Doylein additional drivers, where it states "Driver is activated but not currently in use", does that ever change?01:18
Unit193Doyle: Did you reboot after install?01:19
DoyleIts the nvidia drivers. They do say version current - recommended.01:21
Rot13AESWhen I go to network manager, manage connections, network connections, wired tab it doesn't show my current device yet I can connect to the internet.01:25
Rot13AESI can make a new entry there and have it change my IP address but it never sticks01:25
Rot13AESAnyone got any clue what I'm doing wrong?01:26
U236WillyI'm running Kubuntu 11.04 and I'm getting a 'can't find a valid FAT filesystem' on my iPod which is keeping Amarok from seeing it and loading it.... 2)....02:07
U236WillyI'm having lag issues with a linksys/cisco rt2800usb variant could you point me to some docs that might help?02:08
vuthmaybe bcuz ipod is made by apple?02:08
szalvuth: speak proper English please02:08
bosshello all02:08
=== boss is now known as Guest86890
U236Willyit loads in banshee and rhythmbox on ubuntu 11.04 and there's no lag for the usb wireless dongle in ubuntu either.02:08
=== Guest86890 is now known as Coded2
=== Coded2 is now known as Coded1
Coded1hello all02:10
=== me is now known as Guest12697
Coded1I'm having a real slowness issue with kubuntu 11.04 on an older dell laptop (Inspiron 6000) w/ ATI X300 GPU.  top & htop both don't go above 20% cpu usage overall and the only thing running is firefox.  Memory usage is about 700MB used out of 2GB of physical RAM and none of the swap is touched.02:12
Coded1the mouse is bouncing around like its starving for clocks02:13
szalwhat CPU?02:14
Daskreechhi Coded102:14
DaskreechCoded1: Tried turning off visual effects?02:15
vuthCPU is a processor02:26
vuthlike a pentium chip or amd athlon02:26
szalvuth: that wasn't the question :P02:26
vuthcoded1 my laptop is pentium 4 1.7ghz with 2gb ram and mine runs smooth02:28
Sweorc_Stepparhi.  i'm having trouble networking kubuntu with windows 7.  attempted to use samba.  shared folder is detectable but keeping getting error code 0x80070035 when attempting to open it02:28
vutheverything up to date on ur update manager?02:28
Sweorc_Stepparand now the other windows computers are no longer communicating to each other. :/02:28
Boomboyguys can someone help me figuring out how to have custom keyboard shortcuts? system settings isnt helping.02:55
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ButtercupzI'm having issues installing Kubuntu that I cant find an answer for anywhere. Is anyone awake?04:31
rwwbest to ask your question and see04:32
SIR_Tacorww: I guess it wasn't that important04:39
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GirlyGirlWho has changed nick to zz_Who ... I see that so many times and it seems like a question always06:23
=== zz_Who is now known as Who
rww!away > Who06:24
ubottuWho, please see my private message06:24
lsv.seen sirtaco06:28
lsv.seen SIR_Taco06:31
lsv!seen SIR_Taco06:32
ubottuI have no seen command06:32
=== Who is now known as zz_Who
GirlyGirl!away > Who06:36
=== zz_Who is now known as Who
GirlyGirl!away > Who06:41
rwwInsanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results :P06:42
valoriewhy does poor who want that message anyway?06:44
* valorie has met Who, who is a real person06:45
rwwvalorie: they're /nickchanging on away, it's traditional to spam people with clients misconfigured in that way with messages about it :P06:45
* Unit193 wish he added Doctor to the front of it06:46
valorieindeed, that is a bad habit06:46
valorieUnit193: lol06:46
* rww ponders pulling out one of his altnicks06:46
valorieI had to fix mine here as well06:47
valorieI'm used to changing it on smaller networks06:47
=== Who is now known as zz_Who
svakshaits also considered annoying on some networks06:48
=== zz_Who is now known as Who
valorieI've stopped doing it pretty much everywhere, after being warned here06:49
valorieWho, darlin'!06:50
svakshazz_Who: use "/away add your away message" instead06:50
Unit193There used to be a factoid for how to ignore them ;)06:52
=== Who is now known as zz_Who
svakshaUnit193: on irssi you can pipe them to another window, including parts/joins. But that isnt the point ;)06:53
=== zz_Who is now known as Who
Unit193svaksha: I fully understand, I just knew there used to be and I can't find it (I was thinking ignore, not pipe as I didn't remember you could)06:54
Whovalorie:  err its my ZNC06:55
Whoyeah my connection is acting really weird06:55
valorieit should allow you to set "silent away" though06:56
valoriewith no change of nick06:56
svakshaUnit193: you can do both.06:56
Whoyeah changing it06:56
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=== boss is now known as Coded1
Coded1I'm having a real slowness issue with kubuntu 11.04 on an older dell laptop (Inspiron 6000) w/ ATI X300 GPU. top & htop both don't go above 20% cpu usage overall and the only thing running is firefox. Memory usage is about 700MB used out of 2GB of physical RAM and none of the swap is touched.08:08
Coded1the mouse is bouncing around like its starving for clocks08:09
valorieI've noticed that FF with lots of tabs does that to me08:09
Coded1I am using the FOSS radeon driver is that what you are using?08:10
valorieno, I have the non-free one08:10
Coded1my x300 is too old for the non-free08:10
Coded1I only have about 8 tabs going, nothing with flash (not even installed btw)08:12
valoriesomeone else might have more insight08:15
Coded1np thanks anyway08:15
Coded1just as I was starting to warm up to AMD/ATI ... they bring me right back in ....08:16
Coded1valorie: what kind of GPU do you have?08:17
valorieati radeon08:17
valorieSysinfo for 'valorie-HP-Pavilion-dv7-Notebook-PC': Linux 2.6.38-10-generic running KDE Development Platform 4.7.00 (4.7.0), CPU: AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-74 at 550 MHz (4389 bogomips), HD: 239/365GB, RAM: 3673/3708MB, 188 proc's, 12.26h up08:17
valorieah, that isn't in there08:17
valoriesorry for the spam08:17
valorieVGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS780M/RS780MN [Radeon HD 3200 Graphics]08:18
Coded1cool, it works ok then?08:18
valoriebetter and better, actually08:19
valorienewest KDE is the best yet08:19
Coded1I thought the FOSS drivers would be a bit better especially on an older card .... but I have a really slow UI and dual screens corrupts the video badly08:20
