RAOFGah!  Is it really too much to ask for unity-window-decorator to not crash almost every time I close a window?02:27
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=== ejat- is now known as ejat
didrocksgood morning05:19
rickspencer3good morning didrocks05:22
didrockshey rickspencer3!05:22
rickspencer3didrocks, I expected to see jasoncwarner_, robertancel, TheMuso and the rest of the Australian contingent here05:24
TheMusorickspencer3: I'm here, just working quietly away.05:24
didrocksrickspencer3: they should, apart from robert who is on vacation :)05:24
rickspencer3hiya TheMuso05:24
rickspencer3hiya RAOF05:24
RAOFMaybe I'm mistaking the planning of a holiday in Paris for an *actual* holiday in Paris :)05:25
rickspencer3I have 5,631 unread emails this morning ;)05:25
didrocksRAOF: He took 2 weeks and half from the last release AFAIK :)05:25
TheMusorickspencer3: You have my sympathies.05:25
didrocksrickspencer3: urgh, good luck!05:25
RAOFIt seems that spamassassin has been helpfully reducing the number of emails I get :/05:25
rickspencer3cntrl-A, delete, I guess :/05:25
rickspencer3RAOF, you are coming to France05:27
RAOFrickspencer3: No, but Robert was.05:27
* rickspencer3 sips coffee05:28
* didrocks hopes that rickspencer3 now has a french hat and a baguette :)05:30
RAOFdidrocks: Do you mean a beret?05:30
RAOFAnd I'd be hoping for croissant :)05:30
didrocksRAOF: yeah, not sure the word was famous in enlighs :)05:30
rickspencer3indeed, I have a whole new wardrobe, consisting of black and white horizontally striped shirts05:31
rickspencer3along with a a beret, of course05:31
didrocksheh :)05:34
RAOFdidrocks: While on the subject of croissants (or maybe not) - I see you've been tasked with the libwayland MIR.  Any ETA on that? :)05:34
didrocksRAOF: not looking before tomorrow, there is a compiz/unity release and I got assigned 7 MIRs the same day…05:34
* didrocks thinks we need to be more than 3 in the MIR team…05:35
RAOFThat's what I call a barrel of fun!05:35
didrockstotally :)05:35
micahgdidrocks: I proposed a merge for nux to transition to libglew1.6, the package w/rebuild without the change for libglew1.6 as well, idk if you want to do that for alpha3 or not05:41
didrocksmicahg: did you test it? last time we tried it, it was a total fail on intel05:42
micahgorly? I haven't actually tried the packages, no05:42
didrocksmicahg: so please try it before sending the merge proposal :)05:43
didrockswe stay on previous on purpose for now05:43
micahgah, well, the dev package was NBS05:43
didrocksmicahg: urgh? the previous one has been removed? :/05:44
micahgI did that earlier this evening05:44
micahgit was causing FTBFS for other packages05:44
didrocksthat will be tricky then. Anyway, nothing before alpha3. There should be already an incoming compiz/unity, that's risky enough :)05:44
micahgdidrocks: k, sorry, I realized afterwards that nux was affected, but if you need it, I would suggest uploading a glew1.5 source temporarily05:45
didrocksmicahg: indeed, let me see who revert the other glew05:45
didrocksmicahg: ok, apparently, there is a tiny chance it works05:47
didrocksmicahg: can you please try to build your merge proposal and run it?05:47
didrocksthat's what you are supposed to do for a merge proposal :)05:47
micahgyeah, what do I need to run (I have the packages already)05:47
didrocksmicahg: you have made the merge proposal against upstream right?05:48
* micahg thought building was a requirement, not running05:48
micahgdidrocks: against the desktop bzr brach05:48
didrocksmicahg: so, just bzr bd then05:49
micahgno, I built the package already, what do I need to run to test it :)05:49
didrocksso just install the packages, I don't get the "what do I need to run"  :)05:50
didrocksok, just run "unity"05:50
didrocks(nux is used by unity)05:50
* micahg has to install that first then :)05:50
micahgis an intel mobile express gm45 enough to test on?05:52
didrocksmicahg: yeah, should be good05:53
didrocksit's not NBS AFAIK, it's still provided btw?05:53
micahgthe old binary was NBS, it's provided as an upgrade path to 1.605:54
micahgI commented on that in my merge proposal as well05:54
didrocksindeed, both -dev and the binary, so yeah, will prefer doing that after alpha3, but keep testing it to ensure, please :)05:54
micahgwell, unity's better than it was when I tried it last on this machine06:04
* micahg has to build the arch all packages to upgrade06:05
didrocksmicahg: you have multiarched packages installed there?06:05
micahgI don't think so06:06
micahgI'm missing the common packages since I built in sbuild06:06
micahgon amd64 that is06:06
* didrocks just made an upload to win back 4 MB on the CD :)06:07
