ltaverashello everybody01:51
ltaverasim looking for mr. jono bacon01:52
ltaverasour locoteam republicaubuntu was not include in the new loco team directory01:52
ltaverasthis team its from dominican republic01:53
ltaverasjoin #jokosher01:54
cjohnstonltaveras: I'm looking into it.. It's 10pm here, so it might have to wait until tomorrow01:58
ltaverashere its 10pm also01:59
cjohnstonltaveras: send me an email, chrisjohnston at ubuntu dot com   and ill get back to you with updates02:00
ltaverasi will02:01
ltaverassend it02:08
cjohnstonthanks ltaveras.. give me a day or so to see what I can figure out please02:09
ltaverasyour welcome02:11
ltaverasthanks a lot for your kindness02:12
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locodir-userhola soy nueva nuevisima en linux que distribución me aconsejan usar para no perder el entusiasmo....13:29
ubot4En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:36
locodir-userthanks sorry, I am new at Linux and I was wondering if anybody has a suggestion for me about which would be the best distribution to start :)13:51
ltaverasHi Fellows13:51
ltaverasim looking for Mr. Jono Bacon,13:52
ltaverasIm from Dominican Republic LocoTeam13:53
ltaverasour team its not longer listed on the LoCo directory at ubuntu.com13:53
ltaveraswhat we have to do to been restored13:53
ltaverasi really appreciate your help13:54
czajkowskiltaveras: it's nothing jono can do 13:54
czajkowskiI beleive you were asked to mail cjohnston who is one of the developers 13:55
czajkowskiit's a developer thing not something that I think jono can help with 13:55
mhall119is the team still in the ~locoteams LP team?13:58
mhall119I don't see a https://launchpad.net/~republicaubuntu13:59
ltaveraswe're improving the site14:04
rwwthat's a project, not a team :\14:42
paultagrepublicaubuntu is also not a valid loco name :(14:43
kaltxiHey, I've done https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+question/166319 <-- that but I'm not sure If I'm missing something… I'm simply trying to translate to Na'vi… ?15:15
paultagoh jeez15:20
paultagI guess if we can have Klingon, we must allow Na'vi15:20
kaltxipaultag that was actually going to be my argument if you denied it for being an artificial language 15:21
paultagkaltxi: me? I'd not be able to deny something like that if I tried :)15:21
paultagkaltxi: I'm in charge of LoCo teams, not Locale teams :)15:21
paultagplus, I think it's a cool and good thing15:21
paultagkaltxi: I wish you the best of luck, friend! :)15:22
kaltxiklingon needs more activity ;) 15:23
kaltxiIf I was able to speak it i'd help15:23
paultagyeah I totally agree15:24
paultagbut I can only hardly speak German, and pass for an English speaker :)15:24
kaltxihaha ;)15:24
kaltximein deutsch ist nicht sehr gut :P15:24
paultagja, ich auch :)15:24
paultagMein Deutsch ist wie in 2-jahr alt :)15:24
kaltxipaultag can you see anything I've done wrong in the application thingy :P15:26
paultagkaltxi: nosir, looks like it's just hanging15:26
paultagkaltxi: might want to ask the localizers15:26
paultagkaltxi: this channel is for local communities, not translation work :)15:26
paultagkaltxi: ubuntu-translators, I think 15:26
kaltxioo i see15:26
paultagI think that's right15:26
paultagdpm: would know15:26
paultagcool :)15:26
paultagkaltxi: and it looks like the ISO language code is real and firm according to ISO 639-215:27
paultagkaltxi: should have no problem I think15:27
kaltxii looked on wikipedia :P15:27
kaltxii couldn't find it anywhere else15:27
paultagoh wait15:28
paultagkaltxi: according to a look at the actual ISO code, art is Artificial languages15:28
paultagkaltxi: humm, you might have some issues there15:28
paultagbut you might be able to get away with it15:29
kaltxiwell it is an artificial language :P15:29
paultagkaltxi: I'd suggest ubuntu-i10n-art-navi15:29
kaltxiokay 15:29
paultagkaltxi: and put that underneath i10n-art, but they'll know better over in translators15:29
kaltxiwell im not fussed so long as we can get translating :P15:29
