ScottKyofel: I'll try and look at it later tonight.00:11
yofelScottK: any suggestion how to proceed with kiten? Add to supported seed?00:13
ScottKIt's never been in Main, so that would need a MIR.00:28
ScottKLet me think about it.00:28
yofelgood night00:54
micahgwould someone mind if I proposed a merge for a kubuntu package (revert libjpeg62-dev build-dep)?01:21
micahgwell, I did it anyway...01:25
Daskreechnight 02:23
micahgis there an official branch for avogadro?  the vcs is set for debian in the latest upload02:33
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ScottKyofel: qtruby is a reject.  No full copy of the license for Files: examples/ruboids/*04:56
ScottKPointing to a web site isn't adequate.04:57
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ScottKAccepted the others.05:15
eMylleryofel: thank you :D05:49
eMyller[sorry, been out]05:49
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bambeefeel free to ping me if you need some help :)08:12
yofelScottK: thanks, looking at ruby again08:32
jussidolphin 2.0 <308:41
jussicant wait to see it actually working08:42
yofelnice :D08:46
skfinI was about to ask that what is going to change for dolphin 2.0 but i see that my eyes just missed the link somehow08:50
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/gwenview] Philip Muškovac * 21 * debian/ (changelog control) * Build depend on libjpeg-dev again now that libjpeg8-dev no longer provides that virtual package - update debian/control08:54
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eMyller'morning all14:15
eMylleryofel: any idea why oxygen-transparent failed to build when i copied it from your ppa?14:17
yofelcopied it to your ppa? for natty?14:17
eMylleri just tried to put them at ~emyller/oxygen-transparent14:17
eMylleryofel: yep14:18
eMyllerthe builds for oneiric were successful, though.14:18
yofeleMyller: see failed build https://launchpad.net/~emyller/+archive/oxygen-transparent/+build/266002814:19
yofeleither change the build-dep to kdebase-workspace-dev if you want to build against KDE 4.6, or make your PPA depend on kubuntu-ppa/backports so it has access to 4.714:20
eMylleri just issued a package deletion and copied again including binaries14:20
yofelthat'll work too, but note those are built against 4.714:20
eMylleryep, safer...14:20
eMylleryofel: what did you went with?14:21
yofeladded backports to PPA deps14:21
* eMyller is researching about how to add dependencies14:26
yofeleMyller: on your PPA overview page there's a button at the top right14:29
eMyllerduh, just found it14:30
eMylleri was looking for a command based thing14:30
eMyllerthanks :)14:30
shadeslayeryofel: i think we can drop neonkwin now14:35
shadeslayerseeing how everything is working just fine14:36
yofeluh... you *can* set that from lp-shell using launchpadlib14:36
yofelnot that easy though ;)14:36
yofelshadeslayer: sure, go ahead, I simply didn't bother removing it yet14:36
mgraesslinout of interest: what was neonkwin?14:37
eMylleryofel: i saw some claims about api flaws; anyway, retrying the build, already. :D14:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: congrats on the new release14:37
yofelmgraesslin: 'kwin' wrapper that set LD_LIBRARY_PATH before running it14:38
yofelwasn't used long14:38
apacheloggerQuintasan: pvlc can go up14:41
eMylleryofel: failed again, same reason [it seems]. did i miss anything?14:43
apacheloggershadeslayer: thanks14:46
yofeleMyller: what does it say now on the depencency page? 14:46
eMyllerMissing build dependencies: kde-workspace-dev14:46
eMyller[i just added backports as a dependency]14:46
eMyllerdidn't see where i could add a specific package14:47
yofelwhat? the Backports repos, or the kubuntu-ppa/backports PPA?14:47
yofelyou need latter14:47
ScottKQuintasan: What K9 the backup solution we liked?  http://k9copy.sourceforge.net/web/index.php/en/news14:48
eMylleryofel: about the former, should i put it back to 'Default'?14:49
yofeldo it, won't matter in this case though14:50
shadeslayerapachelogger: got a sec?14:53
apacheloggershadeslayer: maybe14:54
