raul_thanks for the tip00:00
knomeno problem00:00
knomethat's a quite new project also00:00
raul_the only problem is the title of window is not correctly aligned00:01
raul_unless I put all buttons in window (shade, stick, max, min and close)00:01
raul_I couldn't find a solution for this...00:02
knomei suppose that's never right in the center if you don't have the same amount of buttons in both sides00:02
knomei don't think you can affect that within the theme, it's in the xfwm code00:02
knometo find that out, maybe ask in #xfce-dev00:03
raul_I think the same way00:03
* ochosi starts reading the log00:03
knomethe ochosi00:03
knomeyou didn't go to holiday then? :P00:03
raul_oh! I forgot something: the css3 code that I made is a little messy D:00:05
raul_I'm not very good in Inkscape, so I had to do the graphics of rain theme in html and CSS00:06
ochosiknome: i'm leaving tomorrow (to shorten the backlog)00:06
ochosithe xfwm theme doesn't look bad at all00:06
knomeraul_, so there is ochosi/simon ^ !!00:06
raul_hi :)00:07
ochosithe buttons are a bit big, but i like the shades00:07
ochosihey raul_ 00:07
knomeochosi, it's quite like the old albatross, right?00:07
raul_I plan to make a black variant also00:07
ochosihmyeah, actually one problem that catches my eye is that the minimize button and the menu-button are the same00:07
ochosithat's not a very good idea imo00:08
raul_yes :(00:08
ochosiraul_: does the theme pick up gtk-colors?00:08
raul_I do not know what to put in menu button :( 00:08
raul_hm no... D:00:08
ochosik, well that can be dealt with later (color-pickup)00:09
raul_I used gcolor2 and I was looking in it until I find a good color00:09
raul_then I got this mix of blue and gray00:09
ochosimhm, it should be no problem to do that with color-pickup00:10
ochosiit's a bit of work, but then the xfwm theme will also work with other themes/colors00:10
raul_I was thinking about removing the menu button because if you right-click it window the popup appears00:10
ochosiyeah, well, that's not really the point :)00:11
raul_in window*00:11
ochosii think that a theme for xfwm should be complete, because users might change the default setup00:11
knomeagreed with ochosi00:11
raul_was also thinking of another icon because it looks like the minimize button00:12
ochosiin your setup it's clear which is the menu button and which is minimize, but everyone can change the button order by d'n'd (and that's a good thing)00:12
ochosianother thing: what happens when you reorder the maximize/minimize/close buttons?00:12
ochosi(i mean visually)00:12
charlie-tcaochosi: I started the panel review on the ML00:13
raul_It looks a bit strange :(, I do not know, but xfwm has a limitation on the "padding" button, I'll try to see it00:13
ochosicharlie-tca: yeah, just saw that. thanks!00:13
ochosiraul_: what padding button? (not sure i get it)00:13
raul_The problem is the rounded corners 00:14
ochosirounded corner of the window?00:14
ochosior of the buttons00:14
raul_if all buttons be square, the bug is fixed00:14
ochosiah, right00:14
ochosiwell there are also other things you can do, e.g. only show that 3d-ish border on hover00:14
ochosior only make the close-button stand out00:15
raul_but square buttons looks strange too, it doesn't combine with the rounded corners of the window00:15
ochosiyeah, i agree, the effect is nice00:15
ochosibut it comes at a price00:15
ochosi(oh wow, am i speaking in rhymes?)00:15
ochosiyeah, i guess it's because i'm sober ;)00:16
knomehah, !drunkard00:16
ochosiraul_: what are your thoughts on the "-" and "+" greybird uses for maximize and minimize?00:16
ochosiknome: yeah, we should really get the bot back in #shimmer!00:17
knomeochosi, i was having some rum earlier... :)00:17
raul_I will send another screenshot00:17
raul_(the focus button)00:17
ochosithat's on hover?00:17
knomethis theme maybe reminds me of windows vista somehow00:17
knomethe not-completely square buttons00:17
ochosiwould you mind just sending me the theme via email, so i can test it a bit?00:17
ochosiyeah, it's pretty vista-ish ;)00:17
raul_I think about increase the inset shadow00:17
ochosiwith this i guess people would be bitch-slapping us for looking like mac *and* windows00:18
raul_this theme is inspired in old longhorn themes and the buttons of google chrome in Windows00:18
ochosimhm, i see00:18
raul_and equinox too00:19
ochosiwhat i like is the separator between menubar and window-borders00:19
ochosiand the bg-gradient00:19
raul_:) 00:19
ochosithat could even work with the current greybird-buttons00:20
ochosii mean adding a separator between menubar and window-controls/borders00:21
raul_oh! I forgot, the hover buttons: http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/9222/screenshot0725201109200.png00:21
knomeochosi, mm00:21
raul_(this is the css version)00:21
ochosii'm thinking maybe we can have the window-border with separator on active windows and merged (as in the current greybird theme) in inactive windows00:22
