CIA-37wubi: evand * r238 diskimage/data/isolist.ini: Move back to daily wubi images.08:40
stgraberev: hey! One of the items on the edubuntu todolist for this cycle is to check if wubi works with Edubuntu and if it's ship it on the DVD. Where can I find the latest (working) build of wubi for Oneiric?14:26
* highvoltage has been meaning to poke ev about that14:27
evstgraber: http://people.ubuntu.com/~evand/wubi/oneiric/14:28
evI have another branch for the disk image stuff that I'll be landing soon, but it wont change anything for ISO-based installations14:28
stgraberok, cool. I'll give that a try14:28
stgraberev: ok, so I have a Windows install with enough space for wubi to be happy. Now, Edubuntu isn't in the list of options, how can I force wubi to start it?16:34
evput in an edubuntu CD with wubi on it16:34
evor check the command line options16:34
stgraberok. We don't have wubi on the Edubuntu DVD yet. I'll try the command line option16:37
stgraberev: hmm, is there a way to list the command line options? /?, -h and --help don't return anything16:38
evoffhand I don't recall and I need to bolt, unfortunately16:38
evprobably not given the way that wubi is wired up (small c program wrapper)16:38
evwell, not impossible obviously, but probably just not thought about16:39
jibelstgraber, --help doesn't output anything from a windows prompt but works if you use a cygwin terminal. Don't ask me why.16:49
jibelstgraber, here is the output http://paste.ubuntu.com/656503/16:49
stgraberjibel: oh, cool! thanks16:49
jibelstgraber, but I'm not sure you can force the use of a distro if it is not listed in data/isolist.ini, is it ?16:53
stgraberjibel: I added it manually to isolist.ini17:12

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