shadeslayerapachelogger: weird plasmoid build issue, when i start my applet via plasmoidviewer after its installed i get : "plasmoidviewer(19556)/libplasma Plasma::Package::isValid: Could not find required file mainscript "14:55
shadeslayerbut it looks like everything installed just fine14:55
apacheloggerPlasma package stuff reports erros when there are none.14:56
shadeslayerapachelogger: already asked there, but this is more of a build issue, thought you might have a idea?14:56
apacheloggerAs all quality software does.14:56
ScottKIs there any more 4.7.0 uploading that needs doing?15:00
yofelI think yes, can someone upload kiten for now? I can't (universe)15:02
ScottKI can do that.15:02
yofelI'll look at the rest in a bit then15:02
yofelScottK: for qtruby: would it be ok for now to put a copy of the license in debian/copyright instead of the link? Without there being a full copy in the source tree15:03
ScottKyofel: Need to add the full copy in the source via patch or repacking.15:03
micahgyofel: thanks for the sponsorship :)15:04
yofelmicahg: sure :P15:04
yofelshadeslayer: any ETA on kstars?15:05
shadeslayeroh ... hold on, lemme check my review request15:05
shadeslayerbah, kstars upstream is lazy15:06
eMyllerdid anyone reviewed the cocoon (kde git gui) project?15:06
eMyllerif that thing is eligible for uploading, would be great15:06
eMylleryofel: holy cow, it installs and removes everything from the ppa for every build? :S15:07
shadeslayeryofel: i'll upload a new version to the ninjas ppa with my patch15:08
shadeslayerhold on15:08
QuintasanScottK: AFAIR it was BackInTime15:08
ScottKyofel: What's up with the kdegraphics-* packages still in Ninjas?15:09
yofelneed uploading too, I didn't get to upload everything15:09
yofeleMyller: yes, those are clean chroots so everything needs to be installed for every build15:10
eMyllerty for the info15:10
eMylleri appreciate it. :)15:11
eMyllerheck. "Failed to upload"15:11
yofeleMyller: that's why you usually use https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Intro/Pbuilder to check if something builds in the builders before uploading it15:11
eMylleroh i get it now15:12
eMyllerheavens, will handle it later. gotta work. :|15:13
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/ktouch] Philip Muškovac * 8 * debian/ (changelog control) releasing version 4:4.7.0-0ubuntu115:16
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ScottKyofel: Can you upload those?15:19
yofelyep, they're in main15:20
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kturtle] Philip Muškovac * 10 * debian/ (changelog control) releasing version 4:4.7.0-0ubuntu115:20
QuintasanScottK: Do we want kwin-gles right now?15:20
yofelwould be nice to have for A3 IMO15:21
ScottKQuintasan: Sooner the better, IMO.15:21
QuintasanWell, it still needs testing15:21
yofelthen we want it even more :P15:21
ScottKQuintasan: As long as it's not pulled in by anything, that's a good reason to get it in the archive.15:21
ScottKyofel: kiten is uploaded.15:21
yofelthanks :)15:22
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdegraphics-thumbnailers] Philip Muškovac * 8 * debian/changelog releasing version 4:4.7.0-0ubuntu115:24
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer] Philip Muškovac * 15 * debian/changelog releasing version 4:4.7.0-0ubuntu115:28
LinkmasterWhat are these? ^15:29
yofelLinkmaster: commits to the bzr branches15:31
LinkmasterHow do they work?15:31
yofelLinkmaster: see http://cia.vc/15:31
Linkmaster*And what is that exactly still?15:31
yofelLinkmaster: you commit something to the branches, a bzr hook for cia will inform the server of the commit and the bot will print the information15:32
yofelLinkmaster: you do know what bzr is?15:32
Linkmasternot really...D:15:32
yofelLinkmaster: our (as in launchpads) version control system15:32
yofelLinkmaster: canonical15:32
LinkmasterSo its Kubuntu-specific15:32
yofelLinkmaster: http://bazaar.canonical.com/en/15:32
Quintasankde-workspace - where branch history is bigger than the branch itself15:33
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yofelLinkmaster: I think there are others that use bzr too, but there's svn, git , hg, ... too15:34
LinkmasterYeah, I know of svn and git15:34