valorieif it doesn't work for you, you can always go back, I believe08:21
Coded1dual monitors ?  ya. ... but then I wouldn't be able to use my nice 20" monitor :{08:22
ssfdre38does anybody know how to update the KDE to 4.708:24
sinclair_ssfdre38: what version Kubuntu, what SC of KDE you on now?08:28
Coded1ya I killed desktop effects and its quick again ...08:28
ssfdre38sinclair_, the one that is on the Kubuntu-desktop download08:28
sinclair_ssfdre38: in Dolphin or something, check "about KDE", as for kubuntu I assume 11.0408:29
sinclair_or in Quassel...08:29
valoriessfdre38: ^^^08:30
valoriesimple to do, and it's very nice08:30
* valorie did it last night08:30
ssfdre38lol cool08:30
sinclair_valorie: what it does NOT say is that you must do dist-upgrade or fullupgrade08:30
Coded1whats the best way to do a dist-upgrade?08:31
ssfdre38it should be fine for ubuntu with KDE on it08:31
sinclair_ssfdre38: follow instructions for adding ppa - then use command line to do apt-get dist-upgrade08:31
coder2Hello. Please help me with my digital camera.08:32
ssfdre38you point to something and take a photo and ta da your done08:33
sinclair_coder2: what is the problem more specific?08:33
coder2I cannot transfer photos from my camera anymore. digikam claims that it cannot connect to the camera. gphoto2 says that device is already in use. f-spot reports about IO Error08:34
sinclair_coder2: did you try it on another computer so you know it is not the camera?08:34
beginner I have a question to kmail2... can I copy all my mails from kmail1 (.kde/share/apps/mail) to .local/share/.local-mail.directory? and start the sync in akonadi again?08:34
beginnerI have tried this... so the message count is correct but kmail2 does not show any messages... only the loading icon is visible... so I am not sure if that works what I want to do :-)08:34
sinclair_ssfdre38: should be sudo apt-get dist-upgrade of course...08:35
coder2sinclair_: I've tried from windows sessiion. It worls.08:35
sinclair_coder2: done any update, eg to KDE 4.7, between it working and not?08:35
coder2sinclair_: KDE hasn't been updated, but there were some kernel and library updates.08:37
coder2My KDE version is
sinclair_coder2: is there a setting in the camera for "mode", eg as a disk or other methods? Have no camera here so can't remember optios08:38
sinclair_if so try different ones08:38
coder2sinclair_: Unfortunately only one mode available: device is being detected as a digital camera (Canon A5xx).08:39
sinclair_coder2: am afraid I don't know then, was hoping that might be it08:40
sinclair_can not see why kernel update etc should botch syncing camera08:41
coder2sinclair_: It is odd, but f-spot is even able to display list of photos with thumbnails from the camera memory, but failed to import them.08:41
sinclair_coder2: maybe try a live usb or live CD to see if your install is OK or not?08:41
valoriecoder2: that sounds like a permission problem08:42
sinclair_preferrably live usb with memory for "saving"?08:42
sinclair_persistence it is called08:42
sinclair_valorie could be very right08:42
coder2valorie: how to check those permissions?08:42
valoriedolphin can do that for you08:43
coder2valorie: The camera is not in "disk mode"08:44
valorieI always use dolphin for copying or moving photos08:44
valorieso dolphin can't see it?08:44
coder2I think something (auto-mounter?) is locking the camera and it prevents applications accessing it.08:46
coder2That auto-mounter is quite stupid thing, it even prevents k3b from erasing non-empty RW-DVDs08:48
coder27sinclair_: I see something suspicious in my "home" directory: ".gvfs" folder is displayed in red color with "?" in mc and the permissions is drx instead of drwx. And I cannot do chmod  u+w09:03
coder27I believe it is connected with the camera problem09:04
coder27How to fix the .gvfs folder ?09:04
sinclair_coder27: red color should be an ownership problem I think09:04
coder27sinclair_: Do you know how to fix it? Even as root I cannot access this folder.09:05
sinclair_coder27: if you check properties by right-clicking you can see what is owner and group, what are they?09:06
coder27sinclair: under my login it displays my ownership and dr------- permissions, and under root it displays root:root and --------- as access rigts09:07
soeeguys, i would like to create translation for one plasmoid, as i can see there is file with .qm extension - how should i edit this ?09:08
sinclair_coder27: it sounds messy alright.. try changing ownership/group to your user and then set rwx rights09:10
coder27sinclair_: chmod does nothing. No errors and no effect. The same with chown09:11
coder27how to force fsck?09:12
valoriecoder27: is your user in the correct groups, such as sudoer?09:12
coder27valorie: yes09:12
sinclair_coder27: have no idea.. you might have to use knoppix or something to rm the directory09:12
coder27sinclair_: ... and then, recreate it?09:13
sinclair_coder27: it "should" recreate itself via the app or the camera connection09:13
sinclair_just love that expression.. "should"09:14
coder27sinclair_: excuse me, English is not my native language.09:14
sinclair_coder27: not a problem09:15
sinclair_for fsck force check via google, I have done it but can not remember how09:15
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MK`How smooth is it to upgrade between major releases? I want to give a friend a kubuntu disk but I do not know whether to use 10.04 lts or 11.04.09:30
coder2valorie: I've done fsck, then I have deleted the ~/.gvfs folder, but it re-appears again, and again without write permission. Any ideas?09:30
MK`I want from Ubuntu (gnome) 10.10 to 11.04 and it broke a great deal of things for me, which I can tolerate but I don't want to thrust that onto someone else09:31
MK`I went*09:31
Tm_TMK`: it usually is supposed to be rather smooth09:31
Tm_TMK`: it all depends on if there is used sources outside of ubuntu's official repositories for installing any packages09:32
Tm_Tand other variables that aren't up to ubuntu directly09:32
MK`Well the things that broke were like, plymouth and gnome-panel X)09:32
valoriecoder2: I would search for a bug09:34
valoriebecause that def. seems buggy09:34
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AlexZionhi everyone, someone has already tried "Bumblebee" software to manage the GPU nvidia with nvidia Optimus technology ?12:06
