint545: well when they made the decision unity didn't exist.  It was gnome3 or 'we build something else'01:07
jointunity is tied in the software center01:07
faint545edbian, what do you mean by "an OS that works well on different form factors"01:07
dr_willisTablet/netbook/desktop/laptop/phone/pocketwatch/cybernetic implant01:08
Pinok i was somehow able to make a launcher for my IRC, im back im not in ubuntu classic now. I have terminal open, what do i type?01:08
edbianfaint545: what dr_willis said.  Those are examples of different form factors01:08
faint545ohhhhh. okay.01:08
delacPin: were you able to start the compizconfig settings manager?01:08
Pinno , how do i start it01:08
dr_willisIm so used to how android works on my phone and tablet.. :) unity just seems awkward on them01:09
faint545cybernetic implant??01:09
meomichey, i need to write some script, - i am a cpp programist, - never used bash before - ive found out already some but i cant find what is the equivalent of the if( abcd < 1 || abcda < 1) im talking about || operator - the -ls i already found out lol01:09
WhyHelloTherehi guys I'm getting the following error: "timeout: down: /etc/service/redis_default: 1s, normally up, want up" when I try to run "sudo /usr/bin/chpst -u root /usr/bin/sv restart /etc/service/redis_default"01:09
dr_willismeomic:  check that advanced bash scripting guide. it has examples01:09
dr_willis!abs | meomic01:09
ubottumeomic: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/01:09
meomicoke thank you guys01:10
delacPin: run "ccsm"01:10
jointi think u can put gnome 3 on ubuntu 11.0401:10
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PinI got it working again01:10
FloodBot1Pin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:10
edbianPin: ha, you're too excited01:11
ChaorainI hear you can put Gnome 3 on 11.04 but it breaks Unity01:13
faint545so if 11.10 going to use Unity?01:15
TBotNikAll: Close but no banna.  Got my dhcp3-server settings at least put the right IP and range on the eth0, but still it is not serving IPs to the network.  Latest PB at: http://pastebin.com/YJKNRXVk  I guess after all this I may be the expert on this LOL :)  :)01:15
CrusaderADOf course01:15
Chaorainanyone here familiar with LIRC?01:16
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KaleidoscopeAnyone here know anything bout partitioning?01:16
TBotNikAll: Main thing I noticed that made the biggest change is all the eth0 setting had to be grouped together in the interfaces file.01:17
KaleidoscopeGood, I need to resize my Linux partition, but Im not sure how01:17
CoreyKaleidoscope: Step 1, take good backups.01:18
lapagaKaleidoscope: also a livecd01:18
KaleidoscopeGot the Live CD, No backups =P01:18
CrusaderADInstall gparted from the software center and use that, and definetly back stuff up01:19
mousegparted is a good toop01:19
KaleidoscopeThe problem I had was that since my linux partition is mounted, It won't let me change it, Will gparted let me?01:19
lapagaKaleidoscope: that is why you use a live cd01:19
KaleidoscopeAhh ok01:20
CrusaderADWhy do u want to resize it?01:20
KaleidoscopeMakes sense >.>01:20
nocilisdoes anyone have experience running a windows-ubuntu ad-hoc network?01:20
KaleidoscopeI'm moving all my files from my windows partition to my Linux one, Except linux atm only has 40 gigs01:20
CrusaderADHm, I would invest in a new hard drive and ina01:21
CrusaderADAnd install to that01:21
CrusaderADSpace is cheap01:21
CrusaderADAnd u won't mess anything up01:21
lapagaKaleidoscope: there is another option...just because you have downloaded it does not mean you have to keep it forever01:22
D4rkSilverHi, would anyone please tell me how does one auto-mount /dev/sda1 on /home/user/sda1 ?01:22
Guest24725or am i being dumb?01:22
faint545nah, fstab would be the way01:23
WhyHelloTherehi guys I'm getting the following error: "timeout: down: /etc/service/redis_default: 1s, normally up, want up" when I try to run "sudo /usr/bin/chpst -u root /usr/bin/sv restart /etc/service/redis_default" - could anyone help me out?01:23
D4rkSilverWell I suppose it is indeed fstab but I don't really want to mess it...01:23
th0rD4rkSilver: you add a line in /etc/fstab01:23
faint545D4rkSilver.. its pretty simpl.. All you need to do is find the UUID of the disk, and create a line in FSTAB01:23
FatsDTI am using lucid lynx.  Which package provides the propietary nvidia driver?01:23
edbianFatsDT: there is more than one. hang on01:24
nocilisanyone have any ideas (about setting up an ubuntu-windows ad-hoc network?)?01:24
Guest24725nocilis: not me01:25
edbianFatsDT: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia&searchon=names&suite=lucid&section=all01:25
faint545@D4rkSilver, the line will look like this: UUID=[ID] [Mount Point] [Type] [Options] [Dump] [Pass]. What is the type of the drive? Ntfs? Ext4?01:25
delacI can't find the Adobe Flash Local Settings Manager from System -> Preferences even though I have flash 10.3. Any way to get it there? Is there a command to start it from terminal?01:26
D4rkSilverfaint545: does that looks like right? "/dev/sda1   /home/user/sda1   auto   rw,auto,exec,utf8   0   0"01:26
PyraineI've got a really dumb question01:27
Pyraineis this the same room as the one the freenode server?01:27
rwwPyraine: yes. irc.ubuntu.com redirects to chat.freenode.net01:27
lapagait is the freenode server01:27
faint545D4rkSilver, I personally would use the UUID to identify the disk since naming conventions such as /dev/sd* are not really absolute. they can change.01:27
faint545err.. would lol01:28
D4rkSilverfaint545: ahh I see01:28
Guest24725D4rkSilver:I agree with faint54501:28
faint545D4rkSilver, but from what you gave me it seems OK.01:29
ScottyBoyDoes anyone know if Ubuntu 11.04 works with Mac PowerPC processors?01:29
PyraineNow for my real question... does anybody know of a more up to date HD-Audio-Models.txt than the one that is on www.kernel.org?01:29
rww!ppc | ScottyBoy01:29
ubottuScottyBoy: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ01:29
edbianScottyBoy: Not anymore01:29
faint545D4rkSilver, to find UUID, simply type... sudo blkid /dev/sda101:29
edbianScottyBoy: eh, ubottu is more correct than me01:29
nociliskk then bye01:29
PinGuys whats wrong with my Ubuntu! I just fixed my Ubuntu unity thru compiz but now i restarted the computer and my computers resolutions arnt working!!! > screenshot http://i.imgur.com/b7bWY.png01:29
D4rkSilverfaint545: kk thanks =)01:30
carloshello, my processor can run at 32 and 64 bits, which is the difference between installing 64 or 32 bit linux?01:30
edbiancarlos: 64bit OS allows you use more than 3.2Gb of ram01:30
Pyraineor does anybody know of a HD-Audio-Models list which includes the ALC1200 ?01:30
ScottyBoyBummer for me. LOL01:30
dr_williscarlos:  ram it can access. for the most part.. a bit of a speed gain in some cases with 64bit01:30
carlosonly a bit speed?01:31
ScottyBoyThanks, edbian. :)01:31
edbianScottyBoy: sure01:31
Pinbe rigth back01:32
edbiancarlos: precisely one bit01:32
Guest24725i thought that in order to run 32 bit software on a 64bit system, the os had to provide some sort of virtualization01:32
Pyrainecarlos: don't quote me I don't know much about hardware, but I'm fairly certain programs developed specifically for x64 systems can use twice as much processing01:32
edbianPyraine: what do you mean?01:32
dr_willisGuest24725:  theres compat. libs that can do it.01:33
Guest24725dr_willis: kk01:33
Pyraineedbian: do 64-bit applications not use both cores of your processor at the same time?01:33
dr_willisGuest24725:  but you mean a 32bit app on a 64bit OS...   the 64bit cpus out can handle 32bit os's01:33
Pyrainetwo cores* not both cores, you might have more than 201:33
edbianPyraine: You can have a dual core 32 bit processor01:33
edbianPyraine: # of bits and # of cores are not linked01:34
Pyraineedbian: yeah, but both cores won't get used by a single application though.. right?01:34
carloscan I have some problem to install a 64-bit? or may not notice anything?01:34
dr_willisPyraine:  depends on how the app is programed01:34
dr_williscarlos:  ive had very few if any issues with 64bit.01:34
edbianPyraine: That does not have to do with 64 or 32 bits either.  That's if the programmer wrote the program to be multi-core or not01:34
dr_williscarlos:  if you have less then 4gb of ram. you can safely use 32bit if you wanted to01:34
Guest24725dr_willis: i was asking about a 32bit app on a 64bit machine/os01:34
edbianPyraine: most btw do not write for 2 or 4 core processors01:34
edbianMost multi-core software is for graphics cards which have 100s of cores01:35
Pyraineedbian: I see, but you can't get a single core processor to run a 64-bit operating system though, can you?01:35
carlosi just have 4gb of ram installed01:35
edbianGuest24725: 64 bit processors can run 32 bit software most of the time flawlessly01:35
lapagaI am thinking that there are not of normally used apps that will  be helped by 64 bit but it will lengthen the eol of the computer01:35
edbianPyraine: There are single core 64 bit processors01:35
edbianPyraine: and they can run 64 bit OSs01:35
edbiancarlos: Then you probably want 64 bit01:35
Pyraineedbian: well, I guess you learn something new every day01:35
edbiancarlos: Or you won't be able to use all of that ram (just most of it)01:36
edbianPyraine: :)01:36
edbiancarlos: :)01:36
faint545How long do you guys think it'll take to defrag a 3TB external USB drive... only 1.9 TB is being used...01:36
carlosedbian, and and about flash player works fine with 64 bits?01:36
edbianlapaga: what?01:37
Pyrainecarlos: flash player works completely fine.01:37
Scotty_holy, the weirdest thing. and i have confirmed, My mouse get laggy when im uploading...01:37
carlosok ok many thanks to all01:37
edbiancarlos: I don't know first hand.  Recent news is that 'yes' flash works fine on 64 bits (just as fine as 32 bits anyway)01:37
KuwangerSo I've used sysprof to find out that there's a lot of CPU usage in the kernel when display graphics in some SDL games, and it seems a lot of it comes down to on_each_cpu which may or may not be tied heavily to either perf_do_callchain or change_page_attr_set_clr.  But, now that I know that, I'm not sure what to do with the information.  Any ideas on a good next step?01:37
PyraineI'm a web developer and have made, debugged and run web applications in actionscript 3 on 64-bit systems, so that I can say with confidence.01:38
edbianPyraine: :D01:38
carlosthank you very much again to all, I'll tell you after installing:)01:39
jamiewanHi, have natty+win7 duel boot setup, i unplugged the win7 hard drive last nite, and now cannot boot into linux, re-connected the win7 drive and still no success booting to either, get this error, NTDLR missing, ctr alt del to restart, but just goes in the same loop, any help01:39
edbiancarlos: :D01:39
lapagaedbian: just mean that most apps that the average person uses will not really be helped by using 64 bit over 32 bit...but...as the world turns and things progress 64 bit will probably be the 32 bit of today01:39
edbianlapaga: I agree01:39
dr_willisfaint545:  what filesystem is on the drive? how are you defragging it?01:39
edbianjamiewan: Can you boot a liveCD ?01:39
PinGuys I have Ubuntu 11.04 on a laptop, I have an external flat screen connected to it, Why cant i go over 1024x768 resolution with the monitor?01:40
faint545dr_willis FS is NTFS. I plan on defragging it using Windows 7's default defragmenter..01:40
dabaRHello #ubuntu. How do I add a launcher to the new menu>01:40
jamiewanedbian: havent tried, unplugged it to take to mates place to troubleshoot, but thought might be worth running it thru here first01:40
Pyraineto be honest I went from a 1GB ram, 1.4GHz processor, 32-bit system, to a 4GB ram 2ghz quad-core 64-bit system, so the improvement was drastic but I don't know how much of it was the hardware improvement and how much of it is the OS improvement01:40
edbiandabaR: Put the launcher on the desktop.  Drag the launcher onto the unity bar on the left.01:40
faint545@dr_willis or use a 3rd party defragmenter.01:40
dr_willisfaint545:  i tend to use 'mydefrag' on windows. It has differnt levels of defragging. the fast mode. (just move stuff to one end) can proberly do it in a few hrs.. :) 'full complete' defrag - may take  a day. :)01:41
edbianjamiewan: I think when you plugged the HDD back in you didn't tell the bios to boot it.01:41
dabaRedbian: Thanks very much.01:41
edbianPyraine: Did you switch OS too?  (that's a huge hardware improvement)01:41
dr_willisfaint545:  and you can actually watch its progress..  unlike the windows tool01:41
edbiandabaR: sure01:41
faint545dr_willis, thx for the input01:41
PinGuys my monitor used to go on very high resolutions, Now ubuntu only lets me go to 1024x768! HELP!!! http://i.imgur.com/b7bWY.png01:42
Pyraineedbian: nah, both were dual-boot Win7 and Ubuntu, I just jumped to 64-bit versions of both01:42
jamiewanedbian: ok, so go into bios and check that first you think, maybe uncheck fast oot aswell?01:42
faint545@dr_willis haha, MyDefrag is basically JKDefrag is it not?01:42
edbianPyraine: mmm01:42
CarlFKjamiewan: call the drives A and B.  long shot: your box booted grub from A, when you pulled it your box reset the boot drive to B. putting A back in didn't  change it from B back to A becasue there was still a B.01:42
Pyrainefaint545: from my experience the best and quickest defrag tool for Windows is defraggler01:42
jamiewanCarlFK: ok so a quick fiddle in the bios might fix it then01:42
edbianjamiewan: Fast boot won't change which HDD is being booted.  Here's what i think.  You had 2 hdds.  You pulled one and hte bios was like 'fine then I'll use the other... jerk'  and then you put the first one back in and the bios was like 'k... who cares' and keeps trying to boot the other one.01:43
Pyrainefaint545: has a really light and nice GUI aswell if that matters to you01:43
edbianjamiewan: And 'the other one' doesn't have an MBR01:43
PinGuys my monitor used to go on very high resolutions, Now ubuntu only lets me go to 1024x768! HELP!!! http://i.imgur.com/b7bWY.png01:43
CarlFKjamiewan: that woud be my guess01:43
ttlycnfuzd|grgesimple question for anyone that knows the simple answer... why wont the installer (10.04) install the bootloader to /dev/cciss/c0d0?01:43
PyrainePin: is this since moving to ubuntu? is your graphics card nvidia?01:44
ttlycnfuzd|grgeor is there a way around it?01:44
AwesomeMustardSo I installed ccsm on Ubuntu 11.04 and i hit the 3d cube option and it asked to enable opengl and compositor (or something like that) and after words it got rid of the window boarders so now there is no exit button, minimize, etc.   I have tried to disable what i enabled, reinstalling ccsm, compiz, gnome, and ubuntu-desktop (was to be reinstalled with compiz) and my problem is still not fixed.  Anyone have any idea on how t01:44
AwesomeMustardo fix it?01:44
jamiewanedbian: ok, i'm just aboutto head out with it, if your still about hour or so and i have no luck i'll drop back in ere, cheers guys01:44
Pinno if was after having issues with compiz, the issues are resolved but now my monitor apears as "unknown" in the monitors section01:44
dr_willisfaint545:  its been renamed.01:44
Pinand only goes to 1024x76801:44
edbianPin: Have you tried messing with all the resolution options like 'same image' and turning the monitors off / on01:45
edbianjamiewan: good luck01:45
___Alex___is there any other commands to check for disk integrity other than fsck -f /dev/sxxx ?01:45
edbianAwesomeMustard: Are you using ubuntu classic?01:45
CarlFKttlycnfuzd|grge: my guess: that's not normal, and so try to keep people from making a mistake.  try the Alt installer CD.. it has more partition options01:45
Pinyep edbian tried that01:45
edbianPin: Then I'm not sure :P01:45
infobitPin, what resolutions you use to get before01:46
AwesomeMustardedbian, yes, i am01:46
ttlycnfuzd|grgeCarlFK: the installer recognises the device, however, when you go to select the device to install bootloader (advanced options), the OK is greyed out...01:46
edbianAwesomeMustard: Can you open ccsm and edit the things in it?01:46
faint545___Alex___, i suppose you could use SMART, but that isn't always reliable01:46
Pini used to be able to get up to 1280x1024 on my external monitor01:46
AwesomeMustardedbain, yes, but i can't fix the problem by undoing what i did01:47
PyrainePin: when you were fixing compiz did you follow any tutorials that told you to uninstall any libraries or applications?01:47
PinPyraine no01:47
___Alex___faint545: hmmm.... I've been having issues using rsync with fake 'read only' errors, so I thought running fsck on my disks would help...01:47
edbianAwesomeMustard: Go to the window decorations plugin in ccsm.  Make sure it is turned on.  Click on it and tell me what is in the command box01:47
CarlFKttlycnfuzd|grge: huh. plan B: let the installer install grub wherever it wants, boot, and install grub to your.. um.. Ram thing (what is it anyway?)01:47
faint545___Alex___, what did the errors say exactly?01:47
___Alex___faint545: I'll have to get it running again after my fscks :)01:48
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ttlycnfuzd|grgeCarlFK: yea.. ive tried that, but what happens is, I only get the minimal bash shell...01:48
ttlycnfuzd|grgewhat sux, I had 10.10 and 11.04 running on here, but they werent the most stable....01:49
edbianttlycnfuzd|grge: If you want stable use Debian :)01:49
___Alex___faint545: was trying to copy files from one hdd to another, two different computers, same errors... one was direct sata backplane, the other is mounted via usb...  I even reset all attributes with chmod -R +r and did the appropriate chowns too01:49
PinGuys my monitor used to go on very high resolutions, Now ubuntu only lets me go to 1024x768! HELP!!! http://i.imgur.com/b7bWY.png01:49
ttlycnfuzd|grgeedbian: ok debian huh?  im willing to try... does it play well with raid devices upon install? lol01:50
AwesomeMustardedbian, where?  I can't find a window decorations plugin.  I do see a Windows Management section though.01:50
edbianttlycnfuzd|grge: No idea.  It's extremely stable (because the software is older)01:50
Pyrainettylcnfuzd|grge: don't discount LinuxMint if you want stable!01:50
CarlFKttlycnfuzd|grge: sounds like you didn't get grub installed right01:51
edbianAwesomeMustard: It's in the effects category.  Use the search box if you're having a lot of trouble.01:51
dr_willisi discount mint for other reasons.. :) but thats getting OT....01:51
edbianAwesomeMustard: It's called Window Decoration and it is definitely there01:51
ttlycnfuzd|grgeCarlFK: yea... i had to manually create the grub.conf, but there is still no devices.map01:51
ttlycnfuzd|grgeand that was after a sudo grub-install...01:52
AwesomeMustardedbian, found the option but i don't what you mean by giving you the command?01:52
CarlFKttlycnfuzd|grge: what all do you want on the ram thing?  cuz it is sounding like more than just grub01:52
edbianAwesomeMustard: Is it's box ticked?01:52
PinGuys my monitor used to go on very high resolutions, Now ubuntu only lets me go to 1024x768! HELP!!! http://i.imgur.com/b7bWY.png01:52
AwesomeMustardedbian, now it is01:53
edbianAwesomeMustard: click the plugin, there is only one tab (general) and on that tab is a command option.  What is in the box for 'command'01:53
edbianAwesomeMustard: window decorations are the borders you were missing.  That was almost certainly the issue.01:53
CarlFKPin - it's poor form to ask so often.  give the chan at least 30 min.01:53
mouseAwesomeMustard: you got same problem i had so i re-installed linux and told myself next time i want to use compiz i will install ubuntu to virtualbox and try settings in that01:54
edbianmouse: I can fix it for you too!01:54
AwesomeMustardedbian, now i know where your talking about the command but i don't know what you want from it.  I did enable it though01:55
edbianmouse: AwesomeMustard btw, unity uses compiz :)01:55
edbianAwesomeMustard: What is the command in the box?01:55
ttlycnfuzd|grgeCarlFK / edbian - I think that I may try Debian... thanks for the advice.. not sure whats really up, but maybe something in that installer will allow it to run properly..01:55
TBotNikAll: Do we have a networking expert here tonite?01:55
edbianAwesomeMustard: /usr/bin/gtk-window-decorator?01:55
edbianttlycnfuzd|grge: sure, have fun!01:55
mouseedbian: too late it's working thanks though01:55
edbianmouse: sure :)01:55
edbianAwesomeMustard: It might be an empty box.  There are other input boxes on that tab like Decoration windows 'any' and Shadow windows 'type=window'01:56
CarlFKTBotNik: I have crimped a cable or 201:56
edbianAwesomeMustard: I think you're looking too hard :P01:56
AwesomeMustardedbian, oh if you click on the thing next to the check box.01:56
edbianAwesomeMustard: yes01:57
Osmodivshello. what could be wrong with my machine? I shutdown Ubuntu 11.04 the normal way in the GUI, and the red LED of the case and screen monitor turns off, but the CPU fan and the PSU fan still running, they wont shut down, this has been happenning since yesterday01:57
edbianAwesomeMustard: The 'button' for that plugin.  You see the command input box now?01:57
AwesomeMustardedbain, all of the boxes are empty.  I can't see the very top of the window though.  Is the first box "Command line 0"01:57
pirlo89Does anyone know how to make "Google gadget desktop sidebar" to NOT disappear when clicking on the "Show desktop" button in Debian ?01:57
CarlFKOsmodivs: global warming!01:58
edbianAwesomeMustard: You're in the wrong place.  System -> Preferences -> compizconfig Settings Manager -> window decoration01:58
OsmodivsCarlFK,  ...01:58
AwesomeMustardedbian, oh.  it's /usr/bin/compiz-decorator01:58
edbianAwesomeMustard: It looks like this: http://lh5.googleusercontent.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/TXTMtLyo0rI/AAAAAAAADWs/GvdZeWWs8Bk/s400/ccsm.png01:58
edbianAwesomeMustard: yay!01:59
edbianAwesomeMustard: anywho, we turned it on which was the problem.  I just wanted to make sure the command was correct just in case.  Wanna reboot? (or log out and log back in)01:59
PinGuys my monitor used to go on very high resolutions, Now ubuntu only lets me go to 1024x768! HELP!!! http://i.imgur.com/b7bWY.png01:59
CarlFKOsmodivs: sorry, no clue.  sounds like the ps is tweaked01:59
AwesomeMustardedbain, it appears everything is working execpt for some transparent stuff around the round corners of the windows.  I'll reboot.  Thanks02:00
qinPin: lspci, lshw. Post, in paste.ubuntu.com only lines connected to video or vga.02:00
edbianAwesomeMustard: sure02:01
edbianAwesomeMustard: glad I could help!02:01
RealOptywhen upgrading ubuntu, my /etc/sysctl.conf was replaced but i didnt get a popup asking me what i wanted to do. this is a bug yes?02:01
tracyI have a question02:02
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
tracycan I just ask it ?02:03
tremenjisSilly question: why i can't enable ssl using default snakeoil certificate? I'm on natty.02:03
qinPin: Also, lsb_release -a, and jockey-text -l02:03
CarlFKtracy: yep02:04
edbiantracy: yes02:04
tracyI have 11.04 I need drivers for c183 kodak camera02:04
spankbotAnyone encounter this before?  Clean install of VMWare Workstation and reboot after the install, start VMWare and get an error: GNU C Compiler (gcc) version 4.6.0 was not found02:04
Pini typed jockey-text -l and nothing happened02:05
edbiantracy: What happens if you plug the camera into the computer?02:06
edbianspankbot: install gcc?02:06
richie_argh, is there anyway to ghost an unregged username?02:06
jhouse5266534How do I make an application show up in ubuntu's lenses?02:06
richie_oh nevermind02:06
=== richie_ is now known as Pyraine
tracyits does not see the camera02:06
rwwPyraine: (for future reference: no)02:07
robin0800tracy, do you need drivers on windows?02:07
lapagaPin: I am not sure but you might want to check into xrandr02:07
Pyrainerww: cheers, I should probably register02:07
Pinwhats that02:07
tracyyes I have a install for windows02:07
rwwPyraine: That would be a good idea, yes ;)02:08
edbianjhouse5266534: lenses?02:08
jhouse5266534edbian: Whatever the thing that pops up when you hit the windows button and type text02:08
jhouse5266534It shows matching apps, etc...02:09
Pinwhats xrandr, how do i use it to fix my problem?02:09
edbianjhouse5266534: oh that.  good question02:09
robin0800tracy, well you will need a linux driver perhaps kodak can help02:09
tracythanks robin they siad they just make drivers for windows and Mac02:09
edbianjhouse5266534: IDK! :D  Try adding it to the menu with the 'main menu' app02:10
tracycan I install window drive in 11.04?02:10
edbiantracy: no02:10
CarlFKtracy: have you tried just plugging it in?  some times they use standard protocols that just work02:11
qinpin: Maybe this one, check /var/log/Xorg.0.log to confirm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/43690202:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 436902 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Display properties hangs X when detecting monitors (dup-of: 419328)" [Undecided,New]02:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 419328 in xf86-video-intel "[i945gme] attaching external monitor: laptop display is black, external monitor too, with frozen mouse coursor" [Critical,Fix released]02:11
edbianCarlFK: I suggest that :P02:11
robin0800tracy, dual boot is probably your best bet02:11
tracyYes tryed just plugging it in nothing happens02:11
Pinqin i dont understand, im new to ubuntu explain to me step by step02:11
faint545hey guys, i just ran hwinfo and got this: http://pastebin.com/DmE5dDwn02:12
tracyok thanks robin02:12
tracythanks everyone02:12
Iu hi, I'm having some trouble getting my gigabit nic to run at gigabit speeds. the adapter is an atheros ar8121/ar8113/ar8114 gigabit adapter using the atl1e driver, but ethtool only reports 10 or 100 mbps modes02:12
faint545should i just ignore it?02:12
Pinwhat do i do qin02:12
PyraineWoo! I finally fixed my soundcard problem. If anybody has a laptop with a subwoofer that doesn't work.. I am your man.02:12
edbianPyraine: :D02:12
qinPin: Command: xrandr,  what it does, what is current/max display?02:13
Pyrainegod, going back to my Windows partition is going to suck now. There is still no soundcard fix for Windows as far as I am aware, it's either sub-woofer or stereo, can't have both.02:15
edbianPyraine: well that's stupid02:15
shantorni had to do a switch so that pcm was main volume and mono was sub02:16
shantornin alsa mixer02:16
Pyraineyou can do that in Windows?02:16
qinPin: Post #18 in: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+question/15472902:16
PyraineI jut set the model to 6stack-dig in alsa-base.conf02:17
Pini dont understand that qin02:17
Zahradaa laptop with a subwoofer?02:17
Pinwhat do i do with all those numbers /signs and commands on post 1802:17
Pyraineedbian: yeah it is, I think there may be some software somewhere that came with the laptop but I nuked the whole bundled sofware the second I got it haha02:18
PinExplain Step by Step please02:18
DrGrovHow do I extract .part1.rar, .part2.rar files on 10.04? Via terminal yes?02:18
ZahradaIsn't that a bit like putting a porsche engine into a trabant?02:18
PyraineZahrada: haha yeah, it's just a little bass speaker on the underside of the laptop02:18
edbianPyraine: haha.  stupid crapware02:18
Zahradait works in theory, but it's not how it should be..02:18
DrGrovlapaga: But does it automatically pick it into one big file if I start with .part1.rar?02:19
lapagaDrGrov: saw this the other day...trying to try and remember what02:20
ziikutvhow do i do "wget commands"02:20
ziikutvsuch as "wget http://robzon.kapati.net/rails/rhtml.lang && sudo"02:20
Pyraineziikutv: what do you mean? where do you execute them? from terminal.02:21
ziikutvPyraine: Doesnt work for me :S02:21
DrGrovlapaga: It works, no worries :)02:21
DrGrovlapaga: I just used Archive Manager and it picked every .rar part separately and extracted the whole thing02:21
ziikutvPyraine: Never mind.. seems the host is dead thats why.02:22
Pyraineaha! yeah that will do it haha02:22
qinPin: When last time did you update?02:23
DrGrovlapaga: I needed a book called Physical Rehabilitation by Susan O'Sullivan since I promised my better half to write an assignment for her02:23
DrGrovlapaga: The darn book is 1412 pages LOL02:23
lapagaDrGrov: sounds like speed raring is in order02:24
qinPin: And, do you have dual monitor?02:24
DrGrovlapaga: I am sure my 2 dual cores (AMD Opteron 280 @ 2.4GHz each = 9.6GHz) rars it fast like hell ;)02:25
Pyraineis anybody familiar with itunes?02:25
Pinmax display on this monitor only shows up to 1024x768, i used to get more02:25
Zahradasomewhat Pyraine02:25
lapagaDrGrov: my trs-80 gets bogged down on the amount of cassettes it needs02:26
Pinits a laptop02:26
PyraineZahrada: do you know of the "automatically add to itunes" feature?02:26
PyraineZahrada: do you know if it is possible to do this with banshee?02:26
DrGrovlapaga: LOL :)02:26
Zahradano idea02:26
ZahradaI haven't used banshee in a long time.02:26
Gustavoalgue fala portugues02:27
DrGrovPyraine: I think Amarok would work for itunes support. That is what I think I read earlier. Check on amarok to see if it does it for you02:27
soloyou guys using the gnome 3 xchat?02:27
ZahradaI always used Rhythmbox02:27
soloZahrada, for irc?02:28
spankbotedbian >> I've install the latest gcc, and the gcc error went away but now I'm getting a "Kernel Headers 2.6.38.xxxx were not found02:28
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Pinqin: max display on this monitor only shows up to 1024x768, i used to get more02:28
PyraineDrGov: I'm not looking for an iTunes support per se, it's just a feature where you place unorganised mp3s into a single folder and itunes will take their ID3 tags and place them in a music folder in an on organised hierarchy02:28
DrGrovCan I get GNOME 3 running on 10.04?02:28
edbianspankbot: install those :)02:29
rwwPyraine: I use the package 'picard' for that, but it's a bit arcane.02:29
DrGrovPyraine: Please write my name correctly next time so it blinks for me :)02:29
rwwDrGrov: not that I know of02:30
DrGrovPyraine: I am sure you find something in the repos to fix that for you.02:30
bucephaluscan someone help me with an internet connection sharing issue?02:30
alex--How to open files in ubuntu server with root?02:30
=== ridin is now known as alphur
PyraineDrGrov: Sorry! yeah, I was wondering why autocomplete didn't work02:30
rwwalex--: prepend sudo to the usual command. e.g. "sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list"02:30
spankbotedbian >> now that I'm not to sure about doing, not even sure what I'm looking for.02:30
DrGrovrww: Ok, so I am stuck with oldish GNOME but that is still ok. Just feels a tidy bit boring to sit with GNOME 2.02:30
DrGrovPyraine: No worries :)02:30
Pyrainerww: does it work in the background? or do you have to execute it?02:30
alex--rww: when i do that, it tells me: sudo: /root/ispconfig/uinstall: command not found02:30
jointdrgrove yes.. just google it, or youtube it02:31
rwwDrGrov: (the GNOME 3 PPA we usually point to (with warnings about it being unsupported) only does natty and oneiric)02:31
bucephalusanyone good with networking?02:31
DrGrovWell god damnit guys!02:31
jointgnome 3 ubuntu 10.0402:31
edbianspankbot: I'm not sure either.  I'm not surprised that gcc was not installed by default (not everybody is compiling c code ya know) but I am surprised it wants the headers. Have you updated and upgraded ?  via apt-get?02:31
DrGrovAutocomplete anyone? LOL02:31
alex--bucephalus: #networking02:31
bucephalusthanks alex02:31
DrGrovjoint: You misspelled my name.... :) LOL02:31
bucephalusconnect #networking02:31
rwwalex--: /root/ispconfig/uinstall doesn't exist, then.02:31
alex--it does02:31
rww(or isn't a valid executable)02:31
alex--but i dont get access to it02:31
rwwalex--: is it chmod +x? is it the right architecture? (32-bit vs. 64-bit)02:31
alex--it doesn't exists then i think so02:31
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
DrGrovrww: Well I could check via Google on something to do with the GNOME 3 PPA. If it works that would be good but if not I will just continue with Enlightenment 17.02:32
rwwPyraine: it's a GUI program that you execute. apologies if that's not what you're looking for (I didn't read scrollback thoroughly)02:33
lapagaDrGrov: ubuntuforums can help you  quite a bit with gnome 302:33
BfhQuestion: currently using command wget -r linkhere to download vids from sites, on youtube though when i use this command it will download to many files at one time i just need to download the single vid thats playing. any1 know command for this or a program ?02:33
DrGrovlapaga: Good, I am heading there :) Thanks02:34
HickeroarQuestion. I'm running linux mint 11 right now. What would it take to convert to Ubuntu with minimal effort02:34
HickeroarI'm assuming I couldn't just install ubuntu over linux mint....right?02:34
rwwHickeroar: The only way to convert from Mint to Ubuntu that's supported by this channel is grabbing an install CD and reformatting.02:34
Hickeroarhaha! Is there an unsupported way?02:34
rwwHickeroar: Probably, but that's out of scope for this channel :P02:35
rww(and I don't personally know of one, because I avoid unofficial derivatives)02:35
tlabI can ssh to my server on the local lan, but not over the internet, I get access denied02:35
edbiantlab: port forwarding on your router02:35