ochosi(yes yes, i know we've been there...)00:22
raul_yes, I pa00:23
raul_to make a gtk theme for this xfwm theme00:23
raul_but I don't know about gtk 2 \:00:23
ochosiknome: well, now that lubuntu is closing in on us theme-wise again, i guess it's a good idea to take a step ahead into the past ;)00:23
raul_and "merge" the window and menubar00:23
raul_like shiki-colors, elementary, ambiance theme and equinox00:23
ochosiraul_: merging them is not too hard00:24
ochosibut first thing you should do for that is support xfwm's gtk-color pickup00:24
ochosiwhich means you have to have xpm and png icons for every button00:24
ochosi(twice the icons, twice the work to draw/maintain)00:24
raul_this is the pressed buttons of min and max00:25
ochosii like that more than the pressed button of close00:25
ochosithe light reddish color looks a bit like you couldn't decide between going red or not :)00:26
knomeochosi, something like this is what i kind of tried to achieve with the new albatross buttons00:26
raul_so, I make all buttons with blue color? (hover and pressed?)00:26
ochosiraul_: no, maybe make the red a tad stronger00:26
ochosiknome: if you want we can work more on them when i'm back00:26
raul_hover or pressed? or the two?00:26
ochosiraul_: don't think i've seen hover of the close-button00:26
knomeochosi, yeah, whenever you have time :)00:27
ochosiraul_: +only00:27
ochosii'm getting tired...00:27
raul_fine :) http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/4670/closez.png00:27
raul_this is the hover of close00:28
raul_or I already sent this? 00:28
raul_oO I forgot00:28
ochosinope, don't think so00:28
knomei'm not sure if i like the red hue00:28
knomeit's a bit dirty, while the other colors look like metallic or something like that00:28
ochosiok, if you look at the hover of max and min and close, the max/min is 1) a lot more saturated and 2) has a different gradient/glow00:28
ochosithat should be more consistent00:29
raul_and if the close button be blue too?00:29
ochosiprobably, then it's less vista-ish i guess00:31
raul_fine, I'll change :)00:32
knomeif it's blue too, then it won't have the contrast to the other buttons any more00:32
ochosinp, i'm just telling you what i think :)00:32
knomeit might be white as well00:32
raul_hm D:00:32
raul_maybe orange?00:33
raul_hm, no D:00:33
raul_or navy blue00:33
raul_Well, if I rearrange the buttons (max, min and close), some of them don't have the side edge. I tried to put a negative value in the "spacing button" but didn't work00:37
raul_button spacing, I mean00:37
ochosidon't think there's much you can do about that00:39
raul_http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/991/closeminmax.png I don't have any idea how to fix this \:00:40
ochosiraul_: as i said, i don't think it's really fixable00:40
raul_oh, sorry 00:40
ochosibtw, you can test the changes i did (and am doing) to greybird by downloading it from our git-repository00:41
raul_is this repository https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird right?00:42
knomeraul_, yes00:42
raul_the xubuntu 11.10 will come with gtk 3?00:42
charlie-tcaXubuntu 11.10 will use gtk2, but we have to include gtk3 for the parts we borrow from Ubuntu00:43
charlie-tcaIt's kind of complicated.00:43
ochosiit basically means we have to have two themes, one for gtk2 and one for gtk3 apps00:44
raul_that's why I decided to don't start making a gtk theme for this xfwm theme, because I don't know if I'd use 3 or GK200:44
raul_gtk 3 or 200:44
raul_gtk2 I know a bit00:45
raul_but some engines like murrine, no :(00:45
raul_hm, the github is very slow today, 6.0 kb/s00:46
ochosilucky for you the tarball isn't very large ;)00:47
raul_4 min left, but chrome can't finish the download00:48
ochosipff, that's annoying00:48
ochosiare you sure it's github's fault?00:48
raul_I think yes :( 'cause my other downloads are normal00:48
raul_(I pause them)00:49
raul_8 min :|00:49
raul_I think is the https00:49
raul_hm, the download failed00:50
ochosiworks fine for me...00:50
raul_I removed the "https"00:50
raul_and is 27 kb/s now00:50
ochosidid you use this address?00:50
raul_but if I put the https00:51
raul_I can't download00:51
ochosito the worst try again later/tomorrow00:52
raul_looks very great!00:52
raul_I like the main colour00:52
raul_and the panels00:52
ochosinice to hear00:53
raul_a inset shadow in the button of active window would be great in my opinion00:53
raul_like ambiance00:54
ochosihow exactly?00:54
raul_Like this00:55
raul_see the "broadcast" button00:55
ochosistill not sure i get it. what exactly?00:56
ochosiyou mean on the panel?00:56
raul_the shadow :)00:56
raul_of the active window button00:56
ochosiyeah, but on the panel :)00:56
ochosii thought you were talking about window-buttons00:56
raul_I like the albatross panel buttons too00:56
ochosiyeah, that could look nice, i'll consider it00:57
raul_the albatross panel buttons have more details00:57
