OsamaMongyhappy ramadan all10:55
elacheche_anisThx OsamaMongy, happy ramadhan 4 u 2 and all of you guys :D10:56
thelinuxerHappy ramadan everyone :)11:34
DoeNietWilHello Ubuntu user, I came to this irc to ask you a question. We are trying to release a new version of OpenTeacher, and because it is a tool that is very language specific I was wondering if any of you would like to take a couple of minutes and translate it. It really isn't that much work but it would help us a lot. https://translations.launchpad.net/openteacher12:05
thelinuxerDoeNietWil: Hi, will try to forward this to someone to translate it12:05
DoeNietWilthanks thelinuxer12:07
elacheche_anisI can help you :D DoeNietWil12:09
DoeNietWilah cool elacheche_anis12:10
elacheche_anisjust you need to find some one to review my translations ;) Maybe I will make some mistakes XD12:11
DoeNietWilmaybe an other one in this channel12:16
elacheche_anisDoeNietWil, I just translate the words that I'm sure about them, so I don't think that you will need to review them XD but it's good to find someone else to suggest his translations12:18
elacheche_anisDoeNietWil, do you think that the application name should be translate?? For me I don't think so..12:24
DoeNietWilno, it's better if you leave it OpenTeacher12:25
elacheche_anisYeh that will be better12:26
thelinuxerDoeNietWil: elacheche_anis I translated a few strings myself and forwarded this to the mailing list12:39
thelinuxerand don't worry I will start bugging our members to this translated :D12:39
elacheche_anisgood thelinuxer :D12:41
elacheche_anisI will do the same with our members too, but not know I'm in the internship right now :D maybe this night I will do it :D12:42
thelinuxerelacheche_anis: inchallah :)12:42
elacheche_anisinchallah :D12:42
DoeNietWilah very cool many thanks folks12:44
thelinuxerDoeNietWil: you're welcome, thanks to you :)12:44
thelinuxerelacheche_anis: do u know about this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/275971 ?12:51
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 275971 in Ubuntu Website "Ubuntu Local support - Arabic Language" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:51
elacheche_anisoups thelinuxer12:53
thelinuxerI don't know y didn't they fix this12:53
elacheche_anisThis is the fisrt time I see that, but now we have an arabic team12:53
thelinuxerit has been like that for a year12:53
elacheche_anisThere is an arabic team right know!!12:53
thelinuxerplease ask your team to say that this bug affects them12:54
thelinuxerand there are lots of teams in Arabic countries :D12:54
thelinuxeranyway i will forward this to my team to give the ticket some attention12:55
elacheche_anisOh shit!!12:56
elacheche_anisI will send it to my loco team ML :@12:57
elacheche_anisI was thinking about the arabic translation team12:57
thelinuxernope that's not it12:57
elacheche_anisthis is the fisrt time that I know that there is a support team too XD12:57
thelinuxerwe the loco teams are give support in Arabic language12:57
thelinuxerwe should be listed12:57
elacheche_anisyes ofcourse12:58
thelinuxerand we provided them with a team of teams that speak Arabic!12:58
thelinuxerI don't know y didn't they fix it12:58
elacheche_anisno they did not: http://www.ubuntu.com/support/community/locallanguage#hebrew-arabic12:58
elacheche_aniswe are at least 4 arabic loco teams!!12:59
elacheche_aniswe can create a one team to do this, or we can just re-activate ubuntu-ar12:59
thelinuxeri don't think we need a new team12:59
thelinuxerthose who needs arabic support can choose one of the teams13:00
thelinuxerand if we created a new team i guess we will get into problems of whether the team is active or not because it's new13:00
elacheche_anisHow many loco teams there is in the ME region????13:01
thelinuxerI don't know exactly13:02
thelinuxerbut here is a list that was provided by kim0 http://pastebin.com/sWUSYUTn13:02
elacheche_anisThere is 3 LoCo teams in ME region(SA,JO, YE) and 4 in NA(EG, TN, DZ,MA)13:05
thelinuxer7 teams who speak Arabic natively and they haven't fixed it !13:06
elacheche_anisThat's abnormal :@13:07
DoeNietWilif you have questions about the project or the translation please go to http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=openteacher13:17
elacheche_anisok DoeNietWil13:18
aosamathelinuxer, ramadan kareem.13:24
thelinuxeraosama: hey dude, ramadan kareem :)13:24
thelinuxeraosama: mo7'tafy ya walla ..13:24
aosamathelinuxer, ah shewayah, bas leek wa7sha.13:25
thelinuxeraosama: wenta kaman ya man :)13:27
aosamathelinuxer, neftar bara feh ma3 ba3d isa.13:28
aosamas/feh/feh yom/13:28
thelinuxermaho isA 7yeb2a feh fitar le ubuntu-eg13:29
thelinuxeru should come isA13:29
aosamaeshta, i'll follow up13:29
elacheche_anisthelinuxer, how time is it in egypt??13:29
elacheche_aniswhat time is it****13:29
thelinuxerelacheche_anis: it's 3:29 pm13:29
elacheche_anis:/ :D13:30
aosamaelacheche_anis, EET13:30
elacheche_anisaosama, what does mean EET ?13:30
aosamaelacheche_anis, timezone.13:31
elacheche_anisah ok :D :S13:31
aosamathelinuxer, Forum: http://tunisie.ubuntuforums.org/ - what is that?13:58
elacheche_anisis the tunisian section in ubuntu forums :)13:59
aosamaelacheche_anis, I can see that.14:00
elacheche_anisaosama, what you want to know exactly ?? :D14:00
aosamawhy are we going to list the tunisian forum under EGYPT section at the ubunto local language support?14:02
elacheche_anisaosama, Tunisia is not a coutry in an other planet :D... is it ?? :D14:03
elacheche_anisaosama, I think that you're talking about a thread in your ML, I'm not subscribing in it, so I'm not sure if I understand what are talking about XD14:09
aosamayes, I have noticed that, I was asking thelinuxer about a posted comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/27597114:11
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 275971 in Ubuntu Website "Ubuntu Local support - Arabic Language" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:11
thelinuxerelacheche_anis: someone wrote the Tunisian forum link under Egypt section in the Arabic support teams list14:13
thelinuxerit's an honest mistake and has been corrected14:13
thelinuxerelacheche_anis: aosama was talking about the Arabic supporters bug14:14
elacheche_anisah ok.. Who did that?? there is no name for the last person who change the page?14:15
thelinuxerit doesn't matter who did it :D14:16
thelinuxerI guess this is the latest updated list http://pad.ubuntu.com/ArabicTeams14:16
elacheche_anisYes it is.. For us we will change the links soon  inchallah.. We're about creating our website..14:19
thelinuxerelacheche_anis: isA we are also going to do this :)14:26
elacheche_anisSee you later guys :D15:06
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