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jibelno desktop today and alternate fails to install : system-config-printer-common : Depends: python-packagekit but it is not installable12:18
jibelsubmitting a bug12:18
jibelbug 81926712:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 819267 in system-config-printer (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 1 other project) "Oneiric desktop image failed to build and alternate failed to install: system-config-printer-common : Depends: python-packagekit but it is not installable (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81926712:27
skaetjibel,  ack.14:11
superm1hey can an archive admin please help look at mythbuntu-lightdm-theme in NEW?  It is intended for a3. thx14:28
jibelskaet, a fixed for 819267 has been uploaded. we'll wait for unity components to be uploaded, built and published and we can respin the images.14:34
jibelskaet, that's something like in 3 hours.14:35
skaetjibel,  thanks for the update,  I'm tempted to trigger a respin before unity,  so we have a set of images and can narrow down any failures incase there is something else lurking.14:37
skaetNCommander, slangasek, ^^,  FYI.14:37
stgraberskaet: if you do, can you wait for ltsp and ldm to publish so I can at least validate that LTSP indeed works again?14:38
skaetstgraber,  sure,  if they're uploaded already.   what's the ETA?14:40
seb128skaet, respins will not work until system-config-printer is not upload, built and published14:40
seb128skaet, so you need to wait at least an hour (or 2 if till doesn't catch the next publisher run with his upload)14:41
jibelskaet, ETA for s-c-p is 16:00UTC at best14:41
skaetseb128, jibel,  thanks.   Thought it was uploaded,  ok,  will start a fresh set when those pieces are in place14:42
skaetseb128, njpatel, who's uploading the newest drop of unity?   what's the outlook on that?14:45
njpatelskaet, me and just testing the stack now and releasing14:46
seb128skaet, njpatel is supposed to roll the tarballs, didrocks to do the packaging14:46
didrocks(as usual I would say :))14:46
skaet:)  ok   just checking.  :)14:46
seb128yeah, we have no impacting holidays in those teams atm ;-)14:46
stgraberskaet: they've been uploaded 30min ago, so should be published soon14:47
skaetdidrocks, njpatel - can you let me know before the unity upload happens.   Want to make sure we've got the images building again before we add unity to the mix.14:48
didrocksskaet: will do14:49
jibelskaet, any news from gilir about lubuntu ? there is still no alternate and most recent desktop image is a week old.14:49
skaetjibel,  no haven't heard an update.14:53
skaetgilir,  how is lubuntu looking?   are we going for alternates this time around?14:53
ScottKskaet: Could we get a respin of the Kubuntu live images?  They failed today, but I think the reason is fixed now.17:00
skaetScottK,  kicked off now17:02
didrocksskaet: so, I have libunity-misc, nux, unity… but this ask for a rebuild of unity-2d, which fails right now17:04
NCommanderdidrocks: unity-2d is FTBFS or?17:06
didrocksNCommander: it will with the new release of unity17:06
didrocksas it deps on unity right now17:06
skaetdidrocks,  please hold off on upload until all the pieces build,  we're still waiting to get working images.17:06
didrocksskaet: when the images will finish their rebuild?17:06
ScottKskaet: Thanks.17:07
skaetdidrocks, I'm not seeing some pieces, yet, so probably a couple of hours.17:07
didrocksskaet: please keep me updated, it's getting late there (I'm always starting really early) :)17:08
skaetdidrocks, will do once you've got all the pieces ready,  we'll make a decision.17:08
NCommanderskaet: I'm looking into the livefs failure now17:09
skaetNCommander, thanks!  see comments from jibel on the bug 81926717:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 819267 in system-config-printer (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 1 other project) "Oneiric desktop image failed to build and alternate failed to install: system-config-printer-common : Depends: python-packagekit but it is not installable (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81926717:10
NCommanderstgraber: both ldm and ltsp are now published, can you see if LTSP is fixed?17:10
stgraberNCommander: I know the package works on an installed system. I need an ISO build to confirm that the d-i plugin works too17:13
NCommanderstgraber: your next in the queue while kubuntu comes up17:14
skaetjibel, ^^17:15
didrocksskaet: dx failed to sync their API…17:15
didrocksskaet: I'm fixing their work, once again…17:15
skaetdidrocks,  ack :P17:16
NCommanderstgraber: alternates are building, you should have them in a bit17:22
stgraberNCommander: ok, thanks17:22
jibeldidrocks, how long will it take ?17:25
didrocksjibel: well, building a new unity right now after reverting a commit17:26
jibelskaet, NCommander , if next build includes system-config-printer (1.3.5+20110801-0ubuntu1) and we have no news from didrocks before 1800UTC we can respin alternate and desktop.17:31
didrocksdo a respin anyway17:33
didrocksnux needs to be built and published for unity to be built17:33