raul_I tried to make a modification of greybird with the albatross panels but I don't know00:57
raul_I couldn't to this, I think is because of the difference of the gtk engines00:58
ochosigreybird generally uses a very flat panel style00:58
ochosinope, they both use murrine for that afaik00:58
raul_strange .-.00:58
raul_the xubuntu 11.10 will have the overlay scrollbars too?00:59
ochosiprobably not by default01:00
raul_so, I can send my xfwm theme via e-mail?01:01
raul_I can upload in skydrive/mediafire too01:01
ochosino, email is better01:01
raul_ xubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com, right? 01:02
ochosihm, yeah, if you want it to be public, then send it to the mailing-list01:02
raul_Hm... which another e-mail I can send?01:03
knomesimon@ & pasi@shimmerproject.org01:03
ochosiyou can also send it to me if you like :)01:03
ochosiknome posted his and my email addr avobe01:04
ochosiarr, above01:04
raul_thanks I sent the e-mail01:06
raul_with the css file too01:06
ochosik, thanks!01:06
raul_:) I find a hack to get the buttons with the window line01:07
raul_I left a blank space in active close/max/min button01:07
knomeraul_, so if we will use some of your work, what name should we use in the attribution, and what license too?01:07
raul_GPL (I use greybird xfwm theme for this)01:07
raul_and "Raul de Sousa"01:08
knomeokay, thanks01:08
raul_I don't have twitter, and this e-mail is not my main e-mail01:08
raul_I pretend to migrate to g-mail soon01:08
ochosiraul_: hm, the buttons feel a bit bulky and big tbh01:08
raul_I don't like hotmail D:01:08
ochosiand the color doesn't match the new greybird-blue :)01:08
knomeif you are changing your email, can you send mail from that when you've migrated, so we'lll get the right address too01:09
raul_hmm, which colour I can use?01:09
raul_a light colour?01:09
ochosieither implement gtk-color pickup (as previously mentioned) or redraw all the icons each time the colors in the gtk theme change by hand :)01:09
ochosithat's approximately the options you have01:09
ochosiunless you decide to keep the colors static, no matter what theme is used01:10
raul_hmm, so I will modify the css code and print the page again01:10
ochosiyeah, that's also an option01:10
raul_but I don't understand the gtk color pickup yet :(01:10
raul_can you explain please?01:10
raul_about the gtk*01:10
ochosik, it's not that difficult:01:10
raul_I'm a novice in themes01:11
ochosiyou create an xpm-version of each button, then you edit the xpm-file (that you created e.g. in gimp) with a text-editor and edit the line that contains the main bg-color01:11
ochosiyou can read about how to do that step here: http://wiki.xfce.org/howto/xfwm4_theme01:12
raul_xpm can be edited in a text-editor? o_O01:12
raul_I didn't know that01:12
ochosixpm is kinda oldschool, but very cool01:12
ochosiso that's the first part01:12
raul_but why I have to do this with the theme?01:12
raul_is something like rgb colours etc?01:12
ochosiobviously you can take almost any color from the gtk-theme and then your xfwm theme will "pick up" the color you selected from the gtk-theme you're using at the moment01:13
ochosimeaning: it will change when you switch themes01:13
raul_so I have to make png files too, right?01:14
raul_but xfwm doesn't use them :|01:14
ochosiyes, because with xpm there's a problem: no antialiasing and no transparency01:15
raul_example: the rounded corners window, doesn't have a anti-aliasing01:15
ochosiyou mean the edges?01:15
ochosiyeah, the edges aren't 100% smooth01:15
ochosibut that's mostly a rendering issue of xwfm's compositor, there's nothing you can do about that (as a themer)01:16
raul_so I have to edit only the parts that contain active_hilight_2, active_color_2 etc?01:16
ochosiyou can only adjust the rounded corners to either dark or light background01:16
ochosiyou can start with that01:17
raul_or everything?01:17
raul_omg :P01:17
ochosibut e.g. for the gradient in the title, you have to do something else01:17
ochosithere you have to create an xpm that is flat (only a single color)01:17
ochosithen you create a transparent gradient in gimp and save that as png01:18
ochosithat'll serve as overlay to create the actual gradient01:18
ochosiand since the png overlays the xpm you'll then get a gradient on your window that can change background color01:18
raul_But if I leave my theme as it is, it will happen some bug in xfwm-compositor?01:18
ochosiit works like with layers in gimp01:18
ochosiyou can also leave your theme as is01:19
ochosibut then it won't adjust to color changes01:19
raul_ahh! now I understand it :P01:19
raul_like elementary xfwm theme?01:19
knomeheh :)01:19
ochosijust an example, try greybird's xfwm theme with a dark gtktheme01:19
raul_I notice that it changed to black when I apply a theme here01:19
ochosiyeah, actually i did that theme ;)01:19
ochosibut anyhoo, yeah, also like elementary's xfwm01:20
ochosik, since that's clear now i'll leave you :)01:20
