IrrationlArtistEhh, I really don't like it that much, I think the new one looks 1000% better and if I find any bugs, I'll be sure to report them, help everyone else out00:00
knomeIrrationlArtist, if you are building from source, you need at least the 'build-essential' -package00:01
IrrationlArtistalready have it00:01
knomeok, try pasting the output to pastebin and let's see :)00:01
IrrationlArtistHere's the output for ./configure on pastebin: http://pastebin.com/Bz8VanES00:03
knomehmm, i don't know... seems that some of the libraries are plainly just too old, you might need to try testing that on an alpha release of xubuntu00:04
knomeand that's not really good solution, if you need your computer to do anything else00:05
IrrationlArtistI can't just install the libraries via apt-get or a .deb? that's what I was trying to do before, but it wasn't working...00:05
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ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:06
knomeIrrationlArtist, i don't think there is new enough libraries in the repositories00:07
IrrationlArtistAnd nowhere to get them online?00:08
knomeIrrationlArtist, yeah, if you have the source code for the libraries too, you can build those too...00:08
knomeyeah, but that means a lot more work00:08
IrrationlArtistThat seems like it would take a loong time...00:08
knomeyeah, it probably will00:08
IrrationlArtistGuess I'll just wait till it comes out. In reality, the current Gwibber isn't really that bad.00:08
knomeand you might encounter other problems, like newer lib versions not working with other libs00:09
IrrationlArtistI see.00:09
IrrationlArtistWell, I thank you fine gentlemen/women, you've been a lot of help.00:09
IrrationlArtistLater, everyone!00:09
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jn__When i add the directory menu to my panel it shows a icon, can i replace it with the text "Places" ?11:45
Sysixubuntu 11.04?11:45
jn__I have made nautilus my default manager, but now the directory menu open all folders as home dir12:24
SaaMmYguys anyone knows how to call in terminal startup applications in xubuntu?13:19
SaaMmYelros Eitsew emma Evix13:20
SaaMmYDaviey cYmen Charybdis13:21
SaaMmYaverage_guy ablomen aatk Evixion EyesIsMine freaky[t]13:21
SaaMmYFudge FusionX gusnan hrw IdleOne ikonia IRCAnswersBot Jackneill JeZ-l-Lee jn__ joeythesaint Josesordo ke- knome m00se madnick mogit13:22
DavieySaaMmY: please don't hilight people.13:22
SaaMmYguys anyone knows how to call in terminal startup applications in xubuntu?13:23
TheSheepSaaMmY: stop it13:23
TheSheepSaaMmY: what do you want to do exactly?13:24
SaaMmYstartup applications13:24
SaaMmYstartup programs13:24
SaaMmYit is disappeared  from my menu13:24
SaaMmYxfce menu13:24
TheSheepit's called 'Sessions and startup' in the menu now13:25
SaaMmYmmm let me try13:25
SaaMmYthat is13:25
SaaMmYsorry to all13:25
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:26
TheSheepno problem, you will know next time13:26
SaaMmYthank you13:26
SaaMmYI don't understand why when I start my xubuntu and then I open one folder it opens twice itself13:30
SaaMmYthen I have to insert my password for default key-ring13:30
SaaMmYI can't remove that13:31
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GeminiDominoI've just recently switched to Xubuntu 10.04 from the main Ubuntu distro. Is there any config option buried somewhere that I can twiddle to make my mousewheel scrollback in xfce4-terminal instead of rolling back through the bash history?13:35
SaaMmYwhat is Zeitgeist datahub?13:35
SaaMmYI have xubuntu 11.0413:36
TheSheepGeminiDomino: works fine for me...13:36
SaaMmYIt works fine13:36
SaaMmYfor me too13:36
jn__I have made nautilus my default manager, but now the directory menu open all folders as home dir13:36
SaaMmYbut what fucking is zeitgeist datahub13:36
GeminiDominoMe too all of a sudden... WTF did I do?13:36
SaaMmYhowever I would make nautilus default manager too but idk how13:37
GeminiDominoI wonder if it's like the old bug in the gnome version that would somehow turn on numpad mouse control without asking. <_<13:37
SaaMmYzeitgeist I mean I know what is it, I suspect it spyes me13:38
GeminiDominoWelp, nvm then. Thanks anyway. Back to work!13:40