jibeldidrocks, ack.17:33
didrocksthen, unity needs to be built and published before unity-2d can be built17:34
didrocksso it will take 3 hours17:34
didrocksat least17:34
skaet jibel,  Ncommander has started started rebuild of alternates that will include the system-config-printer  (1.3.5+20110801-0ubuntu1)17:35
skaetlive to follow as well.17:35
NCommanderalternate rebuild complete, its just publishing now. I just kicked the live build17:35
jibelskaet, ok thanks17:35
NCommanderstgraber: hot images, get your nice hot alternate images: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily/20110801.1/17:38
slangasekNCommander: should these be posted to the ISO tracker?  (And do you have access to post them there?)17:43
NCommanderslangasek: I don't have access to the tracker, but at the moment, I think we're just trying ot make sure everything builds; we're not even in milestone freeze ATM17:44
slangasekfair enough17:44
didrocksNCommander: skaet: jibel: ok, all is fine now with the revert17:48
didrockstell me when I can proceed the upload17:48
skaetNCommander, slangasek,  actually we announce soft freeze was supposed to be 1200 UTC today in last week's release meeting, but it probably should have been broadcast by u-d-a mail as well.17:49
NCommanderdidrocks: once this spin finishes, then unity shold be uploade17:49
didrocksNCommander: do you have an ETA? I would like to take some french air :)17:49
NCommanderdidrocks: probably 30-40 minutes?17:51
didrocksNCommander: ok, enough time for me to run then17:51
NCommanderdidrocks: feel free to upload18:22
NCommanderskaet: live images built18:22
didrocksNCommander: thanks, doing :)18:25
skaetScottK,  kubuntu live images available as well.18:29
ScottKJust saw them.  They landed slightly oversized, so I'm going to see if I can fix that.18:29
NCommanderskaet: just noticed that the ubuntu live images are oversized, taking a look at where they can take a diet18:30
skaetNCommander,  if you spot some low hanging fruit,  cool,  but they're pretty much expected to be oversized until beta.  lots of transitions going on.18:30
NCommanderif they're expected to be oversize (and that's acceptable for A3), then that's foine18:31
skaethiya gilir,  how are the lubuntu images - do you need a respin today as well?   Also, are we going to get alternates?18:31
NCommanderskaet: the NBS list is scary18:32
charlie-tcaPlease don't break xubuntu images in all these fixes :)18:32
* charlie-tca thinks "undersize and working, whew!"18:33
skaetNCommander - yeah,  inadvertent sync from Debian last week effect.18:33
skaetcharlie-tca,  do you want me to post the current xubuntu daily images so the testing can start,  if these are working?18:34
charlie-tcaI am checking to make sure first18:34
skaetcharlie-tca, goodness.   Let me know what you want done.18:35
skaetScottK,  similarily - if the Kubuntu ones, look reasonable,  I'll post.18:35
gilirskaet, yes, an update should be fine :) But I still don't know where to look at to see why lubuntu images are not updated since 2518:36
NCommanderskaet: I'm attacking the uninstallability list at the mpment so we might have a chance at ARM images18:37
skaetslangasek,  can you help gilir ^^ ?18:37
skaetNCommander,  sounds good.18:38
skaetgilir,  ok,  I'll start of the builds and we'll see what happens.18:38
gilirskaet, thanks :)18:38
ScottKskaet: Is 700MB still considered oversize?18:39
ScottKhttp://cdimages.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/ says it is, but I thought we decided different.18:39
skaetScottK, good question,  am not sure when the transition over was supposed to happen,  and the scripts are probably over due to be scrubbed.18:40
ScottKSo I can consider 700MB OK for now?18:41
skaetScottK,  ok by me, rest are showing up as oversized,  but I think its your call at this point until we get clarification from pitti.18:42
NCommanderScmy understanding was still 700MiB18:42
NCommander sorry, lap18:42
* micahg thought it was 703.something18:43
skaetslangasek,  do you remember when we were supposed to go up to 703?  and what the preconditions were?18:43
charlie-tcaskaet: we have a change to xubuntu-default-settings that went through to remove the Guest session from lightdm18:43
charlie-tcaIf we have to respin for anything, that should be in the respin, otherwise, I can just release note it18:44
charlie-tcaLet's go ahead and put the images on the tracker as they are.18:45
skaetcharlie-tca, will do.  we'll be respining a full set tonight to pick up the unity upload.18:45
skaetso you have some choice ;)18:45
charlie-tcaThat's pick up the change for me too then. No point running these18:46
skaetok,  won't post then.18:46
charlie-tcaThank you18:46
ScottKskaet: Looks to me like slangasek investigated and 703.something is the actual limit.18:46
skaetScottK,  hmm... trying to figure out why it still says: [vorlon] Further investigate feasibility of increasing CD limit to 703.125 MiB: TODO then.18:48
ScottKMaybe he'll tell us.18:48
* skaet nods18:48
skaetgilir,  slangasek,  lubuntu images appear to not be in the cron job - someone's edit last week must have have accidentally removed them.18:50