yofelQuintasan: I'm somewhat curious what people committed there to make the repos so large...15:34
yofelwallpapers? ^^15:34
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Quintasan16mb so far15:35
QuintasanI'm trying to push my kwin-gles branch15:35
yofelbah, why does apt read to need the whole package db again and again for everything I'm doing o.O15:36
yofelmakes the bash completion hard to use :/15:36
yofelor rather quite laggy -.-15:36
yofeloh fun, grantlee branch is out of sync with archive15:39
ScottKdebfx: pinentry uploaded.  Thanks.  Would you please talk to the Debian maintainer and see if he'll pick up that patch so we can sync again?15:43
yofelScottK: can you get somkegen into main or do we need a MIR? kdebindings was in main before15:44
ScottKLinkmaster: bzr is developed by Canonical and used in Ubuntu, but it's not limited to Ubuntu.  I use it in commercial projects and in Debian (for example).15:44
ScottKyofel: It's no problem for Main.15:45
yofelk, smokeqt is still stuck in depwait15:45
ScottKWhy do we need it in Main?15:45
ScottKsmokegen source is in Main.15:45
yofelScottK: iirc something depends on the ruby bindings, and for those we need smoke15:45
ScottK libsmokekde-dev is in Universe15:46
yofelplasma-scriptengine-ruby depends on ruby-kde415:46
Quintasanrev 542 contains the actual changes but I decided to make the changelog more verbose15:48
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=542&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 542 | rwilliam: fixed grammar error.15:48
ScottKRiddell: Can you do a binary promotion of smoke-dev-tools.  It's Universe binary from Main source.15:49
ScottKyofel: ^^^ is what we need right now.15:49
ScottKI can only adjust component while stuff is in New.15:50
yofelQuintasan: uh... kde-window-manager has quite a few rdepends, you can't just make kde-window-manager-gles conflict with it and expect it to be installable15:50
QuintasanWhat I want to see now is if it builds15:51
Quintasanit builds16:02
* Quintasan tries installing and sees what breaks16:03
ulyssesKDE Telepathy works \o/16:04
yofelI just find the widget useless16:06
yofelit shows me the disconnected icon while I'm connected to jabber16:06
ulyssesyepp, same here, I configured Facebook, MSN and GTalk, and it showed I'm offline16:08
LinkmasterI know how to fix that16:10
Linkmasterclick the widget, and on the left icon, it will show the offline thing. If you click on that, and set it to 'online' it will open all of your accounts to the online status as well16:10
yofelsure, but it's useless for me if it doesn't work the other way around16:11
LinkmasterI think it was designed to have the widget remain on the systray, and you go offline/online from there as needed16:12
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debfxScottK: the patch has been in the BTS for a long time16:25
ScottKdebfx: OK.  It might be worth an email.  Thanks for checking.16:26
yofelScottK: any idea when pykde4 will be fixed btw.?16:41
ScottKyofel: What's wrong with it?16:41
yofelbug 81929116:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 819291 in pykde4 (Ubuntu) "PyKDE4 imports broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81929116:42
ScottKI'll look.16:43
* Quintasan wishes pbuilder would use -j12 instead of -j116:51
yofelnot sure what's up, yesterday even dpkg-buildpackage used -j1 even if called with -j216:52
yofelon a *local* build16:52
QuintasanI mean, I would have been already done with gles16:53
yofelnote: that was on i38616:53
QuintasanSame on amd64 here16:54
yofelhm, oxygen-transparent builds with -j1 on my thinkpad too :(16:56
yofelbut make -j4 works fine *-.-16:56
yofelwho broke dpkg16:57
yofelhm, no recent change :/16:58
debfxyofel: do you pass --parallel to dh?16:58
yofeldebfx: no, I realized that 10s ago :P16:58
yofelI wonder why kde-workspace wouldn't work though16:59
Quintasandebfx: You have to modify rules now to do this? -_-16:59
Quintasanlike dh @ --parallel?16:59
debfxQuintasan: yes17:00
yofeldidn't think about it because we set --parallel implicitely in neon17:03
QuintasanPray that it works!17:06
debfxI can't reproduce that pykde4 bug, "from PyKDE4 import kdecore" works fine here17:08
