stephenthemartyrhow do you compile a tar.gz2 file?if anyone has time04:12
holsteinthat depends04:12
holsteinhow about this04:12
holsteinwhat are you trying to do?04:12
stephenthemartyrtrying to get the gx_head amp modular for jack04:13
holsteinok, so you have JACk and you want what?04:14
stephenthemartyrim looking for gx-head but i have guitarix but it has no way to choose between amp modulators04:15
holsteinthis is what you are talking about?04:16
holsteinhttp://sourceforge.net/apps/wordpress/guitarix/tag/gx_head/ ?04:16
stephenthemartyryea thats it04:16
stephenthemartyri think i downloaded a 0.17.0 versioln04:17
stephenthemartyrdude that looks so awesome and i did download the .17 but i cant "make' it04:18
holsteinstephenthemartyr: there should be instructions in the file04:19
holsteina README04:19
stephenthemartyryea i dont understand the directions04:20
holsteinyou'll need all the dependancies04:20
stephenthemartyrof the read me04:20
stephenthemartyri got htem04:20
holsteinits really case by case04:20
holsteinALSO, then you'll need to maintain it04:20
holsteini would look for a PPA04:20
holsteinor a .deb04:20
stephenthemartyroh brother04:21
stephenthemartyryou think this is legit?04:23
stephenthemartyrwhats a .deb?04:23
holsteinlook legit to me04:24
stephenthemartyrthat link is the same as the one i put up?04:25
holsteinthats the PPA hosting the icons pack04:26
stephenthemartyri mean same ppa04:26
stephenthemartyrso how do i get gx-head?04:26
holsteinstephenthemartyr: if i were you, i would wait til someone builds a .deb or a PPA04:26
holsteini would ask in #opensourcemusicians and see if anyone is using it04:27
holsteinfalktx will build it for you if you catch him with enough time04:27
holsteinhe'll build it and put it in his PPA :)04:27
stephenthemartyrhow do i find him?04:28
stephenthemartyrplus where do i sign up to get involved with ubuntustudio?04:28
holsteinjust join #ubuntustudio-devel and the mailing lists04:28
stephenthemartyrcool thanks man04:29
stephenthemartyralso i joined a linux beginners forum and I think i made people mad:( do you know any well explained sites that might teach me some stuff i need tro know?04:30
stephenthemartyrits ok if not04:30
holsteinthe wikis really04:31
holsteintheres all kinds of wikis04:32
stephenthemartyroh ok just type in wiki and i could find a list?04:32
holsteinwhat are you looking for?04:32
stephenthemartyralso on these email forums how do i get in touch with falktx?04:33
holsteini found that ^^ by googling 'ubuntu wiki python'04:33
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you can find falk online04:33
stephenthemartyri just want to know what im doing especially with getting the best programs and the music software04:33
holsteinand you dont want to just hit him with 'build me a package'04:33
stephenthemartyri know04:34
stephenthemartyri wouldnt do that04:34
holsteinyou can search kxstudio and try emailing him there if you want04:34
holsteini would just catch him online and talk to him04:34
stephenthemartyri reALLY Appreciate you helpin me04:34
holsteinthere is no *best* music programs04:34
holsteinnot protools or any of em04:34
stephenthemartyrok how to use them best04:35
holsteinits just what works for you04:35
holsteinJACK is really the only tool of its kind04:35
holsteinother than that, its all a preference04:35
stephenthemartyrhey how did you put your jazz songfs on a webpage like that?they were awesome!04:35
holsteinstephenthemartyr: thanks04:37
holsteinthats a free service offered by bandcamp.com04:37
holsteinthey take a resonable cut of sales04:37
stephenthemartyroh ok i put a link to my tumblr opn ardour in hopes of getting some mixing feedback but it requires you to have a tumblr yourself which isnt gunna get me lots of advice04:38
holsteini have a soundcloud account04:39
holsteindont use it much though04:39
stephenthemartyrhey holstein somehow i have jackdbus or something runnimng instead of reg jackd and i cant find any answers,i hate to bother nyou again but could you please help me07:29
stephenthemartyri have no sound from any jack applications and i cant kill it in the terminal07:31
stephenthemartyror can anyone please help me07:32
astraljavastephenthemartyr: Do you have any idea how you got that into your system? I cannot find any traces of it on 11.04.08:54
astraljavastephenthemartyr: Apparently you have either installed a .deb someone gave you, or you compiled from sources. If the former, do `sudo dpkg -r jackdbus` or whatever the package name is. If latter, then go to the source base directory, and type `sudo make uninstall`.09:00
astraljavaPlease report back.09:00
AutoStaticastraljava: Helped him out on #opensourcemusicians09:01
astraljavaAutoStatic: Ahh... cool, cool. :)09:01
AutoStaticFlash plug-in was locking his soundcard09:01

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