philipballewwhats the best way to convert media files/01:29
truepurpleI wish I could help you01:29
philipballewi wish i could help you to01:30
stlsaintphilipballew: have you checked the repos for a converter??01:30
philipballewyeah. all i see is winff. its not that good. i might try ffmpeg. its command line and can get the job done maybe01:31
philipballewi need to convert a video to edit it in open shot haha01:31
ubot2Factoid 'ffmpeg' not found01:31
stlsaintphilipballew: apt-cache search ffmpeg01:32
stlsaintphilipballew: i know soundkonverter for kde is great01:32
philipballewalright, ill look at the output here01:32
truepurpleWell one way to convert a file is to load it up into a photoshop type program then save as a different type01:35
philipballewbut this is a movie :)01:35
truepurpleI think the same "save as a different type" option exists in some video players too01:37
truepurpleI remember VLC as being good at that type of thing01:37
truepurpleWell sort of remember, it was awhile ago and for windows01:38
stlsainttruepurple: vlc is also available for linux jfyi01:40
philipballewvlc is great!01:42
philipballewits my default for me. haha01:42
truepurpleI know that stsaint, that is why I mentioned it. But it, like other video players will not play sound for me, only one player will and it doesnt play the video very well. Perhaps someone can help me with that?01:44
stlsainttruepurple: i dont know im able to play everything with vlc01:45
truepurpleI can play it, just no sound01:45
stlsaintnever had to configure it so i dont know how to debug01:45
mjj09Hello, can anyone help me repair my wireless connection?01:50
AltiarSo I've been messing with compiz02:26
AltiarLost x minimize and max buttins02:27
AltiarGot them back02:27
AltiarNow can't move windows at all02:27
AltiarAny help ?02:27
AltiarMissed the olbvious lol02:28
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philipballewI need to compile software and need help with that as the tarbell isnt normal inside04:02
holsteinphilipballew: :/04:09
holsteinwhats up?04:09
holsteini dont know if i can be much help, but i'll look at a readme.txt and see what i see :)04:10
philipballewits from the humble inde bundle i bought yesterday,04:10
philipballewthere is no readme04:10
philipballewthats whats odd04:10
holsteinthose are click-n-run right?04:11
philipballewyeah, those. like i can run it from inside the tarbell. but its not installed on my computer04:11
philipballewodd if you ask me, maybe they want me to run it from inside there permintly04:12
holsteineh... id just put it somewhere, and put a link to it :)04:13
philipballewprobably. ill play around with it for sur04:13
truepurplecollinp or someone, can anyone help me get sound to work with my video players?05:02
collinpJust a second.05:02
collinpOkay, what's the trouble you're having?05:04
bazhangphilipballew, for media conversion, handbrake05:06
philipballewi have that here for dvd ripping!05:07
bazhangperhaps you are thinking of ogmrip .05:07
bazhanghandbrake specializes in media conversion05:07
truepurplecollinp, only the default player runs any sound, except the default player doesn't run the video very good05:08
truepurpleI have installed several other players, but none of them has sound05:09
collinpstrange... have you tried closing any other applications that would use sound, then playing a video?05:09
philipballewbazhang, no. handbrake is the best dvd ripper on any platform05:10
truepurpleNothing else is using sound05:10
bazhangphilipballew, what exactly are you trying to convert, ie from what to what05:10
philipballewflv to a file openshot will read05:11
philipballewi was gonna try mpeg05:11
truepurplecollinp, there is also a second issue, with all of the video players in one way or another, the menu wont show in front of the video, even paused, (one will do it if paused) so essentially some of the menu is near inaccessible05:11
philipballewyeah mpeg05:12
collinpThat's really strange...05:12
bazhangffmpeg I think you mean05:12
collinpHey starcraftman, or tronyx.05:12
truepurplecollinp, the menu kind of flickers and only really for the option your mouse is currently on. So navigating those menus is hell05:13
philipballewbazhang, no, ffmpeg is software. mpeg is a file format05:14
truepurplecollinp, there is another issue that might be related to the menu, I have a ATI 6850, I finally got the catalyst drivers to work, but I am not sure it is really working yet. That unity thing for example won't work05:14
collinpThat's an issue with the graphics drivers.. I'm sorry, but I personally am busy at the moment...05:15
collinpAnyone else want to help this fine fellow with their problem?05:15
truepurpleWell the sound can't be related to the video driver I think05:15
truepurpleI know the video card driver is a specialized help issue, but the sound thing should be generic enough, its integrated sound even05:15
truepurpleWell I should be on for a little bit, please come back and help if you can collinp05:17
collinpI'll try.05:17
truepurpleIf I install anything on a live usb drive, like a driver, does that driver carry over to a long term installation made from that live usb drive?05:22
bioterrorhi s-fox08:26
s-foxHello bioterror .08:26
truepurplewould you guys be able to help me figure out why I can't get sound for all but 1 video player software?08:26