raul_I will study the xpm in this weekend, because I don't have so much time available :(01:20
ochosihave fun and good night everyone!01:20
knomenight simon!01:21
knomehave a nice holiday01:21
raul_good night and thanks!01:21
ochosiraul_: yeah, no rush with anything, i won't be back till next week ;)01:21
ochosiknome: thanks, see ya!01:21
knomeochosi, tue?01:21
knomeokay, see you then!01:21
raul_ok, thanks again!01:21
knomeraul_, you're welcome :)01:21
* ochosi waves01:21
knome |01:22
* ochosi loves knome's ascii art01:22
knomeme too01:22
ochosiand i'm off...01:22
raul_I will leave too01:24
raul_goodbye and thanks :)01:24
knomeraul_, bye, and see you too01:24
raul_hey! I have a question about IRC01:25
raul_I didn't understand the ISP e-mail address in my profile01:25
raul_I never used the irc before, today is my first day on it01:25
raul_I'm a bit paranoic with security01:26
knomethe username (before @) is what your username in the machine is, and the part after @ is your address01:26
knomeif you want to hide that, you probably want a cloak01:26
raul_hmm, but why I'm the only who have my username as my machine?01:26
raul_oh, well01:27
knomehttp://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks <- on cloacks01:27
raul_hm thanks!01:27
knomein most irc clients, you can set the username to whatever you want01:27
knome(the part before @)01:28
raul_but this don't have any problem?01:28
knomeyeah, many people irc with no cloaks and username as is01:28
knomebut if you want, you can get the cloak to hide your host address01:29
raul_i'm back01:30
raul_sorry, my HD is broken so xchat froze01:30
knomenow your ip shows01:31
raul_omg DD:01:31
raul_I'm so paranoic01:31
knomethat's actually something you can't control, without that cloak01:31
raul_how can I hide this? I didn't understand yet01:31
knomeread the question in http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks01:31
raul_so I will not come back anymore01:31
raul_well, good bye D:01:32
charlie-tcaKubuntu is dropping gtk3 off their cd's tomorrow02:57
Unit193That's a little too much for scroll back, anyone mind my lazyness and give me the jist of the raul part? :P  (Wanting to give a xfwm theme)03:32
mr_pouitthe current feedback for the panel layout is "meh". It seems they didn't even look at the layout in natty08:34
knomemaybe somebody should send a screenshot of the default natty panels in the ML then09:52
mr_pouitmicahg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/652408/ (diff of the manifest file between alpha2 and today) so pinyin is probably the culprit12:57
micahgmr_pouit: is there a way for me to do that or do you just have local copies?14:28
mr_pouitof the manifest? I took them from cdimages.ubuntu.com14:44
madnickI've looked deep into Plymouth, its all very smooth and neat, I am formulating a message for the ML about the theme, I will need to talk to the artists about what features they require, what they want animated etc15:18
madnickHere is what it looks like when you use the current bg, i think it looks pretty neat, http://www.madnick.se/~madnick/plymouth.png15:18
madnickochosi was the artist right?15:18
charlie-tcayes, ochosi is the artist, but is on holiday for the next week15:23
charlie-tcaI like that screenshot15:23
madnickoh okay15:25
madnickI found this on the mailingl ist15:26
madnickAnyone know who made that?15:26
charlie-tcaI don't know, and with knowing, we can't use it15:29
charlie-tcaMaybe knome or ochosi will know15:30
madnickyup :)15:30
charlie-tcaThe problem is, that is an old logo15:30
madnickoh okay15:30
charlie-tcaWe no longer use that one15:30
charlie-tcaHere are the new ones - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork15:31
madnickI'm not sure what to put in the email :(15:37
micahgmr_pouit: ah, right, alpha2 is there as well as the daily :)15:37
charlie-tcamadnick: something along the lines of:15:42
charlie-tcaI am designing a new plymouth screen for Xubuntu. Here is what I have so far, what else should be in this?15:43
madnickokay, well, if the artist wishes, he could really get free hands and ill just code, otherwise i need to know a few things; should a new background be used instead of xubuntu-greybird? The progressbar, do we want something fancier? FSCK leaves us alot of oppertunities for cool stuff15:46
charlie-tcaThose are questions to ask, in the email, then.15:46
charlie-tcaThen you get to say what *you* want the artist to animate, too.15:47
charlie-tcapoint to keep in mind, if we put in a background, it may stay there for a very long time.15:48
pleia2charlie-tca: thank you! :)17:46
charlie-tcaYou are welcome17:47
GridCubegood evening20:18
GridCuberemember yesterday storm i was telling you about? well it broke lots of electricity lines and i wont be having power there for like 3 days20:19
charlie-tcaThat's a pretty bad storm20:23
charlie-tcaeverybody okay?20:28
GridCubeindeed, and it was just like 15 minutes or so20:28
GridCubeyep luckly, accordign to the news only one people died at all20:29