tlabI have it setup02:36
tlabI get the prompt to log in02:36
DrGrovlapaga: I just figured out one thing about this physical rehabilitation as a subject.02:36
DrGrovlapaga: Damn it is tedious reading, getting tired already after the first 10 pages LOL02:37
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Pyrainethat was nice02:37
Bfhlolz ya02:37
lapagawell that was special02:37
InformarANAL SEX!!!!!!!02:37
javier21arANAL SEX!!!!!!!02:37
InformarANAL SEX!!!!!!!02:37
javier21arANAL SEX!!!!!!!02:37
FloodBot1Informar: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:37
FloodBot1javier21ar: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:38
DrGrovThanks rww. Good that you reacted that fast :)02:39
lapagai know this is completely off topic...but shouldn't the bot be able to react faster than a person?02:40
rwwlapaga: The bot does react faster than people, and did react faster than me ;)02:41
crackerjackzhow come i can use ssh but i can't use fish for konqueror?02:42
tsimpsonfish is a hack, use sftp02:42
tsimpsonor just ssh://02:42
KaleidoscopeNow I see why you guys mentioned I should do backups02:43
KaleidoscopeI just completely screwed up my Windows partition02:43
rww*** NOTICE: If you were unable to speak in the last few minutes, please try again.02:44
KaleidoscopeThe good part is atleast now my Linux has the entire HD to use02:44
crackerjackztsimpson, so how come it doesn't work though?02:44
edbianrww: hi02:44
rwwedbian: hi02:44
tsimpsoncrackerjackz: hard to say really, it should work if you can ssh in, but fish isn't really highly maintained02:45
lapagaKaleidoscope: if you have important stuff on windows you might want to use a live cd and not do anything on the windows partition...use testdisk to see if you can recover02:45
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=== help is now known as Guest48964
crackerjackztsimpson, what else could i use similar to fish in konqueror?02:46
=== Guest48964 is now known as sudocomm
K350what key is the "meta" key?02:47
edbianK350: windows02:47
tsimpsoncrackerjackz: try with sftp://02:47
Kaleidoscopelapaga, It's fine, I already just re assigned the entire hd to my Linux02:48
lapagawindows (4 boxes) or alt ps02:48
spankbotHas anyone with a Laptop running NVidia card and NVidia drivers have the system abruptly logout when no power source is connected?  If I'm not connected to a power source, every 3-4min I'm forced to logout02:48
K350edbian: Ah, thanks!:-)02:48
edbianK350: sure02:49
crackerjackztsimpson, it says the server refused to allow this computer to make a connection02:50
crackerjackzbut i'm ssh'd in right now02:50
d_atharvaWhats happening on ubuntu channel ??? Was there any spambot attack recently ???02:50
alex--dir: cannot open directory .: Permission denied02:50
rwwd_atharva: Yes.02:51
tsimpsoncrackerjackz: does it use a port other than 22?02:51
alex--how to open my folder?02:51
edbianalex--: Is that a question?02:51
alex--i get: dir: cannot open directory .: Permission denied02:51
edbianalex--: who owns it?02:51
alex--edbian: i think root02:51
csdserverspankbot make sure you check nvidia's ftp site for driver updates and which apply to your system ( and to figure that out, go here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-ia32-275.21-driver.html02:51
edbianalex--: Where is this folder?02:51
d_atharvarww : what did it do ??02:52
alex--edbian: /etc/webmin/xdxd/02:52
csdserverspankbot: nvidia ftp host : download.nvidia.com02:52
rwwd_atharva: Discussion of spam further disrupts Ubuntu support. Please don't engage in it.02:52
lapagad_atharva: never even noticed anything02:52
edbianalex--: can you pastebin ls -l /etc/webmind/    ?02:53
rww!webmin | alex--02:53
ubottualex--: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.02:53
d_atharvarww , lapaga : ok.....02:53
edbiannevermind ...02:53
alex--rww: i know02:53
alex--rww: am i using it then? i'm just building a module and testing it02:54
spankbotcsdserver, thanks I look around.  it has to be the problem because I can replicate the issue in Ubuntu 11.04 and Fedora 1502:54
crackerjackztsimpson, i got it working... firewall is being screwy :/02:54
alex--edbian: http://pastebin.com/WrwYFMKV02:54
edbianalex--: The reason you can't edit the file is linux file permissions: http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/filepermissions.html02:54
d_atharvaHi....Can anyone please tell me Is there any software acting as a gprs ??? it should show my location in my laptop as I am connected to internet and move from one place to another02:55
edbianalex--: sudo chmod 715 should fix it02:55
cyphacan I add an option to the right click menu to start a terminal window from the directory I rightclicked02:55
cyphaor something similar02:55
arthursciencehas anyone dual booted ubuntu with windows 7 on a compaq mini 210 netbook?02:55
alex--edbian: sudo chmod 715 /etc/webmin/xd/xd ?02:55
alex--xdxd *02:55
cyphaso I can start a terminal window from a particular directory in nautilus02:55
edbianalex--: umm yeah02:55
edbianalex--: But you should read about file permissions to really fix it.02:55
edbiancypha: Yes, ther eis a package nautilus-open-terminal02:56
dr_williscypha:  nautilus has a scriptig feature to allow that.  ive seen examples/tweaks that do exactly that02:56
edbiancypha: requires a restart02:56
edbiandr_willis: mine is better!  :P02:56
dr_willis'terminal here' or similer pacgajr i thik02:56
alex--edbian: thx02:56
edbianalex--: sure02:57
arthursciencethe netbook is sold with 4 primary partitions, and they are: boot, C:, recovery, and HP-TOOLS02:57
edbianarthurscience: I've not done it but I'm curious what your real question is02:57
cyphaedbian, that was my next question, thanks :)02:57
arthurscienceI would like to delete HP-TOOLS so I can make a native linux partition, but I don't want to do anything damaging02:57
cyphaok, so I have xchat-2.8.8 source downloaded02:58
edbiancypha: sure02:58
dr_willisarthurscience:  you will need to remove one to install linux,  or somehow covert one to a extended02:58
jonnyi need help: how do i get rid of GRUB bootloader? i just want everything back to my vista partition02:58
cyphawhere do I go to write ./configure02:58
cyphamake install?02:58
scarmichaelin a normal ubuntu install  there exists an application under System>Administration>Language Support.  I am running a minimial install of ubuntu so this app didnt get installed.  Any ideas as to what package i need to apt-get into order to get this?02:58
edbianjonny: there is some command fixmbr  or something.  Ask in #windows02:58
jonnyedbian: ty02:58
arthurscienceI guess my real question is whether anyone is familiar with that HP-TOOLS partition and the purpose that it serves02:58
edbianarthurscience: deleting the HP-TOOLS partition will do something.  I can't promise that it won't break windows.  It probably won't but I can't guarantee02:59
arthurscienceor...if there are any clever ways around the 4 primary limit given my situation02:59
lapagacypha: in the dir that the file is02:59
dr_willisarthurscience:  its gotte to a point these days where i always get a 2nd hd for any new laptops to clone the origial hd to it for a backup... saves hassles later02:59
edbianarthurscience: extended partitions02:59
csdserverscarmichael, sounds like internationalization options02:59
dr_willishow big is hp-tools partition arthurscience03:00
arthurscienceedbian: in order to make an extended partition I have to (at least temporarily) delete one of the primaries though...right?03:00
scarmichaelcsdserver, if you could take a look at the launcher by right clicking it, and read me the program that is launched, that would give me an answer03:00
arthursciencedr_willis: it's about 100MB and some change03:00
edbianarthurscience: I don't know03:01
edbianscarmichael: what's it called?03:01
dr_willisarthurscience:  so you could dd image it to a cd for a backup.03:01
scarmichaelLanguage support03:01
dr_willisarthurscience:  be sure to make a recovery dvd set for that laptop also.. make 2   ;)03:01
arthursciencedr_willis: dd?03:01
scarmichaelits under System>Administration03:01
edbianscarmichael: hang on03:02
dr_willisdd is a commad03:02
edbianscarmichael: I found it. Unity won't let me drop it to the desktop03:02
edbianhang on03:02
csdserverscarmichael, the process starts with gnome-language- still trying to get more info from top03:03
dr_willisarthurscience:  most likely its some boot tool partitio that you boot from to restore the stuff from the backup partition03:03
sudocommcouldn't he just use GParted to resize the C:\, and create the new partition then just make that partition extended?  Or am I just completely wrong?03:03
scarmichaelgnome-language-selector must be it03:03
edbianscarmichael: the command is gnome-language-selector03:04
dr_willissudocomm: 4 partitions max if they are all primaries03:04
scarmichaelbut not in repos03:04
karexIs there (command-line) tool to download such URL and convert the link? Maybe like `wget -Kkp page1?arg=value page2?arg=value` {unfortunately wget doesn't change "&" to "%3F"}03:04
edbianscarmichael: It's probably part of a package, hang on03:04
dr_willisone primary can be an extended that holds logicals03:04
edbianscarmichael: installing apt-file...03:04
ParadigmUltraCan anyone help me with a cripling issue with my desktop's pointer not clicking?03:05
djjonexhello everybody03:05
edbianscarmichael: apt-file update...03:05
sudocommdr_willis: Ah gotcha03:06
scarmichaeledbian: never heard of apt-file, thanks looks quite useful for finding app contained in packages03:06
djjonexI have 2 pcs with Ubuntu 11.04 need to setup a home network (file sharing)03:06
TrfsrfrAnyone up for a rookie conversation? I am a linux newb, and have been solely using Ubuntu now for about 6 months, and in my rookie mind I think  it's 'buggy'. It does weird random things, although is more stable on my older desktop than my laptop.03:06
alex--Trfsrfr: what kind of weird random things?03:06
csdserverscarmichael - let me know if you need to know each individual dependency for language selector03:07
ubottuIf you would like to help in #*ubuntu* but it just goes too fast to spot interesting questions, try joining #ubuntu-meta and watching for questions there (note that it is NOT a support channel, however, and questions should still be answered in #*ubuntu*)03:07
truepurpleNone of my browsers are able to connect to the web, but clearly I have a internet connection, anyone have a idea what is going on?03:07
csdserver(you should see it in synaptics manager, all the info you need)03:07
edbianscarmichael: It isn't finding anything ...03:07
Trfsrfralex-- taskbar issues, shut down issues on laptop,03:07
arthurscienceif anyone cares, this forum answered my question: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware/Hp-Tools-Partion/td-p/22836003:07
scarmichaeledbian: I think it is language-selector-gnome03:07
Trfsrfrtheres more03:08
edbianscarmichael: you use apt-file03:08
djjonextruepurple did you try acces thenetwork with another computer?03:08
alex--Trfsrfr: shutdown can be overheating03:08
scarmichaeledbian:yep that was it03:08
truepurpledjjonex: I dont have any other computers, and it was fine working a bit ago03:08
arthurscienceHP-TOOLS basically just let's people edit the BIOS from windows...aka it's totally useless03:08
scarmichaelthank you for your help, and tipping me off to apt-file03:08
djjonextruepurple try restarting router & modem03:08
arthursciencethanks to everyone that provided the input03:09
Trfsrfralex--, shut down issues are on laptop, which is known to not work with linux, but i do anyway03:09
djjonexi need to share files between 2 ubuntu pcs03:09
truepurpledjjonex: I am talking to you on the same PC right now through IRC03:09
Trfsrfrdesktop is way more stable03:09
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:09
alex--Trfsrfr: impedietly shutdown, or it says: shutting down03:10
dr_willisdjjonex:  samba, nfs, ssh/sshfs.. all can do that03:10
djjonextruepurple: try reset firefox to its default settings03:10
djjonexdr_willis: which you recommend ?03:11
dr_willisdjjonex:  learning ssh and how to use sshfs - is very hady03:11
dr_willisdjjonex:  it all depends on the details03:11
djjonexdr_willis: I just need to pass movies lol03:11
truepurpledjjonex: Its not firefox, Midori doesn't work either, neither does pinging google.com from a terminal03:12
bananasdoomIf I install xbuntu over my friends ibook g4 wiping the original mac x os what happens if he wants to go back to mac03:12
dr_willisssh/sshfs take 5  min to setup. nfs perhaps 10, samba  perhaps 15 ;)03:12
karexIs there (command-line) tool to download such URL and convert the link? Maybe like `wget -Kkp page1?arg=value page2?arg=value` {unfortunately wget doesn't change "?" to "%3F"}03:12
wildbattruepurple: what about ping
Trfsrfralex--,  sorry, shut down issues are more laptop related, and I'm aware that its not linux compliant, so its not a huge priority. But what i have noticed between the two is that sometimes random web pages pop up (not porn or pop-ups)  that I had visited prior, but had somehow gotten lost. And alt-tab didnt bring them up.03:12
bananasdoomcan I just download a mac x iso03:12
rwwbananasdoom: You can use the OS X CD that came with the computer.03:13
djjonextrupurple: ur proxy is fucked up03:13
bananasdoomhe dose not have a c03:13
Trfsrfralex--, its like they got lost, but were still open, just not visible.03:13
rwwbananasdoom: Have them go chat with Apple, then.03:13
bananasdoomI am sure i can download one then03:13
alex--Trfsrfr: sorry, i dont know03:13
bananasdoomyea better idea03:13
truepurplewildbat: You mean "ping -c 4"?03:13
rwwbananasdoom: That would be illegal and thus offtopic for this network.03:13
bananasdoomsory sorry03:13
=== Nisstyre is now known as Rainbow_Dash
wildbattruepurple: did it work?03:14
bananasdoomdid not think03:14
=== Rainbow_Dash is now known as Nisstyre
Trfsrfralex--, thanks. me neither :-)03:14
vectory_rww: are you sure thats not just what apple wants you to think?03:14
rwwvectory_: Yes. Silly arguments about EULAs are also offtopic for this channel. What I just said represents channel operator consensus on the matter.03:15
alex--vectory_: that it's offtopic is?03:15
TrfsrfrWhere does one find known 11.04 bugs?03:15
csdserveri don't think distributing the iso is where the copyright infringement takes place, it's in using bypasses to keys and security measures to prevent undistributed copies.03:15
sudocommlast I heard OSX was like $30.03:15
dr_willissudocomm:  yep. amazingly cheap cosiderig..03:15
vectory_sudocomm: the update only?03:15
dr_willisupgrade that is..03:16
SektorXIDoes anybody know of an IRC for FOSS gaming development/ suggestions?03:16
alex--vectory_: rww: bananasdoom: #osx-thing03:16
vectory_SektorXI: do you knbow of tig-source03:16
p_reswhat alex-- says. ^^03:16
sudocommvectory_: No a friend of mine is a huge apple nut, and he was telling me that he could purchase the full release for that price03:16
SektorXIvectory_ not at all03:16
dr_willissudocomm:  its technically a upgrade  since every apple pc comes with the os.03:17
p_resrid the apple/mac talk guys.03:17
truepurplewildbat: You mean  wildbat: You mean "ping -c 4"?03:17
truepurpledang copy/past error03:18
djjonexif somebody knows a link for OS X 10.5 for Macbook let me know03:18
SektorXIvectory_: what is it?03:18
alex--djjonex: #osx-thing\03:18
alex--djjonex: #osx-thing03:18
rww!piracy > djjonex03:18
ubottudjjonex, please see my private message03:18
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djjonexalex--:lol gracias03:18
SektorXIwhy in the hell are we talking about OSX & Mac? this is an Ubuntu IRC03:18
rwwAnd yes, it's about time we got back to /Ubuntu/ support.03:19
vectory_SektorXI: a game dev community, google it, maybe theres a irc channel, its not explicitly foss tho03:19
[snake]what security should I get/use for my webserver.03:19
alex--djjonex: click the #osx-thing link03:19
SektorXIOkay. And on that note if anybody would like a G+ invite hit me up.03:19
=== RudyValencia- is now known as RudyValencia
alex--dr_willis: #osx-thing03:20
FernandoTertiaryhola, am getting a error message when attempting to use Package Manager03:20
rwwalex--: Stop that.03:20
jeff_is G+ better than FB?03:20
rww!ot | jeff_03:20
ubottujeff_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:20
alex--rww: i'm porthign them to the channel to keep it ontopic here :)03:20
vectory_FernandoTertiary: what msg?03:20
=== determinology_ is now known as applesx
vectory_can you pastebin it?03:20
[snake]and could someone point me to the hosts file. The one where you can type in a url and have it redirect to to localhost03:20
=== xavier is now known as Guest67756
Guest67756Hi there!03:20
djjonexFernandoTertiary: try update ur machine03:21
rww[snake]: sudoedit /etc/hosts03:21
SektorXIjeff_: entirely.03:22
FernandoTertiarydjjonex: http://pastebin.com/RBfvQTHR03:22
jeff_We need an anti-social network.03:22
truepurplewildbat: Hello?03:22
wildbattruepurple: ?03:23
SektorXIjeff_: that's called multiplayer gaming.03:23
pooltableRed Hat Enterprise Linux 5 update out is this free and it it a full new installed or just and update?03:23
rwwSektorXI, jeff_: Take it to #ubuntu-offtopic.03:23
SektorXIrww: sorry03:24
truepurplewildbat: I asked you a question twice03:24
NorthernenFernandoTertiary, seems like a DNS issue.03:25
vectory_pooltable: /j rhel03:25
rwwpooltable: this is #ubuntu. Try #rhel.03:25
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:25
wildbattruepurple: sorry i was afk ~ yes ping , can you ping it ?03:26
djjonexFernandoTertiary: casi siempre eso es culpa de la internet03:26
alex--djjonex: !en03:26
alex--djjonex: !sp03:26
alex--how does it works :$03:26
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:26
alex--!sp | djjonex03:26
alex--!es | djjonex03:26
ubottudjjonex: please see above03:26
=== applesx is now known as DETERMINOLOGYZ
FernandoTertiarydjjonex: DNS attempts to configure per LAN protocol au lieu WAN03:28
eosswhere is .htpasswd file stored03:28
FernandoTertiaryDYNDNS specifically03:28
alex--eoss: depends03:28
qineoss: At document root, but that would be #web03:29
FernandoTertiaryposteri router config, DNS interupts router connectivity if plugged into WAN port03:29
bananasdoomanyone knwo what the chnage boot pref is for a mac03:32
djjonexcant setup file trasfer between 2 ubuntu pcs03:34
dr_williswhat have you tried djjonex03:35
nemoHey guys.  I have an AR9287 wifi that stalls on large file transfers in Natty03:35
nemoI ran into:03:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 761176 in linux (Ubuntu) "wlan (AR928X, ath9k) slow since upgrade to natty" [Medium,Fix released]03:36
nemowhich was closed "fix released"03:36
qindjjonex: scp source destination (need ssh server)03:36
determinology_misses ubuntu :)03:36
nemosoooo, clearly not my issue :)03:36
maalacneed help in HP Probook 6555b when on battery mode its freezing up03:36
nemohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/761176/comments/20 - this person seems to have my problem too, at any rate03:36
aHardyXUbuntu 11.04 kernel crasshing http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/8238/img5126l.jpg03:36
djjonexdr_willies: i tried ssh but i got lost03:36
nemoanyway. I wanted to see if the 2.6.39 kernel really did help...03:36
nemoso I tried the suggestion from comment 803:36
djjonextried samba then got lost in the terminal03:36
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)03:37
djjonexlol ok03:37
nemohowever, after running the addition of the ppa and the apt-get, I don't get prompted for a new kernel03:37
nemoanyone have any idea why that might be?03:37
aHardyXSo how do I find the log of the kernel to find out whats wrong?03:37
wildbatdjjonex: just right click on nautilus, there is sharing option.03:37
salvy_I am using NATTY and "Giver" wont start... i click it and nothing happens...03:37
qinaHardyX: /var/log/kern.log03:38
maalaci'm using Ubuntu 10.10 and i'm having problems when on battery mode it freezes using HP Probook 6555b03:38
salvy_anyone else have problems with GIVER in NATTY?03:38
djjonexwildbat: i need to install something?03:38
wildbatdjjonex: yes it will install samba if you didn't. you should see it in Network in nautilus.03:39
wildbatdjjonex: after you share the folder.03:39
djjonexplus im kinda lost with Unity03:40
djjonexi shared the folder already03:40
qinwildbat: Two ubuntu machines, copy files, why do you need samba for it?03:40
lakehow can I echo a env var on a remote server? Something like: ssh user@host echo $some_var03:40
leizacual es la sala de español03:40
dr_willissamba is ok.. when it works..03:40
zbwanyone here?03:40
rww!es | leiza03:40
wildbatqin: the easiest for him . cli free03:40
ubottuleiza: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:40
djjonexaki somos bilingueeeeee03:41
qindr_willis: hehe03:41
rwwdjjonex: You've been told already to speak English only in here.03:41
dr_willisfor ubunto to ubutu    sshfs is what i tend to use03:41
wildbati perfer sshfs  too :>03:41
Northernenlake, don't you just have to log in once, and you'll get your terminal just like you were on the actual machine?03:41
qindr_willis: rsync -e ssh is also neat.03:42
lakeNorthernen: i want it to be automated...03:42
dr_willisi just set up my other box's /home/username to a  'sshfs/remote/name' via a  script ;)03:42
maalacit looks like i'm being ignored here ..03:42
salvy_nm, ill use filezilla03:43
Northernenmaalac, what is the problem?03:43
dr_willisor no one knows the aswer...03:44
nemohm. I see the kernel ppa "prerelease" *does* have fixes for ath03:44
nemoath9k that is03:44
nemomaybe one of them will do the trick03:44
maalacNorthernen: i'm using ubuntu 10.10 when on battery my laptop freezes. I some solution that the fix to downgrade pm-utils to 1.3 but it didnt work03:44
Northernendr_willis, you can mount a SSH connection? Sweet, never tried that.03:44
Northernenmaalac, which type laptop?03:45
dr_willisNorthernen:  fuse tools have sshfs, and even other neater tricks03:45
maalacNorthernen: HP Probook 6555b03:45
wildbatfuse is the best tools linux ever developed ;p03:46
nemosshfs is so awesome03:46
dr_willisright up there with 'dd' ;)03:46
Northernenmaalac, it freezes during boot, or once you're done boothing?03:46
nemosshfs + autofs ftw03:47
maalacNorthernen: only when i unplugged the power or battery mode ..03:47
dr_willisi need to try that samba-fuse stuff again. it was broke for a long time03:47
Northernenmaalac, the pm-utils fix did not work?03:48
maalacNorthernen: downgraded it to 1.3 work only for sometime after that .it came back again .03:49
qinmaalac: Do reconnection to power unfrezze system? Can you make "snapshot" form logs of this happening?03:49
bananasdoomIf I have a new install on an old pc should i go with the super stable release(10.04) or the new release 11.0403:49
maalacqin: no, i have to complete power down03:50
sublim21hello all.  new linux guy here03:51
qinmaalac: What version of pm-util do you have right nwo?03:51
wildbatbananasdoom: depends if you want it stable or not.03:51
bananasdoomof course03:51
Northernenmaalac, it seems to be a reported 10.04/10.10 bug. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/68416403:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 684164 in linux (Ubuntu) "Complete system freeze usually after suspend/resume" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:51
wildbatbananasdoom: then 10.04 then.03:51
maalacqin: current version : pm-utils 1.4.-1-303:52
bananasdoomthanks wildbat03:52
Northernenmaalac, seems related to the WLAN drivers on HP machines.03:52
maalacNorthernen: how do we fix it ?03:53
qinmaalac: So, you said that it worked with 1.3, right?03:53
maalacquin: only for a few times but after that ..it never worke..03:54
Northernenmaalac, doesn't seem to be a fix, but some people have come up with some work-arounds. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/684164 post #6.03:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 684164 in linux (Ubuntu) "Complete system freeze usually after suspend/resume" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:54
Northernensublim21, welcome.03:55
sudocommmaalac:  why not upgrade to 11.04?03:55
xangua!ch | yichenglong03:55
ubottuyichenglong: Das Schweizer Team finden sie unter #ubuntu-ch, deutschsprachigen Support bekommen sie aber in #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de oder #edubuntu-de. Aus regionalen Gründen ist im Schweizer Channel nur Englisch erlaubt. Geben sie einfach /join #ubuntu-at ein! Danke für ihr Verständnis.03:55
rww!cn | yichenglong03:55
ubottuyichenglong: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn /join #ubuntu-tw 或 /join #ubuntu-hk03:55
xanguammm nos chinese :S03:55
rwwxangua: That was Swiss ;)03:55
Northernenmaalac, or try upgrading kernel. Not sure which kernel version 10.10 has.03:55
overrider_Hi - i downloaded the ubuntu 10.04 alternative iso and would like to install a commandline only system, but cannot find any such option when booting from the iso. Where is it hidden? :-)  Thanks03:55
maalacsudocomm: i did upgrade it before ..but lot of issues ..03:55
xangua!minimal | overrider_03:56
ubottuoverrider_: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:56
maalacNorthernen: this is my current kernel 2.6.35-30-generic-pae03:56
sudocommmaalac:  Ah was just wondering03:56
yichenglongwrher are you from?03:56
wildbatthat bot need a update #ubuntu-hk no longer have anyone XD03:56
overrider_xangua: I got the minimal disk - but its soo slow that after a whole night of downloading its still not done. Cant i do the same thing via the alternative install?03:56
sublim21can someone help me with something that should be easy?  i just installed ubuntu and im trying to use ppa to achieve this https://launchpad.net/~couchapp/+archive/couchapp03:57
xanguaoverrider_: you just said you had the alternate cd, not minimal03:57
nemonope. that didn't help. damn03:57
qinoverrider_: Any install booted with "text" parameter is Xless03:57
sublim21i mean, im brand new, so perhaps this is really easy but i don't know what to write in terminal...03:57
Northernenmaalac, might want to upgrade then. Or just upgrade to 11.04.03:57
overrider_xangua: i tried the minimal yesterday, today got the alternative03:57
nemowell. I've found a use for my wifi kill switch.  is a quick way to restart wifi after scp freezes every couple of hundred megabytes03:57
nemooh well. time to file another bug I guess03:58
maalacNorthernen: i did upgrade i have lots problem when i did that ..freezing on bootup ..03:58
qinnemo: Is it wifi?03:58
xanguasublim21: the instructions are on the ppa's web itself03:58
Northernensubanomi1, you can just edit the file itself, don't need to add it through terminal.03:59
xanguasublim21: sudo add-apt-repository 'ppa's name'03:59
xanguaremember you use a ppa on your Own Risk03:59
uabn93sublim21: what xangua said. click on "read about installing"03:59
Northernenmaalac, tried removing pm-utils altogether?03:59
sublim21xangua: tried that.  but no luck03:59
nit-witsublim21, this is a link from that page.  https://launchpad.net/+help/soyuz/ppa-sources-list.html03:59
maalacNorthernen: not yet ..03:59
nemoqin: AR928703:59
maalacNorthernen:  if i do that will my laptop still work on battery mode ?04:00
xanguasublim21: define 'no luck'04:00
nemoqin: freezes on large file transfers. was hopeful one of the suggestions in bug #761176 would help, but so far... :(04:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 761176 in linux (Ubuntu) "wlan (AR928X, ath9k) slow since upgrade to natty" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76117604:00
Northernenmaalac, battery will still work, but you won't be able to manage it.04:00
overrider_So the install commandline system has gone from the alternative iso, and can only be done via the minimal cd?04:00
nemoqin: only fix is to toggle kill switch forcing switch forcing reconnect. I've done it 3 times in past few minutes04:01
xanguasublim21: as i can see in that ppa, All packages Failed to Build04:01
maalacNorthernen: dats ok. as long as everything is working. what exactlly do you mean you can't manage it? is this mean i can't do suspend or hibernate /04:01
qinnemo: I ment, wifi often cannot (weak router) handle massive traffic, try to reduce bandwith in router.04:01
sublim21xangua: what does that mean?04:01
xanguathat All ppackages Failed to Build04:01
sublim21thats bad isn't it04:01
xanguano packages04:02
sublim21sooo...this no work then04:02
uabn93sublim21: maybe it isnt supported for the version of ubuntu you are using04:02
nemoqin: ehmdoubt it. no issues on any other system on this network.04:02
Northernenmaalac, you won't be able to see how much time left on battery (I think), and you won't be able to manage suspend or hibernate (at least through GUI, there are probably commands for it).04:02
nemoqin: also plenty of other reports with this card.04:02
maalacNorthernen: dats ok. i'll probably do that ..04:02
qinnemo: Maybe card then.04:03
uabn93sublim21: or the ppa is crap04:03
sublim21uabn93: perhaps.04:03
maalacNorthernen: Thanks a lot ...04:03
Northernenmaalac, worth a try. If nothing else, you'll determine whether pm-utils is the culprit or not.04:03
nemoqin: but I'll doublecheck on the 2nd laptop...04:03
Northernenmaalac, no worries. Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.04:04
maalacNorthernen: thanks ..04:04
uabn93sublim21: i guess youll have to compile it yourself04:05
nemoqin: also way it hangs seems suspicious for router - all other machines on network are fine, but this one goes completely unresponsive (even to a simple ping) until I disconnect/reconnect04:05
sublim21uabn93: actually, i got it now.  there's another method listed on the website with this pip thingy.  long story short,its going now.  thanks for your help.  quick question, how do i copy text quickly in ubuntu?  ctr-c, ctrl-shift-c all no work :/04:06
qinnemo: Then your messages and syslog should show it.04:06
qinsublim21: Highlight and middle click04:08
sublim21qin: middle click?  im on a netbook.  they have stolen my middle click04:08
jeffrashI've got a quick question about the unity notification area04:08
qinsublim21: right/left at the same time04:08
rypervenchesublim21: Try pressing left and right click at the same time.04:08
qinjeffrash: nitify-send "jeff" "ask aquestion" -t 100004:09
sublim21wow thats smart.  it knows, oh, you got something highlighted.  im copying.  oh you got nothing highlighted?  im pastying04:09
charged_boltHey, my update manager shows "Linux kernel image for version 2.6.38 on x86/x86_64" shall I update it ?04:10
jeffrashqin, I've just installed google music manager and it's suppose to have an icon in the notification area.04:10
charged_boltdon't wanna break things up :|04:10
qinsublim21: Sometimes, you need to specity with click where you paste, otherwise you will finish with password in google (in html text areas)04:11
jeffrashqin, how do I get it in unity on 11.04?04:11
xanguajeffrash: there is no notification area in ubuntu no more, or at least i don't know how to add it in unity04:11
sublim21qin: k04:11
JsinLegacyanyone tried installing Ubuntu on the Samsung Qx41104:12
jeffrashxanqua, that's seems odd.04:12
dr_willisit most likely needs to be addeded to the whitelist of apps allowed to appear in the indicator applet area04:12
dr_williswebupd8 blog site and other sites discuss how to whitelist  the notification type icons04:12
dr_willisi just cheat and run some dock/awn/docky thing that has the old fashioed system tray type feature/addon04:14
uabn93is there anything webupd8 hasn't covered? :)04:15
yichenglongI want to look for a teacher04:15
overrider_Is there a way to install a minimal System without the minimal.iso? Cant find the commandline only option on the alternative cd boot. Sorry to be a pain, need a minimal system though :-)  Using the mini.iso takes too long to download on my crappy connection04:16
qinoverrider_: ubuntu-server?04:16
ParadigmUltraAm I the only person in 11.4 who keeps losing the ability to click on windows because of minized apps stealing focus??04:17
dr_willisalt cd has a console only install i recall. but never used it either.. but that may not be minimal04:17
[snake]My windows partition used to show up in my places tab (im on ubuntu 10.04 64bit), but now I need to manually mount using sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt04:17
[snake]how can I make it in my places again04:17
charged_boltHey, my update manager shows "Linux kernel image for version 2.6.38 on x86/x86_64" shall I update it ? don't wanna break up things :|04:17
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
overrider_qin: is the ubuntu server the same install as if i do a minimal ?04:17
overrider_yeah so thats the question :-/04:17
[snake]charged_bolt, definatley.04:17
uabn93how do you run a shell script through the terminal?04:17
dr_willisi dont think server=minimal04:18
charged_bolt[snake]: ok, thanks!04:18
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest24376
ParadigmUltra[snake]: ./scriptname04:18
sagaci[snake]: you can add it to your /etc/fstab04:18
qinoverrider_: No, but whole gnome is absent, it does have different configuration and kernel too.04:18
dr_willisuabn93:  chmod +x thething    then ./thething04:18
nit-wit[snake], take a look at the windows partition in gparted, you will probably see errors and a suggestion of running a chkdsk.04:18
sagacidr_willis: alt cd is just alt install.. you can install a desktop environment from the alt cd04:18
