Davieylifeless: fwiw, the sign time looked correct.00:05
lifelessDaviey: ?00:06
Davieylifeless: poolie commented "I wonder if this could be caused by a skewed client clock causing a"00:06
Davieysignature that seems invalid only for a certain time ...?"00:06
DavieyUnless i missed what he was conveying, for example - sign time in the future?00:07
lifelessDaviey: read the bug00:07
lifelessDaviey: oh right00:07
lifelessuhm no00:07
lifelesswe're pretty sure we know what causes this00:07
lifelessthe daemons sets up a gpg home in /tmp on a machine with tmpreaper00:08
lifelessit then touches it periodically, but this is fallible00:08
RAOFWould an archive admin with shell access be able to copy bzr to natty-proposed without running into bug #817358?00:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 817358 in Launchpad itself "Copying packages with lots of associated bugs can cause timeout" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81735800:44
RAOFI'd like to know if I should start hunting admins :)00:44
wgrantRAOF: Yes.01:04
RAOFLet the hunt begin.01:04
* StevenK peers at RAOF.01:05
RAOFStevenK: bzr 2.3.4-0ubuntu1 would like very much to migrate to natty-updates.  As you can see, launchpad cunningly prevents me from accomplishing this.01:06
StevenKRAOF: Done.01:10
wgrantRAOF: The copy takes <400ms, then the bug closing takes the rest of the 9s :/01:19
RAOFThere aren't even that many bugs attached.  How does copying a kernel _ever_ work?01:21
elmodoing things inline that should be done out-of-line!01:21
wgrantRAOF: It doesn't.01:22
wgrantThey are always done from cocoplum, AFAIK.01:22
wgrantelmo: Yes, and very slowly.01:22
RAOFAh, of course!01:22
screamWhat is the recommended method for posting a screenshot file to a question?03:13
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elacheche_anisGood morning every body :D08:47
elacheche_anisI have a question please :D08:47
geserWe might have answers :)08:49
henningeelacheche_anis: ask you question ;)08:49
elacheche_anisI have a little project in my mind, it's creating a drupal module that allow me to use the LP karma of each user( for example it will be: my user karma= LP karma + my forum karma) so I need to know how can I have the LP karma of each user :D08:50
elacheche_anisthx geser & henninge08:51
henningeelacheche_anis: the LP API provides that information.08:53
henningeelacheche_anis: https://help.launchpad.net/API08:53
elacheche_aniscool, with an API it will be easiest to do that :D08:54
elacheche_anisI've never know that there is already an API :D thank you so much henninge :D If I made the module I will share the download link with you in this channel, maybe it will be useful for one of you :D08:56
henningeelacheche_anis: you can host your project on Launchpad!08:57
elacheche_anisOf course I will :D08:57
henningecool ;)08:57
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lilstevieI have a question about uploading packages for armel10:09
lilsteviewhen I upload my package I get an email saying it is rejected because the arch isn't supported10:10
lilsteviehow do I go about uploading armel packages10:10
maxbarmel is not a supported architecture for standard PPAs10:15
lifelesslilstevie: also you can't upload binary packages full stop10:21
lilstevielifeless,  I am aware of that10:21
lilstevielifeless, it is a source package10:22
lilsteviejust it is for armel only10:22
wgrantlilstevie: armel doesn't presently have a reasonable virtualisation solution, so we can't securely allow anyone to build for it yet.10:33
lilsteviewgrant, I see :( makes things harder10:33
lilstevieok, well I guess seeing as that is the case, what are my alternatives, just run my own repo?10:48
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tseliothi all. Somehow I can't assign this bug to myself. Any ideas? LP: #74193012:01
tseliothmm... it works when using firefox. It must be a chromium issue..12:04
wgranttseliot: What do you mean you can't assign it to yourself?12:05
tseliotwgrant: it means that I click on "assign me" and it does nothing12:05
wgrantDid you try refreshing the page and clicking it again?12:06
henningetseliot: wfm on qastaging, with chromium.12:07
tseliotwgrant: yes, I did12:07
henningetseliot: can you try it here? https://bugs.qastaging.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/74193012:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 741930 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-96 (Ubuntu) "[natty] nvidia binary packages for older cards - dependencies not met" [Medium,In progress]12:08