GridCubebesides that a lot of broken powerlines, thats why they cant restore it quickly, because they fear that some loose cable will cause an accident somewhere20:30
charlie-tcaI see. They just want to make sure they find all the breaks, then.20:35
GridCubei just bought a batery radio XD20:38
astraljavaHoly crap! GridCube, where was this? Hope you'll be fine!20:41
GridCube:) it's all fine, it was just a wind storm20:42
Unit193You think you may get sewer backup?20:42
Unit193sewer = funnels crap away (basically)20:43
astraljavaNo idea, but sewer backup sounds really exotic.20:43
TheSheepwho would backup their sewer contents? %)20:44
astraljavaAhh... yeah.20:44
charlie-tcathat was the turtles and cats storm here yesterday20:44
charlie-tcaI don't remember it having servers too?20:44
astraljavaYeah yeah. Damn. Didn't think of the sewers at that point. That's... nasty.20:44
Unit193TheSheep: Nice! :D20:44
knomemadnick, the plymouth theme looks nice! we're planning to create a new wallpaper for oneiric, but i suppose changing the BG image isn't too hard (and it's going to be blue too, so it's fine to test this way)20:54
knomemadnick, imo we could have a really thin progressbar, that would have the same kind of glowing style than the logo does20:54
Unit193I didn't even know you could have a progress bar with this one (I know they had it in the working usplash ones)20:55
knomemadnick, one possibility is to use the animation used in the uplash earlier, with the "sparks"20:55
TheSheepremember the 'running mouse' xfce logo animation? :)20:56
knomemadnick, do you need any files for the animation now?20:56
madnickNot yet20:56
knomemadnick, or, what kind of file is it supposed to be? png with frames on top of each other maybe?20:57
knomemadnick, did you get my idea of the progressbar?20:57
madnickIm reading it now :P I just jumped into IRC :P20:57
knomeokey, np20:57
knome(me too)20:57
GridCubei always liked this one https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork/Karmic?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=karmic-sparkles-01.ogv20:57
madnickknome: yeah i think i get it20:58
knomeGridCube, that's the other possibility :)20:58
madnickGridCube: that also works20:58
knomebut i think we should go with the bar20:59
madnickthat may be a "cleaner" approch20:59
knomeyeah, and it doesn't shout "hey, we're just reusing all old stuff here"20:59
TheSheepwhat's wrong about reusing?21:00
madnickBut we could also do alot of things with fsck21:00
TheSheepbtw, you could possibly adapt some android startup screens21:00
knomeTheSheep, many people might think the project is staleish21:00
GridCubeand this one https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork/Proposed/AllImages?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=screenshot_1.png21:01
knomemadnick, do you have any ideas?21:01
GridCubeXD I know, we move on, but the past is awesome too21:01
knomeGridCube, uh, that's the old logo21:01
TheSheepknome: the word is "stable" :D21:01
charlie-tcaMany also think the project is doing fantastic, though21:01
madnickWell, i had one idea, but its not as clean as yours21:01
GridCubeknome: butstillawesome21:01
knomeTheSheep, no, there is also "stale" :)21:01
knomeGridCube, heh, if you say so ;)21:02
madnickregarding the fsck i dont really know21:02
knomecharlie-tca, sure, but we don't want to make people think we might be staleish with our artwork, do we? :)21:02
TheSheepI'm not sure doing a graphics overhaul every release counts as "alive"21:02
charlie-tcaI haven't seen anyone indicating that21:02
TheSheepwe have to go DEEPER21:02
knomeTheSheep, practically it doesn't mean that, but that's how people/users interpret things, sadly21:02
TheSheepknome: pics or didn't happen21:03
charlie-tcasince we have new artwork almost every release, I would like to know where those people are that are saying it is "stale"21:03
knomeTheSheep, ;)21:03
knomecharlie-tca, i was referring to the hypothetical situation that we reused the old usplash animation21:03
charlie-tcaThen it is not reality. There is no "stale", and anything we do to plymouth will be new.21:04
knomecharlie-tca, exactly, that's what i tried to say. i told we might not want to use the old animation, so that the people wouldn't think the project it stale21:05
GridCubebut the mouse running on the wheel is so cute XD21:06
charlie-tcaAs to new wallpaper, if there is one in the works, it needs to be ready before beta221:06
charlie-tcaor better, before beta is released21:06
knomecharlie-tca, beta2 is when, and when is the ui freeze?21:07
charlie-tca25th of August?21:08
knomethe ideal situation would be to get it ready before the ui freeze, yeah21:08
knomemadnick, would the fsck bring in an another progressbar?21:10
madnickIts hidden atm21:11
knomewhat about text, how much?21:11
madnickIt does bring in text too21:11
madnickBut I was planning on rewriting most21:12
knomehow much of it?21:12
knomeah, okay!21:12
knomeso we can control that21:12