RAOFmicahg: $build_arch_all = 1; in .sbuildrc.  Because I'm lazy ;)06:07
micahgRAOF: yeah, but then it's not as close to production as possible06:07
RAOFTrue.  That matters rarely enough that I06:08
RAOFI'm happy to diverge there until I hit a crazy build error on the buildds.06:08
micahgdidrocks: should we remove the gir1.2-json-glib-1.0 binary so couchdb-glib can build, or change the control file to the new binary name (which provides the old one)06:18
didrocksmicahg: where did the glib binaries moved, (glib is more something that seb128 is tracking)06:20
didrocks(take care that it's a huge transition, there are some quite rdepends on this package)06:21
micahggir1.2-json-glib-1.0 was renamed to gir1.2-json-1.0, but provides the old binary, the provides can't work with the actual old binary in the archive though06:21
micahgmaybe if you can mention it to him when he comes on, I will hopefully go to sleep soon :)06:23
didrocksmicahg: sure, any news on the nux change?06:23
micahgpackages built, installing now06:23
didrocksgreat :)06:24
micahgI got artifacts with the libglew1.5 version, I'll see if this one is any better06:24
micahgyeah, it's still broke :(06:25
didrocksmicahg: did you report them? Apart from that, the result seems positive?06:26
micahgwell, it's not a pure system, so I'm not sure if it's worth reporting06:27
didrocksmicahg: but at least, you have an interface, so it seems that the previous workarounded issue is fixed. Nice! Thanks :)06:28
didrockswill push for next nux release06:28
micahgyeah, with the glew1.6 packages, the panel and dock don't work06:28
micahgwith the 1.5 packages I have the interface06:28
micahgwhich is better than it was when I tried it last06:28
didrocksmicahg: rejected the MR for now then. Will still ping jay so that we can have a fix post feature freeze06:29
micahgdidrocks: k, if you're going to rebuild nux before then, you'll need to upload a glew1.5 source package (I can do this now if you like)06:30
didrocksmicahg: I don't get why the current provide doesn't work? I'll have a deeper look, need to work on something else right now06:31
micahgdidrocks: provides just means that it will fulfill the old binary in depends, not that it's the same library06:31
didrocksmicahg: indeed, but we already have that for quite some time already, what changed? I was able to build nux after 1.6.0-206:32
micahgso if you rebuild with libglew1.5-dev in debian/control, it'll pull in libglew1.6-dev since libglew1.6-dev provides libglew1.5-dev06:32
micahgdidrocks: I asked for libglew1.5-dev to be removed because it was NBS and anything using the virtual libglew-dev package was FTBFS06:33
didrockshum, before an alpha seems suboptimal for those operations to happen06:36
* didrocks checks, libglew1.5 should be NBS then06:36
micahgdidrocks: yeah, that's my bad06:36
jasoncwarner_hey didrocks morning ....06:36
didrocksgood morning jasoncwarner_, how was your week-end?06:36
micahgI've spent my evening making sure I didn't break anything else06:36
jasoncwarner_pretty good...last weekend home for two weeks :) so, tried to catch up on family stuff!06:37
micahgdidrocks: it is NBS06:37
didrocksmicahg: next time, check before, please and then, ask for removal once nothing is dep on it :)06:37
didrocksjasoncwarner_: oh nice!06:37
jasoncwarner_hey didrocks , do we expect to get anything from DX today for A3?06:37
didrocksjasoncwarner_: let's hope so, they are not online yet. At least, I hope for compiz06:37
micahgdidrocks: I only asked for removal of the dev package since it was breaking others, but in hindsight, I would've just removed the virtual provides on the newer package until after A306:37
didrocksbut right now, I can't rebuild nux if there is a release, sigh06:38
micahgdidrocks: so if you want, I"ll upload the old package as a new source and then you can push through new :)06:38
didrocksmicahg: hum, I won't add confusion right now there. Let's see if I need it or not06:40
didrocksI'll ask for jay where we are with this glew 1.606:40
micahgdidrocks: k, again I'm sorry for the trouble, I have the source ready for upload if you need it, I'm going to sleep now, will check in in about ~6 hours06:49
didrocksmicahg: ok thanks06:49
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=== Zdra is now known as xclaesse
didrockssalut huats07:54
huatshello didrocks !07:54
mvohey seb128, good morning08:28
seb128hey mvo, how are you?08:28
mvoseb128: tired, really08:29
seb128mvo, that's fine it's friday... oh wait it's not, it's monday ;-)08:30
didrockssalut seb128, mvo!08:30
seb128lut didrocks08:30
mvoseb128: exactly!08:31
chrisccoulsonhey didrocks. i just uploaded a new thunderbird version which should fix your issue09:32
didrockschrisccoulson: hey awesome! I can't wait to test it :)09:32