tseliothenninge: it used to work fine here too12:08
* tseliot tries12:09
tseliothenninge: no, it doesn't work there either12:09
nigelbcompare chromium versions? :)12:10
tseliotI tried to assign -96 to me12:10
tseliotit's 12.0.743.0 (82420) here12:11
tselioton natty12:11
nigelbwfm same version of chromium on maverick12:13
wgranttseliot: Can you open up the developer tools and check the Network tab to see what requests there are at the time?12:13
tseliotwgrant: it seems that I don't get anything when trying to assign the bug to myself but I can remove the assignee12:17
wgranttseliot: No JS errors?12:17
wgrantIt should make a request to check if you have had any bugs assigned to you before.12:17
tseliotwgrant: no, no errors12:18
wgranttseliot: Does the "Assign me" link work on other bugs? On other tasks on that same bug?12:18
tseliotwgrant: wait, I think it was the popup blocker. It works now. It's weird though, as it didn't use to cause these problems12:19
tseliotthe extension name is "Better Pop Up Blocker"12:20
tseliotthanks for your help12:21
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jo-erlendI've created a team and a project and I've set the team as maintainer of the project. Still, bugs, blueprints and questions for that project does not show up in the team page. How do I do that?14:52
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abentleyadeuring: I relieve you.16:22
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nigelbabentley: Star Trek quote? ;)16:28
micahgnigelb: that would be, "I relieve you, sir", I believe16:31
ScottKActually that's standard US Navy deck watch change procedure.16:32
nigelbmicahg: Right.16:32
nigelbScottK: Ah.16:32
ScottK"I stand relieved" is the reply.16:33
ScottKThis gets logged and so there's no doubt who's posterior is on the line if something goes wrong.16:33
adeuringabentley: thanks!16:34
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jaypipesabentley: hi. is there some issues with connectivity to bazaar.launchpad.net today?18:08
abentleyjaypipes: There have been reports that if a connection is idle too long, it's getting dropped.18:08
abentleyjaypipes: is that what you're seeing?18:09
jaypipesabentley: https://jenkins.openstack.org/view/Glance/job/glance-tarmac/88329/console is an example18:10
jaypipesabentley: of what we're seeing (across the board on our builders trying to pull remote master and merge locally18:11
jaypipesabentley: look for the "Connection to bazaar.launchpad.net closed by remote host."18:11
jaypipesabentley: stopped working around 40 minutes ago or so..18:11
abentleyjaypipes: seems like it could be the same issue, or it could be something else.18:12
jaypipesabentley: anything I can do to diagnose/assist?18:12
abentleyjaypipes: Can you confirm that the script is taking > 50 seconds to run?18:12
jaypipesabentley: that build job is actually a number of things, so I'm not sure what you are referring to in the >50 seconds? The python setup.py test might take more than 50 seconds, but I'm not sure how that would impact the merge of remote master to a local branch?18:15
abentleyjaypipes: basically from the pre_merge_hook message to the error.18:17
jaypipesabentley: checking.18:18
jaypipesabentley: yes, it could def be more than 50 seconds...18:19
jaypipesabentley: did something recently change regarding that?18:19
abentleyjaypipes: Yes, we've just moved codehosting behind haproxy.18:19
jaypipesabentley: hmm.18:20
jaypipesmtaylor: ok, so there was a change recently where haproxy is closing connections to bazaar.launchpad.net held for >50 seconds. It looks like tarmac holds the bzrlib connection open whlie it runs post_commit_hook (which includes python setup.py test in our case)18:21
jaypipesmtaylor: is there something we need to edit in tarmac to close/reopen the bzrlib connection while tests are run?18:21
mtaylorjaypipes: lovely18:21
mtayloruhm. hrm18:21
abentleyjaypipes: it doesn't look like there's built-in support for that.18:24
jaypipesabentley: you mean in tarmac?18:26
abentleyjaypipes: I'm trying to see what the semantics of tarmac.branch.Branch.create are.18:26
abentleyjaypipes: yes.18:26