yofeldebfx: just installing updates here, will try again in a few mins17:08
shadeslayerworks fine for me too on oneiric17:09
shadeslayeryofel: kstars is in ninjas17:09
ScottKNow that dh_python2 updates are done for python-qt4/sip4/qscintilla2 there's a bit of update that needs doing.17:09
ScottKI'll be uploading pykde4 here in a bit.17:10
ScottK(I'll check it works for me too first)17:10
QuintasanWhen I build with17:12
Quintasancan't copypaste without kwin17:12
ScottKpykde4 works fins here too.17:12
Quintasandh_auto_install -Bdebian/build-kwin-gles --destdir=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp-kwin-gles17:14
QuintasanWhat should I put in .install to get it installed to the right directory?17:14
QuintasanCurrently I have debian/tmp-kwin-gles/usr/bin/kwin for example17:15
shadeslayerQuintasan: wouldn't CURDIR be something like obj*17:15
shadeslayerwhere the building actually took place .... or does the dh script go back to the source dir?17:16
QuintasanI'm calling dh_auto_configure and dh_auto_build with -Bdebian/build-kwin-gles17:16
yofelScottK, debfx: true, after updates (quite a few packages) pykde works again, I'll tell the reporter to install updates17:16
QuintasanSo it should build stuff in debian/build-kwin-gles and copy stuff to debian/tmp-kwin-gles17:16
QuintasanThat's how Quassel does it and I tried basing on it17:17
Quintasanalso, about parallel17:20
Quintasandebfx: kde-workspace has dh = --with=python-support at top of rules17:20
Quintasanshould I make it dh = --with=python-support --parallel?17:21
yofeldid anyone try to package prison yet?17:21
QuintasanWhat's that?17:21
debfxQuintasan: dhmk should add --parallel automatically17:22
muntiKubuhow about  amarok 2.4.3?17:22
yofelQR code lib for KDE 17:22
Quintasankde-workspace uses include /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/qt-kde-team/2/debian-qt-kde.mk17:22
Quintasandebfx: ^ if that sets --parallel too then something is broken in pbuilder17:22
yofelit does17:23
yofel# KDE packages are parallel safe. Add --parallel to dh_auto_% commands17:23
yofel$(call set_command_options,dh_auto_%, += --parallel)17:23
Quintasanthen pbuilder is kapput17:23
yofelnot for me17:23
yofelhow are you running it?17:23
Quintasanrunning what?17:23
Quintasansudo DIST=natty pbuilder build <dsc file>17:24
yofeltry sudo -E17:24
* Quintasan goes fixing install files with "try or die" method since noone has any ideas17:24
debfxmuntiKubu: I'll upload it shortly17:25
muntiKubuthankx debfx17:25
QuintasanI wonder if -E fixes it17:29
Quintasan/usr/bin/make -f debian/rules override_dh_auto_build DH_INTERNAL_OVERRIDE="dh_auto_build"  17:30
Quintasanmake[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/buildd/kde-workspace-4.7.0'17:30
Quintasanmake[2]: warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1.  Add `+' to parent make rule.17:30
Quintasan        cd obj-x86_64-linux-gnu17:30
Quintasan        make -j117:30
Quintasanoh u pbuilder17:30
Quintasanyofel: ^17:30
yofel*I* don't get that error though17:31
Quintasanthe begginin of the build says it uses dpkg-buildpackage with -12 tho17:31
ScottKdebfx: Did you see amarok 2.4.3 is in Debian already?17:31
debfxScottK: yep17:31
QuintasanI: Running cd tmp/buildd/*/ && dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc  -j20 -rfakeroot17:34
Quintasanand then jobserver magic17:35
QuintasanIt's a good day to have a powerful machine and not be able to use it17:35
debfxQuintasan: I have these lines in my .pbuilderrc: http://paste.kde.org/104659/17:38
yofelthe manual doesn't tell much either :/ http://www.gnu.org/s/hello/manual/make/Error-Messages.html (bottom)17:38
* Quintasan tries debfx's magic17:41
Quintasangod damn it17:45
Quintasanstupid pbuilder17:45
davmor2Quintasan: what you need of course is Harry Potters Magic far more effective :)17:52
ScottKdebfx: Any thoughts on digikam 2.0 for Alpha 3?  It's in New for Debian, so the packaging is available.17:56
ScottKyofel: smoke-dev-tools is promoted.  Should be in the archive in Main in ~50 minutes.17:57
debfxScottK: are you sure it's in new?18:00
