bkerensaHi All :)01:03
bkerensahi all04:38
bkerensaanyone awake?05:51
Atamirain answer to your question. most times no06:11
Atamiraif you ahve a question for the documentation group, email the mailing list06:11
mdkebkerensa: hi06:30
bkerensamdke: Where would I find some more doc that needs updating :P06:30
bkerensaIm bored06:30
mdkeif it's wiki documents that you are interested in, there is a long list of different pages which need work linked here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tag06:31
mdkeseveral links are relevant, but see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tag/ContentCleanup/List for an example06:32
bkerensaexcellent :)06:38
mdkethanks for working on the docs06:41
esethey, will ubuntu docs apply for the GSoC Summer of Doc camp?18:24
mdkeeset: probably not as a project, but individuals might certainly be interested. Feel free to raise it on the mailing list18:39

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