qinlittlebearz: Stop?04:19
dr_willissagaci:  and a text only option exists on it.. somewhere  ive heard04:19
piter_denis anybody there?04:20
sagacioverrider_: no, minimal is the same as alternate, but you download the packages when you install, alternate has the base packages on the iso04:20
dr_willisnow where ya get to that from is what  overrider_  was wanting to learn i think04:20
uabn93dr_willis: great. thanks04:20
dr_willisminimal install is just a minimal bootup then eh?04:20
overrider_sagaci: Ok thats why i got the alternate. Now how to install / choose a commandline only system when booting from tha alternative media ?04:20
=== Reikoku is now known as Rei`ZzZz
sagacioverrider_: it'll ask you through the install if you want to install a desktop environment04:21
sagacidr_willis: yeah kinda, just gets you to a minimal install where it pulls the packages over the net04:21
jeffrash_xangua, found something04:22
jeffrash_xangua, gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"04:22
dr_willisjeffrash_:  using all can cause issues....04:22
nemoqin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/81623104:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 816231 in Ubuntu "Sony VPC-F11 (VPCF11GGX) AR9287 Wireless hangs on large file transfers over WPA2" [Undecided,New]04:23
rwwlittlebearz: Hi. Whatever silliness you're doing is being echoed to #ubuntu. Stop it.04:23
jeffrash_dr_willis, yes I understand04:23
qinnemo: I am VGN-F11, close, what chipset is it?04:23
jeffrash_dr_willis, working on just enabling the ones I need04:24
qinLtHummus: 141104:24
jeffrash_dr_willis, like google music manger04:24
=== sparkle_history is now known as sparklehistory
dr_willisjeffrash_:  i uae awn, or other docks that have the same 'area' for the icons04:25
nemoqin: dumped lspci in the bug info04:25
csdserverhow can i drop out of X server so i can install some drivers in a basic telinit 3 runlevel?04:25
dr_williscsdserver:  sudo service gdm stop04:26
dr_williscsdserver:  what drivers? ati or nvidia/ ;)04:26
rwwcsdserver: ctrl-alt-f1, login, sudo service gdm stop (or kdm on Kubuntu)04:26
csdservernvidia =)04:26
jeffrash_dr_willis, I'd like to stay native unity as much as possible04:26
dr_willisyou did use the repo drivers first?04:26
jeffrash_dr_willis, but they are not making it easy04:26
csdserveryes, they're installed on my failsafe partition04:27
dr_willisjeffrash_:  i say phht. to that. i got unity setup my way ;)04:27
jeffrash_dr_willis, understood04:27
dr_willisi even found ways for classic gnome meus in unity04:27
jeffrash_that's cool04:28
[snake]I'm helping out a friend who installed ubuntu 11.04 inside windows(not vb, the wubi installer). when he's inside linux he can't find his windows files. where should they be?04:28
dr_willissomthing they should have done to begin with.. ;)04:28
rww[snake]: /host, I believe04:29
jeffrash_that's just thought I'd share what I found as several had said it couldn't be done04:29
csdwifiwoosh, might as well get on this instead while i'm working on it.  So that command was `sudo gdm stop`?04:32
dr_willisservice  commad.....04:32
dr_willisgdm is a service04:33
dr_willissudo service gdm stop04:33
sab0tagemight want to make sure your working from a terminal only Ctrl+Alt+F1[F6]04:34
csdwifiaha, that's a new distinction for me, i'm slacking off on reading (summer, can't blame me)04:34
sab0tagefinally got vlc to run as root whoohoo!04:35
qinsab0tage: sudo vlc ?04:35
KM0201sab0tage: why on earth woul dyou do that?04:36
sab0tageno, unfortunately, vlc has hopped on the bandwaggon of not allowing that, so had to recompile with --enable-run-as-root flag, and for the longest time, I couldn't satisfy the dependecies for the source until now04:36
rwwKM0201: good question o_o04:36
sab0tagebecause I am root04:36
Northernensab0tage, couldn't you set attributes on it?04:36
computer_before i install ubuntu, should i use raid, ide, or the other one i forget the name???04:37
dr_willisthats sort of like bosting you are drunk... always... ;)   but i will leave it at that..04:37
csdwifiat my user login screen if i just do the ctrl+alt+f1 tty shell  , I also ran `sudo apt-get update` and received some 'wicked' resolve errors on natty/Release.gpg fetch.04:38
rwwcomputer_: AHCI?04:38
computer_yeah i think so04:38
qinsab0tage: sudo /usr/bin/vlc-wrapper movie04:38
maumhello I cannot hear any sound on ubuntu 11.0404:38
rwwcomputer_: RAID if you intend to use RAID (and know what that is ;), AHCI otherwise04:38
dc5alamaum: check your volume, had it muted on 2 machines04:39
sab0tageyeah, wrapper wouldn't work for me either.04:39
csdwifianyway, the good news is that i'm NOW at the nvidia patch screen so thanks for that everyone who helped04:39
computer_i tried to install ubuntu with raid but it wouldnt let me04:39
maumdc5ala, unmuted and volume is right.04:39
sab0tageI tried xhost +localhost and using wrapper as root, but still wouldn't work04:39
NorthernenAHCI is SATA?04:39
rwwsab0tage: Do you have an Ubuntu technical support question?04:39
sab0tageI'm here provided support buddy04:40
sab0tagedo you have a question rww?04:40
rwwsab0tage: #ubuntu is for technical support, not chat. We also specifically disagree with running as root, and thus it's best if you take this conversation elsewhere.04:40
csdwificrap... installing the 275 nvidia driver for my 9600 gt, pre-install script failed - anyone know if this is normal?04:40
dc5alamaum: check hardware in audio settings, using more than one sound device maybe?04:41
computer_here is my laptop that i am using http://www.msi.com/product/nb/GT683.html04:41
maumdc5ala, where can I check the hardware?04:41
sab0tageI just fixed my sound with installing alsa-oss the other day.04:41
sab0tagemight be worth checking out04:41
sab0tagepulseaudio is a mess...04:41
dc5alamaum: right click on little speaker in the bar04:41
maumdc5ala, there is no hardware in sound preference04:42
computer_i installed ubuntu using ide, but now i just might reinstall so i can use ahci04:42
sab0tagedc5ala, what desktop environment are u using?  gnome, kde, unity?04:42
maumdc5ala, how can I set the hardware?04:42
sab0tagemaum, actually I was asking you that, desktop?04:42
maumsab0tage, yes and I opened sound preference04:43
computer_or if there is a way to install ubuntu using raid then i would need help04:43
philipballewhow would i install lxde without installing any extra apps?04:43
maumsab0tage, there is no device in hardware tab04:43
dc5alamaum: it usually lists found sound hardware there. You should find out what hardware you are using.04:44
maumsab0tage, I'm using ubuntu04:44
maumdc5ala,  but there is no divice... it is strange.04:44
sab0tagelspci | grep Audio maum04:45
maumsab0tage, 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 05)04:45
computer_is it possible to install ubuntu with raid?04:46
computer_any1 has some kind of guide i can follow04:47
votzI installed windows 7 which broke grub, and I attempted to re-install grub following this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows, but now upon boot I get the grub shell. Any ideas what might have gone wrong?04:47
sab0tagetry grub-restore04:49
votzsab0tage: from the grub shell upon boot? or from the live-cd"?04:49
votzI assume the latter04:49
votzalso if it matters, the old grub was originally installed by fedora 1304:49
sab0tagefrom the live cd.  did you use the correct parititon when installing grub "ie. grub-install /dev/<device>04:49
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto04:50
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
computer_thanks will take a look04:50
votzsab0tage: I believe so if for no other reason than it used to boot windows, and now boots into grub shell04:50
maumsab0tage, how to install audio drive?04:50
wellyHello chaps. I've got a box that I'm planning on sticking ubuntu server on. I don't have an external screen of any kind and don't have access to one. What would be the best way of getting it up and running? :)04:51
sab0tagemaum Add "options snd-hda-intel model=auto" to /etc/modprobe.d/50-sound.conf04:51
sab0tage2. Install pulse audio. Strangely this was not installed and conflicted with patterns-openSUSE-kde4_pure which I had to remove.04:51
Coreywelly: Serial console.04:51
sab0tageI got that from here:  http://forums.opensuse.org/english/other-forums/development/open-build-service-obs/450686-no-sound-intel-corporation-5-series-3400-series-chipset-high-definition-audio.html  seems to fix a lot of intel chipsets04:51
votzsab0tage: also, does grub-restore care about grub2 vs grub legacy?04:52
votzto tell you the truth, Im not sure which is in use. both grub.conf and menu.lst exist and have the same contents04:52
sab0tageumm, can't say for sure,  I don't think so, but you might want to research04:52
maumsab0tage, where? I don't know what you talking to me04:52
wellyCorey: Heh.. I guess it might be easier for me to just source a screen. but I'd rather not spend money on a screen if I don't have to04:52
sab0tagemaum, you need to go to that link or just put that line in that conf file04:52
qmakehello guys, can i bind key combination to one key in xmodmap? and How?04:53
TBotNikAll: On my wifi to lan ICS bridge I was reading that one thing that causes problems is IPv6 and most seem to be disabling it to make the dhcp3-server and bridging work.  Do you all agree with that?04:53
sab0tagethere are similar lines already in that file, you might just have to change the last part to auto, or if it's not there, add it04:53
maumsab0tage, link?04:54
sab0tagelast entry is your solution, not tough at all.04:54
sab0tageanyone here got selenium working in firefox 4?04:55
qmakehello guys, i want to bind "Alt + F2" to "Win" key, how can  i achieve this?04:55
TBotNikK since already in synaptic will remove IPv6.04:55
x64System -> Preferences -> Keyboard shortcuts04:56
sab0tageno, just disable ipv6, unless you don't use it, but I wouldn't uninstall04:56
sab0tagedhcp3-server probably has it's own option for disabling in dhcp.conf04:56
maumsab0tage, i don't know where can I add Add "options snd-hda-intel model=auto" to /etc/modprobe.d/50-sound.conf04:57
maalacqin: it work after removing pm-utils completely04:57
qmakex64, maybe that's a solution, but I need more, like bind "control + pgDn" to "Control_R"04:57
sab0tagetype "options snd-hda-intel model=auto" into file /etc/modprobe.d/50-sound.conf, how hard is that.  If you don't understand, go use windows again.04:57
x64Or read the documentation.04:58
maumsab0tage, there is no 50-sound.conf file in the directory and I'm using ubuntu04:58
TBotNikAll: If this fixes this I will be soooooooooooooooo happy!!!04:58
votzsab0tage: there is no command 'grub-restore'04:59
Northernenmaalac, it did work?04:59
maalacNothernen: it work after removing pm-utils completely. it's not freeinzg anymore. but i can't do hibernate or suspend and it still shows battery time ..04:59
sab0tagedid you try restore-grub04:59
Northernenmaalac, not ideal, but beats freezing I suppose.04:59
maumsab0tage,  me?04:59
maalacNorthernen: proven that the problem is the pm-utils.04:59
votzsab0tage:  nothing for 'restore-grub', either05:00
Northernenmaalac, aye, seems so. Especially weird as there are reports of the early versions work better than the later.05:00
sab0tagedid you check out your grub.conf file or menu.lst?  I would issue the update-initramfs -u -k all command and then try to reinstall grub05:01
dc5alamaum: there is a alsa-base.conf in that directory, you can try that05:01
Northernensab0tage, no menu.lst in 11.04.05:01
sab0tagesounds like it's not finding the image05:01
raphaelare there any hazards of using bash instead of dash besides just a slow boot?05:01
maalacNorthernen: i'm sticking into this version for the meantime. I don't seem to find any reason to upgrade. i dont seem to like the unity gui's05:01
sab0tageI'm rebooting peeps, ill brb05:01
Northernenmaalac, Unity truly is proper rubbish. I agree.05:02
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
raphaelRick James> Unity!05:02
Northernenmaalac, but you can still choose Gnome classic in login menu though, if you so wish.05:02
maalacNorthernen: Thank's a lot for your suggestion. That save my day .05:04
TBotNikAll:  See there is no way to disable IPv6 from synaptic so had to follow HOWTO at: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/05/how-to-disable-ipv6-in-ubuntu-1004.html  Hope this is all good, as from the descript will have to go down for reboot on this.05:05
Northernenmaalac, no worries. Just a Linux beginner myself, but I try to help if I can.05:05
TBotNikI'll give ya'll a little time to comment, before I reboot.  Thanks!05:05
Northernenmaalac, no freezes so far?05:05
maalacNorthernen: yes, i tried it several times while chatting with you ...05:06
xanguaTBotNik: why would you want to disable ipv6 ¿ o_O that's crazy05:06
dc5alamaum: you got that line into the file or need help with it?05:06
TBotNikxangua: Cause all the write ups and HOWTOs on inet bridging says causes problems, and I got those problems.05:07
TBotNikAll: Eureka, I'm in and it is working and without the reboot. Ohhh Happppppyyy Dayyyy!!!!05:08
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
KaleidoscopeAnyone know why KPackageKit is DLing at 10 KBPS?05:10
theadminKaleidoscope: Is the problem specific to KPackageKit, i.e. does apt-get work?05:11
maalacNorthernen: i think it just did freeze on me ..05:11
TBotNikAll: Well not all works.  Boohoo!  The dhcp3-server is giving me IPs on the network, but DNS is not working or passing through so ping from the Win box is not getting through for "ping www.google.com" the basic ping test.  What now?05:11
KaleidoscopeDidn't try Apt-get, however firefox DL's at fullspeed05:11
KaleidoscopeLemme try apt-get05:12
Northernenmaalac, while on battery?05:12
TBotNikAll: I assume I need something from the wlan0 nameservers, passed through to the eth0 port, so need to find that now.  Help please almost there.05:12
maalacNorthernen: yes i don't know why is he doing that ..05:13
Northernenmaalac, you've got all the newest drivers?05:13
KaleidoscopeI need something to apt-get05:13
maalacNothernen: yes i do ..05:13
TBotNikBRB rebooting to see if I go all the way with reboot.05:15
Northernenmaalac, if you don't want to upgrade to 11.04, upgrade the kernel? Seems to fix it for some at least.05:16
maalacNorthernen: what is the latest kernel?05:18
Northernenmaalac, kernel.org. 11.04 comes with 2.6.38 I believe. Newest I think is 2.6.39.x.05:19
theadminmaalac: 3.005:19
Northernentheadmin, 3.0?05:19
Skater187Hey everyone!05:20
maalactheadmin: thanks. do you have the link where i can download ?05:20
Skater187How are you?05:20
Skater187I need a bit of a assist with a Ubuntu 11.04 ARM install05:20
theadminNorthernen: 3.0 is the latest kernel05:20
theadminmaalac: kernel.org05:20
Northernentheadmin, when was 2.0 released, do you know?05:22
theadminNorthernen: 2.0? No idea05:22
theadminNorthernen: I suppose I didn't even live then05:22
theadminNorthernen: 3.0, however, was released 22nd July 201105:22
Northernentheadmin, hehe. 2.6.39 is the latest stable though. 3.0 still experimental. Considering it was released 22/7-2011, probably experimental a while longer.05:23
sweeti coudnt install skype in my copmputer ubuntu 10.04?05:24
rwwNorthernen: 2.0 came out in 1996. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/timeline/cdf3cfeca3e82219ddcab20550e85406.png05:24
x64Why not?05:24
rwwNorthernen: also, 3.0 is the latest stable. It's not "experimental".05:25
rwwjust not on any released Ubuntu :P05:25
maalacNorthernen: will try dat..05:25
Northernenrww, says 'latest stable kernel' is 2.39.3 on kernel.org? Or am I looking wrong?05:25
dc5alasweet: and why not? Do you get any error?05:26
rwwNorthernen: 'mainline' is the most recent Linux release. 'stable' are kernels that have been out a while and are getting security and driver fixes backported to them.05:27
x64sweet, try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype05:27
Northernenrww, 2.0 in 1996. Is it wrong to find the 3.0 release quite exciting then?05:27
Northernenrww, oooh. I see.05:27
rwwNorthernen: 2.x to 3.x is an arbitrary version increment, it doesn't signify more major changes than 2.6.38 to 2.6.3905:27
theadminNorthernen: Linus was just tired of being stuck in the 2.x.x branch05:28
NorthernenI though it was major.minor.patch?05:28
sweetdc5ala: yeah when i was try to  download it says faild to download skype even iw as try to edit in repository  but there is no soulution?05:29
rwwNorthernen: http://lwn.net/Articles/452531/05:29
theadminNorthernen: The traditional versioning scheme is "major.minor.release.revision.patch"05:29
sweetx64: i was try to do like that but still i coudnt install skype it says faild to download?05:30
bicepjaicurrently  facing http://postimage.org/image/1lsxqj0pw/05:30
x64Try: echo "deb http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/ stable non-free #Skype" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list > /dev/null && sudo apt-key adv --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys 0xd66b746e &&sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype05:30
TBotNikAll: Well reboot did not fix the nameserver issues.  Taking a small break to update my forum posts and config posts on this.  BRB05:30
bicepjaii compiled and loaded and facing these issues, can anyone help !05:31
KaleidoscopeOk, Tried Apt-get still going extremely slow05:31
Northernentheadmin, hah, thought you were just joking with the regards to the 2.x.x branch. Apparently not.05:32
theadminx64: God, there is "add-apt-repository" for adding repos, no need for such a mess05:32
dc5alasweet: you can also download it from skype.com and install the .deb from there if you have trouble with the repository05:32
KM0201bicepjai: busy box is bad, bad, bad05:33
theadminNorthernen: I wasn't.05:34
bicepjaiKM0201 ... trying to compile and load linux kernel thru virtual box05:35
bicepjaii compiled and got this issue when loading ... any suggestions ?05:35
x64Kal what's the problem?05:37
KaleidoscopeBoth KPackageKit and Apt-get are Downloading extremely slow05:37
theadminKaleidoscope: Well change your repositories05:37
x64Which rep are you downloading from?05:37
Kaleidoscopeall the Us.Archive.Ubuntu ones05:38
KaleidoscopeFar as I know, these reps are fine05:39
x64Some repositories are slower than others.05:40
KaleidoscopeI did recently reinstall my linux, and before They were DLing fine, full speed, Now though, they're slow05:40
nit-witKaleidoscope, do you know how to change the Ubuntu repo's05:41
rwwKaleidoscope: us.archive.ubuntu.com has extremely variable performance, as it's used by lots of users. Pick a different mirror.05:42
KaleidoscopeKnow where any mirrors are listed?05:42
x64Is it a specific application?05:43
rwwKaleidoscope: System Settings -> Software Management -> Settings -> Edit Origins -> Download from:05:43
rww(Other... is probably your best bet)05:43
x64Sweet did you follow the documentation?05:44
rwwx64: What?05:44
Northernenrww, doesn't it choose repos dynamically? I'm downloading from Norwegian servers.05:44
rwwNorthernen: no05:45
Kaleidoscoperww, Yea, here we go, Got a closer one and gettin good speeds05:45
rwwx64: oh, nvm.05:45
KaleidoscopeMany thanks ^^05:45
x64And you're still getting that error?05:45
kingmiloHi gents.05:45
=== cypha`` is now known as cypha
Northernenrww, repos based on keyboard layouts then?05:45
rwwNorthernen: I have no idea. I'd suspect timezone.05:46
votzWhen attempting to install Ubuntu on a machine w/ a fakeraid RAID1 array, Ubuntu doesn't detect any hard drives. How can I get around this?05:46
Northernenrww, that would make more sense indeed.05:46
rwwNorthernen: come to think of it, I accidentally selected a TZ in Canada once and ended up with ca.archive.ubuntu.com, so I think that is it.05:46
kingmiloStrange thing in Natty. Adobe and Skype windows both seem to be missing visible scrollbars, so i can scroll up/down by clicking in the whitespace but there is no visible scrollbar. Additionally I cannot see radiobuttons or checkboxes but they are there. Everything else works fine ie nautilus has crollbars etc.05:46
Northernenrww, US based?05:47
rwwNorthernen: I live in California, yes.05:47
wildbatvotz: install from alternate CD.05:47
votzwildbat: alternate CD?05:47
x64sweet: Have you enabled other software repositories?05:47
kingmiloAny ideas, i must also note that I removed the new scrollbars, so I have the regular ones.05:47
lolcatHello, how can I decrypt my homefolder in a  chroot enviroment?05:48
csdserverwhats the fastest way to get two ubuntu machines communicating over my router for file share?05:48
Northernenrww, shouldn't be too much delay to Canadian servers then?05:48
rwwNorthernen: There wasn't, no.05:48
charlietangoHola, is anyone aware of a way to remove (or delay) the black contact list info popup in empathy?05:49
votzwildbat: what's an alternate CD?05:49
wildbat!alt >votz05:50
ubottuvotz, please see my private message05:50
=== new is now known as Deba
votzwildbat: ah, thanks05:50
votzI'll try just that05:50
gogeta1csdserver: samba ftp etc05:51
lolcatIf I forgot the passphrase and password for my encrypted home directory, am I totaly and utterly screwed?05:52
Northernenlolcat, logic would certainly dictate so.05:52
lolcatSo there is no way to decrypt it without it?05:53
vltlolcat: No, just restore from your backup ;-)05:53
kingmiloWould anyone know why Adobe & Skype are missing visible scrollbars and checkboxes and radiobuttons, ability to highlight etc? But its still functional if you can guess where they are!05:54
NorthernenWouldn't be much point in encrypting anything really, if anyone could just decrypt it.05:54
charlietangololcat, I believe you should have received some type of long string encryption recovery key upon first boot after electing to encrypt your home directory05:54
gogeta1kingmilo: couse they are nice and hidden couse unity hates you05:54
csdserverok, i had been using samba but i'm not sure about my network configuration at all.  can someone take a look at some of my conf files to make sure i'm not making some common errors?  i'll pastebin what is needed05:54
dc5alakingmilo, you have esoteric radiobuttons, they are just in another meta space, alternatively try classic desktop05:55
charlietangololcat, let me see if i can find the exact name of mine05:55
kingmilodc5ala: My hardware doesnt allow for Unity sidebar so i assume it falls back to classic. Also this is a ltsp environment with 200+ users.05:55
lolcatcharlietango: I did, I thougth nothing of it and left it05:56
lolcatvlt: THis is my backup :P05:56
vltlolcat: I knew.05:56
lolcatInfo: Check the system log for more information from libecryptfs05:57
lolcatWhat log is that refering to?05:57
dc5alakingmilo, and it happens on multiple client machines?05:57
kingmilodc5ala: Yup, every user at every station has the same problem, but only with skype and adobe. I know skype is based on Qt so wondering if that has soming to do with it. Nautilius and anything directly gnome related is fine.05:58
kingmilodc5ala: As mentioned above I removed the gastly new scrollbars in natty so that might have something to do with it, I now operate with the old style scrollbars.05:59
dc5alakingmilo, hmm with adobe i assume you mean flash? You can browse a site with fash content and disable hardware acceleration via context menu06:00
kingmilodc5ala: apologies for not being clear, i mean adobe reader. Ill paste a screenshot shortly06:01
NorthernenI do wonder why the Ubuntu team made Unity their default desktop environment, especially since there is so little modification available.06:01
x64I don't like it.06:02
snuxollNorthernen: ubuntu isn't about modification, it's about getting a sane desktop out of the box ready to go06:02
snuxollNorthernen: if you are a tweaker there is better distros suited to your needs06:02
hubslackware :P06:03
snuxollor arch06:03
Northernensnuxoll, I would like to be able to move the bar various places.06:03
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lolcatIf you have lost your wrapped-passphrase file, and you did not record your mount passphrase, it is impossible to access your encrypted data.06:03
dc5alaNorthernen, it's still new so it think it takes a while to mature06:03
lolcatI have the wrapped-passphrase file, can I access my encrypted data?06:04
csdservercan someone check my testparm and see if there are any issues with sharing?  i can't access from any other computer on the network even though I could before.  the two *nix hostnames are csdserver and csdclient ; mapped network to ; dhcp server enabled ; DNS resolvers are one external to isp the other is router's IP ;06:04
lolcatThat is my wrapped passphrase06:05
lolcatDoes that give any clues about the password I gave?06:05
x64You could bruteforce it, if you have an eternity.06:06
Northernenx64, depends on the length.06:06
x64Try to reverse the scheme yet?06:06
maumhow can I install nvidia graphic driver on ubuntu 11.0406:07
x64System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers06:07
lolcatx64: My usuall passwords aren't that hard, but I can't remember this, usually around 8-9 characters06:07
Northernenlolcat, then again, if you are not using an auto-password generator, how many alternatives can be? I'm an idiot, I use 1 almost everywhere.06:07
lolcatHow do I brutforce it?06:07
x64First see if it matches with any known hashes online06:07
lolcatNorthernen: I know, I have like 10 I normally use, but none will work06:07
vanquish349when ever i try to install .deb files it just opens ubuntu software center with out installin ghtem06:08
kingmilodc5ala: Check it out: http://ScrnSht.com/whoafe06:08
Northernenvanquish349, dpkg -i nameof.deb06:08
lolcatx64: How do I make the characters pastable and what is the encryption scheme?06:08
maumx64: this driver is activated but not currently in use.06:08
vanquish349Northernen: ok i will try06:08
x64Maum, do you have more than one enabled?06:09
dc5alakingmilo, that looks really odd, have you tried other QT based software?06:09
Northernenvanquish349, from terminal.06:09
maumx64: no I have only one graphic card06:09
lolcatx64: that looks nothing like a sha256 hash at least06:09
kingmilodc5ala: Nope i haven’t yet, it's a 'production' environment so i try and fiddle as little as possible.. .06:09
x64maum, do a sudo apt-get install nvidia-current06:09
x64then run a  sudo nvidia-xconfig06:10
truepurpleDoes it matter if ubuntus partition is closer to the center of the disk? Does it matter at all whether its one of many logistical drives, or a primary?06:10
rwwtruepurple: no and no06:10
maumx64: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)06:10
maumE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?06:10
vanquish349Northernen: i know, i am not that much of a noob(just a little bit)06:10
x64Maum, close the hardware driver/ubuntu software center then try it06:11
Northernenvanquish349, no offense intented.06:11
maumx64: there is same error06:11
x64Do you currently having something installing Maum?06:11
maumx64: now it's working and done06:11
NorthernenI learn something new about Linux every day, but I feel like I'm getting more and more stupid. I still haven't learned to interpret fdisk output.06:11
maumx64: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 6 not upgraded.06:12
maumx64: nvidia-current is already the newest version.06:12
Juozasmaum, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, do it :)06:12
x64K now run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade06:12
maumx64: but I want to reinstall the graphic card06:12
x64then go to hardware drivers -> deactivate (bottom left) then "activate" it again.06:13
maumJuozas, not it's done06:13
maumJuozas, now06:13
x64bottom right*06:13
x64choose remove06:13
maumx64; there s additional drivers menu06:14
x64Yes, no activate it again and you've reinstalled it.06:14
vanquish349i also have another problem, a while back i was trying to install bashish, i found a link on the net and installed it, and it wasnt what i wanted so i unistalled it and installed the proper one but know when ever i open terminal i get this error /home/jeremy/.bashish/prompt/theme: line 9: _bashish_theme_defaults_cp437font: command not found06:15
vanquish349havent tried terminal yet06:15
maumx64; how to activate?06:15
vanquish349yep same error with terminal06:15
x64System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers -> Choose the driver and press "activate" at the bottom right.06:15
maumx64: no proprietary drivers are in use on this system06:15
x64Do that maum.06:16
dc5alakingmilo, maybe something with QT themes, but have no real idea =/06:16
kingmilodc5ala: no problem boss thanks for looking06:16
maumx64 there is noadministration menu06:16
truepurpleWill I get better performance from linux if it is closer to the center of the HDD disk?06:16
maumx64 there is no administration menu06:16
rwwtruepurple: no06:16
x64Maum, are you using 11.04?06:16
Juozasmaum, if you got nvidia driver installed, did you reboot?06:16
x64Maum, go to unity and search "drivers"06:17
truepurplerww: from what experience/knowledge base do you speak from?  I asked you this in PM, but you never answered06:17
maumthere is only one menu(additional drivers06:17
x64That's fine, click that.06:18
x64And then select install drivers from the drop down.06:18
rwwtruepurple: I don't do support in PM or accept PMs from random people.06:18
maumx64: I cannot select th.06:19
truepurplerww: Ok, then please answer here then06:19
truepurplerww: from what experience/knowledge base do you speak from?06:19
maumx64: I see this : http://www.google.co.kr/imgres?q=additional+drivers&hl=ko&newwindow=1&biw=1161&bih=837&tbm=isch&tbnid=LwZcFbLaFjLW-M:&imgrefurl=http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php%253Ft%253D1752814&docid=BdYyt7aqfSb97M&w=510&h=580&ei=bFwuTv6eCsP-mAW2nfUy&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=648&vpy=120&dur=639&hovh=145&hovw=127&tx=108&ty=139&page=1&tbnh=131&tbnw=115&start=0&ndsp=31&ved=1t:429,r:16,s:006:20
rwwtruepurple: Standard computer usage is not sensitive enough to hard disk seek times that the small difference in seek times based on disk area matter.06:20
maumx64: how can I reinstall the nvidia driver?06:21
rwwtruepurple: In fact, the time you've spent asking this question here and elsewhere is probably larger than the total amount of time you would save from putting Linux at the end of your disk from now until your computer dies.06:21
PinGuys im in ubuntu 11.04 , my monitor is currently in 1024x768 but i need it to go higher than that, Im in the monitors section but it only goes up to 1024x768. What do i do toget it higher even tho it doesnt apear on the list?06:21
rwwheck, s/probably //06:21
truepurplerww: Ok, but what is your level of expertise so that I may properly weigh the information you are giving me. One can get many very different and opposing answers online.06:22
Northernenrww, rubbish computer if so :>06:22
NorthernenPin, xrandr.06:22
bazhangtruepurple, thats out of scope for the channel, not ubuntu - related06:22
Pinok how do I use xrandr, how do i add a higher resolution06:22
bazhang!xrandr > Pin06:22
ubottuPin, please see my private message06:23
Juozasmaum, what's under /etc/X11/xorg.conf in Device section under Driver? it should be nvidia or such.06:23
truepurplebazhang: What is?06:23
rwwtruepurple: If my information were incorrect, the other channel members would be disgreeing with me.06:23
NorthernenPin, list output of xrandr -q.06:23
bazhangtruepurple, people's expertise at giving you the facts.06:23
truepurplerww: Or they could be remaining silent for not knowing06:23
rwwtruepurple: You're continuing to waste time. If you're interested in optimizing your life, I suggest bringing this conversation to a close :)06:24
truepurplebazhang: Its relevent as to whether it is fact, or just incorrect opinion06:24
maumJuozas :  45 Section "Device"06:24
maum 46     Identifier     "Device0"06:24
maum 47     Driver         "nvidia"06:24
maum 48     VendorName     "NVIDIA Corporation"06:24
maum 49     BoardName      "GeForce 310M"06:24
FloodBot1maum: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:24
maum 50 EndSection06:24
bazhangtruepurple, welcome to chat in #ubuntu-offtopic06:24
Juozasmaum, next time pastebin it06:25
maumJuozas, yes06:25
vanquish349i also have another problem, a while back i was trying to install bashish, i found a link on the net and installed it, and it wasnt what i wanted so i unistalled it and installed the proper one but know when ever i open terminal i get this error /home/jeremy/.bashish/prompt/theme: line 9: _bashish_theme_defaults_cp437font: command not found06:25
NorthernenPin, which resolution do you want to get?06:25
maumJuozas, http://paste.ubuntu.com/652223/06:25
NorthernenPin, vtc 1280 1024 in terminal.06:26
truepurplebazhang: I have to go to another channel, to get help with ubuntu, a channel not made for helping in the first place? Thats crazy. Are you a mod?06:26
Pinwhat do i type first06:26
NorthernenPin, type "vtc 1280 1024".06:26
Juozason some forum i read that you need to uninstall all with synaptic then reinstall from commandline, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143395506:26
Pinuser@user:~$ vtc 1280 102406:26
PinThe program 'vtc' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:06:26
Pinsudo apt-get install lipsia06:26
dc5alakingmilo, i found a package to install on my system: qt4-qtconfig, maybe you could try this, it allows changing theme and some gui settings06:26