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SaaMmYjn__: how did you make nautilus default?13:41
average_guycheck this out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=178016013:41
Guest19965I would like to ask a question13:42
Guest19965I just start using xubuntu and I am quiet lost13:42
SaaMmYaverage_guy: I disabled zeitgeist13:43
SaaMmYI don't trust13:44
Guest19965are you able to help me13:44
SaaMmYstart to say13:44
SaaMmYhere many people will answer13:44
Guest19965I have just install xfce13:44
Guest19965but my graphical interfaec is very simple13:45
Guest19965how to install a real graphical interface13:45
SaaMmYwhat do you mean?13:45
SaaMmYthis does not satisfy you?13:46
Guest19965i have just a black screen whithout any desktop13:46
Guest19965any menu just a grey bar13:46
SaaMmYthere is a mouse?13:47
SaaMmYthere are 2 panels 1 above and 1 on the bottom?13:47
SaaMmY1 panel13:48
Guest19965only on the botom13:48
SaaMmYthat's all13:48
SaaMmYyou can chat13:48
SaaMmYyou are able to surf13:48
SaaMmYyou are able to do all you wannt13:48
SaaMmYalso to launch some man on the moon13:48
Guest19965sure but it s not ;y question13:49
SaaMmYdo you want modify aspct13:49
SaaMmYgo on xfce-menu -> preferences -> aspect or whatelse similar13:50
Guest19965yes like that for instance13:50
SaaMmYTheSheep help him13:50
Guest19965www.xubuntu.org, help13:50
SaaMmYif you want you can install ubuntu-tweak and avant-window-manager13:51
Guest19965what do you mean13:51
SaaMmYinstall ubuntu-tweak at first13:52
Guest19965ok and just have to use startx13:52
SaaMmYI will give you right wiki13:52
SaaMmYare you sure you have installed 10.04?13:53
Guest19965yes sure13:53
Guest19965lucid lynx13:54
SaaMmYI got it13:54
SaaMmYopen terminal13:55
jn__SaaMmy Yes13:55
SaaMmYcopy and paste "sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com FE85409EEAB40ECCB65740816AF0E1940624A220"13:55
SaaMmYcopy and paste "sudo mousepad /etc/apt/sources.list"13:56
SaaMmYadd at the bottom of the list "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/tualatrix/ppa/ubuntu lucid main13:57
SaaMmYdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/tualatrix/ppa/ubuntu lucid main"13:57
Guest19965I have also a problem with the right click13:57
Guest19965i am unable to do it on terminal13:57
SaaMmYgo on "Modify" -> "preferences"13:58
Guest19965where i can find modify13:58
SaaMmYon terminal windows13:58
SaaMmYup there is File Modify13:59
SaaMmYbetween File and Visualize13:59
SaaMmYthen preferences13:59
Guest19965have not this13:59
SaaMmYI am italian13:59
SaaMmYsome differenc14:00
SaaMmYTheSheep: help him14:00
Guest19965i have any menu14:00
SaaMmYno matter14:00
SaaMmYhowever copy with CTRL+C here14:00
Guest19965done how to past14:00
SaaMmYand paste there with SHIFT+CTRL+V14:00
SaaMmYwhich step are you making?14:01
S74rk7_Hey everyone! Anyone know what package I should be looking to use if I want to say... keep my radio stream playing through my speakers on the laptop but if I want to watch videos through VLC Media player ... its played through earphones?14:01
SaaMmYlooooooooooooooool S74rk7_ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL14:02
S74rk7_SaaMmY, ?14:02
Guest19965any result zith SHIFT+CTRL+V14:02
SaaMmYdid not manage?14:02
SaaMmYGuest19965 did not?14:02
Guest19965aparently no14:02
SaaMmYafter File what is there?14:03
SaaMmYon terminal window?14:03
Guest19965there is no file14:03
Guest19965just a grey bar on terminal14:03
SaaMmYright click on terminal14:03
Guest19965nothing appear14:03
SaaMmYshould appear all14:04
Guest19965it should14:04
SaaMmYgo on menu -> preferences -> shortkeys14:04
Guest19965wich menu14:05
SaaMmYdoes not matter14:05
SaaMmYleave all14:05
SaaMmYinstall xubuntu 11.0414:05
SaaMmYTheSheep wtf are you there? HELP US14:05
TheSheepSaaMmY: I'm at work, I can't watch this channel all the time14:06
TheSheepSaaMmY: also14:06
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:06
Guest19965it is really amazing14:06
TheSheepGuest19965: how did you open the terminal?14:07
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:07
SaaMmYGuest19965 I can connect to your desktop with remote assistence14:08
SaaMmYif you want14:08
S74rk7_SaaMmY, I asked my question all in one line and you just laughed....14:08
SaaMmYyes It was amazing14:08
