bazhangcross-posting gone wild05:22
rwwso why is my connection so much slower in linux then windows 7 could it be a driver issue? or some setting?05:22
bazhangnice. we can override staff now!05:25
ubottuActionParsnip called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:20
* Tm_T huggles Myrtti with all the meh!08:56
jpds< Tom^> hai /b of linux irc channels09:28
jpdsTroll detected.09:28
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Piciwhat is stephenthemartyr going on about?11:53
bazhang"The Days Of Our Installs"11:53
bazhangthe amount of cross-posting is frankly stunning12:24
elkywelcome to the idea of telling people about irc without telling them basic etiquette at the same time12:27
bazhangis thebig0ne try ing to install ubuntu even?12:44
Piciikonia: going to remove the ban? Or?14:27
ikoniadumb floodbots, sure14:28
ikoniaGirlyGirl: thank you for joining14:32
GirlyGirlikonia: anything wrong?14:33
ikoniaGirlyGirl: yes, please stop offering advice/discussion on apple/macos in #ubuntu14:33
ikoniaI asked for it to stop 4 times to different people and you brought it up again14:34
GirlyGirlI believe I just told the person to refer to apple-support not here14:34
ikoniaGirlyGirl: they had already been told it was not ontopic for the channe and givn the correct chnnel14:35
ikoniahe also made it clear he wanted to do hackintosh, so pushing apple support is not helpful14:35
GirlyGirlikonia: Ok sorry I didn't really read all his messages14:35
ikoniabut you did read my messages asking it to stop ?14:36
GirlyGirlNo sorry14:36
GirlyGirldidn't see them14:36
ikoniaok, I'll remove the mute in #ubuntu, you'll need to part and rejoin in a minute14:37
GirlyGirlok I'll be more careful from now on thanks14:37
ikoniaGirlyGirl: if you leave #ubuntu and rejoin you should be ok to speak again14:37
GirlyGirlok .. trust me I had no intention of offering any advice to circumvent EULA's14:38
ikoniaGirlyGirl: well, as I said if you leave this channel, leave #ubuntu and rejoin #ubuntu you should be fine14:39
GirlyGirlikonia: Thank you I did that14:40
UbuntuGNULinuxI'm having problem with Operator abuse by ikonia, I was kicked and lost voice simply for one piece of bad advice14:40
ikoniaGirlyGirl: clearly not as your still here14:40
UbuntuGNULinuxThis was without any prior warning14:40
GirlyGirlok leaving here14:40
PiciSure, give us a chance to respond.14:40
ikoniaPici: I'd already told him in pm14:41
ikoniaPici: he's just read it and realised he looked foolish and parted14:41
PiciGirlyGirl: You still appear to be here.14:42
rwwGirlyGirl: the opposite of /join is /part ;)14:43
GirlyGirl_ikonia: Sorry my connection dropped so I'm waiting to time out14:43
ikoniaerrr..... you're typing14:43
ikoniait's not dropped/timing out while it's active14:43
GirlyGirl_ikonia: the one without "_"14:44
PiciGirlyGirl_: you can part your active client.  We can remove the other.14:44
ikoniaUbuntuGNULinux still going on at me in PM that he wont' progress this through the council even though I was wrong to kic him14:45
ikoniaI'm going to ban him and he can take it up with the council14:45
ikoniahe's fluent in the rules in 5 langauges14:46
ikoniaso he claims, so should know them14:46
ikonialecturing me that it was unacceptable to kick him14:46
PiciThe appeals process is to come here first, not to the council.14:46
ikoniaPici: that's his decision14:46
* Pici shrugs14:47
UbuntuGNULinuxI wish to raise a complaint (again) about ikonia14:47
PiciUbuntuGNULinux: Perhaps you'll stick around this time.14:47
UbuntuGNULinuxI have been kicked for simply making a joke (without any warning)14:47
UbuntuGNULinuxAnd then banned for disagreeing with his decision14:47
UbuntuGNULinuxI left last time because I was let back in14:47
UbuntuGNULinuxSeems very heavy handed to me14:47
UbuntuGNULinuxI request that ikonia immediately has op status removed until this abuse of power is resolved14:48
PiciThats not really how our appeals process works.14:49
PiciYou can take a look at this document if you'd like: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess14:49
UbuntuGNULinuxI've done step 2 already, I PM'd him and got no understanding14:49
PiciAnyway, if an operator feels that a user who has broken our rules is not going to continue to abide by them in the future, then a ban is placed.14:50
