paultagmhall119: cjohnston: How long does it take for a new locoteam to get on loco.ubuntu.com ?01:05
paultagdoes the manage script run on a cron?01:06
mhall119paultag: yes01:16
mhall119paultag: looks like it runs ever 20 minutes01:17
paultagmhall119: Ubuntu oregon was asking, they don't seem to be comming up :)01:38
cjohnstonwhen were they added01:41
paultagcjohnston: yesterday01:42
paultaga bit longer then 20 minutes01:42
paultagwonder if the script is failing01:43
paultag(I mean in a significany way, it's clearly already failing)01:43
cjohnstonmhall119: /01:46
cjohnstoni know cranberry has been having issues01:46
cjohnstonso maybe thats part of it01:46
paultagfigured I'd ought to let ya'll know01:46
cjohnstonI guess dominican republic too01:57
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dpmgood morning all06:38
kim0Morning all08:07
jussiyou know, half this channels traffic is "morning" :D08:09
kim0lol :)08:09
nigelbalso hugs08:10
nigelbbut dholbach is on vacation :P08:10
kim0hehe :)08:11
nigelbthe rest is comments from jono, jcastro, kim0, and dholbach during their call :P08:13
jussinigelb: nah, not "during", but organising said call08:18
jussinigelb: and you realised you just pinged all those people... (although i do give you that 2 arent in the channel)08:19
nigelbjussi: I do realize that :P08:25
Davieymorning o/09:35
nigelbDaviey: o/09:39
czajkowskioff irc for nearly 4 days come back to some weird pings, as loco council cz laura and clearly my nick are all highlighted.11:09
nigelbdidn't know you watched for laura.11:10
nigelbI often use it when I don't want to ping you, but refer to you.11:10
czajkowskinigelb: yup I don't "watch" for it, it's my name on other channels11:10
Pendulumczajkowski: I hope they were at least amusing :)11:10
AlanBellprobably why it is on hilight :)11:10
czajkowskisome come back to all weird pings11:10
AlanBellI get a lot of pings from people talking about chickens11:11
czajkowskior messages when you see this do this :)11:11
AlanBell#ubuntu-offtopic talks about chickens a *lot*11:11
PendulumI get some weird pings from people who use the word 'penny'11:11
nigelbAlanBell: I shall henceforth use "Gallus gallus" instead of chicken :P11:12
AlanBellmainly in an "I am eating a yummy chicken sandwich" context11:12
Pendulumfood :(11:12
* nigelb kicks AlanBell :P11:12
Pendulumnot starving yet11:12
Pendulumthat'll be in another hour or 211:12
nigelbAlanBell: did you get a chance to play with etherpad lite?11:13
AlanBellnot really, it looked quite cool11:13
nigelbIf node.js can scale to UDS scale, then I'd prefer that instead of etherpad.11:14
nigelbIts probably less memory.11:14
nigelbI wonder if it works on popey's iPad.11:14
AlanBellwell there is an etherpad instance that is already running, I don't think that is going to change in the short term11:14
AlanBellis there some better integration that can be done with node.js around authentication/security?11:20
AlanBellworking on iOS/Android would be a benefit certainly11:21
nigelbI think node.js might be easier to hack on. At elast for me.11:21
nigelbI'll poke.11:21
nigelbthere is an openid implementation.11:22
DavieyAlanBell: We are currently looking at etherpad lite btw.. Haven't had a chance to compare db schema's to see if it can drop in tho11:29
Daviey12:29 -!- AlanBell [~alan@ubuntu/member/alanbell] has quit [OFFENDED]11:30
nigelbDaviey: lol11:30
nigelbDaviey: Need help? :)11:30
nigelbI have etherpad running on my box11:30
Davieynigelb: crack on :)11:30
nigelbshould be trivial to install etherpad-life, and try with the old schema11:30
nigelbDaviey: I suppose memory saved must be a good factory? ;)11:30
Davieynigelb: great!11:30
Davieynigelb: the memory saving is *significant*11:31
Davieyi tried it in ec2 the other day11:31
nigelboooh, neat!11:31
nigelbI suppose jussi can arrange for a few 100 people with nothing better to do to test :P11:32
DavieyIf it is drop-in, i'll swap out pad.daviey.com to be it.11:32
DavieyAlthough, the lack of private pad support is a tad upsetting.11:32
nigelbwell, we could do both. one for private and one for public \/me runs11:32
popeynigelb: gimmie a url and I can test it on ipad :D11:33
nigelbpopey: sec11:37
* nigelb notes bug 807784 meanwhile11:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 807784 in principia "Formula needed: etherpad-lite" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80778411:37