debfxlooks like it has been automatically rejected: http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-kde-extras/2011-July/014619.html18:02
ScottKdebfx: Yes.  That's right.18:03
ScottKIn any case there's a start of a package theree.18:03
ScottKAnyone can work on digikam 2.0?18:03
Quintasanwhat a nasty way to install stuff18:45
ScottKyofel: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/76417261/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-i386.smokekde_4%3A4.7.0-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz18:49
ScottKI guess that's just waiting for smokeqt to build.18:50
yofelI would agree18:51
ScottKkubuntu-meta updated.19:10
ScottKI think the next i386 will ~fit.19:10
Quintasanyofel: http://blog.flameeyes.eu/2008/11/16/for-a-parallel-world-case-study-n-4-jobserver-unavailable19:15
yofeland did that help?19:17
Quintasanit used to work for unknown period of time and it stopped19:24
Quintasanyofel: is the -j switch working for you?19:29
yofelit is19:30
yofelyou're the only one it's broken for19:30
Quintasanyofel: copypaste you pbuilderrc19:31
Quintasanhttp://paste.kde.org/104719 <- mine19:32
ScottKyofel: Where is perlqt-dev supposed to come from?19:32
QuintasanOh wait, maybe ccache doesnt work with -j's?19:33
yofelI'm using ccache19:33
yofelScottK: created by perlqt and used by perlkde19:34
ScottKyofel: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ninjas/+archive/ppa/+build/265232819:34
bambee<Quintasan> stupid pbuilder   <--- +1  :D19:34
ScottKAlso apparently used by perlqt.19:34
ScottKWhich will be a bit tough.19:34
Quintasanyofel: Lines 64-65, what they do?19:35
yofelScottK: that's not in bzr... no idea when I added that19:36
* Quintasan restarts desktop praying kwin works19:36
yofelmaybe I mistook it for perlkde since I was working on both in parallel19:36
ScottKyofel: Please fix and upload.19:37
Quintasankwin: relocation error: /usr/lib/kde4/libkdeinit/libkdeinit4_kwin.so: symbol _ZN4KWin18eglDestroyImageKHRE, version ABI_1_2 not defined in file libkwineffects.so.1abi2 with link time reference19:38
QuintasanYay breakage19:38
Quintasanmgraesslin: ping19:39
mgraesslinQuintasan: pong19:39
QuintasanI think we've got a problem with gles ^^19:39
Quintasanbrb going mobile19:39
mgraesslinQuintasan: does your libkwineffects.so.1abi2 link egl?19:39
ScottKsmokeqt binaries accepted.19:40
ScottKyofel: ^^^ progress.19:40
yofelyay :)19:40
Quintasanmgraesslin: for some reason it doesnt19:41
Quintasanor I do not know the name of the library19:41
mgraesslinQuintasan: 19:42
mgraesslin        libGLESv2.so.2 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libGLESv2.so.2 (0x00007f535d054000)19:42
mgraesslin        libEGL.so.1 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libEGL.so.1 (0x00007f535ce43000)19:42
Quintasanit doesnt19:42
mgraesslinbasically you have to build also a gles libkwineffects package19:43
mgraesslinand also the effects need to be build against gles19:43
QuintasanI double build whole kde-workspace19:43
Quintasanwith the KWIN_BUILD_WITH_OPENGLES option19:44
Quintasanthe buildlog says > Compiling KWin for mobile19:46
mgraesslinand did you reinstall all packages?19:47
Quintasani did19:49
Quintasankwin binary links against libEGL and libGLESv219:49
yofelQuintasan: and libkwineeffects?19:50
Quintasanit doesnt19:51
yofelsee, problem19:51
QuintasanIf only I could get  the -j's to work19:52
ScottKshadeslayer: What are we waiting for before kstars can be uploaded?19:52
yofelScottK: perlqt fixed in ninjas, someone with universe rights needs to upload it once smokeqt is published19:52
ScottKdebfx: Can you upload perlqt (so I can put it through New)?19:53
* Quintasan blames pbuilder-dist20:01
Quintasanstill the fxgfiopdfh jobserver20:08
* Quintasan copypastes yofels magic20:11
yofelQuintasan: forgot about your question: lines 64-65 rename the basetzg20:11
QuintasanWhen they do that?20:12
yofelwhen I use sudo -E ninja=1 pbuidler ...20:12
QuintasanI see20:12
QuintasanI just added "ninjas" to possible releases list20:12
Quintasanso I can DIST=ninja20:12
yofelwell, I need to be able to use 'DIST=o ninja=1' and 'DIST=n ninja=1' that's why it's seperate20:14
Quintasanyofel: ls /var/cache/pbuilder output pls20:14
