lifelessspiv: hey, you might like to know your quiescing code for bzr+ssh bazaar.launchpad.net is now live in HA mode.06:21
pooliejust in time :)06:23
poolieanyone up for a review? https://code.launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/test-errors/+merge/6448507:12
jelmerpoolie: sure, I'll have a look07:55
Noldorinah hi jelmer07:56
pooliehi there07:56
Noldorinseems weekend is not a godo time to catch you ;-)07:56
jelmerhi Noldorin07:57
jelmerhi poolie07:57
jelmerNoldorin: Usually it is, but I spent 27 hours of this one on trains07:57
Noldorinah i see07:58
Noldorinsoudns fun. :-P07:58
Noldorinjelmer, well if you got my email, i replied to your messages...had actually already submitted the bug report on friday when speaking to you :-)07:59
Noldorinjelmer, you gone again??08:37
jelmerNoldorin: no, sorry, but going through mail backlog at the moment08:42
jelmerNoldorin: I'll follow up to the bug08:42
Noldorinjelmer, ok, please :-)08:44
Noldorinjelmer, this is very imporant to me, so i will be happy to help you with this. have some free time either now or tomorrow night (for you)08:44
jelmerNoldorin: unfortunately it just requires a lot of time debugging08:48
jelmerNoldorin: I can provide you with some hints if you would like to have a look at it yourself08:48
Noldorinjelmer, certainly...08:49
Noldorinjelmer, obviously leave it on your own task list, but it doesn't hurt for me to have a go as well. :-)08:49
Noldorinas i understand, the issue is a missing item in the Git database...don't know anything more08:49
jelmerNoldorin: one of the bzr-git routines doesn't properly generate an entry for a particular src directory in the _revision_to_objects method08:51
jelmerit seems to happen specifically with r47 of ircdotnet, but I'm not sure why (which change in that revision is problematic)08:51
jelmera good first step might be to try to push r46 into a git repository, and confirm that that works08:52
jelmerand then see if you can reproduce the issue with a subset of the changes in r4708:52
Noldorinjelmer, what do you mean "particular src directory"?08:52
jelmerNoldorin: see the comments on the bug report08:53
Noldorinjelmer, link please? for some reaons i am not getting notifications :-(08:54
jelmerNoldorin: Sorry, I don't have it handy here. You should have the bug# though, as you filed the bug.08:57
Noldorinhah i wouldn't assume08:58
Noldorini will have to search for it...08:58
Noldorini rely on LP to update me. oh well08:58
Noldoringot it09:00
Noldorinjelmer, what does Triaged mean?09:08
poolieit means accepted by a developer09:11
Noldorinok heh09:11
Noldorinsuch an obscure term in normal English ;-)09:12
poolieheh, http://markmail.org/message/jt2psgctve3riact#query:+page:1+mid:jt2psgctve3riact+state:results09:12
jelmerpoolie: great to hear about HA for codehosting, looking forward to seeing jam & spiv's forking server code land!09:13
poolieisn't it great09:13
spivlifeless: ha, thanks :)09:17
Noldorinjelmer, yes pushing as r46 works... will investigate the issue tomorrow; thanks!09:26
Noldoringood night for now09:27
jmlloom is so close to being great12:16
jmlanyone seen mgz around recently?12:52
jelmerjml: I think I talked to him last week12:57
GRiDhi everyone. i'd like to try some bzr hacking. if anyone has any suggestions on a good starter bug for exploring the code base, let me know. otherwise i'll pick the first "easy" bug that makes sense to me.13:30
jelmerGRiD: I think the bugs tagged "easy" are indeed the best place to start13:37
GRiDjelmer, ok thanks13:46
dreamkxdIs there anyone here to answer my bzr-svn problems?13:59
jelmerdreamkxd: can you be more specific?14:06
jelmerdreamkxd: what is your question?14:07
dreamkxdWell, I want to modify bzr-svn to handle multiple branch in an single path, where to start?14:14
dreamkxdOr in other words, I want to ignore some content in svn branch. how to do that.14:15
jelmerdreamkxd: those two things seem like different things14:20
