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gorillaIs it acceptable to put a sign on my computer saying "Can't work: Compiling"?03:08
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head_victimsagaci: nice work on the translation team04:52
sagacihead_victim, yeah pretty happy about it... already dug into the chromium-browser package05:15
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DoeNietWilHello Ubuntu user, I came to this irc to ask you a question. We are trying to release a new version of OpenTeacher, and because it is a tool that is very language specific I was wondering if any of you would like to take a couple of minutes and translate it. It really isn't that much work but it would help us a lot. https://translations.launchpad.net/openteacher12:04
head_victimDoeNietWil: not a problem, there are several of us in here who would be able to help out.12:08
DoeNietWilah cool head_victim thanks a lot12:08
head_victimDoeNietWil: we translate into English (Australian)12:09
DoeNietWiljust to be sure, launchpad treats this as seperate languages?12:09
head_victimYes, and we've only recently set up a team for our translation on launchpad, previously we were only a Ubuntu team. 12:10
DoeNietWilvery nice to hear!12:13
sagaciDoeNietWil, yeah ok12:15
head_victimDoeNietWil: quick question is wordlisttable a specific object in open teacher?12:15
head_victimOr can it be translanted to word list table12:15
DoeNietWilwait i will check it for you12:17
DoeNietWilcould you tell me at what page it is?12:18
head_victimDoeNietWil: strings 40 and 4312:19
DoeNietWilit can be translated12:20
head_victimOk you might want them to update the main as well as wordlisttable isn't in English US to my knowledge either12:20
DoeNietWilhead_victim, do you know what it should say then?12:22
head_victimHah sagaci and I are tripping over each other.12:22
head_victimI would suggest simply "word list table" unless wordlisttable is a specific object in the program12:22
DoeNietWilthanks, i posted it as a bug12:24
head_victimNo worries12:24
head_victimIf they do report that it's meant to be a specific object let me know and I'll change it back in our translation12:24
DoeNietWili believe it's not because they made a dutch translation and it is translated in there12:25
head_victimAh that makes sense, that's why I like to check before just changing things.12:25
head_victimDoeNietWil: all done, I'd probably suggest that string 195 needs to be "percentages" not "percents".12:33
DoeNietWilyeah, there is allready a bug filed for that but thanks!12:33
head_victimDoeNietWil: no worries, glad to help out12:44
DoeNietWilthat's the nice thing about ubuntu everyone it friendly12:45
DoeNietWilbut hey, if you want to chat with the devs someday you can go here http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=openteacher12:45

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