sinclair_is anyone else seeing that "active windows" get "halfed" when more than 3 active in "task manager"?12:48
sinclair_kde 4.712:49
sinclair_I mean halfed in size, that is...12:49
Incarus6what is "active windows"?12:50
sinclair_in the task manager, the minimized icons of running apps12:51
sinclair_guess a screenshot is needed12:52
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:54
sinclair_incarus6: http://imagebin.org/16592113:08
sinclair_incarus6: look at the task manager part of the panel13:08
Incarus6sinclair_, under right click on the panel > settings is a option called "Maximal amout of rows" or similar (I had to translate it). I think the default option is now 2. By changing it back to 1 this should be 'fixed' ;) or disable "Force rowsettings" (also translated).13:11
sinclair_incarus6: should but does not - for me at least13:12
Incarus6try to change both settings I mentioned. That force-thing worked for me13:12
sinclair_ok let me try13:12
BluesKajsinclair_, increase the height of the panel slightly ...that might work13:13
=== ipot is now known as iPot
sinclair_nope, non of this works. More than 3 active applications I get this look13:15
Incarus6what are your current settings?13:17
sinclair_hold on now I played around so much...13:18
=== hacked is now known as vinces
BluesKajmy desktop http://imagebin.org/16592513:20
sinclair_incarus6: http://imagebin.org/16592613:22
Incarus6BluesKaj, I don't like the old KDE 3 window theme that much, I'm using one called oxygen-air13:22
BluesKajsinclair_,  it may have to do with your "desktop theme" ...I had that problem earlier and it disappeared when I changed themes.13:24
szalPlastik and huge widgets..  ewww..13:25
sinclair_blueskaj: was playing around with that too :-), have used Breathe for quite some time now13:25
BluesKajIncarus6, I'm using kde 4.7 and some themes are freezing , so I'm sticking wirh the older versions right now13:25
sinclair_but no, it does not help13:25
BluesKajszal, large screen monitor , 42" plasma13:26
Incarus6BluesKaj, Intel graphic card?13:26
BluesKajand I'm 3M away13:26
BluesKajnvidia 8400gs Incarus613:27
szalhttp://www.abload.de/img/20110801_fullscreen25ue2.png <- (still KDE 4.6.5)13:29
Incarus6I can't post a screenshot of my system yet because the KDE Update (4.7) broke a dual-screen feature. (I sadly got only one systemtray at the moment)13:29
BluesKajszal, well , to each his own :)13:30
BluesKajszal, sticking with plastik because the  mininimze and maximize etc are easier to see at this distance13:32
BluesKajerr minimize13:33
Incarus6Yes! Nvidia released a new driver version but they haven't released the site of it yet > 404.13:33
szalIncarus6: huh?13:33
szalthey censored Mumford & Sons.. :o13:34
Incarus6szal, GeForce; GeForce 200 Series; Geforce GT 220; Linux 32-bit, then search and you'll find the newer version 280.13. click on it > 404. http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us13:35
* szal has received a 275 update just a few days ago13:35
sinclair_incarus6: I suspect wacky interaction w System Tray..13:36
sinclair_when I quit one app there things "normalised" in Task Manager ??13:36
Incarus6That's my dualscreen desktop. It was screenshotted with KDE 4.6.x but it still looks the same (except the second systray .__.) http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/9906/desktopqb.png13:37
Incarus6sinclair_, you can open a bug report on bugs.kde.org. Version 4.7 is still buggy13:37
sinclair_incarus6: think I will keep trying to figure out WHAT to report so to speak..13:38
sinclair_and it seems I am only one here w problem in question13:38
* szal decided to skip 4.7.0 and go with 4.7.1 next month13:39
sinclair_szal: that might be the way for sure...13:39
Incarus6szal, its working perfectly for me, except the second systray13:39
sinclair_but as I am on 4.7 already - not for me13:40
ubottuKDE bug 278947 in widget-systemtray "Can not add more then one systemtray" [Crash,Unconfirmed]13:40
BluesKajIncarus6,  I see you have dropbox , are you using it with nautilus , can't seem to get kfilebox (kde version) to work at all.13:40
Incarus6I would fix that by myself if I would know how to read those backtraces13:40
Incarus6BluesKaj, nope, never used dropbox13:41
Incarus6That blue desktop icon is VirtualBox13:41
BluesKajok Incarus6  , my mistake13:42
Incarus6BluesKaj, whats the difference between kfilebox and kdropbox?13:43
Incarus6Oh I see, it's the same.13:43
Incarus6let me try. Using 0.4.7?13:44
BluesKajkfilebo has been broken since 1o.10 ..try to keep my gnome/gtk stuff to a minimum, so I'm waiting til kfilebox is fxed13:45
szal!info kfilebox13:46
ubottuPackage kfilebox does not exist in natty13:46
BluesKajIMO synaptic is still the best gui package manager , so I use it as a reference for default apps13:46
=== sayakb_away is now known as sayakb
sinclair_blueskaj: try Muon, I like it13:47
sinclair_there is a ppa for it13:47
BluesKajsinclair_, I hav muon as well, I just don't care for it's interface as much13:48
* szal doesn't use any GUI package manager13:48
BluesKajI just us them for reference13:49
BluesKajand fixin broken packages in synaptic13:50
Incarus6kfilebox is working for me, but it is using nautilus13:50
sinclair_blueskaj: got it, same for me w synaptic13:50
Incarus6Which programm calls itself a kde software when it is using nautilus?13:51
BluesKajIncarus6, yeah I'm dissapointed in it's poor dolhin integrtion13:59
BluesKajoops keyboard is too far from the receiver13:59
Incarus6I prefer ubuntu one, I think they upgraded the free space to 5 GB14:01
helpneededhey, i have a problem getting opengl to work with kubuntu, anyone can help me? I am using an ati hd4850 matrix card14:05
Incarus6Is that a Kubuntu (KDE) related issue, helpneeded?14:07
helpneededi dont think so14:07
Incarus6You can ask in #ubuntu - there are more people who could help you14:08
BluesKajIncarus6, does ubuntu one work ok with windows pcs ? Family occasionally shares files thru dropbox , does ubuntu do the same ?14:09
BluesKajubutu one14:09
sumanhw to change screen resoultiom of kubuntu?14:12
Incarus6BluesKaj, Yes, I think so14:12
sumanplz help me14:13
Incarus6BluesKaj, you can use http://one.ubuntu.com (the web interface) or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Windows14:13
BluesKajbummer, kfilebox is also a cpu hog ... and ubuntuone won't upload folders ..great :P14:22