Davieynigelb: it was that we tested in ec2 :)11:38
nigelbDaviey: ah!11:38
nigelbDaviey: that makes it quite easy to scale etherpad lite ;)11:39
nigelbpopey: https://pad.pitapoison.de/pad/p/popey11:42
popeynigelb: "Cannot GET /pad/p/popey"11:44
popeyoh, https11:44
nigelbwait, who's foobar?11:45
Davieynigelb: Please add openid support, kkthnx11:46
nigelbDaviey: I will take payment in cash, cheque, beer, vodka :P11:47
Davieynigelb: oh good.. i hope you find that :)11:48
nigelbInteresting. CLicking History disconnects me. Anyone else can reproduce that?11:49
nigelbpopey: so beter than etherpad, yes? :P11:52
Davieynigelb: yes, but redirects you to the history page11:52
nigelbok, so the disconnect button is poping up wrong;y confusing people11:53
popeynigelb: yeah, looks good12:16
popeynigelb: looks like the new safari supports both java and js etherpad12:20
popeywhich it previously didnt12:20
nigelbpopey: nice!12:27
popeyits not great, but better than nothing12:27
nigelbYeah :)12:28
jcastrokim0: I did 1.5 formulas!13:12
kim01.5 oO ?13:13
nigelbbtw, we should get ensemble formulates to work with vagrant. that'd rock.13:14
paultagwhat exactly does ensamble do?13:15
paultagI was under the impression it's just nonfree puppet http://www.puppetlabs.com/13:16
paultagwhich is a shame13:16
nigelbwait, non-free?13:17
paultagI assumed if it was Canonical it's nonfree13:17
jcastrokim0: one working one, one half way working13:17
nigelbYe of little faith.13:17
paultagnigelb: hey man. Their track-record is shit13:17
paultagnigelb: launchpad was nonfree for years13:17
Davieypaultag: Are you trolling?13:18
paultagDaviey: well you'd hardly have to ask, the answer would be the same both ways13:18
jcastrokim0: the Alice IRC one pulls from a bunch of CPAN so it takes like 10 minutes to deploy, the other one is summit and yeah .... I kind of bit off more than I can chew13:18
* nigelb links to https://launchpad.net/ensemble13:18
Davieyjcastro: It is in the queue to get sync'd to oneiric13:18
kim0jcastro: woohoo13:18
jcastroDaviey: nod, when that's in I'll update it13:19
Davieyjcastro: bug 81847913:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 818479 in ubuntu "Sync alice 0.19-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81847913:19
jcastroright now, it's not pretty, it has to install a bunch of stuff on a new server13:19
jcastroooh I better sub to that.13:19
Davieyjcastro: You could use my shiny PPA? :)13:19
AlanBellpaultag: it is free software for making stuff that runs on one server use lots of servers instead :)13:19
kim0paultag: no idea what is non free that relates to Ensemble, and no it's not just a puppet clone13:19
jcastrowhat, in the formula? Is it going to be a maintained PPA or a test ppa13:19
paultagkim0: mkay13:20
paultagAlanBell: gotcha13:20
Davieyjcastro: just test... once it's in the archive it's deprecated.13:20
paultagI never cared to look into it13:20
* popey puts paultag back in his box13:20
jcastroDaviey: ok I'll just wait13:20
Davieyjcastro: imaptience++13:20
* paultag *muffled sounds of struggle*13:20
jcastropoor paultag13:20
paultagjcastro: ohai, friendo. How's the heat?13:20
jcastrofine with the AC on. :)13:21
nigelbjcastro: do you have a beachside view? ;)13:21
jcastroheh no13:21
paultagMan, I need to go out and get blackout drunk13:22
paultagI'm working on migrating old PL/1 code13:23
paultagsomeone shoot me13:23
nigelbwhat is PL/1?13:23
paultagnigelb: please don't ask13:23
paultagnigelb: language from 1960s13:23
paultagyes, it came before C13:23
nigelbFAIL. ^13:24
paultagit's a step up from COBOL or Fortran13:24
nigelbpaultag, jcastro: https://twitter.com/#!/emacs/status/9715956120251187314:03
paultagnigelb: haha, punks14:16
paultagnigelb: did you see the new slogan for Syn?14:17
paultag"Syn, the package manager with a better F/OSS record then GNU Emacs!14:17
paultagnigelb: I'm thinking of using the LOL rageface for the bootup screen14:20
paultagnigelb: http://www.ragemaker.net/images/Laughing/LOL.png that one14:21
jcastrokim0: can you check out the long presentation today? Just a once over to make sure it makes sense would be nice.14:44
kim0jcastro: sure ..14:49
jcastroWith 50% more matching slides!14:50
nigelb<3 https://twitter.com/#!/jmsgroup/status/9803072395241881614:54