abentleyjaypipes: I think you'd be okay to insert source = Branch(source.lp_branch, config=source.config, target=source.target) anywhere needed to reopen the connection.  What do you think, rockstar?18:29
jaypipesmtaylor: ^^18:30
abentleyjaypipes: tarmac is doing nothing wrong.  bzrlib expects you to hold connections open while you're using them.  However, you can reopen source as a workaround while codehosting is dropping connections.18:31
* rockstar reads backchat18:32
* mtaylor defers to rockstar 18:33
rockstarHm, I wonder why we would hold the connection open while we run the tests.18:34
rockstarabentley, ^^18:35
rockstarI think I may have missed something there.18:35
abentleyrockstar: Well, it's supposed to be okay to do that.  It's just that right now, launchpad appears to be dropping connections that have been idle > 50 seconds.18:36
rockstarabentley, so what we're doing here is creating or updating a lightweight checkout, running a command, and committing of the command is successful.18:37
rockstarabentley, and it seems like we're saying that bzr keeps the connection open after updating the checkout.  Is that true?18:37
abentleyrockstar: Yes.  And reading from the source branch (source.authors) as part of the commit process.18:37
rockstarabentley, wow, that's weird, and probably sub-optimal in Tarmac's case.18:39
rockstari.e. it might not be Tarmac's fault, but leaving connections open when you might not need them could be problematic.18:39
rockstarWhen you say "it's supposed to be okay to do that", are you saying bzr is smart enough to figure it out?18:40
abentleyrockstar: No, I'm not saying bzr is smart enough to figure it out, I'm saying the connection should not be dropped..18:41
abentleyrockstar: anyhow, you can avoid this issue in Tarmac by reading source.authors earlier.18:41
rockstarabentley, yeah, we definitely need to do that.  I've been meaning to turn on HPSS debugging in Tarmac and make sure we're not being too chatty as well.18:42
abentleyrockstar: that leaves you with target, which is also open for the lifetime of _do_merges IIUC.18:43
rockstarabentley, ah, I see exactly what you're saying.  Crap.  I knew that was gonna bite us one day.18:45
rockstarabentley, so I guess that Tarmac should be a little smarter about this as well as haproxy needing to be tweaked then.18:45
rockstarjaypipes, mtaylor, so, in this case, launchpad is revealing some performance bugs in Tarmac.18:47
jaypipesrockstar: k. what can we do to help?18:49
rockstarjaypipes, fix all the bugs.18:49
rockstarjaypipes, -> #tarmac18:49
jaypipesrockstar: :)18:50
abentleyjaypipes: This doesn't quite meet the definition of "critical incident", because it affects a limited number of use cases, but I take it seriously, and am discussing what to do with IS.19:01
jaypipesabentley: sounds good. we're chatting on #tarmac about a possible resolution. I'll keep you updated.19:02
jaypipesabentley: thx :)19:02
abentleyjaypipes: if we did retain a timeout, how long would it need to be?19:02
dobeyabentley, rockstar: so this new behavior on lp seems quite bad19:18
abentleydobey: I agree.19:19
dobeyabentley: it seems to make using remote branches hosted on lp, a useless feature in bzr, no?19:19
abentleydobey: No.19:20
abentleydobey: It only affects cases where the connection is held idle for >50 seconds, AFAIK.19:20
abentleydobey: pushes, pulls will rarely do that.  Commits may do that if the user edits the commit message in an editor rather than supplying -m.19:21
abentleydobey: but if the user commits locally and then pushes, they won't be affected either.19:22
dobeyabentley: right. so lock, do stuff, unlock, will fail, if "do stuff" takes a while and doesn't involve using the bzr connection, right?19:22
abentleydobey: right.19:22
dobeyabentley: well, you can't commit locally to a remote branch, right?19:22
abentleydobey: You can, using a checkout.19:22
dobeyoh, if you do commit --local you mean?19:24
abentleydobey: Actually, I misunderstood your question.  But yes, commit --local can be used for local commits.19:25
dobeyabentley: ok. i don't think that matters here though.19:29
dobeyabentley: so, tarmac basically has to keep the connection open, afaik. is there any way to open a lightweight checkout without having the remote connection stay open?19:29
abentleydobey: I don't think tarmac has to keep the connection open.  I think it just does at the moment.19:30
