ojwbibeardslee: I can assure HP that I won't00:34
ojwbbut I doubt I'd buy it at all00:34
ojwbsnail: xxd is good for a quick peer from the command line00:37
ojwbor if it's mostly text with a few control characters: cat -vet00:37
ojwbwhich still has to be my favourite option combination00:38
chiltsI never knew about those, but likely 'coz I've never needed them01:26
ojwblucky you01:26
chiltsit seems -e and -t imply -v (but that would screw up your option combination)01:26
ojwbyes, it is slightly redundant01:27
chiltsbut definitely easier to remember01:28
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hadsibeardslee: When was your birthday?05:28
DoeNietWilHello Ubuntu user, I came to this irc to ask you a question. We are trying to release a new version of OpenTeacher, and because it is a tool that is very language specific I was wondering if any of you would like to take a couple of minutes and translate it. It really isn't that much work but it would help us a lot. https://translations.launchpad.net/openteacher12:06
DoeNietWilif you have questions about the project or the translation please go to http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=openteacher13:18
snailmōrena koutou19:47
snailDoeNietWil: can i suggest that when you SPAM you use a url that takes us to a page that actually says what the project does? because that url certainly doesn't!19:49
DoeNietWilit wasn't meant to be spam, more like asking for help19:49
DoeNietWilbut if you want openteacher.org has good information about it19:50
snailDoeNietWil: are you involved in openteacher?19:52
DoeNietWilonly helping them i'm not a dev myself19:52
snailDoeNietWil: does it support TEI / freedict?19:53
DoeNietWilit could easily if you file a blueprint19:54
ibeardsleehads: Monday last week19:55
DoeNietWilthe devs are very open to the needs of people19:55
snailDoeNietWil: the devs have some interesting attitudes. i wish them luck.20:18
DoeNietWilyou mean they are rude?20:18
snailDoeNietWil: in the geek world rudeness is unfortunately too common to count as interesting20:20
DoeNietWili think they really don't mean to be rude, maybe because of the language gaps there is some sort of miscommunication?20:20
DoeNietWilI've experienced that they were infact very kind people to me, i first thought it was a dictionary but they later explained why it wasn't20:22
DoeNietWilsnail could you explain me what went wrong?20:26
snailDoeNietWil: I'm not going to engage in he-said she-said, since that's unlikely to be constructive; i was a little surprised that you weren't in the channel though, given that you're promoting it.20:28
DoeNietWilfrom what i read from the logs it seems as if you miscommunicated20:30
DoeNietWili suggest you read it slowly and try to understand what they mean, i see no way that they have an intention to be rude to you20:34
snailDoeNietWil: they weren't rude to me...20:36
DoeNietWilthen what is this attitude you speak off?20:37
snailDoeNietWil: I think my last comment says all that needs be said20:43
DoeNietWilwell, you could always make a blueprint, they have multiple devs and chances are others WILL see the importance20:46
ajmitchthat was interesting20:50
* ibeardslee is a fraction disappointed, was wondering if I would hear snail explode from here20:51
ajmitchit seems like we only got half the conversation though20:51
snailmy best guess is that a handful of school kids working on a software project. their use case appears to be 'learn the numbers from 1 to 10 in any language.'20:53
snailthe appear to have no idea how dictionaries or linguistics might relate to this20:53
snailor that it might have been done before20:54
snailin their favour, they were polite and helpful and not obviously Norwegian mass-murderers20:55
snaili shouldn't have said that20:55
snailI'm hoping that fairfax's current issues aren't related to anyone we know?21:12
ibeardsleenot that I am aware of21:14
ajmitcha bit embarassing for a newspaper21:16

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