charlie-tcaTheMuso: Is the accessible install working for oneiric yet?16:41
fredoAlanBell: You said I could ask you for help setting up OpenMary as a speechd module.19:15
fredoAlanBell: So here I am. :-)19:15
macohe might be having dinner right now. stick around a bit19:17
maco(it's 8pm in his zone)19:18
fredomaco: Thanks, I will.19:20
AlanBellmaco: I was actually having beer :)20:14
AlanBellhi fredo 20:15
fredoHi AlanBell!20:18
fredoI tried to follow your article, but unfortunately without success.20:19
fredospeech-dispatcher was configured on a per-user basis, so that was the first issue.20:20
fredoI’m running Lucid, so maybe that changed.20:20
fredoNow I have the config in the right place (.speech-dispatcher/conf/), but it crashes when I try to use the openmary module.20:21
AlanBelldoes it produce any output when it crashes?20:23
fredoYes, I get a backtrace.20:24
AlanBelldoes $TMPDIR/openmary.wav exist20:25
AlanBellprobably /tmp/openmary.wav20:25
AlanBellthat is where it puts the temporary audio file it downloads20:25
fredoNo, it doesn’t.20:26
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AlanBellcan you put the backtrace in a pastebin so I can see it20:26
AlanBellfor me the "-l de" doesn't work20:33
AlanBellI never tested or coded for it to pass through the language string, although it should really20:33
AlanBell"LOCALE=en_GB" is hard coded in the call to the openmary server20:34
AlanBelldoes it talk without the -l de bit?20:34
fredoSame error.20:35
fredoI checked the Mary server log, and it doesn’t even get a request.20:36
AlanBellyeah, it isn't getting that far at all20:36
fredoThe openmary.log seems to reveal nothing unusual.20:39
AlanBellhow did you set up speech dispatcher to do per user stuff? I just put the config file in /etc/speech-dispatcher/modules20:39
AlanBellare the permissions on your config file going to allow speech dispatcher to read it?20:40
fredoI didn’t set that up, I just figured out that my changes in /etc/ had no effect.20:42
fredoSo I put things into ~/.speech-dispatcher, and that seemed to work.20:42
fredoWell, or not, in this case.20:43
AlanBellspd-say -o broken "Guten Abend"20:43
AlanBellwhat does that do?20:43
AlanBellintentionally referencing a module that doesn't exist20:43
fredoIt works.20:43
AlanBellI think it should fall back to espeak20:43
fredoYes, probably.20:44
AlanBellok, so it knows the openmary module exists at least20:44
AlanBelland trys to load it20:44
fredoYes, and it does so successfully, given the log message in speech-dispatcher.log.20:45
fredoEven the openmary.log seems to be okay.20:45
AlanBellI might have a lucid VM kicking about for some other stuff, I will try installing it there20:46
fredoI will also install Oneiric on my dev machine next week, and since I’m planning to target that version for my experiments, I can see if it works there.20:48
fredoIf that still fails, I could still come back to you.20:48
* phillw btw, if any one needs some testing on VM, I would be happy to do so. I'd need telling what you wish me to test though!20:57
TheMusocharlie-tca: Not quite, my work likely won't be merged till after alpha 3 now, just because I've been trying to troubleshoot a few problems I have run into with setting stuff in the newly created user during install, particularly relating to gsettings.22:10
TheMusoI do feel that I am on top of them however.22:10
charlie-tcaOkay, no problem. I just want to know if it is worth trying to test for the milestone. 22:11
charlie-tcaGot enough testing to do, without fighting something that isn't ready to test :)22:11
TheMusoSince feature freeze is next Thursday, it will certainly be in by then.22:19
charlie-tcaGood enough. 22:23
charlie-tcaThank you22:23
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