SaaMmYand however I am not a master14:08
S74rk7_SaaMmY, share the joke... I do enjoy a good laugh myself14:09
SaaMmYI can't help everybody at the same time as well as I was a master on linux OS, I am newbie too14:09
Guest19965thanks for your help14:09
TheSheepSaaMmY: with pavucontrol you can control which pulseaudio streams go to which sinks14:09
TheSheepS74rk7_: ^14:09
S74rk7_SaaMmY, ah right... I wasnt asking you I was asking anyone on the channel14:09
S74rk7_TheSheep, Ah right cheers :) thanking you14:10
TheSheepGuest19965: so, let me get things straight, you installed xubuntu, but it doesn't start into graphical interface, but instead you get a black screen with a cursor?14:10
SaaMmYyes there is gstreamer-properties14:10
SaaMmYS74rk7_:  gstreamer-properties14:10
TheSheepGuest19965: or is it a graphical screen, but just with a black box in it with terminal, and nothing else?14:11
Guest19965yes and a grey bar menu and not really customizable14:11
TheSheepGuest19965: did your login screen look normally though?14:12
TheSheepGuest19965: did you get a login screen at all?14:12
Guest19965it was a consol14:12
Guest19965i have just launch startx14:12
Guest19965to go here14:13
TheSheepso you didn't get any graphical login screen at all?14:13
TheSheepyou installed normal xubuntu?14:13
TheSheepor is that ubuntu-server?14:13
Guest19965yes on the officiql zebsite14:13
SaaMmYmake screenshot and upload it on http://imageshack.us/ paste the URL image here then14:13
TheSheepok, type 'exit' to exit from that thing, and try 'startxfce' or 'startxfce4' instead14:14
Guest19965sorrym I have use startxfce414:14
TheSheepthat should give you a graphical desktop, but your installation is still broken14:14
TheSheepI'd like to know why it got broken14:14
Guest19965i am use vmware if that can help you14:16
TheSheepGuest19965: cat you do 'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop' just to make sure that all of xubuntu installed properly?14:16
TheSheepGuest19965: this will download and install the missing parts too14:16
Guest19965no I test14:16
SaaMmYare you using vmware right now?14:16
TheSheepGuest19965: ah, so this is a testing image for the next version of xubuntu?14:17
ubottuOneiric Ocelot is the codename for Ubuntu 11.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+114:17
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:18
TheSheepGuest19965: please go to that channel, ther are people who can help you with testing in there14:18
Guest19965ok thanks for your help14:18
TheSheepGuest19965: sorry for teh confusion14:18
SaaMmYmy confusion14:19
SaaMmYexcuse me14:19
SaaMmYI am noone here14:19
charlie-tcaWe sent a 10.04 user to #u+1?14:21
charlie-tcaGuest19965 | 10.0414:21
SaaMmYhowever how can I make appear taskmanager on terminal?14:21
Guest19965 This channel is for 11.10 support only, #xubuntu would be more appropriate for your question.14:22
SaaMmYyes but say them the the sheep has missed you there14:22
SaaMmYand is there that you have to ask14:23
jnsl_when i change window manager to use compiz i loose the window borders and menu with minimize/maximize/close14:23
charlie-tcaSaaMmY: if the user is using Xubuntu 10.04, they do not have to go #ubuntu+1 for help14:23
TheSheepcharlie-tca: 10.04?14:23
charlie-tcaGuest19965 is not using +1, they are using 10.0414:24
SaaMmYthe sheep missed him14:24
TheSheepGuest19965: sorry, this is may fault14:24
TheSheepand now I have to run14:24
SaaMmYrobotic errors I hate14:24
charlie-tcaGuest19965: what is the problem, please?14:25
Guest19965no graphical interface14:26
charlie-tcaWhat is the last things you did before it went away?14:26
SaaMmYhe has just a black screen whithout any desktop14:26
Guest19965how can i send you a screenchot14:27
charlie-tcaI don't need a screenshot of a black screen14:27
charlie-tcaI need to know what happened14:27
SaaMmYpress the "print" botton14:27
charlie-tcaYou installed Xubuntu 10.0414:27
charlie-tcaSaaMmY: do you have the answer to my question?14:28
charlie-tcaI am not going to waste time looking at a black screen.14:28
Guest19965i also have a grey bar14:28
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charlie-tcaGuest19965: getting it fixed really will require some questions and answers.14:36