nit-witrww, thanks06:27
NorthernenPin, sudo apt-get install lipsia06:27
Lupinthe3rdHello everyone. I am having a problem with 10.10 (I had the same problem with 11.04, FYI). The LiveCD version of 10.10 gives me a wired internet connection, but upon initial boot of the installed version of 10.10, I get an error message saying my wired connection has been disconnected,06:27
kingmilodc5ala: Ok interesting, for Qt based packages only i presume.06:27
truepurpleWho are mods in this channel?06:27
rwwtruepurple: /msg chanserv access #ubuntu list06:27
Pin"Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have06:27
Pinrequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable06:27
Pindistribution that some required packages have not yet been created06:27
Pinor been moved out of Incoming.06:27
PinThe following information may help to resolve the situation:06:27
FloodBot1Pin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:27
PinThe following packages have unmet dependencies:06:27
Pin lipsia : Depends: libdcmtk1 (>= 3.5.4) but it is not installable06:27
Lupinthe3rdI've tried right-clicking the network icon and deselecting/selecting "Enable Networking"06:28
NorthernenPin, use pastebin.com for output larger than 5 lines.06:28
dc5alakingmilo, yop and there is the same for qt3*, i only checked skype as i have no adobe reader and it is linked to QT406:28
Lupinthe3rdI tried disabling "Fast boot" in my BIOS06:28
kingmilothanks dc5ala ill give it a shot06:28
Pinok its not installing06:28
Pini got that error06:28
truepurplerww: "/msg chanserv access #ubuntu list" does not work for me.06:28
rwwtruepurple: fix your IRC client, then06:29
Lupinthe3rdAnd I can't install any drivers easily, because I don't have internet access on that box06:29
NorthernenPin, hold on. I'll check.06:29
rwwtruepurple: in the highly likely case that you're using xchat, it has questionable tastes in placement of NOTICES. Consider /query Chanserv first.06:29
maumJuozas, should i uninstall only nvidia-current06:29
flametai1Unsure if this is the proper place to ask, but anyone know any cool FPS's for Ubuntu other than just Quake engine mods??????????? I'm looking for something realistic.06:29
nit-wittruepurple, they can read the logs of all your interactions on 3 channels, you have little to stand on.06:30
truepurpleI am using smuxi06:31
Juozasmaum, apt-get remove --purge then reboot and install again06:31
Lupinthe3rdflametail - you might look at #ubuntu-offtopic ?06:31
ka1gdqI am running ubuntu 11.04.  Wine came with it. When I try and run a windows setup program (app is a racdio programming sw from kenwood) I get the following error  The file '/home/ka1gdq/kenwood/programming sw/setup.exe' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit......  can anyone help. this happens with ALL WI06:31
ka1gdqNE / Win apps06:31
truepurplenit-wit: I don't know what topic you are talking about, but it does not seem to be one I was part of06:32
bazhangtruepurple, lets take this elsewhere please. #ubuntu-ops06:32
maumJuozas: I uninstalled only nvidia-current and reinstalling sudo apt-get install nvidia-current06:32
bazhangka1gdq, wine was installed by default?06:32
glebihanka1gdq, as told in the message, you have to make the file executable before using it in wine06:32
snuxollka1gdq: you'll need to make the file executable before wine will load it06:33
snuxollka1gdq: right click the file in nautilus, click properties, permissions tab, check the box to make the file executable06:33
flametai1No one at all eh?06:33
ka1gdqok.. i am half asleep... let me run it again after I make it an executable06:34
snuxollflametai1: game developers really don't care too much about linux, the last good shooter I remember released was enemy territory: quake wars06:34
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1206:34
NorthernenPin, type "cvt 1280 1024".06:35
NorthernenI can't type.06:35
Juozasmaum, what ubuntu version you're running? can you run /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p06:35
flametai1snuxoll, I've never been a big fan of the quake engine unfortunately =| I feel like the gravity and traction stuff is off and more of like you're sliding than walking.06:35
Pinok done now what06:35
kingmilodc5ala: Didnt seem to make a difference however i did something I should have done in the beginning, launched skype from the command line and it spat out quite a few errors about not finding pixmap files etc, will investigate there06:35
TBotNikAll: Well have done several things, but nothing fixing the nameserver part yet.  The best HOWTO on this so far has been the one at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing and wondering if I should be starting at and implementing the sections at/under "Gateway Set up".  In particular the NAT and IPTables sections.  What do you guys think?06:35
NorthernenPin, what's the output?06:36
Pinwhat do you mean'06:36
snuxollflametai1: I agree to an extent, I'd really like TF2 to come to linux, until then I just dual-boot for games06:36
kingmilodc5ala: acroread complains about the same stuff, smoke !06:36
NorthernenPin, you should get something like "1280 1024 60_00 ...". Link it.06:36
Pin# 1280x1024 59.89 Hz (CVT 1.31M4) hsync: 63.67 kHz; pclk: 109.00 MHz06:37
PinModeline "1280x1024_60.00"  109.00  1280 1368 1496 1712  1024 1027 1034 1063 -hsync +vsync06:37
flametai1snuxoll, all good if I PM about this? LOL I'd prefer to not spam the channel xD06:37
NorthernenPin, "xrandr --newmode "1280x1024_60.00"  109.00  1280 1368 1496 1712  1024 1027 1034 1063 -hsync +vsync"06:37
Pinnow what06:38
NorthernenPin, worked?06:38
Pinnope screen resolution didnt change06:38
Pini checked monitors section, still says 1024x76806:38
NorthernenPin, not there yet. You've made the mode, haven't applied it yet.06:38
NorthernenPin, pastebin xrandr -q06:39
ka1gdqit looked like it installed, then I go to Apps>wine>programs> then my program folder > programname... and it just hangs..this is after I installed it.06:39
NorthernenPin, dual-monitor or single?06:39
Pinbut i only want to use 106:39
Pinthe monitor06:39
glebihankingmilo, what are the files it's complaining about ? where are they located ?06:40
maumJustasic, are you there?06:40
NorthernenPin, connecting external monitor via VGA then?06:40
PinUsing laptop as desktop06:41
dc5alakingmilo, changing QT theme didn't do anything? At least that error messages gives a hint where to search06:41
Justasicyea why?06:41
NorthernenPin, "xrandr --addmode VGA1 1280x1024"06:41
NorthernenPin, it was 1280x1024 right?06:42
ka1gdq2nd call: it looked like it installed, then I go to Apps>wine>programs> then my program folder > programname... and it just hangs..this is after I installed it.06:42
kingmiloglebihan: here is a sample of the error output: http://pastebin.com/MWmRQpfs06:42
maumI see "Could not apply stored configuration for monitors" message06:42
NorthernenPin, OK, pastebin xrandr -q.06:42
Pin"xrandr: cannot find mode "1280x1024""06:42
kingmilodc5ala: yea! something to work with. One post says to install gtk-icon-themes but no package exsists for natty06:42
NorthernenPin, check if you did the previous two commands correctly.06:43
maumI see this : Could not apply stored configuration for monitors and No proprietary drivers are in use on this system06:43
Pini did06:43
Pinbut look where the command affected.. Look at the pastebin06:43
ka1gdq3rd call:it looked like it installed, then I go to Apps>wine>programs> then my program folder > programname... and it just hangs..this is after I installed it.06:43
Pinthe command affected TV1. not VGA106:44
NorthernenPin, sorry, my fault.06:44
Pinoh no its ok, I appreciate your help06:44
glebihankingmilo, try installing gnome-themes-ubuntu (it seems that the missing files come from a gnome theme...)06:44
Pinhow do i make it affect vga106:45
irrumatorhi, i am on 10.04 trying to install .deb for maverick (earliest possible one for this software) when i come to this dependency issue:06:45
irrumatorError: Dependency is not satisfiable: libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 (>= 2.21.6)06:45
irrumatorany possible way to find this library?06:45
irrumatorcould notlocate onsynapitc06:45
NorthernenPin, "xrandr --addmode VGA1 "1280x1024_60.00"06:45
maumI see this : Could not apply stored configuration for monitors and No proprietary drivers are in use on this system do you have any idea about this?06:45
=== pothos_ is now known as pothos
NorthernenPin, forgot to specify refresh rate, that's the problem.06:46
glebihanirrumator, should be in the repos, have you tried "sudo apt-get install libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0"06:46
kingmiloglebihan: That theme package is already installed, but there are some other gnome-theme packages that arent, might be wort installing them as I am not sure where the error will pickup the missing files from.. .06:46
NorthernenPin, the resolution and refresh rate is in one word within quotes, if I'm not mistaken.06:47
irrumatorglebihan: yes, says it's not there06:47
NorthernenPin, worked?06:47
PinI went to monitors06:47
kingmiloglebihan: for example gnome-themes-standard was not installed - weird06:47
Pini think06:47
Pinbut my screen is flasshing a little, maybe refresh rate too low06:47
ka1gdq4th call:    it looked like it installed, then I go to Apps>wine>programs> then my program folder > programname... and it just hangs..this is after I installed it.06:47
TBotNikAll: See my forum posts at:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11086749#post11086749  Got all this working except passthrough of nameservers, but right now stuck somewhere in limbo, because ping is not working now, from cmd line, so rebooting to get back.  Have to capture the networking restart errors also as getting several, from what I was trying to do to get the nameservers working.06:47
TBotNikBRB rebooting06:48
NorthernenPin, outout of xrandr -q now?06:48
ka1gdqi will check back in tomorrow    i am going to bed06:48
glebihankingmilo, yes might be worth the try06:49
userpin@pin:-$ vtc 1280 102406:49
HugoKuo__anyone around .....  I got a question with /etc/network/interfaces  , how to config for auto up eth1 without ip  in interfaces ?06:50
NorthernenPin, brilliant. It works.06:50
Pinim going to reboot because my screen is not aligned06:50
maumwhat is this message? could not apply the stored configuration for monitors06:50
NorthernenPin, haven't set it yet.06:50
NorthernenPin, xrandr --output vga1 --mode "1280x1024_60.00"06:51
Pinwarning: output vga1 not found; ignoring06:51
NorthernenPin, case sensitive.06:52
Pinyep but screen is not aligned06:52
Pinmaybe i need to reboot06:52
Pinit was aligned before06:52
karexWhenever I run Eclipse, there is a message that AT SPI Registry not responding when I want to shut the computer down. What should I do?06:53
Pinstay be right back06:53
NorthernenTell Pin I'll be back in 3 minutes. Smoking.06:53
Pinok im back06:54
Pinnow it messed up again, let me post screenshot , olderscreenshot , i got same error. let me show you .06:54
Pincompiz error06:55
Pinit all started when i changed profiles in compiz06:56
Pineverything we did in xrandr is lost >:'(06:57
Pinthis is pissing me off06:59
bazhangfarsight, hello06:59
kingmiloglebihan: no luck, giving up on it for now, not handicapping my users so will move it down the priority list, thanks for your input as well as dc5ala06:59
TBotNikAll: K back now I can ping from the U-Box.  I get the IPs on net at Win-Box, but can not ping from there.  Still needing the nameserver info to passthru, so all help appreciated.  Thanks!07:00
Pinthat screenshot is old, but the error is the same07:00
Lupinthe3rdHello. I have a networking problem. Ethernet works on 10.10 LiveCD, not on the installed Ubuntu. Tried a few things I saw online with no luck. Any tips?07:00
NorthernenPin, are you sure your monitor supports 1280x1024?07:00
Pinyes! It was working fine, for more than 2 months, until i messed with compiz07:01
NorthernenPin, sudo hwinfo | grep framebuffer07:01
Pinthen when i reboot i got that compiz error today07:01
Pinsudo: hwinfo: command not found07:01
NorthernenPin, sudo apt-get install hwinfo07:01
thegoodcushionWhich version of Ubuntu 11.04 do I want for my netbook?  Is there a separate netbook edition?07:02
maumI see this : Could not apply stored configuration for monitors and No proprietary drivers are in use on this system do you have any idea about this?07:02
sandwichbars@thegoodcushion: not that i know of...07:02
rwwthegoodcushion: no, there isn't a separate netbook edition. Just get regular Ubuntu.07:02
bazhang!une | thegoodcushion07:03
ubottuthegoodcushion: Starting with Ubuntu 11.04, the Ubuntu Netbook Edition is no longer being offered as a separate install as Unity is now standard for all Ubuntu desktop installs.07:03
NorthernenPin, rebooting won't affect screen resolution anyway.07:03
thegoodcushionand for LTS, is it Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 ?07:03
sandwichbars@thegoodcushion: ...pardon?07:05
thegoodcushionfor long term support on a netbook, is it that version that I want?  The "Netbook Remix" ?07:06
ejoI had to get rid of Unity, it just randomly blows up once in a while and has to repaint all windows, some of which lose their positions.  I hope they're working on that little problem.  Or maybe it's ATI's proprietary driver.  But realistically almost everyone is going to use that driver if they are running several monitors on a Radeon HD card.07:06
Northernenejo, I hate fglrx :(07:07
ejoYeah, i don't like fglrx much either :|07:07
Northernenejo, I've had to reinstall 5 ish times because of it.07:07
jailbreak3rFinished setting up 11.04 and setting up ndiswrapper (huge PIA) :P07:07
ejoit doesn't play too well with Xinerama.  Or maybe it's just that Xinerama doesn't know how to run widescreen monitors rotated vertically very well.07:08
jailbreak3rNow my print drivers don't work...07:08
Pinim going to reinstall ubuntu07:08
maumI see this : Could not apply stored configuration for monitors and No proprietary drivers are in use on this system do you have any idea about this?07:08
ejoNorthernen: good grief, you had to reinstall your whole OS because of it?  Seems like a bit overboard07:08
Pinim too mad07:08
Pinim saving my files07:08
maumPin: calm down07:08
Northernenejo, can't boot. Boots into black screen. Can't enter recovery mode.07:08
ejono fun07:09
Northernenejo, I'm on Windows7 because of it :(07:09
Pinits late and i have to work in the morning and i need to be able to see what im doing07:09
ejoThat's pretty much Windows' only advantage now, the millions of hours of graphics driver testing07:09
ejoor really, billions07:10
Pinwith as much as i lvoe ubuntu i might have to reinstall win707:10
Pinbecause i have to work in the morning07:10
Northernenejo, indeed. This will be the last ATI card I am ever buying until they sort out their Linux support. Granted it came with my Acer laptop, but I'm not paying any companies any more with this sort of attitude.07:10
ejoIt would be amazing if either the open source ATI driver would catch up or ATI would release a true Radeon driver instead of a Fire GL driver recycled for radeons.07:10
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:11
ejoNorthernen: well, good luck getting any major video card maker to do good Linux support; where's the reward for them?07:11
Pinunless someone know hows to stop compiz from messing up my resolutions07:11
ejoPin, set up a dual boot when you get the chance.07:11
Northernenejo, at least nVidia is better than ATI.07:11
Pini do have a dual boot07:11
ejooh yeah?  haven't checked lately North07:12
ejoPin: then why the reinstall07:12
AutodidactiteNorthernen, How so?07:12
Northernenejo, that's what I hear at least. It certainly can't be worse than ATI's efforts.07:12
NorthernenAutodidactite, fglrx is not working at all.07:12
ejoI think of NVidia as being even more dependent on gamers, which means 99.9% Windows users07:13
ejoNorthernen: how new is your monitor(s)?07:13
ejoand card07:13
ejo'cause it's working fine for me on 2006-07ish stuff07:13
Autodidactitefglrx is working quite okay here07:13
quick-how to install ccsm ?07:13
ejoBut I remember trying to get with Ubuntu in 2008 on same exact hardware and gave up, too much trouble getting any video at all07:13
farsightwho can speak Chinese07:13
Northernenejo, Acer aspire 5820 tg. Mobility radeon 5650. Quite new monitor.07:13
rwwfarsight: #ubuntu-cn07:14
Pinbut my damn compiz messedu p my resolutions. Northerner just helped me put my resolutions back with xrandr, when i rebooted, compiz gave me this error http://i.imgur.com/b7bWY.png07:14
NorthernenAutodidactite, it's not here at all.07:14
quick-how to install ccsm ?07:14
AutodidactiteIt was a bit rough lately but seems all good for me now07:14
ejoPin, have you tried just Gnome w/o Unity?07:14
Pinalong with that error , it whiped out all the resolutions we had added!!!!!07:14
Pinyes, Im on ubuntu classic07:14
Pinsame thing07:14
ejooh good07:14
AutodidactiteOh really, what chip Northernen?07:14
NorthernenPin, reboots wipes the resolutios you've added.07:14
Pinno it shouldnt northernen07:15
Pinbut thats whats happening07:15
NorthernenPin, it does. Need to put it in a script or something.07:15
NorthernenAutodidactite, graphics?07:15
Pinthen what are we waiting for07:16
Pinwhat do we do07:16
AutodidactiteYes Northernen GPU07:16
PinI need to get this fixed or erase my system one or the other07:16
NorthernenAutodidactite, ATI Mobility Radeon HD5650. It is supposed to be fully supported.07:16
AutodidactiteIt sooo sucks that they wont open source these main GPU drivers07:16
NorthernenPin, what is wrong with the alignment?07:17
the_misfitdoesn't Autodidactite use fglrx for that driver?07:17
goer_I hv 4 cd burners going. They all hv same name :( How to rename cd drives pls?07:17
wolsgoer_: what do you mean have the same name?07:18
maumI cannot hear music on ubuntu 11.0407:19
goer_In gnomebaker (4 simultaneous sessions) they all sjow up with same name cos that is what they are called of course as they are a;; Sony drives. But how to differentiate them in Gnomebaker?07:19
bazhangmaum, did you install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package , or did you mean the speaker output07:19
Autodidactitelspci -nn | grep VGA07:20
NorthernenAutodidactite, did you use "Additional drivers" or download from amd.com and run in manually?07:20
maumbazhang, I cannot listen any music or sound on ubuntu 11.0407:20
AutodidactiteWrong window07:20
NorthernenAutodidactite, heh, not the first one to do that.07:21
bazhangmaum, did you install that package? also check alsamixer in terminal and make sure nothing is muted07:21
=== david is now known as Guest30685
maumbazhang, unmuted and how can I check alsamixer?07:21
maumbazhang, and what package?07:22
goer_wols: so do u know?07:22
bazhangmaum, open a terminal. type alsamixer . ubuntu-restricted-extras <------ that package07:22
AutodidactiteNope. Northernen, I just install the driver from the restricted driver applet that pops up in Ubuntu 11.0407:23
AutodidactiteBut I did run all the updates first07:23
maumbazhang, Chip: Realtek ALC27207:24
NorthernenAutodidactite, which GPU do you have?07:24
maumbazhang, I can see some screen when I typed AlsaMaxer07:24
bazhangmaum, did you install that package, yes or no07:24
bazhangmaum, make sure nothing is set to mute07:24
maumbazhang, I just installed it07:24
AutodidactiteThe first time I run 11.04 I installed the proprietary driver first before all the updates and things didn't go so good07:25
maumbazhang, I still cannot listen music07:25
Autodidactite01:05.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc M880G [Mobility Radeon HD 4200] [1002:9712]07:26
Autodidactite02:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc Manhattan [Mobility Radeon HD 5430 Series] [1002:68e1] (rev ff)07:26
TBotNikAll: UPDATE: Getting IPs on this remote network but can not ping any names like "www.google.com" from the network machines, but can ping googles address of, so know it is a nameserver problem07:29
NorthernenAutodidactite, not sure why it would work with you, and not with me. You've got an older GPU than I have, and the entire Mobility series were supposed to have been supported from what I believe.07:29
[snake]apache2s .htaccess file location?07:30
AutodidactiteSomething is afoot! what brand OEM lappy is yours in Northernen?07:31
NorthernenAutodidactite, Acer. Wouldn't have bought it if I had a second chance.07:31
AutodidactiteAcer is okay07:33
AutodidactiteWhat version of Ubuntu are you running?07:33
NorthernenAutodidactite, 11.04. I hate Acer.07:33
=== tux is now known as Guest60403
ghostnik11hi i want to do basically take a chmod command/permission off of an executable file that i got off internet but don't know how, i ran this command to allow it to be executable: chmod 777 VU-InstanTempo.linux07:34
Northernenghostnik11, which permissions do you want to remove?07:35
AutodidactiteAnd it is a clean install not an upgrade?07:35
=== Guest60403 is now known as Tux_matt
NorthernenAutodidactite, clean.07:35
ghostnik11chmod for this file named vu-instanTempo.linux, northernen07:36
Northernenghostnik11, if you don't want to be executable: chmod -x file.fileextension07:36
bazhang!cn | farsight_07:36
ubottufarsight_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:36
AutodidactiteAnd you have ran all the updates before installing the closed sourced driver07:36
ghostnik11northernen, so if i run that command the file won't be executable correct?07:36
NorthernenAutodidactite, can't even boot now. Not even with nomodeset.07:36
Northernenghostnik11, yup.07:37
ghostnik11northernen, cool thanks will run now and see07:37
Northernenghostnik11, might need to be root to run it, not sure of its permissions.07:37
Northernenghostnik11, list a file's permissions with ls -l.07:37
maumI cannot hear sound on ubuntu07:38
Autodidactitecan you go into recovery mode at grub and run the x config or start Ubuntu in safe graphics mode?07:38
NorthernenAutodidactite, nope. It stalls when trying to enter recovery mode.07:38
[snake]where is the apache2 .htaccess file?07:39
NorthernenAutodidactite, I know it has something to do with the xorg.conf file.07:39
ghostnik11northernen: this is what i got when i ls -l to see permission: -rwxrwxrwx 1 nikolai nikolai 980343 2011-07-23 19:23 VU-InstanTempo.linux07:39
Northernen[snake], it's not _a_ file. You create .htaccess files when you want to restrict access to a site.07:39
ghostnik11northernen, can i still run command chmod -x file.fileextension07:39
[snake]i see07:40
Northernenghostnik11, yes, run that command, and all those X's will disappear, which signalises it's an executable file.07:40
Northernenghostnik11, no X's = not executable.07:40
[snake]someone else told me it showed those who accessed your webserver??? hmm07:40
AutodidactiteWell that sucks ( I know, I am captain obvious) if you still have your install medium about you can live boot and attempt to fix or just wipe it and reinstall07:41
Northernen[snake], it does do that, but you create it yourself.07:41
dc5alasnake, that is access.log07:41
AutodidactiteDid you do all the updates before installing the closed sourced driver Northernen07:42
NorthernenAutodidactite, /salute :>, can I edit xorg.conf with live CD? I thought it was just data I was allowed to edit?07:42
NorthernenAutodidactite, aye, believe so.07:42
AutodidactiteOh yes you very much can edit any file on an install from a live boot07:43
ghostnik11northernen: worked a charm, thanks bro, this is what i get now when i run the ls -l to check permission of file: -rw-rw-rw- 1 nikolai nikolai 980343 2011-07-23 19:23 VU-InstanTempo.linux07:43
ghostnik11northernen: thanks again for help07:43
Northernenghostnik11, no worries. Now it's executable by anyone.07:43
stephenthemartyrhow do you get rid of jackdbus and revert back to jackd1?07:44
sweetmy pc is not dectecting any input voice what is the problem ? just iam using ubntu 10.04?07:44
NorthernenAutodidactite, pardon my ignorane, didn't think it was possible to edit system settings. I suppose I'll have to resort to using open source drivers.07:45
Northernenghostnik11, +not.07:45
dc5alasweet: open audio settings via speaker icon and look for input there07:45
ghostnik11northernen: figured thats what u meant07:46
=== hi is now known as Guest70799
stephenthemartyranyone know about jackaudio?07:46
AutodidactiteYes you could do this and then do second install of Ubuntu dual boot and then experiment in the other one and if things go wrong for some reason you can fix it from the other insatll07:47
stephenthemartyrjoin opensourcemusicians07:48
sweetdc5ala: even i was try to correct in  system>preference>sound>input>then unmute but still it doesnot work?07:48
stephenthemartyrwhoops i didnt mean to type that07:49
dc5alasweet: in the input settings there is a level indicator, is that working and is there any input device listed?07:50
=== Drizz1 is now known as Drizzle
NorthernenAutodidactite, already dual-booting W7. Been thinking I might set up a vmware Linux for testing.07:52
dtmfhow do you get root? it wont let me change or set a password07:52
Northernendtmf, what do you need to do?07:53
dtmfmake changes in files in /etc07:53
dtmfsecure my box07:53
Northernendtmf, you get root access with saying 'sudo' before your command.07:53
=== Drizzle is now known as Drizzle777
dtmfk, thanx07:53
dimas_my closing minimazing and expanding menu for any window just dissapear how can i get it back?07:53
MilRoyHI, Im new to Ubuntu and on Ubuntu 11.04. I want to know how to set environment variables07:54
dtmfset env07:54
stephenthemartyrcan anyone help me revert back to jackd and get rid of jackdbus?07:54
sweetdc5ala: just in the input level there is no indicator,in the connector it says microphone1,under choose advice for sound input=internal audio analog stereo07:54
AutodidactiteYes you could do Northernen but the install inside of you virtual environment would not be touching your hardware.07:54
csdwifiwhy is synchronize grayed out in one of my remote share folders (i'm accessing through client folder browser)07:55
NorthernenValid pont, Autodidactite , but I am soo over fglrx now.07:55
csdwififor ubuntu One07:55
bazhangcsdwifi, perhaps try in #ubuntuone as well07:56
csdwifithanks bazhang07:56
MilRoyHI, Im new to Ubuntu and on Ubuntu 11.04. I want to know how to set environment variables07:56
dc5alasweet: are you using a usb headset or just normal microphone plugged into microphone input of your soundcard?07:56
TBotNikAll: Re-ran my config capture script and posted in PB at: http://pastebin.com/yC9fcguh07:56
necaviHello, I recently decided to update my little ubuntu box from 10.04 to at least 10.10, but unfortunately about halfway through the machine crashed, and now whenever I attempt to boot into ubuntu it shows a startup screen I have never seen before (but still marked as 10.04) and freeze. I have also tried using an 11.04 live install, but whenever I attempt to boot from that it simply says aufs07:58
necavimount failed. Any chance someone could help me get started on fixing this? I have but a few files and mainly logs that actually need to be kept (one of the main reasons for trying the live install). Thank you.07:58
maumhelp me07:58
maumI cannot hear music on ubuntu 11.0407:59
[snake]maum, ok07:59
Untouchab1equestion. I have a windows NFS share, but when I create a directory on it from a linux system, the folder is inaccessible from the Windows system.. "Windows cannot access \\NFS-share\folder"..07:59
[snake]maum, I will run you through the diagnostics07:59
Untouchab1eI realize its an issue with permission, but not quite sure how to fix it=?07:59
sweetdc5ala: just normal microphone plugged into microphone  sound card07:59
ikonianecavi: use the 10.04 cd to recover the machine,  you know that works07:59
maum[snake], ok07:59
[snake]maum, first, check to see if your audio device is plugged in correctly.07:59
AutodidactiteI don't blame you Northernen, it is such a petty that these things happen because people close access to there source code out of fear.08:00
maum[snake], I cannot see any device on sound preference.08:00
[snake]maum, is the hardware plugged in?08:00
necaviWow, I feel stupid for not attempting that, I'll give it a try now!08:00
maum[snake], there is no..08:00
NorthernenUntouchab1e, fairly certain you need to use samba for that.08:00
maum[snake], Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio08:00
[snake]maum, ok thanks for that. but are your speaker/headphones plugged in?08:01
Untouchab1eNorthernen: unfortunately, I need to use NFS :/08:01
maum[snake], my earphone plugged in.08:01
Untouchab1eNorthernen: Im thinking there must be an easy chmod command from the linux box to fix it?08:01
NorthernenUntouchab1e, what08:02
[snake]maum, ok. and your intel chipser is not working. hmm. did you check the drivers in: system>administration>Hardware drivers. they may be there08:02
Northernen's the permissions on the mount?08:02
maum[snake], I'm using 11.04 so there is no adinistration menu but additional drivers.08:02
Untouchab1eNorthernen: the problem must be that the files/folders created on the Windows NFS share from the Linux box have the linux root user as owner08:03
Untouchab1emeaning no other user can access it08:03
frenkelwhat am I doing wrong when uploading to a ppa and launchpad sends me emails with "Could not find person or team named ''"08:03
[snake]ok. good you are in the additional drivers. are there any available?08:03
NorthernenUntouchab1e, you want to change the owner of the files/directories?08:03
Untouchab1eNorthernen: idk if that will fix it..08:03
dc5alamaum: what does "lsmod | grep snd" say? (http://paste.ubuntu.com please)08:03
Untouchab1ehence why Im asking08:03
KGB_plaguehi all , is this the right place to ask about how to make ubuntu a gaming environment?' , forexample when using Wine , i would like to make my Ubuntu in a freeze status to dedicate all its powers and focus on the emulation , and when im out of the game , ubuntu processes the logging box forexample if i had chat messages it will be all in small bits of terminal language that has no gui at all and then presents to me normally in a gui format after the fre08:04
KGB_plagueeze status is unfrozen08:04
KGB_plaguedoes Linux have such a thing that exists... Thanks in advanced08:04
NorthernenUntouchab1e, me neither, but worth a try. "chown newonwer file/directory" by the way.08:04
dc5alasweet: can you make a screenshot of that input settings?08:04
[snake]dc5ala, this right? :  Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio08:05
KGB_plaguedont tell me xfce , i use unity08:05
[snake]for muam08:05
Untouchab1eNorthernen: yea, thanks, however, I have no idea what owner to set08:05
maumdc5ala, [snake], http://paste.pound-python.org/show/10039/08:05
NorthernenKGB_plague, wine is not an emulator. Try in #winehq08:05
KGB_plagueread my question its more dedicated to ubuntu08:05
NorthernenUntouchab1e, just your own user?08:05
KGB_plaguewine is a diff story i can set the memory from their i want the dedication of ubuntu to be focusing on my game ( and wine ) Northernen08:06
Untouchab1eNorthernen: but Linux doesnt use the same access control system as Windows08:06
maumdc5ala, http://paste.ubuntu.com/652264/08:06
dc5alasnake, he was asking earlier and last thing he was trying, was to add a line to alsa config, but then haven't heard anything08:06
NorthernenKGB_plague, only thing I can think of is editing the nice level.08:06
[snake]dc5ala, oh... ok. maybe you should take over ;)08:07
NorthernenKGB_plague, set nice level to -19, and it should hog most resources.08:07
[snake]How can I be sure my webserver is secure?08:07
KGB_plaguemaum, i have sound problems its a bug also in unity if u have that not sure what ur question was but listen , just enable the inbuilt sound card then enable the PCI sound card again , do it for allt he tabs in the sound control08:07
NorthernenUntouchab1e, you need to access it from Windows as well?08:08
maumKGB_plague, how can I?  I don't know08:09
Untouchab1eNorthernen: thats the problem here.. I have a Windows NFS Share which works fine, but I cannot access folders created from Linux systems on the Windows box08:09
Untouchab1ePermission denied08:09
[snake]I love my webserver, and I don't want it to catch a cold out on the internet or anything. what could I do? is there any webserver security software that is free available?08:09
KGB_plagueNorthernen, hog resources meaning? focuses on the task that requires focus? is their an app done that can freeze everything like empathy / evolution + Ubuntu GUI + Gnome ... so it focuses on the task at full potential then when im back fromm my game , or wine , then it wakes up everything and parcels all my skype messages or empathy from the chat server to see what ive missed08:09
KGB_plaguemaum, ask question again plz08:10
maumKGB_plague, how can I enable the inbuilt sound card?08:10
KGB_plagueur using unity ? 11.04?08:10
maumKGB_plague, how can I enable the inbuilt sound card and enable the PCI08:10
KGB_plaguethats simple , firstly i dont want to be rude have u got windows installed aswell?08:10
dc5alasnake, it's usually not the webserver itself that cause security problems, more the software you running on it08:10
NorthernenKGB_plague, no such thing, but if you want a process to take priority over other processes, adjust its nice level.08:10
maumKGB_plague, yes I have08:11