GirlyGirlBluesKaj: Try sugarsync14:23
BluesKajGirlyGirl, not paying just to share a few files occasionally over the internet , but thanks for the suggestion.14:27
GirlyGirlBluesKaj: Free version exists I thought, I don't use it sorry14:28
* BluesKaj solves ubuntuone older problem by installing ubuntuone client14:39
ppqhi. i get notifications about some crashed program every time i log in. when i click on the notification to view the details, it says i don't have permission to do so. do i have to be in a specific group to view the apport kde stuff?14:58
Linkmasterppq: can you explain what happens exactly? Details provide better answers15:10
kavurti created a desktop sharing invitation using krfb, than deleted it. there's no invitations available on krfb now. but my other computer finds two invitations on this computer whit destop client. and often some people attemt to connect but fail. as long as i removed all invitations, why my other computer still finds them?15:12
StevenZhangif it possible to switch to chinese input method with in english env15:16
StevenZhangi can not do that15:16
ppqLinkmaster:    http://ompldr.org/vOXBxZg   -->   http://ompldr.org/vOXBxZw15:22
ppqLinkmaster: i use kubuntu 11.04, this happens every time i log in15:23
LinkmasterDo you mind translating those for me?15:24
ppqLinkmaster: sure, sorry. in the first screenshot it says "an application crashed", in the second "you don't have permissions for this problem report"15:25
ppqexcuse my english15:25
LinkmasterYour english is fine, I didn't know until I saw the screenshots15:27
LinkmasterHm, its kind of strange though..have you launched anything like 'sudo application' from the terminal?15:27
ppqLinkmaster: no, it happens right after logging in using KDM. i don't do anything before this pops up15:28
LinkmasterI meant 'have you' as in the past. Though also, when did this start happening?15:28
ppqah, i see. i never started a GUI application as root15:29
ppqthis happens since i did a 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' today. i installed this system some days ago but never really used it.15:30
Linkmasterokay, because what it looks like is something has had its permissions changed, and it can't run properly. It then promptly crashs, and since you're not root, it won't work15:30
LinkmasterDid you run "apt-get update" beforehand?15:30
Linkmasteralright, good15:30
LinkmasterYou should probably start at changing the ownership of your  /home  back to you15:31
ppqbtw, i have some autostarts: 'synergyc bene' (bene is the hostname of another pc), 'yakuake' and 'gtk2-default-theme.rc.sh' (i didn't create the last one)15:31
ppqLinkmaster: http://paste.ubuntu.com/656467/ "bene" is my username15:34
Linkmasterppq: interesting...15:38
Linkmastereverything is you, so I don't know why it is doing that15:38
ppqneither do i :(15:38
Linkmasterhave you tried 'sudo chown bene /home' in a tty session?15:42
ppqwell, i don't know if that's a good idea15:43
ppqbut i'll try15:43
ppqLinkmaster: the notification still pops up15:47
markithi, I want to stop akonadi from using mysql backend, I've installed akonadi-backend-sqlite but still uses mysql... any clue?15:48
markit'/etc/akonadi has only mysql config files15:48
markitmmm trying /usr/share/doc/akonadi-backend-sqlite/README.Debian.gz15:53
markitwow, from 140MB to 216K of space :)16:01
Linkmasterppq: I'm not sure D:16:06
markithow or where could I put a akonadiserverrc to be globally valid?16:12
=== Bipolar is now known as bipolar
tsimpsonmarkit: probably /etc/kde4/16:21
markittsimpson: is now under .config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc16:22
markitnot under .kde4....16:22
yofelakonadi is xdg software, not specific to kde16:22
yofelat least it was meant to be like that when it was created16:23
markityofel: I see... how can be globally setup?16:23
markitthe config is also a "mess" since hardcodes the db path to explicit home dir16:23
markiti.e. Name=/home/marco/.local/share/akonadi/akonadi.db16:23
markitbut this is a different story :)16:23
yofelIIRC /etc/akonadi/ should work the same as .config/akonadi16:23
yofelbut ask in #akonadi16:23
markityofel: oh, good tip!16:23
soeeguys need some help:  i set one folder to read content from different folder?16:24
BluesKajtsimpson, I did a clean install and mispelled the pc name , I changed the /etc/hostname but when I ssh into my other linux machine the message still reads the wrong host spelling. Is there anywhere that I can correct this ?16:24
tsimpsonsoee: just make a it a symbolic link16:25
soeetsimpson, how ?16:25
PiciBluesKaj: You need to modify /etc/hosts as well.16:25
soeei never dif anything like that :)16:25
BluesKajPici, ok thanks16:25
BluesKajPici, it comes up correct in /etc/hosts16:26
PiciBluesKaj: What message are you talking about exactl?16:27
tsimpsonsoee: from Dolphin, right click, Create New -> Basic link to to file or directory16:27
skramer_how can I change the font size of digital clock in KDE 4.7, I can't seem to find the option :-(16:29
BluesKajPici, Last login: Sun Jul 31 17:09:17 2011 from:mispelled -host :)16:30
yofelskramer_: iirc that automatically changes according to your panel size16:31
tsimpsonBluesKaj: maybe you need to do "sudo hostname <new hostname>" to make the system start using it (guess)16:31
markitbtw, when I logoff from the server console, the screeb becomes black and sometime ctrl-alt-rsys-k works, other just I have to reboot!16:32
BluesKajok tsimpson , will try that16:32
skramer_yofel: hmm.. could it be  the font is bigger after the upgrade to 4.7?16:32
markit(ssh session is alive, so the system is ok on it's own)16:32
PiciBluesKaj: How is the server you're sshing to resolving the name? DNS?16:32
yofelskramer_: I didn't notice a change in particular, but I never modified those settings either16:33
yofelat least not in anything plasma related16:33
BluesKajPici, it's a local machine16:33
skramer_yofel: so maybe it's more obvious because the colour changed to white...16:34
yofelI use a dark theme so my color was always white ^^16:34
yofelskramer_: there is a custom font color setting though16:35
skramer_could you pls. tell me where to find it?16:35
yofelopen the digital clock settings, first page? Below Bold,Italic16:36
markityofel: got not help on #akonadi, but if I put, as you suggested, in /etc/akonadi, then the "personal" config files is build upon that one, so uses sqlite3, thanks!16:38