nigelb"it's like Windows 7... except it's good"14:55
jonokim0, will be two mins, grabbing headset15:01
kim0same here :)15:01
jonokim0, damn headset issues, brb rebooting15:07
kim0it's usually pulse issues15:08
kim0pulseaudio -k15:08
kim0bluetooth is broken for me .. believes its disabled, while it's enabled15:08
kim0also scrolling 'down' over the sound indicator 'raises' volume15:09
kim0random bugs come to mind :)15:09
jcastroI've been on 2d this week alot15:10
kim0that's a 2d only thing? thought so15:10
jcastroIs it? dunno, 3d has been broken all last week for me15:10
kim0same here .. compiz segfaults15:10
kim0something that's also annoying, I'm not getting the battery indicator for some reason15:11
jcastrohah weird, I get the battery one on my desktop, which has no battery15:12
jcastrois indicator-power installed?15:12
kim0jcastro: yep, 0.4-0ubuntu315:12
* kim0 thinks dholbach must be skiing in Norway or something :)15:13
jonoapologies, nearly set, kim015:14
kim0works for me15:14
jonokim0, invite sent15:15
jcastro<-- hitting up lunch15:32
popeylucky lunch!15:36
paultag:( -- http://twitter.com/#!/paultag/status/9806131928197529616:04
paultagLooks like the BOS UGJ is out of luck16:04
popeypaultag: why do canonical people have to be there?16:08
paultagpopey: the plan was to use the canonical building16:09
paultagpopey: because we have no where to go16:09
nigelbwith so many great univ around, absolutely no place?16:09
popeywhen is it?16:09
popeymust be somewhere you can go16:09
paultagnigelb: all the unis are debian-biased. I wanted to have an Ubuntu Upstream Jam (UUJ), but I don't have time to plan16:09
pleia2it's labor day weekend here in the states, very hard to find a venue for free16:10
paultagYeah, i'm sure we'll find anything16:10
paultagbut ffs, it's canonical :(16:10
paultagthey should have our backs on this one16:10
popeythey are people16:10
paultagI understand16:10
popeypeople have lives too16:10
paultagI understand16:10
popey(just like geeks dont)16:10
paultagbut to say not a single person is interested is nuts16:10
nigelbI'll have to agree with popey.16:10
* popey shrugs16:10
paultagon a group of people that work on Ubuntu for work16:10
popeywhat kind of office is Boston?16:10
paultagpopey: it's nice. I've only been outside it16:11
popeyi.e. is it a support office, engineering, admin?16:11
paultagpopey: ubuntu OEM IIRC16:11
nigelbOEM I think/16:11
nigelbgah too slow16:11
paultagit's so silly,16:11
paultagfor all the shit I give canonical, I would have thought this would have been the last thing they'd do16:12
paultagI mostly mock software and administration, never something like this16:12
jcastrodid you send them a mail?16:13
paultagjcastro: yeah, MT handed it16:14
paultagjcastro: he mailed back saying no16:14
jcastrono it can't be hosted there or no no one can go?16:14
popeyLooks like paultag got out of bed on the grumpy side this morning.16:14
paultagjcastro: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ma/2011-August/003687.html16:14
paultagpopey: yeah, I did :(16:14
paultagmy back is killing me and I got no sleep, and I need some food, and my code's breaking16:14
jcastroah suck.16:14
paultagjcastro: so BOS won't have a GJ :(16:15
jcastrodid you try the MIT media lab?16:15
paultagjcastro: I could mail Mako but it's way late in the game righ tnow16:15
paultagI had a kickass idea too16:15
paultagoh well. next cycle16:15
jcastroit's like a whole month away still!16:16
nhandlerpaultag: You could always go for a cafe or bookstore (not as nice as some of those other places, but they work)16:16
Davieypaultag: You really are not winning friends with this strategy.16:16
paultagnhandler: yeah, we'll have to do something, but this just bugs me in a nasty way16:16
paultagDaviey: At this point, after 3 years with Ubuntu membership, if someone wants to think less of me because of my distaste of Canonical's practices some of the times on some of the day, fine. I don't care.16:17
paultagI'm here because I help, not because I need friends16:17
Davieypaultag: keep going with that.16:17
paultagit's a good bonus, but it's not my intent16:17
jcastroeasy everyone, let's not get too upset16:18
jcastrowe don't want popey removing the channel16:18
popeySHUT IT DOWN!16:18
nigelbor bashing Canonical too much or the canonical-employee popmight shut us down.16:19