jelmerdreamkxd: what do you mean with multiple branches in a single path?14:20
dreamkxdI think they can be handle in the same way.14:20
jelmerah, you're luoyonggan14:20
dreamkxdFor example there is an path /branches/branchA/BranchB14:20
jelmerat the moment you would have a different layout for interpreting that layout differently14:22
dreamkxdso, the files under BranchB should be fully ignore by branchA14:22
dreamkxdyes. that's right, that's why such an condition appeared.14:22
jelmerdreamkxd: that's not really possible without changing the mapping format, and breaking all existing revision ids14:23
dreamkxdSo, that's an impossible task?14:23
jelmerdreamkxd: yes, and I don't really see the value of branches that exclude certain data. I don't think it's a natural way to work, because "svn co" works with full subtrees.14:24
dreamkxdThat's the problem, svn co works with full subtrees.14:24
dreamkxdbut bzr is dvcs. So it's didn't accept redundant data in the repo, or the repo will be very large.14:25
dreamkxdthat's the value of bzr-svn. and bzr-svn should be able handle such an condition.14:25
jelmerdreamkxd: The problem with excluding certain files is that it creates different history14:26
jelmerergo, different revision ids that are incompatible with checkouts that do have all the files14:26
jelmerExcluding things like big files seems like a better idea for just the working tree (which bzr already supports) or by using ghosts.14:27
jelmerSorry, I meant to say:14:27
jelmerIt seems like a better idea to just limit what files are created in the working tree (which bzr already supports) or by using ghosts.14:28
jelmerdreamkxd: I don't have any objections to support for considering multiple things in a path branches14:28
dreamkxdto specify the file name?14:28
jelmerdreamkxd: but I don't think considering /branches/branchA/branchB a branch means that /branches/branchA would no longer include the contents of BranchB14:29
dreamkxdI am just considerating the fact condition.14:29
jelmerdreamkxd: what do you mean?14:30
dreamkxdbecause at some time, and because the dirty part of svn, some one like to copy the full project B as an subdirectory of project A.14:30
dreamkxdso when convert, we should exclude project B when converting project A.14:31
jelmerdreamkxd: that makes it impossible to create sensible revision ids14:31
dreamkxdThat means /ProjetA/branches/ProjectA/ProjectBForEasyBuild copy from /ProjectB14:32
dreamkxdno, I need only one thing, that's ignore all files under directory  /ProjetA/branches/ProjectA/ProjectB14:32
dreamkxdwe won't create rev id for projectB, because it's virtual, won't convert when we converting ProjectA14:33
jelmerdreamkxd: sorry, but that means we change the contents of an existing revision (because we delete data from there)14:35
jelmerdreamkxd: and that requires a format bump14:35
jelmerdreamkxd: this would also be an issue for svn users of ProjectA14:36
jelmerso is that really all that common?14:36
dreamkxddo you means that the data from bzr on an path is different from svn's path?14:37
jelmerdreamkxd: that too14:39
dreamkxdthat's means the bzr's branch  /ProjetA/branches/ProjectA/ 's content is different to svn's /ProjetA/branches/ProjectA/ path? because ProjectB is removed from bzr? but bzr still have?14:39
dreamkxdSo what's they other problems? That will affecting bzr-svn's codebase a lot?14:39
jelmerdreamkxd: I think this should be entirely different of your autolayout work, it's a lot larger project (and I don't think it's a good idea)14:40
jelmerdreamkxd: you can't simply change what data bzr-svn imports for a particular revision-id; excluding a directory that older versions of bzr-svn do import will break.14:42
jelmerdreamkxd: this is wholly different from layouts14:42
jelmerdreamkxd: unless I'm misunderstanding what you're proposing14:42
dreamkxdwell, may patch won't affecting other layout's work.14:42
dreamkxdI means, there current layout works as-is.14:43
dreamkxdand only when using layout auto, we handle such a conflict.14:43
