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kim0Morning all08:08
davinci11hi everyone :)08:18
kim0davinci11: howdy o/08:18
davinci11TeTeT : I continue the exercise until step 3. when try to create volume [$ vol=$(euca-create-volume -s 1 -z <ZONE> | cut -f2)08:21
davinci11] it doent show on hybridfox . any idea ?08:21
TeTeTdavinci11: morning. what's the output of euca-describe-volumes?08:34
TeTeTdavinci11: and how did you get the cloud running again? E.g. can you start instances now?08:34
davinci11i install cc again :(08:35
TeTeTdavinci11: ouch08:35
davinci11then i can register nc08:35
davinci11did u find solution to fix that bug ?08:36
TeTeTdavinci11: nope, none at all08:36
davinci11euca-describe-volumes show nothing08:37
TeTeTdavinci11: did you put in the right zone?08:39
davinci11i just simply put <ZONE> = myzone08:39
davinci11vol=$(euca-create-volume -s 1 -z myzone | cut -f2)08:40
TeTeTdavinci11: is that the way you named your cluster? e.g. euca-describe-availability-zones shows myzone as well?08:40
davinci11no, my cluster name is cluster108:41
TeTeTdavinci11: so replace myzone with cluster108:42
davinci11yahooo now i can see volume show up in hybridfox08:44
davinci11step 4 : can use ssh connect to utility instance08:55
davinci11step 4 : can't use ssh connect to utility instance08:57
davinci11can't even ping to instance too08:57
flaccidsuffice permissions in security group of instance?08:58
davinci11name : default , Owner Id: admin, description: default group, port 22 open too,09:02
flaccidthat won't provide ping09:06
flaccidand yeah instances have been known to fail09:06
davinci11but I try UECCDinstall tutorial, i can ping when instance is running09:07
flaccidfair enough09:09
TeTeTdavinci11: can you make sure that the ssh daemon is started at all? euce-get-console-output <instance id> should tell you09:20
davinci11is this the ssh daemon ?09:22
davinci11the output just return the instance id09:23
smoseri dont think my blog is getting to http://cloud.ubuntu.com/ correctly16:45
smoserhttp://ubuntu-smoser.blogspot.com/2011/07/how-to-find-right-ubuntu-ami-with-tools.html doesn't appear there.16:46
* kim0 looks16:46
kim0smoser: now it does :)16:46
kim0smoser: articles actually go to http://cloud.ubuntu.com/planet/ .. I have to mark them as featured for them to show up on front page16:47
kim0and that is not instantanuous16:47
kim0till we figure out a better more automatic way16:47
smoseri see.16:47
kim0smoser: thanks for the articles :)16:47
kim0keep em coming16:48
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