* Quintasan smashes his fist into his computer20:15
QuintasanY U DO NOT WORK20:15
Quintasanyofel: use libeatmydata20:16
Quintasanmakes deployment faster20:16
yofelQuintasan: I use tmpfs, makes no difference to me :P20:20
* Quintasan buys more ramz tomorrow so he will use tmpfs too20:21
Quintasanmake[2]: warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1.  Add `+' to parent make rule.20:21
yofel. . .20:21
* Quintasan removes whole /home/quintasan/Sauce/pbuilder20:22
Quintasanyofel: /usr/share/pbuilder/pbuilderrc contains interesting entries20:23
Quintasanlike PBUILDERROOTCMD="sudo -E"20:24
yofelthose shouldn't be different for me20:24
yofelright, which is correct20:24
* Quintasan recreates everything20:25
Quintasanyofel: Do I have to do sudo -E DIST=o ninjas=1 pbuilder create?20:26
ScottKWhat was the result of the kdepim testing?20:26
ScottKI see it's gone from ninjas, but not uploaded.20:27
yofelit's in experimental, and on the feedback page one person actually gave feedback on kdepim. https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/KdePIM4.7Feedback 20:28
yofelI've seen people have problems though on irc the last few days20:28
yofelesp. when using the akonadi migration20:28
yofelif you setup things fresh it works ~fine20:29
sheytanDON'T SWITCH TO MUON!!! :D20:31
ScottKToo late.20:31
sheytanThe new KPK aka Apper is amazing :D20:31
yofelsorry, I've seen too many kpk related issues recently, esp. with the natty 4.7 backports20:31
yofelI'll be happy it's gone20:31
sheytannot really :)20:32
sheytani hope i can install it later :D20:32
ScottKapachelogger: If kdepim is working for new installs, but has some upgrading issues, perhaps it's time to get it into the archive for wider testing.20:32
ScottKsteveire: Is there someone from kdepim upstream that can help us with getting 4.4 -> 4.7 upgrade issues sorted for users?20:32
* ScottK will be back later.20:32
yofelI've seen people have scaling issues too, and I have as well. LIke kmail letting me wait ~5 minutes before showing me my LKML folder after not opening ~3 days !20:33
ScottKHow long does that take with maildir?20:33
ScottK(i.e. 4.4)20:33
yofelit sits there showing me an empty mail folder with a nice busy logo and mysqld uses ~30% CPU20:34
ScottKBug filed upstream?20:34
yofelScottK: no idea, wasn't subscribed to it back then20:34
yofelthunderbird takes ~20s20:34
ScottKNot slower than Thunderbird seems like a very minimal goal to aim for.20:35
yofelI filed some upstream, IIRC one is unanswered, one WFM and one marked as dup20:35
ScottKMaybe steveire will have some wisdom for us.20:35
* yofel tries that WFM bug with a fresh setup20:35
apacheloggerScottK: If no major data eating is going on, definitely.20:37
yofelI don't think so, even though one person had problems getting his acc. configured after the migration assistant crashed20:38
ScottKyofel, debfx, Quintasan: ^^^ what do you think?20:38
yofelkmail didn't eat any of my mails at least20:38
yofelif anything I have some issues using it20:38
ScottKapachelogger: Sounds reasonable to upload.  I need to go run some errands.  Maybe you can upload it so I can shepherd it through New if needed.20:39
QuintasanI'm for it, we can't really test everything and having more users complaining to upstream should set them straight20:39
* ScottK really away now20:39
yofel+1 for Quintasan20:40
apacheloggerQuintasan: could you uploaed kdepim please20:40
Quintasanapachelogger: No, I'm busy right now20:40
* apachelogger has kaput mind from YV12 painting20:40
yofelapachelogger: I can try to, there's no source change after all I think20:40
QuintasanIf this doesnt with WRT -j's then I'm done for20:41
yofelI'll setup an acc. on my server that you can use later20:42
debfxScottK: perlqt has missing build-dependencies20:42
yofelalso has more bandwidth20:42
Quintasanmake[2]: warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1.  Add `+' to parent make rule.20:42
yofelwith a FRESH account setup20:42
yofelkmail is actually pretty usable20:42
Quintasan-- DebianABIManager: unable to find CMake target 'kwineffectsgles' for package 'libkwineffectsgles1abi2'. Please set X-CMake-Target20:43
