bones_i am new to ubuntu dev and wanted to start by fixing a typo in a package.  has anyone got a few minutes to answer a couple of questions?04:29
didrocksgood morning05:19
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ruhilin unity what is BamfLauncherIcon?06:53
oSoMoNgood morning07:07
fhdHi. I've created a small Unity 2D patch, and to do so, I had to somehow kill the original launcher, and keep it dead07:17
fhdI did that by renaming /usr/bin/unity-2d-launcher. I presume there is a better way?07:17
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kicsyromyHello everyone! I'm not sure I'm in the right channel. I want to ask a question regarding application indicator development.09:12
thumperkicsyromy: yeah, I think this is the right channel09:56
ephankicsyromy, go ahead09:57
kicsyromysorry i was afk10:00
kicsyromyi want to add a slider widget to an appindicator10:00
ephanLike the Sound Applet one?10:01
kicsyromythis is what i have so far: http://paste.ubuntu.com/656278/ tthe problem is that it dowsnt show in the indicator menu it only shows a minus sign10:01
kicsyromyyeah like the one in the sond menu10:01
kicsyromyive used libido for the scale widget10:02
kicsyromyany toughts? :D I'm really stuck an have no ideea what to do :-S10:09
Trevinhofhd: I guess it's re-launched by dbus monitor, so you can just edit the related service file not to exec it automatically10:27
ephanJust tested ubuntu 11.1010:28
andyrockgood morning10:31
ephanhello andyrock, just back from testing Ubuntu 11.1010:32
andyrockephan, cool... report as many bugs as possible10:32
ephanandyrock, indeed I must report all the ones I find when I boot it for testing later10:33
andyrockephan, try to solve unity bitesize bug too... :)10:34
ephanandyrock, I couldn't get internet on Ubuntu 11.10, so I couldn't install Unity10:34
ephanI could only log in as guest from the Daily Build (running live)10:34
ephanfrom USB Drive10:34
ephanActually Ubuntu 11.04 is bugging right now, I can't use the mouse, let me reboot10:36
andyrockephan, what do you mean for "i couldn't get internet on Ubuntu..."? i'm not American/English :)10:36
fhdTrevinho: Thanks, I'll have a look.10:36
fhdI've asked this before, but didn't get a definite answer yet: If I create a merge proposal for Unity 2D on Launchpad, will someone review it in any case or do I have to add reviewers manually (as with Google projects)?10:44
Amaranthfhd: You can specify a preference but it emails everyone in the unity-2d team10:45
andyrockephan, what do you mean for "i couldn't get internet on Ubuntu..."? i'm not American10:45
fhdAmaranth: Ah, that's a definite answer, thanks :)10:47
ephanandyrock, netierh am I XD What I mean is, I couldn't connect to the Internet using Ubuntu 11.1010:54
ephanI ran live from USB Drive and logged in as guest, it requested a password for guest to connect to the internet10:54
ephanAnd due to that, i couldn't branch Unity and try to compile10:54
andyrockephan, ah ok...10:55
ruhilhey all10:56
ephanhey ruhil10:56
ruhili was reading the source code of unity but could not understand what "BamfLauncherIcon" could mean10:57
ephanBamf is the library libbafm, but what is that, a class, a file?10:58
ruhila class defined in a file of same name10:58
andyrockruhil, a banflaunchericon is an icon of an application11:00
andyrockruhil, a device icon is a DeviceLauncherIcon11:00
andyrockruhil, a place/lense icon is a PlaceLauncherIcon11:00
ruhilyeah i figured them out11:01
ruhilbut is there any full form related to  bamf?11:01
ruhillike "bfb" means "Big Freaking Button"11:01
ephanHm, just reading the file11:02
ephanBasically, it defines how the icon should be depending on what the application state is, I guess. Am I right?11:03
andyrockruhil, bamf stands for Bamf Applications Matching Framework11:03
ruhilephan, yeah :)11:04
ruhilandyrock, how can full form of bamf can contain "b" for bamf?11:05
andyrockruhil, something like GNU = "Gnu is not unix" :)11:06
ruhili didn't know that , lol11:07
andyrockruhil, let me remember the exact word to describe it :)11:07
andyrockruhil, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recursive_acronym11:08
ephan"<andyrock> ruhil, something like GNU = "Gnu is not unix" :)" haha11:08
ephanI'll add Bafm to that Wikipedia page11:09
ruhilephan, you made a mistake "Bafm - Bamf Applications Matching Framework"11:13
ruhilaah i corrected it11:14