KGB_plaguemaum, does it work on windows , have u ever re-assembled ur machine lately?08:11
NorthernenUntouchab1e, I see. I don't think Windows recognises Linux permissions.08:11
maumKGB_plague, no I haven't08:11
KGB_plaguemaum, ok thats starters question that peopel sometimes neglect .. , go to ubuntu start , type sound08:11
[snake]dc5ala, I'm running LAMP for my server. and that's really it.08:11
KGB_plagueor from the panel maum  right click preferences at sound08:11
Untouchab1eNorthernen: exactly.. so there must be a way to work around this somehow08:11
maumKGB_plague, I opened the sound preference. but there is no hardware device.08:12
[snake]dc5ala, that is Linux, apache2, mysql, and php.08:12
KGB_plagueNorthernen, thats a great impact for the linux gamers in Linux World , if such thing exists ... it will be giving an increase of 15 - 25fps in games such as Call oF Duty Black ops or Fallout 208:12
Untouchab1eNorthernen: I wonder if my mount command for the NFS share is the issue?08:12
KGB_plaguemaum, have u had older ubuntu versions before this or is this ur first install of linux?08:12
maumKGB_plague, I upgraded from 10.04 to 11.0408:13
KGB_plaguemaum, did u have this problem at 10.0408:13
maumKGB_plague, I had no problem08:13
[snake]dc5ala, other than that I don't even run things on my server. plus I did a nessus scan and no exploits exist.08:13
NorthernenUntouchab1e, might be. Should probably mount it as a user account, although not sure if that will hell.08:13
KGB_plaguecan u try booting 11.04 from usb and see if it can detect it ;)08:14
NorthernenUntouchab1e, not _as_ as a user account, but connect it to one.08:14
maumKGB_plague, I could listen the music until yesterday08:14
maumKGB_plague, I couldn't08:14
NorthernenUntouchab1e, local partition or over network?08:15
KGB_plaguemaum, it doesnt detect from usb? hmm , try removeing the drivers thats installed let me get u the terminal command il google that one 4 u08:15
maumKGB_plague, what do you want me to do?08:16
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
NorthernenUntouchab1e, never mind, I can't read.08:16
KGB_plagueopen terminal type sudo aplay -l08:16
KGB_plaguedoes output show ur soundcard their?08:16
nicofsWhen trying to install libc6 i get "dpkg: error processing libc6 (--install): subprocess installed post-installation script killed by signal (Illegal instruction)" - What can I do?08:17
KGB_plaguemaum, did u mess with sound before u had the problem? installing modules etc..?08:17
maumKGB_plague, http://paste.ubuntu.com/652269/08:17
KGB_plaguenicofs, i had the same problem please let me know if u solved it =)08:18
Kartagishow to mirror only /dir under www.example.com?08:18
ghostnik11can anyone help me with windows going all over the place, in to other workspaces even though you didn't resize it that way08:19
KGB_plaguemaum, thats the sound card built in from ur motherboard , plug the input ping on ur motherboard output ( green colored or Black colored hole ) and retry ur sound if it works ..08:19
ghostnik11i am running ubuntu 11.0408:19
ghostnik11with compiz on also08:19
maumKGB_plague, I have no idea about that ... whether it was from updating or from installing module....08:19
maumKGB_plague, I don't know how to do that08:20
KGB_plagueghostnik11, ur ubuntu is installed inside windows and not in a diffrent partition.08:20
KGB_plagueu see ur speakers maum  , theirs a wire thats plugged behind ur PC to output the sound of ur speakers , remove that wire of its end point and plug it on a new point which colors green or black try both , but from ur motherboard sound card which will be located beside the usb inputs08:21
KGB_plagueghostnik11, this happens when u mess up the compiz windows GUI's , and sometimes it glitches from memory loss08:22
maumKGB_plague, my desktop is integral PC08:22
maumKGB_plague, there is no main body08:22
ghostnik11kgb_plague: oh, thats why it sometimes glitches and flashes, but i didn't do anything, i think its cause of unity08:23
ghostnik11paste image08:23
maumKGB_plague, All-in-one system.08:23
aum___i have a vlc command vlc to record video for 5 second but when it starts the vlc window also opens, is there any way to block the vlc window to pupup ...the command is -------vlc v4l2:///dev/video1 :v4l-quality=100 --sout "#transcode{vcodec=mp1v,vb=1024,scale=1,acodec=mpga,ab=192,channels=2}:duplicate{dst=std{access=file,mux=mpeg1,dst=/tmp/test.mpg}}" --run-time 5 vlc://quit08:26
maumKGB_plague, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=139969708:26
dc5alamaum: maybe here is some useful info: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto08:26
ghostnik11can anyone help me with this problem: http://imagebin.org/16492608:28
sweetdc5ala:thnkyou now it works08:29
dc5alasweet: great :)08:30
Duesentrieb hi all. i'm having a lot of trouble with my i915 graphics. mode switches and wake-up randomly lead to black screen, partially black screen, distorted display, xorg lockup, etc. any idea what i could do? i couldn't reven find any error messages...08:31
Duesentriebthis is on ubuntu 11.4, running 64 bit 2.6.38-10-generic08:31
Duesentriebhappens with unity as well as classic gnome08:31
antiheroArgh, whenever I login, I get a "gnome-session" process that just sits there eating 99% CPU08:36
nit-witantihero, have you look at top ot htop in the terminal to see what's running08:37
nit-wit*looked , doh08:37
theadminOr you can just use gnome's task manager08:37
nit-wityeah that to.;)08:37
maumdc5ala, Thank you very much.. my desktop sound is woring well.08:39
maumdc5ala, I have followed from the website.08:40
maumdc5ala, Thank you very much.. my desktop sound is working well.08:40
dc5alamaum, nice!08:40
ChessTeachdoes evince support editable fields? If I open a pdf document that has editable fields in evince will i be able to fill in values?08:41
ChessTeachnot sure if this is the right spot for this question08:41
theadminChessTeach: I think yes, not sure, I know Okular does surely08:41
ChessTeachcool i will get that08:42
bazhang!google | bazhang08:45
ubottubazhang, please see my private message08:45
g0tResults for | bazhang on Google:08:45
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theadminWhat was that?08:47
sternahi, what's the preferred ftp server in recent ubuntus?08:47
icerootsterna: proftpd which should be the default-ftp-server08:48
sternai'm having issues with TLS on all of them, pure-ftpd an proftpd client processes just hang on a futex and vsftp returns "illegal packet"08:48
vish_NICK vish____08:48
=== vish_ is now known as suvish
Atlantic777Hi! I added the gnome 3 ppa yesterday, installed gnome-shell and upgraded whole system. Something is messed up (touchpad doesn't work as it should, windows decoration etc.).  How can completely remove ubuntu-desktop ubuntu-netbook gnome-shell gnome 3 and every other desktop environment and install it from scratch?08:54
bazhang!gnome3 | Atlantic77708:54
ubottuAtlantic777: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.08:54
bazhangAtlantic777, you cannot08:54
Atlantic777nice.... thanks ;)08:55
thegoodcushionHi everyone. I'm trying to boot a netbook using an external USB key thingy and it's not working.  I used the pendrive creator utility.  Is there any way I can check it's 'burned' okay?  I altered my BIOS settings but the thing doesn't want to boot08:55
theadminthegoodcushion: You should try Unetbootin and (if on Windows) LiLi USB Creator08:56
Atlantic777Ubuntu really should have some sort of fallback packages like on gentoo. Just remove world file and install again, versions which I want. :D08:56
thegoodcushiontheadmin: okay.  Is the Lili thing better than the pendrive one?08:56
suvishyo people wassup...08:56
theadminthegoodcushion: Quite08:56
thegoodcushionokay thx08:56
* thegoodcushion goes to do it08:56
Squarismcan i determine what dhcp server was used "configure" my eth008:57
deemusually theres only one dhcp server08:58
BlueteguI'm getting hard time installing ubuntu 11.04 64bit on my T42009:00
BlueteguFirst the disk partitioning failed09:01
nit-witBluetegu, how did you partition?09:02
Bluetegunit-wit, used the default partitioning suggested in the installation disk09:02
nit-witBluetegu, which is? there are several options at the choice window09:03
urbanlimeBluetegu did you leave ~1mb of space between the partitions, sometimes partition errors may occur if the partitions overlap09:03
BlueteguI chose install besides windows 7 and it offered a partitioning between the two.09:04
BlueteguI didn't select any overriding value.09:04
urbanlimeBluetegu, try editing the partitions and giving them a bit of wiggle room with a live disk, it may be from overlapping09:06
BlueteguFor some strange reason when I'm rebooting from the installation CD now, it takes ages for Ubuntu to come up, and if I press escape to see the printing I see a loop of authentication failure printing.09:06
Blueteguurbanlime, do you mean use gparted for this?09:06
urbanlimebluetegu yes09:06
nit-witBluetegu, generally with a dual boot you want to build the partitions in gparted, or the custom install the last line at the bottom, you could wipe Windows if your not careful09:06
nit-witBluetegu, you also must know the limitations of primary partitions as well 4 per hd, or 3 and a extended for the linux/09:07
BlueteguOk, thank. I'll try Gparted. Basically I only need to shrink the windows 7 partition and then let the ubuntu installation do the rest, right?09:07
necaviSo I now have the ability to liveboot into 10.04, but I'm unsure of what exactly would be best to do at this point, should I attempt to get my logs and programming files off of the install, then do a fresh 11.04? Or is there some suggested way to recover from a partial upgrade? (A lot of things thing I'm still running 10.04, but 10.04 setup seems to think that I'm running 10.10)09:08
nit-witBluetegu, I would only shrink W7 with its disk manager but gparted will work be careful09:08
theadminBluetegu: My suggestion is to select to partition disks manually in Ubuntu install and mount the partition you want Ubuntu on as /09:09
necavi(addendum, this is in relation to a question I posed ~hour ago, I can past it to others via PM if needed)09:10
Bluetegunit-wit, Thanks, I'll take a look at disk manager. The idea here is also to shrink the partition and let then ubuntu install do the rest.09:10
Atlantic777Ummm can I completely remove kubuntu after installing kubuntu-desktop/netbook?09:10
=== nicofs_ is now known as nicofs
theadminAtlantic777: Yes09:10
nit-witBluetegu, I have seen a ot of people when I helped at the UF, who let ubuntu do the work and ended up with a wiped W7.09:11
Atlantic777theadmin: thanks, hope that it is the same for lubuntu-desktop09:12
theadminAtlantic777: It's same for any task09:12
urbanlimeAtlantic777 it is the same for any operating system09:13
Bluetegunit-wit, I don't want to be one of those... Where is the disk manager? Its not in System Tools folder?09:13
urbanlimeAtlantic777 you need to make sure that the bootloader is configured for the new os however09:13
Infernethey all09:13
nit-witBluetegu, in the admin of W7 type disk mana   and you will create new partitions or something like that I'm on W7 now but in a limited account I can't acces it.09:14
guestguestHi, guys. Do you have any information about implemention of 3.0 core to Ubuntu?09:14
ThinkT510guestguest: wait for the next ubuntu release09:15
nit-witBluetegu, I'm going to go to admin be right back09:15
Bluetegunit-wit, found it...09:15
TBotNikAll: That last move of purging Network Manager killed my network, so had to run from the liveCD to get back up.  Posting errors in PB as soon as I can recall/remember how to chroot to the HDD and get the errors file I saved.09:17
guestguestThinkT510 : you mean Oneiric Ocelot got 3.0 core?09:17
DvyjonesIs there a program that allows you to migrate to a new Ubuntu server, that copies the packages and configuration?09:17
Dvyjones(It's 64-bit to 32-bit, so the binaries won't work on the new server if you just copy the HDD)09:18
jrib!clone | Dvyjones09:18
ubottuDvyjones: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate09:18
TBotNikDvyjones: Yup09:18
jribDvyjones: configuration is contained in /etc09:18
brotatoshow do i activate sticky keys?09:18
jribbrotatos: should be in system -> preferences -> keyboard09:19
ThinkT510guestguest: if you are referring to the linux kernel then i think so09:19
guestguestThinkT510 : thank for that information09:19
nit-witI'm back did you find the disk manad09:19
ThinkT510!11.10 | guestguest09:19
ubottuguestguest: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:19
Bluetegunit-wit, yes, thanks.09:20
Bluetegunit-wit, I see the option to shrink the partition09:20
nit-witcool I am going back to my other account09:20
nit-witnothing like being in root on the iirc to feel vulnerable, sandboxed or not09:23
auscompgeekHey guys, I'm having a problem installing Natty.09:25
Bluetegunit-wit, I think I understand now why the ubuntu install partitioning failed. When I press the shrink volume option, it tells me that you can not shrink beyond the point where the unmovable files are located, and gives maximum size of 190G, which is less than what the ubuntu partitioning tried to do.09:25
auscompgeekIt always gives me an error message saying "the installer has encountered an unrecoverable error"09:26
dydwhy when i open remote desktop viewer i see 2 entries for all computers connected?09:26
branantI have a sound problem with 11.04 on Asus G53JW. Sound plays only through headphones, but not speakers.09:26
nit-witBluetegu, and if you use gparted to go past that you may have problems, you aware of partitions amounts correct09:27
TBotNikDvyjones: Just a minute and I'll paste the command here 4 you.09:27
branantI checked alsamixer and everything is unmuted but still no luck09:27
dc5alaauscompgeek, that's not really a helpful error message. Have you checked for console output on one of the ttys?09:27
IzzyTheFedoraGuyI'm new, so if this is a bit of a noob question, sorry.  When I try starting my computer from the flash drive, it just gives me a black screen with some copyright stuff at the top09:28
nit-witBluetegu, when I want more space I shutdown the paging, I don't really use the recovery poinys, and defragg to get a smaller shrink09:28
Bluetegunit-wit, Many thanks. Hopefully I wont have problems going this route.09:28
theadminIzzyTheFedoraGuy: So X doesn't start?09:28
TBotNikAll: K my restart and reboot errors are at: http://pastebin.com/Dh9AMdyq09:28
|seca|Trying to mount 3tb drive on 32bit 10.10. Formated as gpt/ext3 drive and only showing 2.2tb. I know there was a size limitation, but thought it was lifted. Any ideas?09:28
nit-witBluetegu, back up the W7 if you can09:28
branantIn Slackware I fixed that issue by changing rhe master to PCM, but I don't know how to change that in ubuntu09:28
theadminbranant: You can use pavucontrol09:29
auscompgeekdc5ala: can't see any error messages on the tty when I press ok09:29
rb_Hi all, I have a live USB 11.04 install, when I boot it I need to be able to write data back to the FAT partition on the USB stick (not the squashfs root fs), this did work with the live desktop, but since moving to server (I don't need X/gui stuff) it now mounts it as read only (on /cdrom/). Does anyone know about the syslinux boot process and when ubuntu mounts the USB to /cdrom/ and how i go about changing it to rw?09:29
IzzyTheFedoraGuyI restart my computer and booted from the flash drive, none of the keys seem to work09:29
brananttheadmin: thanks, I will give it a try\09:30
Infernetauscompgeek: maybe you need to download it again09:30
IzzyTheFedoraGuyit's the same lettering as the startup screens, the only way I can get out of the screen is to completely shut off my computer09:30
auscompgeekInfernet: problem is that I don't have the bandwidth to do so09:31
TBotNikDvyjones: To capture on current machine use cmd: dpkg --get-selections > /mypath/myfile.txt  to restore on next compute use cmd: dpkg --set-selections <  /mypath/myfile.txt09:31
TBotNikDvyjones: Simple enough?09:31
TBotNikDvyjones: Works very well, I do it on all my machines with over 150 apps in my list that are not part of the liveCD.  Actually adding it to my adhoc liveCD versions.09:33
IzzyTheFedoraGuyis there something I need to do at that screen to get ubuntu to work?09:33
Infernetauscompgeek: do you try with the live cd?09:33
TBotNikIzzyTheFedoraGuy: What u mean?09:33
auscompgeekInfernet: err, I thought I did download the live cd09:34
IzzyTheFedoraGuyI tried installing ubuntu, but when I boot from the flash drive, it just gives me a black screen with copyright stuff at the top, none of the keys seem to work09:34
TBotNikAll:  Dang it, as always, when you are making progress and you crash; the guy you were working with goes away and you start over.09:35
Infernetauscompgeek: put the dvd installation and boot from it, when ask you "try" or "install" choice try09:35
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nit-witIzzyTheFedoraGuy, do you know what the graphics card is?09:36
=== EyeIsMine is now known as EyesIsMine
auscompgeekor isn't ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso the live cd image09:36
IzzyTheFedoraGuywould it be the ATI Mobility Radeon?09:36
nit-witIzzyTheFedoraGuy, you may need a low graphics login; power on and tap the shift key at the gui hit f6 choose nomodeset and boot from there.09:38
Infernetauscompgeek: well is likely that the download is corrupt09:38
=== HarryHaaren_ is now known as HarryHaaren
IzzyTheFedoraGuykk, thanks, I'll try that09:39
TBotNikAll: When I chroot to HDD from liveCD and run synaptic is RAM copy from liveCD or the root copy on the HDD being modified?09:39
auscompgeekInfernet: would the fact that the computer is about 10 years old contribute to it?09:40
auscompgeeke.g. low RAM probably09:41
Infernetauscompgeek: probably...09:41
auscompgeekhang on, I'll test on my 1GB RAM netbook ;p09:42
Infernetauscompgeek: mostly with the HD09:42
Infernet:O i dont think you have problems :P09:42
auscompgeekInfernet: HD? say what?09:44
Infernetauscompgeek: HD is iqual to Hard Disk09:44
=== jthomas_1 is now known as jLoth
auscompgeekInfernet: that'd be HDD :p09:45
Infernetis not neccessary the driver ;)09:46
auscompgeekbut I don't think the HDD has anything to do with it09:46
auscompgeekHDD = hard disk drive09:46
ribothey i have some alias on my ubuntu acount, but i don't remember the source file it runs, is there any way to look this up09:47
TBotNikAll: Did anyone look at my latest error on PB at: http://pastebin.com/Dh9AMdyq?  I need to recover my network again.  Was advised to purge Network Manager, as it kept overwriting the /etc/resolv.conf file, so we could not get the nameserver working.  When I purged NM it took the wlan0 configs out completely and now having to boot from liveCD to have inet access to fix this latest screw up.  HEEEELLLLP!09:47
Infernetsure but that reference in a linux channel is not necessary09:47
auscompgeekInfernet: :p09:48
ribotwhere are the aliases normally in ubuntu09:49
mang0/away be back later09:50
Infernetribot: /etc *bashrc09:51
jeffrey04erm, hello, erm, I need to build librdf-storage-virtuoso09:51
Squarismcan i determine what dhcp server was used "configure" my eth009:52
jeffrey04because it is not packaged09:52
jeffrey04anyone know where should i begin from?09:52
TBotNikwols: PB with configs at: http://pastebin.com/yC9fcguh09:52
auscompgeekInfernet: I actually get the "try" or "install" dialog when I put it in my netbook09:57
auscompgeekmaybe I should put more RAM in09:58
gigenieks_hi guys09:59
An_Ony_MooseHow can I set the system locale from the command line?09:59
nit-witgigenieks_, welcome to the dungeon.09:59
YnoddeAn-Ony_moose: did you try dpkg-reconfigure tzdata10:00
An_Ony_MooseYnodde: no, I'll try that (once this installation has finished)10:01
An_Ony_Moosethanks :D10:01
inimesekeneUbuntu Natty keeps asking for password for new keyring when I try to make an Ubuntu one account10:04
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
An_Ony_Moosehttp://paste.pocoo.org/show/446628/ I get this bunch of errors. How can they be fixed?10:08
An_Ony_Mooseaah wait I think I actually need to boot ubuntu for it to work10:09
An_Ony_Moosenever mind10:09
AlexDevilLXHow to change password?10:12
icerootAlexDevilLX: passwd10:12
icerootAlexDevilLX: if you mean the user-password10:13
dc5alaAlexDevilLX, launch "User and groups"10:13
andylockranguys, I'm trying to work out how to differentiate between a desktop and server in the case of LTS support.10:14
rb_i managed to fix my issue.. mount -o remount,rw :)10:15
andylockranI have installed a Hardy 8.04 box as a server - how do I know that I'm getting updates for the software installed on that box10:15
andylockrani.e. if i've installed openoffice on it, or ubuntu-desktop ontop of the server iso?10:15
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)10:15
veleoehi i was installed  rtl8188su and 8192su under ubuntu 10.04 lts but  it isn't worked  any ideas10:15
gigenieks_can someone explain me GRUB2 reinstallation10:16
andylockranThinkT510: if that was directed at me I am aware of the policy, I'm more interested in the mechanism.10:16
gigenieks_I will reinstall Windows10:16
veleoeubuntu has more problems with wuindows drivers10:16
nit-witgigenieks_, you want a good link?10:16
gigenieks_so, I will need reinstall grub210:16
andylockranas I'm running a hardy server, but unsure as to whether all the packages I have installed on it would be candidates for the 5 year support or the 3.10:16
gigenieks_I read this:10:16
gigenieks_i just dont understand the difference in last line --->10:17
TBotNikveleoe: What?  Explain!10:17
gigenieks_sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt/boot /dev/sdX10:17
gigenieks_HOW do i know what to set?10:17
gigenieks_I have 3 HDD's10:17
dogearshas anyone had problems installing Gimp on 11.04?10:17
gigenieks_sda, sdb, sdc (sdc has win and kubuntu partitions)10:18
nit-witgigenieks_, run the sudo fdisk-l command10:18
veleoewhy this drivers is working in ubuntu 11.04 but  not in ubuntu 10.04?10:18
nit-witgigenieks_, whicj=h HD is Ubuntu in10:18
veleoertl8188su realteck!10:18
gigenieks_sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt/boot /dev/sdX10:19
Ynoddedogears:working fine for me10:19
dc5aladogears, not here, you run into any problems?10:19
gigenieks_but what to set in X place?10:19
andylockrangigenieks_: run fdisk -l10:19
nit-witgigenieks_, this is where you want to be on the page. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Copy%20LiveCD%20Files10:19
andylockranand indentify your disks, and set /dev/sdX to the disk where you'd like grub installed.10:20
andylockranwhere X = a,b, or c - depending on which disk you're installing to10:20
nit-witgigenieks_, the commands are slightly different.10:20
dc5alagigenieks_, usually the one that your system is looking for a bootmanager (first in boot order list)10:20
veleoeubuntu has several problem with usb wireless ,this problem needs be resolve10:20
gigenieks_for example if I set in BIOS10:21
gigenieks_which is 250gb data hdd10:21
gigenieks_then if i installed on sda10:21
gigenieks_it wont boot?10:21
Ynoddegigenieks_:easiest is let the 1st hdd boot (/dev/sda) and install grub on that10:22
nit-witgigenieks_, generally the mbr of th HD installed in is suggested.10:22
ThinkT510gigenieks_: wherever the bios looks first, thats where you want the bootloader to be10:22
veleoehere nobody help me10:23
gigenieks_Okey lets reprase:10:23
nit-witveleoe, your question is rather vague10:24
gigenieks_grrr.... how can I explain this in english :D10:25
gigenieks_meaning right now in bios 1st HDD is sdc; but as far as I know my mbr is on sda10:25
gigenieks_but everything boots10:25
ThinkT510gigenieks_: each disk has its own mbr10:26
fmaurothe bios will likely iterate through the disks until a valid mbr is found10:26
gigenieks_in other words10:26
gigenieks_i can choose10:26
nit-witgigenieks_, run this script if you like and pastebin it. http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/10:26
dogearsdc5ala: tried to install and gave connection error? only on Gimp10:27
ThinkT510gigenieks_: whichever disk you choose to boot first, that is the mbr that will be obeyed10:27
dogearsdc5ala: Thought10:27
dogearsdc5ala: probably the connection will try again10:28
dc5aladogears, just download problem then?10:28
bugbrainswhich is best C++ process communication library for ubuntu10:29
bugbrainsi need to read the stdout of a process using C++10:29
fmaurobugbrains, piping the output of it is not an option?10:30
dc5aladogears, you could try another mirror in package source settings10:30
bugbrainsfmauro: i execute a process and it prints some text on sucees of failure to stdout10:30
dogearsdc5ala: Yes it was giving weird errors. Thought it may have been something with Unity10:30
bugbrainsi need it in a c++ code10:30
gigenieks_Do i understand correctly I ONLY need to set right partion where is Kubuntu installed10:31
gigenieks_but where is mbr10:31
gigenieks_it will load either way10:31
dogearsdc5ala: Thanks for your help10:31
dc5aladogears, you could blame Unity for lot of things but this sounds like remote server problem :P10:31
nit-witgigenieks_, what hd is kubuntu in10:31
fmaurobugbrains, you could implement it as a return code. or is the returned text of importance?10:32
bugbrainsfmauro:  returned text10:32
nit-witgigenieks_, itis installed right10:32
bugbrainsis important10:32
fmaurobugbrains, let me think.10:32
nit-witgigenieks_, thanks hold on10:32
dogearsdc5ala: I find it very friendly but it is certainly different10:33
gigenieks_again question i can set WHATEVER HDD i want for example sdb which is 250gb ide data hard drive10:33
gigenieks_and if I remove it10:33
gigenieks_I CANT boot10:33
nit-witgigenieks_, sdc5 is kubuntu10:33
gigenieks_yeah it is10:33
dc5aladogears, you welcome10:33
gigenieks_that is not the issue or thing that i dont understand10:34
nit-witgigenieks_, can you boot to it now?10:34
gigenieks_Im in kubuntu10:34
gigenieks_i will reinstall Windows10:34
gigenieks_thats why i need to know10:34
dc5alagigenieks_, newer BIOS sometimes also have their own kind of bootmanager (like pressing F8), with that you could theoretically also install grub in your linux drive. but if you want to use grub as main bootmanager you need it in the first one10:34
gigenieks_about grub10:34
OlotilaI have a working RAID set, but I cant mount it here. With over 2,5TB of data in GPT partition.10:35
stefanoshello, i have problem with my chrome, i run it as root once and now when i run it as simple user all preferences are lost, why?10:35
gigenieks_ok concrete situation in BIOS10:35
gigenieks_i have sdc hdd10:35
fmaurobugbrains, you could use popen from stdio.h10:35
nit-witgigenieks_, in the terminal run   sudo grub-install /dev/sdc    and have that HD first in the bios or use the key propmt to have the choice of boot. Also run  sudo update-grub after the first command10:35
TBotNikAll: Dang it's late, later off to Z land 4 me!!  Cheers!! :)  :)10:36
nit-witgigenieks_, does that make sense to yah.;)10:36
gigenieks_I will 100% ask this in forums :D10:36
gigenieks_but i kinda 50% understand of it.10:36
bugbrainsfmauro: i will try and come back10:36
gigenieks_if i set mbr on sdc10:37
gigenieks_wouldn't it fuck windows bootloader?10:37
gigenieks_cuz windows will be on sdc too10:37
gigenieks_as is Kubuntu10:37
nit-witgigenieks_, the first command just reloads grub to the mbr , leaving kubuntu as the grub control10:37
LjLgigenieks_: control the language please10:37
nit-witgigenieks_, yes but grub will see windows and it will be in the grub menu to boot from10:38
gigenieks_If i know it better i could control :D10:38
nit-witgigenieks_, if you ran the script I posted we could get a little more info as to other options10:38
spankbotWhy sould X Server crash on my laptop if there is not pwr supply plugged in?10:38
gigenieks_nit-wit, sec10:39
nit-witgigenieks_, I have W7 on my hard drive and grub is in the mbr10:39
nit-witwith natty10:39
nit-witon the hd10:39
nit-witgigenieks_, if you want to keep the MS bootloader you could use easybcd, but it looks like sda and sdb are data and sdc is a windows OS and kubuntu10:42
gigenieks_nit-wit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/652337/10:42
gigenieks_YES sda and sdb is data10:42
gigenieks_so it is recommended to set grub to sdc?10:42
nit-witgigenieks_, so do you have a recovery or install disc for windows?10:43
spankbotIs there a laptop power settings for NVidia?  Is this what is causing my machine to blow?10:43
gigenieks_I dont need it10:43
gigenieks_i have just installation10:43
nit-witgigenieks_, it is already ther run sudo update-grub in kubuntu and put the sdc first in the bios10:44
lotuspsychjespankbot: you could try the logs in your system10:44
gigenieks_it is already there..10:44
FloodBot1gigenieks_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:45
nit-witgigenieks_, yeah look at the top of the script  Grub2 (v1.99) is installed in the MBR of /dev/sdc10:45
abhinav_singhi am using 32 bit ubuntu 11.04 ..i want to use 64 bit ubutnu 11.04 ...is it a good decision..10:45
spankbotI may have found someone w/ the similar Laptop and NVidia problem running FreeBSD10:45
nit-witgigenieks_, I asked about the windows disc as yoiu would use thenm to reload the MS bootloader if needed10:46
lotuspsychjeabhinav_singh: yes i also use it and very happy with it(if your cpu support 64-bit)10:46
abhinav_singhlotuspsychje:  yes my cpu support 64 bit..but right now i am using 32 bit ...so if i have clean install of ubuntu 64 bit all my data will be gone..10:47
nit-witgigenieks_, W7 is in the grub menu now if you rebooted you could boot to windows... if the sdc HD is read first in te bios10:47
gigenieks_grub has windows entry10:47
lotuspsychjeabhinav_singh: there are several apps for data backup, after that do a 64 bit clean install10:47
gigenieks_it could even boot in safe mode10:48
nit-witgigenieks_, yes the script shows it10:48
gigenieks_but something is wrong with Win710:48
gigenieks_it has bsod10:48
gigenieks_and i set stupid thing via10:48
nit-witgigenieks_, did you resize it10:48
abhinav_singhcan you please name some of themm..i dnt wanna take any risk lotuspsychje10:48
gigenieks_msconfig Safe mode "minimal" = everythime it goes to safe mode10:48
gigenieks_and dont boot10:48
gigenieks_it is not issue of grub10:48
gigenieks_it is windows issue10:48
gigenieks_will just reinstall10:49
lotuspsychjeabhinav_singh: didnt try some myself, software centre would be a good start, or asking in chat whats best data backup app10:49
gigenieks_so your suggestion is to set sdc as MBR10:49
nit-witgigenieks_, yes the safe=f8 is available choose windows at grub and hit the f8, and run a chkdsk10:49
nit-witgigenieks_, it already is there.10:49
gigenieks_f8 > chkdsk?10:50
bolt12hi Everyone, I am trying to setup nfs client, but when I run showmount -e it displays "clnt_create: RPC: Program not registered"10:50
gigenieks_It doesnt have that functionality10:50
bolt12i have portmap and nfs-common installed and portmap is running10:50
nit-witgigenieks_, do you have a install or recovery disc10:50
bolt12could someone help me with this10:50
nit-witfor windows10:50
gigenieks_i tried to get this working10:51
gigenieks_but noone helped10:51
gigenieks_now I have bootable USB Win7 installation10:51
gigenieks_will reinstall10:51
dr_willisget what working?10:51
nit-witgigenieks_, is sdc1 the windows OS=C10:52
lotuspsychjebolt12: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127240010:52
bolt12ty lotuspsychje10:52
saus4geshey, I'm getting: Jul 26 11:53:33 localhost kernel: [ 7830.537976] sky2 0000:04:00.0: eth0: Link is down    Jul 26 11:53:35 localhost kernel: [ 7832.476599] sky2 0000:04:00.0: eth0: Link is up at 100 Mbps, full duplex, flow control both    repeatedly, can anyone please help me debug this?10:53
kora-chanhi guys, i'm using natty on my x220 tablet. i had to upgrade the kernel to 3.0rc7 so i could use my display port instead of only the vga. however it seems that the xserver-xorg-input-wacom doesnt work anymore. any ideas how to fix this, or do i have to compile my own version against the new kernel headers?10:54
saus4gesI've replaced the cable, I've change ethernet port on the "router", neither of them fix it. I've got a VOIP phone working with no problems on the same router10:54
lotuspsychjesaus4ges: you have the correct eth card driver installed?10:55
saus4gesnot sure lotuspsychje. I do know that it was working (without a single disconnect) until last night, and I've not done an upgrade10:55
abhinav_singhlotuspsychje:  so i will have to take backup of my home folder only right...10:55
lotuspsychjeabhinav_singh: yes, all the installed 32 bit programs have to be reinstalled after on the 64-bit versions10:56
gigenieks_Okey enough talking in other words I now reinstall windows in the same partion as it is now10:56
gigenieks_then it is recommended to set mbr10:56
gigenieks_if i set it for example sda10:57
gigenieks_which is data 80gb10:57
gigenieks_and remove it10:57
squigsaus4ges, things fall apart10:57
gigenieks_i couldnt boot right?10:57
fmaurobugbrains, I put some code together quickly, hope it helps http://paste.ubuntu.com/652349/10:57
lotuspsychjesaus4ges: so what did change after last night?10:57
wh1zz0Hi guys.. I'm on natty. Anytime I hibernate my machine it goes into suspend mode and I can't not resume. I have tried several key combinations but to no avail. Please how can I solve this problem?10:57