yofelmaybe the mysql DB layout in my old setup is crap20:43
* debfx doesn't really have an opinion about kde pim, have never used it myself20:44
yofelcan someone with an imap acc. please try to reproduce bug 27791220:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277912 in Ubuntu "ubuntu 8.10 beta will not boot" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27791220:45
sheytandid i mention i hate launchpad?20:45
yofelkde bug 27791220:45
ubottuKDE bug 277912 in general "Can't use my IMAP account's trash folder " [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27791220:45
sheytanhow do i get the takeoff package from here guys: https://launchpad.net/~ferramroberto/+related-software20:45
yofelI reported that but only get WFM from everyone20:45
yofeland it DOESN'T work for me20:45
yofelor I'm doing it wrong20:45
yofelsheytan: click on 'Varie' and you get to the PPA20:46
Quintasan-- DebianABIManager: unable to find CMake target 'libkwineffects1' for package 'libkwineffectsgles1abi2'. Please set X-CMake-Target20:47
QuintasanNow this is totally magic20:47
yofelthat's explained in the readme...20:47
yofelneed to read it agian20:47
Quintasanoh sup X-CMake-Target: libkwineffects120:47
Quintasandoesnt work20:47
yofelQuintasan: /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/cmake/README.DebianABIManager20:48
yofelQuintasan: kwineffectslib maybe?20:49
Quintasanyofel: AAAH20:49
QuintasanCMake Target20:49
QuintasanI bet it's named totally different20:49
QuintasanDoesnt work20:50
yofelbah, then read the cmake stuff20:51
yofelQuintasan: kwineffects?20:52
yofelcmake has set_target_properties(kwineffects ... so I would try that20:52
Quintasanstill no jobserver20:53
Quintasanyofel: Can you try that specifically with kde-workspace?20:54
Quintasanmaybe the cmake magic is indeed broken20:54
Quintasan/usr/bin/ld: duplicate version tag `ABI_1abi2_2'20:56
Quintasanthe hell20:56
QuintasanThey can't have the same abi name? ._.20:57
QuintasanSo useless20:57
QuintasanThis ABIManager was really neccessary?20:58
yofeloh fun20:59
yofelkwin does seem borked20:59
yofelmake[2]: warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1.  Add `+' to parent make rule.20:59
yofeleven funnier20:59
yofelit still builds with -j4 here ^^20:59
yofelfrom top:21:00
yofel21736 1234      20   0  138m  93m 8792 R   40  1.6   0:01.70 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.5.2/cc1plus -quiet -I. -I../../../../libs/kephal/service -I../../../.. -I../../.. -I../../../../kdm -21:00
yofel21904 1234      20   0 98.7m  52m 5164 R   33  0.9   0:00.44 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.5.2/cc1plus -quiet -I. -I../../../libs/kworkspace -I../../.. -I../.. -I../../../kdm -I../../../libs -21:00
yofel21730 1234      20   0  136m  91m 8792 R   32  1.5   0:01.60 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.5.2/cc1plus -quiet -I. -I../../../../libs/kephal/service -I../../../.. -I../../.. -I../../../../kdm -21:00
yofel21945 1234      20   0 86336  38m 5144 R   27  0.6   0:00.28 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.5.2/cc1plus -quiet -I. -I../../../libs/plasmaclock -I../../.. -I../.. -I../../../kdm -I../../../libs 21:00
yofel_t-com - please add customer ipv6 support ;;21:03
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yofelnow this is nice memory usage21:09
yofel 2777 yofel     20   0 1413m 835m  21m S    0 14.0   1:42.88 /usr/bin/akonadi_nepomuk_email_feeder --identifier akonadi_nepomuk_email_feeder               21:09
* yofel looks at kdepim21:14
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CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdepim] Philip Muškovac * 170 * debian/ (changelog control) releasing version 4:4.7.0-0ubuntu122:21
yofelhappy testing...22:22
ScottKdebfx: Please sort it with yofel.  I'm still away.22:34
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdepim-runtime] Philip Muškovac * 73 * debian/changelog releasing version 4:4.7.0-0ubuntu122:35
yofeldebfx: that was smokeqt I guess, builds fine now here22:37
ScottKsmokekde retried, so it's building now.22:44

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