didrocksthanks ;)09:32
seb128hey chrisccoulson09:32
seb128how are you?09:33
chrisccoulsonhi seb128. i feel pretty rotten today (i've got a cold) :(09:33
chrisccoulsonhow are you?09:33
seb128oh, a cold :-(09:34
seb128get better09:34
seb128I'm fine thanks09:34
chrisccoulsonseb128, do you know what tz stefw is in?09:38
wwwhi 2 all, can somebody help please. when I started gnome-shell -> http://paste.org.ru/?vm10gy | I have installed upower-glib :( [ libupower-glib-dev, libupower-glib1] and gir1.2-upowerglib-1.0 installed too09:41
chrisccoulsonoh, no rodrigo today?09:49
chrisccoulsonah, there's a lot of people on vacation :)09:50
seb128chrisccoulson, dunno for stefw he's usually around in european afternoon09:52
seb128chrisccoulson, rodrigo is off until next week indeed09:52
chrisccoulsonseb128, thanks09:57
chrisccoulsoni'll have to wait until stefw is around then, i'm a bit stuck with gnome-keyring ;)09:57
chrisccoulsonit still doesn't work properly :/09:57
RAOFchrisccoulson: You know that gnome-keyring is broken because it doesn't have appropriate capabilities, right?10:06
chrisccoulsonRAOF - broken in what way? the current version (3.1.1) works fine here, but I'm testing 3.1.4 before I upload it, and that is completely broken here10:06
seb128chrisccoulson, RAOF: the setcap issue is only for new installs it seems10:08
RAOFchrisccoulson: Hm.  Is that not known breakage?  I've run a clean install a couple of times in the past couple of days and I've needed to either setuid or setcap it.10:08
seb128chrisccoulson, RAOF: 3.1.4 is also supposed to work without capabilities10:08
seb128it will just not use a secure memory if it doesn't have the capabilities10:08
seb128micahg, hi, do you know who delete the glew1.5 binaries?10:09
Amaranthhrm, that's scary10:09
Amaranthoh, are we trying to upgrade to glew again?10:10
seb128we? trying?10:10
seb128we have glew1.6 for some weeks but unity still use 1.510:10
seb128it has issues with 1.610:10
Amaranthin natty when glew was updated nux blew up10:11
seb128yeah, same there10:11
seb128out of the fact that 1.6 has new binaries10:11
seb128so unity is still using 1.5 until being updated to use 1.610:11
seb128which we delayed to do because the issue is still there10:11
seb128but seems like somebody decided to remove some of the glew1.5 binaries recently10:12
chrisccoulsonso unity is no longer installable?10:13
seb128they didn't remove the lib10:13
seb128just the dev10:13
chrisccoulsonah, ok10:13
seb128so unity is not buildable :p10:13
chrisccoulsonthat sucks10:13
seb128we shouldn't let people do archive work on weekends ;-)10:13
didrocksyeah, we should make the scripts asking "really?" :)10:14
didrocksso upload a new glew1.5 I would say10:15
didrocksinteresting issue on the versionning, should we incude the orig tarball? I guess so10:15
seb128then make sure that dx works on making unity runs with the new glew for beta110:15
seb128didrocks, what versionning?10:15
seb128didrocks, just reupload 1.5.7.is1.5.2 with an updated ubuntu revision and the source renamed10:16
seb128don't change the versions or binaries, just the source name10:16
seb128you will to upload the orig yes10:16
didrocksseb128: 1.5.7.is.1.5.2-1ubuntu3, but I need to -sa isn't it?10:16
didrocksyeah, that was my guess :)10:16
seb128we don't have glew1.5.orig.tar.gz10:16
didrocksdoing that10:17
seb128oh, and feel free to new it yourself10:17
seb128we should record a milestoned bug for dx as well about update their glew compliance10:17
seb128so it's tracked10:17
didrocksseb128: sure, I was planning to, it's not really "NEW" :-)10:17
didrocksseb128: yeah, care about opening the bug?10:18
seb128will do10:18
seb128I've some details I can add as well since I spent an afternoon at the rally debugging it10:18
didrocksindeed, that's why I waited for you before doing anything10:18
didrocksas you were up to date on it :)10:18
Amaranthah, lovely, got on a server in paris this time10:21
Amaranthmaybe I won't drop the connection10:21
njpatelAmaranth, in paris? I'll probably strike in a bit, isn't it didrocks?10:25
didrocksnjpatel: I don't know about paris anymore! No strike in Lyon :-)10:26
Amaranthseems to be better than the one in texas10:27
didrockswell, is it a question? french is simply better :)10:28
* Sweetshark lurks in from his vacation.10:28
Sweetsharkjasoncwarner_: http://blog.documentfoundation.org/2011/08/01/libreoffice-3-4-2-for-enterprise-users/10:28
didrocksok, glew1.5 builds fine and seems to work10:43
davmor2guys there is an issue with gnome keyring from a fresh install, it means that u1, rnr, and password storage doesn't happen for wifi etc is there anyway we can get it fixed for A3?10:45
Amaranthdavmor2: 3.1.4 fixes it10:46