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dnivrahello. I am running kubuntu 11.04-just installed it. I dual boot windows but my grub doesn't detect my windows partition when I run update-grub2. Any suggestions on how I could access windows?16:39
skramer_yofel: I changed to another font, which is much better. But still strange that the time is shown in white digits, while date is black...16:42
yofelskramer_: uh... can you logout and back in again? I saw that *once* during RC, never again16:45
skramer_yofel: already tried that & also tried removing my whole .kde folder, but same result16:46
skramer_but what's worse is that since the upgrade to 4.7, I have many apps crashing when I close them.16:48
yofelskramer_: can you get a backtrace?16:49
skramer_yofel: yes, could get some.16:50
skramer_yofel: but trying just now, no problem...16:51
cassianoHello everyone17:00
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BluesKajtrying pw-less login from other linux machine to this one but ,.../usr/bin/ssh-copy-id: ERROR: No identities found...odd that the pw-less login works from this machine to the other17:15
BluesKajdam uuids are screwed up , i guess17:16
BluesKajthey share the same rsa key since it copied over17:18
PiciBluesKaj: Do you not have your keyfile in a standard location or filename?17:18
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BluesKajPici, yes both are in ~/.ssh17:18
PiciBluesKaj: Odd then.  I've had to use ssh-copy-id -i in the past to specify the location if non-standard identity files.17:19
BluesKajPici,  ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub ipaddress17:21
PiciBluesKaj: did that work?17:22
BluesKajPici, no that's the command that gives the ID error17:23
tsimpsonBluesKaj: check that ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub exists and isn't empty, that's probably the only reason it'd fail like that (that I can tell)17:28
=== hacked is now known as vinces
BluesKajtsimpson, thanks at least I can ssh in with a pw without errors17:38
BluesKajis there a method to change the time setting to a 12hr clock ? I can't seem to find that option in system settings , or anywhere else.17:43
LinkmasterBluesKaj: 'system settings -> local -> Date & Time'17:45
BluesKajLinkmaster, nope , no such option17:51
Linkmasterwhat KDE are you using??17:51
BluesKajdate& Time yes , but no AM/PM17:51
ppqBluesKaj: kcmshell4 language -> date & time, change HH:MM:SS to pH:MM:SS17:52
ppq(or PH, if you wish leading zeros)17:53
BluesKajppq, right thanks..I recall doing that before , my memory fails , again :P17:54
skramer_how can I revert the oxygen icons to the version that came with 4.6?17:56
yofelskramer_: sudo apt-get install oxygen-icon-theme=4:4.6.2-0ubuntu117:56
yofelno patience...17:56
yofelskramer_: sudo apt-get install oxygen-icon-theme=4:4.6.2-0ubuntu117:57
yofelafter that pin/hold the package so it doesn't get updated17:57
freeone3000So in Hardware Drivers, I've enabled my Broadcom STA Wireless Driver. Bluetooth works on it. However, there's no wlan0 or wpa0 in /sys/class/net. How do I make sure that the driver is running?18:18
BluesKajnope. no AM/PM despite the settings , still on the 24hr clock18:19
GirlyGirlfreeone3000: output of lspci18:21
freeone3000GirlyGirl: lspci -n | grep 14e4 (from broadcom docs) gives "0b:00.0 0280: 14e4:4315 (rev 01)"18:22
BluesKaj!bcm | freeone300018:27
ubottufreeone3000: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:27
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wbalvesyou speack portuguese????18:34
wbalvesolá joaquim18:37
wbalvesalguém ao fala português??? ou spanish?18:38
GirlyGirlwbalves: Try a different local community18:38
Pici!pt | wbalves18:40
ubottuwbalves: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.18:40
Pici!es | wbalves18:40
ubottuwbalves: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:40
wbalvesjoin #ubuntu-br18:42
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wbalvesjoin #kubuntu-pt18:44
wbalvesjoin #ubuntu-pt18:44
Piciwbalves: /join #channel18:45
skramer_one more question: there is an additional frame around krunner since the upgrade to 4.7 (http://wstaw.org/m/2011/08/01/Screen1.png). Is it a "feature"? How could I remove it?18:46
juemoHey pals ! I need a hand finding the source of a arp mapping problem. My router keeps broadcasting arp request to map my server and he never respond. Got any ideas ?19:05
Picijuemo: Have you asked in ##networking ?19:09
gomiboyjuemo: iirc the answer is in unicast, are you sure you are sniffing right?19:09
juemoPici: yes, of course... without success.19:09
juemogomiboy: no I am not sure ;)19:10
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juemoI start wireshark on the right interface, I see the arp requests broadcasted by the router, again and again19:11
juemoand the server say unaccessible from the LAN19:11
gomiboyjuemo: broken ethernet cable? no blinking lights? just guessing :)19:13
juemogomiboy: I tested with several different cables, using different interfaces (my server has 6 interfaces).  If I put the internet directly in the server (skipping the router) I get connected.  If I connect to the server through static IP with a laptop I get connected too.19:15
juemogomiboy: lights are blinking, of course ;)19:16
juemoI would like to test static arp entry, but I don't think my router supports it.19:17
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gomiboyjuemo: mmm... checked the arp table on the server? Maybe it has an old entry for the router on the wrong interface19:29
juemogomiboy: if so, how can I change this ?19:29
juemogomiboy: I got two entry for the router, one for eth0 in which the mac address is wrong, and the other for eth2 in which the mac address is <uncomplete>19:31
gomiboyjuemo: arp -d19:31
juemogomiboy: done this, arp -a outputs the same thing19:33
gomiboyjuemo: if you see incomplete it's ok, but if you see a wrong mac you have a conflicting ip on your net19:35
LinkmasterIsn't the proper command to build dependencies = 'sudo apt-get build-dep 'packagename'?19:36
juemogomiboy: so, what can be done ?19:38
gomiboyjuemo: something on your net is using the same ip as your router, find it and change it's ip to something else19:41