bugbrainsfmauro: your help is well appreciated :)10:58
abhinav_singhis there any software which can check what are the 32 bit softwares installled in my system and when i upgrade to 64 bit ..it can reinstall them lotuspsychje10:58
SSetoounity 2d without compiz right ß10:58
=== SSetoo is now known as SseTuu
gigenieks_someone confirm me?10:58
saus4gesnothing lotuspsychje, it was working when I left it and when I came back this morning it was refusing to connect to eth0, only wireless. Funnily enough, I've just noticed that I  can't change the wireless network either (it's connected but I can't disconnect)10:58
lotuspsychjeabhinav_singh: ask in chat, don't know if something like that exists10:58
spankbotlotuspsychje this may be the solution10:59
abhinav_singh is there any software which can check what are the 32 bit softwares installled in my system and when i upgrade to 64 bit ..it can reinstall them10:59
SseTuuunity 2d without compiz right ß10:59
spankbotlotuspsychje http://tutanhamon.com.ua/technovodstvo/NVIDIA-UNIX-driver/#general-information10:59
nit-witgigenieks_, see yah10:59
gigenieks_is it as I said?11:00
nit-witgigenieks_, so sdc1 is the windos OS-C11:00
gigenieks_yes it is, but I ask something different11:00
SseTuuunity 2d without compiz right ß11:00
lotuspsychjeabhinav_singh: seems like apt has an option to list all apps installed to use to convert to 64 bit11:01
saus4geslotuspsychje, I'll reboot into Windows to see if I can isolate it being a hardware problem. Will let you know, thanks for the help11:02
nit-witgigenieks_, so I get the impresson your afraid of losing the MS bootloader, it can be reloaded with the install disc if needed, putting grub in any other then the sdc I woudn't advise11:03
fmaurobugbrains, note that this will only print stdout and not stderr. you have to append 2>&1 for that11:03
gigenieks_so if i set to sdc it could make windows ubootable11:04
nit-witgigenieks_, no reda closer11:05
nit-witgigenieks_, answer this question please. Did you resize windows to install kubuntu?11:05
gigenieks_I shrinked via Disc Management in W7 > installed on "unallocated space"11:06
nit-witgigenieks_, did you see if windows booted before you installed kubuntu?11:06
alex--Which font does ubuntu uses?11:06
icerootalex--: the font is called "ubuntu"11:07
alex--Can I use it on my website?11:07
gigenieks_yes I did11:07
icerootalex--: it should be free11:07
alex--iceroot: ^11:07
icerootalex--: but maybe check the licence first11:07
gigenieks_Ok I will go do all that stuff if worst comes I will be back here ---->11:07
nit-witgigenieks_, stange the script shows everything to be okay, but yet windows does not show in the repair11:07
gigenieks_it is not strange11:08
bugbrainsfmauro: how to get stderr11:08
gigenieks_in forums one answered11:08
gigenieks_that repair disc have11:08
gigenieks_minimal of boot files11:08
gigenieks_NO DRIVERS11:08
gigenieks_and windows is on sata hdd11:08
FloodBot1gigenieks_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:08
gigenieks_problem is that11:08
gigenieks_I DONT KNOW, and noone did help to find those drivers11:09
gigenieks_if could find them then it would be so much easier11:09
nit-witgigenieks_, is the disc a standard install or a recovery disc11:09
gigenieks_now i have just install11:09
alex--iceroot: can i downlolad it from somewhere?11:09
fmaurobugbrains, instead of for example "ls -r" use "ls -r 2>&1" as argument for popen()11:09
alex--the font i mean11:09
nit-witgigenieks_, that disc has sata drivers11:09
nit-witshould anyway11:10
gigenieks_I just have old motherboard11:10
bugbrainsfmauro: ok the it will give both stdout and stderr on variable output11:10
gigenieks_so HARD to find those sata drivers for repair usb I had11:10
fmaurobugbrains, afaik yes11:11
nit-witgigenieks_, so you have tried to boot to windows from the grub menu and get a bsod11:11
gigenieks_I even get to load it!!11:11
gigenieks_via safe mode11:11
dooglushow can I get gnome-terminal to use chrome instead of firefox to open links I click on?11:11
gigenieks_but i did some mistakes in msconfig11:11
gigenieks_and it has bsod11:11
gigenieks_so i will just reinstall11:11
f3bruaryIs there a way to create a deb file from an installed program ?11:11
nit-witgigenieks_, there is a command loine choice in that safe boot menu right11:11
lotuspsychjedooglus: maybe set chrome to default browser option?11:12
doogluslotuspsychje: I've set chrome to be my preferred web browser11:12
gigenieks_there is no cmd11:12
gigenieks_if that is what u ask11:12
gigenieks_if I could i would done chkdsk /r /f11:12
doogluslotuspsychje: if I type 'gnome-www-browser', I get chrome11:12
doogluslotuspsychje: but gnome-terminal has other ideas11:12
gigenieks_I will ask this ---->11:12
nit-witgigenieks_, yeah I suspect you would have, the guys at #windows would probably be more helpful as far as getting MS going if you still want to try, just suggesting11:13
spankbotwhere can I find my XServer logs?11:13
jribspankbot: /var/log/Xorg.0.log11:13
spankbotjrib thnx11:14
Aurigaspankbot lol...11:14
lotuspsychjedooglus: http://askubuntu.com/questions/42344/how-do-i-change-the-browser-that-gnome-terminal-opens-links-with11:14
f3bruarySay I have installed an application (.deb) and I lost the original deb file and it cannot be found on the internet. Can I create a net deb file of that application ?11:14
gigenieks_If i set for example mbr to sdb (250 data) then it is SAFE to assume that everything will boot fine BUT11:14
doogluslotuspsychje: I'll take a look.  using firefox :)11:14
gigenieks_if i remove it; I cant boot to kubuntu OR windows11:15
nit-witgigenieks_, grub is in the correct place and is not causing the bsod11:15
gigenieks_however sdc would be "smarter" but a little riskier?11:15
doogluslotuspsychje: I don't have a 'system' button11:15
gigenieks_Im not saying that!!11:15
gigenieks_im saying that when i install11:15
abhinav_singhmy home folder is about 90 gb ...how do i take backup of it11:15
doogluslotuspsychje: what does "Go to System --> Administration --> Preferred Applications" run?11:16
nit-witgigenieks_, sdc is where grub is now already11:16
lotuspsychjedooglus: no GUI?11:16
doogluslotuspsychje: XFE411:16
gigenieks_ok tnx11:16
lotuspsychjedooglus: not sure then sorry11:16
gigenieks_for now11:16
doogluslotuspsychje: can you try it and see what process it runs?11:16
doogluslotuspsychje: ps -ef | grep -i pref   before and after11:17
tobiassjostenAnyone know how to enable ACL for my eCryptFS mount?11:17
doogluslotuspsychje: because I'll have the program on my computer, just the menu isn't running to start it from11:17
nit-witgigenieks_, when you install windows to sdc1 it will put the ms bootloader to the sdc mbr so you would reload grub or use easybcd11:18
fmaurodooglus, it's /usr/bin/gnome-default-applications-properties11:18
=== nicoco is now known as Guest19233
An_Ony_Mooseis it possible to convert a filesystem from ext4 to ext3 without losing the data? Or will I have to reformat it completely and then put the (backed up) data back on it?11:19
dooglusfmauro: thanks.  that'll fix it.  it's showing 'firefox'11:19
dooglusfmauro: I was using exo-preferred-applications before - that's the XFCE4 way11:19
spankbotjrib: should I be sing errors there? my XServer just crashed and cant find anything which reports the error11:19
jribspankbot: check ~/.xsession-errors as well11:20
fmaurodooglus, strange how bash doesn't reference the xface one. oh well. if it works now..11:20
nit-witAn_Ony_Moose, you would want to back that up anyway that is riskie11:20
An_Ony_Moosenit-wit: nvm I'll just reformat it and put the data back on then11:20
nit-witAn_Ony_Moose, that is what I would do, are you trying to have a partition the Windows can read11:21
SoGooDmy HP printer can't print but it is registered as it is11:21
An_Ony_Moosenit-wit: no, but trying to mount the ext4 partition in ubuntu (as the root partition) said that it was trying to read outside the device. It mounts perfectly fine in debian11:21
nit-witAn_Ony_Moose, hmm root partition what is in it.11:22
An_Ony_Moosenit-wit: an ubuntu installation generated by debootstrap + some manual configuration11:23
dooglushere's a tricky one - I have a CentOS live CD image, and I've been trying to make a bootable USB from it using ubuntu 11.04.  is that possible?11:23
An_Ony_Moosenit-wit: such as a kernel etc11:23
dooglusI thought the USB creator program was meant to be able to do it, but it doesn't seem to like the .iso file11:23
VictorCLI have ubuntu 10.04 .. .should I upgrade to 11 ?11:23
fmaurodooglus, you could try unetbootin11:23
nit-witAn_Ony_Moose, sounds more like a faulty setup not surec it is the partition type11:24
VictorCLis it a big difference?11:24
An_Ony_Moosenit-wit: I'll try it anyway11:24
jrgiffordVictorCL, it depends.11:24
nit-witAn_Ony_Moose, follow your bliss. ;)11:24
An_Ony_Moosenit-wit: only 500-odd MB to copy, so I'm fine11:24
An_Ony_Moosebrb testing11:24
dooglusfmauro: ok, thanks11:24
lotuspsychje!unity | VictorCL11:24
ubottuVictorCL: Unity is the default UI for Ubuntu 11.04. Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. You can still boot to GNOME; see !classic.11:24
jribVictorCL: there's a big interface change.  Maybe try a live cd and see if you like it first.  There's no need to upgrade and if you like 10.04, you can just wait until 12.04 and upgrade then (to the next scheduled LTS)11:24
VictorCLif I want to upgrade ... is it too complicated? .. will I have to make a backup ?11:25
limnoflavaMy mouse doesn't automatically work at startup. I had to press ESC a few times before the cursor can be moved. Notifications show up and fade away, though, which shows that the system isn't actually freezing.11:25
abhinav_singhi am going to do a clean install of 64 bit from my 32 bit machine..is there any software which will select all the installed package in my 32 bit machine and when i am done with 64 bit ubuntu installation it should reinstall the 64 bit versions of my installed packages11:25
jrib!upgrade | VictorCL11:25
ubottuVictorCL: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:25
VictorCLI dont like much this interface .. too simple11:26
jribVictorCL: it's not complicated (see ubottu).  You need to upgrade 10.04 -> 10.10 -> 11.04. As for backups, you should have them anyway11:26
VictorCLstill having trouble creating folders :/11:26
jribVictorCL: right click -> create folder?11:26
AurigaVictorCL, What are you using?11:26
fmaurolimnoflava, tell us more about your system, is it a usb mouse, what version of ubuntu are you running?11:27
VictorCLif I want to create a folder inside another folder ,, I select the folder .. then  I go .. create folder .. and it cdoesnt create the foder where I want it11:27
VictorCLit put it anywhere else11:27
VictorCLwell many small details11:27
limnoflavafmauro, I'm running 10.10. It doesn't matter, I use a laptop and both the trackpad and any USB mouse won't be able to move a few seconds from startup unless I press ESC repeatedly.11:28
asyharim in trouble making blackbuntu  bootable on my usb,, i appreciate any suggest11:28
VictorCLunity looks nice11:28
limnoflavaI mean the cursor.11:28
abhinav_singhany help with my question?11:28
jrib!helpme | abhinav_singh11:28
ubottuabhinav_singh: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude11:28
dooglusfmauro: I'm trying unetbootin.  it asks for the type of distro, I chose 'centos', then it asks for the version, and offers '4' or '5'.  I have '6'.  reckon it really matters?11:29
jrib!clone | abhinav_singh11:29
ubottuabhinav_singh: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate11:29
lotuspsychjeabhinav_singh: ive read up some trick with dpkg list, so you can install on 64 bit later11:29
An_Ony_MooseWELL that didn't work.11:29
An_Ony_Moosehttp://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/01/debootstrap-minimal-debian-ubuntu-installation/ << Failed11:29
fmaurodooglus, i think you can force an iso image anyway. afaik it matters not11:29
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning11:30
abhinav_singhhey cool what are the tricks man lotuspsychje11:30
fmaurolimnoflava, very well. brb gonna see what I can do11:30
dooglusfmauro: thanks for your help11:30
mjanphi. i'm using evolution client to Gmail by IMAP (ubu 11.04 x64). When i delete message, this message isn't deleted on gmail. It is normal?11:31
limnoflavafmauro: Thank you very much. I'll be waiting.11:31
lotuspsychjeabhinav_singh: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-get-list-installed-software-reinstallation-restore.html11:31
lotuspsychjeabhinav_singh: not sure howto force it to 64 bit afterwards11:31
fmaurolimnoflava, can you reboot/recreate the issue and post the output of dmesg?11:33
limnoflavafmauro, I'll try that. I'll be back here in a few.11:33
An_Ony_MooseHow can I install a bootable copy of ubuntu without a liveUSB or live CD?11:34
An_Ony_MooseI've tried a tutorial using debootstrap, it didn't work for me11:34
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, you can use a netboot image and put it on a usb-drive11:35
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, or is USB in general not an option11:35
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: the latter11:36
mjanphi. i'm using evolution client to Gmail by IMAP (ubu 11.04 x64). When i delete message, this message isn't deleted on gmail (i was checking it on www). Is it normal?11:36
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, is the target bios PXE capable?11:37
mgolischmjanp: did you tell it to remove stuff from the server?11:37
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: I believe so, but I have zero experience with that and have no other machines available11:37
overrider_I am preparing to apt-get install xorg and fluxbox etc - how can i prevent apt- from pulling in all xorg drivers except from the ones i actually need for my system? (intel)?11:37
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, so you have a machine you want to install ubuntu to, no optical drive and no usb?11:38
rigvedhi everyone11:40
mjanpmgolish: i dont know where is this option11:40
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: no. But a running debian installation11:40
lotuspsychje An_Ony_Moose: maybe clone clean ubuntu system to the drive you want11:40
An_Ony_Mooselotuspsychje: where do I get this clean ubuntu system? Is using a virtual machine an option?11:41
rigvedi'm trying to install 11.04, but i get an error: not possible to install bootloader to the specified location - /dev/sda...can anyone help me regarding this?11:41
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lotuspsychjeAn_Ony_Moose: download the ubuntu .iso and some clone apps might copy it to desired drive?11:42
pnglI have an SSH problem. Why is the output of those two commands different?: 1) ssh user@machine (goes into shell) echo $PATH; 2) ssh user@machine 'echo $PATH'11:42
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fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, the problem is getting the system to boot from where you have the initial system installed. this is no easy feat. is it a laptop?11:42
An_Ony_Mooselotuspsychje: then I would install a live ubuntu image to the hard drive11:42
DarsVaedaI how can I record output sound on 11.04?11:43
rigvedi'm trying to install 11.04, but i get an error: not possible to install bootloader to the specified location - /dev/sda...can anyone help me regarding this?11:44
lotuspsychjeAn_Ony_Moose: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-alternativ-ways-install-ubuntu-linux/11:44
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: No, it's not a laptop. I got it up to the point where the kernel was loaded, but it couldn't mount the root partition11:44
ChrisBuchholzI have Arch installed on a partition, and also GRUB2 installed to /dev/sda. I just created a USB installer pen with USB-Creator from launchpad, and when i boot my machine and choose to boot from the usbpen, it loads grub on /dev/sda and starts arch instead of grub on the usbpen to start ubuntu. How come that be? Im using a MacBook Pro 5,5.11:44
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: something about an address being outside the physical disk. Even though it mounted fine in debian11:45
duffmanWho wants to hold my hand through a ubuntu natty on macbook 2.1 install? Mainly, how to get it to boot from dvd ?!11:45
An_Ony_Mooseduffman: did you try holding C while booting?11:45
duffmanAn_Ony_Moose: yes, the screen goes blank for a good 20 seconds and then goes to "missing operating system"11:46
duffmani did a md5sum of the dvd image, it ads up.11:46
duffman(just in case)11:46
An_Ony_Mooseduffman: that's where my ideas end, sorry :(11:46
duffmanAn_Ony_Moose: np :) thank you.11:46
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, how did you manage to load the kernel?11:47
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, did you set up a partition, and make a grub entry after installing the root fs?11:47
llutzpngl: user@machine 'echo $PATH'    doen't read your remote .bashrc/.profile11:47
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: debootstrap to the empty partition, chroot into it, install the kernel, exit from chroot then update-grub and grub found it11:47
dc5aladuffman, for some hints have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook11:47
duffmanthank you dc5ala11:48
pnglllutz: thank you11:48
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, k sounds good. But it wouldn't mount /11:48
lolmausGot a problem with mdadm assembling a md127 device instead of md0 on reboot. The only solution i found on the web doesn't help me. Has anyone encountered such an issue?11:49
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: that's right. I forgot the exact error message11:49
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: something about the filesystem exceeding the bounds of the physical disk11:50
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: tried both ext4 and ext311:50
An_Ony_Moose(excuse my use of enter as punctuation. I'll stop it)11:50
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, and you are sure it booted the kernel and it was not grub saying it couldn't boot the image in the first place?11:50
lotuspsychjeAn_Ony_moose: http://dimitar.me/clone-disk-drives-with-ubuntu/11:51
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: yes. It dumped me at an initramfs console11:51
antiheroIs there an IRC channel for the Banshee media player?11:51
lotuspsychje!banshee | antihero11:52
ubottuantihero: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs11:52
An_Ony_Mooselotuspsychje: I know how to use dd. I just don't have an image of an ubuntu install11:52
duffmanAn_Ony_Moose: got it to load by holding alt, for future refference, cross fingers now, dvd is loaded and should be installing :D11:52
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, so far I would have gone about it the same as you have. I'm gonna try and virtualize it. got time?11:52
duffmanthis is so much better than loading OS X11:53
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: yup11:53
ThinkT510antihero: check thier website to see if they have an irc channel11:53
An_Ony_Mooseduffman: nice, congratulations11:53
KNUBBIGHey, I want to mirror a local directory to a remote one on an ftp which is mounted via curlftpfs. But rsync gives me this: rsync: mkstemp "/home/fabian/Downloads/server/.test.LI30de" failed: Operation not supported (95) Any ideas?11:53
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: I left out some details, the tutorial I used is here http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/01/debootstrap-minimal-debian-ubuntu-installation/11:54
antiheroI'm doing OK with MPD but Banshee has neat Unity integration, except appears to suck for album artists11:54
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, good, I'll be sure to follow that and another thing, you are using debian stable?11:55
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: yes11:56
dinesh_can anybody help me how to do reset settings in ubuntu11:56
rigvedi'm trying to install 11.04, but i get an error: not possible to install bootloader to the specified location - /dev/sda...can anyone help me regarding this? it is in hardware raid setup11:56
dr_willisdinesh_:  clarify what settings exactly.11:56
dinesh_something i did.. total desktop settings has changed.. i dont know how to correct it11:56
KNUBBIGrigved: I remember having this, too. I had to install Ubuntu without the bootloader, boot into a live cd and then manually install grub to /dev/blabla, where blabla is most probably sthing like md0 or md111:57
dr_willisuser settings are in various .* files in their home dir. If you remove the files/dirs it will reset those. some are in 'gconf' settings sort of like a gnome setting regiestry. so it depends on the setting11:57
dr_willisdinesh_:  I recall the (unsupported by this channel) utilty Ubuntu-tweak has a way to reset/backup/restore user/gnome settings also.11:58
blackalegatorhi all!11:58
blackalegatorCould anyone help me please?11:58
rigvedKNUBBIG: i'l still in the setup phase...i can set it to /dev/blahblah right now itself. how do i find out where to install it?11:59
dr_willisstate the problem and see blackalegator .11:59
userdr_willis settings are in various .* files in their home dir. If you remove the files/dirs it will reset those. some are in 'gconf' settings sort of like a gnome  setting regiestry. so it depends on the setting11:59
DistroJockeylolmaus: Which particular "solution" did you try? There seem to be quite a number of people that have had this problem with varying solutions.11:59
blackalegatorI want my smb share to be mounted on boot. Ive set up the fstab. Though now I need to make an init script which will be launched after network is initialised. Any idea?11:59
KNUBBIGrigved: mhh i dunno for sure, you need a console12:00
KNUBBIGrigved: if you've got nothing to wreak havoc on just try /md /md0 /md1 I'm not entirely sure12:00
lolmausDistroJockey, the solution was to remove optional parameters from mdadm.conf and run "update-initramfs -u".12:00
fmauroblackalegator, are you using the default network-manager?12:01
rigvedKNUBBIG: ok. so in the terminal i'll try using mount to find out what all is mounted...12:01
DistroJockeylolmaus: from the ARRAY line right?12:01
lolmausDistroJockey, yup12:01
KNUBBIGrigved: yes or there was a command to list all raids .. I think dmraid or sth12:01
blackalegatorfmauro, Yes!12:01
lolmausDistroJockey, i also noticed that blkid, mdadm md0 and mdadm md127 show three different UUIDs. md127 is unmountable.12:01
blackalegatorfmauro it is 10 minutes from my ubuntu installed12:02
lolmausHow do i manually check initramfs for mdadm entries? I suspect it has an obsolette one.12:02
phoque_unidoes ubuntu only use grub.cfg and not menu.lst?12:02
fmauroblackalegator, okay if you extend your fstab entry with user so a regular user can mount it, you can use the network-manager.d scripts folder to launch stuff as soon as you establish a conneciton.12:03
DistroJockeylolmaus: Maybe this thread helps:  http://fossplanet.com/f12/mdadm-device-reassignment-106141/12:03
dr_willisphoque_uni:  grub2 uses grub.cfg, the old grub used menu.lst12:03
rigvedKNUBBIG: yes, there is dmraid...i'll check...thanks!12:03
KNUBBIGrigved: np, good luck :)12:03
blackalegatorfmauro, how do I do the first step?12:03
phoque_unidr_willis, I see12:03
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: how's it going? :)12:03
phoque_uniwhat will happen if I modify grub.cfg to disable the discrete GPU and there is a kernel update?12:04
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fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, 1 minute left until i have the 1.1 gb debian stable image12:04
lotuspsychjeblackalegator: maybe pysdm will help automount smb12:04
AlexDevilLXHi, i have tried http://radu.cotescu.com/how-to-install-canon-lbp-printers-in-ubuntu/ for canon lbp3010 but it didnt work12:04
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: ah ok12:04
fmauroblackalegator, alright you open your fstab.12:04
KNUBBIGI want to mirror a local directory to a remote one on an ftp which is mounted via curlftpfs. But rsync gives me this: rsync: mkstemp "/home/fabian/Downloads/server/.test.LI30de" failed: Operation not supported (95) Any ideas?12:04
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: thanks for going to all the trouble of installing debian :D12:04
blackalegatorfmauro, done12:05
dc5alaphoque_uni, but grub.cfg will be generated, see the top lines in that file12:05
blackalegatorlotuspsychje, what? how??! It is a fstab gui editing tool12:05
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, don't worry man, I'll do anything to avoid having to study for my upcoming discrete mathematics exam :D12:05
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: haha12:06
blackalegatorAn_Ony_Moose, are you his examinator or what? xD12:06
lotuspsychjeblackalegator: pysdm is gui tool for automount ntfs drives, it helped me alot on natty12:06
dr_willisive had pysdm... err.. break things.. :) backup your fstab first..12:06
An_Ony_Mooseblackalegator: No. He just wants to have something to do instead of studying?12:06
fmauroblackalegator, alright your entry will look somewhat like so: //user@SERVER/share /mountpoint smbfs ro,noauto 0,012:07
blackalegatorfmauro,  why noauto?12:07
blackalegatorfmauro, Ive set it before already12:07
lotuspsychjedr_willis: working fine here :p12:08
blackalegatorfmauro, // /home/oleg/Музыка cifs credentials=/root/.smbcreds,rw,iocharset=utf8,setuids,file_mode=0666,dir_mode=0777 0 012:08
blackalegatorsmbcreds has my passs12:08
fmauroblackalegator, not needed if it's going to fail to mount on boot anyway. but you can leave it if you want. append user to ro,noauto (ofcourse you will want rw instead of ro)12:08
AlexDevilLXccp send_data error exit on canon301012:09
blackalegatorfmauro, append user to ro?12:09
rigvedKNUBBIG: no, it's not able to. one possible option is something like /dev/mapper/isw_djajajc_m17x_raid0 Linux device mapper. should i try it?12:09
fmauroblackalegator, good make it: [...]dir_mode=0777,user 0 012:09
blackalegatorfmauro, kay12:09
KNUBBIGrigved: yes12:09
lolmausDistroJockey, i tried "mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 --update=homehost" (is that what your link suggests?). It assembled well but the problem persists after reboot.12:10
phoque_unioh weird12:10
fmauroblackalegator, now if you open a terminal and type mount /home/oleg/Музыка it should mount your share12:10
blackalegatorfmauro, it does12:10
KNUBBIGI want to mirror a local directory to a remote one on an ftp which is mounted via curlftpfs. But rsync gives me this: rsync: mkstemp "/home/fabian/Downloads/server/.test.LI30de" failed: Operation not supported (95) Any ideas?12:10
phoque_uniradeon.modeset=0 on boot does disable the GPU12:10
phoque_unibut doesnt turn it off12:10
jn__can someone send me the white ubuntu logo, the one on applications menu, from 10.10 ?12:11
fmauroblackalegator, good, now open a text editor of your choice12:11
jn__i want icon on xubuntu! :)12:11
blackalegatorfmauro, *** soz it doesnt12:11
blackalegatorfmauro, ROOT REQUIRED12:11
cadmy unity2d launcher not responding, how to restart it12:11
fmauroblackalegator, k we'll figure that out in a second. don't worry about it for now12:12
MohShamiHey guys, I have ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop, and a solaris server. used to work fine, but recently I've started seeing "broken pipe" issues with SSH, the thing is, if I use windows to connect to the server everything is working fine, any ideas?12:12
rigvedKNUBBIG: no. i'll try your earlier method. continue without bootloader. then i'll try to install using live cd...thnaks again!12:12
blackalegatorfmauro, nope thats not the prob it has an error opening up my file with pass. Ill set its permissions to77712:12
blackalegatorfmauro, but is there any use of it at all than? xD12:13
klevisonI've got this error: http://postimage.org/image/2f9b88yf8/12:13
KNUBBIGrigved: mh okay, sorry. Good luck again, upon reboot you might have to reassemble your RAID via dmraid -ay (I think)12:13
klevisonWhen I'm installing w7 into virtualbox12:13
klevisonwhat can be?12:13
DistroJockeylolmaus: The assemble command may need more devices, not sure though. Sorry, I'm out of ideas atm. Good luck.12:14
fmauroblackalegator, if it wont work over fstab it doesn't matter. Letme write a script. just a sec12:14
j3rothklevison, is that a valid win7 image?12:14
rigvedKNUBBIG: ok. will it cause problems with my windows setup?12:14
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: installing debian now?12:14
lotuspsychjeklevison: both systems 32 bit?12:14
klevisonboth are 6412:14
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, right, jeez multitask :D booting virtual machine now.12:15
KNUBBIGrigved: It should probably not, but you might avoid installing the boot loader to the Windows disk12:15
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot12:15
blackalegatorthanks. I dont have enough XP for writing scripts. especially init ones12:15
KNUBBIGMight help as well :)12:15
lotuspsychjeklevison: virtual drive big enough for win7?12:15
klevison20 gb12:15
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto12:15
KNUBBIGas well :)12:15
phoque_unihow would be the best way to run "echo OFF > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcharoo/switch" on boot?12:15
klevisonlotuspsychje, is 20gb  enough?12:15
lotuspsychjeklevison: loaded the win7 iso into virtual machine?12:16
llutzphoque_uni: /etc/rc.local12:16
KNUBBIGklevison: it's enough for installing it but for working on it you might need more space12:16
phoque_unillutz, that isn't too early or something?12:16
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: no problem12:16
klevisonI only wanna install itunes into w712:16
rigvedKNUBBIG: ok. thanks!12:16
KNUBBIGklevison: If you don't get an answer here, you might also try in the official vbox channel12:16
KNUBBIGrigved: again, no problem :-)12:17
* p1l0t 12:17
ThinkT510!upstart | phoque_uni12:17
ubottuphoque_uni: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/12:17
klevisonlotuspsychje, I'm instaling directly from the DVD12:17
lotuspsychjeklevison: you can drag files on iphone/ipad with libmobiledevice too12:17
fmauroblackalegator, copy this to your text editor http://paste.ubuntu.com/652391/12:18
ronin___Hi, How can I install GTK in Ubuntu 10.1012:18
lotuspsychjeklevison: seems virtual machine cant find the dvd for boot12:19
blackalegatorfmauro, done12:19
wolsronin___: it's already installed. gnome cannot run without gtk12:19
ThinkT510ronin___: it already is12:19
ronin___when I wanna write program and use them, Compiler give me error12:19
fmauroblackalegator, now save it to /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/12-cifsmount  (root required)12:20
klevisonlotuspsychje, so why?12:20
wolsthen you need the gtk -dev packages12:20
klevisonmy dvd is already mounted12:20
jane-how can i know which pubplic dns i use for resolving domain names to ips?12:20
fmauroblackalegator, remove or comment out your entry in fstab because now they will overlap.12:20
lotuspsychjeklevison: not sure, but you could check dvd/iso options in the virtual machine?12:20
wolsjane-: if you have a router, you can't. unless you check your router settings12:21
blackalegatorfmauro, done12:21
ronin___how can I install gtk -dev12:21
llutzjane-: "less /etc/resolv.conf"   "dig host.example.com"  check the "server" statement12:21
blackalegatorfmauro, wait how do u comment out in fstab?12:21
wolsronin___: apt-cache search libgtk |grep dev12:21
dr_willisronin___:  via the package manager tools...12:21
jane-wolfs well. i use dsl company12:21
wilsonBRjane look your resolve.conf .. u use ubuntu, hight/12:21
blackalegatorfmauro, soz dump12:21
linuxRhi everyone, I have a strange problem with ubuntu 11.04 and a memory upgrade making the system -very- slow, can someone help?12:21
blackalegatorfmauro, done12:21
fmauroblackalegator, because the script mounts the share now12:21
klevisonlotuspsychje, how can I do it?12:21
blackalegatorfmauro, okay, where do I put it?12:22
wolsjane-: it has nothing to do with a "dsl company" but the router. some of them show what public dns they use, some don't12:22
jane-wols ok.12:22
jane-llutz iam on windows atm.12:22
fmauro/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/12-cifsmount  (root rights req)12:22
fmauroblackalegator, /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/12-cifsmount  (root rights req)12:22
wolsllutz: typical home routers bring their own caching DNS proxy. so you never see the ISP dns server12:23
DariousBlountCan you make parameters follow midi envelope clips with jack audio?12:23
tim167hi, should I upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 or not?12:23
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: I'll be playing sauerbraten, tell me if you get anywhere :)12:23
dr_willistim167:  if you want the features.. yes.. if not.. no.12:23
ThinkT510tim167: only you can answer that12:23
jane-wols it says . Primary DNS Server
jane-Secondary DNS Server
linuxRdoes somebody know how to completely disable graphical console modes in ubuntu 11.04?12:23
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, it's installing right now. could take a few . hf I'll be around as well12:23
