trijntjeHi all, who can tell me what program is responsible for trawing the 'shutdown' button in the top right? I want to report a bug but I dont know for what package07:55
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trijntjeHi all, who can tell me what program is responsible for trawing the 'shutdown' button in the top right? I want to report a bug (for oneiric) but I dont know for what package10:01
ruhiltrijntje, it is the unity package which draws the shutdown button10:56
jbicharuhil, trijntje: I'm pretty sure it's actually indicator-session11:18
trijntjeruhil, jbicha do you know of any way to test which one it is? I've tried killing indicator-session-service but it respawns11:32
jbichatrijntje: sudo apt-get purge indicator-session & probably logging out & back in should prove that it's indicator-session11:33
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trijntjejbicha: you are right, after removing indicator-session* the shutdown button disappears11:44
jbichatrijntje: well make sure to reinstall it :-)11:44
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trijntjejbicha: yeah, ill just reboot now to get it back, hard to logoff without that applet11:46
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dnpis there a MinimalCd for Oneiric ?11:49
* ruhil is sorry for providing wrong information11:52
jbichadnp: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/11:53
dnpjbicha: Thanks....went to the 32bit ver at -- http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/ ....but there are two mini.iso....the other inside /gtk....what is the difference12:06
jbichawell, do you want gtk or not?12:06
jbichabesides that I don't know as I've never used the mini.iso but notice the filesize difference12:07
dnpOh  had no idea what gtk stands for.....found this-- http://www.gtk.org/ -- its a toolkit to create GUI, right?......is it necessory for an end user who is not a programmer?12:15
dnpi'm trying to create a minimal vm that can run kile12:19
jbichadnp: kile is KDE, right? then you don't have any need for gtk12:22
dnpyep....downloading the smaller iso......thanks!12:28
jpdsdnp: I answered you in #ubuntu12:33
jpdsThe mini.iso will probably not do what you want.12:34
dnpjpds: i was able to set it with Natty mini.iso........mini.iso cmd line install + xorg + kde in a vm on vista12:52
dnpAre you saying the Oneiric one will not work as it is still alpha?12:53
smoserHey all.13:08
smoserI'm logged into unity13:08
smoseri click on the date13:08
smoser(in the top panel)13:09
smoserthen, i try to see other months via the '<' or '>' buttons, but they do nothing13:09
smoserbasically i can only look at the current month.13:09
zniavreusing OO with gnome-classic im wondering if everybody get the blank window calendar too ?13:13
zniavre(from panel applet*)13:13
zniavrealso if the nm-applet get his icon ?13:15
WaltherFIAnyone else had problems with thunderbird & empathy with the google authentication?14:04
anadonI updated 11.10, and the system hangs after it checks the battery state (says its ok).  I cannot access GRUB either to use a different kernel.  SUggestions how to fix?  Do I need to report this?14:21
Picianadon: I think I remember someone else reporting a similar issue, let me check my logs.14:30
Picianadon: Do you use fglrx?14:31
anadonnot that I know of14:31
anadonIf it is, I didn't put it there14:32
anadonActually, because its mostly a fresh install, I'd be willing to let someone probe my computer14:32
anadonI have nothing on it14:32
anadon5 installs in 2 days...and a dead disk14:33
anadonmy data is GONE14:33
anadonmumble mumble14:33
anadonI'll be back, bcasue I need to get my box working14:36
anadonand get windows on it14:36
anadonand PC-BSD14:36
anadonand plan 914:36
PiciGood luck.14:36
anadonand an empty part....14:36
anadonIts gonna be a bitch like none other....14:37
anadonso many boot loaders, so little compatability....14:37
ikoniaall those OS's can be booted from 1 boot loader14:39
burnerare the nvidia drivers supposed to be working right now?  I had to use nouveau to get X14:58
bjsniderthe nvidia drivers work15:12
ior3kburner: you may have to do aptitude reinstall nvidia-current after you install a new kernel15:29
ior3kthat's how I got it working again15:29
Ian_Cornewhat ior3k said16:00
* burner tries, thanks16:00
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alkisgMy lightdm autologin broke (I didn't touch anything, only updated), known issue?17:25
trismalkisg: if you edited /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf before upgrading to lightdm 0.9, there was some renaming in the config options, your best bet is to copy /usr/share/doc/lightdm/lightdm.conf to /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and make your edits there17:27
alkisgtrism: thank you, I'll check that file, but no, I didn't edit it. I had enabled autologin in installation/ubiquity17:28
alkisg2 months or so ago17:28
alkisgAh, default-user has been renamed to autologin-user, and that has broken the default-user that ubiquity has put there17:31