ikoniayou pm'd me and refused to accept that is unacceptable behaviour14:50
UbuntuGNULinuxDisagreeing isn't allowed?14:50
UbuntuGNULinuxYou didn't give any warning as your own guide indicates you should14:50
UbuntuGNULinuxYou just instantly kicked me14:50
ikoniaspoke to you in pm - and allowed you to rejoin14:50
UbuntuGNULinuxYou need to follow the guidelines yourself14:50
UbuntuGNULinuxYes, and then kicked me for conversation in the PM rather than anything I'd said in the channel itself14:51
ikoniayou where miss-leading a user with bad advice, you where removed14:51
ikoniaI explained the reasons and allowed you to rejoin14:51
PiciUnfortunately our hands are tied due to the measures that we employ to allow webchats on the channel. We can't mute in those cases.14:51
UbuntuGNULinuxAnd why was I kicked the second time?14:51
UbuntuGNULinuxI hadn't spoken again in #ubuntu14:51
ikoniaUbuntuGNULinux: because you refuse to accept your behaviour was wrong and are trying to complain about getting kicked rather than just using #ubuntu and suggesting you won't take it to the council14:51
ikoniaI suggest i you are unhappy with th behaviour I'll remute you - which I did and you can follow the appeals process14:52
ikoniaat this point, I'll leave you to the procees14:52
UbuntuGNULinuxSo if you disagree with an OP you get kicked? I didn't disagree with the policy that users should be helpful, I disagreed with you not following the policy of a warning before taking action14:52
UbuntuGNULinuxThis is in your own document!14:53
UbuntuGNULinuxPlease reinstate me in the #ubuntu channel, I won't disagree with any more OPs14:53
UbuntuGNULinuxYour document says "continued misbehaving after you have been advised to stop is disruptive"14:55
UbuntuGNULinuxI did not see any advice14:55
UbuntuGNULinuxKicking is not advice14:56
LjLUbuntuGNULinux: kicking is a valid form of warning. in your case it automatically resulted in a ban, but that wasn't intended.15:00
UbuntuGNULinuxI disagree, I have never been in a channel where kicking is a warning15:00
UbuntuGNULinuxIt's unfriendly to say the least15:00
LjLwell it's not friendly to give bogus advice either15:01
UbuntuGNULinuxAnyway, thanks for resolving the issue, I'm sure not all OPs are unfair like ikonia :)15:01
LjLwho resolved anything?15:02
ikoniajust more smart mouth from him15:02
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ikoniaMarkShuttlewort $50 says will not end well18:01
bombshellzApparently there's a ban placed on *bshellz.* and some how matches bombshellz.net21:05
bombshellzBombshellz.net and Bshellz are two different entities and no way related21:05
bombshellzI was told to visit here to see if I can resolve the issue?21:06
ikoniawell, I don't think there is a ban on bshellz anymore21:06
ikoniaI will look though21:06
mrmistthere is indeed21:06
LjLyes there is21:06
LjLi have no idea how it would impact bombshellz.net though21:06
mrmistit's *bshellz21:06
bombshellzI can't join the channel21:06
ikoniaI thought we'd removed the bshellz one21:06
bombshellzIt says, you're +b21:06
mrmistBan against *!*@*bshellz.* matches bombshellz!bombshell@staff.bombshellz.net (Set by rww!~rww@ubuntu/member/rww)21:06
mrmistSo accidentally covers their host21:07
LjLoh right21:07
bombshellzof the bshellz near the end21:07
LjLbombshellz: does your shell normally enforce identd? is it paid?21:07
bombshellzLjL: I'm the owner, we do have oidentd running and no it's not paid but we're very stringent of our users21:08
LjLbombshellz: i don't suppose you have a channel here on freenode where we could reach you in case of issues? is abuse at bombshellz dot net in place?21:08
bombshellzLjL: admin@bombshellz.net is fine... Our channel is on our own network ;)21:09
LjLbombshellz: ok i'll change the ban21:09
ikoniathe webpage looks like it has good policies21:09
bombshellzLjL: I'm actually the person who is need of assistance ;)21:10
LjLbombshellz: you should be able to join now21:10
bombshellzThanks, well I have to leave now ... I'll visit later on thanks21:11
LjLsee you later21:11
bombshellzThanks LjL and mrmist for your assistance in this matter ;)21:11
emmaanyone here have ops in #ubuntu-uk?22:59
ikoniaemma: what's up ?23:01
emmaI had a bad connection a few days and I think I was banned for bouncing, can you reset that?23:12

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