blackalegatorfmauro, done! Now it shoukd work?12:24
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: thanks :)12:24
jane-wols so how do i get on there websit?12:24
dr_willislinuxR:  'graphical console modes' ? you mean you want a normal console and not a 'framebuffer' enabled console?12:24
tim167dr_willis: well, the thing is I don't know if i really want to switch to the new desktop manager, Unity...12:24
fmauroblackalegator, try disconnecting and the share should vanish. or even better, try rebooting to see if it works properly12:24
lotuspsychjeklevison: check something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8j1Fo2KRZM12:24
linuxRdr_willis, exactly...as simple as possible, no special graphics mode at all12:24
ThinkT510tim167: download a livecd and see if you like it before deciding to upgrade12:25
blackalegatorfmauro Thank you sooo much!12:25
tim167dr_willis: on the other hand I don't want to be stuck in this version forever...12:25
linuxRI have a situatio where special console modes appear to make the system -very- slow12:25
fmauroblackalegator, working?12:25
dr_willislinuxR:  theres the 'text' and 'nofb' kernel boot options..  first one disables gdm, framebuffer, and othr stuff i belive.  second one. may or may not work now a days..12:25
jane-wols so how do i get on there websit?12:25
=== Tribaal is now known as Jupiter
ThinkT510tim167: there is still a gnome classic mode in 11.04 if you need it12:26
linuxRdr_willis, I'll try to nofb option12:26
dr_willislinuxR:  and yes. the framebuffer can make the consoles slow.    (or slower at least)12:26
=== Jupiter is now known as Guest53112
tim167ThinkT510: ah ok interesting...and have you tried that?12:26
ThinkT510tim167: but i think gnome2 will be fully removed in 11.10 and replaced with gnome312:26
jane-my router says Primary DNS Server
jane-Secondary DNS Server ,    how can i know which public dns the ip refers, whats the name of that dns 2. how can i make my own dns and get the list of all the websites of the world?12:26
ThinkT510tim167: no, can't stand gnome or unity, i'm an xfce user12:27
phoque_unican I also define something that will run first when I turn of the machine?12:27
tim167ThinkT510: ah I see, ok thanks for the feedback12:27
hagusI deleted many of my ubuntu programs by doing sudo apt-get remove python.12:28
hagusHow do I get everything back?12:28
llutzjane-: those are rwp-cns02.ptcl.net + ns1.ptcl.net12:28
iceroothagus: sudo apt-get install pidgnin12:28
dr_willisdinesh_:  theres differnt alt-tab 'switchers' you can use and configure by using the 'ccsm' tool in unity/gnome..12:28
leejohngood day guys, anyone use apt-cacher here?12:28
dr_willis!ccsm | dinesh_12:28
ubottudinesh_: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz12:28
hagusthanks iceroot :)12:28
ThinkT510tim167: i've seen plenty of people have problems updating though, so i would err on the side of caution and reccomend a fresh install12:28
leejohnapt-cacher-import.pl doesn't seems to be recursive12:28
=== Guest53112 is now known as Tribaal
ronin___we have not any libgtk12:29
tim167ThinkT510: ok, so my intuition to ask here first was justified ;)12:29
hagusiceroot - my console seems to have gone as well :(12:29
leejohni'm trying to import the package on mounted CDROM to apt-cacher but it only find 19 files12:29
dr_willis!find libgtk12:29
ubottuFound: libgtk-3-0, libgtk-3-0-dbg, libgtk-3-bin, libgtk-3-common, libgtk-3-dev, libgtk-3-doc, libgtk-sharp-beans-cil, libgtk-sharp-beans2.0-cil-dev, libgtk-vnc-1.0-0, libgtk-vnc-1.0-0-dbg (and 109 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libgtk&searchon=names&suite=natty&section=all12:29
dr_willisronin___:  seems to be several of the,12:30
ThinkT510tim167: definitely, i'm glad there are more sensible people out there :)12:30
linuxRdr_willis, nofb appears to work for the first instants, but during the boot process ubuntu changes the console  mode again...do you know how I can avoid this?12:30
ronin___dr_willis: what do u mean?12:30
dr_willislinuxR:  i think thats managed by some service /etc/init/console-setup.conf   perhaps.12:30
dr_willisronin___:  package manager shows numerous libgtk-* packages...12:30
dr_willislinuxR:  i tend to use the 'text' option and just start gdm as needed.  that may disable more then just the nofb12:31
Picironin___: perhaps if you explained why you need a libgtk package, we could better assist you in helping you find what you need.12:32
linuxRdr_willis, will try that12:32
oslinux23_hello guys12:32
ronin___Pici: I wanna write a program for gnome application as my university project12:32
klevisonlotuspsychje, is there a error before .. but is too fast12:33
jane-llutz how do you know and how can i know12:33
klevisonI cant take printscreen12:33
lotuspsychjeklevison: what you think its about now?12:33
llutzjane-: dig -x dns.ip.adr12:33
oslinux23_I have 4,5 Gigs free and 4 megabytes available. Any help?12:33
klevisonlotuspsychje, I cant read it12:33
klevisonis too fast12:33
dr_willisronin___:  theres mostlikely a great many -dev packages you need to install to compile a gnome app.12:34
jane-llutz any windows command you know fo r that or any external web?12:34
lotuspsychjeklevison: you have other Os on dvd/cdrom to test?12:34
llutzjane-: no, i don't. you realise that this is #ubuntu support chat?12:34
linuxRdr_willis, the "text" option does not seem to have had any effect12:35
=== Tribaal is now known as NotTribaal
dr_willisronin___:  the 'build-dep' option to apt-get will pull in all needed dev and other packages to compile a specific app. it can be used to install most of the -dev stuff o may need.12:35
dr_willisronin___:   sudo apt-get build-dep  gedit12:35
ronin___dr_willis: could you help me12:35
dr_willisronin___:  i just did. :)12:35
linuxRafter having wasted days on this, I think I'll just give it up, destroy (!) this box and buy a new one.12:35
dr_willislinuxR:  odd. it definatly does a lot here.. has for the last 2 releases...  disabled gdm, disables pymouth, and other stuff gets turned off12:36
llutzjane-: http://www.dnswatch.info   seems to do it online12:36
ronin___I installed gedit12:36
dr_willislinuxR:  do you have a /dev/fb0 ?  (frame buffer device)12:36
oslinux23_any command to view the frame buffer ?12:37
dr_willisronin___:  the build-dep option installs the packages needed to compile (for example in this case) gedit. same packaves would be needed for most gnome/gtk apps12:37
linuxRdr_willis, I see now that gdm was not started, but the console was still set to FB12:37
ronin___we didn't have any build-deb12:37
klevisonlotuspsychje, whai I'll test12:37
sweeti coudnt install any software "Media change: please insert the disc labeled  'APTonCD for ubuntu lucid - i386 (2011-07-25 03:44) CD1' in the drive '/cdrom/' and press enter" ?12:38
dr_willisronin___:   sudo apt-get build-dep  gedit        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<   this is the command i am refering to.12:38
sweetbut i don have APTon CD now12:38
dr_willislinuxR:  it could be im using 'text nofb nosplash noquiet'  (some may be redundant)12:39
fmaurosweet, you have to remove the cd line from your sources file12:39
fmaurosweet, do you know how?12:39
ronin___E: Must specify at least one package to check builddeps for12:39
ronin___I've got this error12:40
dr_willisronin___:  thats why i gave 'gedit' as an example.........12:40
sweetfmauro:i think umount/media/APTonCD/12:41
sweetfmauro:but idon have any cd now12:41
hagusicehost - any idea how I can get console reinstalled?12:41
fmaurosweet, not quite. Do you have an entry System>Administration>Software Sources in your main menu12:42
fmaurosweet, open it12:42
ronin___dr_willis: installing be done12:42
aetasAny of you guys tried running on an encrypted disk?  Curious about some opinions on how the speed loss is vs normal12:43
fmaurosweet, there should be an entry at the bottom of the first tab. the cd should be listed there, uncheck the box12:43
RicazHello, I'm having trouble with GRUB2. First, Windows wiped out grub so I reinstalled it. Now, the Ubuntu entry in my grub doesn't work (it gives me a black screen basically), but the Windows entry works fine. I can boot into my Ubuntu installation by using command line (linux /vmlinuz, initrd /initrd.img, boot). Any idea why my Ubuntu entry won't let me boot?12:43
hagusAnyone any idea how to reinstall console?12:43
hagusis there an alternative that I can download?12:43
alex--what is console?12:44
dr_willishagus:  clarify what you mean.. how did you 'uninstall' console  exactly?12:44
hagusthe terminal12:44
hagusI used sudo apt-get remove python12:44
fmaurohagus, kde or gnome terminal?12:44
dr_willistheres dozen of terminal apps, xterm, rxvt and so on....12:44
hagusIt removed half my software12:44
dr_willisxterm is not  the 'console' techincally speaking.. :)12:44
dr_willishagus:  reinstall ubuntu-desktop package for starters12:44
hagusThe ubuntu default that is for automatically installing on windows - gnome, I think.12:44
hagusHow do I do that dr_willis?12:45
dr_willishagus:  at the actual 'console' on alt-ctrl-f1 is one location..12:45
hagusah thanks12:46
dr_willisor try alt-f2 and run 'xterm' i think its isntgalled bydefault also12:46
sweetfmauro:thnks it should be work now12:46
* hagus needs to write this down.12:46
fmaurosweet, cool12:46
dr_willisits rather fundamental stuff hagus  :) once you start using it.12:46
hagusicehost mentioned pidgnin or something like that.12:46
fmaurohagus, ctrl-alt-f7 will return you to gnome12:47
dr_willisalt-ctrl-f1 thoruhg f6 are the 'consoles' F7 gets you back to X in most cases12:47
sweetfmauro:is ther any  smart photo editor for websit logo in ubuntu with out gimp like photoshope in windows?12:47
hagusOk, thanks folks. You have have been a great help12:47
dr_willisPidgin is an Im client.. no idea how that would be related to a 'xterminal' program12:47
dr_willisNo idea why you would want to remove python either... :)12:47
fmaurosweet, you can either try gimp for photo-editing, or inkscape12:48
fmaurosweet, inkscape is vector graphics12:48
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: how's it going? :)12:48
hagusI was trying to make a fresh install of python, dr_willis.12:48
hagusDid not realise that so many things depended on it.12:48
dr_willishagus:  so you managed to some how break python?  apt-get has a --reinstall option.... :)12:49
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, Debian installer is done. now booting and following "that thing you sent me" :D12:49
dr_willisreinstalling things.. i find often dose not fix things like people are used to in 'windows'12:49
hagusso if I did sudo apt-get --reinstall when I get to ctrl-alt-f1, things should begin to get back to normal?12:50
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: thanks!12:50
dr_willishagus:  i would install ubuntu-desktop first...12:50
=== NotTribaal is now known as Tribaal
dr_willisthen read some apt-get docs.... :)12:50
dr_willisim not sure i even want to ask how you broke python.12:50
* hagus takes the plunge and presses ctrl_alt_f112:50
* hagus takes the plunge and presses ctrl_alt_f212:50
dr_willishagus:  there are irc clients for the consoles also..12:51
zambai'm looking for a way to stream video on my web page that doesn't require flash.. what can be used for that?12:51
hagusOh, so I can stay here even if I feel that I am on the other side of the moon  :)12:51
hagusThanks, dr_willis :)12:52
DistroJockeyhagus: and it's Alt+F7 to get back to X (usually)12:52
=== alex-- is now known as MTA
hagusok, ty DistroJockey :)12:52
DistroJockeyhagus: np :)12:52
dr_williszamba:  ogg, webm, dozens of video codecs out there that can stream but they may need a server.. or you just let the people down,oad the video.12:52
ronin___dr_willis: Thank you very much12:53
=== MTA is now known as alex--
RicazHello, I'm having trouble with GRUB2. First, Windows wiped out grub so I reinstalled it. Now, the Ubuntu entry in my grub doesn't work (it gives me a black screen basically), but the Windows entry works fine. I can boot into my Ubuntu installation by using command line (linux /vmlinuz, initrd /initrd.img, boot). Any idea why my Ubuntu entry won't let me boot?12:55
babui shift deleted one file accidently....how to recover it12:56
babui shift deleted one file accidently....how to recover it12:57
babupls help me..i'm using ubuntu 10.0412:58
Abhijitbabu, try testdisk12:58
lolmausI've ruined my mdadm.conf. How do i restore the default one?12:59
Pici!undelete | babu12:59
ubottubabu: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel12:59
dr_willisgood luck with recovering it...12:59
dr_willis!find mdadm.conf12:59
alex--lolmaus: restore from your backups12:59
ubottuFile mdadm.conf found in mdadm12:59
hagusThanks so m uch to the excellent and kind ubuntu community!12:59
lolmausalex--, aint got one12:59
dr_willislolmaus:  purge/reonstall the mdadm package.. or find the .deb and look in it and remove the file..13:00
hagusdr_willis: I appreciate your guidance.13:00
* dr_willis still wonders how hagus broke python.13:00
hagusI downloaded several different versions of python.13:00
dr_willisand dare we ask why? :)13:00
hagusI then decided to get rid of some of them but 2.7 would not go away.13:01
hagusIt was undeletable - I can understand why now.13:01
hagusIt should have been even more undeletable to stop idiots like me.13:01
pentarexguys can anyone give me link where I can download kernel for server in deb variant13:01
dr_willisand the reason for the whole snake dance in the first place was?13:02
sunitI am trying to convert various image format. I have written a script to convert psd file which can be seen in http://pastebin.com/DHYZX5hG. But the script which use imagemagick is not converting images.but I can manually convert images with convert command13:02
hagusI was trying to work out how to get python apps working in a share-hosting environment.13:02
StathisVHello! Three weeks before I was installed the Ati Radeon HD 6670 in my computer under  Ubuntu 10.04.  I had a lot of problems with ati drivers and usualy my system in booting,  message me  "checking battery state" and then died . The problems were solved when I made upgraded to 11.04 with "radeon" vga driver. But suddenly yesterday the same message had rise. What should I do to fix it? I was13:03
StathisVsearching the internet, but nothing useful found.13:03
hagusPackages like turbogears seem to want 2.5 or something like that.13:03
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, alright I've followed the guide. so far no issues. I'm going to try and boot the VM into the new kernel and fs13:03
hagusHowever, I have given up the unequal fight :)13:03
dr_willishagus:  well if the apps were doing things right i think they can specically call the version of python they need to use.13:04
* hagus is just an old codger who plowters around with things that he should not.13:04
babuhow to find my file system is ext3 or ext413:06
wolsbabu: run "mount"13:07
Abhijitbabu, dont you remember what you selected when yoou installed it?13:07
fmauroblackalegator, I forgot to tell you to chmod +x the script. or it won't run13:07
babuis there any possibility to recover files on ext413:07
Abhijitbabu, have you seen the linka bove given by ubottu?13:08
DASDSAHello, I need help.13:09
=== DASDSA is now known as DASDAS
dasdsdsaCan somebody help me?13:10
dr_willisand the problem is?....13:10
dasdsdsaIts about Unitz13:10
dr_willisand the problem is?................13:10
dasdsdsaWell Unity 3 D uses Compiy13:11
dasdsdsaand Compiz has got a Desktop Wall13:11
dasdsdsaAnd if i move a window to the edge and then try to maximise13:11
dasdsdsaIt maximise where the window is most port on it13:12
destinydrivenhey guys, I have a hp dvt7 quad with 8GB RAM, how big should my swap partition be?13:12
faint545destinydriven, 8GB of ram? do you even need swap?13:12
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, it appears I have made a mistake, gonna retry from the initial snapshot13:12
dasdsdsano swap destinydriven13:12
destinydrivenfaint545: its advised13:12
shadow98hey guys i have an older p4 machine...since upgrading to 11.04 i have experienced nothing but locks and weird screen drawing issues...when remoted in via vnc..13:13
dasdsdsaAnd if i move a window to the edge and then try to maximise13:13
dasdsdsaIt maximise where the window is most port on it13:13
destinydrivendasdsdsa: ok cool, thanks13:13
shadow98not sure if it happens local cause majority of the time i use it remote..13:13
dr_willisdasdsdsa:  it maxamizes to the monitor contatning the largest % of the window...   thats how it normally works here...13:13
Picidestinydriven: Do you plan to suspend.13:14
dasdsdsazes willis13:14
faint545destinydriven, you'll never run out of memory13:14
dasdsdsadr_willis how to stop13:14
destinydrivenfaint545: nice :D I'm happy with that13:14
Picidestinydriven: If you plan to hibernate, you'll need to have at least as much swap as RAM.13:14
dr_willisdasdsdsa:  thats how it has worked for years..  what are you expecting it to do exactly? its a feature of twinview i thought. Not compiz.13:14
dr_willisdasdsdsa:  thats exactly how  i want it to work normally.13:15
dasdsdsadr_willis, yes but earlier it was not bad because there were only horizontal13:15
dasdsdsadr_willis, now in unity there are vertical too13:15
dasdsdsaor so13:15
dr_willisno idea what you just said about horiz/vert.13:15
dasdsdsathis way13:16
Pici!enter | destinydriven13:16
ubottudestinydriven: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:16
Picidestinydriven: sorry.13:16
Pici!enter | dasdsdsa13:16
ubottudasdsdsa: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:16
dasdsdsawell in unity13:16
dasdsdsadr_willis in unity there are two rows13:16
lolmausI would like to format a partition so that it changes its UUID. What's the simpliest way to do that?13:16
destinydrivenPici: good call, I had totally forgotten about that part13:16
BluesKajHey all13:17
dr_willislolmaus:  tune2fs can change the uuid without reformating13:17
dasdsdsadr_willis earlier in ubuntu 10.10 it was so too but only if i moved the window right or left13:17
dasdsdsadr_willis now it is top and bottom too13:17
Picidasdsdsa: You've always had the option to use vertically oriented workspaces, its just a change of default settings in unity.13:17
dasdsdsaPici, yes, super13:17
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aetasPici, went the ubuntu desktop route....trying out full disk encryption13:18
dasdsdsaPici: i told dr_willis that but he did not understand me13:18
Picidasdsdsa: Log a bug if you think its a problem. It looks like it is working as intended to me.13:18
dasdsdsaPici: did not this annoy you ?13:18
Piciaetas: I'm sorry but I don't have any experience with disk encryption, you're better off asking the channel.13:18
dasdsdsayes it works as intended but it annoys me13:18
Picidasdsdsa: It doesn't annoy me at all. It works as I would expect it to.13:19
dasdsdsaPici: I have got often windows which are a bit more on workspace 2, because i have got open lots of windows, but it should stay on workspace 113:20
ravi77oGood morning.  I am trying to connect a file share on Active Directory, but when I mount, I get "Resource temporarily unavailable"13:22
dr_willisonly annouyance i can think of is if the window is down to the bottom and  the whole title is on workspace 1, and i maxamize, it goes to 3 (down 1)  i would think it should go by where the title bar is shown as a priority13:23
compdocwhat does file shareing have to do with Active Directory13:23
dr_willisI got my controlls to the right side.. so i basically cant maxamize somtning to workspace2. if its part way on ws#2 . without first going to ws #2 :013:23
dr_willisI find i just dont use workspaces in unity very much . I just maxamize all my apps and alt-tab about13:24
shadow98i found this command metacity --replace fixes problem when i type in termanl13:24
ravi77oi have to authenticate through active directory to access the drive (at least that's my understanding of AD)13:24
shadow98how do i perminately set this ....cause when i exit terminal it goes back on...13:24
dr_willisshadow98:  use the exit command, dont just hit the terminal close button..  perhaps.13:25
dr_willisshadow98:  theres also 'fusion-icon' or some other indicator-applet tools that can let you select metacity, or compiz via a menu.13:25
dr_willishttp://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/list-of-application-indicators  DisPlex indicator-applet has some  features of the old fusion-icon tool to help in getting compiz under controll.13:28
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fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, it didn't work for me either but it is grub that is failing for me.13:33
=== serkus is now known as Guest7767
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emmkaihey guys, i want to install "openssh-server"13:36
emmkaihow do i do it ?13:36
j3rothemmkai, apt-get install ssh13:36
emmkaij3roth: someone was telling me about synaptic13:37
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graingert!question | coiax13:37
ubottucoiax: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:37
fmauroemmkai, open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install openssh-server13:37
llutzemmkai: whatever you like, works both13:37
dr_willis!info openssh-server13:37
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.8p1-1ubuntu3 (natty), package size 303 kB, installed size 820 kB13:37
emmkaihow do i use synaptic ?13:37
dr_willisrun it.. click the bttons and menus and stuff... :)13:38
dr_willisgksudo synaptic  -> go to town.13:38
llutzemmkai: if you have to ask that, use "sudo apt-get install openssh-server"13:38
graingertemmkai apt://openssh-server13:38
emmkaialright, cool13:38
graingertemmkai: just click that link13:38
graingertand then keep pressing buttons13:38
graingertemmkai: like as many as possible13:39
emmkaihaha, thanks man13:39
dr_willismy gnome-terminal based weechat irc client.. dosent see the apt:// as a valid url for me to click on.. heh13:39
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llutzneither does konversation13:39
VictorCLHi , I upgraded from 10.04  to 10.10  ... now Netbeans wont open :(13:40
llutznor irssi13:40
VictorCLwhat can I do ?13:40
aetasPici, wasn't asking, I was just tossing that out there13:41
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fmauroVictorCL, you could try running it from a terminal and see what messages it posts13:41
VictorCLwell it does opens .. but after 30 secons .. it close it self13:41
fmauroVictorCL, and then post it here so we can see too13:41
david_brui hooked up a usb-scale to ubuntu and i get signals via the following two commands: http://pastebin.com/TuYjpans but they are returning only something like this: http://pastebin.com/MKEQUcnC13:41
needzhelppzhi i'm running ubuntu on virtualbox and i just changed my mac address and i have no internet, plz help13:42
david_bruthe baud rate is the same on the scale and on my screen command. any idea how a can get real numbers instead of gibberish?13:42
llutzneedzhelppz: remove /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules13:42
fmauroVictorCL, try running "netbeans > log" from a terminal (without the ")13:42
j3rothneedzhelppz, have you done a reboot of your entire computer?13:43
fmauroVictorCL, wait until it closes and and look at the log file it created in your home dir13:43
VictorCLThe program 'netbeans' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:13:43
tsimpsondavid_bru: those are probably real numbers, rather than characters representing numbers. ie: it's raw binary data coming through13:44
needzhelppzi'm running ubuntu on virtualbox and i managed to change my mac and connect to the internet last time without restarting but i forgot how13:44
VictorCLhow do you launch it?13:44
fmauroVictorCL, you will have to get the name of the executable. copy the menu entry to your desktop and look at the properties of the link13:44
llutzneedzhelppz: sudo ifconfig eth1 up && sudo dhclient eth113:44
david_brutsimpson: ok so i ultimately want to use them in python.. so if it is correct raw binary data i should probably ask in a python channel rather than in a ubuntu channel.. don't i?13:45
needzhelppznothing is happneing the cursor is just on a new line13:46
emmkaihow do i run openssh-server13:47
VictorCLfmauro,  look http://pastebin.com/z96Pkbiu13:47
emmkaiim a total newbie13:47
llutzemmkai: sudo service ssh start13:47
faint545emmkai... install openssh13:47
emmkaigot it installed13:47
usr13emmkai: It should already be running.13:47
tsimpsondavid_bru: probably, yes :) though I think the struct module will probably be a good place to start13:47
usr13emmkai: Once you install it, it is turned on.13:47
emmkaiwhere do i find my hostname?13:47
faint545emmkai, to test... "ssh localhost"13:47
david_brutsimspon ok thanks for your help :)13:48
abhinav_singhi am getting this error while installing  google-chrome on 64 bit 11.04 machine /usr/bin/google-chrome: error while loading shared libraries: libplc4.so.0d: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory13:48
usr13emmkai: service --status-all  #to convirm it is already running.13:48
needzhelppzllutz i removed the file u asked me to, now what?13:48
usr13emmkai: hostname13:48
llutzneedzhelppz: after reboot your nic should be eth0 again13:49
needzhelppzisnt there a way to do it without rebooting?13:49
usr13emmkai: hostname  #Issuing the command hostname with no arguments will print hostname on screen.13:49
needzhelppzi managed it before by restarting network-manager or something but now its not workig13:49
emmkaialright, but it's longer than my computer name isn't it ?13:49
fmauroVictorCL , the java vm states an out of memory exception. have you upgraded from a previous release or done a fresh install13:49
llutzneedzhelppz: try: sudo service udev reload13:49
VictorCLI just upgrade ubuntu from 10.04 to 10.1013:50
llutzneedzhelppz: and "sudo udevadm trigger "13:50
needzhelppzok done13:50
fmauroVictorCL, ok I would suggest you backup your work and try reinstalling netbeans by doing "sudo apt-get purge netbeans && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get install netbeans" be careful, this will most likely remove your netbeans settings. do a backup13:51
usr13emmkai: In Ubuntu, when you install a service, (such as openssh-server), the package is not only installed, but the service is started as well.13:51
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emmkaiso how do i connect13:52
emmkaissh username@hostname     right ?13:52
ikoniaemmkai: or ssh -l username hostname13:52
emmkaiwhere username is my computer logon identials ?13:52
ikoniaemmkai: correct13:52
usr13emmkai: ssh username@  (Where is the IP address of the target PC)13:52
emmkaiand if my ip starts with 130. ...13:53
llutzemmkai: use the IP or hostname of the machine running ssh-server you want to connect to13:53
emmkaiyes, ok im on whatismyip.com ?13:53
fmauroemmkai are you talking about connecting from outside of your LAN=13:53
emmkaican i use that ip ?13:54
faint545emmkai: no. local IP. type "ifconfig"13:54
emmkaifmauro: yes13:54
llutzemmkai: if you are behind a router, you have to setup portforwarding (WAN 22 -> LAN your-host)13:54
fmauroemmkai, if you want that you will have to do 2 things: know your WAN ip (whatismyip.com) 2. what llutz said13:54
needzhelppzis there anyway to change my mac address and be able to use the internet without rebooting?13:55
emmkaiok, what if im on LAN ?13:55
usr13emmkai: That is an outside IP address.  We normally do not allow  ssh connections from an untrusted network, (the internet).13:55
usr13emmkai: Yes, that is better, (to connect PC to PC within your LAN).13:55
fmauroneedzhelppz, macchanger can assign mac addresses13:55
emmkaiso, can i make a VPN connection to my computer maybe ?13:55
needzhelppzfamuro i'm using macchanger and randomizing my mac but then i cant connect to the internet13:56
fmauroemmkai much safer that way yes13:56
usr13emmkai: Yes.  T13:56
needzhelppzfmauro i'm running ubuntu from virtualbox btw13:56
emmkaihow do i connect to my server using VPN ?13:56
fmauroneedzhelppz, what does ifconfig say13:56
llutzemmkai: does your router/server run a vpn-server?13:57
faint545needzhelppz, how is your network interface setup on VirtualBox?13:57
usr13!vpn | emmkai13:57
ubottuemmkai: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN13:57
emmkaillutz: i dont know yet13:57
needzhelppzfaint545 i havent touched any of the network settings within virtualbox13:57
llutzemmkai: then go and check, you need one for a vpn-connection.13:57
usr13emmkai: If your router is not VPN enabled, you will need to get one that is.13:57
fmauroneedzhelppz, have you tried addressing the device with ifconfig directly "ifconfig eth0 up && dhclient eth0"13:58
needzhelppzfmauro i did that then what am i supposed to do13:58
fmauroneedzhelppz, post the output of ifconfig here if possible13:58
needzhelppzok hold on13:59
usr13emmkai: You CAN use ssh from outside, but it would be wise to take some precautions to secure it in such a way that it is not open to all, and not so much of a security risk.13:59
OneSquaredI Wish I Could master linux, where learn it ?14:01
ikoniaOneSquared: www.tlp.org or https://help.ubuntu.com for ubuntu specific14:01
AbhijitOneSquared, linux.com & actually using linux14:02
VictorCLfmauro,  I did it .. still happening the same thing14:05
fmauroVictorCL, still, could you post the output of ifconfig, otherwise it is hard for me to help you14:06
needzhelppzfmauro here is the output of the command u told me: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/811/unledbhp.png/14:06
=== adityasen is now known as nerdinary
fmauroVictorCL,, sorry man, not you, got a mixup14:07
fmauroVictorCL, how much memory do you have left. (system monitor)14:07
fmauroneedzhelppz, it seems you have gotten an ip from the virtualbox NAT. try pinging a fixed ip like googles DNS server (
VictorCLI have 70% free memory14:08
needzhelppzhow do i do that fmauro?14:09
fmauroVictorCL, start netbeans and see if the memory decreases rapidly14:09
fmauroneedzhelppz, ping
needzhelppzits unreachable fmauro14:09
VictorCLit goes up 5% more14:10
needzhelppzfmauro it says unreachable wen i ping
fmauroVictorCL, you now have several options 1. reinstalling ubuntu from scratch (will most likely solve your problem but it's a bit harsh), 2. you can try compiling netbeans from source (complicated) 3. The problem most likely lies in your java vm , try another one, like the sun jvm14:12
fmauroneedzhelppz, okay. the computer you're running Vbox on is the machine you are using right now to chat?14:12
fmauroneedzhelppz, alright, does this machine have several LAN ports?14:13
needzhelppzit has one ethernet wire in it14:13
needzhelppzno space for anymore14:13
VictorCLok I will try another java14:13
fmauroneedzhelppz, okay you need to check your adapter settings in VBox14:14
needzhelppzwhat do i do in VBox?14:14
fmauroneedzhelppz, set it to bridged if you have to (at least for now) and be sure to select the active LANcontroller as the bridging device14:14
fmauroneedzhelppz, are you using VBox in linux?14:15
needzhelppzbtw the internet is fine before i change my mac using macchanger its only afterwards that it doesnt connect anymore14:15
fmauroneedzhelppz,, ahh14:15
ikoniawhy did you change your mac ?14:15
needzhelppzi'm using VBox in win714:15
fmauroneedzhelppz, k then forget what I just said14:15
needzhelppzso what do i do now?14:16
ikonianeedzhelppz: why did you change your mac address ?14:16
fmauroneedzhelppz, VBox probably has a problem with the adapter Mac not matching it's config in Vbox itself14:16
needzhelppzugh but i managed to get the internet working last time using sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager restart and sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart14:17
ikonianeedzhelppz: why did you change your mac address ?14:17
needzhelppzi'm trying to spoof my mac ikonia14:17
ikonianeedzhelppz: why ?14:17
signal_is it possible to disable the automount for digicams on ubuntu 11.04?14:17
needzhelppzcuz its blacklisted14:18
redmenacehi can someone help me with a prblm i have with importing music from my ipod?14:18
ikonianeedzhelppz: by who ?14:18
needzhelppzlame it dude in my office14:18
fmauroneedzhelppz, you were able to get a connection with the new mac before?14:18
Abhijit!ipod | redmenace14:18
ubotturedmenace: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod14:18
ikonianeedzhelppz: ok - so we are not going to help you bypass your security14:18
needzhelppzyes fmauro14:18
ikonianeedzhelppz: please don't ask for help with this configuration again14:18
redmenacethank you ill look at that14:18
redmenaceumm i have a 6th generation ipod nano14:19
AlexDevilLXHi all, i have a sound problem on nVidia 9800GT. There is no sound. There is no SPDIF14:19
ReikokuAlexDevilLX: nvidia 9800GT is a graphics card14:20
AlexDevilLXi know14:20
coz_AlexDevilLX,  no  sound on  your video card...is that what you are saying???14:20
usr13!audio | AlexDevilLX14:20
ubottuAlexDevilLX: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.14:20
coz_AlexDevilLX,  well thats a good thing  ,,,yes?14:21
BluesKaj nVidia 9800GT is your graphics card , AlexDevilLX....open a terminal and do, alsamixer -V all14:21
snake__Hello Whats up?14:21
ReikokuThe sky14:21
snake__Reikoku: Yeah yeah ^^ Funny14:22
sayzhi all14:22
coz_sayz,  hey14:22
