gary_postergood afternoon danilos.  I'm mildly nervous about where we are with gmb's translations branch.  you wouldn't happen to be able to get it ready for review within the next two hours, would you? :-P11:42
danilosgary_poster, hum, isn't his branch landed already?11:43
* gary_poster goes to reread mail11:43
danilosgary_poster, hi btw (and sorry about the vacation falling through)11:43
danilosgary_poster, it needs help QAing, it's landed on staging afaict11:43
* gary_poster was talking about import queue work, to be clear11:43
danilosgary_poster, right11:43
gary_posteroh danilos, ok great.  So you could accurately move his card on the kanban board to qa/ready?11:44
danilosgary_poster, uhm, that's where it is for me :/11:45
* danilos refreshes the board11:45
gary_posterdanilos, meh sorry11:45
gary_posterI saw a yellow card in codeing and did not read it closely enough11:46
gary_postermrevell is working on that, I guess?11:46
danilosgary_poster, yeah, but I haven't checked up on him today, I can do that and then decide what to do with the card (he's done some minimal documentation)11:47
gary_postercool danilos thx11:47
danilosgary_poster, I know you are eager to move the entire feature card somewhere else :)11:47
gary_posteryeah :-)11:47
danilosgary_poster, I was also looking at escalated bugs to pick one: bug 34086 looks hard, and bug 57418 looks simpler but not very well defined — I'd still take that one over the other one: what do you think?12:27
_mup_Bug #34086: removal of arch-all packages while there are arch-specific packages dependent on it results in uninstallable binaries <escalated> <feature> <lp-soyuz> <soyuz-publish> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/34086 >12:27
_mup_Bug #57418: Support debtags in Packages.gz <escalated> <feature> <lp-soyuz> <soyuz-publish> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/57418 >12:27
bacgary_poster: gmb's branch is qa-ok12:30
bacgary_poster: sorry about your vacation.  is your son better now?12:31
gary_posterdanilos, two thoughts.  First, Francis told me that we are doing ok with escalated bugs and can look elsewhere for awhile.  Second, in my notes from my call with Francis last week, you can see 54718 is his top recommendation of them, followed by 747558.12:32
gary_posterThird, if you are after a challenge, I'd personally prefer you find some codehosting bugs and tackle them, but that should be regarded lightly-do what you want.  Finally, if you want to close bugs quickly instead, I'm +1 on finding ones you think you can close quickly.12:32
gary_posterbac, thanks for qa, great12:32
danilosgary_poster, ok, I'll give it some thought and then decide what to tackle12:32
danilosgary_poster, fwiw, I do have some (minor!) code-hosting experience already with translations being integrated with it12:33
danilosgary_poster, don't come to me for questions, though :)12:33
gary_posterbac, thanks for asking.  He still has a fever, but doc says we don't need to worry.  It's not bothering him at all, though we are not letting him out much, esp. to pool.  This is day 6 so a little long for a minor viral infection, but hopefully it will go away soon12:33
gary_posterdanilos, ack12:33
gary_posterand good to know12:34
gary_posterbac benji danilos, call as soon as I start Skype :-)12:34
gary_posterbac, I'm trying to dupe a prod problem on launchpad.dev.  To do it, I need several packages with similar names.  I'm having difficulty with basic, basic things like this:13:50
gary_poster- how can I see all of the packages in a distro?13:50
gary_poster- how can I create a new package?13:50
gary_posterI found https://launchpad.dev/firefox/+packages but that didn't really help me out.13:50
gary_posterBTW, Chromium does have the same webkit problem with /etc/hosts that you mentioned13:50
gary_posterit wasn't biting me that badly for the last stuff I was doing for some reason13:50
gary_posterbut it is pretty annoying now13:50
bacyou said distro but your example is for a product13:51
bacubuntu/+packages ?13:51
baclet me fire up a server and poke around13:52
bacgary_poster: sorry to hear about chromium.  FF definitely works.13:52
gary_posterbac, thanks.  yeah I'm happy-ish with FF14:01
gary_posterbac, it's really slower :-/14:02
gary_posterhttps://launchpad.dev/ubuntu/+packages is a 40414:02
bacgary_poster: yeah14:02
bacif you look at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric14:02
bacyou see there are various package lists, but i don't see one that lists them all14:02
gary_posterbac, yeah, and no parallel I see in https://launchpad.dev/ubuntu/hoary14:05
gary_posterI suspect that stuff on the top right of oneiric is derived distro stuff14:06
gary_posterbac, any ideas on "how can I create a new package?"  Or would you like to punt me to someone else?14:09
* gary_poster about to choose a new bug :-)14:11
bacgary_poster: still looking14:14
bacgary_poster: it looks like you have to do it via the upload processor14:20
gary_posterbac, urgh14:21
gary_posterbac, ok thank you14:21
gary_posterbac, will you curse my name if I run away now, even after you spent the time discovering that I didn't want to go there right now?14:22
gary_poster:-) ok thanks bac14:22
* danilos -> off15:46
benjigary_poster: I just submitted an EC2 expense report that is flawed, can you reject it for me?19:00
gary_posterbenji, sure, 1 sec19:00
gary_posterbenji, I did something that rejected it or is...very similar19:04
gary_posterplease take a look19:04
benjiwell, it's rejected all right, but I can't edit it.  Fortunately this one only had two lines, I'll just recreate it19:05
benjiwait!  it does have a (cleverly hidden) edit button19:06
benjiok, that one has been resubmited19:09
gary_posterbenji, done :-)19:10
bachi gary_poster, got a moment for a skype?20:15
gary_postersure bac, fire when ready20:15

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