Guest7634I'm in need of help. No programs has the top bar and they won't show up in the menubar!14:38
Guest7634This is how it currently looks like: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/823/screenshot0726201104351.png/14:40
SaaMmYGuest19965: write in terminal "xfce4-screenshooter"14:40
Guest7634The picture is in the link I sent that is hosted on imageshack.14:41
SaaMmYwtf too small14:42
Guest7634Hmm. Maybe that was the tumbnail.14:42
SaaMmYGuest7634: write in terminal "xfce4-screenshooter"14:42
Guest7634I did and I took a screenshot.14:43
Guest7634That one isn't resized.14:43
SaaMmYthen try with "metacity --&"14:45
charlie-tcaGuest7634: press ALT+F2, type xfwm4 &14:45
charlie-tcathe window manager is not running14:45
Guest7634xfwm4 &14:45
Guest7634Crap the alt+F2 window can't get focus,14:46
Guest7634There we go.14:46
Guest19965not really14:46
Guest7634It worked but will this work as a permanent solution?14:47
charlie-tcaI can not guarantee it will14:47
Guest19965because on your screen the bar is at the bottom14:47
SaaMmYyou can add on xfce4-session-settings14:47
SaaMmYthe command14:47
Guest19965not found14:48
charlie-tcaGuest7634: when you restart, if it doesn't work again, go to Settings -> Settings Manager -> Sessions and Startup14:48
charlie-tcaadd xfwm4 to the startup tab14:48
Guest7634Ok. Thanks114:48
Guest7634I'm going to reboot to see if it works!14:50
SaaMmYhowever install htop... for any accident you can type CTRL+ALT+F1/F2/F3...F6 and repair all with htop by signing PID and then killing PID14:50
charlie-tcaemil_: did it work?14:53
emil_It worked! Thanks!14:54
Guest19965i have take a screenshot from my main machine14:54
Guest19965but no way to sent you14:54
Guest19965*to you14:55
SaaMmYto send sent sent14:55
SaaMmYto take took taken14:55
charlie-tcaThen describe / tell me what you have exactly14:55
Guest19965indeed forginve my bad english14:55
Guest19965full black screen14:56
charlie-tcagray bar or no gray bar?14:56
Guest19965grey bar with some logo14:56
Guest19965file manager and internet browser14:56
charlie-tcadoes it say xterm?14:56
Guest19965then the open windows14:57
Guest19965and the clock14:57
charlie-tcanow let's fix it.14:57
charlie-tcapress Alt+F214:57
charlie-tcadid you get something?14:57
charlie-tcaterminal is open?14:58
charlie-tcatype on a the line14:58
charlie-tcaand hit enter14:58
charlie-tcadoes it change it?14:59
Guest19965he ask me to install xfcd settings15:00
Guest19965nothing chqnge15:00
charlie-tcaso, what did you install?15:00
charlie-tcaWere there any errors or did the installation complete?15:00
Guest19965i have installed xfcd settings15:00
Guest19965no error15:01
Guest19965and no error with xfcd settings15:01
charlie-tcaand what did you do after the installation finished?15:01
Guest19965but nothing appear15:01
Guest19965i have enter xfcd-settings15:01
charlie-tcagreat, but I want to know why it was not there already15:01
Guest19965no srry15:01
charlie-tcait is part of the installation15:01
charlie-tcaafter you finished installing, what did you do?15:02
Guest19965i have enter xfsettingsd15:03
charlie-tcapress Ctrl+C15:03
SaaMmYI think he wrote right15:04
charlie-tcaoh, good. What did he do after the installation finished? Could you let me know?15:04
charlie-tcaGuest19965: in the terminal, press Ctrl+c15:05
Guest19965setting-up aumix15:05
SaaMmYI think that he can't copy what is in his terminal by CTRL+C, but with SHIFT+CTRL+C15:05
charlie-tcaI did not ask to have it copied15:06
charlie-tcactrl+c ends anything running in terminal15:06
Guest19965ctrl +c doesn not zork15:06
charlie-tcaI give up. I can't ansers, I do not know what setting-up aumix means.15:07
SaaMmYthen It should appear like "xubuntu@xubuntu:"15:07
charlie-tcaMaybe help from the loco channel would be better15:07
charlie-tcaGuest19965: what country you from?15:07
SaaMmYGuest19965: WHERE ARE YOU FROM?15:07
SaaMmYmmm I am italian15:08
SaaMmY:( we can't talk15:08
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:08
charlie-tcaThey might be able to help better than I can15:08
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:08
SaaMmYi don't want I know english15:09
Guest19965by train i a; in 15 mn to ventimiglia15:09
SaaMmYI don't care because I live in naples15:09
SaaMmYin south15:09
charlie-tcaI think #ubuntu-fr will be better help than here15:09