jelmerdreamkxd: the layouts don't have any influence on the revision-id; the revision-id depends just on the repository UUID, revnum and path14:44
jelmerdreamkxd: your layout can't adjust history, it can only help in what primary paths get imported as a branch14:44
dreamkxdadjust history? what's that means?14:45
jelmerdreamkxd: if you'd like to support multiple branches for a single path (e.g. interpreting both /branches/branchA and /branches/branchA/branchB as a branch) that should mostly be a matter of patching RepositoryLayout.parse() to return multiple results rather than just one14:46
jelmerdreamkxd: however, even if you do that and somebody does "bzr branch <url>/branches/branchA" they will get a branchA bzr branch that has a "branchB" directory in it.14:46
jelmerdreamkxd: does that make sense?14:47
dreamkxdEr.. That's doesn't make sense.14:48
dreamkxdexcept the orginal branchB and /branches/branchA is the same.14:48
dreamkxdBut that's almost impossible.14:49
jelmerdreamkxd: Sorry, I'm having a really hard time understanding what you're saying.14:50
dreamkxd orginal of( branchB and /branches/branchA )14:50
dreamkxdi means /prefix/branches/branchA copied form /prefix/trunk, and /prefix/branches/branchA/branchB both copied from /prefix/trunk.14:50
jelmerin that case, "branchB" would still be a directory if you check out "/prefix/branches/branchA"14:51
dreamkxdso bzr branch <url>/branches/branchA checkout withou direcotry "branchB" at most case.14:52
dreamkxdyes, that's right.14:52
jelmerdreamkxd: it will checkout *with* branchB14:52
dreamkxdit possible checkout *with* branchB14:53
dreamkxdand the possiblity of possible is very low. in most case, it's not.14:53
jelmerno, it will always checkout with branchB. If you want to make the presence of branchB optional, you should work on per-file ghost support in bzr core first.14:53
dreamkxddo you means geting directory branchB as an ghost, then the problem will be resolved?14:54
jelmerdreamkxd: a ghost is basically something that bzr knows about but doesn't existing the repository14:55
jelmerdreamkxd: a ghost is basically something that bzr knows about but which it does not actually have14:55
dreamkxdindeed, i have no knowledge about ghost at all.14:55
jelmerdreamkxd: it currently supports ghost revisions (e.g. holes in the revision graph) and in principle there are ghost files as well, though they aren't really supported at the moment.14:55
dreamkxdSo where to start? I means in the current codebase?14:57
jelmerdreamxkd: in bzr-core. It would probably be very hard to implement them, but it's the right place to do it.14:57
jelmerdreamkxd: It also will be hard to implement what you're proposing in bzr-svn, especially considering performance.14:58
dreamkxdnot in bzr-svn?14:58
jelmerdreamkxd: well, it would require support from bzr-svn too, but that's a fraction of the work required in bzr.14:59
dreamkxdI have to say, it's makes me afraid.14:59
dreamkxdwell, i have a simple hack to avoid this problem, just directly ignore branchA, getting it to be death, even lost some data, but at least it works.15:00
dreamkxdbtw, didn't bzr ghost works like svn-externals?15:02
jelmerdreamkxd: getting to directly ignore branch*B* you mean?15:05
jelmerdreamkxd: ghosts are different from externals; svn-externals are a lot like bzr nested trees.15:06
jelmeralthough I guess in some regard ghosts can be seen as absent by-value nested trees15:06
jelmersvn-externals are like by-reference nested trees15:06
dreamkxdno, I means ignore branchA.15:07
dreamkxdonly perserve the last(tailing) one, so that's didn't need to ignore it's subdirectories.15:09
dreamkxdfor example /branches/branchA/branchB.15:09
dreamkxdwe won't create /branches/branchA, but branchB.15:09
jelmerah, ok. fair enough15:10
dreamkxdI meet antoher problem under bzr-svn, when an branch X exist before, but then it's deleted, it won't be converted by bzr-svn, am I right?15:15