Amaranthwell, is supposed to10:46
RAOFdavmor2: chmod u+s /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon is a quick and dirty workaround, if that's what you're after.10:47
davmor2RAOF: Yeap that's the one I was just making sure it was known to not be fixed currently10:51
* RAOF isn't entirely sure why the fix isn't “so apply those capabilities in the postinst” rather than “so don't enable secure memory”10:52
davmor2Amaranth: sorry is that for gnome-keyring-deamon if so I'll check what version I currently have10:52
AmaranthRAOF: yeah, i'd rather have secure memory than not for something like that10:52
davmor2Amaranth: gnome-keyring is currently 3.1.1-0ubuntu2 from my fresh install :(10:53
davmor2it's not the end of the world it's just annoying :)10:54
seb128RAOF, it does call setcap in the postinst11:04
seb128dunno why it fails though11:04
davmor2RAOF, seb128: by setting the ssid /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-deamon will it effect further updates do you know or will it be over written when the fixed version is installed?11:12
jbichaSweetshark: you're quoted in the LO 3.4.2 announcement http://listarchives.documentfoundation.org/www/announce/msg00054.html11:16
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kenvandinedavmor2, hey... can you run this for me and send me the results?12:07
kenvandinedbus-send --type=method_call --print-reply --dest=com.Gwibber.Streams /com/gwibber/Streams com.Gwibber.Streams.Messages string:"all" string:"all" int32:0 string:"0" string:"0" string:"time" string:"desc" int32:012:07
kenvandineyou'll want to redirect that to a file12:07
davmor2kenvandine: just the man,  on my fresh install gwibber is now installed and home is showing all messages.  Does this code have something to do with that if so I'll need my netbook I think which will also need to wait till after lunch12:09
kenvandineyeah... so don't worry about it :)12:10
jibelthere is no desktop image today:  system-config-printer-common : Depends: python-packagekit but it is not installable12:10
jibelanyone working on it ?12:10
jibeltkamppeter, ^12:10
jibeland alternate fails to install for the same reason12:17
seb128didrocks, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+milestones12:17
seb128didrocks, ubuntu-11.10-beta-1 is the correct beta1 naming12:18
didrocksseb128: ok, fixing, sorry12:18
tjaaltonsound-juicer seems to be broken on oneiric, can't find the cd-drive. looking at the git log it seems abandoned, is this true?12:18
seb128didrocks, no worry, I get confused all the time, that's why I checked the url :p12:18
seb128tjaalton, could be, it's not actively maintained for sure12:19
didrocksseb128: yeah, it's a trap to go from oneiric-alpha-3 to ubuntu-11.10-beta-1, but it makes sense :)12:19
seb128didrocks, ;-)12:19
tjaaltonsigh, I need to find another ripper then, since I rip stuff in flac format and then transcode it to mp3 for banshee to sync the music to my phone12:26
tkamppeterjibel, I have introduced the dependency yesterday, because the new s-c-p 1.3.5 needs it. On my system python-packagekit seems to be installed already for longer time as I did not need to explicitly install it. Why does it not install for you?12:28
jibeltkamppeter, it is not me it is the build system http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/oneiric/ubuntu/20110801.1/livecd-20110801.1-i386.out12:28
jibeland also a default alternate installation. I filed bug 819267 with the logs12:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 819267 in system-config-printer "Oneiric desktop image failed to build and alternate failed to install: system-config-printer-common : Depends: python-packagekit but it is not installable" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81926712:29
seb128jibel, tkamppeter: the issue is that the binary is in universe12:29
tkamppeterseb128, can it get moved into main (and also hplip-gui)?12:31
seb128does it work with aptdaemon?12:32
seb128like did you test that this code is working on an Ubuntu install where we use aptdaemon and not pk?12:32
tkamppeterseb128, I do not know. I simply saw that it fulfills the dependency of the new upstream code of s-c-p.12:33
seb128what happens if it's not installed?12:33
jibelseb128, bug 81900012:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 819000 in system-config-printer "applet.py crashed with ImportError in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cupshelpers/cupshelpers.py: No module named packagekit.client" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81900012:34
seb128jibel, thanks12:34
seb128tkamppeter, could s-c-p upstream code handle it as an optional depends and deal with system which are using other packaging systems (like debian or ubuntu)12:35