juemogomiboy: it isn't the case.  This network is really small.  To make it easier solving my problem I reduced it to : router, server, laptop.19:44
juemogomiboy:  nothing else has this IP19:44
juemogomiboy: I just realised I made a mistake and the router's mac address is correct19:46
juemogomiboy: sorry :S  But this doesn't slve my problem19:47
gomiboyjuemo: oh, ok then, is it on the right interface? none of the other interfaces of the server is physically connected to the same switch/hub?19:49
juemogomiboy: Yes, no.  I mean, it is the right (eth0).  No other interface is connected19:50
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juemogomiboy: by the way, thanks for your help :)19:53
LinkmasterIsn't the proper command to build dependencies = 'sudo apt-get build-dep 'packagename'?19:53
gomiboyjuemo: so we have arp, and you can't ping the router from the server... is there a way to see the router's arp table? If not just reboot the the router and try again :P19:54
juemogomiboy: I can see the router's "client list" which contains the right mac address for the server19:56
gomiboyjuemo: then i see no reason why you can't ping the router... firewalls?19:58
juemogomiboy: desactivated all tables.  iptables -L lists nothing :(19:59
gomiboyjuemo: can you ping both the router and the server from your laptop?20:01
juemogomiboy: not the server20:01
juemogomiboy: when I start a ping sequence from the laptop, I can see the arp requests from the router flowing in the server without responses.  This is pretty frutrating20:02
gomiboyjuemo: on the server: ifconfig ethX down on every interface except the one you have connected20:04
juemogomiboy: done20:06
gomiboyjuemo: can you ping the server now?20:07
BluesKajjuemo, is the laptop eth0 or wlan0?20:07
juemogomiboy: no20:08
juemoBluesKaj: no wireless connexion is possible here.  the interface is eth120:08
gomiboyjuemo: i ran out of ideas... :(20:10
BluesKajjuemo, sudo dhclient eth120:10
juemogomiboy: thanks for your efforts :)20:11
juemoBluesKaj: the problem is not the laptop.  But if you insist ;)20:11
juemoBluesKaj: dhcp requests and offers always goes well20:12
juemoBluesKaj: but then, any connexion requieres a arp mapping.  The server does not respond arp request the router broadcasts20:13
juemoBluesKaj: so this is just like if I was not connected20:13
BluesKajjuemo, so the server IP is recognized but the router doesn't connect to it due to mac address errors , is this correct?20:20
juemoBluesKaj: I can't say these are error.20:21
juemoBluesKaj: The server just seems not to respond to arp requests20:21
juemoBluesKaj: But the router seems to have the server's mac address and IP in cache but don't use it.20:24
CoJaBoI get a "package with gear" icon appear for about one second every few minutes in the taskbar. It is quite irritating- what is it, and how do I kill it?20:26
juemoCoJaBo: isn't it the package manager checking for updates ?  Updates are good for your security.20:27
CoJaBoupdate every minute?20:28
juemoCoJaBo: you can configure it via KPackageKit20:28
CoJaBoits set to update st the default rate. which def. ain't every minute o_o20:29
BluesKajjuemo, so the server is discarding and not updating the arp cache with the proper address, so the router keeps requesting20:29
juemoBluesKaj: arp -a on the server gives me correct information about the router mac address and IP20:30
BluesKajjuemo, but the router isn't resolving the server address , then maybe the IPs should be set manually in the router for all hosts ..just a thought20:34
juemoBluesKaj: I have set up dhcp reservation based on mac address on the router.20:36
juemoBluesKaj: Base on a capture with wireshark, the server makes regular queries to the name server of google.  I get the responses successfully.  So this can't be an arp issue.20:37
juemoBluesKaj: I got to go for today.  Thank you for your help !20:39
BluesKajnever fiddled with mac addresses .just set the IPs in the router20:39
seawingIs there anone here who could help with installing adobe air on 64bit kubuntu?20:46
seawingI am following instructions on http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/521/cpsid_52132.html but when I get to $ sudo ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin it says file not found and then when I click http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/main/n/nss/libnss3-1d_3.12.3.1-0ubuntu0.9.04.2_i386.deb I get a 404 error.20:49
soeeJames147, there is a new takeoff ver20:49
soeenow i cat run it via plasmoidviewer20:49
soeeand looks promising20:49
andyluigihelp! need a step by step guide how to inst a printer driver which is not on os list20:51
soeewow ot even works as other plasmoids :D20:51
BluesKajseawing, that's apretty old version anyway ..probly break if you tryto install that one20:54
seawingadobe has stopped supporting linux and they say you have to use version 2.620:55
BluesKajso why are you trying to install it , seawing?20:57
seawingI want to run svBuilder for simpleviewer20:57
Linkmasterhow do you build the dependencies of a file21:01
raevinanyone know when kde 4.7 will be in the repos for 11.4?21:01
Linkmasterraevin: it already is21:01
raevino.o  how come it's not showing up as updates in kpackagekit?21:01
Linkmasteradd 'ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports' I believe it is21:01
raevinah, alright21:02
soeeraevin, nvidia user ?21:03
raevinsoee: what's up?21:03
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soeeradivis, than i hope it will work for you better than for me :)21:03
soee* raevin21:04
raevinsoee: what card do you got?21:04
raevinsoee: i got a 9600 gt21:04
soeeraevin, 8800gt21:04
raevinsoee: what happened to you?21:04
soeewell im not sure if its nvidia related but xorg and kwin used to much cpu so all effects were slow, very slow ;/21:05
soeei couldnt work on 4.721:05
raevinsoee: what's your ram and cpu??21:06
soee2GB, c2d 3.2GHz21:06
raevinsoee: i might not have the same issues.  i got 8 gb & 2.5 ghz quad core21:06
soeeraevin, tell me how it works for you after upgrade21:07
raevinsoee: will do.  you gonna be on for a while longer?21:07
BluesKajseawing, are you trying to install flash ?21:07
soeeraevin ~ 1.5h21:07
seawingno, just air21:07
raevinsoee: should have it done before then21:08
soeeyeah :)21:08
BluesKajif so sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer21:08
raevinjust having trouble adding the backports repo right now lol21:08