jelmerdreamkxd: if you're referring to "bzr svn-import", it will only be converted if you specify --all15:17
dreamkxdOk. I see it.15:18
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Noldorin_hi jelmer18:00
jelmerhi Noldorin_18:01
Noldorin_jelmer, so i'm going to check into the issue now a bit :-)18:01
Noldorin_jelmer, pushin r46 indeed works... btw how can i dpush to another remote branch?18:01
jelmerNoldorin_: how do you mean?18:07
jelmerNoldorin_: fwiw, you can also push to a local git repo18:07
jelmerthat might make testing easier18:07
Noldorin_jelmer, exactly that...what's unclear?18:07
Noldorin_ok sure18:07
jelmer__Noldorin: if you want to push to a different branch, just specify a different URL18:13
Noldorin_jelmer. how exactly does the URL change?18:13
jelmer__Noldorin_: if you want to push to /tmp/some/repo, use "bzr dpush /tmp/some/repo"18:14
Noldorin_jelmer, that pushes to master branch...how do i change that url for other branches?18:15
jelmerNoldorin_: ah18:16
jelmerNoldorin_: it's not possible to specify colocated branches to push to yet, that's one of the things I'm working on18:16
Noldorin_jelmer, ah i see... Git/Hg have collocated branches but not Bzr right?18:18
Noldorin_jelmer, will this feature be ready any time soon? :-)18:18
jelmer__Noldorin_: There is a plugin that provides it for regular bzr branches (lp:bzr-colo)18:19
jelmer__The work I'm doing is about adding it to the core, so it can also be used for other things like the bzr-hg and bzr-git plugins18:19
jelmer__20:19 <jelmer__> Noldorin_: There is a plugin that provides it for regular bzr branches (lp:bzr-colo)18:19
Noldorin__jelmer, ah ok. do let me know when it's implemented please!18:21
jelmer__Noldorin_: Subscribe to bug #38087118:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 380871 in Bazaar "support for colocated branches" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38087118:22
Noldorin__jelmer, thanks18:23
Noldorin__jelmer, it says fix released for bzr-git?18:25
Noldorin__hmm oh well18:28
jelmerNoldorin__: the required fixes for bzr-git have happened, but that doesn't really matter until the bzr part is there18:32
Noldorin__jelmer, got it.18:33
Kralnwhat bug tracking software integrates the best with bzr? :)19:00
jelmer__Kraln: Probably Launchpad19:15
Kralnprobably; what about self-hosted stuff19:17
jelmerKraln: I'm not sure; I know there is e.g. sloecode, I don't know if that does bug tracking though19:22
jelmerKraln: things like trac also have plugins that add bzr support19:22
* jelmer__ realizes he doesn't actually have a lot of useful info19:26
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maxbWhat does 'lost connection during test' mean?21:18
jelmer__maxb: it's a subunit error21:28
jelmer__basically, it can mean various different things - in this case I suspect it means that the test runner crashed21:29
maxbworth retrying the build to see if it goes away?21:29
jelmer__Is this using the latest subvertpy, 0.8.0 ?21:29
jelmer__There were some ref counting issues in subvertpy fixed a while ago that were causing segfaults during the bzr-svn testsuite21:30
jelmer__in that case, it's probably a new one :(21:31
pooliehi all22:17
jelmerg'morning poolie22:18
jelmerhow are you today?22:18
pooliehi, welcome back22:18
pooliegood thanks22:18
pooliegoing to do some reviews and piloting today22:18
pooliemy own queue is almost empty which is good22:18
jelmerthanks, it's good to be back.. though I think I got quite a bit of stuff done last week too :)22:18
jelmerpoolie: thanks, I'll make sure to have a look at your MPs22:19
pooliethanks, welcome back22:20
systemclienthow can I split my ./debian folder into a separate branch and move it out of the repository into a completely differnet folder?23:51
jelmersystemclient: bzr split in your debian directory will create a separate branch23:57
jelmersystemclient: after you commit that, you can safely "bzr branch /path/to/thefolder/debian /tmp/newlocation"23:58

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