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prezidenthello ?06:00
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Laneydo we have DMB today?11:48
* Laney is on phone11:48
directhexdear DMB,, my chinchillas need a tickle. please make it happen.11:50
Laneyapplicant is too smelly. DENIED11:52
RhondaIs there DMB every two weeks?11:59
geserRhonda: yes, one early meeting 13:00 UTC and one late 19:00 UTC alternating12:00
RhondaI see.12:00
saohi all. I'm looking for a sponsor for the new package for gemrb (a Game Engine to play games such as Baldur's Gate on Linux) see http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/gemrb and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/148427 for details. The package has been around for a while and all patches needed have been applied upstream by now.12:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 148427 in Ubuntu "[needs packaging] GemRB" [Wishlist,In progress]12:51
Rhondasao: Would you be interested to maintain the package within Debian under the Umbrella of the Games Team? :)12:58
RhondaThat will make it available to Ubuntu without any additional effort.12:58
jamespagedebfx: thanks for ack'ing that sync request for annotation-indexer - and apologies for raising it twice! (note to self - use --lp next time)13:07
saoRhonda: generally yes. Just not sure how much more work this will take as so far I have not been involved in the package process of Debian itself.13:09
RhondaThe package process of Debian isn't so much different than to Ubuntu, actually rather the contrary. :)13:11
Rhondapackaging is essentially the same, only upload permissions differ (and that Debian wants binaries uploaded too, ubuntu only sources)13:12
Rhondasao: #debian-games on irc.debian.org, feel free to drop by in case you are interested13:12
jtaylorare there any tricks to get LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES to work in cmake?13:34
jtaylorximion: ping14:37
jtaylorconcerning projectm14:38
ximionjtaylor: pong14:43
jtaylorhave you fixed projectm already?14:43
ximionI'm looking at it right now, but I'm unable to reproduce this clementine build failure...14:43
ximionnot yet, just started :)14:43
jtaylorI ahve a  workaround patch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/656433/14:43
jtaylorthe problem is that cmake adds libRenderer.a implicitly to the projectM target, but places it at the wrong position on the commandline14:44
jtaylorso that patch adds it twice, once at the correct position14:44
jtaylorunfortunatly I do not know how to disable that weird cmake behavior14:45
jtaylorwoops thats the wrong patch, one moment14:45
ximionthe cmake scripts projectM uses are in a really bad shape14:46
ximion(the whole project is...)14:46
ximionunfortunately upstream is busy with other things, so projectM only receives very few fixes.14:47
ximionI'm planning to improve this situation a little by merging fixes projectM forks made with upstream, but this will take a while and upstream has to agree with that.14:47
jtayloryou should always check the dpkg-shlibdeps warnings, it tells you this issue, even in debian14:50
jtaylore.g. :dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: symbol glGetIntegerv used by debian/libprojectm2/usr/lib/libprojectM.so.2.0.1 found in none of the libraries.14:50
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ximionhmm... LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES should do the trick14:59
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jtaylorit should but I can't figure out how to get it to work :/15:08
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ScottKmicahg: ^^^ Are you going to sponsor jtaylor's projectm fix?16:02
micahgis there a fix available?16:02
jtaylorximion: can add it to debian and then we just sync?16:02
ximionjtaylor: Yep, that's the way I would prefer :)16:03
micahgk, fine with me16:03
jtaylorit is also a bug in debian as debian is missing dependencies due to it16:03
ximionI'm trying to find a better solution at time, but if nothing works, we could add your workaround16:03
artfwospeaking of sponsoring, i'm still looking for a sponsor to look at bug 81528316:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 815283 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] indicator-cpufreq" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81528316:12
artfwomicahg, your comments for the revu upload were all fixed where appropriate16:13
jtaylorthis should be merged too, it fixes a bad bug which also affects natty https://code.launchpad.net/~jtaylor/ubuntu/oneiric/soya/fix-780305/+merge/6819616:14
micahgartfwo: great, thanks, it's in the sponsorship queue again, so someone else should take a look (multiple eyes make for better packages)16:14
micahgjtaylor: I can get to that on Wed if no one else beats me to it (how bad is it?)16:19
jtaylorit makes the package unusable16:19
micahgjtaylor: mterry is piloting in a few hours, you'll be able to catch him in #ubuntu-devel16:43
debfxjamespage: don't worry about it. I wonder why --lp isn't the default16:59
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ScottKdebfx: That would break backward compatibility.  Some of us don't like to give out more permissions to LP than required and the email interface works fine.18:11
debfxScottK: ok, but it could still query the bug tracker by logging in anonymously18:12
ScottKAgreed.  It could.18:13
dupondjedebfx: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-file/+bug/81762218:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 817622 in apt-file (Ubuntu) "apt-file got broken in oneiric" [Medium,Confirmed]18:17
dupondjeyou maby have another idea how this could be patched ?18:17
dupondjelike something that works for ubuntu & debian?18:17
ximionjtaylor: I give up now... :P No matter what I try, cmake does not do what I want, so I added a modified version of this patch (which also fixes some other bugs) to the projectM package18:20
ximionthe package now needs to be uploaded by my sponsor, then it can be synced with Ubuntu18:21
debfxdupondje: Debian generates the Contents files in the new and the old location: http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/dists/sid/18:23
micahgximion: feel free to file the sync request after it's unstable, it's unlikely there will be a sync run until after alpha318:23
debfxso reverting that commit should make it work on debian and ubuntu18:23
dupondjedebfx: true18:23
dupondjebut when there is a change in main for example18:24
dupondjeand not in other sections18:24
dupondjeit doesn't need to fetch the whole change file18:24
dupondjethats why this got patched into debian also.18:24
dupondjeMaby it would be cool to still use the new files in debian, and if they don't exist, fallover to the old way ?18:25
dupondjeSuch a patch we can get in debian also18:26
dupondjeso we can sync again then :)18:26
debfxdupondje: that would be better but of course needs someone implementing it18:27
ximionmicahg: Okay, I'll do that. Thanks for the info! (I have some other packages here which might require sync with Ubuntu, and I would have waited for an automatic sync run, I guess :P)18:27
micahgximion: there won't be another automatic run, Debian Import Freeze was June 3018:28
jtaylorximion: is GL and GLEW really required?18:28
micahgximion: I was referring to the batch processing of sync requests18:28
jtaylorin the pkg-cofig file18:28
jtaylorshouldn't it be required.private?18:28
ximionjtaylor: I *should* be private, but an external app had problems with that... But this might have already been fixed, I'll take a look at it.18:29
* ximion still doesn't know why the cmake properties won't work...18:30
jtaylorI also don't understand that18:31
jtayloralso the default behavior of cmake is jut stupid ..18:31
jtaylormaybe because it forces a old policy?18:31
ximionthat was my guess too, but I wasn't able to test this... (if you change the policy requirement, some other stuff does not work properly)18:33
dupondjedebfx: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=636249 lets see if we get response :p18:40
ubottuDebian bug 636249 in apt-file "Fallback to old-style contents files" [Normal,Open]18:40
dupondjeCould somebody check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gearmand/+bug/682680 ?20:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 682680 in gearmand (Ubuntu) "New upstream release, gearmand 0.23" [Wishlist,Confirmed]20:17
dupondjeeventually nmu it in debian ? :)20:17
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tgm4883If a MOTU has a moment, could someone look at mythbuntu-bare for a second ack http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/mythbuntu-bare22:41

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