madnickyes we can do whatever is desired :)21:12
knomebtw, where did you grab the logo with glow, or did you do it yourself?21:12
madnickNope thats default21:13
madnickThen opacity changes21:13
knomei wonder where my source files are21:13
knomeno, i mean for the glowing logo21:14
knomeah, here it is21:14
madnickare you going to change it?21:15
knomeno, not really21:15
knomejust working on a mockup21:15
madnickknome: in your mind, how long did you see the progressmeter?21:16
madnickIm thinking not very long21:16
knomemaybe a bit less wide than the logo21:17
madnickah yes same21:17
knomethat's actually one of the things i'm looking to now21:17
knomemadnick, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/oneiric_plymouth/draft1.png21:27
madnickthat looks sweet :)21:28
madnickill implement that, and try to get some screencap 21:30
madnick(im not sure how to make that nice fade effect of the white part)21:43
madnicki couldnt steal it all because21:45
madnickIt was "double faded" or similar :P21:45
knomesomething like that for the fsck?21:48
knome(the "normal" progress bar could go back and forth, but the fsck bar could just fill up from left to right)21:49
GridCubeoh nice21:50
madnicki can show you what i made just now21:50
madnickits not as nice as that21:50
charlie-tcaat least need something that says the fsck is being done. Right now, it is a blank screen21:50
GridCubei wonder, what about complementary colors? 21:51
GridCubelike an yellow/orange glowing progress bar?21:51
madnickthe progressbar is too wide in my example i guess21:53
madnickalso i guess i need to fix that quick reset21:54
knomedon't know, looks okay21:54
pleia2madnick: not sure this has been mentioned, but I don't really care for the mac-like controls on the example you posted to the list, my brain is small, I find them confusing :)21:54
pleia2and animations--21:54
madnickpleia2: its an xubuntu theme :P21:54
knomepleia2, why animations--?21:55
knomepleia2, or, animations-- in what context?21:55
pleia2yeah, there are a few that copy aqua, I don't like them21:55
pleia2knome: I don't want bouncy things, that's why I use xubuntu rather than kubuntu :)21:55
pleia2animations are distracting21:56
knomepleia2, in normal GUI you mean, not the plymouth theme? :)21:56
knome(i think in some places, constant visual feedback is nice)21:56
pleia2ah I see, the email was strictly about plymouth (I don't live animations anywhere, but it's more tolerable there)21:57
knomemadnick, GridCube: maybe the text messages in plymouth could be on bottom of the screen21:57
pleia2sorry :)21:57
knomelive ;)21:57
knomepleia2, if you are copying files, do you want an animated progressbar on the progress, or just get no visual feedback at all? :P21:58
pleia2knome: progressbars just lie anyway :)21:58
madnickIts only because how people expect them to work :P21:58
knomeyeah, but isn't it nice to have *some* visual feedback on what is happening21:58
pleia2yeah, you're right21:58
knome(or if something is happening at all)21:59
pleia2knome: how's the wordpress theme doing? canonical sysadmins have been super responsive lately, it's weird21:59
knomei definitely don't like the kde-style playground world either where everything is spinning around21:59
knomepleia2, payback time, let them taste their own medicine21:59
micahgpleia2: congrats on becoming a Xubuntu Team member22:00
pleia2micahg: thank you :)22:00
charlie-tcaIf we really expect them to cooperate with us, we should get things rolling sooner.22:00
knomemadnick, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/oneiric_plymouth/draft3.png22:01
madnickyes, very nice!22:01
knomecharlie-tca, of course.22:01
madnickBut do we need the second status bar then?22:01
knomemadnick, if we want, the text could be the same blue than the second bar22:01
knomewell, that's visualizing a totally different process than the normal one22:02
knomeif you have four 4TB drives, you probably want to know what the progress is22:02
madnicktrue, but couldnt we put the progressbar down there?22:02
knomei don't think it would look cool22:03
madnicklike just above the text 22:03
madnickoh okay22:03
madnickwell, ill set it up :)22:03
knomethe text is kind of just an additional nice gesture, so you don't have to wonder what's happening when the boot is taking so long22:03
knomeif it's possible, we might even have a slight delay for the text22:03
knomeif stuff takes <5-10 seconds, don't show the text at all?22:04
knomei don't know22:04
madnickyes its doable22:04
knomei'd like to keep the elements at minimum22:04
knomethat's why i want the text to be not at center22:04
madnickI wont be able to have an example tonight, and tomorrow im gone for half the day, but in the evening i might have something you can look at22:05
knomeand this way, it doesn't matter much even if the text was a bit longer22:05
knomeno hurry :)22:05
madnickok :)22:05
GridCubesorry knome http://imagebin.org/16503022:05
knomethanks for the work :)22:05
