KM0201bioterror, u around?00:12
KM0201or anybody else smart.. :_)00:12
TigerCR1200Ive installed on a laptop, and in the battery preferences have told it to go to sleep when the lid is shut or the battery is low on power. However when I shut the lid the laptop turns completely off, any help as to why?00:31
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x29ahi there, im using lubuntu 11.04 and wanted to know, if its possible to connect to a ftp/ssh/smb ressource with pcmanfm?12:05
bioterroryes it is12:05
x29aah, i guess just entering it in the url bar12:05
x29ai was looking through the menus for a "connect to..." option just like in nautilus12:06
silverarrowmy laptop has developed a tendency to freeze up slightly, and go unresponsive to online links13:33
silverarrowI have lubuntu13:33
silverarrowlubuntu has been working very well for months now13:34
silverarrowI might have messed up somehow13:34
silverarrowI have an embarresing number of browsers13:35
silverarrowOpera, FF, Midori, Chromium13:35
silverarrowcan it cause a problem?13:35
silverarrowanyone by the computer?13:36
silverarrow...summer holidays13:36
silverarrowdaft irc13:38
silverarrowdo updates, installing software, using transmission file share mess up the system+13:43
silverarrowlibre office can mess up the OS?13:54
x29ai wouldnt go guess programs but look at your logs13:59
silverarrowhi x29a14:00
silverarrowanything I can do about it, or do I have to reinstall ?14:00
silverarrowI hate reinstallations14:00
silverarrowI had one when 11.04 came14:01
silverarrowI haven't messed too much I think, but installed libre office, tried different browsers14:01
silverarrow5 different browsers14:01
silverarrowvlc is acting up to, at least with flash streams14:03
x29ahave you checked system performance tools what migh cause this?14:06
x29aram? cpu? gpu? hdd? thermal?14:06
silverarrowthans for the tip14:09
x29areinstall would be the last attempt for me14:09
silverarrowyes it really should be14:09
silverarrowthough I have done reistallations when new versions have been launched14:10
x29athats something different14:14
silverarrowI ran cpu blowfish14:16
silverarrowdo you know what the numbers indicate?14:16
silverarrowit seems number indicate very low capacity14:17
x29ano, i meant more "which system ressource seems sparse when the hickups occur"14:19
silverarrowI shall have to do some investigation ;- )14:23
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riddlerhi, does anybody know where/how I can make AbiWord to view docx files? I tried searching for a plugin, even went to abiword website but all I see are the list of plugin available but not actually the d/l link. help.17:07
x29adoes it have an internal plugin installer?17:09
x29ai dont use it, but maybe the "about" tab has "get more plugins" or something17:10
x29aor via apt-get17:10
riddleridk, lubuntu comes with abiword pre-installed17:10
x29ai removed it ;)17:11
x29ariddler: this might help you: https://bugs.launchpad.net/abiword/+bug/6190217:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 61902 in AbiWord "plugin installation incomprehensible" [Undecided,New]17:12
x29aseems like the process is "incomprehensible" ;)17:12
riddlerahhhh so that's how I get it, thnx guys I went to Tools>Plugin17:19
riddlerx29a, you said you remove abiword? what Word program/software do you use? I would try libreoffice but my laptop is only 384 RAM17:19
x29alibreoffice ;)17:21
bioterrorsilverarrow, did you like aeropress? ;)18:24
silverarrowdoes multiple browsers mess up?18:24
silverarrowlove it18:24
bioterrorno, it does it mess anything18:24
silverarrowI wonder what messes up then18:24
silverarrowJava will not run in Opera18:25
silverarrowat least not properly, not in firefox either18:25
silverarrowchromium behaves18:25
bioterrorinstall sun-java18:25
silverarrowI thought i had it18:25
silverarrow...checking with package manager18:26
silverarrowapparently I don't have any?=18:27
silverarrowweird, because I got into my bank18:27
silverarrowwith a lot of fuzz18:27
silverarrowI have Common CA certificates java18:29
micahggilir: hi! skaet in #ubuntu-release has some questions about lubuntu for alpha318:29
gilirmicahg, thanks :)18:31
silverarrowway too may java alternatives, which to choose, and I have several packages already18:31
silverarrowwhen I check my java on the Java home page, it doesn't work18:32
silverarrow...hmm, in Chromium I get "Your Java version: Version 6 Update 22"18:33
silverarrowin Opera, it sort of doesn't detect18:33
gilirnew ISO available, for adventurous testers :) http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/current/21:33
gilirI already reported several issues, be sure to check the bug tracker before reporting bugs :)21:34
Unit193Sweet! Too bad it doesn't seem to work with dl-ubuntu-test-iso :/21:38
* Unit193 downloads21:38
jibel_Unit193, version in bzr supports it but it is not packaged yet. You can get it from bzr branch lp:ubuntu-qa-tools21:47
phillwyay gilir21:56
gilirhi phillw21:56
phillwI do wonder why I picked a REALLY bad time to ask for the 10.04.3, with everything else going on :( I'm sorry.21:57
gilirphillw, no problem :)21:59
gilirI'm sorry I didn't looked at it properly, it seems to have some problems :(22:00
phillwgilir: there is an installable 10.04.3 available22:01
phillwbutn it is still a RC, not a finalised system.22:01
bosunschairWhat is the best Remote Desktop /VNC system to use with lubuntu?22:03
phillwbosunschair: which ever you prefer. Lubuntu will accept all of debian / ubuntu applications. It is for the owner of their computer to decide such things. :)22:08
bosunschairI am aware of that. Is there one recommended for low hardware spec. netbooks?22:10
phillwbosunschair: I'd suggest that you put that request onto the mailing list, one of the Lubunteers will most likely have experience and be able to advise you.22:11
bosunschairThank you. Phillw22:14

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