BluesKajwhat's air anyway , seawing21:08
seawingthe simpleviewer builder only works with air21:08
seawingit is an adobe work environment21:09
seawingsimpleviewer and adobe both say it can be installed on Debian versions of Linux21:10
raevinkde looking to move to version 5 soon? o.o21:12
seawingThe Adobe AIR runtime enables developers to use HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Flash® and Flex technologies, and ActionScript® to build web applications that run as standalone client applications without the constraints of a browser.21:16
raevinseawing: they forget to mention that they are anti-Linux tho :/21:18
giantpunehi, im using kubuntu 11.04 on my laptop and i have some strange behavior that i cannot track down.  maybe somebody can point me in the right direction...21:24
raevingiantpune: what's the issue...?21:25
seawingno doubt Raevin.  I guess I will have to go with a VM solution21:25
raevinseawing: I'm sorry :/ Adobe used to be cool, but now even their 64-bit flash plugin is lame...21:25
giantpuneevery few days, i will try to open a program and i i will get the title in the star of the taskbar like the program is starting and after a while it will go away.  i get a message like "the plasma desktop tried to start XXX program but it couldnt".  no programs will open for me.  either using the terminal to try and start them or anything.21:26
seawingTHey say they removed support for linux to direct their resources to mobile devices. follow the $ I guess21:27
ssfdre38hey do anybody know where the downloaded backgrounds are stored at when i get them from the Desktop Settings21:27
giantpunewhen this happens, i cant open any program to try and debug what is happening, and any program i try to start via the terminal doesnt crash, so there is no crash dump21:27
raevinssfdre38: /usr/share i believe, look in there21:27
giantpunethe only thing i can do is restart the computer and everything is back to normal for a few days21:27
raevinor do this: cd /usr && find . -iname *.jpg21:27
raevingiantpune: I had a similar issue w/ Kmail (wouldn't start up after i had to do a killall on it)...i ended up just reinstalling the OS unfortunately.21:28
raevingiantpune: any errors in /var/logs anywhere?21:28
ssfdre38its not in there21:28
giantpuneill have to wait until it happens again raevin.  it was yesterday that it happened last, so later this week i guess21:29
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raevingiantpune: There'll still be log entries, lol.  Or check the system monitor or some other tool (too used to doing things thru cli, not enough gui lol)21:32
raevinsoee: did you have to restart your computer when you installed kde 4.7?21:32
soeeraevin, i did21:34
raevinsoee: did it get stuck on libkresources4 for you?  mine isn't moving past that point on installing lol21:39
soeeraevin, i was using muon and it stoped while running dpkg ~70%21:40
soeei had to run dpkg reconfigure -a21:40
soeeraevin, iv tried 3 times to sintall it - upgrade, frash install etc and it stoped all 3 times21:41
raevinsoee: this isn't going to go well, is it....?21:42
soeeraevin, dont worry should be ok21:43
raevinsoee: it not going past a certain package makes me feel bad lol21:43
soee:D usig console ?21:44
raevinsoee: i was using kpackagekit, lol, but now trying console21:44
soeeyeah :-) it will tell you to reconfigure dpkg if im right21:44
raevinsoee: yeah, lol; should i?21:45
soeeraevin, yop21:45
raevinsoee: i don't see how backports can be such a pita lol21:46
soeethings happen :)21:47
soee4.7 will be/is really cool but ill wait till 4.7.1 or even 4.7.221:47
raevini was sold on the whole kdm-integrating-grub thing21:48
soeeas long as it wont work as smooth as 4.6.521:48
raevinoff to reboot tho, soee, let you know what happens21:48
raevinokami@onikami:~$ /usr/bin/free -m21:52
raevin             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached21:52
raevinMem:          7999       1270       6729          0         33        42221:52
raevin-/+ buffers/cache:        814       718521:52
raevinSwap:         1952          0       195221:52
FloodBotK2raevin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:52
raevinsoee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/656698/21:52
raevinsoee: i notice a slight degration in performance, but i might have to actually use it more21:53
soeeraevin, how it works for yoo when you minimize/maximize windows21:53
soeeopen 3,4 widnows21:53
soeeand minimize, maximize tem21:53
raevinsoee: works just fine for me...i think your issue is more so your memory than your graphics21:54
raevinsoee: i was having the same problems with ubuntu and others as well with 2 gb, went to 4 gb it helped a bit, got 8 now and it's all smooth21:54
soeeraevin, its more related to kwin and xorg and their cpu consumption21:55
raevinsoee: i'm not sure about that.  i dunno intel's line though.  core2duo have 2 or 4 procs?21:55
raevinsoee: ahhh, that could play a part in it itoo21:55
soeethey said the increased performece so it should work better for me but didnt21:55
raevinsoee: i dunno, it seems more responsive to me personally.21:56
raevinsoee: can you file a bug report or something w/ kde?21:56
soeeim not sure what bug should i file as long im not sure what couse this issue21:56
raevinshould be a generic option there too?  i dunno21:56
raevinit is something to bring to their attention, tho, in some way...even goin on their irc channel (if they got one)21:57
raevinthe only thing w/ kde 4.7 i dislike (right now) is that the start menu, when you go to the different catagories in the applications panel, doesn't have that back arrow anymore21:58
soeeyuo have breadcrumb at the top21:58
raevinwhat you mean?21:59
soeebut im not using it, iv been using old style menu but now this: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Takeoff?content=14407821:59
BluesKajsoee, it's called the "cashew" :)21:59
raevinsoee: i might try that out, it looks interesting...just afraid of rolling back, if it'll cause issues22:00
soeebreadcrump -> Applications/Multimedia/22:00
raevinah, kk, didn't know the exact name of it thanks :D22:00
soeeraevin, not sure if takeoff works with 4.722:01
raevinsoee: i'm gonna wait a bit anyways22:01
BluesKajclassic menu works better as the kicker than the default app launcher22:02
raevinsoee: it doesn't look bad, just too much like unity imo22:02