ephanthanks ruhil11:14
ruhilephan, :)11:14
ephanI actually looked for the file in the folder for "Bafm" too, I guess it's the way I type11:15
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ephanDoes Unity for GNOME 3 also use javascript for plugins? Hum11:30
RAOFephan: No.11:31
ephanThanks RAOF11:32
RAOFIt is itself a compiz plugin.11:32
ephanIndeed, hence it doesn't make sense writing plugins for plugins.11:32
njpatelephan, not just that, but we'd rather not have plugins inside the window manager process. You can talk to most (all?) the Unity APIs through the gobject-introspection infrastructure, though11:36
david__Unity just crashed, I'm using the terminal from Ctrl+Alt+F111:44
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ephan_What should I try? unity -reset ?11:45
ephan_Or just reboot and I'm sure it'll be fine after it11:45
ephansigh resetting fixed it11:47
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andyrocksmspillaz, around?12:03
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smspillazandyrock: yeah, but I'm kind of busy right now. What's up?12:07
andyrocksmspillaz, don't worry if you are busy... sorry! i'll ping you another time12:08
smspillazit's fine, just braindump and I'll answer at some point :)12:09
andyrocksmspillaz, compiz uses extern "C" function to get vtable (and it's fine i know) but it doesn'use extern "C" function to delete vtable12:12
andyrocksmspillaz, i know it's not always a problem, but...12:12
smspillazandyrock: why would that be a problme?12:15
smspillaz(I haven't dealt with this part of the code before, so I'd be interested to know)12:15
andyrocksmspillaz, a lot of books/tutorial do not recommend it, after all if the class overloads new and delete operators....12:18
andyrockbut it's a bad programming IMHO12:19
smspillazandyrock: overloading new and delete is forbidden in the coding guidelines iirc12:19
smspillazandyrock: I believe that doing things in an extern "C" { } like that only prevents symbol mangling12:20
smspillazthat's when declaring new functions12:20
smspillazor objects12:20
andyrocksmspillaz, i know...12:20
smspillazso the reason that's in an extern "C" is because dlopen needs to find the ("getCompPluginVTable20090315_name") symbol12:21
andyrocksmspillaz, ok thx sorry for the apologize for the inconvenience12:21
andyrocksmspillaz, because c++ is not c i know :)12:21
smspillazandyrock: np12:26
smspillazandyrock: btw, I have a persistent nick on irc, so if you poke me and I don't reply its best to shoot me an email in case you log of12:26
andyrocksmspillaz, okok... thx12:28
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kenvandinewhoops :)12:38
mterryCimi_, hello!  Has Robert Ancell talked to you about a unity greeter theme for LightDM?12:43
Cimi_mterry: no12:43
mterryCimi_, I have this note in a list of tasks he wrote that needed to be done: "Fixing up the theming in unity-greeter, probably just need to ask Cimi to make a theme.  The important part is the transparent menubar."12:44
mterryCimi_, I don't know if that's enough to go on.  Maybe email Robert?12:45
Cimi_mterry: he should mail me :-)12:45
Cimi_mterry: that was not in my list12:45
mterryCimi_, well, he's away on vacation/conference time, so he may not mail you shortly.  But ACK12:47
mterryCimi_, if in a couple weeks he does email you, is there room in your schedule for such a thing?12:47
Cimi_mterry: IIRC, we will both attend the desktop summit. So we can chat in person12:50
mterryCimi_, oh, great!  OK, that'll sort that then.  I'll email him to remind him to seek you out12:51
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DBOTrevinho, present?14:01
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andyrocknjpatel, if you want i can port other tets to gtest14:22
njpatelandyrock, that would be awesome, we could get rid of the glib tester stuff once and for all!14:23
andyrocksince i want to work on unity dnd, but nux dnd is broken :(14:23
njpatelandyrock, will try and get nux DND fixed this week, as we need it for dash stuff too14:23
andyrocknjpatel, ok...14:24
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APIlamalex, hi, in the end, do you prefer if I search for a different reviewer for this branch: ?15:24
lamalexno, i'll review it now- is it actually ready? didn't you make some changes before?15:25
lamalexAPI, ^15:27
APIlamalex, hmm no ;)15:29