slangasekskaet, ScottK: I was still working on chasing down all possible reasons why we might want to stick with the lower limit; the trail is rather cold18:52
slangaseklooking at lubuntu18:52
ScottKslangasek: So AFAYK, 703 is OK?18:53
slangasekskaet, gilir: I don't see lubuntu in the master crontab in bzr; what time of day was this scheduled for (or what time do we want it scheduled for)?18:54
slangasekScottK: yes, AFAIK18:54
ScottKskaet: ^^^18:55
skaetslangasek, ScottK,  ack.18:55
ScottKskaet: I think we ought to go with 703 for Alpha 3 and see how it goes.18:55
skaetslangasek,  not sure when lubuntu was scheduled for by cjwatson originally.   go ahead and choose,  we'll adjust as needed after A3 is out.18:58
skaetslangasek, gilir,  have kicked off lubuntu daily-live build.19:01
ScottKskaet: Would you please do another Kubuntu live for i386 only in ~40 minutes (after the current publisher run finishes)?19:08
NCommanderScottK: I'll get it19:09
slangasekskaet: lubuntu builds added to the crontab19:09
skaetslangasek,  thank you.  :)19:10
ScottKNCommander: Thanks.  Actually I need amd64 too since amarok is out of date there.19:10
gilirskaet, slangasek, thanks :)19:12
stgraberI uploaded a new edubuntu-meta just now. It's not a requirement for alpha-3 (seeds haven't been changed, just a refresh) but if I wanted it uploaded so it might have a chance to get in anyway.19:33
ScottKWe aren't actually frozen yet for Alpha 3, are we?19:41
chrisccoulsoni was just about to ask the same question ;)19:41
skaetScottK,  chriscoulson, Freeze was scheduled for 1200 UTC today,  however we haven't sent out announce yet.19:44
ScottKWhy are we freezing early?19:44
skaetScottK,  so much churn from the inadvertent debian import last week,  want to make sure we have a chance to get things fixed up again.19:45
skaetunity was also running late as well.19:46
ScottKThat would mean the opposite of freezing to me.19:46
ScottKBTW, the python-dbus/python-qt4 fallout from the sync is fixed.19:46
chrisccoulsoni guess now would be an inappropriate time to upload the latest firefox beta then ;)19:47
skaetTrying to ratchet down the rate of unexpected changes.19:47
skaetchrisccoulson, yes.19:47
skaetplease hold off until after we get these images sorted.  ;019:47
skaet:) even...19:47
skaetScottK,  please go ahead and upload the python-dbus/python-qt4 fixes.  :)19:48
ScottKskaet: They are done and in the archive already.19:48
skaetScottK,  great! :)19:48
NCommanderScottK: kubuntu respin kicked19:54
ScottKNCommander: Thanks.19:54
stgraberskaet, jibel: LTSP failed, quite likely due to transition to /run. Working on a fix now.19:58
skaetstgraber,  thanks!19:58
skaetScottK,  kubuntu powerpc images failing to build.  Are you going to try for them this release?20:49
micahgBTW, aisleriot is going to be broken in alpha3 (affects, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu)20:58
NCommanderfirst set of iso images are in the tracker20:58
skaetmicahg, is there a bug number?21:02
micahgbug 81342821:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 813428 in ubuntu (and 1 other project) "[needs-packaging] aisleriot (affects: 1) (heat: 242)" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81342821:02
micahgit used to be part of gnome-games21:03
slangasekhuh, why is it a "broken" rather than "missing" then?21:03
micahgold binaries still exist :)21:04
stgraberskaet: uploaded the new ltsp. I did a quick test manually applying these changes and install worked here.21:10
skaetstgraber,  ok,  as soon as it publishes,  either myself or NCommander (depends who's around),  will kick off a rebuild to check.21:10
stgraberok, thanks21:11
superm1skaet, i'll need to upload a new mythbuntu-meta yet once mythbuntu-lightdm-theme is out of NEW21:37
superm1and mythbuntu will need a respin after that21:38
skaetsuperm1,  ok,  just let me or NCommander know when its ready to spin.21:38
superm1ok, just waiting on an AA for now21:39
micahgNCommander: for future reference, you might want to update that first paragraph of the freeze e-mail to say something about seeded instead of main, the bottom of the e-mail already does22:00
ScottKskaet: Yes.  Still waiting for stuff to build (re powerpc)22:46
ScottKskaet: We're going to need to respin all the Kubuntu images for kdepim anyway.22:46
skaetScottK,  ok, will mark them as for rebuild.   what is ETA on kdepim?22:47
ScottKskaet: Building now.22:47
skaetsuperm1,  kirkland will have a look at mytbuntu-lightdm-theme for us.22:57
superm1thanks kirkland23:14
superm1i'll get the meta uploaded shortly then23:14
kirklandsuperm1: np;  poke me again once the binaries are there too23:15
superm1kirkland, looks like they're there already :https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythbuntu-lightdm-theme/0.7/+build/266133423:16
* skaet -> dinner, will check back later tonight.23:16
kirklandsuperm1: done!23:19
ScottKskaet: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/4:4.7.0-0ubuntu1 finished and through New is what we need.  I'll try and look in on it later tonight.23:58

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