seb128it should be a recommends, not a depends and the code should handle correctly the case where the bindings are not installed12:36
seb128tkamppeter, hplip-gui can be promoted yes, is anything depending or recommending it?12:37
cyphermoxgood morning!12:39
seb128hey cyphermox, how are you?12:39
cyphermoxpretty good and you?12:39
kenvandinegood morning folks!12:39
cyphermoxmorning kenvandine12:40
seb128hey kenvandine12:41
seb128I'm fine thanks12:41
cyphermoxseb128: remember about libgdata?12:43
seb128oh, now that you mention it yes! ;-)12:43
seb128spent my morning catching up with w.e activity and emails12:43
cyphermoxit's already in the team branch12:43
seb128will do that in a bit, thanks for the reminder12:43
cyphermoxI'll jump on nbs related to evo and all now12:44
cyphermox(and finish updating evo packages)12:44
kenvandineseb128, we need to seed gwibber, we had relied on the depends from indicator-me before12:45
kenvandineas a weekend hack i added it as a recommends to indicator-messages :)12:46
seb128yeah, I saw12:46
kenvandinedavmor2, can you verify that you can start gwibber from the messaging menu when you get a chance?12:48
davmor2kenvandine: on the fresh install yeap one second12:48
desrtgood morning, everyone12:49
kenvandinegood morning desrt12:49
seb128hey desrt12:52
davmor2kenvandine: yeap starts from messaging menu, however after a reboot home is now only showing replies again so it must be a second run bug12:52
seb128desrt, back on your local timezone? ready to break your sleep habits again? ;-)12:52
davmor2kenvandine: do you want me to run that code now?12:52
kenvandinedavmor2, yes please12:57
desrtseb128: yup :)12:57
kenvandinedbus-send --type=method_call --print-reply --dest=com.Gwibber.Streams /com/gwibber/Streams com.Gwibber.Streams.Messages string:"all" string:"all" int32:0 string:"0" string:"0" string:"time" string:"desc" int32:012:57
desrtstill waking quite early, though.  7:30 today.12:57
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davmor2kenvandine: this is a huge file where do you want it?13:05
davmor2kenvandine: http://davmor2.co.uk/output1.log should have it13:08
davmor2kenvandine: I can grab some screenshots of what I actually see in the different sections if that will help too :)13:15
kenvandinedavmor2, no need... the data is more useful13:23
kenvandinedavmor2, if you scroll way down in the home feed, do you start to see non-replies?13:29
davmor2kenvandine: Yeap eventually, it looks like it has organised the tickets into replies, private, everything else so I need to scroll down about 500 tickets to see stuff from today in home13:32
kenvandinefigured it out :)13:32
kenvandineit's a race of some sort13:32
kenvandinethe sort order is getting applied before the stream is populated for you13:33
kenvandinenow to figure out why :)13:33
kenvandinedavmor2, i did reproduce it in a VM13:34
davmor2kenvandine: only seems to be after a reboot, when I first fired it up and added my accounts home displayed correctly :)13:35
tjaaltonah, ok.. sound-juicer needs that I open the disc from nautilus first, then it can find the tracks13:36
tkamppeterseb128, hplip-gui was only separated out because the Ubuntu Desktop CD had no Qt, now it has Qt and therefore we should take in hplip-gui, to avoid users reporting bugs about missing GUI tools of HPLIP.13:40
seb128tkamppeter, we only have some part of qt on the CD, do we have what hplip needs?13:42
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
tkamppeterseb128, s-c-p has a functionality of installing printer drivers shipped with the distro. I did not test these, as we install all drivers which are packaged by Ubuntu by default (Red Hat seems to do the default installation without printer drivers).13:42
tkamppeterseb128, I do not know. One should boot the CD and install hplip-gui directly afterwards. Then one sees how much will get installed.13:43
tkamppeterseb128, if the amount of data is small enough, one can ship with hplip-gui.13:44
seb128tkamppeter, well can you revert that new depends to at least a recommends for a3?13:44
seb128tkamppeter, the python-packagekit binding is in universe, it will need a mir and review and promotion and testing with aptdaemon13:44
seb128tkamppeter, dropping the depends to a recommends or suggests would allow us to build CDs until all this paperwork is done13:45
tkamppeterseb128, for this I would need to change the upstream source as the applet is imperatively importing it.13:45
seb128well better to have a CD with the applet broken than no CD13:46
seb128but yeah, ideally upstream would put those import in a try: and handle the case where they are not there13:46