abentleydobey: There is no way of opening a lightweight checkout without having the remote connection stay open.19:30
dobeyabentley: given your second answer, we must keep the connection open then :(19:31
dobeyabentley: because we need to lock_write() on the branch, while we're doing things, and the connection will just be idle :-/19:31
abentleydobey: an alternative would be not *not* hold a write lock while you're doing things, and recover gracefully if operations happened while you were doing things.19:33
abentleys/not *not*/not/19:33
dobeyabentley: we need to hold a write lock though, to prevent other processes from writing to the branch while we're doing stuff19:34
dobeyabentley: otherwise, if the tests take too long, and another tarmac process starts up, it can create a contention and cause both to get spunlock :(19:34
abentleydobey: An alternative would be to not hold a write lock, and then recover gracefully if other processes write the branch while you're doing stuff.19:34
dobeyhow would you even do that? i can't think of any possible way to handle that 'gracefully'19:35
abentleydobey: I think it would require re-doing the merge.  It would probably also make sense for *tarmac* to prevent other tarmac processes from starting up, so that you don't get tarmac competing with itself.19:36
dobeyit's perfectly feasible for multiple copies of tarmac to be running at the same time, and operating on different branches19:39
abentleydobey: I suppose it wouldn't be too horrible to take a write lock on the remote branch, kill the connection, do stuff, reconnect and break the lock.19:39
dobeyand i don't think tarmac should have to re-implement locking on target branches, when bzr already has locking :-/19:39
abentleydobey: You can do per-branch locking if you like.19:39
dobeyand it doesn't help us if the other process isn't tarmac, to do our own locking. where as if we use lock_write() on the branch, then other bzr/bzrlib-using processes will already just "do the right thing" since it will be locked19:41
dobeyi'm curious to know *why* this change was made on lp to close the connections, anyway19:41
abentleydobey: It was done because we switched to haproxy, so that we could have no-downtime codehosting deployments.19:42
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dobeyand you can't just drop all the current connections when there's a new deployment, as opposed to every 50s if it's idle?19:43
abentleydobey: I'm not familiar enough with haproxy and our deployment of it to answer that.  But I've been discussing the issue with mbarnett.  Perhaps he can answer that.19:44
mbarnettit is possible, though i will need to discuss this further with the team to figure out exactly how it will all work.19:45
dobeyok, because i'm pretty sure we don't drop idle connections for ubuntu one file sync api like this. and it's behind haproxy as well.19:45
dobeymbarnett: i'm guessing it should work similar to the ubuntuone api server haproxy setup. :)19:46
dobeyalso, 50s is a very odd number. 600s i could see as somewhat feasible, or maybe even 300s, but 50s is just odd :)19:46
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triuneanyone know what the name of the channel for LP translators is/22:12
micahgtriune:  #ubuntu-translators22:13
triunedanke :)22:13
micahgoh, wait, LP translators?22:13
micahgtriune: LP translators are here22:13
triuneoh, yes22:13
triuneahh, ok, I guess I can ask here then22:13
triuneworking on my GSoC project with my student, and we cant solve this issue where our code has strings that may/may not contain html and/or javascript in addition to the actual paragraphs of text22:14
triunewe'd like to know if there is a "best practice" of how to "get around" this kind of scenario22:15
triuneobviously, we don't want the translators to see the html/javascript22:15
triunethis would be pretty easy with a static codebase, answer: you just wrap the string u want translated with something gettext will pick up22:16
triunehowever, a number of our "translatables" are stored in a database and cached to disk upon checkin to BZR22:17
triunethese are what sometimes contain html and javascript22:17
triuneany suggestions?22:20
pooliewhat was the question?22:22
triunerewind >> http://pastebin.com/1RihyEmf22:24
triunebugger, guess not :(22:39
poolietriune: well, it seems like you need to distinguish them in the database23:13

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