paultagkaltxi: yeppers15:29
dpmpaultag, kaltxi, that's correct: #ubuntu-translators for anything translations-related15:53
paultagdpm: sorry to bug you :)15:57
dpmpaultag, no worries, that's what I'm here for :)15:57
cjohnstonltaveras: you were listed and you no longer are listed?17:14
cjohnstonpaultag: mind updating me on the dominican republic situation please?17:15
ltaveraswhat we have to do to getting back17:15
cjohnstonYou have to be a team17:16
ltaverasnow we are moving to new hosting 17:16
cjohnstonA team is on Launchpad17:16
AlanBella team starts with a ~17:17
AlanBellthat is a project, for some code17:17
AlanBella team is a list of people17:17
AlanBellyou need to set up https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-do17:19
AlanBellhttps://launchpad.net/people/+newteam 17:19
AlanBellactually, it exists17:21
paultagcjohnston: what's there to update?17:22
paultagcjohnston: I have no idea what's up17:22
paultagcjohnston: I know we had a bug saying they were MIA17:22
paultagcjohnston: and I think we have a re-approval17:22
AlanBellyou need to contact those people, and sort it out from there, or ask the loco-council to help if you can't contact any of the existing admins17:22
paultagbut I've never seen republicaubuntu17:22
cjohnstonI saw you joined in on the conversation, so i wasnt sure if there was anything new17:22
paultagcjohnston: sec, let me check records17:23
paultagcjohnston: ah, there was a back and forth through the ML on contacts17:24
paultagbetween me and Lisander Taveras lisander.reyes@codetel.net.do17:25
paultagcjohnston: it looks like they're not any sort of loco, they're apparently invited to locoteams, but not a member17:25
cjohnstonSo pretty much paultag, if they want to be a team they need to create a team?17:25
paultagcjohnston: https://launchpad.net/~locoteams/+members17:25
paultagcjohnston: they're down in invited17:26
paultagfor https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-do17:26
paultagowned by https://launchpad.net/~jmpp-rd17:26
paultagwho has not responded to my emails17:26
cjohnstonSo it's an LC issue and not an LD issue17:26
paultagcjohnston: well not even LC17:26
paultagcjohnston: they just have to accept the invite to become a loco teams17:26
paultagloco team*17:26
paultagcjohnston: it's out of our hands as well, unless someone wants to re-take the team17:27
cjohnstonRight.. but if noone can get ahold of jmpp-rd17:27
paultagbut no one has asked17:27
paultagso AFAIC it's not LD or LC :)17:27
paultagmorelike LP :)17:27
cjohnstonI'm going to try to figure out what the story is with oregon17:28
paultagcjohnston: cools?17:28
paultagcjohnston: yeah, I have no idea there17:28
cjohnstonsounds good to me17:28
paultagok, rockn17:28
paultagltaveras: you must be  Lisander Taveras lisander.reyes@codetel.net.do17:29
paultagltaveras: did you read the response I emailed you?17:29
ltaverasyes i am17:30
ltaverascodetel its now claro17:30
ltaverasso they change mail server name17:30
paultagltaveras: I responded to your message to -contacts the day you sent it17:30
ltaveraslet check17:30
paultagltaveras: did you recieve my mail explaining what's up?17:30
paultagltaveras: http://www.mail-archive.com/loco-contacts@lists.ubuntu.com/msg05076.html17:31
paultagltaveras: copy for you :)17:31
paultagltaveras: you can also read the scrollback where I just explained it to cjohnston 17:31
paultagltaveras: cool?17:31
ltaverasso i have to wait to be reinvited 17:33
paultagltaveras: no17:33
paultagltaveras: read my email :)17:33
paultagthe issue is 100% in the hands of ubuntu-do17:33
SergioMeneseshi all17:34
paultagif the team leader / admin is MIA, then you follow what I said in the bottom bit :)17:34
paultagotherwise it should be a quick fix17:34
paultaghey SergioMeneses 17:34
SergioMenesescjohnston, paultag \o17:34
SergioMenesesGreetings from Colombia17:35
ltaveraswhat about if im unable to contact launchpad team administrator17:50
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