seb128they are doing assumption on the packaging tools installed which are distribution specific13:46
tkamppeterseb128, so I will look at first whether a simple patch could deactivate that functionality.13:47
seb128tkamppeter, thanks13:47
seb128tkamppeter, maybe revert the commit that added it in the next version for a3?13:47
davmor2kenvandine: something else I just noticed my latest posts aren't at the top they are at the bottom which is why although I see osd-notifies for them I don't seem to see the posts in gwibber13:51
kenvandinedavmor2, what happens if you reverse your sort order?13:51
davmor2kenvandine: so now 11minutes ago is top of messages however replies and everything else is now 161days at the top13:53
davmor2kenvandine: and home doesn't seem to know if it is coming or going looking at it :)13:54
davmor2kenvandine: home's tickets are 1 hour, 2hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours, 3 hours, 13 minutes :)13:55
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micahgseb128: I asked for it as it was breaking other packages (libglew-dev) and realized the fallout afterwards (it was NBS an usually dev NBS packages aren't around), I apologized earlier and offered to upload the glew1.5 package that I saw didrocks upload about 4 hours ago14:42
seb128micahg, sorry I'm not on IRC during the w.e so I missed you asking and the following discussions14:43
seb128micahg, it was just unfortunate timing to clean it before a3 but no worry we got it sorted14:43
micahgseb128: yeah, in retrospect, I would've temporarily removed the virtual package from libglew1.614:44
seb128micahg, no worry14:49
micahgseb128: I'll prepare a debdiff to fix the virtual package (libglew-dev) for after alpha3 (I assume we still want glew1.6 for oneiric)?14:49
seb128cyphermox, shouldn't liboauth-dev depends on libcurl....dev?14:50
seb128micahg, yes, we want 1.6 for oneiric14:50
cyphermoxseb128: ah, no IIRC it didn't for some reason; do you prefer I fix that?14:50
cyphermoxI think it's supposed to be libcurl-nss-dev if my memory serves me right14:51
cyphermoxI had figured there was a reason why Bilal left it out14:51
seb128no, I think it's an error14:52
cyphermoxsure, I'll just fix that now14:52
seb128installing the -dev should bring with it enough for the pkg-config call to work14:52
chrisccoulson didrocks - what do i do with bugs like bug 816919? this is where maximized windows appear displaced on the screen, with a gap between the top of the window and the panel14:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 816919 in firefox "When I maximized Firefox, it was vertically displaced." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81691914:52
chrisccoulsonyou're aware of that problem aren't you?14:52
mterryseb128, I'm confused by this nautilus crash.  A recent dup said it went away when uninstalling deja-dup, but the original report did not have deja-dup installed.  I'm leery of lumping all these dups together.14:53
seb128mterry, sorry I didn't check that, it could be that they have similar signatures enough to confuse the retracers14:53
didrockschrisccoulson: yeah, there is either a dup in unity or just redirect it there14:53
seb128mterry, feel free to reassign the old one to nautilus and unduplicate the most recent one14:53
chrisccoulsondidrocks, is anyone working on that? it happens to my GF on natty pretty much every time she maximizes a window14:54
chrisccoulson(well, she complains about it being broken very often)14:54
didrockschrisccoulson: not that I know, they are "on features", not "bugs" :/14:54
chrisccoulsonmeh :/14:54
didrockschrisccoulson: hum, you mean, on oneiric?14:54
chrisccoulsonthat sucks ;)14:54
chrisccoulsondidrocks, no, it happens on natty all the time14:54
mterryseb128, but the retracer ate all the debug info in this deja-dup one.  :-/  I guess I assume it's nearly the same as the nautilus-pure one14:55
didrockschrisccoulson: oh, all the time on natty? that's interesting, I got it very occasionnaly but it was fixed with SRU114:55
didrockschrisccoulson: ask them on #ayatana I would say14:55
seb128mterry, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/807194 could the deja-dup one14:56
ubot2Ubuntu bug 807194 in nautilus "gksu nautilus crashed with SIGSEGV in g_file_query_info()" [Medium,Incomplete]14:56
seb128mterry, or https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/80433014:56
ubot2Ubuntu bug 804330 in nautilus "nautilus crashed with SIGSEGV in g_file_query_info()" [Medium,Triaged]14:56
seb128mterry, the one there has a debug stacktrace14:57
seb128you can use that one14:57
chrisccoulsondidrocks, i'll see if i can get her to reproduce it14:57
didrockschrisccoulson: thanks!14:58