TheSheepGuest19965: the idea is that perhaps you can have everything explained better in French on that channel15:09
charlie-tcaSaaMmY: stick around, willing to help is great here!15:16
SaaMmY? charlie-tca15:17
charlie-tcaIt is not usually a busy channel, but that is a good thing too, right?15:17
SaaMmYwhat? i don't understand15:17
SaaMmYwhat do you mean?15:17
charlie-tcaI don't want to scare you away15:17
charlie-tcayou seem very willing to try and help people.15:17
SaaMmYy but as newbie I can't15:18
charlie-tcaWe all started there, at one time.15:18
SaaMmYI know it and then i call help to TheSheep or you15:18
charlie-tcaThat works too. :)15:18
charlie-tcaIt is good just to have someone answer people when they show up here. It makes them think we aren't dead yet.15:19
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whiskersHello. Does anyone happen to know of an XFWM theme which looks like the default metacity theme sported by RHEL 6.0 ( http://i671.photobucket.com/albums/vv77/ZINOVSKY/redhat6/ScreenShot022.png ) ?15:56
charlie-tcasince you asked in #xfce at the same time, we can let them answer16:00
whiskersAnd why's that?16:01
SaaMmYheyy whiskers16:15
jn_how can i get xfwm4 as an option for window manager in compiz ?16:15
SaaMmYare you using redhat16:15
SaaMmYare you using redhat whiskers?16:17
SaaMmYidk about it16:18
jn_ohh i can't apparently its a bug16:18
orngjce223This is the Xubuntu channel.16:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 333780 in xfwm4 (Ubuntu) "xfwm4 cannot provide window decorations in compiz" [Undecided,Fix released]16:18
orngjce223Redhat/XFCE problems would be better discussed in #xfce16:18
charlie-tcajn_: compiz and xfwm4 are both windows managers16:18
SaaMmYmaybe however you can by using compiz maybe in extra there is something about xfwm416:19
SaaMmYthat I know maybe is compatibility with xfce16:19
SaaMmYfor compiz16:19
SaaMmYhe spammed unixmen.com by his screenshot16:21
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Guest35560I have one question. Is there a way to set a key-combination to change keyboard layout?16:41
charlie-tcaGuest35560: Add the keyboard switcher to the panel16:44
charlie-tcaalex666: Good evenung16:45
alex666good evening :)16:45
charlie-tcaalex666: Good evening16:45
charlie-tcaFor the benefit of all the new people here, all #ubuntu- and #xubuntu- channels are english.16:46
charlie-tcaHowever, there is nothing wrong with answering another language in english, and see if the user speaks english.16:46
Guest35560I don't have that in the add to panel menu.16:47
charlie-tcaGuest35560: let me find the name for you.16:47
floppsyI have a problem with the X server (i think). Booting works fine, but screen stays black. I can change to Terminal, login and so on, but don't see anything. Booting with nomodeset option helps, so I can see, what I type. X does not work. I tried natty first. It did not work. So I tried oneiric, which is not working either. graphic card is radeonhd 2400.16:48
floppsyand xorg.0.log ist nopasted at http://paste.ubuntu.com/652520/16:48
charlie-tcaGuest35560: install xfce4-xkb-plugin, then add it to the panel16:50
charlie-tcafloppsy: it's a mac with the intel chip?16:52
charlie-tcaI don't see anything in that log that shows an error or problem. I could suggest trying #ubuntu-x though, they are the video specialists.16:52
floppsycharlie-tca: it is a mac yes. Intel Core 2 Duo cpu and radeon graphics16:53
floppsyok I'll go there and ask again. thanks16:53
charlie-tcaGood luck. Those can be a bear to hunt down, sometimes16:53
floppsythis time. (=16:55
SaaMmYbuonasera alex66616:57
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MJBrunehey I have a graphic issue that provides no errors. http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/9361/201107261229501680x1050.png it looks like the following19:34
MJBrunenotice the icons, background and very right of the screen have graphical anomalies.19:35
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jnsl_at some point i removec "Places" from the directory menu.. bloody hell now i want it to say "Places" with out an icon but i cant remember how i did it before20:57
knome!language | jnsl_20:57
ubottujnsl_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.20:57