AlexDevilLXS/PDIF  S/PDIF D 00 0014:22
sayzcan you say that where  is the my wallpapers on ubuntu?14:22
sayzwhich dir?14:22
usr13There is a general chat channel: /join #ubuntu-offtopic14:23
Picisayz: Check in /usr/share/wallpapers/14:23
redmenaceummm should the syncing instructions work with ipod nano 6th gneration?14:23
sayzPici: ok, sec14:23
coz_AlexDevilLX,  when you opened alsamixer,,, at the top  where is says "Card"   is there a card that is recognized there?>14:23
BluesKajAlexDevilLX, see my post above14:23
Reikokuredmenace: Given that it runs same version of iOS, it should interface identically14:24
cambazzhelo, when I get apt-get update I am getting: W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid-security/multiverse/source/Sources.gz14:24
cambazzthis is an old box14:24
cambazzi dont know which ubuntu it is14:24
coz_cambazz,  is it  ubuntu 11.04 ?14:24
Reikokucambazz: dist-upgrade time :P14:24
edbiancambazz: cat /etc/issue14:24
AlexDevilLXIt isnt recognisted14:24
cambazzi need to uppdate the sistem14:24
redmenaceReikoku, i dont think it uses iOS14:24
coz_cambazz,  in termal  lsb_release -a14:24
cambazzit is 8.1014:24
sayzminimec: yeah , its true path14:24
Reikokucambazz: It sounds like intrepid, given what it's trying to pull14:24
rww!eol | cambazz14:25
ubottucambazz: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:25
sayzthanks for your help Pici, minimec14:25
edbiancambazz: The servers for 8.10 are no longer maintained so apt-get is only going to fail14:25
Picisayz: you're welcome.14:25
cambazzso i need a dist upgrade?14:25
Reikokuredmenace: What iPod is it?14:25
Reikokucambazz: Yes14:25
cambazzand how do I do it?14:25
redmenaceipod nano 6th gen14:25
cambazzapt-get dist-upgrade14:25
ReikokuFirst back up anything you care about14:25
graingertcambazz: there is a tool14:25
ReikokuThen that14:25
BluesKajAlexDevilLX, what isn't recognized ?14:25
AlexDevilLXThe card14:25
rwwcambazz: see the second URL ubottu mentioned14:25
vmlinzHi, I can't configure my lenovo x200 intel video card for xserver using "Xorg -configure" after upgrading from 10.04 to 11.0414:26
graingertcambazz: you shouldn't use apt-get dist-upgrade afaik14:26
Reikokucambazz: I just want you to be clear, dist-upgrade is not always flawless14:26
BluesKaj!who | AlexDevilLX14:26
ubottuAlexDevilLX: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:26
vmlinzAnd I can't find a resolution from launchpad14:26
cambazzwell what was that link?14:26
usr13cambazz: It would be best / easiest for you to back up your /home dir and do a fresh install of 10.04 LTS  or 11.04 (your choice).14:26
Reikokugraingert: The tool just uses dist-upgrade afaik14:26
coz_AlexDevilLX,   ok open alsamixer again from the teraminal ,,, hit   alt+printscreen to take a screenshot of that,,,  upload to picpaste.com and let us see it with the link it will give you14:26
AlexDevilLXBluesKaj: The card14:26
rwwcambazz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:27
usr13cambazz: If you have /home on a separate partition, you can do the install and leave /home's partition alone, (do not format it).14:27
graingertcambazz: sudo apt-get install update-manager-core; edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and set Prompt=normal ; sudo do-release-upgrade14:27
BluesKajAlexDevilLX, in the terminal , sudo apt-get install alsa-base alsa-utils14:27
graingertcambazz: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/upgrade14:27
graingertunfortuneatly you'd need to apt a package, cambazz14:27
redmenaceumm how long does it usually take to sycn an ipod?14:28
andersonis here where i going to get help14:28
graingerthello mr anderson14:28
graingert!question | anserson14:28
ubottuanserson: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:28
MustardCUanderson, yes14:28
graingert!question | anderson14:28
ubottuanderson: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:28
andersoni want install pyload on ubuntu server14:28
andersonwithout install dektop on it14:28
andersoncan i ?14:28
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose: After a third try still no luck. Officially giving up now. sorry couldn't help14:28
Dr_Willis!info pyload14:28
ubottuPackage pyload does not exist in natty14:28
Picianderson: What is pyload?14:28
coz_anderson,   isnt that a gui app?14:29
coz_  http://pyload.org/14:29
andersoncan u help me on install some packages14:29
graingertanderson: you might be better installing aria2c14:29
usr13anderson: Do you mane python ?14:29
coz_anderson,  is this what you mean    http://pyload.org/14:29
andersonit is14:29
graingertanderson: you want the web interface to that14:30
andersoncan you help me wih install dependies ?14:30
andersoni want webinterface14:30
Pici!enter | anderson14:30
ubottuanderson: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:30
thisismygamesounds like a diaper14:30
andersonwithout install dektop14:30
graingertanderson: dpkg -i pyload-cli-v0.4.6-all.deb14:30
andersoni want it just on ubuntu server14:30
AlexDevilLXBluesKaj: Already installed.14:30
graingertanderson: http://get.pyload.org/get/ubuntu-cli14:30
graingertanderson: read the damn dox14:30
AlexDevilLXBluesKaj: http://s61.radikal.ru/i171/1107/b3/56130ebb6252.jpg14:30
andersoni did it14:31
andersonbut it gie me those errors14:31
Dr_Willissudo gdebi pyload-cli-v0.4.6-all.deb            :)14:31
graingertanderson: pastebin14:31
usr13anderson: Do you really need a GUI download manager?14:31
BluesKajAlexDevilLX, then choose the setting that works .looks like you have several choices14:31
Dr_Willisshould pull in any needed deps.14:31
graingertDr_Willis: gdebi is gtk14:31
Dr_Willisgraingert:  its also console....14:31
graingertDr_Willis: oh rly?14:31
Dr_Willisgdebi-gtk  vs gdebi14:31
Reikokuanderson: Try to keep your text on one line and not hit enter instead of comma, it's hard to follow this room at the best times14:31
=== rocky1 is now known as rocky
graingertDr_Willis: oh cool14:31
redmenacecan some one help me with sycing an ipod nano 6th generation using banshee. The first time i did it the music didnt copy to my hard drive, because it wouldnt play, and i got an error that said file not found when i deleted some tracks.14:32
AlexDevilLXusb and audio card but no hdmi14:32
AlexDevilLXredmence, use wine + itunes14:32
Reikokuredmenace: Stupid question but did you unplug it without safely removing it?14:32
minimecgraingert: ls /usr/bin/gdeb*14:32
andersonthis error14:32
redmenaceno i dont think so Reikoku14:32
Dr_Willisinstall gdebi if you dont have it..14:32
graingertanderson: can you do the full command plox14:33
Reikokuredmenace: Sadly I don't have a 6th gen to test on14:33
usr13anderson: You would need to install python14:33
pentarexcan someone help me with one Lan card14:33
redmenaceReikoku, it plays when i have it pluged in14:33
pentarexI am having problem connecting internet14:33
mndo_is it possible to restart the usb subsystem without rebooting the machine?14:34
andersoncan u help me on install it ?14:34
AlexDevilLXhttp://s61.radikal.ru/i171/1107/b3/56130ebb6252.jpg how to fix video card14:34
Reikokuanderson: sudo apt-get install python14:34
andersoncan some one go on private chat with me ?14:34
graingertanderson do you have all the universe, multiverse installed?14:34
PiciReikoku: python is definitely installed already14:34
Dr_Willis sudo gdebi pyload-cli-v0.4.6-all.deb      worked here...14:34
andersoncan some one go provate ?14:35
graingertanderson, no14:35
Dr_Willisgdebi should pull any needed deps the deb wants14:35
graingertanderson, please verify you have all the ubuntu repositories enabled14:35
usr13!ipod | redmenace14:35
ubotturedmenace: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod14:35
ReikokuAlexDevilLX: btw iTunes 10 doesn't work with iPhone etc on wine14:35
graingertDr_Willis: not if he doesn't have the repos enabled14:35
redmenaceReikoku, there's no subdirectories in my Music folder, except for 2 that i made14:35
Dr_Willis!info python-pycurl14:36
ubottupython-pycurl (source: pycurl): Python bindings to libcurl. In component main, is extra. Version 7.19.0-3build1 (natty), package size 67 kB, installed size 328 kB14:36
redmenaceurs13 i already looked at that, and it told me what i knew14:36
Dr_Willisthats in main... soo.. he proberly should do a 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get upgrade'14:36
=== emil is now known as Guest7634
usr13redmenace: Sorry, that was a mistake.  Meant to send that earlier but someone beat me to it and I accidently hit enter with it loaded up.14:37
redmenaceohh sorry14:37
andersonit give me those erros14:37
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:37
Dr_Willisanderson:  do a 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get upgrade'   yet?14:37
minimecpentarex: Can you open a terminal and type... 'ifconfig' in it? Would you se a ehtX device?14:38
usr13anderson: Line #18:  "Please install py-curl to use pyLoad"14:38
usr13anderson: Line #19:  "Your py-curl version is to old, please upgrade!"14:39
=== rcmaehl_fallback is now known as rcmaehl
redmenacecould it be that ubuntu doesnt support ipod nano 6th generation?14:39
usr13anderson: As Dr_Willis suggests, do:  sudo apt--get upgrade14:40
Reikokuredmenace: It looks like it's unsupported by gtkpod14:40
andersonit give me now this error14:40
redmenaceohh darn i hate itunes14:40
Dr_Willissudo apt-get update    sudo apt-get upgrade   then   sudo apt-get install  python-pycurl14:40
ikoniasomeone has ppa's14:40
AlexDevilLXUbuntu audio through hdmi>14:41
usr13anderson: apt-get -f install14:41
redmenacebut could i upload music onto it Reikoku?14:41
Dr_WillispyLoadCli --help  --> Usage: [python] pyLoadCli.py [options] [command]14:41
Reikokuredmenace: You may be able to get something working under virtualbox or wine14:41
Dr_Willisworking here. :) but i am on the Alpha release.14:41
redmenaceohh ok14:41
pentarexminimec: yes I can see eht0 and eth114:41
redmenacewell i also have an ipod shuffle Reikoku14:42
redmenaceits not the newest edition14:42
redmenaceso ill try that14:42
=== Travis-43 is now known as Travis-42
usr13anderson: But as Dr_Willis suggests doing "sudo apt-get upgrade" is important, especially before installing additional 3rd party apps. Or just a good thing to do period.14:42
eudaimondoes anyone know where can i customize "send to" menu of nautilus14:42
Dr_Willisat least once a month. :)14:42
minimecpentarex: Ok. So two LAn cards are recognized by the system. Could it be that the network-manager expects eth0, while you are connected to eth1?14:42
lxrmidoi hate update ...14:42
Dr_Williseudaimon:  nautilus has a scripting feature you can do all sorts of fancy things with.14:42
eudaimonDr_Willis, i want to send files to skype from nautilus, do you know if there is a solution?14:43
AlexDevilLXOk guys14:43
Dr_WillisI donmt even have any kind of 'send to...' menu in nautilus.. but if you can do it from the terminal.. you could make a nautilus script to do it...14:43
pentarexminimec: I think I dont have network-manager, i am running server14:43
klevisonhow can I copy (my desk) and paste into virtualbox?14:44
Dr_Willisok its not a menu.. :) its a dialog.....14:44
Unknown0BCHi, which /dev's are the usb ports on ubuntu ?14:44
usr13pentarex: CLI only?14:44
klevisonI'm instaling w714:44
eudaimonDr_Willis, ok, tnx14:44
redmenacethis is the error i get Reikoku: Error removing file: No such file or directory. then it give me a file that shows the location of the ipod on the file system14:44
Reikokuklevison: Doesn't virtualbox have drag & drop14:44
usr13pentarex: You might consider wicd14:44
pentarexusr13: yes14:44
usr13pentarex: I think there is a non GUI version of wicd.14:45
edbianUnknown0BC: I'm not sure the actual ports are in /dev  but when you plug stuff like USB hdds it will appear in /dev as sdXY14:45
andersonit installed now14:45
klevisonReikoku, cant I paste there?14:45
usr13But what is it you need to do?14:45
edbianUnknown0BC: where X is a letter and Y is the partition number14:45
minimecpentarex: Ok. What IP would these two cards have. Running a router, it would be something 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x.14:45
andersonwhat i do to open webinterface on ubuntu server freom putty14:45
fmauroklevison: VBox will let you drag/drop with the guest additions installed14:45
Reikokuredmenace: That's on the 6g or the old one?14:45
Reikokuklevison: I believe so on Linux14:45
Dr_Willisanderson:  putty is a ssh client.. you use a web browser to get to web interfaces...14:45
redmenacethe new one with the touchscreen Reikoku14:45
redmenacei really like it14:45
klevisonfmauro, I didnt understand14:45
Dr_Willis  http://the.ip.of.theserver14:45
pentarexminimec: 192.168....14:46
Reikokuredmenace: I only have iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch 314:46
AlexDevilLXHey, how to add SPDIF to ALSA http://s004.radikal.ru/i207/1107/6c/f6d4ec427c47.jpg14:46
ReikokuiPhone 4 doesn't work in Linux for me14:46
fmauroklevison: when running ubuntu in virtualbox you can install the guest additions either from the menu or by mounting the guest addidtions CD-image14:46
Omega'only' :P14:46
MustardCUI took down my clock on Ubuntu Classic but when I re-add it I can't move it all the way over to the right because of a vertical line is stopping me from moving it anymore to the right.  Anyway to fix this?14:46
redmenacei think theres an error importing, should i try rythmbox, Reikoku? i have it installed14:47
edbianMustardCU: right click the line.  untick 'lock'14:47
roel-I understand that 9.04 has reached end-of-life, but does that mean i can't install any packages anymore? or just that there aren't any more updates? (i'm getting 404 errors when running apt-get update)14:47
Reikokuredmenace: They all use the same library I think14:47
minimecpentarex: Would you be able to ping the router? They often use (otherwise wath manualof the router).14:47
Dr_WillisMustardCU:  could be a 'spacer' in the panel thats there.. try right clicking carefully on the space..14:47
klevisonfmauro, but I'm instaling w714:47
edbianMustardCU: or remove the line (called a separator) but the clock where you want it and put the link back in manually14:47
minimecpentarex: ping
klevisoninto vbox14:47
fmaurothere are guest additions for win7 too14:47
redmenaceReikoku, ill try then get back to ya14:47
fmauroklevison:  there are guest additions for win7 too14:47
usr13pentarex: What type of internet connection is it?  Are you connected to a router?  Or... dsl modem?  or...?14:47
pentarexminimec: unreachable14:47
MustardCUedbian, thanks, again14:48
edbianMustardCU: sure14:48
pentarexusr13: i am connected to a router14:48
usr13pentarex: See my PM14:48
hamedhi can i find program record my desktop with out along time in rendering14:49
AlexDevilLXhttp://s004.radikal.ru/i207/1107/6c/f6d4ec427c47.jpg How to add SPDIF to alsa ?14:49
usr13pentarex: Do you have two network cards?  or just one?14:49
usr13pentarex: Is the DHCP server on the router enabled?14:49
pentarexusr13: ive sent you a private message14:50
ReikokuAlexDevilLX: http://alsa.opensrc.org/DigitalOut14:50
minimecpentarex: Try 'sudo ifconfig ehtX down' then 'sudo dhclinet ethX'.14:51
minimecpentarex: sorry 'sudo dhclient ethX'14:52
klevisonI did it now14:52
klevisonbut I sill cant copy14:52
fmauroklevison: rebooted?14:52
fmauroklevison: the vm14:52
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: aww. Thanks anyway14:53
AlexDevilLXok how to make IEC958 default14:53
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: (sorry, I was gone for a while)14:53
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose: how did you get the debian image on that system anyway ?14:54
redmenaceyeah, Reikoku it doesnt work with Rythmbox either, is that because it trys to sync the ipod with the computer, not the other way around?14:54
klevisonfmauro, rebooted.. but the same14:54
klevisonpaste option (w7) is disabled14:54
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: before the CD drive broke14:54
Reikokuredmenace: It's because the hash which is used to store things is common to a library14:54
fmauroklevison: first answer http://superuser.com/questions/42134/virtualbox-shared-clipboard14:55
redmenacewhats that mean Reikoku?14:55
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose: none lying around? what a shame14:55
=== alucardeptx-w is now known as alucardromero-2
AlexDevilLXok i have added pcm.!default {14:56
AlexDevilLXtype plug14:56
AlexDevilLXslave {14:56
AlexDevilLXpcm "iec958"14:56
FloodBot1AlexDevilLX: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:56
=== alucardromero-2 is now known as alucardromero-w
=== duckydan_ is now known as duckydan
Reikokuredmenace: There is a hash which is used to protect the upload mechanism and nobody has reverse engineered it yet14:56
=== xavier is now known as Guest40300
redmenaceso it only works with itunes, Reikoku?14:57
Reikokuredmenace: I think it works with mediamonkey as well14:57
redmenaceoh is that for linux?14:57
wiphi, is it possible to keep nvidia module but not using a connected monitor (sometimes i will plug a monitor, but sometimes not). right now ubuntu 11.04 doesn't boot X11 without a monitor...14:57
ReikokuNo but it's more likely to work in virtualbox than itunes14:57
AlexDevilLXhow to restart alsa14:58
klevisonfmauro, I cant understand "Highlight the Guest VBox in the VirtualBox console" ?14:58
redmenaceno Reikoku i meant is mediamonkey made for linux?14:58
Reikokuredmenace: No14:59
wipmaybe a config in X11/xorg.conf telling nvidia to not check for a connected monitor?14:59
=== mdaubert is now known as mdaubs
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: nope :(14:59
fmauroklevison: It's under settings of the VM General->Advanced Tab14:59
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: what I'm going to try next is to install it in a virtual machine14:59
An_Ony_Moosethen copy the files onto the real partition14:59
obertwhat was the order of commands to do an OS upgrade,please? apt-get update + apt-get install -f + apt-get upgrade ?14:59
redmenaceReikoku, can i still put music on it that i buy from banshee?14:59
AlexDevilLXOk, so how do i iec958:CARD=SB,DEV=0  HDA ATI SB, VT1708B Digital IEC958 (S/PDIF) Digital Audio Output14:59
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose, best of luck. Can't tell if it'll work.15:00
Reikokuredmenace: http://downloadsquad.switched.com/2008/03/18/enable-support-for-7th-gen-ipods-in-ubuntu/15:00
ReikokuMaybe this wil work :S15:00
redmenacethank you!!!!!!!15:00
dub54how can I change a users home directory via SSH?15:01
klevisonfmauro, its already enabled15:01
LPhashello, i've a problem. apparently i can't find a -dev version of this package libva-glx115:01
redmenaceidk if it is 6th or 7th gen. Reikoku but its new15:01
Reikokuredmenace: Not sure if it will, it's from 2008. AFAIK the 6th gen iPods weren't out then15:01
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: thanks. I'll need it15:01
ThinkT510!ipod | redmenace15:01
ubotturedmenace: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod15:01
dub54sudo chown -R username /var/www/ - will this change usernames home dir to /var/www/ ?15:01
ReikokuBut it has the hash issue15:01
cryptodirawhat is the method whereby the mouse pointer, when reaching one edge of the screen will then reappear on the opposite edge?   this avoids having to track the mouse by hand  clear across the screen.  10.10 amd/6415:01
fmauroklevison: And it still doesn't work? .. worked for me so far. Give me a sec. mayb I'll find something15:02
fmauroklevison, this seems to be a known bug. try disabling shared clipboard and see if you can drag/drop files/text into the vm15:04
redmenaceReikoku, there is one part i think can use15:05
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: want me to keep you posted with my progress?15:06
=== trekkie1701c is now known as Guest67012
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose: that'd be nice yes. Very interested.15:06
An_Ony_MooseOK :) also where did you get stuck?15:07
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose: after debootstrap on the chrooted partition I ran a grub install on the whole disk as to remove the other one completely but grub would then no longer recognize the drive (index error)15:08
cryptodirawhat is the method whereby the mouse pointer, when reaching one edge of the screen will then reappear on the opposite edge?   this avoids having to track the mouse by hand  clear across the screen.  10.10 amd/6415:08
redmenaceReikoku, can you go to that arcticle plz?15:09
darkenvyHow can I check free dsk space via SSH on a VPS?15:09
Plughcryptodira: I only recall seeing that in specific programs.15:10
Picidarkenvy: df -h15:10
HHabib1Hello everyone , how can I give an authorization for the user "nobody" to run a program ?15:10
darkenvythanks, pici what does that stand for?15:10
darkenvyso I can learn15:10
darkenvydisk free -mystery flag? lol15:10
Picidarkenvy: "disk free" and the -h tells it to use human readable units, rather than bytes.15:11
cryptodiraPlugh, that would be a start, do you recall the names of such programs?15:11
Reikokuredmenace: Sorry, I was on the phone, what's up?15:11
Plughcryptodira: Um... not off hand. Its been a while since I ran a program that did that. I think it was a 3D modelling program I have which did that.15:12
=== rcmaehl_fallback is now known as rcmaehl
cryptodiraPlugh, ok, Thanks for the pointer.15:13
Plughcryptodira: np15:13
eudaimonDr_Willis, you're right, there isn't send to in nautilus but i installed https://launchpad.net/nautilus-sendto earlier15:13
mndoany ideas howto restart usb without rebooting? ehci is not a module anymore15:15
Dr_Williseudaimon:  i got some sendto dialog item here.. but im using the alpha release..15:17
klevisonfmauro, should I disable it?15:17
kartheeHI .. i m on Kubuntu 11.04 .. and  trying to install 'ubuntu-desktop'  .. Its keeping on asking for cd which I dont have ..  how do I ask it to install everything from internet ??15:17
klevisonand try to copy and paste?15:17
Dr_Williskarthee:  edit your /etc/apt/sources.list and remove the cd entry at the top.15:17
Dr_Williskarthee:  or use the package manager tools to remove the cd rom repo listing.15:17
Dr_Willisthen update/upgrade/start installing.15:18
maalachi, need some help installing kernel 39.3 on ubuntu 10.1015:18
jattlinux 39.3?15:18
kartheeDr_Willis: wow .. thanks sir15:18
jattyou come from the future?15:18
cryptodirawhat is the method whereby the mouse pointer, when reaching one edge of the screen will then reappear on the opposite edge?   this avoids having to track the mouse by hand  clear across the screen.  10.10 amd/6415:19
fmauroklevison: yes15:19
klevisonfmauro, same15:19
eudaimonDr_Willis, it's convenient, you can send to cell-phone via bluetooth you can send to removable disks, etc. just didn't find a solution for sending files to skype.15:19
eudaimondpkg -s nautilus-sendto15:19
fmauroklevison: are you using virtualbox-ose from the repos=15:20
jonesywhats a good game for ubuntu15:20
fmauroklevison: or did you download vbox from the website?15:21
Plughjonesy: That is a very open question. What type of games do you normally like?15:21
klevisonfmauro, i dont know15:21
ThinkT510jonesy: wesnoth is good15:21
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
kartheeDr_Willis: I have downloaded  ubuntu.iso ... can I use it for installing ubuntu from kubuntu ??15:21
fmauroklevison: you can find out in the about dialog (menu->help->about)15:22
Plughjonesy: FlightGear is good if you like Flight Simulators.15:22
fmauroklevison: Version: 3.1.6_OSE rXXXXXX15:22
klevisonversion: 4.0.1215:23
nonigshi every115:23
nonigsi installed ubuntu today15:23
nonigswtf do i do15:24
Dr_Williskarthee:  if its an alt-installer cd.. yes.. if not no.. plus there may be updates out.. so i would just let it download from the internet.15:24
cjhardi installed gen215:24
cjhardbut the gen2 channel waz gay15:24
coz_karthee,  are you wanting to try ubuntu ?  you could just install  ubuntu-desktop  then log off and onto the ubuntu session...15:24
cjhardso i cym here15:24
fmauroklevison: okay so you can get the new 4.1 release here: Mayb it will fix it. don't forget to reenable shared clipboard http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads15:24
cjhardscuse me15:24
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: O.o just update-grub is enough15:24
nonigsumm cjhard wtf do i do with ubuntu15:24
ikonianonigs: tone it down please15:24
cjhardy is gentoo so hard?15:24
cjhardi dunno?15:24
nonigsikonia: i installed ubuntu, what now?15:25
cjhardgentoo is very complicated15:25
jonesywesnoth ?15:25
ikonianonigs: what do you want to do ?15:25
kartheecoz_ : yea .. am doing that .. aactually I ve downloaded ubuntu yesterday .. thought if it can be used ..15:25
Dr_Willis!info gentoo15:25
mastahyetiI installed 11.04 two weeks ago on one laptop and it didn't have unity installed, but then I re-downloaded the image again this week and installed on a different laptop but this time unity was installed. Now I can't find anything suggesting that there is an 11.04 image without unity... Is there one?15:25
ubottugentoo (source: gentoo): a fully GUI-configurable, two-pane X file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.15.5-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 715 kB, installed size 2412 kB15:25
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose: it is? let me try it. brb15:25
cjhardi was using a mac b415:25
ikoniacjhard: ask the guys in #gentoo for gentoo help15:25
nonigsikonia: play games15:25
cjhardit was so much easier15:25
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: ah crud. The VM way won't work because virtualbox doesn't emulate amd64 CPUs15:25
aetaswho wants to go back to compiling everything :/15:25
Dr_Williscjhard:  do you have an actual ubuntu related tech support question?15:25
cjhardi went 2 #gen2 but they wernt very helpful15:25
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose: it doesn't? mine does.15:26
cjhardubuntu and gen2 r both linux15:26
ikonianonigs: ok - so there are only a few games written for Linux, the rest is done through Wine which is a windows emmulator (for want of a better word) results with it are hit an miss15:26
ikoniacjhard: my logs show you as never being in #gentoo15:26
Dr_Williscalling #gentoo #gen2  is confuseing... i sugest you stop it.15:26
ikoniacjhard: so I suggest you go to #gentoo and ask for help15:26
DasEiAn_Ony_Moose: vbox does, and I#m quite sure vmware too, but host must also be 6415:26
cjhardso its a linux related tech support system question15:26
ikoniacjhard: this is ubuntu - not gentoo, please ask in #gentoo15:26
nonigsikonia: can I mw215:26
nonigsplay mw 215:26
cjhardo, i went to #gen2 in datnode15:26
nonigslol sry xD15:26
coz_cjhard,   you can also go to ##Linux15:26
ikoniacjhard: the channel is #gentoo on Freenode15:26
cjhardis #gen2 here betta?15:26
ikonianonigs: mw 2 ?15:27
nonigsikonia: modern warfare 215:27
ikonia!appdb > nonigs15:27
ubottunonigs, please see my private message15:27
Reikokucjhard: If you find gentoo hard, use something easier15:27
ikonianonigs: I suggest you check out the PM ubottu just sent you, however I personally believe if you want to play windows games, use windows15:27
Picicjhard: #ubuntu doesn't control all the channels on this irc network.  I suggest you either talk to the channel owners or ask in #freenode if you are confused.15:27
cryptodirawhat is the method whereby the mouse pointer, when reaching one edge of the screen will then reappear on the opposite edge?   this avoids having to track the mouse by hand  clear across the screen.  10.10 amd/6415:27
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: I don't see an option for 64-bit anywhere15:27
minimecmastahyeti: That laptop was runnig in 'fallback mode'. Probably you did not check for 'additional drivers' on the machine without unity. If the GPU is not supporting the composite feature, it falls back to 'ubuntu classic'15:27
nonigsso i should install windows?15:27
nonigsi just installed ubuntu15:27
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: yeah the host is 6415:28
ikonianonigs: in my view, if you want to play windows games, yes15:28
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose: vbox version?15:28
cjhardpici, is ubun2 easier then gen2?15:28
Dr_WillisI find many PopCap Games work well in wine. :) Peggle Rules..15:28
coz_cryptodira,  do you mean mouse wrapping?15:28
ikoniacjhard: it's called "ubuntu" and "gentoo" please stop changing the names15:28
Picicjhard: the discussion isn't on-topic for this channel. Try #ubuntu-offtopic15:28
cjhardim not changing da names lol15:29
cjhardits just shorta15:29
Dr_Willisits sort of stupid actually...15:29
edbiancjhard: Yes it is easier15:29
ikoniacjhard: please don't type in shortened English15:29
cjhardits easier15:29
cjhardu should do da same15:29
Pici!u | cjhard15:29
ubottucjhard: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.15:29
mastahyetiminimec: It is actually running third party graphics drivers. What I really want to know though is if there is any way I can force my other laptop to not use unity without too much hacking. Is it easy to force the fallback mode?15:29
cjhardsaves so much tym15:29
ikoniacjhard: can't understand you - sorry15:29
Picicjhard: Try to stay on-topic here. This channel is for support only.15:29
edbiancjhard: This is offtopic.  Ubuntu is easier than gentoo15:29
cjhardlol "ur" is totally a word15:29
Dr_Willismastahyeti:  just install an alternative window manager or desktop.15:30
coz_!classic | mastahyeti15:30
ubottumastahyeti: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".15:30
Reikokuedbian: Gentoo is easier than Ubuntu :P15:30
edbianReikoku: Disagree15:30
Reikokuedbian: (when it goes wrong :P)15:30
cjhardscuse me15:30
Dr_WillisGentoo is real easy.. its just a file manager....15:30
Dr_Willis!info gentoo15:30
Pici!ot | Reikoku edbian Dr_Willis15:30
ubottugentoo (source: gentoo): a fully GUI-configurable, two-pane X file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.15.5-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 715 kB, installed size 2412 kB15:30
mastahyetihaha. I haven't done my research. I thought unity was built ontop of gnome. that makes my life easier. thanks guys15:30
ubottuReikoku edbian Dr_Willis: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:30
cjhardplz dont b so rude15:30
cryptodiracoz_, i suppose it could be called that.   how can i implement it?15:31
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose: I can now boot the kernel, but mounting of root fails with following error15:31
minimecmastahyeti: If you have 'autologin' enabled, simply logout your gnome session. On the login screen, after having chosen your user look at the bottom and change the session to 'ubuntu classic'. That is all you need.15:31
thisismygameif a mdadm drive gets removed and marked as faulty is there any way to see a log or otherwise the reasons why it became faulty?15:31
coz_cryptodira,   let me check ,, never actually attempted this15:31
Dr_WillisI really like that file manger also.. too bad it has such a confuseing name now that people over look it.15:31
ThinkT510!unity | mastahyeti15:31
ubottumastahyeti: Unity is the default UI for Ubuntu 11.04. Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. You can still boot to GNOME; see !classic.15:31
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose: mount: / not mounted already or bad option15:31
FlutterWhy is gen2 better? http://ompldr.org/vOW14OQ15:31
ikoniaFlutter: please don't start this15:31
UnnamedUzerhi everybody15:31
FlutterI'm asking a simple question15:32
Fluttery is gen2 better?15:32
coz_cryptodira,   I am not finding anything useful for implementing mouse wrapping15:32
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: and dumps you at the initramfs console?15:32
edbianikonia: I was about to answer him! :(15:32
cryptodiracoz_ me either, which is why i am asking here.15:32
coz_cryptodira,  oh!  :)15:32
rcmaehlOkay guys I have to do a persuasive speech for English. I'm doing it on Linux, need some ideas.15:32
fmauroAn_Ony_Moose: No wait, I can override it, I'm now in ubuntu natty console15:33
UnnamedUzerdoes anybody succed in connecting iphone to ubuntu???15:33
cryptodiracoz_, thanks for trying.15:33
Picircmaehl: #ubuntu-offtopic is for discussion, not #ubuntu.15:33
coz_cryptodira,  not sure,, if however no one jumps in on this try ##linux channel ,, they "may" have someone with some knowledge about this ,, and let me know :)15:33
UnnamedUzeri can't explore it15:33
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: lucky! That means everything's fine. GNOME isn't installed right now, you can apt-get install ubuntu-desktop to grab all that stuff15:33
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: now why it didn't work for me... No idea :/15:34
cryptodiracoz_, good idea.15:34
what_ifI am having a high system load on linux, but with low cpu usage... computer is very laggy. What can cause this15:34
wiphow to disable bulletproof in 11.04???15:34
UnnamedUzerdoes anybody had deal with iphone?>>15:35
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fmauroAn_Ony_Moose: need to get the network working first :D15:35
j3rothUnnamedUzer what are you trying to do with your iphone?15:35
stalCan I install Debian on my iPhone?15:35
An_Ony_Moosefmauro: You know how to do that bit right? :P15:35
UnnamedUzeri connected iphone to ubuntu15:35
UnnamedUzerit sees it