mterryseb128, I can reproduce when opening root nautilus, I'll check it out14:59
seb128mterry, ok14:59
chrisccoulsonroot nautilus?14:59
chrisccoulsondo people do that ;)14:59
seb128users insist on doing that15:00
chrisccoulsonusers are totally crazy15:00
seb128the issues users complain most about in nautilus are often issue when run under sudo15:00
chrisccoulsonseb128, "if (getuid() == 0) exit(0);"15:01
chrisccoulsonproblem solved!15:02
chrisccoulsonalthough, i can imagine that would be quite unpopular15:02
seb128if "title == doesn't start when run with sudo; then reassign to chrisccoulson"15:02
chrisccoulsonoh, unity-window-decorator just crashed and won't start again15:06
chrisccoulson"Gtk-ERROR **: GTK+ 2.x symbols detected. Using GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3 in the same process is not supported"15:06
chrisccoulsonsame for gtk-window-decorator :(15:07
chrisccoulsonshould unset LD_PRELOAD from my environment first ;)15:08
seb128what did you preload?15:10
chrisccoulsonseb128, libgcr-3.so.115:10
seb128cyphermox, libgdata uploaded, I dropped the libnss... build depends and the corresponding changelog15:10
chrisccoulsoni was using that terminal for trying to figure out what was going on with gnome-keyring ;)15:10
seb128cyphermox, it will build fine once liboauth is fixed15:10
cyphermoxyes yes :)15:11
cyphermoxwon't be long, just checking why it wasn't there; I was wondering if it should have been added by shlibs:depends15:13
cyphermoxseb128: care to look into evolution-exchange too? that was missing from a seed to fall back into the ubuntu-desktop package set; I can push a branch now but I can't commit to the real one15:14
seb128cyphermox, dev depends are not automatically computed15:15
seb128cyphermox, sure for evolution-exchange, just copy your work or give a vcs to checkout15:15
cyphermoxfor the evolution-exchange or the seed change?15:16
seb128why do you need a seed change?15:16
cyphermoxseb128: that had been suggested by cjwatson (adding to a seed that doesn't add to the cd or dvd); to make sure evo-exchange would remain in ubuntu-desktop15:17
seb128oh ok15:17
seb128well if you have a merge request for that let me know I can merge it I guess15:17
seb128just read your email on the topic, I forgot about it15:18
seb128supported-desktop-extra seems fine15:18
cyphermoxyeah, sorry about that15:18
cyphermoxit will take a bit more time this way but I guess then I won't have to bug you anymore15:18
seb128it's not only me, it's also better if desktop contributors can upload desktop sources, so we should fix the sets when we can ;-)15:21
cyphermoxnah nah, it's just to not bug you15:21
cyphermoxhuh, new bluez... d'oh15:29
seb128cyphermox, bluez> already uploaded15:34
cyphermoxyeah, I saw that, was just commenting :)15:34
seb128I figured you had enough other things to do already ;-)15:34
ricotzseb128, hello15:37
seb128ricotz, hey15:37
ricotzseb128, did you had a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rhythmbox/+bug/78074715:37
ubot2Ubuntu bug 780747 in rhythmbox "Window does not always close when running gnome-shell" [Undecided,New]15:37
seb128ricotz, not yet, tried to finish a few things for a3 before the start of the CD rolls but I will in a bit15:38
seb128since rb is not on the CD I delayed it a bit, it can be updated during the freeze15:39
ricotzseb128, ok, no problem ;)15:39
seb128ricotz, sorry I did some of the libgnome* sync requests before noticed you filed bugs for those15:39
ricotzoh, you did15:40
seb128yeah, I read the debian changes list and watch versions15:40
seb128but don't watch the sponsoring queue that closely15:40
seb128so I noticed and did them before noticing your bugs15:40
ricotzi see, it's fine15:40
seb128ricotz, you can usually just ping on IRC or drop a note on the etherpad for desktop things that can be synced15:41
ricotzok, trying to remember that etherpad thing15:42
seb128mterry, do you know how the if-session gnome-session condition works?15:58
* cyphermox -> lunch16:07
SpamapSHI! any chance somebody has taken a look at bug 813343 ? Its really frustrating to have to use XFCE to get multi-monitor. :-/16:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 813343 in unity "nvidia drivers, second monitor covered by black" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81334316:11
mterryseb128, yeah, a bit16:11
seb128mterry, is gnome-fallback a session name?16:11
mterryseb128, /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions has the sessions names16:11
seb128ok, that's probably because I don't have gnome-session-fallback that I don't have it16:11
mterryseb128, not in ubuntu, but I think it is upstream16:11
mterryseb128, oh, maybe it's in that package then.  I thought I had that installed too16:12