APIthe last change that I made15:29
APIwas just to solve some conflicts on merge15:29
APIlast week15:29
APIbut I have just merged now15:29
APIand merged fine15:29
lamalexok, reviewing NOW15:29
APIlamalex, ok thanks15:31
lamalexAPI, can you run the formatter over your code and push a new rev15:50
lamalexthe style is all off15:50
APIlamalex, hmmm, I think that it is just the format that those files already had15:51
APII mean that it is following current style for all the a11y files15:51
APIso probably the best option would apply it in this commit, and then fix the style for15:51
APIall the a11y files15:52
lamalexyah, i forgot that would totally screw the diff :P15:52
TrevinhoDBO: I'm here right now!15:52
DBOTrevinho, https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/fix-690143/+merge/6984915:52
APIlamalex, btw, are you talking about ./tools/astyle-formatter?15:52
APIit seems somewhat new, as this seems a new tool for me15:53
lamalextools/apply_unity blah blah15:53
APIah ok, the apply formatter15:53
APIso, thats the plan? merge this branch and then fix the style in a different merge proposal?15:53
TrevinhoDBO: yes, I saw that... I should merge with trunk and retry15:54
Trevinhoin my branch it works fine15:54
DBOsorry :/15:54
TrevinhoNo problem DBO15:54
TrevinhoDBO: about the bug https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/laucher-edge-reveal-revisited/+merge/6970115:54
Trevinhosorry, the branch15:55
Trevinhodo you also want the 1px thing (that I mentioned in the merge request?)15:55
TrevinhoAlso if I know that this could be temporary too15:55
andyrockDBO Trevinho i think the conflicts are caused by "pulse trash" branch15:56
APIlamalex, so, thats the plan? merge this branch and then fix the style in a different merge proposal?15:57
TrevinhoAh, ok... thankyou andyrock15:57
APIlamalex, ok, I will wait for your approval on that merge proposal then15:58
andyrockTrevinho, yw16:01
lamalexAPI, reviewed with 1 small cmment16:05
APIlamalex, ok, thanks, looking16:05
TrevinhoMh, andyrock I gave a look to the pulse branch16:06
Trevinhobut it shouldn't matter16:06
APIlamalex, I don't understand that comment, I added other g_debug in other functions, why that debug is different?16:07
lamalexah i just didn't note them16:08
lamalexgoes for all of them16:08
lamalexthey're kind of useless when not developing16:08
lamalexshould scrap them16:08
APIlamalex, hmm, but this is the reason I used g_debug instead of g_printf16:09
APIyou can deactivate g_debug on release16:09
andyrockTrevinho, bho16:09
andyrock151       result = backlight_strength;16:09
andyrock152       if (_backlight_mode == BACKLIGHT_ALWAYS_ON)16:09
andyrock153         result *= CLAMP(running_progress + IconStartingPulseValue(icon, current), 0.0f, 1.0f);16:09
andyrock154-      else if (_backlight_mode == BACKLIGHT_NORMAL)16:09
andyrock155+      else if (IsBackLightModeToggles())16:09
andyrock156         result += (BACKLIGHT_STRENGTH - result) * (1.0f - IconStartingPulseValue(icon, current));16:09
andyrock157       else16:09
andyrockthis stuff maybe, but i'm not sure... btw they should be only text conflict16:10
TrevinhoMh, andyrock don't flood :D16:11
Trevinhohowever I've to check...16:11
lamalexAPI, yah but it's just noise basically, it's essentially just a trace, gdb can tell you the same thing + more16:11
APIlamalex, ok, not a big deal anyway16:12
APItaking into account that there are more g_debug16:12
APIon other places of a11y code16:12
APIwhat about remove all them on that style review?16:12
APIlamalex, ^16:13
lamalexworks for me16:13
lamalexdo you have push access to trunk16:13
TrevinhoAm I the only who can't compile the latest unity?16:13
Amaranthhmm, did someone forget to bzr add a file?16:14
Amaranthseems unity-misc/gnome-bg-slideshow.h is missing16:14
lamalexAmaranth, you need unity-misc from trunk16:14
Amaranthoh, that's a separate thing?16:15
lamalexbzr branch lp:unity-misc16:15
lamalexAPI, do you  have trunk access?16:15
andyrockTrevinho, which kind of error do you get?16:15
Amaranthlamalex: well that failed but I'll look around16:15
APIlamalex, well yes, I already merged branches16:15
APII suppose that people didn't revoke my trunk access ;=16:15
lamalexyah i was just cheking, i wasn't sure16:16
APIlamalex, I will merge this then, thanks again16:17
jonoare bugs against indicators filed against indicator-applet?16:18