knomeGridCube, awwwh :)22:05
knomeno, i don't think that really "does" it22:06
knomepleia2, you'll love that mockup by GridCube for sure!22:06
GridCubeall the same color is boring22:08
pleia2blue <322:08
pleia2orange </322:08
knomeorange is the new apple!22:08
* pleia2 hugs GridCube 22:08
GridCubeits complementary colors22:09
GridCubeXD the only thing about art i know22:09
knomeall the same color looks more professional, by far22:09
knomeit's hard to get color combinations to work well22:09
knomeat least if they are complimentary colors22:09
GridCubewell the yellow one does look good22:10
knomelooks like somebody spilled some pee in the progress bar22:10
* knome hides22:10
madnickits my flag basically :<22:11
GridCube:P I just bucketed yellow over your thing XD22:11
knomemadnick, i'm sorry for you (not for the flag, but the country)22:12
knomecome visit helsinki22:13
madnickI sometimes go on Finland cruise22:13
astraljavaknome: I don't think we have anything to boast, really, seeing as our flag inventors weren't sure whether we're christians or satanists. :D22:14
knomeyou live near/in stockholm, or somewhere else?22:14
knomeastraljava, but isn't it the same with the swedish flag as well, except they peed on theirs?22:14
madnickI spend alot of time in Kiruna, but I have my more permanent home 200 km from stockholm :)22:14
astraljavaAhh, okay, then it's not any different for madnick. :)22:14
knomewow, that is a far away ;)22:15
astraljavaNot so sure it's pee. Maybe they're just too pissed it resembles their skin colour better.22:15
astraljavaOh wait, I might be thinking France now.22:15
madnickits quite far :)22:15
astraljavaThis is #xubuntu-offtopic, right? ;D22:16
knomeyou might be actually as far away from Sysi than me22:16
knomeastraljava, this is #xubuntu-devel(-offtopic)22:16
knomeaka #the-xubuntu-chillout-lounge22:16
* astraljava ^5's knome 22:16
knomeastraljava, so which was your city again? :P22:18
astraljavaCurrently, Oulu.22:24
knomecharlie-tca, https://launchpad.net/~irc-xubuntu-ops/+members#active - is this up-to-date?22:24
astraljavaDon't expect that to last for too long, though.22:24
knomeastraljava, so there's really nothing else to do in oulu than open source? :)22:24
astraljavaknome: I see you've visited, sometime?22:25
knomeoulu, no :|22:25
astraljavaHow did you know, then? :D22:25
knomeheh, magic22:25
knomewell, just look at the percentage of people from oulu amongst the finnish ubuntu contributors?22:26
astraljavaWell, granted. I love Jyväskylä. But so far, it feels much, much superior.22:26
knomei don't know22:26
astraljavaIs that number somewhere public?22:26
knomeyou, Sysi, jussi01...22:26
knomethat's three already!!22:27
astraljavaWho's Sysi?22:27
astraljavaYeah, coolness.22:27
astraljavaWe're in the same company with jussi. :D22:27
knomeSysi is somebody who occasionally hangs out here too, but at least in #xubuntu22:27
knomeyou are? haha22:27
astraljavaAhh... o kay.22:27
knomea young guy who is not so sure if he likes xfce or kde :D22:27
* astraljava rolls eyes22:28
knomehe's been giving some valuable feedback at #shimmer about xubuntu stuff22:28
astraljavaOh okay, that's cool.22:28
knomei've even met jussi!22:28
astraljavaI'm sorry. :(22:28
knomehe is a funny guy with the most hilarious laughter i've ever heard22:29
astraljavaThat's true,22:29
astraljavayou can't escape it, no matter where in the office you hide22:29
knomeOMG :D22:29
pleia2and jussi will be a father soon ;)22:29
astraljava...or if you have the headphones on, and volume turned real up.22:29
knomebut i have to say, jussi also thought i was *WEIRD*, so i think we're even, and you can tell jussi you're sorry too ;)22:30
astraljavapleia2: That's the part that truly scares me. :D22:30
pleia2astraljava: me too, I told him so :)22:30
knomeat least he'd get a guy who is on the same level to play with him22:30
astraljavaAnd to think, his wife is awesome! :D22:30
knomehaven't met HER :(22:31
pleia2I haven't either22:31
knomeastraljava, is she.. formally qualified?22:31
astraljavaknome: They're not even in the same universe. :D22:31
knomepleia2, i haven't met you either! :)22:31
GridCubeformally qualified?! XD22:31
knomeastraljava, that was not a surprise22:31
knomeastraljava, but how the heck did jussi manage to pull that move off then??22:32
astraljavaI have no idea. :D22:32
knomeastraljava, or are you saying his wife is worse?! omg...22:32
* astraljava wipes away the tears22:32
knomeeven thinking about that makes my brain melt22:32
astraljavaknome: HAHAHAH!!!22:32
knomeGridCube, mm-hmm, you know... the form of an object... ;)22:33
astraljavaNah, seriously, awesome people, both of them. I've spent nights there, when I was just relocating etc.22:33
astraljavaReally cool folks to hang out with.22:33
knomeyeah, i believe you22:33
knomejussi really felt like he had a big warm heart, even if he was a bit weird22:34
astraljavaAnd Jussi's like more finnish than I am.22:34
knomeso are you more australian than he is then, at least?22:34