soeehehe :) but i like it, btw i was using unity for some time22:02
raevinsoee: me too, which is what made me change back to kde lol22:03
raevinsoee: it's just too bloated and requires WAY too much resources for what it does22:03
CoJaBoI get a "package with gear" icon appear for about one second every few minutes in the taskbar. It is quite irritating- what is it, and how do I kill it?22:06
soeeraevin, this is how it works for me: http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/6873/takeoff.png22:07
raevinCoJaBo: it's kubuntu checking for updates, or you got updates waiting...start up kpackagekit to see if htere's any updates available22:07
CoJaBoraevin:  it displays the icon every minute when theres an update?22:08
raevinsoee: see, lol, too much like unity.  though it does have a bit of a nicer look to it, more polished22:08
raevinCoJaBo: no, but it could be searching for one22:08
raevinCoJaBo: that's why  isaid check to see if there's any avaialable22:08
raevinsoee: know of any good plasma themes for kde?22:09
soeedunno i like defualt, there is androbit - the most popular these days i think22:09
CoJaBothere were 6. however, it still does it after update, and did it before they were available. it displays that icon on and off constantly22:10
soeebut i dont like dark themes22:10
raevinsoee: i'm not even looking for dark, lol, but androbit apparently won't work for 4.7??  i installed it but it won't display in the list lol22:10
soeenot sure didnt test with 4.722:11
raevinCoJaBo: check to see what the check updates period is set to.  might be set to something less than 1 day22:11
mendredraevin: androbit works just fine with 4.7 :22:11
raevinsoee: didn't think so lol, just didn't know if that's a way to test if it's not compatible22:11
raevinmendred: is there a reason why it won't show up in my listing, even after choosing something else then going back to it?22:11
CoJaBoraevin:  its st to thedefault22:12
raevinCoJaBo: not sure what to say, unfortunately.  i've never ran into that issue before.22:12
mendredraevin: hmmm..ur adding the theme from the get new themes window right?22:13
CoJaBoit says something aboutchecking fit distribution updates?22:13
mendredraevin: and other themese are getting added?22:13
raevinmendred: yeah, i just go to get new themes, click install, and says its installed, but its not listed22:13
raevinmendred: i added volatile just fine, after that nothing else is being added22:14
mendredraevin: thats wierd..22:14
raevinmendred: apparently androbit is displaying now but h2o black sitll isn't, i dunno22:14
mendredraevin: anyways i now use glassified...androbit doesnt play well with lancelot on dark themes..so thats worth checking out22:15
raevinmendred: i used glassified before and actually quite nejoyed it, but forgot the name of the themes i had before, thanks!22:15
BluesKajCoJaBo, kmenu/aps/sytem settings/software management/choose settings, uncheck "notify........"22:16
CoJaBoBluesKaj:  gm, thanks I'll try that22:17
raevinanyone know why xorg/nvidia doesn't like dual monitors?  when i had it set up, flash would act funny (it'd go full screen, but the video itself wouldn't, just black border)22:17
soeenot sure using flahs 64bit beta and works fine22:19
raevinsoee: in dual-monitor?  wat browser?22:19
raevinit works fine in single-monitor set up, but when i use my other monitor is f's up22:20
soeeno sjust single22:20
raevinmight be why lol22:20
raevinalso, been wondering this...i got an external (usb) soundcard, and an onboard...i use the external for speakers and interla for headset...how come setting hte master mixer from the usb device to onboard doesn't redirect sound from the usb device to the headset?22:21
raevinit works fine with gnome's volume control app, but not with kde's kmixer stuff22:21
soeehmm im isong pavucontrol22:25
BluesKajraevin,  sudo gstreamer-properties (A GUI will open) (After configuring a reboot may be in order22:25
raevinnot installed, and apt-get install says it doesn't exist :/22:26
BluesKajraevin,  you may need to set gstreamer as your backend in phonon as well22:26
BluesKajtry installing gstreamer then runb the command I posted22:27
raevinBluesKaj: i have gstreamer set as the backend to phonon already, it's my only option there o.o22:28
BluesKajraevin, ok , install pavucontrol for pulseaudio , it has options you can set for usb devicesI believe , unless you don't have pulseaudio22:30
raevini might, but i've been sticking w/ alsa22:30
BluesKajbbl...bbq needs atth22:30
raevinBluesKaj: kk22:30
BluesKajraevin, ok I'm back for a few ...any luck with pavucontrol , otherwise F4 in alsamixer  for the capture ctrls22:38
raevinBluesKaj: nah :/  i installed pavucontrol but it didn't make any difference, i'll try alsamixer22:38
BluesKajraevin, yeah , pulseaudio hasnever done much for me either22:39
raevinBluesKaj: but it's not the capturing i want, it's sending the audio from the speakers (usb) to the headset (internal) that's causing me issues22:39
BluesKajoh I/m sorry , I misunderstood ..I thought your soundcard was usb , raevin22:40
raevinit is22:40
raevinit's kind of a weird set up lol22:40
raevini have an external soundcard (usb), used mainly for recording music and stuff which i have to re-setup, and i got my speakers hooked up to it22:40
BluesKajusb spkrs and sndcd ..ok that's a new one on me :)22:40
raevinbut hwne i want the audio to go to the eadset instead, and choose the internal one in kmixer, it still goes through the speakers22:41
raevinwell, the speakers aren't usb, but the soundcard is22:41
raevinugh, brb, lol.  think i made a mistake somewhere22:42
raevinneed to reboot22:42
BluesKajyeah, gotta check the bb for a few22:43
raevini think i'm just going to do what i used to...use the external card for everything lol22:45
raevinonly thing that bothers me is that audio from red eclipse goes to the headset, no matter what, but...meh22:45
raevinBluesKaj: thanks very much for the help though :)  is much appreciated22:45
BluesKajok raevin ..whatever works for you :)22:51
Linkmasterhow do you build the dependencies for an application?23:27
ppqLinkmaster: 'sudo apt-get build-dep some-program'23:27
LinkmasterI thought so. But when I try, it complains23:28
LinkmasterSays 'can't fi...oh23:28
LinkmasterI did something stupid awhile back xD23:30
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