akgranerhaha....we need t-shirts now that say "SHUT IT DOWN!" ~ popey16:24
macoakgraner: you're around!16:25
akgranerand on the back a list of everything popey shuts down :-)16:25
akgranermaco, yep16:25
akgranerI can type now16:25
nhandlerGlad to see you back akgraner16:25
akgranerI don't take walking or typing for granted anymore16:27
akgranernigelb, how does tomorrow sound for hashing out mentoring stuffs16:28
nigelbsounds great!16:28
nigelbI'll keep my evening free :)16:29
akgranernigelb, thanks16:33
AlanBellpaultag: if it is any consolation the London Canonical contingent don't let us use their offices and tend not to go to LoCo events16:37
AlanBellwith exceptions, the jointly hosted Ubuntu in Business event did attract a few16:38
macobarry's the only dc-area canonical employee i've met16:40
macothere's apparently 3 or 4 of em16:40
DavieyAlanBell: I'd argue that at least the last two release parties have had a higher concentration of Canonical employees16:41
AlanBellyes, release parties, but those are not loco events I am told16:41
Davieyinteresting.. who told you that?!16:42
popeywell given they are generally organised by canonical, that makes sense16:42
paultagAlanBell: it's fine, I'm past caring16:45
AlanBellDaviey: I couldn't possibly say16:47
popeyI can kinda understand people not wanting to come in on the weekend.16:49
akgranerIf I wasn't using Ubuntu or an over zealot (at times) community member I would be pissed if pete wanted to work on Ubuntu on the weekend instead of hanging out with me and the kids...16:52
paultagnot everyone's married with kids16:52
paultagand apparently, no one botherd to ask around, from what mike sent back16:53
akgranerI know that...:-) but was just giving my point of view on it16:53
AlanBelland some people *are*16:53
AlanBellsome family friendly kids events are put on at weekends16:53
paultagAlanBell: yes, but we need *one* person to sit and make sure we don't steal stuff, really16:53
paultagbut it's fine, I don't care16:53
paultagI'm dropping this16:54
paultagit's clear we can't do it, so to struggle is silly16:54
* vish tickles paultag :)16:54
paultagvish: :)16:54
akgranerpaultag, you know we all <3 you anyway!16:54
paultagakgraner: aww, gee, thanks Amber :)16:55
nhandlerakgraner: I don't know, those guys in Boston are alright, but that Paul guy is a bit shady16:55
* paultag plots in the corner16:55
akgraneroh snap...16:55
* czajkowski tickles paultag 17:34
paultagczajkowski: vish beat you to that17:34
czajkowskipaultag: popping in to say hi then going back to resting :)17:34
czajkowskifelt like poking prodding stabbibg17:35
czajkowskiyou got a tickle17:35
paultagczajkowski: :)17:35
paultagczajkowski: the drugs are working, I see :)17:35
czajkowskipaultag: not sure, sat woke up in no pain, yesterday evening some pain came down in the leg, and today a bit iffy17:35
czajkowskiin theory am to give it 6 weeks to see if the disc will move back in.17:35
paultagczajkowski: you'll pull through, I know it :)17:35
cjohnstonmhall119: any update on the testing ec2?17:36
paultagczajkowski: you got this! :)17:36
czajkowskigetting 4 injections into spine. and sedated so they could move the disc in happned on friday17:36
czajkowskiso fingers crossed17:36
paultagczajkowski: you'll pull through, you're too tough to let this beat you :)17:36
czajkowskipaultag: please can we turn of mail notification on website17:36
czajkowskiam having to deal with listadmin17:36
paultagczajkowski: let one through so I can see where it's from, then I'll take care of it17:37
paultagczajkowski: and you back to bed, missy17:37
czajkowskijust delted it17:37
czajkowskiwill do next time17:37
paultagczajkowski: I've been doing day-to-day for LC, no sweat. Take time off, you earned it :)17:37
paultaggot a few pending things, all easy to take care of17:38
czajkowskiwill go through the bugs in a wee bit -n updated the ones last week with comments17:38
paultagczajkowski: it's OK. Get some sleep, we have 2 weeks until the next meeting17:38
paultagczajkowski: and I've got the short term stuff covered17:38
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jonojcastro, all set?18:00
jcastroyep, just waiting for the invite18:01
jonojcastro, one sec18:01
jonojcastro, sent18:02
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