seb128mterry, I was trying to figure if there is a way to make a OnlyShowIn=GNOME; with a startup test on is-session gnome-fallback run in unity16:12
seb128mterry, but I figured I would better create a copy of the .desktop for unity16:12
mterryseb128, probably easier16:12
seb128we should probably teach gnome-session to have an "or" in the autostart condition16:13
seb128but that's low priority, I just copy that one for now16:13
mterryseb128, problem with the is-session bit is that session names aren't standardized and many are really the same environment (unity, unity-2d)16:15
mterryso any logic would get complicated pretty quick16:15
SpamapSI take it back, I can use unity-2d now..16:15
seb128mterry, well I think what we need is a reverse check16:15
seb128mterry, is-session-not gnome-shell16:15
mterryseb128, there is an unless-session16:15
mterryseb128, *but*16:15
mterryseb128, gdm runs gnome-session, so you'd end up running it in gdm too16:16
seb128mterry, because for things like the automounting (what I'm fixing) that's basically what you want16:16
seb128mterry, gdm has its private autostart dir though16:16
seb128mterry, it doesn't use the system one16:16
seb128mterry, /usr/share/gdm/autostart16:17
mterryseb128, ah.  I was talking to someone in a GNOME bug and they gave me that warning, but what you say makes sense too.  I had forgotten it did that16:17
seb128so I'm pondering just turning that in a unless-session gnome-shell then16:18
seb128having a .desktop copy sucks for several reasons16:18
seb128including having to keep the copy in sync with the upstream variant16:18
seb128or it would need to be an hack in the rules running some sed on the installed one16:19
seb128rather than a copy in the source16:19
seb128to create a copy uptodate16:19
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seb128mterry, thanks for the discussion, I think I will just go for the unless gnome-shell and see how it goes ;-)16:20
didrocksreboot testing, brb16:21
micahgmterry: are you piloting later today?16:24
mterrymicahg, yeah16:41
mterryafter lunch16:41
micahgmterry: k, thanks16:41
mterrymicahg, got something you want reviewed?16:42
micahgmterry: no,but I have someone with something to be reviewed :)16:42
micahgI'll have him ping you when you start piloting16:42
skaetseb128, since we're ramping up to A3,  what is the feeling about re-enabling apport by default?16:53
jbichaskaet: it's enabled by default right now, unless you're asking something completely different17:11
skaetjbicha,  just working through the checklist for the release, and if its enabled that's cool.17:12
skaetseb128, mterry, jasoncwarner_ bug811524 is marked critical for A3.  Is this accurate?   If so, is there someone working on a fix?17:21
cyphermoxskaet: looking, but I think this might already be fixed17:22
mterryyah, I don't think I get that behavior17:23
* micahg thought that was fixed in 0.9.217:23
skaetcyphermox, yeah,  the log seems to indicate it might be,  but the status is confusing.17:23
cyphermoxI'm rebooting a system now to make sure17:25
cyphermoxyeah it works17:27
cyphermoxor to be precise, it doesn't fail that way :)17:27
mterrycyphermox, skaet: marking it fix released then17:35
skaetthanks mterry.  :)17:36
skaetthanks cyphermox :)17:36
cyphermoxthanks... I can definitely confirm it doesn't do *that* now, but I can't say I get a session :)17:36
cyphermoxah, I see, badly out of date mirror on this system17:37
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dobeyanyone here familiar with using gtk+ through Python gi?18:43
cyphermoxhrm... temporarily relegated to 3G...18:55
* didrocks waves good evening18:56
didrockstime for dinner18:56
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mterrydobey, a little19:29
dobeymterry: haven't used any GtkNotebooks have you?19:30
mterrydobey, nope, haven't delved that much19:30
dobeyi'm hitting a very annoying crash when i try to connect to the switch-page signal on a notebook :(19:32
jbichamterry: if you're not too busy, could you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/ubuntu/oneiric/gitg/gitg-0.2.4/+merge/6939719:33
mterryjbicha, ok19:33
jbichacool, thanks!19:33
mterry@pilot out19:52
jasoncwarner_hey cyphermox mterry kenvandine and tremolux how are things going ? having a good A3 so far?20:30
kenvandinea bit drained here... but things look pretty good from my vantage point20:30
tremoluxjasoncwarner_: heyo!  \o20:36
AfCThe 3.0.2-1ubuntu1~natty1 package is still refusing to install on Natty.21:54
cyphermoxhey jasoncwarner_: yup, things looking good :)22:15
jasoncwarner_hey cyphermox, sent you an email on conman, when you get a chance22:37

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