astraljavaknome: You have it spot on.22:34
astraljavaIn a sense.22:34
astraljavaI like the heat better than he does. :D22:34
pleia2he made the sauna in budapest almost-die hot22:34
astraljavaWell yeah, apart from the sauna.22:34
knomeastraljava, so where are you going/trying to relocate?22:35
astraljavaBut see, that's the finnish thing.22:35
astraljavaI just moved from Jyväskylä.22:35
knometrue. i'm not a very "durable" sauna person either22:35
knomeastraljava, but you said you're not going to be in oulu for long? back to jyväskylä then?22:36
astraljavaknome: I have no idea. We have an "office" in Dallas. Might go there. :)22:36
knomewoot :D22:36
pleia2wow, that's quite a change22:36
astraljavaOh, that's just a fantasy.22:36
pleia2ah :)22:37
knomeisn't it "just a mystery"22:37
astraljavaFrom what I know, it's the closet of the sales guy we have there. :)22:37
astraljavaIt'd still beat the winters here. :)22:37
knomehopefully not the water closet22:38
knomethat'd beat YOU22:38
astraljavaBoth to that and the video.22:38
knomethe song is amazing, i know.22:39
astraljavaI had no idea those two made a show together!22:39
knomelots of shows, actually22:40
knomeor at least, been together in lots of shows22:40
astraljavaWell, yeah, but didn't know of that particular show.22:41
astraljavaThanks for linking to that!22:41
knomeno problem22:41
astraljavaI simply must have these on DVD. :D22:46
knomegood. come visit me with them and we can watch them and my monty python's22:46
astraljavaStephen is a god, pure and simple.22:46
knomehe is funny yeah22:46
astraljavaAnd Hugh's not far from that, really.22:47
knomehave you seen QU ?22:47
knomeerr, QI22:47
astraljavaAlright, will do.22:47
astraljavaNot sure, no.22:47
knometry that too22:47
knomeit's a nice quiz-like show with fry22:47
astraljavaWatching Cockney Rhyming Slang now.22:49
knomealan davies is actually funny too!22:49
astraljavaOh indeed he is! Always thought as much.22:52
knomehe's a regular at QI, so lots of fun with that couple too in that series22:53
knomei love how the show is so relaxed, no real rush to get all the things/questions in the show really, they'll sometimes take long long sidetracks22:55
astraljavaYeah. They don't do such shows anymore, do they? I mean, the showbiz?22:56
knomei think QI might still be on22:56
astraljavaAll the best ones have been done, by the british, decades ago.22:57
knomeyeah, watched it from BBC when i was visiting london in february22:57
knomemight have been replays too though, but i have a feeling that the show might still be on22:57
astraljavaThat's really nice of them.22:57
knome"QI are recording the I series in May and June 2011, which will transmit on BBC2 in the autumn."22:58
knomeI series as in the ninth series22:58
knometoo bad there is only DVD's from the first three series22:59
knomeotherwise i might be hooked in buying them all!22:59
astraljavaGoddamn. We must get on a frenzy of writing demanding letters to the BBC. We'll visit their HQ, like the guy from imnotrightfromthehead.com did (or something.)23:01
astraljavaOh, but that was Facebook, not BBC.23:01
knomeif i've understood correctly, even the three first series were published because some loony with lots of money wanted to donate some of them so they could do some DVD releases23:02
knomehaven't seen that23:04
knomehaha, funny23:06
astraljavaOh dear gawd! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPXCcZgDQgk&feature=related23:06
astraljavaWhen you hear it, you cannot unhear it.23:06
knomeTHAT's FUNNY!23:06
knomeand you can't unsee those skills either23:07
knomethat orange-shirted guy23:07
knomethat's just OMG23:07
knomei want to be able to eat spaghetti like that23:07
astraljavaOh knome, knomeknomeknome... I will never forgive you for introducing me to this show. Neither will Jussi, I believe, tomorrow at the office. :)23:09
knometell jussi he owes me one beer more if he likes the show23:10
astraljavaOh I will do so.23:11
astraljavaHe promised me beer too, if I helped painting his house.23:12
knomesometime, come both to helsinki23:12
astraljavaI will then commence drinking the beer he owes you, and forget to pay it back (to you) when we meet.23:12
knomei can imagine jussi giggling while looking at that clip23:19
knomedid you know there is the full episodes also?23:19
knomejust start with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLb9Pv7EM2M23:19
knome(nice theme music as well!)23:19
astraljavaCurse you to hell!23:22
knomehar har23:22
astraljavaI'm already unproductive with the clips, thankyouverymuch!23:23
knomenow you're going to have things to do at work tomorrow at least!23:23
knomeand jussi too!23:24
knomegosh, i'm hungry23:25
knomeshouldn't have watched the gordon ramsay clips23:25
astraljavaHehehe. :)23:26
knomegoing to grab something23:41
knomehhm, gordon ramsay -quality tuna straight from the can23:49
astraljavaOh, that's the best. :)23:54

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