jonoI just filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-applet/+bug/81939816:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 819398 in indicator-applet (Ubuntu) "Skype has no indicator and no way of accessing the window" [Undecided,New]16:18
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Amaranthspeaking of noise, any plans to make unity stop spewing loads of stuff while running?16:20
Trevinhojono: skype doesn't use an indicator16:20
Trevinhobut the systray16:20
jonoTrevinho, it does now16:20
Trevinhoah, ok... :)16:20
jonowell, it's menu is rendered as an indicator16:20
TrevinhoI didn't upgrade it in Oneiric16:20
jonoI think the new indicator API can render notification apps as indicators16:21
AmaranthTrevinho: btw, did you try to ping me the other day?16:21
jonoTrevinho, yeah, it is pretty cool :-)16:21
jcastroTrevinho: link me up to your membership application!16:21
ephanLet's not call it systray will we? XD16:21
TrevinhoAmaranth: yes, I needed some help with compiz16:21
Trevinhobut then I found what I was missing16:21
Trevinhojcastro: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Treviño ;)16:22
Amarantharg, can't wait until I don't have to keep trying to sync all of this stuff16:22
Trevinhojono, about skype I don't know if that's something related to qt more than to libindicator...16:22
Amaranthhmm, seems the build is broken16:22
Amaranth/home/travis/Projects/gles/unity/plugins/unityshell/src/DesktopLauncherIcon.cpp:54:29: error: ‘class WindowManager’ has no member named ‘ShowDesktop’16:23
Amarantheither that or I've done something wrong while doing a merge but I don't think I've ever touched that file16:23
jonoTrevinho, it may indeed be16:23
Trevinhojono: I also was thinking to do something to get better indicator support for standard gtk apps using a systray, but the way it works in gtk could lead to unworking indicators at all...16:25
Amaranththat was indeed a glitch with a merge16:26
Amaranthoh, *facepalm*16:27
AmaranthI was fixing things up between BASE and THIS instead of OTHER and THIS16:27
jonoTrevinho, yeah, I that could be awesome16:27
jonoI would have thought providing support for it could be workable16:27
jonoit seems Qt is doing that16:27
Trevinhojono: the fact is that in gtk a systray can have both a menu associated and any other action over it16:28
TrevinhoSo we can't ever know what is doing an app with is systray icon16:28
jonoTrevinho, ahhh of course, good point16:29
Trevinho(is was his, of course! :P)16:29
Trevinhoor its, better :P16:29
Trevinhojcastro: thank you for your support! ;)16:35
njpatelTrevinho, added one too :)16:41
TrevinhoThank you njpatel ;)16:41
njpatelTrevinho, no worries, dude, it's the least you deserve16:43
ephanhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/692462 Why did I get this as email?16:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 692462 in unity "unity confused with chromium web apps" [Wishlist,Confirmed]16:47
ephanAh it was andy :P Thanks16:47
TrevinhoDBO around?17:01
Andy80hi all17:25
ephanhey Andy8017:25
APIlamalex, I have just created this branch:17:56
APIanyway after thinking it a little17:56
APInot sure if requires a review as it should be really safe17:56
lamalexyah, should be ok just to push it, just make sure it compiles and give the diff a quick read through17:57
APIjust g_debug removal and a call to apply_unity_formatting.sh17:57
APIlamalex, I already tested it17:57
APIso I will make a read to the diff and push it17:57
APIlamalex, thanks17:57
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andyrockTrevinho, around?18:57
ephanandyrock, I saw that bug you sent me18:57
andyrockephan, which bug? :) my memory is not to long.. you know18:58
ephanthe one with getting the gnome-applet icons19:00
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andyrockephan, are you sure it was me?19:02
ephanAre you Didier Roche?19:03
TrevinhoYes andyrock19:03
ephanahhhh I get it now19:03
andyrockephan, no.... i am andyrock (Andrea Azzarone)19:03
ephanI received the email because I'm not part of "Unity Community Hackers"19:03
ephani'm now*19:04
ephanI was wondering why I'd received a bug notification19:04
ephanSorry about that andyrock19:04
andyrockephan, btw didier roche is didrock19:04
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Andy80thumper: good night :)22:15

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