alkisgI'll fix it manually, thank you17:32
kjeldahl_So it seems xorg-edgers update today really broke my oneiric kernel based natty installation. Anybody aware of any simple workarounds? Everything was honky dory until today... Yeah, I'm running a bastard system due to sandy bridge and recent atheros wifi chipsets not being supported in natty...19:06
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Troy^will gnome 2.3 and 3 be available in 11.10?19:40
PiciI don'19:41
PiciI don't believe that 2.3 will.  3 is there already.19:41
Troy^aww so how does one being such a big gnome 2.3 lover going to subsitute any recommendations?19:42
PiciAparrently there are some ways to get gnome3 looking like 2.3.19:42
robin0800Troy^, but you have to install gnome shell to use it as else there's only unity 3d and unity 2d19:43
Troy^oh so gnome 3 doesnt officially come with 11.10?19:43
PiciIts in the repositories, but is not the default desktop environment.19:44
Troy^might switch to xfce or enlightenment19:44
PiciI'm trying out KDE myself.19:46
Troy^never been a kde fan19:47
PiciMe either, but KDE4 is at least shiny.19:48
Troy^kde looks really awful looking from screenshots lol19:49
Troy^i retract that statement http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/My+Kubuntu+Desktop?content=143875 looks decent19:58
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anadonHey, I updated 11.10 last night and GRUB options aren't available and the new kernel can't boot.  The system hangs after a successful check of the battery state.  What do I need to do?21:11
yofelanadon: if it shows checking battery state then the kernel booted fine but probably X didn't come up, check your /var/log/Xorg.0.log21:16
kjeldahl_anadon: Not sure if it's related or not, but I'm running natty with a oneiric 3.0 kernel, which also stopped shortly after boot (with capslock flashing). Happened just after X got updated (and I'm running xorg-edgers), so that's my primary suspect. Fortunately, grub still works and I have older natty kernels running normally (with all the warts with running natty on a modern sandybridge system, meaning wifi barely working).21:17
kjeldahl_.. today this happened I should add.21:17
anadonwhat am I looking for in the log?21:22
yofelany lines with EE21:22
anadonCouldn't load "nv" module21:23
anadondir  /dev/fb0 doesn't exist21:24
anadonNVIDIA kernel mod didn't load21:25
anadoncan't find a screen in a usable configuration21:25
anadonso...nvidia sucks is what I'm getting out of this.21:26
kjeldahl_anadon: With regards to Nvidia, I agree (and they used to be the linux hero, go figure). But considering my trouble today as well, I'm inclined to think something happened in Xorg land. Pure speculation of course.21:33
kjeldahl_anadon: And nv is the open source driver anyway, isn't it?21:33
anadonnew-ish to this level of development21:36
anadonI'm only a college sophmore21:37
anadongranted, I know the most of my class, but still lack experiance21:37
anadonthat, and my uni sucks21:37
anadonwow, that came out WAY wrong...21:37
kjeldahl_anadon: Unless you have a very specific reason for running 11.10, I think you may be better off using 11.04. Upgrading in Ubuntu land is usually very easy anyway, so you do not have to do a clean reinstall when 11.10 is finally ready.21:39
kjeldahl_The only reason I mix oneiric into this, is poor Sandy Bridge support in older releases, including audio trouble and crappy at the level of virtually not working wifi (well, an Atheros problem, but still). If 11.04 had worked fine, I would have stuck with it...21:41
kjeldahl_good night all21:42
Troy^kjeldahl_: are you having a atheros network device problem as well?22:35
Troy^so when the time comes to upgrade from ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 how easy is it?22:36
charlie-tcaThe upgrade is easy. just run update-manager after release22:40
charlie-tcaright now, update-manager -d will upgrade22:40
robin0800charlie-tca, yes that's the official line but will you have problems? that's something else22:41
charlie-tcaIn response to "how easy is it to upgrade"? it is very easy22:42
charlie-tcaIf you don't have problems in 11.04, you probably won't have them in 11.10 either, when it is released22:42
charlie-tcaIf you upgrade now, it is still in alpha, you expect to have problems22:44
robin0800charlie-tca, I can't get gnome3 to work even though I've installed gnome shell it crashes all the time and is unusable22:45
charlie-tcaum, it is alpha.22:46
charlie-tcasee above, if you upgrade now, you expect to have problems22:46
Troy^ok, sounds good the only thing i have problem with is it seems that when im downloading torrents abut every 10 minutes i loose internet connection, then i have to disconnect and reconnt with router to get connection this is 11.04 btw. Atheros 928522:46
Troy^i thought maybe a driver problem22:47
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alex_mayorgahow do I "restart" an unresponsive touchpad?23:26

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