bioterroropen alsamixer in terminal08:27
bioterrorand check if you have something muted08:27
truepurpleI typed "open alsamixer" into a terminal, and it said "Couldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console" bioterror08:28
bioterroropen terminal08:28
bioterrorand run command: alsamixer08:28
bioterrorif you see "MM", that means that the "channel" is muted08:28
truepurplenone muted08:29
truepurpleheadphone is grayed out, and "front Mi" is at zero bioterror08:29
bioterrorif you dont need those, doesnt matter08:30
bioterrorwhat matters is Master and PCM, to be exact08:30
truepurpleIs Mi, mic?08:30
bioterrorprobably ;)08:30
truepurpleOk, how do I check those?08:30
bioterroryou can see them08:30
truepurpleI went into sound settings through preference>sound and didnt find anything off08:31
truepurplebioterror, see them how?08:31
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sharehow much disk space should I allocate /boot13:50
holsteinshare: i say if you are unsure, just the the installer do it automatically all in one partition14:27
holsteinthis might help you if you want to do something custom http://linuxmafia.com/~karsten/Linux/FAQs/partition.html14:28
tuxbabawhy not try and install ubuntu in a VM14:29
holsteintuxbaba: hey... whats up?14:30
tuxbabahi...just hanging around14:30
tuxbabamark, anything of interest for beginners ?14:35
tuxbabaany alternative to nerolinux ?14:36
holsteintuxbaba: what are you looking for? burning TOC files?14:39
holsteinif you just want standard burning, brasero and K3B are quite full featured14:40
tuxbabaspoilt quite a few cd's trying to burn a bootable iso - used k3b &  the default package in maverick14:40
holsteinAH... i say thats just user error14:41
tuxbabamanaged to get it right atlast using nerolinux - but its a trail s/w14:41
holsteini have trouble burning CD toc files occaionally, and bluray is challenging, but i can burn a bootable disc in brasero or k3b14:42
holsteinyou need to 'copy' the CD using the downloaded iso as the source, and the blank CD as the destination14:42
holsteinim going to purchase nerolinux for the bluray data discs i need to make14:42
tuxbabahave got quite a few shiny coasters for myself.. anyway i can undo the damage ?14:44
holsteinwhat did you break?14:45
tuxbabafinalised the cds & found that i'd not written it right in the first place...14:45
holsteinim not sure what you are asking14:47
holsteinif you are coming from windows, or nero, the workflow is going to be different14:48
holsteini remember needing to learn the proper steps14:48
holsteinif you are asking how to 'fix' or reuse the bad CD's, i say dont worry about it since they are quite cheap these days14:48
tomnersingerHow do I fix the display so I can see the entire screen in command line? I am running Ubunt 10.04.2 server.15:58
holsteintomnersinger: you want terminal fullscreen? hit F1116:01
tomnersingerholstein i dont have a gui installed16:02
holsteinim not sure about that... i just assumed thats something that is fixed..16:03
tomnersingerI wish it was.16:04
holsteinfixed size*16:05
holsteinits not broken ;)16:05
holsteinits just not doing what you want it to do16:05
tomnersingerI lose about a third of the screen, it doesnt matter what i run i.e. nano, or even ls. I have to type clear to see the prompt16:06
holsteinyou can ssh in from a box with x, and resize whatever terminal you use to do whatever16:07
tomnersingerIm not sure how to do that. I am normally a "win" user.16:09
holsteinyou can use puTTY from windows16:09
holsteinin my scenario, im running a server without GUI, but its down in the crawlspace of my house running headless16:10
holsteini ssh into it instead of having a monitor connected16:10
tomnersingermine is on an old laptop, it worked fine yesterday, now this is the issue i have16:11
holsteintomnersinger: did you upgrade? try booting into the last kernel you had16:12
tomnersingerno upgrades. just installed it yesterday morning16:13
holsteinmaybe some glitchy thing with the bios/graphics? who knows16:14
holsteinssh will do it though... i think its implied that CLI boxes and servers are running headless usually16:15
tomnersingeri'll try terminal, again thanks16:15
bodhi_zazennhandler: do you have time for a PM ?18:26
nhandlerbodhi_zazen: Sure18:26
juemoHey pals ! I need a hand finding the source of a arp mapping problem. My router keeps broadcasting arp request to map my server and he never respond. Got any ideas ?19:05
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ubot2Factoid 'osx' not found21:59
ubot2For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages21:59
philipballew... darn21:59
philipballewwhen i try to install 11.04 on a macbook i get an error saying (initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system.22:54
nlsthznphilipballew: Mac's don't use the same BIOS as regular PC's... they need some other tricks to get a non Mac OS installed22:59
philipballewtrue. its harder and gonna take some work i think22:59
thewrathhey all anyone here23:51
ubot2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:52
thewrathanyone know any good maps add ons for snort23:52
philipballewwould snort have a irc channel?23:55
philipballewwhat is snort btw?23:55

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