jnsl_sorry ^^ :)20:57
knomeright-click the plugin, select properties and in the "show" -dropdown, select "label only"?20:58
jnsl_knome that one is not there for the directory menu.. maybe i removed it in code somewhere :p21:05
jnsl_have a more pressing issue... my desktop switched between xfce an gnome at random when i run compiz :S21:06
jnsl_wallpaper and everything... a strange thing21:06
knomejnsl_, i think the directory menu doesn't have that feature yet, yeah. i've actually talked about this to xfce developers, and they might actually work on that21:06
jnsl_Ok, yes that would make sense to me since the applications launcher has that feature21:07
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jnsl_about my gnome desktop problem, can i just do apt-get remove gnome-desktop or dose xfce use gnome for things?21:11
charlie-tcajnsl_: that would only remove a meta-package. To remove the parts of Ubuntu that aren't needed, take a look at21:15
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »21:15
jnsl_okay thanks21:15
jnsl_hmm im using nautilus, it relies on gnome right ?21:17
jnsl_that might be the root to my desktop problems as well i figure after some gooling21:18
jnsl_i get a gnome menu and everything when i right click :P21:18
charlie-tcayes, nautilus needs a lot of gnome stuff21:19
jnsl_damn, then i will have to fix this issue in another way21:19
MJBrunenotice the icons, background and very right of the screen have graphical anomalies.21:21
MJBrunehey I have a graphic issue that provides no errors. http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/9361/201107261229501680x1050.png it looks like the following21:21
MJBruneerm that was a reverse paste from earlier21:21
MJBruneI figure people are here now so may as well try :P21:21
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jnsl_ok last bug for today... i use nautilius as my preferred file manager, however when i open an entry in the "Places" menu, i always get a nautilus window with my home dir21:45
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knomeZiRiu, hey, if you can, please try to avoid awaynicks. thanks! :)22:07
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g570Hi all22:55
g570I need some help22:55
g570Quite urgently22:55
g570Anyone here??22:55
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:55
g570Right well I just turned my laptop on and xubuntu wouldnt boot up. It drops to initramfs22:56
g570says "mounting /dev on /root/dev failed: no such file or directory"22:57
g570same line again but for sys22:57
g570and /root/proc22:58
g570How can I recover my system??22:58
g570recovery mode drops to initramfs as well22:59
g570Am currently on a friends laptop so I can read here, google the problem and try to recover it22:59
madnickg570: i would investiage with a live-cd23:03
g570I am in a live cd now23:03
g570i tried to open gparted and it asks for password23:04
g570How can I find out the live cd password_23:04
g570I google and dont find anything helpful :(23:04
madnickwhich live cd?23:04
g570xubuntu 10.1023:04
madnickjust do sudo gparted in the terminal23:05
g570Ok that worked23:05
g570Thanks madnick23:05
g570I am checking the partition I have now23:06
g570Could this fix it?23:06
madnickIm not familiar with this specific problem, but it could have quite alot of reasons i suppose23:07
Sysihas that CD booted on any other machine?23:08
Sysicold be failed burn23:08
g570No cd is working fine now23:08
g570I am even in gparted23:08
g570But just dont know what to do :(23:08
Sysilivecd shouldn't have password23:08
g570Not it doesnt23:09
g570but does ask when I try to su in terminal23:09
Sysisudo -i23:09
Sysiroot user isn't used in ubuntu23:09
Sysi(you can set to be used)23:10
SysiI'll go to bed, I'd give bad advice this tired23:10
g570Oh ok23:10
g570Thanks for answering me23:10
g570This is a nightmare. I use xubuntu everyday for work and today I cant boot it !23:11
madnickrun fsck23:11
madnick(dont blindly run it)23:12
g570How do I mount my filesystem?23:12
Sysiyou tried booting it several times? you could hold shift when booting and try selecting older kernel23:12
g570Tried that sysi23:12
g570Initramfs on all kernels!23:13

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